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Well, after 150 years I guess it was time for them to buy their own building.

Vintage Providence Picture Frame ad, circa 1900

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JQA A Series of Fictitious Encounters Between President John Quincy Adams & Sundry Family Members and Political Associates on the Subjects of Life, Liberty & Government

by AARON POSNER directed by TONY ESTRELLA† associate director TYLER DOBROWSKY

OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 17, 2019 Originally commissioned by Arena Stage, Washington, DC, Molly Smith, Artistic Director, Edgar Dobie, Executive Producer




Michael McGarty

Meg Donnelly

Steve McLellan




Charles Cofone

Jessica Hill

Kristen Gibbs*

†Member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, a national theatrical labor union. *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


SEASON 35 The Gamm Theatre • 1245 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886 401-723-4266 (GAMM) •

JQA This play is performed without an intermission.

SETTING Braintree, MA; Boston, MA; and Washington, DC from 1776 to 1847.

THE COMPANY JQA/John Adams/Henry Clay JQA/Andrew Jackson/Frederick Douglass JQA/George Washington/ Abigail Adams/Louisa Adams JQA/Louisa Adams/Abraham Lincoln

Normand Beauregard* Jonathan Higginbotham* Candice Brown* Helena Tafuri

CREATIVE TEAM Technical Director Technical Production Supervisor Assistant Stage Manager Dialect Coach Electricians Construction Crew

Max Ramirez DJ Potter Jessica Corsentino Candice Brown Mike Cline, Alex Landers, Patrick Boutwell Justin Carroll, Alex Eizenberg, Christine Redihan, Cody Reed

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Please silence all electronic devices so you don’t interrupt the performance! Video and/or audio recording of this performance by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

Actors' Equity Association (AEA) was founded in 1913 as the first of the American actor unions. Equity’s mission is to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Today, Equity represents more than 49,000 actors, singers, dancers and stage managers working in hundreds of theatres across the United States. Equity members are dedicated to working in the theatre as a profession, upholding the highest artistic standards.

For more information, visit

Equity negotiates wages and working conditions and provides a wide range of benefits including health and pension plans for its members. Through its agreement with Equity, this theatre has commi!ed to the fair treatment of the actors and stage managers employed in this production. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions.


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Steps from the Jamestown-Newport Ferry 401-423-7469 lcguesthouse .com


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4 Wakeeield & Online 401-932-5589 innovative singing lessons dynamic musical coaching extraordinary performance events


A CONVERSATION WITH AARON POSNER Interviewed by Rachel Walshe, Gamm Resident Scholar

My Friends, it is a real honor to introduce Aaron Posner and his stunning JQA to Gamm audiences in its second ever production. JQA premiered last spring at Arena Stage in Washington, DC, featuring longtime Trinity Rep member Phyllis Kay. Phyllis thought The Gamm and JQA would be a perfect fit, and she was right! I can’t thank her enough for connecting us with Aaron and the opportunity to help develop an important new work that is sure to be produced all over the country as we head into a presidential election year. We’ve staged a lot of politically relevant and up-to-the-minute plays over the years but none have felt more necessary than this. JQA is both a powerful evocation of American history and a riveting examination of our current political moment. It’s a deeply personal, moving meditation on love, grief, and the responsibility we owe to our family and country. JQA looks backward to the pivotal years between the Revolution and the Civil War. Never taking its eye off of the perils of right now, it reminds us that the world, no matter how hard we may resist it, keeps spinning forward. Enjoy. - Tony Estrella, Director RW: What drew you to write about John Quincy Adams? AP: I was interested in writing about a period of American history that spanned Washington and Lincoln. We often think of them as remote figures from each other, but John Quincy Adams actually served in the House of Representatives with Lincoln for a month and a half. Also, I was working on this play before the 2016 election and I thought that the presidential race would be between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. I was thinking about these two major American political dynasties. I was also interested in writing about a time before our modern divisions were so calcified into Democrat, Republic, Liberal, and Conservative with quite so much vehemence. I wanted folks to be able to watch without knowing instantly which side they belonged on. RW: Why do you think we have such an appetite to see our origin stories reimagined? AP: There is something about going back to a time… that allows more leeway. Our founding history has become the stuff of myth and legend. It has become less about fact, and more about the way folks choose to look at and interpret it, which cuts both ways, of course. It means that you can sort of use the past to explore, or even prove, nearly anything you want to. This period, when America was in its first ascendency, set the stage for so much that America has become and what we are grappling with now. This is when the die was cast, and we have been dealing with those choices and decisions ever since. RW: Can you talk about the form of the play in which two men and two women of different generations play JQA over the span of his life? AP: I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to write a biography. As a writer, I don’t tend to lead from plot or even from character. I lead from ideas. I was trying to figure out, how do I get audiences to really hear the ideas of the play and not just see the mythology of its historical figures. So I thought, what if [JQA] is not played by the same person? 6

