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Georgia Grown members deck the halls for Christmas event By Dallas Duncan Neither rain nor cold could stop Georgians from making their way to the first Georgia Grown Christmas Showcase on Dec. 14. Dozens of vendors decked the halls at the event, which brought in hundreds of visitors from around the state to finish up their Christmas shopping – and find plenty of produce to take home for supper. “I thought it was just a great way to do part of my Christmas shopping,” said Andria Ashley of Evans, Ga. “When I walked in the door, it just said ‘Christmas.’ Everything about it, every booth had an enticing, well-put together display. There was a lot of temptation.” There wasn’t much need to worry about what to eat for lunch during the showcase. Four Georgia vineyards hosted a wine tasting area, and Georgia Grown members handed out samples of Vidalia onions, peach tea, sausage, salad, desserts, sauces, jams, spreads and jellies galore. Ashley said she tasted everything offered and enjoyed everything she tried. At the Bettie’s Blueberry Jams and Jellies booth, passersby were See CHRISTMAS, page 12

Georgia Grown members such as Compassion312 tempted visitors with their holiday displays and gifts during the first Christmas Showcase at the Atlanta State Farmers Market on Dec. 14. Photo by Dallas Duncan

Published by the Ga. Department of Agriculture Gary W. Black, Commissioner

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GEORGIA GROWN PROFILE: Royal Food Service Business covers distribution around the Southeast By Jenna Saxon, press office Royal Food Service is known as the Southeast’s premier distributor of fresh produce and dairy products. Royal Food Service is an Atlanta-based foodservice distributor covering the areas of Montgomery, Ala., to Aiken, SC., and from Chattanooga, Tenn., to Tifton, Ga. The company was founded in 1994 and employs approximately 180 fulltime employees. Royal Food Service’s cold storage and warehouse facilities span more than 48,000 square feet with 50 refrigeration-equipped distribution trucks. Its direct market includes casual dining establishments, schools, institutional feeders, hotels, healthcare facilities, country clubs and wholesale. Royal Food Service makes significant efforts to be socially responsible through energy conservation practices such as low-wattage CFL lighting, cardboard

recycling, energy-efficient technologies and other practices. Royal Food joined Georgia Grown at the gold membership level to improve its visibility by connecting to the many resources the program offers. Royal Food hopes to gain publicity, information and exposure through its membership. The company promotes several Georgia-grown produce items and felt joining the Georgia Grown program was a perfect opportunity to become more involved in Georgia’s agriculture industry. “We believe that our Georgia Grown membership fosters a positive relationship that supports our marketing effort,” said Reed Crouch of Royal Food. “Royal Food supports Georgia Grown for all of the right reasons; to support our local economy and Georgia farmers, increases freshness and life of products and to meet the demand of a growing number of customers who require locally grown products.”

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farmers and consumers market Bulletin

TAKE 5: A sit-down with Santa Claus 1. What’s the best part of delivering toys on Christmas Eve? Delivering toys on Christmas Eve is the highlight of our year. The elves have been working all year making, wrapping and preparing the toys for my trip around the world. Knowing that we have made a wish come true for a good boy or girl makes all of us happy. I get particularly excited when I have placed a toy around the tree and then look back and think that in a little while it will be in full use. 2. What kind of cookies and drink should we leave out for you? Anything for the elves or reindeer? I don’t think that there is a type of cookie, cake or snack that I don’t love. I am moving so fast on Christmas Eve that sometimes I just get a nibble. But I know when I’ve arrived in Georgia because you have cookies and cakes with wonderful-tasting pecans and peanuts. Santa loves fresh milk, because it is so tasty and good for you. Occasionally, my little friends will leave a carrot or an apple for the reindeer. They really love that. Elves, on the other hand, love candy and Mrs. Claus makes wonderful things like Georgia peanut brittle CLAUS for them. 3. Did you buy any Georgia Grown gifts at the Christmas Showcase? Oh, did I ever! I came home with some wonderful sauces, jellies and a honey spread that tastes so good on toast. I also brought some blueberry juice that gives me so much energy! I also bought some alpaca wool socks to keep my feet warm on Christmas Eve. 4. How do you get into houses that don’t have chimneys? That’s an easy one. Santa, as you know, is an elf. I can magically make myself very small and slide under the door, unlock it and bring in my bag full of toys. I do just the reverse when it is time to leave. 5. Tell us the one thing you want for Christmas this year! I want boys and girls to be good and be kind to their family and to one another. That always makes me happy and being happy is what makes Christmas merry for me. A special thanks to Evan Karanovich, special assistant to the commissioner, and Harris Blackwood of the Governor’s Office for Highway Safety for helping put the Market Bulletin in touch with Santa Claus during his trip to Georgia on Dec. 14.

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Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013

agriculture Letter from the Editor

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the farm Not an animal was stirring, not even in the barn. The coveralls were hung by the fire to dry, And we all waited for Santa Claus to drop by. My kids were nestled snug in their beds, While visions of Fords and Allis Chalmers danced in their heads. And Bonnie Jo in her curlers and I in my ball cap Had just settled down for a good night’s nap, When out near the pasture I heard such a ruckus, I leapt out of bed and reached for my musket. Out to the porch I flew like a flash, To see what on Earth could’a caused that loud crash. The moon in the sky was shining mighty bright And I squinted to see in all the white light. What I saw on the roof made me grasp the porch rails – Santa Claus on a tractor pulled by eight massive Clydesdales! That jolly old man looked a lot like Phil, my Pappy, As he let off the gas and said, “I’m so happy, happy, happy!” He called to his elves, who were riding a plow, And they ran to him just as fast as their little legs would allow. “Now Gary! Now Peaches, now Peanut and Piney, On Zippy! On Jersey, on Haygood and Honey!” To the top of the fence! To the top of the wall! We’ve got Christmas spirit to sow, there’s no time to stall!” Next thing I knew they were headed to the chimney Carrying so much stuff – how’d it all fit on that jitney? They had trucks for my boys and a saddle for my daughter, Those elves even brought my cattle bottled water! As I slipped back inside to watch the delivery, Santa and crew came down in their Christmas livery. He was dressed all in red, from his head to his boots, And his elves wore glittery green camo suits. Those burlap sacks full of toys they’d laid by the tree And as they unpacked them I couldn’t wait to see. There were fruitcakes from Claxton and pecans from Lane; A Market Bulletin subscription and bags of new grain. The elves giggled and laughed as they stuffed our stockings With so many Georgia Grown gifts, I just kept gawking. Santa Claus supervised the entire exchange, Eating cookies as he made himself at home on our range. He had a big smile and a round potbelly That shook when he laughed, like a jar of mayhaw jelly. He admired our Christmas tree, its lights all a-twinkle, And Bonnie Jo’s wrapping, done with paper that crinkled. He glanced at the clock and then at his elves: “Y’all, we better get a move on, ourselves. There’s all of Atlanta and north Georgia to visit, you know, So we must be on our way before that rooster crows.” They sprang up the chimney as quick as they came, Loaded on their tractor and Santa took the reins. But I heard him exclaim as they flew out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all Georgia agriculture tonight!” Dallas Duncan is the editor of the Market Bulletin. Originally from Evans, Ga., she graduated in May 2011 with a double major in animal science and agricultural communication from the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. She previously worked for The Red & Black, The Times newspaper in Gainesville, Ga., and Georgia Cattlemen’s Association.

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Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013

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Farmland Rent/ Lease If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. The Farmland for Rent/Lease category is published the last issue of each month. Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting an ad for Farmland for Rent/ Lease or Rent/Lease Wanted * When submitting ad, please designate it for the Farmland for Rent/ Lease category. Notices to buy or sell farmland are published only in the special fall or spring farmland editions * Ads must not exceed 30 words. 20-acre horse pasture with creek water, barn plus additional riding area available for pasture board; call for details. Martha Wayt Cumming 770-887-1916 600-acre cattle farm for rent or lease; price will be based on certified appraisal; house available; must live on property. Ed Simmons Preston 229-331-4800 / 229-649-4800

Approximately 155 fenced agres of grass, bermuda and fescue mixed; 10 acres of woods; three creeks; available Jan. 1. Don Burruss Cumming 770-887-9999 Entire center for lease: Willowbrook Equestrian Center, covered ring, six turnouts, 10 stalls, two apartments, 32 acres, $2,800 per month; www. Leslie Olsen Villa Rica 770-459-1417 Pasture board only: green pastures, plenty of fresh water; $100 per month or $150 per month with feed. Lewis Staples Cedartown kcmoore1@ 770-853-8717

Farmland Rent/Lease Wanted Looking for hunting land in Georgia area; deer, hog; cheap, free even better. Shane Portwood Douglasville 404-567-1192 Looking for pasture to lease in Bartow or surrounding areas. Patrick Lambert Cartersville 678-654-7778 Looking for pasture to lease in Berrien County or surrounding areas; prefer minimum 50-acre tracts. Karl Halbig Alapaha 229-445-0424

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Pastureland, 20-plus acres; lakes, ponds a plus; one hour from Atlanta or Thomasville; weekend training labs for field trials; will train your dog or work for access. Gregg Leonard Roswell 404-580-6268 Rent/lease pasture for cows, hayfields and row crops in Spalding, Butts, Pike or Meriwether counties only. Jerry Glancy Griffin 404-433-3568 Two seniors, 70-plus, lease hunting land in Meriwether, Talbot, Heard, Taylor and surrounding counties; non-drinker, no Sunday hunting, masonic. Ronald Jones Fayetteville 770-461-6167 Want five to 10 acres for organic farming in exchange for share of produce; no permanent infrastructure needed, just access to pasture. Scott Bryan Loganville Scottwbryan@ 404-583-6979 Want to lease 50 to 300 acres in Madison, Franklin, Banks, Jackson counties for 2014 hunting season with deer and turkey, Mark Kitchens Commerce 706-296-6918

Farm EMPLOYMENT If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. Only farm work or farm help wanted advertisements allowed. No commercial, industrial or domestic employment permitted. 20-plus years experience; maintenance man, farmer; needs work in Roberta, Ga., area; excellent references. Donny Mathews Lizella 850838-6010 25-year-old man experienced and clever; wants job milking cows, experienced milker, calf and hog feeding, can furnish references. James Pearson East Ellijay 706-455-8078 40-year-old male; looking for row cropping, cattle work; C.D.L. A. driver. Shane Martin Griffin 770-6955383 Caretaker needed for 36-acre farm; 30 hours per week; housing on premises, utilities negotiable; garden, fencing, livestock. Vergil Walraven Dawsonville vergil.walraven@yahoo. com 770-601-9239 Horse farm; cleaning stalls, feeding, watering, turning horses in and out; full and part time, must work weekends. Jackie Sawyer Cartersville 770-387-0311 Need farm and garden worker for fences, horses, gardening, chores. Betsy Towler Monroe 404-626-1290 Seeking experienced person to work on new six broiler house farm, Tyson; start hourly, based on experience. Cody Spence Chatsworth Jcspence88@yahoo. com 706-264-5397

Farm Machinery

The Gordon County Agricultural Service Center opened for business in October. Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary W. Black attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new building, which will house the US Department of Agriculture service center, Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission and the UGA Cooperative Extension Office.

If you have questions regarding this category, call 404-656-3722. Only farm machinery and equipment owned by the advertiser and used in his/her own farming operation can be advertised; those persons advertising for machinery and equipment wanted must be seeking those items for their own farming operation. #273 New Holland square baler, $1,800. Marvelyn Mathis Jackson 770-775-2060 1155 Massey Ferguson C/H/A; 5,400 hours; duals 540/1,000; power take-off; $8,750; Vermeer 604L net monitor; $8,200; excellent condition. Watson Madison watsonsne@gmail. com 478-288-2072

125-bushel side delivery gravity grain wagons, $1,200; galvanized steel with hydraulic spreader mounted under shoot. A. Johns Dawson 229-995-5371 135 Massey Ferguson diesel with power steering, tractor and 10 pieces of equipment for sale, $4,800. Ronny Childs Carnesville rchildsx1@ 706-384-4671 16 ft trailer, 6 ft wide, dual axel, 2” hitch, 4 new tires, good shape, $1400. William Starnes Newnan 770-253-9432 16 ft. Lilliston grain drill, $2000. Gary Smith Broxton 912-393-5742 16-disk harrow, three-point hitch, used very little, $300. Harvey Watkins Statham GENE101442@YAHOO. COM 770-725-0111 16-foot flatbed trailer; 7,000-pound axle; 76 inches wide; with pullout ramps, $1,500 firm, excellent condition. Royce Whittle Dexter 478-689-4358 1700 Ford tractor 25 horsepower, two-wheel drive. strong lift, rust-free, good tires, four-foot Bush Hog, fivefoot scrape blade, good condition, $5,800. Wayne Thompson Conyers 770-922-9504 1700 Yanmar tractor, four-foot Bush Hog, disk harrow scoop pan; needs left side brake pads and battery, $3,000. Matt Stephenson Crawfordville 706-990-9498 18-foot Ferguson rotavator with six Covington twin row planters, will separate planters. Jud Greene Bainbridge 229-254-3312 18.4x34 clamp-on dual wheels, $350, single front wheel for M Farmall, $150. Roy Barrett Marshallville 478957-0289 1937 John Deere A SN: 446660; spoke wheels, fully restored; email for full description and pictures. Bobby Simmons Hamilton hummermt@ 706-662-2738 1950 John Deere; a Popping Johnny; runs, good condition and tires, $2,500. Melvin Setser Acworth 770-318-1977 1952 8N Ford with high-low transmission, with 12-volt electric lift boom on front, $2,200. Wayne Shelnutt Loganville 770-466-4943 1958 Ford 640 for parts or restoration, $1,500 OBO; 12-foot livestock trailer, $1,500 OBO. Curtis Hill Elberton 864-980-2291 1968 Ford 4000 diesel tractor, three cylinder; strong 50 horsepower, rear tires in good conditon, $3,500. Glenn Akin Clarkesville 706-957-7670 1972 Ford 2000; diesel, power steering, 990 hours, like new, call for pictures, $6,900. Greg Stephens Bowdon 770-883-3637 1972 Ford 4000 tractor, threecylinder diesel, Bush Hog, box scrape and finishing mower, $10,000, runs well. Hubert Nicholson Dalton 706-2750721 1976 Int. cub, 154 Lo-Boy tractor, 3-PT. hitch, 4 ft. belly mower, runs, need clutch, $1500. Michael Jones Griffin 770-468-0860 1979 Chevy C-60 dump truck with 12-foot steel box dump; runs well, only 39,000 miles, $3,500, OBO. Shira MacLennan Americus 229331-0557 1980 John Deere 8820 combine, 4,000 hours, 225 horsepower; John Deere 922 platform header, $7,000 combine, $11,000 both. Clint Crumley Lula 678-451-9627 1983 white GMC tractor with a 15ton trailer. Mike Austin Douglasville 770-652-2164 / 770-652-3383

Please note there are two different mailing addresses for the Market Bulletin: a PO Box for subscriptions and a street address for ads and all other communications. 1984 GMC 7000 14-foot flatbed with 8.2, Detroit diesel; five-speed plus two, serviced, ready to work, pictures available. Tracy Allgood Dainelsville 678-575-4003 1996 Ford 445D industrial tractor with loader, diesel, 2,300 hours; good tires, no power take-off; backhoe can be added. Silviu Gavriliuc Buford 678-997-4119 2001 International 4900 spreader truck, DT466 automatic; 18-foot BBI spreader body electric tarp, $25,000. Jim Adams Barnesville 770-5504048 2002 John Deere model 7810, 7,800 hours, 18-4 42 with duals 50 percent power-quad transmission, 18 front wts, interior, $49,000. Mitch Shiver Fitzgerald 229-457-7998 2003 John Deere 790, 175 hours, four-wheel-drive, PS, recently serviced, with five-foot Bush Hog. Larry Griffin Murrayville griffil5@ 770-530-6884 2004 John Deere tractor, 6415, fourwheel drive cab, 85 horsepower, one owner, 3,600 original hours, excellent condition, sheltered. Todd Powell Buena Vista 229-314-9445 2006 Branson 3510 with loader, four-wheel drive, low hours, good condition, it’s a workhorse. Gary Nix Flowery Branch 770-401-4932 2006 Morbark 950 tub grinder,1100 hours, CAT engine, folding conveyor with magnet; one- and two-inch screens. 65K. Ben Jackson Clermont 770-561-0896 2013 New Holland Workmaster, 40 horsepower, 4x4 compact tractor, 30 hours, front end loader, quick attached bucket, $17,500. Craig Brown Albany 229-435-7914 2155 cotton picker; excellent condition, field ready, new spindles and doffers duals, $22,000. Albert Cosnahan Metter 912-667-0118 24-foot hay conveyor, no motor, $300, also power take-off pulley for Ford tractor, $100. Jack Murphy Trenton 706-657-4740 240 Massey Ferguson ‘72 model, 40 horsepower with cultivators, $5,500. Billy Pruett Shady Dale 706468-9166 3000 diesel Ford tractor and miscellaneous equipment for sale. Charlie H Conner Flowery Branch 770-967-6828 5144 Kuhn Knight twin auger, TMR mixer, with scales and hay ring, excellent condition. R. Wilhoit Cohutta 423-236-5573 53 8n & 8 implements. John Mull Silver Creek 706-676-1200 570 New Holland baler, 5500 New Holland, BR 750, net wrap, $12,000. Cole Jernigan Buena Vista 706-5702171 6610 Ford tractor with canopy, excellent condition. Wayman Tyler Buena Vista 229-314-0411 6x12-foot trailer; wood floor, single axle, new tires, spare, excellent condition, $800. Charles Blalock Locust Grove 678-432-7069 7600 Ford tractor; 1981 good condition with allied 495 loader, scrape blade, harrow, $13,500. Jon Tucker Kennesaw 770-377-9306 8N Ford, ready to restore, very good wheels and tires, good tractor, good condition, $800. Joe Diver Hiawassee 706-994-7848 / 706898-8814 931 CAT loader, good conditon; 500 Allis Chalmers loader, fits 170 through 200 tractor, no bucket. Andy Holder Eatonton 706-473-7078 955L CAT track loader, strong machine, 70 percent undercarriage, $12,000. Gene Berna Griffin 678358-5466 960-pound rigid track hoe thumb. Roe Richbourg Sylvania 912-4259270

