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Журнал для взрослых, которым небезразлично, во что играют дети

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The amazing

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The magazine for the creators, produsers and sellers of games and toys

Konik Ltd. is a wholesale distributor of toys, games and children’s goods on the Russian Toy Market. Working since 2003 in that area we have grown into a strong and reliable company supplying over 700 clients with about 2000 retail stores in over 120 cities all around Russia. Konik Ltd. has offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and representatives in Yekaterinburg. Over the years we have built stable relations with our partners from around Europe, North America and Asia.

We’re proud to say that we’re currently representing seventeen amazing brands from around the globe as their exclusive wholesale distributors on the territory of Russia. Konik Ltd. constantly grows and develops, thus we’re always open to new business partners.

Konik Ltd. Moscow office: 2nd entrance, 29/1, Skotoprogonnaya st., 109029, Moscow, Russia Phone: +7 (495) 739-00-57 Fax: +7 (495) 671-39-01 E-mail:

Konik Ltd. Saint-Petersburg office: Midel Business Center, Pesochnaya nab. 42/2 Lit A, 197022, St.-Petersburg, Russia Phone: +7 (812) 740 63 68 Fax: +7 (812) 740 62 51 E-mail:

Konik Ltd. is your key to success on the Russian Toy Market! For more information please contact us: OUR current PARTNERS: your logo could be here


Dear colleagues!


would like to welcome You on the pages of our advertising edition «Games and Toys. Guide«. This magazine logically continues our main informational background «Games and Toys». Many of You have known «Games and Toys» already, although it has been publishing from the beginning of 2012. This magazine is unique, because it is the only Russian edition, which tells a wide range of readers about games and toys and has an educational mission. The «Games and Toys» magazine is for mass readers (from manufacturers to consumers through specialists’ opinion), but the edition you are keeping is for business sector (manufacturers — sellers — customers). Forming a positive image for yours goods, describing its advantages and particular qualities in The «Games and Toys» magazine, You are getting the retail demand that causes the interest of a business partners. And now You can use the opportunities of «Games and Toys. Guide», that is produced for trade fairs and exhibitions, where it is spread for free both print and elec-

tronic version (subscribers and partners data bases). We invite You to find more about our edition and to take part in creating the future issues of the magazine. More we carry on cooperation — more opportunities You have to announce about your business.

Attention! Special offer for advertisers! Placing the advertising material in the «Games and Toys. Guide» magazine, that will published for the biggest fair in the Russian Federation International Trade Fair for our Children’s World «Toys & Kids Russia 2013» on 13–15 of March 2013 (the magazine will be published in Russian language) — we offer You 20% sale on placing an advertisement module in the Spesial issue of in the «Games and Toys. Guide» magazine, that will published for Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair — 2014 in English (min module size 1/1(A4) 200х280 mm). The offer available only till the 1st of March 2013.

Alla Romanova, chief editor


3 This magazine is for You A. Romanova. 5 I’ve always liked the toys




6 Spielwarenmesse eG «International toy fair-2013» Welcome to the biggest in Russia children products showcase

10 LLC «Ratnik»


Moscow State «Play 12 and Toys» psychology and education research Centre Tricster 14 15

Vice editor Ekaterina Alekseyonok

Intellectual toy 18 «Free choice of the strategy»


20 Mir detstva and CJF SportLand 21 22 LLS «Toys» Digital World 23 25

Slippers-toys 26 27 Gporider 29 Romana Recreation and Sports, Equipment Plant, Babytime

33 Alisa. Angry Birds

The head of the project Mihail Zholudev Chief editor Alla Romanova

16 Skanbol «Shoot the pellet, hit the target»

24 Winx Club

Editorial staff

Unique skill-trainers 28


Gifts expo. Christmas 32 and Festive Decorations 34

Segment. Russian Branch 34 Portal of Toys Industry 2 • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 2013