RW: At Arena Stage and here at The Gamm, JQA is also depicted by actors who are neither his race nor gender. AP: I think that I would love to see versions of this play where it is all women or all non-white actors. I think that keeping the casting options open means that it is open to a wide variety of possibilities. I am always indebted to Shakespeare in this way. He was only ever writing about what mattered to him and his people and his government at the time. I wrote it with today and today’s issues and challenges at the forefront of my mind. It uses history purely as a way of having an abstract conversation. The episodes it depicts are historically plausible, if not historically accurate, but my goal was to talk both fairly and fiercely about what is going on right now, and the endless complexities of today. RW: The Civil War looms over this play, starting in 1776 and leaving us just as the nation devolves into its bloodiest years. How do these two inflection points figure into the ideas of the play? AP: Unfortunately, American history, like almost all human history, is mostly flawed human endeavours sandwiched between wars. One of the things I found hardest, saddest and most compelling when I wrote this play was seeing with more clarity than ever that the history of America is really the history of slavery. Slavery in America affected every aspect of American life, including power, politics and economics, from before the founding until the Civil War… and ever since as well. RW: There is a deeply moving scene where Frederick Douglass asks JQA to imagine what his life would be like had he been born into the life Douglass knew as a black man and an enslaved person. Can you talk about that moment? AP: It’s such a simple and basic idea to imagine what your life would be like had you been born into radically different circumstances. On some level it is a more sophisticated version of the Golden Rule. I have an 8-year-old daughter and I find I am like, “Oh! On some level all I need to teach her is the Golden Rule.” If you can actually teach the Golden Rule and get someone to live by it… it can be transformative. RW: Can you talk a bit about the role of family in the play? I think that we often ascribe the behavior of our leaders to complications in their upbringing. AP: Yes, I think that’s right. As much as the play is about ideas it is also about family. I read a book [called] Don’t Think About an Elephant and it posited a fascinating idea. We think of liberals as more maternal, more nurturing, and we consider conservatives more patriarchal, restrictive and distant. I think it is important to remember that JQA moved from a very stern, patriarchal family dynamic into one that was more maternal and loving when he married Louisa. And that shift in family dynamics is a source of tension in his personal and public life. RW: You wrote the play ahead of the 2016 election. How do you think about the play and its future audiences now that we are on the verge of another historic election? AP: This is a play I could probably write and re-write forever as the world continues to shift and evolve so rapidly around us. It evolved continually during the three years I was writing it, and if I were to enter fully back into it now, I am sure there are whole new scenes and issues I could engage with. There is never a lack of materials when you are writing about the complexities of politics and government in America. Rachel Walshe is a director, dramaturge and teaching artist whose work has been seen on stage at The Gamm and across New England, Chicago and the UK. She is a lecturer on contemporary drama at the University of Rhode Island. 7

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ABOUT THE COMPANY (in alphabetical order) Normand Beauregard*, JQA/John Adams/Henry Clay Previous Gamm Roles: Corin in As You Like It, Tobias in Morality Play, Ross in Macbeth, Schultz in Circle Mirror Transformation, Duke of Alba in Don Carlos, Brodin in Red Noses, Gloucester in King Lear Other Theaters: Norm has appeared as an actor in over 100 productions on regional theater stages up and down the eastern seaboard for over 40 years. Other: Norm has worked as a fight master and stunt coordinator for over 40 years and has multiple producer, artistic director, director and technical director credits. More information at

Candice Brown*, JQA/George Washington/Abigail Adams/Louisa Adams Previous Gamm Roles: Debut Other Theaters: Lyric Stage Company of Boston, Actors’ Shakespeare Project, New York Theatre Workshop, American Repertory Theatre, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Utah Shakespearean Festival, Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival, Cape Repertory Theatre, Bristol Valley Theatre Company Other: Candice was dialect coach for The Gamm’s productions of The Night of the Iguana, The Night Watch, and Escaped Alone & Come and Go. She teaches in the musical theater division of Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Jonathan Higginbotham*, JQA/Andrew Jackson/Frederick Douglass Previous Gamm Roles: Debut Other Theaters: As You Like It (Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey), Cymbeline (Commonwealth Shakespeare Company), Richard II (Lincoln Center Theater Director’s Lab), Peer Gynt From Kosovo (Lincoln Center Theater Director’s Lab), Cymbeline (Yale Repertory Theater), Twelfth Night (Elm Shakespeare Company), Not Medea (Art House Productions), and The Feels…KMS (New Ohio Theater) Other: Jonathan received his M.F.A. from Yale School of Drama, where he was seen in The Three Sisters, Ubu Roi, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Oresteia, and In The Red and Brown Water (Yale Cabaret). Jonathan studied at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford and holds a B.A. in theater from Hamilton College.

Helena Tafuri, JQA/Louisa Adams/Abraham Lincoln Previous Gamm Roles: Audrey/Lord in As You Like It Other Theaters: Damn Yankees, Gypsy and Avenue Q at Ocean State Theatre Company; Hypeman: A Break Beat Play and Futurity at The Wilbury Theatre Group, Shakespeare in Love, Julius Caeser, and Twelfth Night at Burbage Theatre Company; La Traviata, Il Pagliacci, and Pirates of Penzance at Opera Providence TV/Film: Visit South County commercial for the South County Tourism Council Other: Helena is a graduate of Rhode Island College with degrees in musical theater and advertising. She would like to thank her family, mentors and friends for all of their support. * Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


Estate Planning Life & Long-Term Care Insurance Investments & Asset Allocation Financial Needs Analysis College Planning

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Four local Pawtucket and men – one from Woonsocket, the Providence two from East Providence another from – were charges ranging County Grand Jury Wednesday indicted by from child bery. on separate molestation to first-degree • Jalen Abney, rob23, of Woonsocket, counts of first-degree child molestation. was indicted on curred in the two Aug. 7, 2012. city of Woonsocket betweenThe alleged acts ocThe Woonsocket Aug. 8, 2010, the investigation Police Department and . • David Devlin, conducted 36, of Pawtucket, of first-degree was indicted child molestation gree child molestation. and five counts on one count of Pawtucket The of between Aug. alleged acts occurred second-dePawtucket Police in the city 1, Department 2016, and April 22, 2019. • Matthew conducted the investigation.The on two counts Golding, 33, of East Providence, of first-degree of second-degre child molestation was indicted and two counts The alleged e child molestation. tween April acts occurred in the city 29, 2017, and Police Department Jan. 16, 2019.of East Providence beThe conducted East • Timothy Jordan, the investigation Providence 25, also of East . ed on one count Providence, acy to commit of first-degree robbery, was indictsimilar to a robbery, and one count one count of conspirfirearm. of assault with The alleged a device sometime on acts occurred in the city of East Dec. 11, 2018. partment conducted Providence The East Providence the investigation All four are Police De. dence County scheduled to be arraigned Superior Court. Aug. 28 in Provi-