page 4 9930 John Deere two-row cotton picker, good condition, $5,000 OBO. Emmett Joiner Garfield 912-5362952 9N Ford tractor, runs well but smokes, lift rebuilt, $1,000. Norman Cook Buena Vista 229-649-7430 A l l - p o w e r, 1 0 , 0 0 0 - w a t t , 1 5 horsepower electric start, home generator; new condition, only three hours, cost $1,500; sell for $900. David Combs Jefferson 706-3674645 Backhoe, MF3 point, three buckets, $3,900; Amish shoeing stock, $350. Ken Berry Stockbridge 770-2060416 / 770-474-8597 BF36 commercial walk-behind mower with carriage, 23 horsepower engine, hydrostatic steering; like new, five hours, $2,300. Nick Moore Gainesville 770-531-1463 Bush Hog RTH 88, rear tiller heavy duity, used very little. Herbert Prichard Colbert 706-248-5517 Bush Hog, 305, heavy duty, almost new, 20 hours or less, $1,200. James Gunn Rutledge 706-557-1494 Case 450, 450B track chain and pads; 14 inches, 95 percent, 450 right final drive, 850 final drives. Cecil Bryant Bethlehem 770-867-6257 Case tractor: 12 horsepower, model 195, lay-off plow, turning plow and mower, needs clutch, $850. Charles Crumley Cornelia 706-499-6844 Case tractor: 12 horsepower, model 195, layoff plow, turning plow and mower; mower needs clutch, $850. Glenn Crumley Cornelia 706-7787588 / 706-499-6844 CAT 1991 953 enclosed cab, LGP track front end loader, runs good, 75 percent undercarriage; $34,500. Steve Bradshaw Unadilla 678-2838981 Cat D7E for sale, runs well, good undercarriage, used to clear pasture. Dan Lampe Danielsville 770-6015331 Caterpillar 215 BLC excavator machine is in fair condition; price $12,000. Delmer Bullington Sycamore mebullington@outlook. com 229-567-1563 Caterpillar 955H, used on farm to clear land, good undercarriage, strong machine, $8,500 OBO. David Pope Jackson 678-763-7250 Chipper tractor, driven, three-point hitch, six-foot log max, self-feeding, good condition. Jerry Jones Toccoa 706-779-3162 Dearborn front end loader for Ford 8N, includes hydraulic cylinder, hoses in fair condition, $285. Patrica Mahoney Comer patriciafmahoney@ 770-294-2043 Disk harrow; 16 disk, very good condition; three-point hitch, Bush Hog brand, $400; 250 seed, fertilizer spreader, $175. Steve Yarbrough Douglasville 404-713-2921 Do-All field cultivator; 12 foot, seven-foot rotor tiller, ec. post digger 12 inches; ec.- three-point fertilizer distributor. Philip Ivey Lizella 478361-0956

farmers and consumers market Bulletin Eight-foot Athens offset disk, harrow, hydraulic pull type, $1,600, great condition. Kyle Snider Buena Vista 229-314-9701 Eight-foot H.D. Lilliston Haltrow, one 16”x3 16” bottom plows; five Bush Hog dirt scoop and more. M. Crosby Blackshear 912-449-6573 Farmall H or M leather covered, steel belt pulley, $25. Skip Powell Griffin 770826-7049 Farmall-100; left front, dual plows, complete, $150, firm. John Eberhart Hiram 770-943-0775 Finish mower, six-foot, new condition, $950; two 16x9x30 tractor tires, unused, $500. Ralph Crumley Columbus 706-568-4065 Five-foot Bush Hog mower, old but good shape, $300. Russell Lewis Baxley 912-367-6226 FMC pecan tree shaker; threewheel, cab, sweepers, long boom, $24,500. Simmie King Hahira 229896-4386 For sale: 1997 Wood-Mizer LT40 portable sawmill with diesel, 40 horsepower engine, asking $16,500 OBO. Cyrus Harris Deepstep ctjr@ 478-731-6364 For Sale: eight-disk cutting harrow; spreader; boom pole; cultivar; all three-point hitch, good condition, sell all. Jerry Crunkleton Carnesville 708-384-2023 For sale: fertlizer, seed spreader, used once, $350; will trade for box blade. Winford Parmer LaGrange 706-882-6850 For Sale: Ford 3000 gas with Bush Hog loader; seven pieces equipment, all very good condition; cash. Jerry Crunkleton Carnesville 706-3842023 For Sale: four-bale hay hauler, bumper hitch; 16-foot cattle trailer, four-row cultivator; two-wheel small trailer. M Griffin Ocilla 229-468-5213 Ford 12-foot harrow, square axles, 70 percent disk, needs new bearings, $500; five-foot Bush Hog ditch, bank mower, $3,000. Bruce Baxter Buena Vista 229-938-2648 Ford 2000, Bush Hog, box blade, boom pole, $3,600; 120-gallon propane tank with 20 percent, $300. Seth Weaver Ellijay 706-669-0524 Ford 2000, Bush Hog, harrow, scrape, phd, finish mower, pulverizer, planter/cultivator, boom, subsoiler, priced seperate. Ken Phillips Bogart 706-714-7282 Ford 4000; bad motor, back tires almost new, good parts tractor. Carlton Williams Albany 229-8815560 Ford 4600 diesel, 50-plus horsepower; p/s; single remote, good metal, tires fair, $ 4,750 OBO. Randy Parker Zebulon 770-468-8365 Ford 5610S, 1994 model, 1,100 hours, one remote, canopy, great condition, strong tractor, $12,500. Brian Hart LaFayette 706-397-8006 Ford three-bottom turning plow, $400. James Brown Omega 229776-2458

Ford three-point, five-bottom turning plow with rear gauge wheel, $375. D. Hemphill Blairsville 706435-8627 Four row KMC strip-till, good condition. Chris Parlor Hazlehurst 912539-9772 / 912-593-2994 Four-foot Bush Hog, fair condition, $200. Robert Crowe Dacula 770963-4356 G Allis Chalmers with D600 Kubota engine, have three plows, $3,800. Tommy Butler Dawsonville 770-8874064 / 678-901-6073 Generator, 25 kilowatt, diesel, fourcylinder, needs injector sleeve and battery to run, $600. Johnny Seabolt Cleveland 706-969-9061 Generator; Cummins powered, 80 kilowatts, sheltered, used less than 20 hours. Danny Church Clarkesville 706-754-9113 / 706-968-2851 Gill three-point hitch pulverize attachment six-foot, very good condition, #575. Jim Hammond Gainesville 678-316-1611 GMC 1994 C-7; 5 spd. dump truck ORG MI-EXC COND.$7950OBO. Dwight Swanson Dallas 404-5691993 Gravely tractor with equipment, TroyBilt tiller. William Lee Newnan 770-253-3135 Gravity flow grain wagon, 350 bushel, $1200; 400 bushel, $1500. Mike Hulett Hazlehurst 912-3471004 Hance Corp. seed cleaner; two decks, vibratory system, blower, 80 to 100 bushels per hour, excellent condition, $4,000. Dennis Burroughs Hull 706-548-4949 / 706-548-4826 Hay grapple; 10-bale, 6x8, includes cylinder and hoses, works great. Dennis Parman Fayetteville 678595-5112 Heavy-duty trailer, homemade steel floor, wood sides, four feet by 11 inches, John Deere green, Michelin LTX tires, $625 firm. Jim Butts Thomaston 706-975-8266 Howse model LTR16822B, threepoint hitch, cutting disk, 18-inch disk, like new, $600. Ron Vasser Rome 706-292-0021 International 1086 tractor; rebuilt engine, hydraulics need some work, $8,000; 350-bushel grain wagon, $1,300. Royce Hulett Hazlehurst 912-253-0161 / 912-375-3008 JD 350B dozier, $8500; Hobart portable welder; $2000 Farmall $100; 1500 blade for JD tractor, $2000. Owen Stapleton Richland 229-3891083 JD doall four row set up to pull in front of grain drill $1000 obo. Scott Price Wrightsville 478-290-4419 John Deere 4430, 125 horsepower, 1,300 hours;rebuilt motor and clutch, dual remotes; tires 60 percent, $9,500, runs well. Rooney Wilson Lexington 706-340-5546 / 706-7435673

John Deere 450 crawler-loader with 4/1 bucket, like new; 10-ton Swartz trailer, 30 feet; sell together. James Vinson Milledgeville 478-457-5668 John Deere 5103, 2008 tractor in great shape, only 345 hours, one owner, $11,900. James Greeson Buford 404-375-4309 John Deere 5400 cab tractor, 4x4, with loader, bucket, spear; power reverser, good tires, 3,400 hours; $23,400. Brett Jones Ringgold 423322-1005 John Deere 555 track loader, includes backhoe attachment, $9,500, email for more details. Chris Farr Rydal 770-595-8436 John Deere 566 hay baler with monitor in excellent condition, $9,000 OBO. Russell Stephens Wrightsville 478-864-1356 John Deere 7000, four-row planters, pull type with bed knockers; Massey Ferguson 35 with Bush Hog. James Martin Waynesboro 706-558-5005 John Deere 920 mower, $1,500; 17-foot steel truck bed and hoist, $1,500; 1,200-gallon Snurse tank, $800. Franklin Dyck Stapleton 706547-6876 John Deere 9950 cotton picker with mudhog, good condition, $8,000 OBO. John Griffin Tifton 229-4450495 John Deere combine, grain and corn heads 9400, field ready, $25,000. Wayne Carr Donalsonville 229-254-8007 John Deere deer plot drill, works on three-point hitch; five feet, $1,800; eight feet, $2,100, excellent condition. Hulett Jacksonville 912253-0162 John Deere four and six row planters, $1200 each; 13 shank Athens chiesel plow, $900. George Jones Shellman 229-310-9817 / 229-679-5202 John Deere MX5; rotary mower Bush Hog; barely used, looks new, $1,800. Keith Brown Augusta 706533-1285 John Deere unstyled ‘D’ 1930; beautifully restored to better than new; all new sheet metal and tires, $14,500. Bones Perry Dawsonville 706-2652347 John Deere, 350C dozer, six-way blade, new battery muffler, seat, always sheltered, good shape, $12,500 firm. Dwane Bailey Hartwell 706-436-8033 Kubota L4200; 45 horsepower. fourwheel drive, glide shift transmission, F/4 industrial tires, rear hydraulic remotes, 618 hours. Jim Sibley Woodbury 404-434-8081 Kuhn-Knight vertical mixer, model 5135, $18,000; Roast-a-Matic grain roaster, 50 bushels per hour, $14,000, both excellent condition. Carter Swancy Ranger 770-881-0127 Land leveler, new, never used, 12 feet, $1,800; two-cultivator frame with fertilizer box, $475 and more. Cory Ian China Hill 229-362-4695 Lone tractor, 360, 38 horsepower, new rear tires, $3,000; evenings before 8:30 p.m. Rayburn Hughes Summerville 706-857-1572 Luck Now tub grinder 2260, $15,000 OBO. Bobby Gaskins Willacoochee 912-422-4269 M & W V-rake, RCR3510, eightwheel with kicker wheel, good condition, raked less than 500 acres, $1,750. Bob Seaton Cohutta 706278-7073 Machinery attachment for tractor; round hay, unrollers, new three-point hitch, built stout, hydraulic operated, $700. Wendell Holland Conyers 404-4443090 Mahindra 3016 four-wheel-drive tractor; canopy, six-foot finishing mower and front loader, total 59 hours, $18,000. Alvin Sanders Barnesville 478-954-8000 Manufactured, rough terrain tree seedling planter, 20-inch coulter blade, on board hydralic controlled shoe, for two operators. Robert Smith Homer 404-697-9623

Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013 Massey Ferguson 124 square balers, good shape, baled this year in barn, $2,000; 10-bale grapple, $900. Charles Chastain Talking Rock 770893-9013 Massey Ferguson 175; runs great, $5,400 OBO. Ryan O’Toole Monroe 706-491-7998 Massey Ferguson 2 65 diesel tractors, not running, excellent projects or use for parts, $1,650 OBO. Randy Sheppard Griffin 678873-2370 Mower blade for sale - $125. Martha Puckett Talmo 770-535-7175 Mower XR16; great around ponds, floats on air, Honda motor, used once, new $800, sale $400. Steve Smith Bethlehem 770-867-0158 New Hollalnd 555, EM 14 loader, backhoe, 850 hours, $16,000 OBO. Alan Williams Milan 229-315-1261 / 229-315-9864 New Holland L-5, 180; 2003, clean machine, new tires, tooth bucket, $14,500. Walter Zevill Decatur 404395-5476 New Holland mower conditioner, eight-foot; model #467, $450. A. W White Kathleen 478-987-1259 New Holland TN65 tractor with loader, 65 horsepower, 774 hours, two-wheel drive, canopy, good tractor, clean, excellent condition, $14,000. Ronnie Richardson Lavonia 678-776-5129 New idea; one row corn snapper w/hyd. $2200; Goosen bail chopper, $1750. Ed Parent 550Greer Rd Ft. Valley GA 31030 478-822-9483 Older model Massey Ferguson tractor for sale, model 175, excellent condition, $3,500 OBO. Ray Brown Cobbtown 770-301-1584 One-row Cole planter mounted on cultivator frame, good condition, other planters, cultivators, trades welcome. Wendell Aenchbacher Talking Rock 706-253-2531 Pull-behind row crop sprayer; hydraulic pump with hydraulic fold booms, 500-gallon tank. Tom Cleveland Fort Valley 478-951-4835 Pull-behind Ryan aerator with optional electric wheels for transporting over driveways and stones, used very little. Joe Verdone Lexington 706-743-3994 Savage pecan harvester, about 5 years old; very good condition, $14,000. Bill Ellis Vienna 229-9380100 Schulte Jumbo 320 rock and root picker upper, $9,500. Dave Davis Commerce 770-963-9264 Seed cleaner, pea sheller, made in early 1900s. Rodney Hilley Molena 770-567-3909 Shop Smith model 5 with attachments and accessories, hardly used, $1,875. M Bailey Redan 770482-2812 Six-foot Bush Hog; model 286. G. Taylor Waycross 912-381-4098 Six-foot heavy duty Bush Hog, $950. Dennis Williamson Forsyth 478-972-9211 Six-foot Rhino rotary mower, good condition, $875. Danny Strickland Barney 229-560-8072 Six-row KMC peanut digger, 38inch rows, good shape, $5,000. Will Anderson Register 912-682-3749 Six-row nitrogen applicator, new $9,000; I paid $12,000. Ashley Todd Lyons 912293-2819 Snap-on dual tractor tires, rims; two sets, 16.9 R30/18.4R30, both 80 percent tread, $600 per set. Matt Getsinger Louisville jmgetsinger@ 478-494-8663 Sprayer: AG 110 gallon; three-point hitch. 20-foot booms, hand wand with 25-foot hose; sheltered, good condition, $1,400. Mike Hattaway Dearing 706-556-6422 Sprayers: two 50 gallon sprayers, gas engines, $1,500 for both. John Mramor Lawrenceville 706-2150870 Three axle, 18-foot heavy duty trailer; GI hitch ramp, six new tires. Julius McAllista Buena Vista 706975-4726 Three pecan crackers for sale. M. E. Smith Alma 912-614-0945

Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013 Three-poinit hitch Kelley backhoe, new pump, two buckets; minimum 55-horsepower tractor. Ray Lawrence Macon 478-808-1442 Three-point hitch; woods backhoe, model 1050; very nice condition, $2,950. Timothy King Fairburn 678-410-1294 TN75 New Holland tractor, 1,400 hours, duel HD, six-foot, $11,500. Gerald Barfield Tifton 229-392-5234 Trencher Vermeer; heavy duty, walk behind TR100, 100 hours, orignal chain, stored, $2,500, several farm uses. Wayne Parker Ranger 770926-3284 Tuffline; eight-foot lift type harrow with new disk, $1,200 firm. Aron Devaney Rentz 478-984-4048 Two R.O.P. tractor roof tops for 4600 to 6600 Series Ford or New Holland tractor, $250 or $400 for both. Richard Thomas Albany 229883-1143 Two-row John Deere cotton picker, model 9930. Sunny Youmans Cobbtown 912-362-1212 Two-ton electric chain hoist, good condition, American made; $850, email for photos. Bill Carter Hahira 229-2244900 Vermeer 5400 Rebel with Accur Tre, sheltered, $8,500. Tom Harrell Ringgold 706-935-4124 Whitfield crank axle, $1,500; TD15B dozer, root rake, $11,000; Ford 4610SU, $7,500. Homer Rivers Tarrytown 912-537-3731 / 912-2934381 Whitfield tree setter, finger type 3,000, madas cotton, stalk puller, good condition, $4,000. Melvin Nicholls Nicholls 912-285-1305 Wilson 42-foot Hopper Bottom trailer with hydraulic doors and roll tarp, $9,200. Steve Allen Butler 336314-4841

