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Why ShootMania cou take the FPS world b L

ike many thousands of gamers nowadays, we find ourselves increasingly being turned off by the direction many modern-day shooters are going with regards to competitive multiplayer. In days gone by we used to cherish our time killing counter-terrorists on CS_747, insta-gibbing fellow players in Quake 3: Arena and clashing sabres with fellow Jedi in Star Wars: Dark Forces II’s Oasis map. In these perfectly balanced online arenas, there wasn’t any need for silly modern obsessions like character progression, weapon unlocks, or killstreak bonuses to

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incentivise long-term play. Instead it was the relative simplicity and replayability associated with shooting the other guy before he or she got you which became the only (yet very powerful) draw. There wasn’t any need to ‘rank-up’ to get more gear or involved with players abusing one another for using cheap weapons like the grenade launcher, instead when victory did occur it felt pure and absolute. It was only skill that determined the victor and there was a power implicit to that eternal truth. This competitive simplicity has evaporated from the vast majority of online

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