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CNC Turning Machines Evolving Technology Yields Greater Efficiency

CNC Turning Machines Technological innovation has greatly improved parts manufacturing devices, as evidenced by the evolution of the screw machine. These mechanical devices, which produce turned parts, have evolved from manually operated machines to highly precise, computer operated devices. New multi-axis CNC screw machines have increased CNC machines’ accuracy and efficiency and have also made the devices more versatile and adaptable.

New multi-axis CNC screw machines offer the benefits of:

• Turning front and backside • Radial and axial milling • Precise timing • No need for fixtures • Reduced labor • An all-in-one machine

Ganesh Cyclone 70 TTMY Twin Spindle Twin Turret Features: • Two Y-axis tool turrents • Two-axis tool turret on the lower slide way • 11-axis of CNC controlled motion • 48-tool positions • Tool positions can support multiple cutting tools, frontside and backside • Y-axis provides four turning tools in one tool station

Why Multi-Tools? Ganesh machines can easily be equipped with dozens of tools. Some may say this is overkill, but having many job setups on a single machine allows operators to go from job to job without having to stop to set up. It also makes the device more adaptable and responsive to manufacturer needs. Having redundant set-ups also helps improve the longevity of the machine.

CYCLONE 52 & 70 TTMY CYCLONE 52 & 70 TTMY Twin Spindle Twin Turret

• • •

Twin turret supports multiple cutting tools, cutting front and back Capable of mounting up to four turning tools in one station Able to put three tools in the cut simultaneously while also machining the front and back of the part

For clients in need of more simple devices, Ganesh offers the CYCLONE 52 & 76 SMY “Single Turret.” This device can process 2” and 3” bar diameters with 8-axis via CNC oversight. All tool positions can support multiple cutting tools, front and back cutting. The device’s Y-axis can mount up to four tools in one station.

CYCLONE-32/42 GTS For manufacturers looking for a more basic device, Ganesh offers the CYCLONE-32/42 GTS twin-opposed spindle slant-bed CNC lathe with dual-parallel gang tool slides. This device is fast and has up to 1-5/8” bar capacity. The device also offers front and backside machining, 6-axis capability for milling or drilling and accurate hex, square and extruded shaped barstock to the device’s subspindle. The 7-axis Ganesh CYCLONE-32-CS offers simultaneous front and back machining, 27 tool positions and 11 ER-20 collet ½” capacity driven tool spindles. For manufacturers in need of a device offering B-axis capabilities, Ganesh offers the CYCLON-52 “B” axis screw machine. This device provides 12 B-axis tools and also performs cross and axial subspindle milling.

CYCLONE-32 NCY For Bar work, 2nd Operation machining & Chucking work. Features: • 6,000 rpm, 1-3/8” Bar Capacity. • High-Performance C-axis, 18” Y-axis travel. • 18-Tools with 7-Driven toolholders included. • Uses Brown & Sharpe #22 & Traub A-32 Collets.

Why Ganesh? Providing Profitable Solutions, not just machines! Ganesh Cyclone multi-tasking, multiaxis CNC machines offer: • • • •

Cost reduction Better service time and job management Increased accuracy Convenience

Our team of applications engineers can analyze your parts and guide you through the most efficient process to achieve your production goals. This production analysis often uncovers opportunities for significant cost savings in your manufacturing methods that can be useful over a wide range of your production processes.

About Ganesh Machinery Ganesh Machinery is an established, well-known maker of CNC machines, multi-axis machines and similar devices. Founded three decades ago, we remain a family-owned business. Ganesh has provided machines to more than 12,000 customers, including manufacturers, distributors and schools. To learn more, visit e/ or call 888-542-6374.

CNC Turning Machines: Evolving Technology Yields Greater Efficiency  
CNC Turning Machines: Evolving Technology Yields Greater Efficiency | New Ganesh CNC turning machines are able to more quickly a...