Farm Machinery Wanted 100-gallon, three-point hitch sprayer with boom. Tommy Butler Dexter 478984-8132 140 Farmall, cultivator and fertilizer distributor and hiller disk, on-row Pittsburgh cultivator with ‘71 John Deere planter. Tom Taunton Butler 478-862-3138 Backhoe with four-wheel drive, four-in-one bucket, extendahoe, less than 4000 hours; runs well; costs less than $15,000. Mark Bevill Springfield 770-605-3902 Box blade, seven-foot commercial tractor. Sue Patterson Byron 478397-2733 Ford LGT 14 D 44-inch mower deck complete and in good condition. L. Garrett Blairsville 706-897-7708 John Deere B/50: prefer B with 201,000-plus serial number; will consider earlier model B in good mechanical, structural condition. Tripp Powers Monroe tpowers2840@ 404-695-6002 John Deere Killefer hydralic lift disk harrow from 1960s era; any condition, working or parts only. Joe Butler Fortson 706-718-6315 Looking for a feed mill to grind feed for cows in good working order, Gehl 95 would work Linda Willis Cochran 478-230-7972 Looking for a three-point hitch rotary tiller for a tractor; four or five feet would work. David Tammen Loganville 404-513-3600 Mower parts for 917.253230 Sears tractor, could use whole mower if in good condition. David Echols Dahlonega 706-867-8481 Need horizontal cane mills; Golden, Columbus, Chattanooga or rebuild your mill, favorable pricing. Thomas Hancock Moultrie 229-529-4971 Need implements for Allis Chalmers “G” tractor that will effectively cultivate small plants in first plowing. Alan J Herndon Grayson 678-4426686 Need used, 26.5x25 tire for dirt pan. Ellis Cadenhead LaGrange ellis. cadenhead@gmail 706-884-5546 / 770-713-4564 New Holland TN65, two-wheeldrive, 125 hours, 8x8 with Woods 1026 loader, new condition, $24,000, can deliver. T. White Homer 706499-0490

farmers and consumers market Bulletin Page 5

Older model farm tractor, 80 horsepower or larger, remote hydraulics. Ronald Hayes Canon 706-356-8831 Savage pecan sprayer, good condition. Phil Williams Jesup 912270-4676 Six-foot harrow, three-point hitch in fair condition for 600 Ford. Glenn Smith Athens 706-207-7878 Small 15 to 25-horsepower garden tractor, with front end loader, with or without implements. Waymond Scott Calhoun 706-307-0691 Two John Deere 28-inch rims, usable tires; John Deere 420, 430, 435 or salvage tractor with same. Roger O Childs Elberton 706-2835758 Want Bush Hog model 306, working or for parts. Tom Lacey Williamson 770-228-9739 Want to buy 6x12 or 7x12-foot dump trailer for nonprofit vegetable garden. Reggie Lenoir Suches 706838-4540 Wanted: 420 John Deere tractor lawn mower with Onan engine for parts; Flywheel and power take-off clutch. Bobby Walker Franklin 770854-8430 Wanted: 48-inch fan shutters, Milwaukee drill for poultry house, three-inch-plus diameter steel pipe; hay tedder. Mike Bloodworth Knoxville 478-836-2535 Wanted: 510A Puckett Bros. grader for parts; built up to 1980; has 172 Ford “D” engine, need Torque hubs. Jack Morris Williamson 770-2281514 Wanted: 8x8 drag harrow and threepoint, six-foot landscape rake. Steve Williams Iron City 239-269-8011 Wanted: looking for a Farmall H parts tractor or someone that is parting one out. Brett Barfield McDonough 678-628-0088 Wanted: parts for Jonh Deere 1050 tractor. Rickey Simpson Calhoun 706-307-9050 Wanted: pull grader or terracer, Adams, Russell or Caterpillar, any make and condition considered. Ricky Callaway Washington 706401-6320 Wanted: round disk tiller, one-point hitch up for a Farmall 130 tractor, near East-Coast, call with price. Robert Robertson Hortense 912778-5159 Wanted: small no-till grain drill. Samuel Sliger Clarkesville 706-9681560 Wanted: used two-row sweet potato harvester in good condition; reasonable price. Alvin Holton Lyons 912-578-3323 / 912-245-3324 Wanted; six-foot Cultipacker with seeder. Homer Barrow Butler 478862-5656

Farm Supplies If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. 1,000-foot lumber and turning blocks, maple, hickory, pecan, pine, baswood, ash, poplar and cedar. David Gray Bowdon 770-655-4674 10 aluminum skid pallets: 24x36 inches, taken from military generators, $15 each. Josh Daniels Atlanta 678-600-1671 125-gallon propane tank, new regulator, $75. Russell Howington Good Hope 678-878-5561 15,000-gallon carbon steel horizontal tank, weighs 14 tons, good condition. $7,500. George Harris Covington 404-277-0150 20 H.P. Briggs + Stratton engine complete with starter; set up for John Deere, $600 cash. Wayne Head Jersey 770-639-7791 250-gallon propane tank, $350. Martha Anglin Cleveland 678-7564088 250-gallon propane tank, good condition, $275. W. O Canady Winston 770-234-2376 30- and 55-gallon, slightly used plastic drums, $6 and $9, blacksmith forge and separate blower. Ray Brandt Marietta 770-971-5622 300-gallon plastic tank with metal cage, five-inch cap on top, valve on bottom, $50. C. Stovall Dahlonega 678-491-0838

400-foot chicken house, fans, Chore-Time feeders, drinker lines; two Brock bins, 266 pieces, tin 23 feet long. Danny Bagley Cumming 404-427-5274 5-600 amp class K-5 NLN 600, dual element time delay fuses 2; good condition, $ 20 each. Bobby Pettit Ellijay 770-894-1121 500-gallon propane gas tank, older tank with new gauges, $325. M. Formby Cedartown 404-272-0381 80-gallon syrup kettle, $800. Peggy Bland Valdosta 229-559-0760 / 229559-3888 9.5 - 24/9-24 tractor tire, $150; 4.0015 tractor tire with tube, $40. Cameron Miller Fort Valley 478-825-5990 Air, kiln-dried Woodmizer sawn lumber, large selection wood specials, paneling, wide-plank flooring, fencing, barn wood. John Sell Milner 770-480-2326 Approximately 250, 34 inches x 16 feet, four-gauge, 11-wire used hog panels, bought new in 2008, sell for $15 each. Timothy Peifer Metter 912-685-6853 Artificial stack stone, gray, includes corners, 2.5 boxes, $85. Charles Kimsey Covington 770-788-7717 Baker wind mill; 20-foot tower, eight-foot blades. Jimmy Hardin Knoxville 478-361-3907 Barbecue grill - smokers - LP; tanks 120-, 250-, 330-gallon size on trailor, $500 and up. Benny Brookshire Suches 706-747-3693 Bells: farm, school, church for sale; old ones and parts, also looking to buy bells. Shane Burnett Covington 770-827-0999 Black walnut logs already cut into mantle pieces. 8.5-feet long; call for details. Louis Beal Ellijay 770-3448527 Blue and white 55-gallon plastic drums, closed tops, two twist-off caps, food grade, other types sometimes available. Eugene Needham Loganville 770-466-4284 Blue and white 55-gallon plastic drums, closed tops, two twist-off caps, food grade, other types sometimes available. Eugene Needham Loganville 770-466-4784 Boar boxes to haul sheep, goats, etc.; 4x4x4 feet with safety lock door. J. D Conger Norman Park 229-6933253 Building air vent; alumnium, 5x10 feet, $150; one bar joist: 28 feet by 18 inches, $150. Ralph Sebacher Sharpsburg 678-378-6650 Cast-iron barn hinges, approximately 7.25x15 inches, from a barn built in the early 1900s. Gene Watson Woodbine 912-576-5227 Chicken house; tin 3x20 feet, good shape, little surface rust, $20 sheet. Josh Fowler Dacula 404-886-7423 Choretime PNT controllers, Plasson drip trays, water line regulators, AgriVent climate controllers. Mike Bloodworth Knoxville 478-957-0985 Fairbanks Morse platform scales, 1,000-pound capacity, good condition, $150. Gene Oxford College Park 770-964-2507 Feed bin: 11-ton feed bin for sale. William Wilson Lula 706-677-3494 Five-foot low profile chain feeder grills, for 2,450-foot breeder houses. James Duncan Royston 706-4982349 Flooring oak and pine T&G, various widths, call for prices, also beadboard and woodshavings. William Briggs Union City 404-349-2315 For Sale: Buckboard, buggy, needs restoration, has new bed, $500, good parts; also wood burning cook stove, $500. Bill Turner Brooks 770-401-9648 For Sale: standing white oak timber, large diameters, approximately 20,000 board feet. Bill Shaw Griffin 770-468-5544 Four 50-year-old black walnut trees to cut for wood. Rosalind McMichael Monticello 706-468-6471 Four stainless steel gas tanks with straps, four-gallon capacity, $10 each. Carl Dobson Atlanta 404-2477343

G-Allis Chalmers original manuals, Came-WI-1950 tractor, repair, parts and equipment, three-manuals, $100 firm. James Elliott Lavonia 706-3564839 Golden 3 roller cane mill, electric motor driven, 120 volt, Golden 2 roller, $1,400 and $600 plus more. Ron Hulett Milan 912-363-5978 Good used nursery pots, large, medium and small. M. Collins Gainesville 678-207-1993 Greenhouse, 54 feet long, 20.3 feet wide, fan, 40-inch heater, 12.5 feet high in middle. Betty Redding Cedartown 770-748-9707 Hanging mineral feeder, large livery stable sign, Dixie plow, Pro Forest helmet, motor oil dispenser. Virgil Duncan Griffin 678-544-9502 Heart pine lumber, all sizes; beams, six-inch lap siding, tongue and groove flooring, structures removed. Otis Brett Tennille 706-466-9035 Heart pine, timber primative; two 6x6 inches x 30 feet; hand-hewn, $1,500 each; four 10x10-inch x 10 feet; $400 each; other wood. William Burk Jr Armuchee 706-802-8146 Hen nests for sale: 12 metal nests per box, $40 per box. Lamar Bryant Cleveland 706-878-8509 Hobart cuber, wrapping machines, Berkel grinder, heavy duty, stainless steel tables, small sinks, prep table. Cherie C Phillips Watkinsville 706769-5490 Homemade log splitter, works well, needs starter, $200. Charles Lashley Albany 229-886-7191 Iron wheels, plows, cotton still yars, tools, corn sheller, anvil. Donald Knowles Omaha 229-321-1573 Irrigator controller, new, commerical outdoor; indoor TCC, $150. David Warren Warner Robins 478-9888406 Kiln dried cypress; 1x6x6, mininum order, 500 BF, $2, PBF, $2 per board foot rough cut. Frank Jones Jackson 770-504-0325 Lard press and sausage maker, cornsheller on box, garden push plow, cane stripper, meat cleaver, wash pot. Russell Jewell Waycross 912-283-8871 Lem meat grinder, #12, W/9 plates, 2 blades, 4- stuffing tubes, set of 10 clamps for tractor. Curtis Warnock Vidalia 912-537-2061 / 877-5518850 Locust posts, rails. Eugene Cook Blairsville 706-745-8724 / 706-8975828

Looking for some used stock panels; at least 42 inches high. Lamar Owens Cedartown 770-314-9708 LP white furnace; 200,000 BTU’s, good condition. Helen Davis Waleska 706-280-2886 Lumber, 1x12 pine; two 4x10x20 beams; black wlanut, pecan, red oak; various sizes. D. Schneider Cartersville 678-361-6206 Lumber: unfinished boards, $15 each: 2x8x10. Lannie Hamsley Unadilla 478-627-3713 Lumber: walnut, cherry, cedar; oneinch or two-inch thickness, large quanities available. Michael Smith Rockmart 770-547-3587 Lumber; (Timberking Mill) pine, hardwood as low as 35 cents per board foot; custom cuts available. Mitchell Smith Griffin smithmdjb@ 404-867-5106 Master Tow dolly with surge brake, used once, spare tire, new $1,800; asking $1,400. William Cosgrove Arnoldsville 706338-6609 Metal and plastic barrels with locks, tops; solid with bun holes; plastic tanks, 275 gallons in wire cages. G. Allen Covington 770-786-6377 Metal animal collapsible crates; two; width 28, height 29, 42; like new, $99 each. John Anding Roswell 770552-1405 / 404-801-5016 New heavy duty trimmer-edger, #7168651, model 51575; two-speed Toro blower-vac leaf shredder. Elsie M Strain Cartersville 770-3860257 New three-point hitch heavy duty hay spears, bucket mount hay spear; 48-inch spear, fits all tractors, 2,000 pounds, $175 each. V Felkel Millen 912-682-5813 Nursery containers: free; I have thousands of three-gallon containers, very good condition, prefer large pickups or all. Mark Ransbotham Gainesville 770-480-8085 Old hand hewn log house; deliver, set up,T & G pine flooring. Kerry Hix Chatsworth 706-695-6431 One 500 large protane tank, 1961 with date plate been ref; 0 percent. Junior Denson Ball Ground 770479-1531 One No. 2 gallon cane mill, $650; one syrup kettle, 80 gallons, $950. A. K. Goff Ochlocknee 229-403-0100 Propane tanks:1,000 gallons, $1,000 each; six available. Matt Hughes Crawford 706-340-3369

Market Bulletin Ad Form This form may be used to submit an ad. There is a 20-word limit for advertisements unless otherwise noted under category headings. The 20-word limit includes name, city, phone number and complete address, if provided. Market Bulletin staff reserves the right to edit notices exceeding the word limit. Only one notice per subscriber per issue. In order to advertise in the Bulletin, you must be a paid subscriber with a current subscription. Category: Please note some categories are not published regularly. In addition, some categories require documentation, such as a Coggins test or organic certification, prior to being published.  

Phone number: Subscriber number: Please include your name and full address on all correspondence sent to the Bulletin office. The following statement must be signed by the advertiser submitting this notice for publication:   I hereby certify that the above notice meets all the necessary requirements for publication in the Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin.  

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farmers and consumers market Bulletin

Livestock Sales and Events Clip and Save Calendar Every 1st & 3rd Tues. Poultry, Goat & Feeder-Breeder Pig Sale, poultry, 6 pm, hogs & goats, 7 pm, RockRidge Livestock Auction, just off S.R. 128, s. of Reynolds. Info: 478-847-3664 or 706-9755732. Every 2nd & 4th Thurs. Chickens & other fowl, goats & sheep; check in at 1 pm; sale at 6:30 pm. Horse Creek Auction, btwn. Dublin & McRae off 441 Hwy. Info.: 478-595-5418. Every Thursday Auction 41 Goat Sale, miscellaneous equip., 6 pm, goat sale, 7 pm, poultry/small animals following goat sale, 4275 Ga. Hwy. 41 n., Buena Vista. Info: Jim Rush, 706-326-3549 or 229-649-9940 or Every Thursday Chickens, Rabbits & Related Misc. Small Animal Sale, NE Georgia Sale, 6 pm, GAL #3478, Eastanollee Livestock Market, Hwy. 17 between Toccoa & Lavonia. Info: 706-779-5944 or 706-599-7606. Every Fri. night Goat, Poultry & Small Animal Sale, 7 pm, Buggy Town Auction, 1315 Hwy. 341 s., Barnesville. GAL #3177 Info: 770-358-0872/1786. 1st & 3rd Fri. night Horse Sale, 7:30 pm, Circle Double S, 102 Lumber City Hwy., Hazlehurst. Info: Steve Underwood, 912-594-6200 (night) or 912-375-5543 (day). Every Sat. 10 am, farm-related mdse. Auction; 1 pm, goats, fowl & small animal auction; GAL#AU003224; Red Barn Livestock Auction, Sylvester. Info.: 229776-9009. Every Sat. Small Animals, Chickens, Rabbits, Sheep, Goats & Horse Sale, 4 pm, Coker Sale Barn, Duncan Bridge Rd., White Co., at old Chattahoochee Livestock Barn. Info: Wayne Coker, 706540-8418. Every Sat. night Goat, Poultry & Small Animal Auction, 7 pm, Bradley-Wayside Auction, 1035 Monticello Hwy., Gray. GAL 306. Info: Nancy Wilson, 478-986-4413. Every 1st & 3rd Sat. Small Animal Sale, goats, sheep & poultry, 1 pm, misc. merchandise, 6 pm, Deer Run Auction, Hwy. 76, Adel-Nashville Hwy., Adel. GAL 001800 Info: 229-560-2898 or 229896-4553. Every 1st and 3rd Sat. Livestock Sale; sale starts at 10 a.m., tack/horses; pigs at 11:30, cows at noon, goats at 1 p.m., poultry sale to follow; Metter Livestock Market, Lyons, Ga. Info: Lewie Fortner, 478-553-6066. GAL 3415.