Art-director Mikhail Rulkov Production editor Svetlana Vishnikina Corrector Sofiya Noman Secretary Anastasia Nikiforova Advertisement department Dmitriy Zhdanov, Anton Sokolov, Ksenia Podzolko Phone. +7 (495) 220-53-27, e-mail: Address: Office 102, bld 2, 5th Kabelnaya str., Moscow For the letters: CJSC «Altair» for LLC «KPFT» The «Games and Toys» Magazine Printed in The «Printall» printing office

This magazine is for You! The «Games and Toys» is an exiting colorful edition. You will find the specialists’ advice and the experts conclusions on it’s pages, interesting information from the journalists and readers’ comments, masterclasses on making toys and carnival costumes and also reviews on fairs and events and other interesting and useful information about games and toys. We write simple and clear: l about history of toys and games, about new goods produced by Russian and foreign manufactures. l about the right choice of games and toys, that won’t bring harm on health and psychological and cultural developing. l about the promotion of Russian production of toys and games and raising the civilized toy market in the Russian Federation. l about marketing researches.

The «Games and Toys» magazine: l involve business representatives in the discussion of the problems connected with the quality of children’s goods l forms the positive image of Russian manufactures of games and toys industry. l advertises new games and toys, in priority native production. The audience of the magazine: professionals , working in toy and goods for children industry, specialists in the sphere of children’s physiology and education, kindergartners teachers and parents.



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ал дл Fast subscribe call

+7 985 220-53-27

i n t e rvi e w

Today we publish the interview with Alla Romanova, where she tells us how the idea of creating the magazine for adults about games and toys for children was born.

Alla Romanova, the chief editor of «Games and Toys» Magazine

I 've always liked

the toys

— Alla, why did You decide to create a magazine about games and toys? — Usually, creative people have an idea on impulse: first, bright experience, then the awaking of desire to do something with it and, finally, thoughts and imagines form a real implementation. That what happened with The «Games and Toys» Magazine. In those times I was the chief editor of the magazine about playing activities of preschool and junior school addressed to parents and teachers. Besides my responsibilities include visiting events, fairs and exhibitions, connected with games, where I could met our targeted audience. Once, visiting on of the toy fairs, I realize that the segment is very poor represented in mass media. So I came to the conclusion, that dealing with my favorite topic (I like toys

very much), I actually can satisfy the readers’ needs. — Who is the editor of The «Games and Toys» Magazine? — The founder and editor of the magazine is LLS «KPFT», The Corporate Law and Financial Technologies. The company is functioning on a law services market. The general sponsor — CJSA «NPO Space Instrumentation». — Tell us more about the «Games and Toys» Magazine. — There is no printed magazines the main theme of which was games and toys. Our magazine is the ground for a wide reader. In our magazine You can get acquainted with the producers' offers, hear the opinion of the specialists (doctors, philologists and teachers) and also learn about the experience of mums, dads, grandparents and others, who cares what children are playing in.

4 • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 2013

— It is usually written about toys for children, but are modern teenagers playing anything but computer games? — I would like to pay your attention on the age categories — from 0 to 14 years. We speak about games and toys for all ages, not only for little children. The school year children actually prefer less movement games — computer and video games. Specialists are worried about this fact and the producers know it: in the pilot issue of our magazine we wrote about «Slingers» games. It is hard for usual toys to resist the interactive world of High-Tech, so the producers have to move virtual world into reality using the methods from computer games. In this way mobile video games also arouse the interest — read about the console Xbox 360 in our magazine.

