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Surveys are an important part of every enterprise and service. With a growing competition I all the fields of the market, everyone thrives to exploit the possibilities to the maximum and surveys help in this process by collecting the data required for market research. An accurate market research paves the way to better performance so it is important that the best online survey tools are selected. Online survey tools offer you a systematic, quick and effortless approach towards gathering and analyzing information. They offer a complete package of survey process from questionnaire creation to survey results collection. An online survey tool will help you turn the subjective opinions into objective data. Individual viewpoints from various sources add up to meaningful centralized data which can be analyzed in totality or can be further broken up according to need. These surveys help you locate yourself on the canvas of market. Survey tools also help you convert the numeric data into graphical reports which are much easier to grasp. An increasing number of people are turning to iPads and this has brought some very potent iPad survey app into picture. Here are a few features that the best iPad survey app will offer: 1. Easy Offline and Online Access: This helps you to collect information not only when you are online but also when you are offline. The data keeps on storing in the account and as soon as the user turns online, the data is transferred from the account to the application. 2. Location Data: Many good app are offering the geographical location option along with personal information. This helps in batter analysis. 3. Write your own instructions: This feature gives the freedom to write the instructions on your own so that a brief note on the survey can be shared. 4. Rating Sliders: They make the answering easier and give provide in depth analysis. 5. Free Type Questions: The survey taker is free to enter anything in the blank space. 6. Rank the Options: This helps for a priority analysis. When there is an option of choosing only one option, the priority order is missed, but in this case, points for each option preference can be added to give a closer look at the collective preference. 7. Signature Type Questions: This is handy when it comes to asking for consent on a particular document.

8. Video Type Questions: They delve deeper into the thinking of the survey takers. These are some of the most advanced features that the online survey tools and iPad survey app are offering. Carefully look out for them before making a choice.

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==== ==== iOS and Android Apps : Retro, New ,FPS,Games and More ==== ====

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