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By RUSSELL CONTRER AS and ANITA SNOW Associated Press ALBUQUER at an art show QUE, N.M. — When thing she did featuring Mexican-Am Michelle Otero arrived was scan the erican women, room. Two exits. Then she thought the One security first to herself: If a shooter guard. bursts in, “What how do my I tell people get out of herehusband and I is that alive? we cannot Otero, who is Mexi- live in fear, can-American but querque’s poet and Albu- we also have laureate, had to questioned be vigilant and be the crowdedeven attending aware event of the rhetNational Hispanic at the Cultural oric and Center a day our surwere killed after 22 people rounding in a shooting s.” an El Paso, Texas, at Walmart. —Carlos That shooting Galindo and an ear- Elvira, Anti-Defam lier one in Gilroy, Califoration nia, killed nearly two dozen League Latinos. The violence has shoulders, avoiding some Hispanics looking out escape routes speaking Spanish in public over their amid fears they A huge immigration could be next. and seeking week that rounded raid of Mississippi up 680 mostly poultry plants hind crying Latino last has unnervedchildren searching for their workers, leaving bethe Hispanic community. detained parents, also

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The Sun Chronicle

PICTURED FROM TOP: The Mongolia Gangar Acrobatic Troupe executed spins and jumps using jump ropes during Friday night’s performance at Cumberland Fest at Diamond Hill Park in Cumberland annual festival . The included all kinds of games, rides, entertainme nt and fireworks, through Sundayright evening; Maddisyn Salaices, 8, on left, and her cousin, Hailey Mancini, 6, of Cumberland, enjoy Your Local News on the Dragon a ride Wagon during Cumberland Fest; Jaxon Skurka, 8, of Cumberland The Call & The Times , left, shows off have been your his only daily source after playing winnings for whats happening in the Blackstone in-One’ gamea ‘HoleValley for over with 125 years. ping-pong balls Friday night.

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Local men indicted by grand jur y Times Staff

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Q&A with Rob Duguay

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Pawtucket’s Chachi adds both to PVDFest By ROBERT DUGUAY

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Sizzling summer

The Times look back takes a at what was a sensational summer by 34-5 Upper the Deck Legion baseball team.


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August 12, 2019

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page A2

DAVID R KATZEN MD Adult and Pediatric Allergy

400 Bald Hill Rd Warwick RI




3 year • 36K Warranty

A gathering of art works from the Sol Gallery artists, a regional Latino art collective.

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Gallery Night Reception with music November 21st 5-9pm with music and ECAS Theatre Performance exerpts from “Lagrimas Negras”, “Black Tears”.


80 Washington St., Providence RI 02903 Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri & Sat 9-5 closed Sun & Holidays. For information call Steven Pennell 401-277-5206 or visit

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8 exclusive home stores and ONE GREAT shopping experience

65 shops, services & eateries 401.942.2800 I Route 2, Cranston, RI 02920 Managed by The Wilder Companies | PHOTO CREDIT: ETHAN ALLEN






Shanley Swain • 1.860.949.0082 TO VIEW OUR MENU, VISIT


14 | 401.921.8324 255 Lambert Lind Hwy | Warwick, RI Located just 6 minutes from GAMM Theatre


Must show GAMM ticket stub. Show event date listed on ticket stub must be dated within 10 days of your visit. Discount will be applied to food only. Alcohol/Tax/Gratuity not included. Management reserves all rights to end or cancel this promotion.


Nov. 8-10, 2019

24th Annual

WaterFire Arts Center 475 Valley Street • Providence, RI Fri. 5-9 • Sat. 10-6 • Sun. 10-4 Adults: $10 | Free Parking

• Over 100 artists, craftsmen and students! • Handmade décor for your home & garden

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ABOUT THE CREATIVE TEAM Aaron Posner, Playwright

Meg Donnelly, Costume Designer

Aaron is an award-winning playwright, director, teacher and former artistic director of two LORT theaters. His Helen Hayes Award-winning play, Stupid F**king Bird, was one of the 10 most produced plays in the country in 2015. Other plays include Life Sucks and No Sisters (both re-inventions of Chekhov), District Merchants (inspired by The Merchant of Venice), Who Am I This Time? & Other Conundrums of Love (adapted from Kurt Vonnegut), The Chosen and My Name Is Asher Lev (adapted from Chaim Potok), Sometimes a Great Notion (adapted from Ken Kesey) and several more. He has directed more than 150 productions at major regional theaters across the country, including Arena Stage, and currently lives outside of DC with his wife, actress Erin Weaver, and his amazing daughter, Maisie.

Meg designed costumes for The Night Watch at The Gamm. Her work includes shows with The Wilbury Group, Bread Loaf School of English, Second Story Theatre and Brown University. She works as the cutter/ draper in the Trinity Rep costume shop during the year and costume designer at the Bread Loaf School of English in Vermont during the summer.

Tony Estrella†, Director See bio on page 23.

Kristen Gibbs*, Stage Manager

Charles has worked as a musical director, arranger, composer and sound designer in theater for over 40 years, including regional, summer, university and OffBroadway. As a sound designer and musical director for The Gamm, he has worked on many productions most recently including True West, Escaped Alone, Gloria, As You Like It, A Human Being Died That Night and Uncle Vanya.