i n t e rvi e w

— Are You planning entering the Internet? — Talking about selling the edition in electron version, of course, cause some of the readers prefer buying the magazines staying at home. If You mean the site, we have it —, come to see it. There You can closer acquaint with our edition, meet our command — people, who make this beautiful and interesting magazine, learn more about our authors and partners, read how to become our author and where to buy the magazine. We also begin to create the groups in the social networks, cause there are so many themes to discuss. For example, You know, there are plush microbes on the toy market? If a military toy provokes the aggressiveness? How You should perceive a toy bed for tortures? And what do specialist and parents think about it? — Where do You distribute the magazine? — The magazines are available in the hypermarkets «NASH» concerning to «The 7-th continent», in supermarkets «METRO», press shops, near the metro stations. The «Games and Toys» is also sold in other cities: St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Bryansk, Kursk, Kaluga, Izhevsk, Cheboksary, Smolensk. We believe in the success of our edition, because it is made and distributed by the professionals. You can subscribe for the magazine in any mail departure. The index in the «Rospechat» catalogue — 81158. You can buy the new issues of the magazine and the previous ones on the subscribe, more information on our site — Can You say that you've managed to realize the conception, after all it is the fifths issue that comes out? — There are no limits for the perfection! I am upgrading something all the time. Although, relying on the readers comments, we created the beautiful, and, what is very important, informative magazine.

I have plenty ideas and interesting conceptions, I need only time! We are open to partnership and are ready not only to cover various events of our partners, connected with games and toys, but participate, and of course, with the help of sponsors and not indifferent colleagues to organize our own events. — Have You learned something as a parent during the process of preparing the materials for the magazine? — I've always liked toys and now, working on a next issue, I learn o lot of interesting facts. If the magazine like that was published 20 years ago when my daughter was born, I had subscribed it for sure. My colleges with little children read each magazine with interest and save the issues, collecting the bibliotheca with interesting information about games and toys. On each article in the column «Play or not» we get a great number of comments. In the pilot magazine we wrote the article «Liver is not a toy for children». In the next issues we present for the discussion themes about microbes, rebornes and military toys. — Is there a chance that later the magazines will become the

catalog about Barbie and computer games news? — It is impossible to develop the magazine without the advertisement, but I really try to make it interesting and useful for our readers, for example we publish info-advertising articles instead of module. Besides, we published info-advertising magazine «Games and Toys. Guide». It appears twice a year special for the biggest branch fairs. This magazine is for the producers and sellers. It has free distribution on the exhibitions and fairs, also it is send in e-version to the subscribers, including educational institutions and of course to partners and advertisers. — You are the member of ACGI, cooperate with different experts organizations. What is the idea of this partnership? — ACGI — Association of games industry — is a social organization, uniting professional community in the sphere of creating, producing and selling goods for children. I think than being in the movement in your field is the responsibility of any mass media. We are getting the news from the first hands. On the listenings of the commitment of informational politics and communications ACGI a very interesting questions are rising and the representatives of mass media can participate in the association's events. We try to cooperate with the centers of children's games and toys research, because an opinion of the specialists in psychology-educational research is very important for us. In the issues ,that are already available for our readers we offer the materials of «Play and Toys» research Centre of the University of Psychology & Education. And this is our responsibility to the readers. In the conclusion I would like to say, that our magazine is for adults about children's games and toys. So we invite for partnership everybody who cares what children are playing in! The interview by Anastasia Kozireva • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 5


Spielwarenmesse eG ...connecting the toy world


Toy Fair-2013

From January 30 to February 4, 2013 exhibition and marketing company «Spielwarenmesse eG» holds 64 International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair — the world's leading annual exhibition of games, hobbies and leisure activities.

OO Crafts, painting, art, stationery for children OO Technical and educational toys, active toys OO Trend products, goods for holidays and carnivals OO Sports and recreation, outdoor games OO Items for infants and young children


Statistics show in 2012:


OO 79 300 visitors from 114 countries OO 2 700 exhibitors from 63 countries OO Display area — more than 160 000 square meters OO More than 1 million items of goods, including 70 000 new products

Meccano and hobbies Dolls, toys, accessories Wooden toys, crafts, gifts Model railways and accessories Games, books, learning and experimenting, multimedia

