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This month we not only interviewed some amazing cosplayers but we also spoke to Spanish photographer Jesus Clares who lives in Madrid, Spain. We chatted with him about his cosplay work and firstly asked him how he got into cosplay photography...

the next day and I took a bunch of pictures. Since that day, I never miss a convention in Madrid. I made very good friends there and I sometimes do photo shoots in other locations.

players and friends.

How many cosplayers have you photographed?

Welcome to Live Magazine - tell us how you got into Cosplay photography?

A lot! I usually take pictures of lots of cosplayers at the events. I always try to take pictures of costumes I like, costumes that are well made from my point of view.

Nowadays there are at least four important conventions in Madrid. I attend all of them. I could say Expomanga is my favourite one. I’d also like to attend “Salón del Manga” in Barcelona the next year as it’s the biggest event in Spain.

Cosplay events are held in a place near home, so I found about cosplay by chance. One day I was driving my car and I saw a lot of young people wearing costumes. Back then I

When I make photo shoots away from the events I usually work with a more professional and limited group

Do you go to many of the cosplay events and which ones are your favourites?

Tell us how you go about doing a photo shoot of a cosplayer - how do you plan it, Who comes up with the ideas?

“I ALWAYS ASK THE COSPLAYER TO GIVE ME SOME INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHARACTER TO THINK ABOUT THE POSES AND THE KIND OF PICTURES THEY WANT.” was looking for models to practice my photography skills and I thought they could be interested in posing for me. So I attended the convention

of cosplayers and I also take commissions if anyone is interested. I must specially mention Nebulaluben & Erikku-kun, a couple of great cos-

I always ask the cosplayer to give me some information about the character to think about the poses and the kind of pictures they want.

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January LIVE Magazine  

All things gaming! Video games, Cosplay, Anime, Manga, Figurines & TONS more!

January LIVE Magazine  

All things gaming! Video games, Cosplay, Anime, Manga, Figurines & TONS more!