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Iphones are the multimedia-enabled phones having the best features. Even the hardware provided with it is the best one. Lets start with the battery. Its battery has the 2-year warranty, but if it is not working properly then it is replaced by the company. If you want to increase the warranty period of the battery then it is extendible to one year. But after one year if your battery meets to a failure then you have to call for a new battery and for this you have to pay $70 USD (cost of the battery) and $6.95 USD shipping cost. The quality of the battery is best and it is said that after the full recharge it has the capacity to give 80% output. Now, lets discuss something about the sim. SIM is not inserted in iphones because they are designed to use only AT & T network. But then also there are some unlocked Iphones, which supports the SIM. So in these iphones SIMs are inserted from upper side. This is suggested that not to use unlocked iphones because in future when you want to install some application on your iphone then the iphone software blocks your iphone. Iphones comes with two memory capacities one is 4gb and the other is 8gb. The Samsung manufactures these both. Now iphones are also awailabele with the memory of 16gb. The onenegetive point, which associates with the Iphone, is that its memory is extendible. Iphones has their own operating system iphone OS. This iphone OS is same as MAC OS X. But for iphones we have to write different code for software, as we cannot use the same code used in the MAC OS X. for instance safari web browser is a web browser used in the OS of iphones. There are many applications which are installed in the iphone some of them are camera, calendar, you tube, map, weather clock, notes etc. In this you tube is used to view movies and video. To use this applicaton you have to install the quick time player and attach your iphone with wi-fi. Iphones are also enabled for third party installations i.e. the other software are also installed in the iphone. Updates are also present for iphones which includes phone upgrades, patches and many more. In this way we got many features with iphones and you want to move with the world then you have to buy an iphone.

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==== ==== For all the Latest Iphone and Android App Info. ==== ====

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