6 • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 2013

Why it worth to visit: OO The presence of all major players in the industry of toys OO Combination of the prestigious manufacturers of products and mass production OO Unique combination of the presence of the huge supply of products, industry information and a supportive environment for business contacts OO Ideas for trade, increasing turnover in the highlights of the conference «Professional Exhibition» — official representative of «Spielwarenmesse eG» in Russia, invites you to attend Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair and ready to assist in the organization of your participation or visit, including visas, tickets to the exhibition room hotel, travel, translation services, and tour of Nuremberg. We are pleased to inform you that sale of e-tickets to the exhibition

is opened. Purchase pre-sale price — 35 euros for the whole period of the exhibition. To get tickets you have to fill out a registration form on our website ( in «to visitors» and send it to us via E-mail. On all the issues of participation and exhibition you can contact our managers in the official representation. More information can be found on the official website: Best regards, Professional Fairs Profsoyuznaya str. 23, office 4-03 RUS 117997 Moscow Tel.\fax +7 499 128 46 71 \ +7 499 500 02 15 • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 7

WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST IN RUSSIA The Key to the Russian Market Leading B2B-exhibition of products for children, games and toys, hobbies and leisure in Eastern Europe, focused exclusively on producers and distributors of children's products. The children's products industry meets in Moscow again 13–15 of March 2013 at the International Specialized Fair «Toys & Kids Russia», when the East European distributors and importers would like to make contacts with international manufacturers and find Western branded products. Besides toys, the event will present even more new products for kids, including baby and infant articles. «Toys & Kids Russia» in Moscow is the aspiring fair for toys and hobby products for Eastern Europe. The International Trade Fair provides toys and hobby products plus baby, outdoor, playground and sports articles. The event has established itself in the past years as the Russian toy industry’s most important fair. «Toys & Kids Russia» offers international companies the perfect opportunity to make key contacts in this aspiring market and so establish their own product spectrum.

The Best Reasons for Visiting 1. The steady growth rates of children’s products market open up excellent business prospects. 2. The international Trade Fair «Toys & Kids Russia» is a leading professional trade fair held in Russia. 3. The presence of all main Russian toy industry leaders attracts industry specialists that come to visit the fair. 4. «Toys & Kids Russia» is the best industry platform for the business cooperation. It pro8 • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 2013

vides unique opportunities for business communications and experience exchange. 5. The professional organization of the fair. 6. The venue — «Crocus Expo», the best exhibition centre in Eastern Europe 7. The support of industry associations, federal and regional industry ministries and authorities.

Main Facts Dates: 13–15 of March 2013 (Wednesday – Friday) Venue: Moscow, IEC «Crocus Expo», Pavilion 2, Halls 10-11 Size of exhibition area: 15,000 sq.m. (gross); 8,000 sq.m. (net) Exhibitors: 350 companies (300 — from Russia, 50 — from foreign countries) Visitors: over 10 000 specialists Opening hours: Wednesday to Thursday: 10 am — 6 pm; Friday: 10 am — 5 pm Exhibition type: Inernational trade fair, B2B Admission policy: Only for the registered visitors (specialists). The minors under 16 are not allowed Organizer: RNTA Expo company (CJSC) established jointly by the Russian National Toy Association (RNTA) and Spielwarenmesse eG, organizer of the biggest Toy Fair in Nurnberg, Germany.

Visitor Information At «Toys & Kids Russia» traders, buyers and importers from the aspiring markets find Western brand producers and a broad spectrum of local manufacturers for the strongly growing demand. Besides toys, hobby products and articles for babies and infants, the event offers a broad portfolio of children’s furniture and outdoor, playground and sports articles. «Toys & Kids Russia» offers the ideal platform for the obtaining a survey of the products offered on the mar-

CHILDREN PRODUCTS SHOWCASE! ket in one of the most aspiring countries and to see established products at the same time. Visitor Registration Please note that persons under 16 years old are not admitted to the fair halls. You must also register as a trade visitor, which you can do on arrival by showing your business card or conveniently in advance on the Internet. Admission Prices With E-Ticket (received after registration via site — free With the invitation card — free after the registration on the registration desk Without the invitation card: 500 roubles at the ticket desk on arrival

