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iPad recently hit the market with a bang. Within a few hours, all the available iPads were grabed by the amazed public. Apple has once again proved that it is the leader in technology. Now, you may not own an iPad yet, but you must know about these great iPad Investing Apps that can help you know what is happening around the markets if you are a trader on the go. Bloomberg for iPad: This is a FREE iPad App that can provide you all the info that you can normally get by visiting the bloomberg website. Remember, Bloomberg is the market leader when it comes to market research and many professional traders and managers are addicted to it. NASDAQ OMX Porftolfio Manager: This is also a FREE iPad App that is leaps and bounds better than the iPhone version. Thomson Reuters Marketboard: This is also a FREE iPad app that provides a lot of useful market research data and stock quotes. Once again, Thomson Reuters has come up with a cool iPad App. Broker's Trading App: Many brokers like the ThinkorSwim, Ameritrade, E*Trade and others have also come up with their versions of the iPad Investing Apps that provide real time stock prices, portfolio tracking and live trading. But you need to have an account with the broker in order to access these Apps. Stockwatch iPad Edition: This iPad App can let you keep track of stocks, bonds, futures, options, mutual funds and more on something like 50 exchanges. It also features technical charts!

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==== ==== iOS and Android Apps : Retro, New ,FPS,Games and More ==== ====

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