Rabbit boxes, $10 each; carpenter bee traps, $10 each, extra for shipping. Billy Middlebrooks Monroe 770-267-7084 Red and grey plastic chicken pans, good condition, $1 each. Clyde Rucker Maysville 706-652-2942 Roofing metal, used, various lengths, 75 cents per foot; leave phone number. M. Johnson Stockbridge 770-474-8965 Six 4x8 sheets styrofoam; 10 inches thick, $20 each or $100 all. Willie Young Stockbridge 770-490-4287 Stock tank: Behlen Country, 1,000-gallon; $200. Carlos Bagwell Alpharetta 770-827-7366 Syrup kettle, original, no chips or cracks; will load, $675. Bobby Fountain Cochran 478-934-6837 Syrup kettles; 60-gallon $800; 80-gallon, $1,100; 100-gallon, $1,800. John Lewis Lakeland 229-251-6271 Three 18,000-gallon vertical fiberglass tanks; good for fertilizer, feed or water, $6,000 each. Scott Lindsey Wrightsville 478-278-4351 Three-fourths-inch iron gas pipe, Chore-Time feeder pipe $8; 18- and 12-ton feed bin, $500 each. Roger Flanagan Murrayville 706-864-6707 Two 10-ton feed bins, one has no rust, other has little, $800. Roger Suggs Ringgold 423-432-9952 Two 3,500 to 5,000-pound str. axles with bearing buddies, 76 inches, brocket to brocket, $150 each; $275 for both. Bill Timmerman Harlem 803-640-6265 Two 6x8x16 ft. oak, $90; 150 feet, five-foot high chain link fence, $250 with gate. Charles Sawyer Mt. Airy 706-839-7405 Two Ford wheels with spin-out rims, no tires, 13.6x38 size. Dwain Pittman Mitchell 706-598-2222 Two well buckets, two cow bells, $75. H. F. Golden Albany 510-9260714

Every 1st & 3rd Sat. S & D Goat Sales, Baxley Fairgrounds, begin 12:30 pm; goats, pigs, poultry. Info.: Steve Smith, 912-367-9268, 912-266-7170. Every 2nd Sat. Winstead Horse Sales, 5 pm, Eastanollee Livestock Auction, Eastanollee. Info: Shannon Winstead, 864-710-4030 or 864-944-6200. Every 2nd & 4th Sat. R&R Goat & Livestock Auction, merchandise, 10 am, goats, 12 noon, chickens & caged animals to follow, 526 Ga. Hwy. 56 N., Swainsboro. Ron Claxton, auctioneer, GA Lic. #3485. Info: 478-237-8825 (weekdays), 478-455-3714 (sale day) or 478-469-3533 or 478-455-4765 (nights). Every 2nd & 4th Sat. Pony Express Stockyard Horse & Tack Auction, 5 pm, GA Lic. AUNR002843, 1852 Highway 11 S., Covington, GA 30014. Info: Scott Bridges, 704-434-6389 or 704-4738715. Every 2nd & 4th Sat. Livestock Auction, Waddell Auction Barn, Climax, Ga., 1 pm, selling goats, sheep, poultry and small animals; selling miscellaneous at 10 am; #AU003249. Info.: 229-2464955/416-7217. Every 2nd & 4th Sat. Goat & Chicken Auction, Mid-Georgia Goat & Chicken Auction, 12 noon, Cochran. Info: Frankie Howell, 478-271-0550. Every 2nd & 4th Sat. Livestock auction at Pearson Livestock; sale, 1 pm; goats, sheep, poultry & small animals; 1168 Hwy. 441 N., Pearson, Ga. Info.: 229798-0271, 912-422-3211. Every 3rd Sat. Goat & Sheep Sale, 12 noon, Agri Auction Sales, held at Eastanollee Livestock Market, Hwy. 17 btwn. Toccoa & Lavonia. Info: Ricky Chatham, 706-491-2812 or Jason Wilson, 706-491-8840. Livestock auctions listed in the Market Bulletin sometimes offer related items for sale, such as tack and other livestock equipment. Notices for auctions selling any items other than livestock must be accompanied by the auction license number of the principal auctioneer or auction firm conducting the auction, per regulations of the Georgia Secretary of State. Notices without this information cannot be published. Have an event to put on our calendar? Contact Dallas Duncan at 404-6563722 or

Want hog trap with saloon-type double spring, loaded gate, or just the gate itself. Bill Sewell Brunswick 912-265-7633 Wanted: reasonably priced used metal nest boxes. Beth Lewis Greensboro 706-347-0856 Williams grist mill for sale with belt, engine and trailer. Lanier Brantley Mount Vernon 912-583-2557 Wood heater, HVAC, fair, $350; LP vented, five-brick, blower, f standing, $250, for home, shop, barn. Jimmy Rains Trion 706-638-3531 Wood-Mizer lumber; 1x12 pine, poplar, oak trailer flooring, any thickness. Larry Moore Newnan 678-2785709 Zareba 30-mile solar operated fences, like new, $225 and galvanized roofing, 29 sheets, 16 feet long, $348, total. Ernie Anderson Shellman 229-679-2105 Ziggity drinkers, Chore-Time feeders and other miscellaneous poultry house equipment; used building materials, cement blocks, boards, lumber. Joshua Martin Clarkesville 770-531-7432

Charlie Wilson of Lawrenceville, Ga., discovered this Celebrity tomato plant growing up “wild” in his garden. He fertilized and watered it and grew it to more than six feet tall.

Livestock All livestock must have been in the advertiser’s possession for at least 90 days before they can be advertised. Livestock listed must be for specific animals. Generalized ads such as “many breeds of cattle” or “want horses, any amount” will not be published. Ads for free or unwanted livestock will not be published. Ads for cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents and other animals not specifically bred for on-farm use will not be published.

Cattle If you have any questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-6563722. All livestock (i.e., those animals such as, but not limited to, cattle, equine, goats, sheep, swine and poultry) must have been in possession of the advertiser for a minimum of 90 days before they can be advertised. 1-year-old Jersey, Holstein heifers, $745. Bert English Locust Grove 770-957-3276 10 Angus heifers; calve in spring, to Net Worth son, all shots, 1,000 to 1,100 pounds; excellent, $17,000. Tyler Maney Homer 706-968-0747 10 bred Black Angus heilfers, farm raised, bred to lb. with registered Black Angus bull. Donald Hudgins Marietta 404-886-6849 10 crossbred Angus heifers, 1 year old; two rounds of shots, $950 each. Keith Johnson Monroe 770-6010901 10 Limousin weaned calves, gentle, polled, black bulls and heifers. H. G Gray Bowdon 770-258-2581 15 head of fresh Corriente-Cracker roping steers. Tommy Marchant Pavo 229-859-2742 / 229-292-3556 2-year-old polled Hereford and F1 Braford bulls with performance data. Jonny Harris Odum 912-586-6585 2-year-old purebred Angus bull, Predestined grandson, very gentle, vaccinated, $1,500. Herndon Brunswick 912-222-9446 20 commerical Limousin cows, five with calves; bred back to Westwind fullblood Angus bull; $30,000. David Allen Atlanta 404-814-3836 26 Black Angus open heifers, 650 to 700 pounds, excellent quality, $1,375 each; 10 bred heifers, $1,275. James Hunter Bishop 706-255-5214 3-year-old Angus bull, 5050 son, beef value more than $93; $3,000; yearling bull sired by Predestined, $1,600. Anthony Boyett Reidsville 912-557-6240 36 quality Black Baldie bred heifers; start calving in March. Mickey Carnes Waverly 912-269-2050 4-year-old Angus bull; objective bloodlines, easy to handle, keeping his heifers, $2,750. Rick Thomas Elberton 706-540-0941 75-pluss grassfed dairy heifers, 8 months bred, vet checked and certified. Mike Bell Maysville h_ 678-617-4825 Angus bulls: ET, AI sired; top genetics, easy calving, high marbling, as good as you’ll find, $2,500 to $3,500. Jeff Heuer Greensboro jeff@ 404-421-0686 Black Angus bulls; registered AI sires by War Party, 8180-004, Mitty Focus, Lead On, Retail Product; 15 months January. Gary Autry Ringgold 423-902-5925 Black Angus, SimAngus bulls, 15 to 23 months old; AI sired, embryos, semen tested, $2,100 and up. Jerry Ellis Calhoun 678-986-5420 Black Angus: one bull, two cross cows, two pure cows, one cross heifer; all black, great condition;$8,000. Mark Woodham Madison 706-752-0077 Black Angus: one bull; one Brangus cow; one Black Baldie cow; two Angus, one Brangus heifer; $8,000. Mark Woodham Madison 404-3798037 Black Baldie bull; 14 months old, $1,000. Anthony Whitworth Martin 770-597-9804 Black Baldie bull; 6 months from Meade cattle stock, $1,000. D. Hancock Hephzibah 706-799-2488

Brangus bulls, 2 years old, top bloodline. Walt Currie Dublin 478396-0677 Breeding age; registered Holstein bulls, out of top sires and dams. Randall Ruff Elberton 706-498-4344 Bulls: Red Brahman, Simmental and Simbrah; weaning and breeding age; few cows and heifers. Cliff Adams Bowdon 770-258-2069 Coming: 2-year-old bulls; registered Angus and registered horned Hereford, EPDs available; starting at $2,400. Wes Smith Thomaston 706648-4210 Coming: 2-year-old registered Angus bulls, passed breeding soundness exam; most AI sired, ready for service. James Vaughn Forsyth 478994-3830 Commercial Angus yearling bulls, low birth weights, very gentle, Predestined bloodlines. John Bryant Eatonton 706-485-8321 Dairy calves, all bulls, 40 Jersey crosses, 70 Holstein and Angus crosses 120. Mike Preston Blakely 229-723-5069 Five Angus-cross cows, bred for spring 2014; one Red Angus bull; 2 years old, purebred. Wiley Shumake Bremen 770-313-9466 Five Angus-cross cows, first calf; five calves, $1,950 per pair. Chandler Maxwell Dewy Rose 706-283-1513 Five registered Black Angus cows, 2 to 6 years, four with October to November AI calves to register, $1,500. L.T. Scott Sylvania 912-8634754 Five registered Red Angus yearling bulls; excellent bloodline and EPD, easy calving, all shots, good price. Jorge Haber Midland 706-323-2405 For Sale: three Texas Longhorn roping steers; priced reasonably. Billy Walker Rhine 229-385-8950 Four Red Brahman cows, 4 to 6 years old, bred with Blue Moon Black Angus; calving starting March. Lou Batchelor Baxley 912-366-1673 Four registered purebred Charolais bulls, 19 months old, sons of Big Ben, mostly pasture fed, sementested. S. Ronald Reed Waynesboro 706-551-0317 Full-blood black Senepol bull for sale; pictures available Bobby Griffin Elko 478-230-0422 Gelbvieh bulls, all registered purebred, bred for easy calving and fast growth. John Kiss Gainesville 770-531-1126 Hereford bulls for sale,18 months to 2-plus years, polled and horned. Michael Bennett Cumming 404-7715454 Hereford bulls: registered, polled, low birth weight, high yearling weight; one 4 years, one 16 months; choice, $2,500 negotiable. Rene Brogdon Irwinton 478-290-1941 Jersey and Holstein milk, nursery cows; to calve in December, $1,100 each. Ronald Boatright Stillmore 478-299-4457 / 912-562-3508 Jersey-Holstein, 8 months old, female calf, will be great for nurse cow. Marvin Scott Keysville 706872-1993 Mini fluffy cows: miniature Highlander Belties for sale. Hope Bennett Cleveland info@ 706-348-7279 Mini Jersey bull for sale; 1 year old, great temperament; registered with American Miniature Jersey Association; $1,500. Lance Barrett Suches 706747-2003 Nine registered Angus bulls, AI sired; various prices, call for information. Allen Ellicott Abbeville 229-401-8590 One registered homozygous black, polled Gelbvieh bull, 4 years, $2,800; registered Black Angus bull, 15 months, $2,000. Eddie Caudell Carnesville 706-870-4565 Performance-tested black fullblood Simmental, SimAngus bulls, cow-calf pairs, heifers; AI, embryo bred, easy calving, high milk, satisfaction guaranteed. Milton Martin Jr. Clarkesville 770-519-0008 Polled Hereford bull for sale; 2 years old, very gentle, $1,800. Ronnie Lancaster Milan 229-362-4619

Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013 Purebred Black Angus bull; 28 months old; RCC preference bloodline; farm-raised, $1,500. Larry Banks Clarkesville 404-345-2791 Purebred polled Hereford bull; 9 months old, very gentle, pasture raised, $800. Jimmy Gragg Calhoun 706-602-4325 Purebred Simmental cow-calf pairs, bulls, heifers for sale; http://www. Andrew Davis Statesboro 912-536-5868 Red Angus bull, registered; birth date Jan. 27, 2008; Stryker line, gentle, $2,400. Ron Miller Canon 706-384-4241 Registered Angus bull calves, sired by OCC Magnitude son, low birth weight, $900 and up. Rusty Arnold Athens 706-296-6472 Registered Angus bull; 6 years old, easy keeper, grass-raised bull; great disposition; easy calving; Blackbird/ Traveler line. Darlene Tierce Adairsville 706-625-9897 Registered Angus bulls, 14 to 26 months old, semen tested, docile and many AI-sired. John Stuedemann Comer 706-202-2371 Registered Angus bulls, AI sired, superior genetics, performance tested, calving ease, growth, maternal, carcass merit, delivery available. George Clelland Pineview 229-313-9384 Registered Angus bulls; excellent quality from top AI Sires; delivery available. Windell Gillis Eastman 478-374-4868 / 478-231-8236 Registered Black Angus bull, 6 years old, sire Gamble’s HotRod, excellent calves and outstanding EPDs. Jackie Battles Rising Fawn 423-322-2229 Registered Black Angus bull; breeding soundness exam tested, low birth weight; $1,600; also one yearling Holstein bull. Lalla Tanner Monroe 770-267-7179 / 678-8235742 Registered Black Angus bulls; 1 and 2 years old, AI/ET/NS calving ease, docile. K. Schwock Homer 404-7359524 Registered Black Angus bulls; New Design and War Alliance bloodlines, $1,500. Eugene Ridley LaFayette 706-764-6110 Registered Black Angus cattle: 11 open heifers ready to bred; nine bred cows, also bulls, ready for service. Fred Blitch Statesboro 912-8655454 Registered Black Angus cow, second calf due in December; $1,750. Gary Ridley Lafayette 706638-1911 Registered Black Angus weaned heifers and bulls, excellent bloodlines. Tim Sanders Hartwell 706-376-7130 Registered Charolais bulls, 16 to 20 months, semen tested, cow-ready. Curtis Kicklighter Marshallville 478967-2940 Registered Charolais heifers, seven 2-year-olds and 10 1-year-olds. Franklin Dowell Cartersville 770386-4464 Registered Hereford bulls and heifers for sale; all have been vaccinated and wormed. Brad Mullins Martin 706-491-7556 Registered Hereford bulls and heifers; September-born heifers and bulls, pasture ready. Tim Parks Ellijay 706-635-2531 Registered Limousin, Lim-Flex young bulls; 8 and 10 months; homozygous black and homozygous polled, $1,000 each. Harold Jones LaFayette 706-639-3982 Registered polled Hereford bulls, gentle, rugged pasture-raised, easy calving, 20 to 23 months old, good EPDs and bloodlines. Bobby Brantley Tennille 478-553-8598 / 478-552-9328 Registered polled Hereford bulls, good EPDs, ultrasound carcass, info provided, herd certified and accredited. Larry Lane Carrollton 678-378-5170 Registered Simmental bull, 3 years old, blaze-face, top bloodlines, STV Steel Force son, calves on site. Marty Clark Jefferson 770-294-5579


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Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013 Scottish Highland cattle. Randy Korando Madison rekboxwoods@ 404-219-6150 Scottish Highlander bull, 23 months, 39 inches tall, $550. Jack Simmons Hazlehurst 912-375-7200 Seven Angus-cross bred cows, several 12 months Angus, Senepolcross bulls, nice. S. Hall Pavo 229859-2104 Simmental bull; Shocking Dream x HHF Petal 10-01-12; full sib to highindexing bull at Calhoun Bull Test. James Woodard Madison 770-6010492 Simmental, SimAngus bulls: 20, you choose, black polled blaze, 14 to 26 months old, gentle, guaranteed, $1,800 and up. Lanier Warbington Cumming 404-281-2433 Simmental, SimAngus bulls; 1 to 2 years old, black, $2,000; low birth weight, AI sires, excellent EPDs. Chet Barrett Mount Airy 706-499-8008 Six Brangus-cross heifers; 8 months old, will sell individually or as group, $1,000 each. Seth Hunt Calhoun 770-548-1667 Superior herd of registered Charolais cattle, starter herd, service age bulls, delivery available. Bobby Burch Eastman 478-718-2128 Three Simmental bulls, 12 to 13 months old, all vaccinations, polled, gentle; black and grey; $1,250 each. Greg Callaway Washington 706401-0265 Two registered Braford cows, 3 years old, will calve in January; calves can be registered also, $1,800 each. Terry Moody Baxley 912-2781041 Two registered Gelbvieh red bulls, one 21 months old and the other 34 months, Al. Gene Cantrell Shady Dale 770312-6224 / 706-468-1341 Two registered Jersey cows, $1,400 each; one registered Jersey heifer, $1,200. Wendy Scott Fort Valley 478-9546568 Young Black Angus bull, 7 months, low birth rate, good blood line, farm raised. Robert Bass Newnan 770328-2052

Swine If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. Advertisers submitting swine ads must submit proof of a negative brucellosis and pseudorabies test from within the past 30 days. Exceptions are swine from a validated brucellosis-free and qualified pseudorabiesfree herd; these operations must submit proof of that certification. If you are faxing or mailing in an ad, the test needs to be sent along with it. For ads submitted online, the test can be attached using the attachments button. Buyers are urged to request proof of a negative brucellosis and pseudorabies test prior to purchase. 1-year-old black Hampshire boar, approximately 400 pounds, $300 firm. Brent Maxwell Bowman 706498-0883 10-week-old Yorkshire. Ronald Berry Ellijay 770-974-8118 14-week-old pure Duroc pigs for sale, $50. Kimberly Booth Jackson 678-603-3748 6-week-old pure white Landrace pigs, $50 each. Bobby Floyd Forsyth 478-394-1325 8-week-old purebred Yorkshire pigs. Wallace Taylor Milledgeville 478-251-0359 ABA registered Berkshire piglets; born Oct. 22, 2013; boars, gilts and barrows. Edith Ann Parham Royston 706-206-4433 / 706-988-8564 Hampshire, Yorkshire, Duroc and Berkshire boars, all ages, younger gilts, validated herd; delivery avail. Lawton Kemp Dudley 478-875-3243 Hampshire; 8 wks. old, $65, will trade piglet for piglet, same age/sex. Mary Nix Molena 706-647-9095 / 678-572-2275 Mini pigs ready for sale; from pedigreed and registered bloodlines; visit our website, www. Hope Bennett Cleveland 706-348-7279

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Registered large black boar, ready to breed. Ed Shealey Douglasville 678-249-7319 Two sweet mini Potbelly piglets for sale; handled daily; 3 weeks old and ready for bottle. Hannah Israel Dallas 678-363-3199 Yorkshire, Hampshire, blue butt pigs; 11 to 13 weeks old; gilts, barrows, boars available, good feeders, breeders, $60 each. William Hardy Byron 478-396-6394