Highlights: International Pavilion World of Toys, submitted by the organizer of the world's largest fair of the games, toys and hobbies in Nuremberg (Germany) by Spielwarenmesse eG, traditionally combines the world's leading manufacturers of children's products, offered at the Russian market high quality products. ChildProm Russia — Russian manufacturers exposure of children's products from various regions of Russia on 250 square meters. New products center What's New! performs the most important function at the Fair: the successful introduction of the new products and main year trends and guaranteed attention attraction of the visitors target groups — buyers, dealers, distributors, and special press attention. Business Forum — daily professional knowledge submission on

current industry topics; enable industry professionals, sales representatives and distributors to update their market knowledge and get invaluable advice from the industry experts. Retail Forum — the key event of the Business program — hot discussion about the relevant topics of civilized retail trade in Russia, current issues interaction «Supplier — Retail» and practical aspects theme of retail market. Retail Center — every day of three days exhibition — will create all necessary conditions for direct negotiation sessions buyers of retail chains with potential suppliers for the most effective and targeted partners searching. The most important representatives confirmed their participation of the retail industry.

RNTA Expo RNTA Expo is an exhibition organising company and a joint company of Spielwarenmesse eG and the Russian National Toy Association RNTA. RNTA Expo therefore combines profound knowledge of the Russian market with the know-how of the world’s biggest organiser of toy fairs. Through the Russian National Toy Association, RNTA Expo has close contact with the government, for example the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and with the Russian toy industry and so ensures a selective approach to the right visitor target groups interested in import. In addition, Spielwarenmesse eG possesses sound knowledge and the industry know-how in the organisation of fairs and events.

RNTA Expo therefore unites two powerful partners, which ideally complement each other. For further information about RNTA Expo, visit website at For further information about Spielwarenmesse eG, visit website at • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 9

LLC “Ratnik” offers you a wide range of actable ethnic armours and armaments for children. Our items are produced from original designs. All the products are made of precious wood, natural leather and nonferrous metals which makes them high quality toys and perfect gifts. All the sharp-ended parts of the armoury are made of wood and foamed polyurethane for health and safety reasons. All items are genuine, unique, handierafted and make great presents for any occasion. “Treat your boy to something special.” LLC «Ratnic» — The heroes' armors and ерic ancient warriors' equipment for the little men The consultations about the availability and orders call +7 (495) 999-78-46 Offers for the cooperating call +7 (916) 157-81-96

Moscow State «Play and Toys» psychology & education research Centre The main tasks of our work: Rebirth of the game value for children Popularization of the knowledge about a child's developing Creation the orienteers in the choice of games for children of different ages Drawing of attraction for the best producers and raising the level of toys' quality The Centre's specialists are the command of practical psychologists and educators, Candidates and Doctors of Science. We examine: The attractiveness of playing with the toy for a child Psychological safety of the toy Educational potential of the game actions The strength of a toy and it’s quality

The examine is voluntary and non-regulatory. The information about the toys that have got high results in the examination is published on the website According to the results we create the catalog «The best games and toys» in printed and e-version Annually we organize the awarding ceremony «The toy of a year — Child Psychologists recommended»

Office 411, 4th floor, 29 Sretenka st., Moscow +7 (495) 625-37-52 e-mail:

According to the results of the examination the toy can be awarded with the sign of quality «Child Psychologists recommended»

Corporate Legal and Financial Technologies Management

Your merchandise on the Russian market

� Consulting FDI in the Russian market, including complete support of your branch on the foreign territory. � Throughout analysis of the Russian market for product placement of your merchandise (services, products, investments, etc.). � Complete assistance in sourcing partners, distributors and clients on the territory of the Russian Federation. � Legal assistance — selection of the optimal form of presence on the Russian market (subsidiary company, representative office, joint enterprise etc.). � Assistance with registration of your branch in any form of ownership, including enterprises with foreign investments. � Complex assistance in the conduct of financial and economic activity of your organization on the territory of the Russian Federation: from staff training and adaptation, to subdivision’s management including accounting and legal support, representation in state departments, and assistance in solving any problems occurred with state departments, commercial and non-commercial organizations, banks, etc.

