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there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when compared with other more creative simulation titles, Cities in Motion 2 can feel a bit too true-to-life for its own good. Colossal Order’s seven-strong dev team has also done all they can to adopt feedback from the first game into this one, so expect more

“There aren’t any vacuum tubes a la Futurama or anything like that” graphs and data layers than the original game, as well as the ability to place down depots wherever you wish, so you can judge the optimum stop route for your buses. We suspect establishing underground train routes and placing down airports remains an important part of Cities in Motion 2’s end-game, but it would be nice if

there was a more surprising solution to modern day traffic congestion Blimps anyone? The Career mode will still be scenario-based, with the sequel boasting 12 different challenges straight out of the box, but there will be a sandbox mode for players to just mess around. The developers have even chucked in multiple city creation tools so players can terraform land masses and base layouts on real-world cities to share online. Other new inclusions centre around multiplayer, with competitive and co-op modes teased but not yet detailed. Cities in Motion 2 is undoubtedly a different kind of simulation to SimCity. Nevertheless we suspect a lot of fans burnt by Maxis’ recent misstep will enjoy this series’ Click here for up-to-date ambitious new prices and offers now! direction. All aboard!


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