Previously at The Gamm: Escaped Alone & Come and Go, American Buffalo; New York: The Public Theater (15 productions over the past 8 seasons, including Shakespeare in the Park, Mobile Shakespeare Unit, Public Works initiative, and Joe’s Pub), most recently Public Works’ musical adaptation of Disney’s Hercules; Playwrights Horizons; New York Stage and Film Powerhouse Theater. Regional: Trinity Repertory Company (in 12 seasons, favorite shows include Cabaret, A Christmas Carol, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream); Theatre by the Sea; Brown/Trinity MFA Program. Kristen is a Rhode Island native and a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Tyler Dobrowsky, Associate Director

Jessica Hill, Production Manager

Charles Cofone, Sound Designer

This is Jessica’s ninth season as production manager for The Gamm. She has designed sets for The Gamm’s Escaped Alone & Come And Go, Gloria, As You Like it, Incognito, Arcadia, A Streetcar Named Desire, Marie Antoinette, Blackbird, Good People, Anne Boleyn, 1984, Sin: A Cardinal Deposed and Top Girls. She was coscenic designer for Commonwealth Shakespeare Co.’s Cymbeline on Boston Common. Jessica has a B.I.A. and a B.F.A. in Interior Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and has worked as a senior project manager for several award-winning architectural firms. She is owner of Studio Hill, specializing in interior and set designs.

Tyler Dobrowsky is the associate artistic director at Trinity Rep. Directing credits at The Gamm include: The Big Meal, Morality Play (world premiere with Tony Estrella), American Buffalo, The Rant and Incognito. Directing credits at Trinity Rep include: Little Shop of Horrors, Into the Breeches! (world premiere), A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Julius Caesar, A Flea in Her Ear, A Christmas Carol, Love Alone (world premiere), and It’s a Wonderful Life. His work has been seen at other theaters, including Asolo Rep, PlayMakers/UNC and The Public Theater. He oversees Trinity Rep’s new play development initiatives where he’s commissioned such writers as George Brant, Jackie Sibblies Drury, Lauren Yee, as well as New York Times best-seller The Prince of Providence by Mike Stanton. Tyler founded Trinity Rep’s summer program for children, the Young Actors Summer Institute (YASI), and, with Rhode Island Latino Arts, created Teatro en el Verano, a free, bilingual summer series. He has taught at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts, Brown/Trinity MFA program, and at Rhode Island College. Tyler serves on the board of Rhode Island Latino Arts and is a proud Gamm subscriber. He received his M.A. from Brown and his B.A. from Holy Cross. He lives in Providence with his wife, Taibi.

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

†Member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, a national theatrical labor union.


Michael McGarty, Set Designer

Mr. McGarty’s most recent Gamm designs were True West, The Night Watch, Uncle Vanya, King Elizabeth, A Skull in Connemara, Grizzly Mama, Morality Play, Hedda Gabler, The Big Meal, A Number & Far Away, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Red and Festen. His first production at The Gamm (formerly Alias Stage) was Request Concert at the Riverside Mills in Olneyville in 1985. He has designed extensively at regional theaters and opera companies around the country, in addition to Broadway, Off-Broadway and London’s West End. He is a resident designer at Trinity Repertory Company. He is on the faculty and teaches design at Rhode Island School of Design.

The Gamm wishes to thank the following people and organizations for their generous support: David Howard and Rachel Walshe of University of Rhode Island Theatre Department; Jimmy Calitri of Providence College; Amanda Downing Carney, Michael Getz, Peter Hurowitz, Michael McGarty of Trinity Rep; Justin Carroll of Community College of Rhode Island; Brown University Granoff Center, Richard Donelly, Todd Estrella, Mike Cline Also, a special thanks to our many volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you!

Steve McLellan, Lighting Designer

Recent design credits include The Night Watch, Uncle Vanya, The Winter’s Tale (The Gamm Theatre); Stupid F**king Bird, Detroit (Wilbury Theatre Group); Harold and Maude, 7 Keys to Baldpate, Collected Stories, Sylvia, Dangerous Corner (2nd Story Theatre); Batboy and Spelling Bee (Providence College). Steve is a graduate of the Dean College Theatre Arts program and is currently the master electrician at Trinity Repertory Company.



LET US CATER YOUR NEXT EVENT 1253 North Main Street, Providence, RI • 401-272-2590 •


ABOUT THE GAMM THEATRE Now in its 35th season, The Gamm is one of the region’s premier professional theaters and a cultural asset since its founding in 1984. The Gamm is a destination for critically acclaimed productions, including numerous world and regional premieres. It is the recipient of several Elliot Norton Awards from the Boston Theater Critics Association, among other professional recognitions. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Tony Estrella, The Gamm brings world-class theater to audiences in Southern New England, including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Greater Boston, and beyond. Drawing on the talent of local and visiting artists, we present an eclectic season of exciting new works and classics made to feel new — from the naturalistic to the epic. Our productions use an intimate space to engage, provoke and entertain audiences while addressing the most salient issues of our time and all time. Through a range of robust education and community programs, The Gamm promotes life-long literacy for thousands of school students grades K-12, as well as underserved audience members each year. Humanities forums and post-show talkbacks further enhance the intellectual and cultural life of the community. The Gamm was founded as Alias Stage by a small group of actors from the graduating class of Trinity Rep Conservatory. These young artists performed in abandoned mill buildings in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood for almost a decade. In 1993, backed by a newly formed board of directors, the theater moved to a garage space in the Jewelry District where its reputation for quality acting in challenging and sometimes controversial plays grew. In 1998, the theater was renamed The Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre (The Gamm) in honor of the late actress and arts supporter. The company relocated to an annex of the historic Pawtucket National Guard Armory in 2003, where it performed for 15 seasons and grew exponentially in audience size and renown. Season 35 (2019-2020) marks The Gamm’s second season in its permanent home at 1245 Jefferson Boulevard in Warwick. With more seats, as well as greater comfort and potential, this newly renovated venue is proving to be an enhanced experience for our artists and our audience. The Gamm is a proud member of New England Area Theatres, a bargaining unit of Actors’ Equity Association.