LLC «KPFM» — founder and publisher of the magazine «Games and Toys» Corporate Legal and Financial Technologies Management

LLC «KPFM» is:

your guide in solving «difficult/specific» business problems � solution of complex, non-standard, «unsolvable» problems touching various aspects of business activity your guarantee in legal services and security � assistance of professional lawyers when dealing with law-enforcement departments or Prosecutor's office � protection from criminal prosecution for alleged taxing and other economic crimes � representation of your interests in all legal courts � legal consulting, contracts expertise with respect to domestic laws and regulations � assistance with legal entities registration and reorganization � assistance with liquidation of legal entities � arbitration � accounting assistance � audit services

+7 925 772-10-04, +7 495 792-55-59,

Skanbol – Shoot the pellet, hit the target!

Skanbol LLC is the Russian company which makes the cheerful and useful games «Skanbol». «Shoot the pellet, hit the target» — here the game motto! Children and parents, at home, outdoors, in office. Simply insert pellet into a tube and… fire! Shoot on targets, beat rivals! For adults this game is a great option for collective game at any party. Just stick images of your officers or your rivals on the target, and whole office turns into avid shooters! And if you want to make original present to someone, we will take all your wishes and will make games for the most refined taste.

All rights reserved. Tel. +7 495 774 81 74 E-mail:

P r o d uc e r s o ff e r

Intellectual toy – free choice of the strategy!

The mention of a brain-teaser is often associating with different kinds of puzzles, connects LEGO, «Squares», or Rubik's cube. Nowadays there is a line of mechanical brain-teasers: their authors rack brains about the creation of a game that can make the generations puzzle. In the issue we want tell You about one of these authors and his creation.


Games of The «RosCreative» company won the Gold Medal on The International Fair of educational games.

he brain-teasers are equal to heighten a child’s interest in studies, especially in Mathematics. They develop mental speed, attentiveness and insistence. These intelligent games form individual, flexible mind, that will help children to find original solutions in a real situations. Solving the teaser stimulates visuomotor coordination and motor skills of a child. The tasks exercise the logic, the headpiece and the ability to analyze a situation. The intelligent games influence a lot on an attention, remembrance, spatial intelligence,

1 8 • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 2013

commitment to make a complex decision and finding a strategy. Well, to manage with a puzzle, a child needs to imagine the result, matching it with the accomplished aims and remember different combinations, ways and form. The freedom in choosing the strategy makes achild feel independent. The mechanical manipulator, represented by Valeriy Rudenko’s «clever toys» take up a special place in the brain-teasers’ world. There is a heuristic algorithm in the foundation of the Russian inventor-engineer’s creation. It helps children to learn how to

P r o d uc e r s o ff e r

manipulate different checks, putting them into the right slots. So, the variability of thinking is developing during the searching of the only solution. Each game has several levels of the difficulty, the variety of tasks and unique algorithms, which includes the range of logical steps. After all of them are done orderly, there will be the result. The searching of that algorithm develops a child’s coordination, imagination and motility. The brain-teasers, producing by The «RosCreative» Company and worked out by Valeriy Rudenko are pocket size, safe plastic and bright attractive designed. All the parts of a puzzle are fixed on a special panel, that You can take on a trip. There are the series called «Rudenko’s Mosaic» with different plots аmong the games. You can collect different pictures manipulating with the slots and following the rules. For example, «Multicolored Mosaic» offers a player to make a pattern, moving the checks through special slots. This teaser will be a great trainer for a little fingers. In the «Slot Mosaic» You can collect a patterns in different colors or a funny pictures, just turning over the puzzle.

