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Thanks to their structure, Arena matches usually devolve into tense strafing matches as the tornado closes in around the capture node.

understatement. Simply put, ShootMania is an antidote to the modern fascination with over complication and monetisation of online shooter development. ID never bothered you to buy DLC for Doom or Quake and neither do Nadeo. Their shooter will be transformed by bulky environmental expansions in the future, if TrackMania 2’s track record is anything to go by, but the French studio seem committed to allowing gamers to do almost whatever they want with their work. Nadeo deserve credit for their faith in the increasingly demonised PC community and they’ve even opened up ShootMania’s Beta to free for fans to experiment with before its launch in April.

Make no mistake, ShootMania Storm isn’t perfect. There are the needlessly confusing ManiaPlanet community hub, and unstable patches breaking server scripts controlling map lists and customisation plug-ins, but overall its design is still a breath of fresh air. If ShootMania becomes the multiplayer phenomenon that it has the potential to be then we could see a new breed of retro shooters call back to the multiplayer genre’s earliest beginnings and in our opinion that would be a good thing. It’s time for disenfranchised deathmatch fans to retake the genre which made online gaming so popular. Viva la Résistance!

FirstLook Videogames Magazine Issue 3  
FirstLook Videogames Magazine Issue 3  

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