A special thanks to our longtime resident artists. This talented group of actors, directors and designers have been instrumental in solidifying The Gamm’s reputation on stage, honed over 15 seasons in our former Pawtucket home. While our network of collaborators continues to expand, these individuals have made up our original artistic bedrock: Sam Babbitt, Karen Carpenter, Charles Cofone, David T. Howard, Jeanine Kane, Steve Kidd, Jim O’Brien, Wendy Overly, Marilyn Salvatore, Casey Seymour Kim, Fred Sullivan, Jr., Judith Swift, Matthew Terry, and Stef Work.




WHO’S WHO AT THE GAMM THEATRE LEADERSHIP Artistic Director. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tony Estrella ADMINISTRATION Business Manager. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shannon Carroll Bookkeeper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rose Hogan Controller. . . . . Mike DeAngelis, Balancing Act Bookkeeping Accountant. . . . . . Patricia M. Cerilli, Mullen Scorpio Cerilli BOX OFFICE Box Office Manager. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Drew Wright Box Office Assistant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ellen Zahniser House Managers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jessica Castigliego, Lila Hawryluk, Allison McMaster, Jenn Wilson EDUCATION Education Director. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Susie Schutt Associate Education Director. . . . . . . . . . . Kate Hanson Intern. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Beth Pollard Teaching Artists. . . . . . . . . . . . Matthew Bretschneider, Jessica Corsentino, Steve Kidd, Michael Liebhauser, Nicole Maynard, Dave Rabinow, Fred Sullivan, Jr., Rachel Walshe DEVELOPMENT Development Director. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kate Anderson Manager of Special Events & Individual Giving. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tracy Reilly Manager of Institutional Giving & Capital Projects. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kirsten Davis

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS Marketing & Communications Director. . . . . . . . . Gail Hulbert Graphic Designer & Marketing Associate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jon Del Sesto Marketing Sales Associate. . . . . . Lauryn E. Sasso PRODUCTION Production Manager. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jessica Hill Technical Director. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Max Ramirez Technical Production Supervisor. . . . . . . . DJ Potter BOARD OF DIRECTORS President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W. Lynn McKinney Vice President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Coline Covington Vice President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Daniel Marwil Treasurer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barbara J. Dreyer Secretary. . . . . . . . . . . . Eliza Greene Chace Collins Directors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon C. Boghossian III † Barbara Horovitz Brown Greg Calderiso H. Chris Der Vartanian Tony Estrella* Stephen Gamm Charles J. Mahoney Thomas Moakley Fred Reinhardt David Rickerby Bill Stone M. Beverly Swan Miriam Weizenbaum Don Wineberg Samuel F. Babbitt** *ex officio **honorary †immediate past-president

Helping children find their voices with an integrated arts curriculum that begins at age three

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GAMM LEADERSHIP Tony Estrella, Artistic Director

Tony has been an actor, director, writer and producer with The Gamm for more than 20 years. Since his first show with the company (Antony & Cleopatra) in 1996, he has appeared in or directed over 70 productions. His favorite roles include Shannon in The Night of the Iguana, Hamlet in Hamlet, Moe Axelrod in Awake and Sing, Valere in La Bete, Flote in Red Noses, Katurian in The Pillowman, Teach in American Buffalo, and Vanya in Uncle Vanya. Directorial highlights include True West, Festen, Sara Kane’s 4:48 Psychosis, A Streetcar Named Desire, the U.S. premiere of Howard Brenton’s Paul, John Logan’s Red, and the U.S. premiere of Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch. Tony has also written several works for The Gamm stage including adaptations of Dylan Thomas’ A Child’s Christmas in Wales, Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Hedda Gabler, and Barry Unsworth’s acclaimed novel Morality Play. His film credits include appearances in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester by the Sea, Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, and he just finished filming The Good House, which will be released in 2020. He is the recipient of numerous recognitions including the Claiborne Pell Award for Excellence in the Arts. Tony is a longtime member of the theater faculty at his alma mater, University of Rhode Island.




Independent, peer-led learning in Rhode Island Lifelong Learning Collaborative (LLC) has been providing learning opportunities for mature adults through seminars, lectures, cultural events and social activities since 1984. Courses include art, theater, music, literature, history, science, current events and much more. Visit us at



The Arts Create Jobs, And Not Just for Artists

photos left to right: Kingston Chamber Music Festival; Trinity Repertory Company (by Mark Turek).; The Steel Yard (by Force 4 Photography).

The arts are an important part of the Rhode Island economy. Over 12,000 people work in our state’s arts sector, and according to Americans for the Arts, Rhode Island is third in the nation in the number of arts related businesses per capita, exceeded only by California and New York. That’s important news for the Rhode Island economy, because when the arts are thriving, Rhode Island businesses thrive as well. The arts help keep our restaurants and parking garages full, and our retail stores busy. Local businesses employ thousands of Rhode Islanders whose livelihood depends, in large measure, on the arts.

Here’s where we come in. Rhode Island’s investment in the arts is small (just 6/100ths of 1% of our state budget), but RISCA-funded programs and services reach millions of Rhode Islanders and visitors each year, pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the Rhode Island economy. With all the economic energy that comes from an active arts community, let’s ensure that Rhode Island continues to benefit from the arts.

Support the Arts!



Playwright Andrew Case, Artistic Director Tony Estrella and Director Tyler Dobrowsky at a Producers Circle party.