Even if a puzzle seems easy, it is better to get acquainted with it together parents and children. It allows to appraise the level of a child’s understanding, but also increases the connection between You and your child. «The Arms of the Victory» will be a great gift for a child. The aim of the game is to get the picture of the military equipment. It is necessary to be patient and attentive to put all the parts of the mosaic on the proper place. Especially for girls, We represent «Change Places» — the aim is to change places a girl Mary and a boy John. «The Cathedral of St. Vasily the Blessed Mosaic» — is the unique toy and a great present. You have a possibility to gather a picture of the world famous Pokrovsky Cathedral, that marks the geometric center of Moscow. As most of the Rudenko’s puzzles, it is reversible.

«The Cars Mosaic» consists of 16 parts, each of them is a fragment of the whole picture. Following the rules, you should first build the cars that are driving from Moscow to St.-Petesburg and then change their direction. All that brain teasers are not only a fancy pictures, but an exciting trainers for combinatorial ability, memory, imagination, logic and spatial intelligence! They won the gold medal on the International Fair of Games for brains. «RosCreative» firm started getting offers from foreign companies to purchase licenses for the production of V. Rudenko puzzlegames. About other fascinating games produced by «RosCreative» company You can read in our next magazine! Julia Evteeva

«RosCreative» Phone.: 8 (4967) 54-29-79; 54-38-01; 54-16-98 Fax: 8 (4967) 65-44-36; 54-29-79 Web: E-mail: • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 1 9

LLC «Toys»

Good toys should be lasting and convenient. Such toys will be with a child for a long time, for the months and years, staying useful and interesting. Favorite toys will become a kind friends for a baby. Our toys are made from a native materials by Russian producers. LLC «Toys» exists for more than twenty years. During this years it has become a prize winner of local and international fairs.

Semen Sеreda street, 29, Ryazan 390005 Phone number: (4912) 96-34–65; 8-910-500-54-84 www., e-mail:

„The Future and Trends in the Digital Society – How Companies Must Act Now“

Keynote-Speaker Sascha Lobo

4th February 2013

Your Guide to the Internet You are planning an online shop? You are already doing business online, but want to have more customers on your platform? How do you use social media the right way? How do you create customer loyalty with meaningful content? Learn how to use the virtual world in the optimum way for your company at the Global Toy Conference. Tickets and programme on

Bottles and thermoses Sets for creation

Perfume Dolls Flashlights Cosmetics Lamps Household appliances Bedclothing and more with WinxClub


Collection for a fashionista and accessories

Collection for school and office supplies

The official distributor and importer of goods of the most popular Russian brand — WinxClub We offer only licensed and certificated production, what means SAFE for your children!

SlippersSlippers-toys will take off both the children’s and their parents’ feet. Well, we all are the children in our souls. The slippers are made of the soft material inside — so they are so comfortable to wear that there is no desire to take them off. The eyes, noses and smiles are always handmade. That is why all slippers have the individual expression, unique as your own character. We have any and all slippers of the undersize. We don’t use the toxic materials, so the slippers and toys are absolutely safe for your children. Our production are certificated by All Union State Standard. We aspire to create the qualitative and interesting goods, that will bring joy for the owners. Wear with pleasure! Contacts: Fast connection: 8-800-700-99-15 Free calling from any part of Russian Federation! e-mail: Our address: Dobrolubova st., 4, Miass city, Chelyabinskiy region, 456320 Phone +7 (3513) 52-79-86

Unique skill-trainers Write-It-Right & Write-It-Left help children over 2 ½ years old to master the absolutely correct slant of the pencil or pen and the correct finger position during writing, as well as solving three problems:

1. Clarity: the child learns to write clearly and beautifully 2. Speed: the child learns to write quickly 3. Fatigue: the hand does not tire when writing for a long time