Goats And Sheep If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. 4-month-old male Pygmy, black and white, $40. David Miller Lula 770-983-0135 ADGA registered Nubian buck; born Feb. 10, 2011; proven breeder, pale apricot with spots; disbudded; handsome, sturdy, large. Bryant Vaughn Box Springs 229-649-9438 ADGA registered Nubian does bred to Goldthwaite buck, due January, $400. Joe McKenzie Savannah 912660-3384 / 912-662-4884 Boer percentage goats for sale; males and females, call for info. Matt Brown Canton 678-739-7176 Complete and total herd dispersion; bucks, does, full blood and commercial; equipment also; Landon Boyett Glennville 912-2134062 For sale: registered 100 percent New Zealand bucks and does, starting at $500 each, excellent bloodlines. R L Peacock Broxton 912381-1015 Four Boer, Kiko spring bucklings; ready to breed, mixed coloring, $300 for the lot or negotiate individually. Ken Wilson Maysville 706-764-7907 Four mixed female goats, 7 months old, $60 each.. Jerry Bishop Canton 404-775-8627 Goats for sale; half Boer, half Kiko; wethers, $125 each; nannies, $175 each. Charles Collins Gay 678-5887444 Grass-fed lambs for sale, 125 to 150. Jill Coburn Rome 706-235-5799 / 229-225-7964 Kiko buck, full blood, registered, 4 years old; good breeder, big and healthy; light red. C. Cambron Acworth 770-380-3505 Myotonic (fainting) goats; 25 does and two bucks; all registered; does percentage myotonic, healthy, gentle, bred. Harriet O’Rear Cloudland 706398-0858 Nigerian Dwarf 4-month-old wethers for sale; beautiful markings. Annette Webb Toccoa 706-244-6559 Nigerian Dwarves, all ages, may colors, Christmas babies, $65 to $150; please no calls after 9 p.m. Larry Pirkle Dawsonville 706-2162954 Oberhasli buck; ADGA registered, 3 years old, beautiful, well-built goat, excellent breeding stock, $250 OBO. Jonathan Frazier Douglasville 404431-2638 Oberhasli doelings; 20 born May 2013; $500 for pair. Kay Marshall Milner 770-358-2341 Pygmy babies for sale; very friendly, $50 for billies; $65 for nannies, all colors. Molly Dobbins Dacula 404-9266559 Pygmy, Nigerian-mix billy, 6 months old, $40. Dexter Carlton Jeffersonville 478-945-6565 Quality; 12 St. Croix, spring lambs, approximately 50 to 60 pounds, weathered, healthy, $125 each. R. Vest Jefferson 770-634-5582 St. Croix ram, purebred, 4 years old, good breeders; lambs on site, $250. Wesley C Chandler Danielsville 706795-0242 Three beautiful ADGA registered Nubian doelings; certified and accredited herd. Paul Frantz Abbeville 229423-7350 Two 3-year-old wether goats; 80 pounds, $60 each . Tom Read Fayetteville 770-722-4581

Young breeding rams, KatahdinEquine Miscellaneous Dorper cross; good weight gain, $200 If you have questions regarding ads to $350; 50 to 200-plus pounds. Susan Cobb Cedartown 404-218-1615 in this category, call 404-656-3722. Barnesville buggy, more than 100 / 770-546-1565 years old; wheels decent; needs reEquine For Sale storing. Gene Terrell Newnan 770If you have questions regarding ads in 253-9722 / 678-378-9545 Henry Miller Buena Vista plantation this category, call 404-656-3722. Advertisers in the Equine for Sale saddle, perfect trail saddle, no knee or Equine at Stud categories must pain; photos available, $800. Rhonda submit current negative Coggins Chitwood Resaca rchitwood@gcbe. tests for each equine advertised. org 706-264-0765 This includes horses, ponies, don- Nice run-about buggy, good condikeys, etc. Buyers are urged to re- tion. Carlton Williams Albany 229quest verification of a negative 881-5560 Coggins from the advertiser be- TR3 Arena Drag for sale, $3,600, fore purchasing any equine. Nega- new price, $4,495; sold tractor and tive Coggins reports are valid for downsized to smaller property. Wen12 months from the date the blood dy Murphy Canton sample is drawn. Falsification or 404-368-3786 altering of any Coggins results can Tucker Trail pleasure saddle, matchresult in fines and suspension of ing bridle, brown like, new condition, advertising privileges. If you are $850 for both. Steve Stowers Dawfaxing or mailing in an ad, the Cog- sonville 706-974-0576 gins needs to be sent along with it. Two 26-inch cart wheels, pony harFor ads submitted online, the Cog- ness set; black, red cushions, new in gins can be attached using the at- box, small pony cart. Shannon Cotachments button. Generalized ads, peland Odum such as “many horses,” “variety to 912-586-2319 / 912-586-2319 choose from,” etc., will not be pub- Vis-Ã -vis, limousine carriage, lished. Equine at Stud ads will also white, comfortably seats six plus require a current stable license in driver, $5,000. Tom Clark Winston 770-596-0273 order to be published. 10-year-old; 11.2 hands Dartmoor Boarding Facilities mare; jumps two feet six inches; trails, Pony Club, foxhunts, wonderful If you have questions regarding ads in babysitter, friend. Lyndel Pettis this category, call 404-656-3722. Advertisers must submit a current Brooks 770-262-5449 2-year-old jack donkey, gentle and staple license in order to advertise great with kids, asking price, $80. boarding and breeding facilities. Ads submitted without this inforPaul Tabor Harlem 706-556-0489 4-year-old AQHA gelding, incentive mation will not be published. For fund, green broke, versatility and questions regarding licenses and ranch horse prospect. S. Hunt applications, call 404-656-3713. Home for retired horses; pasture, Thomson 706-825-1455 9-year-old registered Tennessee barn, free choice hay; daily feeding, Walking Horse; sorrel mare; great care; Douglas County; stable license ground manners, trail rides, $1,700. 11940. Joe Douglas Villa Rica 770Rebecca Stephens Cornelia 770- 402-6590 538-5581 Poultry/Fowl For Sale Buckskin miniature horse, 29 inches tall, 5 months old, registered, AMHA If you have any questions regarding - AMHR, $400. J Wilkes Athens 706- ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. Mallard ducks must be at least 207-9366 For Sale: two Tennessee Walking three generations removed from Horse black geldings, easy to the wild before they can be adverhandle, good mounts for anyone. E. tised. Advertisers must include this information in ads, or they will not Hendricks Dublin 478-676-3513 Four donkeys; two mature jacks, be published. one jenny, one 6-month jack. N Henry 2-year-old India Blue male peacock $50, six 2013 peafowls - gender Davis Bolingbroke 478-731-9701 unknown, $15 each. Chad Shrouder Large standard cut donkey, grey, Douglas 912-384-2604 stripe, 6 years old, gentle, drives 2013 red golden pheasants and good to cart, can deliver. Billy turkeys. John Herndon Grayson Copelan Greensboro 706-453-6063 404-697-7179 Miniature donkeys: jack or breeding 2013 turkeys; Royal Palm gobblers jack, $200; baby jenny, $200; baby only; Melanistic Ringneck pheasants. jack , $200; bred jenny, $300. Bill Dennis Rich Barnesville 678-603Wray Perry 478-825-1297 3777 Pair of gray gelding mules; 16 hands 22 Rouen large ducks; adults; 11 male, tall; 12 and 13 years old, traffic safe, 11 female, take all $10 each or pairs gentle. Lee Ashmore Thomson 706- $14 each; cash only. Sherry Amerson 401-1996 / 706-832-3277 Augusta blackberrycreekminifarm@ Pony; kid safe, 12.2 hands, $350; 706-925-1876 Percheron, black, overo gelding, 75 Rhode Island Red chicks and pulls buggy, $1,500; kid safe. James a few barred rock chicks weekly Carnes Sparta 478-456-0915 minimum of five; $2 each. Travis Registered Tennessee Walking Ellington Senoia 678-787-9341 Horse mare, 7 years; black/white American Auracanas, Black Giants, tobiano, beautiful, loads well; needs White Cochins, 6 months; ready good rider, $2,500. Brenda Culver to start laying, $15. Kristy Bonner Macon 478- Taylorsville 456-4998 770-286-0469 Sorrel miniature mare, flaxen mane Baby chicks, 2014 hatching: now and tail, 33 inches tall, 5 years old, accepting orders, first hatch Jan. 6; $250 cash. Patricia Tate Reynolds professional sexing; shipping; brown egg layers; all-natural diet. Bob Berry 478-391-9900 Standard female jenny donkey, Ray City 5 years old, very gentle, will make 229-455-6437 good companion or guard, $175. Bantams, variety of Cochin bantams Jackie Copelan Madison 706-453- and one pair of black Japanese, quality birds from show stock. David 2494 / 706-474-5066 Wright Carrollton 770-836-8875 Equine At Stud BB Blue Brown Reds, Mille Fleur If you have questions regarding ads Old English Bronze, turkey hen. in this category, call 404-656-3722. Danny Ryals Milledgeville 478-804“Equine At Stud” advertisments 3868 / 478-452-8497 must include the stable license Belgian Bantams; 4 months old, $5 number of the advertiser as well each or all seven for $30. L Winkler as a copy of the current Coggins Cumming 770-844-5816 report for each horse listed. Ads Buff Brahma, light Brahma, submitted without this information Americana chickens, all laying age, will not be published. $8 to $10 each, NPIP certified. T H AQHA, copper red dun; Azure Te, Bentley Monroe 770-266-6942 Te’N’Te, Quick Silver, Barleo lines; Delaware laying hens; 8 months old, good head, muscles, disposition; fee raised without medications; heritage $500; m/care, negotiable, APHA. L. breed, $15 each. Darcy Reinagel Cason McDonough 404-226-9228 Thomaston 706-646-3682

Early 2013 hatch, India Blue, $45 each, males or pairs only; black shoulder also. Jack R Jenkins Harlem 706-556-3261 Easter Egger (Auracana) pullets; hatched Aug. 8, 2013; $12 each. Alan Sanders Blairsville hhound@ 706-745-3884 Five roosters; $10 each, half Rhode Island Red, Araucana; 6 months old, bring cash, cage to pick up. Karen Harris Rome 706-234-7556 Game chickens: W.T. Green Grays, Alabama Brown Reds, Aseels. James Young Metter 912-682-2917 Game chickens; Leiper Hatch, Blueface Hatch, Phil Marsh Butchers, from proven brood stock, NPIP certified flock. John Beard Nicholson 903-312-8278 Game fowl: Law greys, Liepers, green leg Jimmy East hatch; call before 9 p.m. Keith Vickery Hartwell 706-436-6567 Gamefowl: 75 stags, Sid Taylor, Whitehadel, butcher, YL hatch, GL hatch, Sweater hatch, many crosses and hens. Tom Lilley Jeffersonville 478-945-6139 Gold and Silver Sebrights, BB reds , black tail Japs, Bantams and many more breeds, selling out. James Brooks Maysville 706-652-2474 Grown guineas, 2013 hatch; $8 each. Eugene Johns Waycross 912283-3332 Large red roosters for sale, $15 each; game roosters and hens, $25 each. Mark Mangum Warm Springs 706-977-3408 Old English Bantams, BB Reds, silver duckwings, spangled, gold and silver sebrights, brassy back; many more; small, show quality. Bobby Moxley Soperton 912-529-6296 Old English Bantams, quail and Wheaton, Cochin Bantam trio. Richard Smith Alvaton 404-4737281 Old English Bantams, show stock: BB Reds, quail; blue splash, blacks, brassy backs, blue brassy backs; opals, fawns, silver duckwings. Mack McBurnett Tyrone 770-487-2233 Peafowl for sale; eight adult males, 11 adult females, $75 each. Dennis Rayburn Boston 229-228-1470 Pigeons, Birmingham Rollers, Bantams, many other different breeds, $5 each. Jimmy King Buford 770-945-3664 Polish Frizzles chickens and regular Polish, in rare colors. Margaret L Smith Acworth 770-943-0171 Red Stars, 9 months old, laying brown eggs every day, $12 each; two for $20, good looking birds. Robert L Burt Atlanta 404-284-4249 Rohde Island Red pairs from show stock and Barred Rock Cockerals from show stock. Mike Brown LaGrange 706-884-8217 Silkie rooster, blue, 2 years old, $8; Silkie hens, white, 2 years old, $8 each. Rachel Smith Pembroke 912376-1315 Trio of Bantam Barred Rock chicks; hens are laying, very pretty, $30. Charles Gay Eastman 478-3745875 Turkeys, 7 months old, hand raised, easy to handle, $50 each; email for pictures. Roger Maier Taylorsville 678-602-7083

Jonathan Nixon of Perry, Ga., grew this 6.4-pound sweet potato in his backyard this year.

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Poultry/Fowl Requiring Permit/License If you have questions regarding this category, call 404-656-3722. Advertisers selling wood ducks must submit a USDA permit with their ad. Ads for wood ducks that do not have this permit will not be published. For information on these permits, call the US Fish & Wildlife Service Atlanta office at 404-6797319. Advertisers selling quail must be accompanied by a copy of the commercial quail breeder’s license. Ads for quail that do not have this license will not be published. For information on these licenses, call the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division at 770-918-6401. If you are faxing or mailing in an ad, the permit/ license needs to be sent along with it. For ads submitted online, the permit/license can be attached using the attachments button. 5,000 flight-conditioned Bobwhite quail, $3.50 each and Chukars, $6 each. Thomas Findley Box Springs 706-575-3889 / 706-326-2186 Bobwhite quail, flight conditioned, now available for the 2013 season, call for pricing. Rembert Hancock Fairmount 404-376-0550 / 706-3375711 Bobwhite quail, weathered and flight-conditioned; great flyers, ready for the 2013 to 2014 season; $3.75. Gene Clark Buena Vista 706-5757848 Jumbo Wisconsin Bobwhite quail eggs, $48 for 100, $168 for 600, $260 for 100, flight yearround. Raymond Meadows Wadley 478-252-5345 Seven Pines Quail Farm raises flight-conditioned Bobwhite quail, pheasants, chukars; 20 minutes from Athens, hour from Atlanta. Jacob Nash Danielsville 706-255-6372 / 706-255-9524

Poultry/Fowl Wanted Looking for Rouen ducks. Joey Roberts Bowman 706-318-8848 Want white doves. Lee Adams Macon 478-228-1782 Wanted: trio black and trio white Cochin Bantams, also pair of Rouen ducks. Darrenn Wilkes Demorest 706-768-2683

Alternative Livestock If you have questions regarding this category, call 404-656-3722. Alpacas: quality animals, awardwinning fleeces; prices for any budget, individuals or starter herds. Lisa Corbicz Rockmart www. 678-247-5331 Alpacas: quality breeding pair, $1,000; individual females, $750; males, $500. William Gholston Dahlonega 706-867-6588 Llama; adult female, Appaloosa possibly bred; face red, leopard marked like a giraffe, runs with goats, $500. Ken Hatley Zebulon 770-3581300

Livestock Wanted If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. Want Longhorn-sired dairy heifers, and Nubian doelings, reasonably priced; can bottle feed. Gerald Garnto Maysville 706-335-2226 Want to buy; 80 pounds and up wether goats, top price. Wayne Green Bremen 770-841-6815

Livestock Handling If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. 16-foot enclosed trailer 201; white heavy duty ramp, dual 5,500-pound axles, like new. Jason Blackburn Waynesboro 706-551-0133 2006 20-foot Neckover cattle traile; new top, floor, paint, tires. $3,800. Ned Sims Armuchee 706-235-1485 / 706-766-6230

farmers and consumers market Bulletin 24-foot Gooseneck brand stock trailer, two cut gates, 2x 8,000 pounds, oil both axles, canvas top, near new tires, $6,300. Robert Allen Grantsville 678-923-6159 2H/SL steel trailer, Ponderosa, 2002, great condition; seven-foot dressing room; weekender starter; $2,400; can send pictures. Rick Harrison Monroe 770-527-7798 30-foot Tandem axle with no ramps. David Lingefelt Canton 770-480-6177 Cattle body for long bed truck.; made out of 2.5-inch pipe, $75. Calvin Melcher Harlem 706-449-3076 Cattle head gate, good conditon, used very little, always in the dry, $300. Robert Barnette Cartersville 770-382-3728 Drover four-horse walker, excellent condition, $2,200; three-point hitch Posthole digger with bit, $350. Dan Pickard Barnesville 770-862-7580 Horse, cow trailer needs repair, four wheels, $400; equipment trailer needs repair, four wheels, $400. W. Lee Canton 404-457-3149 Neckover three-horse trailer, stack room, needs painting. Dennis Jordan Temple 678-977-2063 Riverode cattle chute, manual headgate, pal cage, rolling block door, all galvanized, great condition, $3,100. Larry Maney Baldwin 706-244-4348 Trailer: flatbed, seven-ton, goose neck, double axle, like new, $3,950. Jim Grant Elko 478-217-0626

Rabbits If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. ARBA; Dutch rabbits; pedigreed stock, selling steels, grays, and blacks; 7 weeks and up. Katie Hufford Cleveland 706-219-4766 / 706-969-1953 Bunny rabbits - domestic shorthairs, 8 weeks old, $5 each. Steve Grimm Sharpsburg 770-253-8275 Dutch mixes, tame, female is black and white, male is white, $40 for the pair or $25 each. Tiffany Naugle Loganville 404-987-4684 Flemish Giant, New Zealand white bunnies for sale, $12 each. Randy Miller Meigs 229-941-5102 Flemish Giants, Jersey Woolies and Lion Heads, beautiful and healthy. Pat Cook Covington 404-403-3635 Meat rabbits; New Zealand white, fryers, broilers, $10 each, dress to about three pounds. Ron Ward Auburn 770-601-5121 New Zealand White bunnies for sale, $20 each. Kelly Lane Covington 404-558-3028 Pure bred New Zealand Red $45 and New Zealand White $30, with papers; ARBA, AFNZRC, DRBA. Linda Lee Dawsonville 706-531-4785 Rabbits: some white, some colored, $15 each. Diane Oxford Covington GA 30014 770-464-2988

Feed, Hay And Grain If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722. All feed, hay and grain ads must include the variety offered for sale. Ads for mulch hay will not be accepted in this category; they will be published in the Fertilizers & Mulches category. $10 goat hay, 2013 bermuda mix, net-wrapped, rain-free, in field $30 and $20. Horace Pippin Culloden 770-358-0815 / 770-550-7837 $15 cow hay, $30, $35; 4x5 round, net-wrapped; $4 square bales; 2013 fertilized fescue mix. Robert Greene Roopville 770-324-4323 $25; 2013 4x4 rolls, fescue hay, barn stored, no rain, no weeds. Bryant Jackson Homer 678-878-7503 $30 large 4x5 rolls, horse hay, fertilized, in barn, no rain, fescue, orchardgrass; also cow hay, $20. Jimmy Leatherman Carrollton 770834-8333 $30 per bale; 2013 fescue, bermuda hay; 4x5 net, twine, clean hay; field, $30, barn, $45. Paul Lavengood Madison 770-318-3859 $35; 2013 horse quality mixed bermuda, bahia, fescue; round bales, heavy, 22 bales, quantity discount. Charles Holland Thomaston 706648-3947 / 706-975-5126