BECOME A DONOR Your donation makes a BIG IMPACT on our stage and in your community. Every gift counts. Thank you! FRIENDS OF THE GAMM (gifts up to $1,249) Friends of The Gamm give to the Annual Fund to sustain our artistic and educational activities.

PRODUCERS CIRCLE (gifts of $1,250 and above) The Producers Circle recognizes leading donors to The Gamm Annual Fund. Members receive a range of benefits including sneak peeks inside productions and intimate access to special programming.

GAMM GUARDIANS Gamm Guardians are donors who make a monthly contribution of any size. Your monthly donation is a gift we can count on.

INDIVIDUAL SPONSORSHIPS Sponsor a play and become part of the production! Benefits include tickets, special event invitations, and listings on marketing materials. Sponsorships start at $2,500.

THE COVINGTON SOCIETY is named for Coline Covington, donor, patron and friend. Members have given to our Annual Fund for at least 3 consecutive years.

THE NATALIE AND SAM BABBITT SOCIETY recognizes theater lovers who, following The Babbittsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; example, have made provisions to name The Gamm in their wills or estate plans. For more information, contact Kate Anderson at or call 401-723-4266 ext. 131. 28


The Gamm Theatre 1245 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, RI 02886


THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS DONORS Covington Society levels: * 3-4 years, † 5-9 years, ‡ 10+ years. Gamm Guardian, monthly donor: ∞

Contributions listed below are cumulative Annual Fund and sponsorship gifts from July 1, 2018 - October 2, 2019

Donors who give up to $99 are listed on our website. Excludes individual tickets purchased to Gamm gala, in-kind donations made to the gala auction, in-kind ticket donations, and gifts made to the Capital Campaign. If your name is missing or listed incorrectly, please call 401-723-4266 ext.132. Donate by mail: The Gamm Theatre, 1245 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, RI 02886 Online: Champions The Call & The Times The Fain Family Foundation

$25,000+ The Rhode Island Foundation*

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The Shubert Foundation* Miriam Weizenbaum‡∞

Heather & Ronald Florence‡ Greenwood Credit Union Katie the Dog‡ William Lynn McKinney & Ronald Margolin*

Mutual Property The Oliver Fund at Rhode Island Foundation* The June Rockwell Levy Foundation

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Sustainers Amica Insurance* Leon C. & Karen Boghossian† Barbara J. Dreyer†∞ Eleanor Ferguson*


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Benefactors Anonymous Anonymous† Boston Financial Management LLC Barbara Horovitz Brown & Jeffrey A. Brown† Buff Chace* City of Warwick Collette/Alice I Sullivan Charitable Foundation

$2,500-$4,999 Sam Coale* Oliver & Lisa Dow‡ Steve Durkee‡ Mary-Beth Fafard‡ Family Psychiatry Collaborative LLC Ellen & David Galkin, Paula & Bruce Wasser, on behalf of the Ira S. & Anna Galkin Charitable Trust‡ Stephen & Celia Gamm*∞

Kristen Linnell Gower* Carl Helmetag & Diane Petrella‡ LLB Architects Charles J. Mahoney & Nancy Evans‡∞ Milly Massey‡∞ Ocean State Charities Trust Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau

Producers Bob & Rosanna Andrade‡∞ Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation Anonymous† Samuel F. Babbitt*∞ Suzanne Barksdale* Joan & Bob Batting‡ Eric & Nancy Behr‡∞ Bryna & Bruce Bettigole‡ Harrison & Arria Bilodeau† Suzanne & David Cane* The John Clarke Trust

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Herman H. Rose Civic, Cultural and Media Access Fund Barbara Scheiner, in memory of Natalie Babbitt* The Shwartz Family Foundation Austin Smith‡ Joan & Paul Sorensen‡ M. Beverly Swan in honor of Dr. Diane Strommer† Alison Townsend

$1,250-$2,499 Linda Conlon Cozy Caterers Albert & Pamela Dahlberg‡ Kristin DeKuiper‡ H. Chris Der Vartanian‡ Richard Donelly & Phyllis Kay* Gretchen Dow-Simpson & James Baird † Joseph L. and Sarah T. Dowling‡ Donna Rae Estrella* Constance Evrard, in honor of W. Lynn McKinney‡

Lucia & Peter Gill Case Carol & Glenn Lambert* Natalie Major† Robert McCartney & Kate Sanders† Becky Minard & Max Kohlenberg‡ Murphy Family Fund, in honor of Barbara Dreyer Richard & Robyn Noble‡ Keri Anne O’Donnell Memorial Fund


Wells M. Pile & Marguerite Ofria Pile† Chuck & Doris Reifler† Timothy M. Rivinus†∞ Santina Siena MD‡ Joanne Speroni-Woody & Michael Woody† Lynn & Craig Swanson* Matthew Terry‡ Kitty & Don Wineberg Carol H. Young‡


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Sonesta ES Suites offers you more than just a place to stay. Our completely RE:imagined accommodations include: • Spacious suites • Fully equipped kitchens

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7,%/)74)%6)7')2)789(= 7,%/ .ERYEV]1EVGL


Sponsors Robert Allio‡ Anonymous BankNewport Kathleen Bower† Sam Bradner Colleen Choiniere Coline S. Covington* Karolye & Fernando Cunha* Nancy Evans‡∞ Maia Farish*

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Patrons Actors’ Equity Foundation* Jonathan & Lauren Adams, in memory of Susan P. Bloom Connie Anderson∞ Kate Anderson‡∞ Anonymous (3) The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.* Arlene Berrol Rebecca Bertrand‡∞ Christina Bevilacqua‡∞ MaryAnn Bevilacqua‡∞ Rebecca Book‡ Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bowen‡ Jennifer Bramley* Dr. & Mrs. Mark & Christina Braun Barbara Brittingham, in honor of Lynn McKinney David Buda & Mark O’Day Cathy & Peter Buirski‡ Sarah & Bill Bullard‡∞ Rosemary & Ted Burns*∞ Greg & Casey Calderiso‡ Maria Caliri & Jeff Potter‡