2 8 • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 2013


rre ct


-h and co writing


ht for rig


rl in ef t -hand writ


rig i ht-hand writ

The effective distribution of games and toys from the international producers on the Russian market w w w. i - i g r u s h k i . r u

Te l . + 7 4 9 5 2 2 0 - 5 3 - 2 7 • g a m e s a n d t o y s . G U I DE • 2 9

Ad placement in «Games and Toys» magazine Available ad placement in our magazine:

Discounts and offers:


Price, EUR





Our discounts are formed by adding all the client’s ads in one year per



1–2 ads — 5%





Elite ad placement:

3–4 ads — 10% 5–8 ads — 15% 9–12 ads — 17%


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2nd page cover


2nd page cover spread out


3rd page cover


1/2 year contract — 10%

3rd page cover spread out


4th page cover


Special offers for long-term partners!

More than 12 adds — 20% For advertisement agencies One year contract — 15%

Pagesize, in mm 1/4

53х225; 200х73 (+5 ммon both sides)


200х90; 68х280 (+5 ммon both sides)


200х138; 98х280 (+5 ммon both sides)


200х280 (cutout format)

Layout technical requirements: l TIFF fileswith resolution of 300 dpi, l EPS fileswith fonts set to italic type.

Marketing and Distribution department Phone: +7 (495) 220-53-27 Phone/fax: +7 (495) 647-49-58 e-mail:

We are located at: Moscow, 5th Kabelnaya street, bld. 2, office 102

Publication Size — 60Х84 1/8, 200Х280 mm 4+4 — text, gloss 80 grams Lining — 96 pages 4+4 — cover — 170 grams gloss Magazines per Year 6 magazines / year Circulation 10 000 copies Distribution We distribute our magazine by subscription, as well as through specialized agencies throughout Russia, like trade networks, exhibitions on special stands, at events where we can find our target audience. Also we spread it through online resources (the site of the journal, e-commerce).

Advertising in «Games and Toys. Guide» The magazine «Games and Toys. Guide» has been publishing from 2012, it became the continuation of the magazine “Games and Toys”, which issued in the same year intended for a wide readership.

FROM PRODUCER TO CUSTOMER, THROUGH THE OPINIONS OF SPECIALISTS – it is the mission of a new magazine «Games and Toys». The formation of customers’ demand – that is what necessary for producers first of all, and we are promoting goods, which we offer in our columns, into the crowds actively. There is a belief, that retails, distributors and other representatives of industry market must see the advertising of producer first of all, but demand depends of customers, and your customers are the readers of the magazine for adults about child games and toys, the only one in Russia. FROM PRODUCER TO DISTRIBUTER AND SALESMAN – we took care of you, our advertisers, and we published one more magazine “Games and Toys. Guide”, the magazine for producers and salesmen of games and toys. The main aim of this edition is to help market participants of games and toys for children present their production to special audience widely and particularly, and allow every marketing companies to find their own producer and supplier.

The size of advertising module

Price, EUR

2,3 cover + logo on the 1st cover


1,4 cover + logo on the 1st cover


Broadside of magazine (format A4)


1/2 of broadside


1/3 of broadside


1/4 of broadside


Logo on the 1st cover


Marketing and Distribution department Phone: +7 (495) 220-53-27 Phone/fax: +7 (495) 647-49-58 e-mail:

We are located at: Moscow, 5th Kabelnaya street, bld. 2, office 102

EDITION «GAMES AND TOYS. GUIDE» • Cutting page size: 200x280 • Own cover 4+4 • Content 64 broadsides • Printing: colorful, 60 gr • Circulation 5000 copies • Periodicity – 2 times a year DISTRIBUTION (FREE) • Own base of subscribers on d/u • Distribution on exhibitions • To our advertisers If you haven’t advertising Model, our designers are ready to make it. Making a model on a base of your materials, extra 1000 rub.

Attention! Special contracts on advertising in the magazine «Games and Toys» for advertisers of magazine «Games and Toys. Guide»!

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