$4; 2013 fescue, orchardgrass hay, horse quality; heavy square bales, fertilized, limed, rain-free. Lamar Long Chatsworth 706-695-5906 $40; bermuda, 4x5 net-wrapped rolls, in barn; $30 fescue. Terry Stephenson Commerce 706-2075279 $50; large rolls bermuda, fescue mix, in barn; cow hay $20; can deliver. Jay Townsend Monroe 678618-6992 $60, 4x5 rolls, 2013 bermuda, ryegrass mix; net-wrap, fertilized, in barn, horse quality. W. Glover Griffin 770-599-9806 $60; 4x5 rolls,1,000 pounds; fescue, orchard mix; sprayed, fertilized, limed, high quality, horse hay, barn kept; cut 2013. Richard Surles Clayton Rsurles@flightline. com 770-301-1924 ‘13 bermuda; horse quality $5; fescue horse quality $4.20, all at barn; delivery available. Al Guillebeau Monroe 770-267-8929 ‘13 coastal bermuda cow hay, 4x5 rolls, $40. Rex Register Hahira 229561-1462 ‘13 coastal bermuda hay; horse quality, UGA soil specs, square, 4x5 round bales in barn, delivery, stack available. Olin Trammell Forsyth 478-994-6463 / 478-960-7239 ‘13 coastal, russell; 4x6, John Deere net-wrapped, stored in barn, horse quality, $50; can deliver. William Stevens Macon 478-214-1257 ‘13 horse quality, Bermuda, also cow, goat, mulch hay; square bales only, delivery available. Jimmy Waldrep Forsyth 478-994-0701 200 rolls, 4x5 Tift 85 hay. Leland Brooker Bristol 912-367-3099 2012 alicia, coastal, Tift 9; 4x6 rolls, $40; 2013 alicia, coastal, Tift 9; 4x6 rolls, $50. Billy Silas Gibson 706598-9900 2012 coastal bermuda; horse quality, large, tight square bales; well-fertilized and limed, $6.75, in barn; Monticello. Dave Garwood Sandy Springs 770-354-2085 2012; Tift 44 bermuda, 4x5 rolls, rain free, horse quality, fertilized, in barn, $35 per roll, also cow hay. Mike Keesee Monroe 404-472-5416 2013 4x5 bermuda rolls in barn, horse quality, $50 per roll. Steve Matthews Griffin 404-247-9789 2013 4x5 rolls, fescue mix, horse quality, $35 each; 2012 hay, $25 each, barn stored. Rodney Johnson Tallapoosa 678-378-6562 / 770574-7246 2013 4x5 rolls; fescue mix cow hay in barn, $15 per roll. Audie Laviolette Hartwell 706-436-1695 2013 5x5 bales of bermuda hay, $40 each. Scott Stephens Wrightsville 478-232-8114 2013 alicia bermuda grass hay, 4x5 net wrap; local delivery. Allen Boyd Tifton 229-392-4450 / 229-546-5188 2013 alicia, coastal and bahia varieties; 4x5 round bales, net-wrap, cow quality, delivery available. Robert Harris Patterson 912-670-1133 2013 alicia, net wrap, $40 per roll; 2012 alicia, net wrap, $15 per roll; delivery available. Sam Kyzer Waynesboro 706-551-2851 2013 alicia; 4x5 round bales, net wrap, well-fertilized, horse and cow quality, delivery available. Paul Harris Patterson 912-670-0222 2013 bermuda hay, round and square bales; horse quality, sprayed and fertilized. Mike Dubose Junction City 706-366-1665 2013 bermuda hay, well-fertilized, clean, keep in barn, $5 per bale. Helmut Cawthon Rome 706-3469064 2013 bermuda hay; 4x5 rolls. $30 per roll. Jim Keith LaGrange 706884-4923 2013 bermuda mix, 4x4 round bales, stored in barn, $20 per roll. Neil Fernander Hogansville 706637-6641 2013 bermuda or bermuda, orchard mix, $20; well-fertilized and sprayed, real tight; 4x5 net-wrapped. L. Partain Elberton 706-283-5058 2013 bermuda, fescue; fertilized, rain free, in barn; 150 4x5 bales, $35 and $40. Patrick Broder Stockbridge 404-401-6134

2013 bermuda; horse quality, square bales, $6, fertilized, rainfree, in barn; 4x5 round bales, $55 for bermuda. Guy Seals Hiram 770-9423759 2013 coastal bermuda hay, horse quality, 4x5 net wrapped rolls, stored in barn. Fred Sackett Butler 478862-5120 2013 coastal bermuda hay; 100-plus net wrapped rolls available. $35 per bale; can deliver. Jimmy Thompson Reidsville 912293-5834 2013 coastal bermuda hay; 4x5 round bales, net wrapped, weed-free, limed and fertilized to UGA specs, sheltered. William Page Wrightsville 478-864-2942 2013 coastal bermuda hay; horse quality, 4x5 net-wrapped rolls, stored in barn. Fred Sackett Butler 478952-5399 2013 coastal bermuda horse and cow hay, 4x5 round, square bales and mulch hay. Larry Morgan Lizella 478-972-5977 / 478-781-1990 2013 coastal bermuda or Tift 44 bermuda hay, fertilized to soil test, 4x5 rolls in barn, $40 each. Edmond Strickland Perry 478-214-7061 / 478-957-1039 2013 coastal bermuda square bales, well-limed and fertilized; delivery available. McCracken Newnan 770328-9453 2013 coastal bermuda, 4x5, $40; bahia $25, barn-kept. Stephen Bell Milledgeville 478-414-8043 2013 coastal bermuda; square bales, $6 in barn, round $35. Leonard Kinsley Perry 478-714-9900 2013 coastal bermuda hay, horse quality, $4.50 per bale at barn, delivery available. Glenn Brinson Tarrytown 912-288-5690 2013 crop of 4x5 round rolls of fertilized bermuda hay, stored under shlter, $40 per roll. Neil Vaughn Vidalia 912-245-5116 2013 fertilized Tift 85 hay; 4x5 rolls, net-wrapped, $35 per roll, you haul; 100 rolls available. Durell Lynn Claxton 912-739-3630 / 912-2823521 2013 fescue and 2013 fescue mixed hay, good quality, at barn; Walton County.. Gordon Cown Monroe 770207-6983 2013 fescue and orchardgrass, rain free, in the barn; 5x4.5 rolls, horse quality, $30, cow hay, $25. J. T. Withrow Ellijay 706-273-3315 2013 fescue hay rolls, $30; square bales, $3 each. James Ray Jasper 770-893-7030 2013 fescue mixed hay, 4x4 rolls, good, clean and suitable for horses, in barn. Michael McKinney Flowery Branch 770-967-6467 2013 fescue, bermuda mix hay; 4x5 round $40; square bales, $4.50; mulch hay, square bales, $2.75, round $25. Ricky Anderson Taylorsville 404-402-8470 2013 fescue, bermuda mix, 4x4 rolls in barn, $28 delivery available, good clean hay. William Windom Carrollton 770-834-1814 / 678-9883729 2013 fescue, bermuda mix; good hay, net wrapped in barn, fertilized, 4x5 roll bales. Glen Whitley Bethlehem 770-867-2718 2013 fescue, mixed hay, barn stored, delivery available. Jimmy Payne Rockmart 404-557-8448 2013 fescue, mixed hay, rain-free, barn kept, square bales, $2.75 per bale, mulch hay $2 per bale. Wall Thomaston 706-975-3287 / 706975-8154 2013 hay in barn, six-foot bales, $45; four-foot $35, easy handling bermuda, fescue. Ken Stevens Madison 404-625-9419 / 706-557-8988 2013 hay, 4x5 rolls, $25 per roll; we load, you haul. Glenn Argroves Gay 404-791-7318 / 706-672-1300 2013 hay; round bales, big 4x5 bales, bermuda horse, $50; bermuda mixed cow hay, $45, local delivery. Jackson Brooks ajackson767@ 678-362-3393 2013 hay; UGA soil tested, horse quality; alicia, coastal mix and cow hay. JoAn Young Locust Grove 770722-9770

Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013 2013 heavy tight spring fescue, bermuda mix; rain-free in barn, $40 per roll, Wrens Abruzzi Rye, $45 per roll. Jimmy Neisler Cumming 770889-1719 2013 horse hay, square bales, bermuda, fescue mix, barn stored, sprayed and fertilized, $5, delivery available. Kenny Sargent Rockmart 770-490-1227 2013 Horse quality hay & cow hay; round/squares bales; Coastal mix, Alicia. Don Fulkerson Milner 770584-9602 2013 horse quality hay, bermuda, fescue; square bales, $5; 4x5 netwrapped rolls, $40. Ronald Campbell Rockmart 706-936-3294 / 770-6869563 2013 horse quality, round, square bales; bermuda, coastal mix and cow hay. Nicki Halstead Barnesville 678972-7111 2013 rye horse hay, small square bales, $5. Judy Duncan Carrollton 404-295-2404 2013 rye mix, horse quality, large 4x6 round bales, $50; coastal, crabgrass, $45, all stored in dry barn. Tony Smith Monticello 706-4762051 2013 rye, wheat; mix, horse quality, $4 per bale; $40 per 4x5 roll; fescue mix, $2.75 per bale; $25 per roll. Tim Willis Aragon 706-331-8177 / 706235-6222 2013 square bales of hay; bahia, bermuda and other mixed grasses, barn stored and rain-free. Wilson Phelps Greensboro 706-347-0492 2013 square fescue bales, $4, horse quality, fertilized, limed, rain-free, in barn. Al Blackburn Dawsonville 770401-2862 2013 Tift 44 and 85 hay; horse quality square and round bales, delivery available. Durand Deal Tifton 229-388-5054 2013 Tift 44 bermuda, square bales, excellent horse quality, fertilized and dry in barn, $6. Paige Bullock Dallas 770-445-2107 2013 Tift 44 bermuda; square bales, rain-free, fertilized, horse quality, $5 at barn. Buddy Bearden Bostwick 706-474-8097 2013 Tift 85, $55 per bale; coastal bermuda, $45 per bale; 4x6 John Deere net-wrapped; excellent quality. E. Brown Avera 706-831-3442 / 706547-6162 2013 Tift bermuda hay; square and round bales, horse quality, stored in barn, delivery available. Dick Stratton Locust Grove 770-842-9317 / 770914-6153 2013 Tifton 44 bermuda; horse quality, fertilized, weed and crabgrass free, 4x5 rolls, $70; coastal bermuda, $60. Tim Hunter Conyers 770-4838712 / 770-922-6653 2013, alica bermuda hay, $20 outside, in barn $40 to $50; while supplies last. Henry Beckworth Gibson 706-598-2106 2013; 4x5 Bermuda/fescue mix, $35 in barn, $25 outside; fertilized sprayed, sq. bales $3.85 in barn; delivery available. J.W. Loudermilk Mt. Airy 706-499-4167 / 706-4994169 2013; fertilized, horse quality, large square bales, bermuda, $5; fescue, $4, rain-free, keep in barn. James Wilson Elberton 706-371-2485 2013; round 4x5 bales, fescue and coastal; also square bales, weed-free and fertilized, in barn. James Rutledge McDonough 678-372-6443 4x5, 2013 net-wrap John Deere rolls; ryegrass, bermuda mix, horse and cow quality, $25 and up; delivery available. Ronnie Thomas Bogart 706-207-7366 4x5, 2013, net-wrap, John Deere rolls; ryegrass, bermuda mix, horse and cow quality, $25 and up, delivery available. Josh Pennino Watkinsville 706-340-3146 5x5, unwrapped fescue, bermuda mixed grass; round bales, $4; square bales, $3; delivery available. Ray Gilbert Bishop 706-769-5820 / 706296-4360 Alicia bermuda; horse quality, well-fertilized, square bales, $4.50; delivery within 50 miles. Gary Spence Midville 478-494-9855 / 478-5897274

Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013 Bermuda, fescue mix hay, 4x5 net-wrapped rolls, packed tight, 2013 hay, some 2012, $30 to $40 roll; delivery available. Jack Jenkins Athens 706-286-4438 Bermuda, fescue; 4x5 round bales, $40, bermuda square $6, horse quality, fescue 4x5 $35. Sherrel Astin Villa Rica 678-794-0880 Cattle feed for sale: 4x5 netwrapped, round bales of hay, $20 to $25 per bale. James Bailey Elberton 706-318-1012 Clean feed wheat for sale; B&C Farming. Ed Burrell Monticello 706717-9581 Coastal, bahia mix; 800 to 1,000-pound bales, baled with Claas baler, $60 inside, $35 to $45 outside; $25 mulch. Coy Baker Loganville 770-466-4609 Fescue hay, heavily fertilized, rainfree, horse quality, square bale, $4.50, in barn. Nolan Haygood Dawsonville 706-265-2361 Fescue hay; 4×5 round bales, $30 each; delivery available. Chad Thomas Taylorsville 770-547-2594 Fescue hay; 4x4 dry bales; you pick up, $25 per roll. Allan Black Sautee 706-865-7632 Fescue mixed feed hay, square bales, not horse quality, also mulch hay, square bales. Lamar Cox Fayetteville 404-824-7569 Fescue, bermuda, horse quality, squares $5, 4x5 net-wrapped, $50, cow hay, $30 roll; quantity discount. Rex Palmer Auburn 770-867-9589 Fescue, horse quality, $3; fescue mix, horse and cow quality, $2.75, weed and rain-free. Kermit Simmons Jefferson 770-867-7550 Good quality hay, bermudagrass; 4x5 tight rolls, $400 a load delivered (15 rolls). horse quality hay available. David Rackley Lexington 706-4105784 Hay: alicia or bahia rolls; 46x66inch net-wrapped, horse or cow. Billy Daniel Rentz 478-984-4909 Hay; 4x5 round bales; 2013 cow, $35 roll; 2013 horse, $50 roll; wellfertilized. Larry Cox Waynesboro 706-829-4174 Horse quality bermuda hay in barn, 4x5 rolls, fertilized, rain and weed-free, $45, $50 or $60 each. Bo Rohrabaugh Stockbridge 770-2388773 Horse quality hay; 2013, stored in barn, no rain; square, $3; round, 4x5, $30. W. Terry Dishroon Mansfield 770-317-8455 Horse quality hay; bermuda, highly fertilized, six-foot round bales, $60; square bales, $6. Michael Council Cordele debbie@completeequine. com 229-406-1321 Horse quality, coastal bermuda, limed, weed-free, $40 per bale; 4x5 bales, 65 available. John Wood Gibson 706-598-9805 Horse quality, well-fertilized, rainfree fescue, orchardgrass, 4x5 bales in barn on pallets, $50. Andy Cooper Hiram 770-235-5039 Large quantity 5x4 rolls in barn, net and twine; bahia, fescue, bermuda, $25 per roll. Robert Miller Greenville 706-672-4556 Oat hay, fertilized, horse quality, 5x5 round blaes, stored in barn; Morgan County near Madison. Frank Eaton Buckhead 706-342-0727 / 706-4740689 Quality bermuda; square, round bales, rain-free, stored in barn, square bale, $5. Walker Whitmire Bishop 706-207-4336 Quality coastal In barn, net wrapped; 1,000-pound rolls; will deliver. Kirk Little Lyons 912-326-3512 Round bale hay; fescue, orchardgrass, 4x4, rain-free; delivery available. Ron Smith LaFayette 706-537-8841 Shelled corn, $6 for 40-pound bag. Janie Willis Dahlonega 706-8675177 Shelled yellow corn, combine run, bring your own drums, $12 per 100 pounds. Stacey Burden Comer 706783-5840 / 706-714-7194 Shelled yellow feed corn, sold by the barrel or bag. Robert Montgomery Reynolds 478-847-2356

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Top quality 2013 tested alicia hay; round or square, sheltered; delivery available, free storage through March 2014. Heath Pittman Vidalia 912293-5235 White field corn for sale, good quality, shelled or on cob. Jim Henderson Dawsonville 770-2655691 Yellow ear corn, 350 to 400 bushels available, sell small or large quantities. Ed Trice Thomaston 706647-8335

Feed, Hay And Grain Wanted Want to buy ear corn, northwest Georgia area. Robert Yates Summerville 706-397-2715 / 423645-0646 Wanted: Shelled corn, 12 barrels, Jefferson County area. William Spinks Marietta 770-424-7171 / 770-428-7622

Ag Seed For Sale If you have questions regarding this category, call 404-656-3722. Advertisers must submit a current state laboratory report, fewer than nine months old, for purity, noxious weeds and germination for each seed lot advertised. Ads submitted without this information will not be published. If you are faxing or mailing in an ad, this report needs to be sent along with it. For ads submitted online, the report can be attached using the attachments button. Seed lots must be uniform and cannot exceed 400 50-pound bags. Certain varieties of seed are protected from propagation unless they are grown as a class of certified seed. These include Florida 304, Coker 9152, Coker 9835, 6738 soybean, Haskell, Bennings and others. For questions regarding certified seed, call the Department’s Seed Division at 404-6563635. Fla. 501 oats seed; clean, 95 percent germination, bulk only. John Bullington Cordele 229-273-3597 Oat seeds for sale; 40-pound bag. Myron Colley Metter 706-306-3506

Ag Plants for Sale If you have questions regarding this category, call 404-656-3722. Blue Gal, Yellow Gal and POJ sugarcane for seed or syrup. Ray Freeman Dublin 478-272-1307 Blueberry plants, $2 each, three to four feet tall, Tifblue variety, taking orders for February shipment. Sidney Roland Demorest 706-754-6700 Chinquapins: 1-year-old bareroot seedlings, three for $24 plus $6 shipping. Brandon Adams Athens 770856-1747 Fig trees: sweet brown turkey variety; 1-year, 2-year and 3-year-old trees. John Jeffords Homerville 912520-0431 Figs: three kinds, mulberries, $5, self-pollinating Issai, kiwi, $6, dewberries, $2, sweet shrub, $3, others; no shipping. Carla Houghton Marietta 770-428-2227 For Sale: Mississippi sugar cane for planting or syrup per stalk. Lemon Rozier Montrose 478-676-3521 Gallon trees: green giant, Carolina sapphire, blue ice, Murray, $4 each. Jeff Frederick Fort Valley 478-825-1186 / 478-825-0136 Grafted pecan trees; taking orders for January 2015; call Browndale Pecan Farms. Andy Smith Hawkinsville 478-225-8433 Grape vines: adult, producing grape vines for sale, $25 each; four Reliance Seedless, eight Moore’s Diamond, eight Siebel. Hans Gruetzenbach Dalton 706-271-0052 Greasy green collard seeds, $2 per teaspooon; send SASE with payment to address shown. Barry R Pittman 4121 Lampp Road Gibson GA 30810 706-598-3664 Old time white multiplying onions, $8 per half-gallon, plus $6 shipping; eat all winter. Amory Hall Maysville 706-652-2521

Pomagranate shrub, hydrangeas, gardenias, hybrid azaleas, bare-root plants, ornamental shrubs. Bala Dommeti Conyers 770-679-5125 Red sugar cane for sale: for planting, making syrup, chewing. James Coleman Uvalda 912-594-6434 / 912-614-2931 Sugar cane, several varieties available, plant seed cane, syrup making, chewing, juicing. D.W. Wright Moultrie 229-891-7632 Sugarcane; Yellow and Blue Gal, improved POJ, red, green. George Merritt Unadilla 229-401-8726 White multiplying onions, $18 per gallon, no shipping. Eugene White Lithonia 770-987-9790 White pine seedlings, one to three feet; 50 cents to $1. Willene Haigler Hiawassee 706-994-6850

Ag Seed/Plants Wanted

Spider lily bulbs, red, $12 per dozen plus $3.50 shipping. Glenda Crosby P.O. Box 1226 Baxley GA 31515

Flowers Requiring Permits If you have questions regarding this category, call 404-656-3722. Advertisers selling officially protected plants must have a permit to sell such plants. Ads submitted without this permit will not be published. If you are faxing or mailing in an ad, the permit needs to be sent along with it. For ads submitted online, the permit can be attached using the attachments button. For information on the sale or shipment of protected plants, call the Protected Plant Program at 770-9186411.