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28 33

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Contributors Sue Abbotson & Dave Wasser* Rena Abeles‡∞ Ann & Charles Alexander, in honor of Tony Estrella & in memory of Sally E. Flood‡ Patty & Melvin G. Alperin Fund‡ Anonymous(7) ‡ Joyce T. Amato‡∞ Cathy Andreozzi Susan Apshaga† Roger & Inga-Lill Ashley* Katrina Avery & Thomas Doeppner Sarah Barker & Steven Hamburg* Suzanne Bartlett Stephen Berenson & Brian McEleney‡ Debbie Block & Bill Harley Richard & Paula Bolig Victor & Iona Bonneville‡ Jenny & Doug Boone Sarah Bramblet Elaine Brousseau & Mark Sawtelle* Timothy Brown Jr. Diane M. Brown-Couture & Michael Couture‡∞ Al Brunelli, in memory of Karen Brunelli‡ Diana Buirski‡∞ Sally F. Burke* Margie Butler* Dena & Ken Carlone Matthew J Carr‡ Drs. Nancy & Ralf Carriuolo, in honor of Tony Estrella† Nancy K. Cassidy & Jeffrey Schreck* Vincent Castaldi Nicola Cataldo David Catanzaro* Annalee Cavallaro* Ron Cazeault, in memory of Frances A. Cazeault‡ Annette Cerilli Eugene & Lynette Charniak‡ Jeff Church Lisa Churchville Carol & Ed Cimilluca* Sandra & Ralph Clarke* Laura Collins Lynette Colwell, in memory of Veronica Maher Dick & Sheila Congdon‡∞ Pamela S. Connell Irene & Robert Cowie‡ Rick Croteau & Aggie Stewart*

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Elizabeth & Charles Harding Gregory Heins, in memory of David Wax Sandra Gandsman & Arnold Herman Robert & Karen Hevey† Thomas Hoagland & Deborah Kopech∞ Dawn Houlker & Anthony Azar, in memory of Lenny Houlker, Jr. Janet M. Iovino Sandra Jacobi* David & Deborah Jacobson, in honor of Al & Barbara Scheiner* Linda & Lee Jeans‡ Alfred Jeffries III‡ Chris & Dick Jocelyn Johnson Controls Foundation David Karoff & Barbara Hunger† Betsy Marcotte & Lloyd Feinberg David Keller & Julie Meyers John Kirchner D. Patricia Koch Jane & Richard Koster‡ Tony Kubica Linda Laliberte-Cote Jennifer Laurelli‡ Charlotte C. Lee‡ Peter Lockey Betsy Marcotte & Lloyd Feinberg Helen & Fred MacDonald‡ Veronica Maher Ron & Eugenie Maine M.J. Malina† Donna & Richard Mann‡ Leslie Margolin & Joanna Horsfall in honor of Lynn McKinney‡ Humphrey & Faye Maris‡ Peter & Bonnie Marks‡ Saul Martin Courtney Martin & Adam Peck* Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. McCulloch, Jr., Trustees, McAdams Charitable Foundation* Kim McDermott* Linda & Dale McKinney, in honor of W. Lynn McKinney & Ronald Margolin Allison McMaster‡ Ro Mede & Tom Rainey‡ Edwin S. Mehlman Mark Melikian


Peggy Melozzi & Dana Roszkiewicz∞ Nickerson & Margaret Miles* Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Gerald Monchik‡ Timothy W. Brown, Jr. Bonnie Moore Ann Morse Judy & John Moseley‡ Paula & Albert Most‡ Jane S. Nelson† Tim & Kelly Nevins† Dr. Jennie Newkirk* Kenneth Nordstrom Gregg Oehler & Susan Pitt‡ Elizabeth Pannell & James Watkins*∞ Mr. & Mrs. John Partridge Jim & Winnie Phyfe Hope Pilkington‡ Dr. & Mrs. Tullio David Pitassi Jeff Poulos Harry Proudfoot Dave & Melissa Rabinow Donald Rankin† Lucie Raposo Sara A. Rapport Pamela Reo* Geoffrey Ribbans* Donald & Karen Richer Maxine Richman‡ Mimo & David Riley† Deborah Ring Tina Rizack Arthur & Judith Robbins* Amy Rodgers & Keatston Bauman* Dr. & Mrs. Walter J. Rok‡ Carl & Lynne Romano Edward & Maria Rondeau‡ Charles B. Runyon Alison Russo Bonnie Ryvicker Antonio Sabella Lauryn E. Sasso Joanne & Robert Schacht‡ The Semjen Family, in honor of Joy Semjen‡ Roxie Sgouros‡ Linda & Sam Shamoon William & Susan Sikov Martin & Elena Sinozich Monica Staaf & Glen Sampson‡ Alec Stais & Elissa Burke Linda Stanich & Douglas Stephens

Contributors.(Continued) Steve Stycos & Christine Herbert* Judith Swift, in honor of M. Beverly Swan† Peter Tassia & Maija Lutz† Thermo Fisher Scientific* June Tow‡

$100-$249 Shanna Trufan & Leon Fortin, in memory of Sandra Gamm & Laurie Fortin∞ Pamela Vierling Bruce F. Vild Carol Czaja & Theodore Wachs* Barbara & Richard Wahlberg*

Casey Seymour Kim Alan Wartenberg, in memory of Carol Wartenberg† Elizabeth Welch & Stephen E. Glinick* Martina Windels Tammie Worthington-Witczak†

