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genau press

GENAU press // Dec 2019


de· flec /d’flekt/


GENAU press // Dec 2019

ct cause (something); to change direction by interposing something; turn aside from a straight course.

Mount Dia

Mount Ara Anna Muradyan Mixed media collage, 9”x12”, 2019


I felt that I lived in a parallel of two places I would call “home”. Deflection describes how I felt about the mountains of my hometown & the mountains of my parents motherland. My family grew up as “people from the mountains” in the steep countryside of Armenia, with the view of Mount Ararat (below) as the symbol of their country. Living in Oakley, Ca, my daily view of Mount Diablo (above) was the way I felt “home away from home”. Mount Diablo made me feel I was still a “person from the mountains”, it gave me a sense of belonging though I was far away from my culture.

GENAU press // Dec 2019



Lauren Mendoza 2017

GENAU press // Dec 2019


Lauren Mendoza 2018

GENAU press // Dec 2019


Izzy Fischer

GENAU press // Dec 2019

A failure to Deflect Christina Ungermann Are you a raisin? Hello, I am the sun I apologize for the wrinkles, and the worms which have been fried—they do not smell very good Why have I come? You could say that I am welcome here, you could say I have been missed It’s a pretty sexy interview you’re getting I’m hard to get, The phones don’t work where I live. There were lots of restaurants I wanted to try… Did you know how long I waited? It was hard, I was pulled, pulled by my desires I’m sorry, I’m circling the question (is anyone listening to this?) It was simply time. I’m sure you can understand,

GENAU press // Dec 2019

a day comes for all grapes when they become wine Or raisins


Amelia Evard

GENAU press // Dec 2019

here is a fact we love to ignore, a fact that, apparently, a lot of us wish to bury under a mountain of toilet paper no body can avoid this fact our attention deflects to fictions while this fact persists here for ever, tirelessly carrying out --as far out as sleep will allow-every thing

what can dreamers do? be nice to every body, be nice to your body! please be as nice as the best person you can imagine, so when this fact becomes the matter you’ll have a peaceful bed of fare well to rest in

An Empty House on Shifting Sands Marc A.

there’s a voice beneath the dancefloor, you’ll hear it once you leave the club


GENAU press // Dec 2019

Marc A.

There’s a lot to go against in any hour of your day, especially if the hour moves in a world full of pain And all you ever have is an hour at a time, so if you choose to go with what you want, instead of going against what you don’t want, your day will be much better, beyond all doubt

Objection Divides A Whole Heart Into Objects Marc A.

GENAU press // Dec 2019


Lauren Mendoza 2015

Was it my fault all this time? Alannah Clark

i watched my parent because t blame is points fi i lifted so she co from abov as though my hand o us down. and cry be leave on instead o her hands

“you “you “you

and i lik as far aw someone e weight on watching

u are not mine” u are not mine” u are not mine”

ke to think she broke free, ran way from me as she could, to else, but i can still feel her n my shoulders, pulling me back, me.

GENAU press // Dec 2019

d blame grow up. ts fought over her, gave her to me they didn’t know what else to do. loud, screams when she doesn’t understand, ingers knowing it is rude. every day her up and carried her on my shoulders ould feel taller, bigger than me, watch me ve. every day i took care of her h she were my own. blame grabbed on our walks, pulled me back, slowed i wished to wake up and find her gone because i’d finally be free. but she wouldn’t her own. so i watched blame grow up of myself, until one day i grabbed s & screamed in her face

at dinner, a question: “how do you want to seat your place in the world?� at a barren table on a chair made of oak cut with a steady hand, or felled in anguish? as each emotion carves a path, each deflection fells a tree across one, a highway for ants (minuscule, scurrying, insect) a ravenous, destructive other consuming the rot

a grotesque roadblock. is it not an option to let pain rest on its own pillow and let silence drift, buoyant? what else is there to do but stand supported, lifted, axiomatic, bold, primeval, true?

- Lauren Smith

GENAU press // Dec 2019

or all we are is limbs that the world is subject to

The Defle

of th

GENAU press // Dec 2019


the Light

Serenah Clark

past anger

Deflecting the anger i’ve felt about the past

Diane Molandes

GENAU press // Dec 2019

GENAU press // Dec 2019

Anastasia (AJ) Scheichl

Keon (him/he

Katharine Dimitruk

GENAU press // Dec 2019


Can’t b bothere Titan

be ed

GENAU press // Dec 2019

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