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Cities in Motion 2 boasts more data layers and graphs than you can shake an irate pensioner at while waiting for a bus.

We’ve been on a lot of ferries, but none of them were as nice as this one.

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roads without being wary of a new transport technology emerging in just a few in-game years. This change in approach is only possible with the game’s significantly enhanced engine, which means that cities now dynamically grow in accordance with the coverage of your transport network. The more efficient your service is, the more people, businesses and services will go to that respective city, offering players a visual representation of their success. City regions have also been enlarged to 8km x 8km, which is four times bigger than the original. Due to the modern-day setting the modes of transport aren’t too extravagant, though. There aren’t any vacuum tubes a la Futurama or anything like that, instead Cities of Motion 2’s transport options stay well within the realms of reality with five different forms to choose from – trams, busses, trolleybusses, metro-trains and ferries. Obviously

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