Flowers Wanted Want Jenkins Giant peanuts. Bob Patterson Comer bjpatt@ Wanted: old fashioned perennial Phyllis Foisy 706-783-5740 / 706- chrysanthemums. Monroe 404-259-8219 206-6158 Want to buy dwarf mondo grass; can dig. Sue C Green Cumming 404-310-2963 If you have questions regarding ads in this category, call 404-656-3722.


Flowers For Sale

If you have questions about this category, call 404-656-3722. 25 red spider lily bulbs; $22 or 50 for $42; free shipping. John Culpepper 1830 Renfroe Road Quitman GA 31643 229292-0869 4-year-old Lenten roses (Hellebores); ready to bloom in January, $4; pachysandra 50 plants, $10. Carol Olson Marietta 770998-1076 All new seeds: cosmos, verbena, double zinnias, Queen Anne, hyncinth bean and more; $2 per tablespoon; SASE. F. Brooks 674 New Rosedale Rd. Armuchee GA 30105 Angel trumpets, banana trees, Confederate roses, black magic elephant ears, ginger lillies, lotus, pond plants and more. Patrice Cook Covington 770-787-6141 Azaleas: Japanese maples, gardenia, hosta, hydrangeas, roses. Linda Waites Fairburn 770-964-6414 Black bamboo, golden bamboo, beauty berry, cannas, all colors and more. David Pelton Covington 678654-0571 Boxwoods, several sizes, a lot of them; we dig, bring burlap. Robert Crowder Greenville 706-663-8276 Castor bean, loofah gourd seeds, 25 for $3 or 100 for $10 cash; SASE, two stamps. Joy Shelnutt Box 1212 Loganville GA 30052 Crape myrtles; 12 feet in 15-gallon containers, $35; camellia, five feet in three and five-gallon containers, $20. Myrtle Russell Bonaire 478-9231951 Daffodils: White Mt. Hood, old time yellow; tiny jonquils, blue bells, yellow cannas. tall blue phloux, mole bean seed; shrubbery. E. Beach Duluth 770-476-1163 Four-inch perennials, 350 varieties, $1.50 each including Helleborus; one-gallon grafted Japanese maples, $20 to $25; display garden. Selah Ahlstrom Jackson 770-775-4967 Gardenias; frost-proof varieties, very fragrant flowers. Kelly Wilson Griffin 770-365-1530 Giant cosmos seeds, six to eight feet, not unusual, 60-plus seeds, $1 plus SASE. Ira Bray 70 Wilkes Ct. Newnan GA 30263 770-253-0392 Liriope, mondo grass, $2, gallon pot. Barry Lackey Roswell 770-4759216 Reseeding petunias mixed; angel trumpets, double purple or double yellow, $1 per packet with SASE. Carolyn Arnold 644 Lynn Ave. Jefferson GA 30549 Seeds: altheas (Rose of Sharon), Jerusalem cherry, yucca, hibiscus, four-o-clocks, orange cosmos; cash; $1 per teaspoon, SASE. Gail Wilson 1020 B. Wilson Rd. Commerce GA 30529

Bees, Honey & Supplies 10- and five-frame bee hives, starting kit and some parts. Eliseo Delia Mineral Bluff 706-492-5119 All natural pure, unprocessed honey; sizes available: quart, $12; pint, $7; eight-ounce bear, $4. Jimmy Brown Jackson 770-775-0157 / 678-4487781 Bee equipment wanted; will remove swarms for free; remove unwanted bees from a structure for a fee. Leonard Day Macon/Gray 478-719-5588 Bee removal, metro Atlanta and west Georgia areas, work guaranteed. W.O. Canady Winston 770-942-3887 Carpenter bee trap, handcrafted wood, really works, $20; three for $50, free shipping. Jack Snyder Hephzibah 706-554-7959 Complete 10-frame hives with bees and food super, $300; order now for spring 2014 pick-up. Ray James Palmetto 770-912-8128 Complete bee hives and equipment, medium hive bodies, top covers, inner covers, bottom boards and feeders. Michael George Carrollton 470-514-9303 Queenless package bees and frames of brood and bees, starting February; pick up in Metter. Patrick Wilbanks Metter 912-286-7789 Taking orders for April 2014; Italian or Carniolan nucs for sale, threepound Italian packages available. Ray Civitts Toccoa 706-491-3124 Taking orders, five-comb nucs, hives, bees, spring delivery, empty hives, supers, raw honey, heavy extra equipment; closed Saturdays. Edward Colston Taylorsville 770382-9619

Things To Eat Advertisers submitting ads using the term “organic” require Certified Organic registration with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Ads submitted without this registration will not be published. If you are faxing or mailing in an ad, the registration needs to be sent along with it. For ads submitted online, the registration can be attached using the attachments button. For information on this registration, call the Organic Program Manager at 706-595-3408. ‘13 Desirable pecan halves, $11 per pound plus postage; will crack, shell, separate pecans, 50 cents per pound. Russell Eaton Stockbridge 770-506-2727 ‘13 shelled pecans, mostly halves, $8.50 per pound, plus postage, bagged in freezer, leave message. Franklin Eaton Flowery Branch 770532-9340 / 770-532-6333 2013 black walnuts: $20 per quart plus $6 shipping and postage. Jimmie Pruitt Dahlonega 678-300-9670 2013 shelled black walnut, $23 per quart; I pay shipping. L .Odell Cripps Harlem 706-556-9130 2013 shelled pecans, $8 per pound plus shipping. James Allen Thomaston 475-955-7106 All-natural Black Angus beef; whole, half, quarters; no antibiotics, steroids or hormones, January 2014. David Sharpton Commerce 706-367-0876 Angus beef, no antibiotics or hormones; grain-fed, dry aged 17 days; quarters; Bill Farr Milner 770-584-9727 Cane syrup grown and cooked on farm, also stalks for planting, grinding. Lynn Reeves Dearing 706-5951798 / 706-825-6274 Collards, turnip greens, kale, mustard greens for sale. Ruth Brooks Roswell 770-993-2315 For sale: sugar cane syrup; 1/5, $6.50; can be shipped, call for info. Roy Holt Dudley 478-676-2760 / 478-697-2583 Green sugar cane syrup, case or bottles; first pound 6 p.m., second pound Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Harold Barnes Douglas 912381-1479 / 912-384-7835 Naturally grown Jerusalem Artichoke, as low as $6 per pound, plus shipping. Buddy Hutto Warner Robins 478960-1329 One Black Baldie, one Angus steer for sale; grain finished, ready early 2014; half or whole. Scott Chambers Braselton 706-983-0603 Organically, pasture raised meat and animals for sale; cows, goats, sheep and hogs available; MarViewFarms. com Fernando Mendez Arabi 229-4018722

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Bulletin Calendar Dec. 25 Merry Christmas! Dec. 31 Deadline to request ACC for Beef ballot Georgia Department of Agriculture Atlanta, Ga. 404-656-3680   Jan. 1 Happy New Year!   Jan. 3 Deadline to register for ABS Global AI Management School Northeast Georgia Livestock Auction Athens, Ga. 678-617-2945   Jan. 4 Georgia 4-H Life Smart Training Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, Ga. 706-542-8756   Jan. 7 4-H portfolio due date   Jan. 8 Gardening with Limitations Putnam County Extension Meeting Room Eatonton, Ga. 706-485-4151   Blueberry Meeting Georgia/Florida Tobacco Exchange Warehouse Alma, Ga. 912-632-5601   Jan. 9 – 11 Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference Savannah International Trade and Convention Center Savannah, Ga. 706-883-8215   Jan. 10 – 11 Georgia Farm Credit Winter Pig Classic Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, Ga. 229-254-3886   Jan. 11 FFA State EMC Wiring CDE   Georgia Iris Society meeting Northlake-Barbara Loar Library Tucker, Ga. 678-583-8603  

Jan. 11 Houston County Commercial Dairy Heifer Show Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, Ga. 478-230-4108 Jan. 12 Wild Hog Supper Georgia Train Depot Atlanta, Ga. 404-419-1738   Georgia Junior Swine Boosters Sunglo Feeds Throw-down Futurity Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, Ga. 229-221-7381   Jan. 15 Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation Annual Meeting Ramada Conference Center Perry, Ga. 229-469-4038   Jan. 15 – 18 Agility Dog Show Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, Ga. 404-583-5783   Jan. 16 Georgia Aquaculture Association Workshop and Annual Meeting Dennard’s Pond House Soperton, Ga. 478-697-8994   Jan. 17 Breeder Cattle Sale Turner County Stockyards Inc., Ashburn, Ga. 1-800-344-9808   Deadline for 2014 USDA NRCS Conservation Stewardship Program   Jan. 18 Metro Atlanta Beekeeping Short Course Atlanta Botanical Garden Atlanta, Ga. 678-597-8443   Chatooga County Beekeepers Association Class Chatooga County Agricultural Center, Summerville 423-304-2714   2014 Georgia Peanut Farm Show UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center Tifton, Ga. 229-386-3470 

Additional pesticide recertification training notices are available on the Department website under the Plant Industry Division tab. Livestock auctions listed in the Market Bulletin may offer related items for sale. Notices for auctions selling any items other than livestock must be accompanied by the auction license number of the principal auctioneer or firm conduction the auction, per state regulations. Notices without this information cannot be published. We accept calendar submissions for food, craft and agriculture festivals and events. Submissions for festivals that do not specifically promote those industries will not be printed. Have an event to put on our calendar? Contact Dallas Duncan at 404-656-3722 or

Pecans: 2013 shelled pecans, $8 per bag plus shipping and handling. Jerry Jackson Macon 478-396-7627 Taking orders on grown Yorkshire meat hogs, $1 per pound, live weight, 100 percent grain fed. Jeffrey Vance Carrollton 770-846-0898 Two steers; no shots; ready for processing or finishing; 1,000 pounds each; $1.75 per pound. Joey Wells Buena Vista 229-649-7181 Vacuum packed natural raised heritage pig, $280. Neil Taylor Ellenwood taylorganic@bellsouth. net 404-862-9394 Wanted: home-canned Better Boy whole tomatoes. Hugh Watson Marietta 678-445-1454 We machine shell your pecans for 30 cents per pound while you wait. Jody Glidewell Jackson 770-7756592

Zucchini relish, mild or spicy; great with everything, $5 per pint, you pay shipping. Kenya Norwood Davisboro 478-348-3558

Fish & Supplies Advertisers selling sterile triploid grass carp must submit a current Wild Animal License from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Ads submitted without this license will not be published. If you are faxing or mailing in an ad, the license needs to be sent along with it. For ads submitted online, the license can be attached using the attachments button. For license information, call 770-761-3044. $25 to $30 per pound; Big Red Europeans, Red Wigglers and worm castings plus shipping. Lew Bush Byron 478-9554780

A-1 quality, channel catfish fingerlings; graded, priced by size, accurate weights, counts, guaranteed live, healthy, immediate delivery. J.F. Gilbert Thomaston 706-648-2062 / 770-468-0725 All sizes channel catfish, minnows, crappie, bluegill, shellcracker, hybrid bream, sterile carp, electrofishing, feeders, aeration. Keith and Kim Edge Soperton 478-697-8994 Bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, redbreast, shellcracker, grass carp, shad, etc; most sizes, free delivery or pick up. Danny Austin Roberta 478836-4938 Bass, bluegill, hybrid bream, channel catfish, sterile grass carp, statewide delivery. David Cochran Ellijay 706-889-8113 Bass, bluegill, shellcracker, hybrid bream, channel catfish, fingerling, sterile grass carp; delivery available. Tony Chew Manchester 706-8463657 Grass carp, bluegill, redear, hybrid, redbreast bream and channel catfish; delivery available. Paul Williams Hawkinsville 478-892-3144 Grass carp, bluegill, shellcracker bream, channel catfish fingerlings, bass, threadfin shad; delivery, pick up by appointment only. Robert Brown Brooks 770-719-8039 Red wigglers, worm castings, worm farm composting kits; D. Holman Covington 678-977-7944 Red worms or Nightcrawlers, for composting or fishing. Tim Herron Dawsonville herronfarms@gmail. com 706-531-4789 Stocking fish, catfish, bream, bluegill, carp, crappie, free delivery available. Ashley Todd Vidalia 912293-7097 Trout, fingerlings and stockers; various sizes, native quality, grown and raised on our farm; delivery available. David Cantrell Ellijay 706279-6199

Fertilizers & Mulches $1 or 50 cents per pound, worm castings; great for any planting project, teas and repairing your soil. Bush Byron 478-955-4771 2012; square bales in barn, $1.50 per bale, mulch hay. Paul Teems 1445 Bart Manous Rd Canton GA 30115 770-231-7414 Aged horse manure, you load any time; I load, call for appointment, $10 truck, $20 trailer, $30 tandem. Chad Willams Smyrna 404-421-1775 / 207-776-8625 Bermuda round bales, net wrapped, $25 each. Wade Simpson McDonough 404-732-7255 Clean pine straw, $4 per bale delivered; spreading available, garden tilling, 32 years experience. Steve Schultheis Winder 770-2351351 Free aged horse manure, mixed with shavings, will load. Monti Hight Macon 478-960-2008 Mulch hay, square bales only; Monroe County. S. Reeves Forsyth 478-994-4642 Pure pine shavings, kiln dried, super absorbent, bulk deliveries; call for pricing. Joel Gibbs Douglasville 404-375-4900 Shavings for horse barns, large loads. Marion Smith Kennesaw 404218-7389 Square bales mulch hay, $2.50 per bale; $3 delivered, 50-plus bales within 25 miles. Ken Widner Buena Vista 229-649-9606 Vermiculture: Red wigglers (composting worms) and castings by the pound or bed run. Reed Adair Loganville 770-527-6064 Wheat straw bales, $2.50 per bale. Sam Rappold Molena 770-550-3048 / 770-884-0262

Poultry Litter/Compost Free aged manure, compost; will help load, easy access, Crabapple area. Kristina Macrae Alpharetta 770-410-0868 North Georgia chicken litter for sale; available in large quantities, delivery available. Justin Debord Jasper 678386-5884

Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013

North Georgia ckicken litter, call for the cheapest prices around. Bob Loggins Dahlonega 706-265-0517

Oddities Farm lawn jockeys; cement standard size, heavy, black, green, red and white in color, $285 each. G. Gibson Dawsonville 678-595-2790 Gourds for sale: Martin, crooked handle, craft, bottleneck, and more. Wallace Maxwell Royston 706-2454218 Gourds: many varieties to choose from, at farm. Hoyt Howard Cumming 770-887-2039 Lucky buckeyes, $4.25 per dozen; planting buckeyes, $5.25 per dozen, planting instructions included. Jules Simmons Stone Mountain 828-2264700 Martin gourds, 50 cents to $1 each, also 16 pieces tin, 3x8 feet each or $100 for all. Howard Moore Loganville 770-466-4485 Old church bell, $250. Ron Wolfe 2019 Old Dominion Dr. Albany GA 31721 229-291-4307 One set of four shoes Lastes and stand cast iron, $45; two cow bells, $10. Pearl Nolan Rocky Face 706673-4992 Slightly used wood-burning stove for sale. Peggy Griffin Clarkesville 706-768-8417