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LETâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S STAGE THE FUTURE TOGETHER The Gamm is committed to increasing the impact of live theater in the region and has embarked on a multi-year campaign called Stage The Future to create a permanent home, and a vibrant arts and culture facility in the center of Rhode Island. To learn how you can help deepen our investment and yours, please contact Kirsten Davis, Manager of Institutional Giving and Capital Projects at or 401.723.4266 ext. 133. Thank you to our generous Stage The Future donors as of October 1, 2019 $100,000+ Anonymous W. Lynn McKinney & Ron Margolin

The Rhode Island General Assembly

The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Miriam Weizenbaum

$50,000+ Barbara J. Dreyer

The National Endowment for the Arts

The Moakley Family Charitable Fund

The Oliver Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation

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Don’t wait! Shows will sell out! Charles Dickens’

Tickets start at $27 (401) 351-4242 • 201 Washington St., Providence PRESENTING SPONSOR





NOV. 7 – DEC. 29


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>> Eat Vegan in RI >> Take a Tequila Tour >> Brunch in Providence >> Sip Local Fruit Wines And Much More!






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Oh Snap! The Saugy is Turning 150

New vision meets historic charm in Wickfor d

GAMM EDUCATION: DID YOU KNOW? Here are just a few things our education department does: •

Collaborates with schools throughout the state through in-school residencies and after school workshops.

Provides dynamic studio classes for adults interested in honing their acting and theater skills.

Offers engaging professional theater summer camps for high school, middle school, and elementary school students.

Produces exciting plays for all ages aimed at encouraging young readers.

The Gamm has brought theater education to over 40,000 students from over 50 schools across Rhode Island in the past five years. Want to learn more about the play you are about to see? The Education Department also creates unique and informative study guides for each Gamm production! Check them out at If you would like to collaborate with the Education Department, contact Education Director Susie Schutt at Much Ado About Nothing (Gamm Summer Intensive, 2019)

us on! w o l l Fo tagram Ins ducation mE



FOR YOUR INFORMATION The Gamm Theatre 1245 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, RI 02886 /

Rush Tickets: Subject to availability, $25 rush tickets may be purchased in person starting one hour prior to curtain at The Gamm Theatre Box Office. Limit two tickets per person.

Box Office (401) 723-4266 Regular hours: 10amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;5pm, Tuesâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Fri Show day hours: â&#x20AC;˘ 10am to curtain on weekdays â&#x20AC;˘ noon to curtain on weekends Summer and holiday hours vary. You can also order tickets at

Pay-what-you-can rush tickets are available for Friday evening performances, subject to above conditions. Gift certificates are good for shows, season subsciptions, or classes. Available at the box office or

Administrative Offices (401) 723-4266 Hours: 10am-5pm, Monâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Fri

Groups of 10 or more attending the same performance receive a discount. Bring 25 friends and your ticket is free! Call (401) 723-4266, ext. 112 or email

In case of an emergency, notify the house manager. A courtesy phone is located at the box office window.

Ushering is a great way to see the show for free! To sign up, email

Follow us online:

ĆŤĆŤÄ&#x2019;ĆŤ ĆŤ 

Snacks, wine, beer, soft drinks, and coffee are available before the show and during intermission in the lobby. Cameras and cigarettes are not allowed inside the theater.


'!),/ ĆŤĆŤ 5ĆŤ))ĆŤ+.3%06ĆŤÄ&#x2122;Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x20AC;ĆŤ ĆŤ

If you arrive late, you will be seated at the discretion of the management in consideration of our actors and other audience members.

%.!0! ĆŤ5ĆŤ +/%$ĆŤ2%/ĆŤÄ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x20AC;ĆŤ  0Ä&#x2039;ĆŤÄ&#x192;Ä ĆŤÄĄĆŤ+2Ä&#x2039;ĆŤÄ&#x201A;ƍħƍ !! /ĆŤ$!0.!


Park at no charge in our private lot. RIPTA bus #14 north/southbound stops at the Post Rd./Main Ave. intersection, a 5-minute walk to the theater.


Wheelchair Accessibility: The theater is accessible by ramp and can accommodate wheelchair and companion seating. Please notify us when you purchase tickets if you require wheelchair accommodations.

5ĆŤ 1/ĆŤ%/$ĆŤÄ&#x2122;Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x20AC;ĆŤ  %.!0! ĆŤ5ĆŤ$5+'ĆŤ %/$ĆŤ$+3 $1.5ĆŤ +2Ä&#x2039;ĆŤÄ&#x2C6;ĆŤÄĄĆŤ+2Ä&#x2039;ĆŤÄ Ä&#x20AC;ƍħƍ !! /ĆŤ$!0.!

ĆŤ,(5ĆŤ5ĆŤ.*!/ĆŤ++ .%$ĆŤ Ä&#x2019;ĆŤ(!.0ĆŤ'!00ĆŤ/! ĆŤ1,+*ĆŤ Ä&#x2014;**!ĆŤ.*'Ä?ĆŤ$!ĆŤ%.5ĆŤ+"ĆŤĆŤ+1*#ĆŤ%.(Ä&#x2DC; !3(5ĆŤ ,0! ĆŤ5ĆŤ!* 5ĆŤ !//!()* %.!0! ĆŤ5ĆŤ..%/+*ĆŤ,/0!%*ĆŤÄ&#x2122;Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x20AC; !Ä&#x2039;ĆŤÄ&#x2020;ĆŤÄĄĆŤ!Ä&#x2039;ĆŤÄ&#x2030;ƍħƍ01.0ĆŤ$!0.!

More informaaon at Every Little Bit Counts! Shop at AmazonSmile and Amazon will make a donation to The Gamm.

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JQA Program  

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