Miscellaneous Wanted Aluminum cookie cutters with red, green handles: farm animals, poultry, produce, holidays, rabbit, gingerbread man. Barbara Lang Cordele 229-322-1321 Authentic wool blankets to fit queen size beds. William Houston Macon 478-788-2693 / 478-319-5152 Burnt, rusty, metal tin roofing for deer guard on ground; will barter with berry plants, frozen berries. Davis Yaun Soperton 912-399-1988 Looking for dry rough cut pine boards, that will be used for an event venue. Carter Williamson Chattahoochee Hills 404-229-9507 Looking for old large cast iron pig boiler pots for a project for fire pit. Brian Hughs Gainesville 678-3164445 Need small shed, small enough to fit on the back of a truck or come apart. Mary Patrick-Powell Atlanta 404-786-2797 Person desiring Pyrex glass coffee maker, please call. Melrose Jones Portal 912-865-2833 Pine shavings for my horse stalls. Bobby Poe Macon 478-477-3494 Want dump truck load, field rocks, delivered Mansfield area, send fee and availability info. Z.P. Anderson Covington 678-972-8885 Wanted: water tank with metal cage; west Georgia area. Robert Hudson Greenville mh821@hotmail. com 706-845-4095 / 706-402-0461 Wood burning heater. Sammie Waller Manchester 706-846-3965

Notices Old South Farm Museum hosting demonstration hog killing Feb. 1; includes sausage making, lye soap, smokehouse and more; pre-register at Paul Bulloch Woodland 706-975-9136 Plan and come: plant sale May 11 for spay/neuter McIntosh County; African violets. Emmy Minor Pine Harbor 912-832-6788 Register now for Championship Youth Equine Day; Feb. 4 at the Train Depot. Anna Spratt Atlanta 404791-0884

Firewood Firewood must be cut from the advertiser’s personal property. Ads for firewood must use the cord when specifying the amount of firewood for sale. Dry, hardwood; $150 for cord; you pick up. Larry Beuchat Griffin 770412-4740 / 770-228-5174 Dry, seasoned and split hardwood, $90 per cord; you pick up. Glenn Register Fayetteville 770-461-2842 Dry, seasoned hard wood, $150 per cord, you pick up. Larry Beuchat Griffin 770-228-5174 / 770-4124740 Fatwood five-pound box, 10-inch strips, free shipping, $17 per box. Maurice Palmer Pelham 229-3286436 Firewood for sale; $85 half cord, $150 cord; delivery available. Tyler Pierce Newborn 770-853-9348 Firewood: Seasoned Oak, full cord, $170; half cord, $90; delivered; lightered, bulk or small. James Sells Monroe 770-267-8603 Oak firewood, $250 per cord; I will deliver for extra cost. Ty Hamm Jonesboro 404-478-9685 Red, white oak firewood, some split 16 inches to 18 inches; half cord, $75, full cord, $180, delivery extra. Larry Houston Covington 770-786-4015 Seasoned and split oak hardwood, 18 to 20-inch pieces, $85, half-cord; free local delivery. Corey Campbell Decatur 404-241-0192 Seasoned hardwood, deliverd locally, $160 per cord. Walter Lee Dawsonville 706-429-4688 Seasoned lighter pine kindling in bulk, large quantity, can be loaded; make offer. H. Martin Kite 478-4695173 Seasoned oak firewood, $200 per cord; $100 half-cord; $65 quarter cord; you pick up; delivery extra. Peter Cabrel Hampton 404-513-9353 Seasoned oak firewood, split, 18 to 22 inches, half-cord, $75, you pick up, cash only. Joe Walker Fayetteville 770-461-7142 Seasoned oak firewood; $175 per cord; $90 half cord; hickory BBQ wood, $50 per quarter cord; delivery available. Bob Lewis Fayetteville 770-461-4083 Split hardwood, approximately 18 inches; delivered locally on weekends, $80 half-cord. Randy Smith McDonough 404-901-5278 Want to buy 50 loads of pine, hardwood or green logs. J A Lambert Ideal 678-850-0094

Timber Timber must be individually owned and produced by the advertiser on his personal property. No companies or businesses are allowed to advertise timberland in this category. Timberland advertised must be at least one acre. Timber wanted ads will not be published. Free hardwood timber, good access, two acres; down and collected, load up, haul off; Monroe, Gratis area. CJ Fagan Monroe 770-378-5176 Pines: over 2 acres, 60-plus feet; free; you cut, haul, clean up; bonded and insured a must. Ralph Hartman Loganville 770-466-0170

Christmas Trees Leyland cypress, Carolina sapphire, blue ice; three-gallon, three feet, $10 each. Kathy Holston Knoxville 478207-7694

Out-Of-State Wanted Honest, dependable horse person is looking for long term rental of small home, cabin with horse barn. Debbie Stone Zolfo Springs FL 863-2635394 Stock trailer; bumper-pull or gooseneck canvas top, two axle, 14x16 feet; road ready, good condition. Lamar Simmons Gainesville FL 352-485-1237 Want 500-pound steers or heifers, must be on good vaccination program; preferrably preconditioned. Carroll Moore Iva SC 864-933-2306

4-Her John Langdale of Valdosta, Ga., won first place in his weight division in the Lowndes County Hog Show in November. He is the son of Wesley and Kimberly Langdale.

Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013

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Georgia sweet potato and pecan pie

Editor’s Note: We used a medium-sized sweet potato for this recipe. To prepare, pierce the skin, wrap in a damp paper towel and microwave on high for five to six minutes or until soft. Ingredients: 9-inch deep-dish pastry shell For the sweet potato filling: 1 cup cooked, mashed Georgia sweet potato ¼ cup packed light brown sugar 1 egg, beaten 2 tablespoons evaporated milk 1 tablespoon butter, melted 2 teaspoons vanilla ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

For the pecan filling: ½ cup packed light brown sugar ¼ teaspoon salt ¾ cup light corn syrup 2 eggs, beaten 2 tablespoons butter, melted 2 teaspoons vanilla 1.25 cups chopped Georgia pecans

Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Combine the sweet potato filling ingredients in a medium bowl. Pour in the bottom of the pastry shell. 3. Combine pecan filling ingredients in a second bowl. When mixed, gently pour over sweet potato mixture. 4. Bake for one hour and cool on a wire rack before serving. All recipes have been tested for accuracy by Georgia Department of Agriculture home economists unless otherwise noted. Share your favorite recipes with us! Send recipes to dallas.duncan@agr.georgia. gov or to Dallas Duncan, Georgia Market Bulletin, 19 MLK Jr. Drive SW Atlanta, GA 30334. If you have questions, concerns or corrections to featured recipes, call 404656-3722. For more recipes, find us on Pinterest and watch cooking in action on our “Pick, Cook, Keep” series at!

NOTICE: USDA to survey nation’s cattle inventories

ARTY’S GARDEN: Try edible landscaping for beauty and bounty Sometimes we put vines that may be liberplants in rigid categories. ated from the orchard and We fail to look at the vineyard and utilized beauty of fruit, vegetable in the home landscape. and herb plants and think Texas tarragon, bay, anise of flowering plants as hyssop, thyme, oregano, strictly ornamental. For basil, rosemary, chives, example, blueberries parsley, red mustard, are perfect for cereal or kale, Swiss chard, garlic, pancakes, but we do not eggplant, hot peppers and always notice that blueokra are a few herbs and berry shrubs have attracvegetables that have ortive white flowers in spring namental qualities. Edible and foliage that blazes flowers include pansies, crimson and scarlet in fall. violas, nasturtiums, roses Eggplant is versatile in the and yuccas. kitchen, but its lavender Even an apartmentflowers are pretty and its dweller can plant herbs fruits shine like Christmas or leaf lettuce in bushel ornaments. Yuccas have baskets on a sunny balORIENTAL PERSIMMONS have glossy leaves all summer and attractive, tasty fruit in fall. bold foliage and flowers, cony. Homeowners with a but their white petals taste swimming pool taking up like mild cabbage. most of the backyard can replace a lounge chair More than ever, categories are breaking down with a half-barrel containing a miniature peach. and boundaries are being crossed. Gardeners who Those with sunny patios or decks can set aside do not have room for an orchard or a separate space for pots of calamondin, lemon or lime. herb or vegetable garden are incorporating food Although these citrus trees are not winter-hardy in plants into their overall landscape designs. The Georgia, they are easily overwintered indoors. concept of using food plants throughout the Consider making your landscape an edible one. landscape is referred to as “edible landscaping.” Besides having the freshest herbs, fruits and vegIdeally, plants in the edible landscape are aestheti- etables possible, you’ll have the pride that comes cally pleasing as well as productive. from growing them yourself and an increasing Examples include planting basil among flow- appreciation of the beauty that lies in all things. ers, rosemary as a foundation shrub, muscadines Arty Schronce is the Department’s resident to cover an arbor or blueberries as an informal gardening expert. He’s a lifelong gardener and hedge. Oriental persimmon, American persima horticulture graduate of North Carolina State mon, feijoa, fig, sarvisberry, peach, plum and University who encourages everyone to discover bunch grape are a few fruiting trees, shrubs and the pleasures of plants and gardening.

CHRISTMAS: Showcase spotlighted holiday spirit From Page 1 treated to a veritable smorgasbord of Georgia treats. Owner Bettie Anderson started the business about five years ago, when she purchased several pounds of berries from a farmer who was downsizing. It wasn’t until she noticed that her dining room table was full of spreads that she turned her hobby into a business. Anderson is now pursuing

During the first two weeks of January, Southern producers will be asked to report their beef and dairy cattle inventories, calf crop and cattle on feed operations. The US Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service offers the option of participating in the survey via Internet, mail or a personal interview with a local NASS representative. Information provided in the survey is confidential. Survey results will be available in the Cattle report at on Jan. 31, 2014. For more information, call the NASS Southern Region Field Office in Athens, Ga., at 1-800-253-4419.

Correction The website for Patten Pecans was listed incorrectly in the Dec. 11 issue. To order, please visit The Market Bulletin staff regrets this error.

Deb Ferguson of Hunter Cattle Company helps a shopper pick out Georgia-grown meat products during the Christmas Showcase, which was held Dec. 14 at the Atlanta State Farmers Market. Photo by Dallas Duncan

her Georgia Grown membership as a fulltime job. “This is great,” she said of the Christmas Showcase. “I’ve run into a couple of customers from Woodstock – they said, ‘Boy! You came all the way down here.’ I think it’s a good turnout. I really enjoy it.” Brad Cousar started Fly by South as a way to combine his two loves – sauces and aviation. He brought both to the showcase, along with samples of chicken salad made with his signature all-natural white sauces. “I sold the first bottle of this in April of this year, so we’re brand new,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity, getting out there in front of people, getting feedback, having a great time and introducing my sauces to the world and seeing what the world thinks.” He said any opportunity to tell people about Fly by South is “a good time.” “Considering the weather, I’m actually very pleased with how many people turned out. Sometimes if the show is too busy, you don’t get a chance to have good discourse and see what they think,” Cousar said. “That’s actually been very good today.” Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary W. Black said he was thrilled with the showcase. “It is our hope that events like these will encourage consumers to remember Georgia’s producers and agribusinesses during this time of year,” he said. “We’re grateful to all of our Georgia Grown vendors and guests that helped make the event a success and we look forward to hosting more events like these in the future.” Deb Ferguson of Hunter Cattle Company said the farm wants to participate in all Georgia Grown events such as this. “I love the festive music and I love that they are expressing the true meaning of Christmas, and I hope that never changes or stops,” she said.

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farmers and consumers market Bulletin

Wednesday, DECEMBER 25, 2013


Feral swine – more than just a nuisance Visit with a Georgia veterinarian in this monthly feature. This edition comes from State Veterinarian Dr. Robert Cobb in Atlanta, Ga.

Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue class participants practice techniques for safely pulling a downed horse to its feet during a training event on Dec. 6 in Macon, Ga. Photo by Dallas Duncan

Large animal rescue course teaches first responders to safely handle livestock By Dallas Duncan On the count of three, a team of firefighters, veterinarians, emergency responders and civilians pulled strips of heavy-duty webbing and safely pulled a downed horse to its feet. Behind them, a second team caught two llamas that escaped from a trailer accident. Though these were mock rescues put on for a training course in Macon, Ga., earlier this month, the danger of livestock emergencies is real, said Rebecca Gimenez, founder of the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue courses. “We call them a low-frequency, high-danger event. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it has a high-risk management opportunity for injury,” Gimenez said. The 2013 TLEAR class brought together people from a variety of backgrounds to learn skills to handle these events. Participants spent three days learning how to save horses, cattle, llamas and more from a variety of emergency situations. Gimenez has been teaching TLAER programs since 1994, when her partner met several veterinarians who were also firefighters. They told him when they received calls involving large animals, many responders didn’t know what to do. “Over the years, we started realizing that everybody had a vested interest in this from various areas of emergency response,” she said. Gimenez does the TLAER courses all over the world, including one recently in Australia. She hosts the Georgia class each December in Macon. She said it’s important for TLAER program attendees to get plugged into incident and emergency response command. “There was a huge wreck on 75 … A horse trailer narrowly avoided it and went down into an embankment,” Gimenez said. “I was in traffic. I couldn’t see the horse trailer. Even though I was 250 yards away, I had no idea there was a horse trailer involved because I’m not plugged into their emergency management.” Ray Palcynski, director of special operations training for University of Illinois Fire Service Insti-

tute, traveled across the country to attend the class. He piloted a four-hour awareness program based on the TLAER courses. “I grew up on my aunt and uncle’s farm. I just saw these problems happening and nobody could do anything about it that was any good,” Palcynski said. “It’s not like going out on EMS calls or thinks that keep us busy like car wrecks, but when it does happen you better be ready.” One of the key trainings of the TLAER course is animal behavior – how behavioral characteristics play into the ways horses, cattle, sheep, goats, llamas and other livestock must be handled during rescue. Participants herded cattle and walked large animals to put these skills into practice. Another important aspect was properly moving animals. Tying rope around an animal’s neck or limb and then pulling can injure or possibly kill the animal, whereas using heavy-duty webbing and pulleys around the torso is safer. Though aerial lifts and large machinery rescues look cool, Gimenez advocates the simplest and most calming methods of rescue. For example, if a horse is stuck in a pool, the pool can be drained so the horse isn’t swimming or at risk of drowning. Once the pool is empty, the horse can be given hay to calm him down while further rescue plans are decided. “It’s fun to use helicopter lifts, but it’s always better for the animal and for you to cut a path, build a ramp and give the animal some hay,” Gimenez said. “We will do some of the cool-guy stuff [during the course], but a lot of it is going to be simple manipulations, with just a single piece of webbing around their torso.” Though she said there’s no way to train for every type of response, the TLAER courses are designed to give community responders at least awarenesslevel training. “We are the ones that get called. We are the catch-all for every disaster, emergency, big and small,” said Kathleen Mullen, fire battalion chief for Minneapolis Fire, who flew down for the course. “Whether we know anything about it or not, we’re going to be going. It’s our responsibility to know.”

Free-ranging populations of wild pigs, or feral swine, exist in at least 39 states. Some estimate their numbers to be more than 4 million, with the largest populations located in California, Florida, Hawaii and Texas. Georgia’s large population of feral swine resides mostly in the river swamps of south Georgia, but can be found statewide. Today’s feral swine population is a combination of escaped or neglected domestic swine, Eurasian wild boar and feral pigs that have been captured and transported for the purpose of starting wild, free-living populations. The intentional movement of trapped feral swine resulted in extensive crossbreeding of feral populations, producing many variations. Feral swine regularly tear through livestock and game fences; consume animal feed; destroy field crops such as corn, milo, watermelon, peanuts, hay, turf and wheat; and, when given the opportunity, will prey upon young livestock and other small animals. Moving untested feral swine to new areas or allowing them onto farms with domestic pigs is illegal in Georgia and can have disastrous consequences to the commercial swine industry. Feral swine can be imported into Georgia only by a special permit issued by the state veterinarian. Three feral swine agreements are utilized by the Department in cooperation with the US Department of Agriculture. Individuals wishing to have feral swine facilities must meet strict testing, fencing and reproduction prevention protocols. The feral swine facilities are regularly inspected by the Department to assure compliance with the rules in order to maintain separation of feral swine from domestic herds. Feral swine are carriers of a number of diseases: swine brucellosis, pseudorabies, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, tularemia, trichinosis, plague, anthrax, African swine fever, classical swine fever or hog cholera and swine vesicular disease. USDA eradicated hog cholera from the US in 1976. Though they’ve been eliminated or controlled from US commercial production swine herds, some are still found in Georgia feral swine and can be readily transmitted to humans and other animals: Brucellosis is a bacterial infectious disease of animals and humans, caused by Brucella bacteria. Swine brucellosis is a reproductive disease, causing abortions in sows and infertility in boars. Infected swine are disease carriers for life and can serve as sources of infection. The only way to remove the disease is to detect infected swine through blood tests and cull the animals. In humans, the disease may mimic severe flu and may cause crippling arthritis or meningitis. Animals and humans are exposed to the swine Brucella bacterium by contact with infected blood, reproductive tissues and fluids from animals during farrowing, abortion or carcass dressing. Pseudorabies: Viral PRV attacks the central nervous system and is fatal to cattle, horses, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, raccoons, skunks, opossums and small rodents. Though not fatal in swine, it causes abortions and stillbirths. Pseudorabies is caused by a herpesvirus in swine. It is not related to rabies and it does not infect humans. The spread of PRV from feral swine to domestic cattle has also been documented in Florida and Texas. Feral swine are known to break into feed bunks and congregate around areas where supplemental feed is distributed, providing a source of contamination of feed and potential spread of infection through contact with domestic herds. Parasites: Feral swine are also host to several disease-causing parasites. These parasites include lung worm, kidney worm, thorny-headed worm, ascarid roundworm, hog lice and the parasite that causes trichinosis. The more feral swine populations increase and expand, the greater the chances that they may transmit diseases to domestic animals, wildlife and humans as well as destroy expensive crops. To minimize the threat feral swine pose to domestic swine operations, farmers should not introduce wild pigs into herds or attempt to market wild-caught pigs. Before transporting breeding swine, perform blood tests according to state and federal guidelines, and blood-test all new stock before adding them to existing herds. Fence out feral swine and do not butcher feral swine on the farm, or feed offal from field-dressed wild hogs to domestic ones.




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