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them to their deaths for good of a much larger strategic plan. To show off this new side of this acclaimed strategy franchise, we were shown one of the standalone historical battles based on the Roman Empire’s infamous defeat at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. This standalone battle, which is able to be played independent of the campaign, was prefaced by a gloomy cut-scene showing the deranged Caesar Augustus screaming out to the heavens, “Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!” before the camera

swooped into the sky and panned back down, centring on a member of the Roman legion marching singlefile in a desolate forest while

“Germania’s Barbarian horde watched silently, waiting for the perfect moment to strike” Germania’s barbarian horde watched, silently waiting for the perfect


On the pre-battle formation screen players will be able to drop down deployable weapons and defensive structures such as sharp stone beds to slow down infantry travel, sharp caltrops to impede cavalry charges and giant flaming boulders to fling at marching infantry. These are just some of the options available to Generals, but they are part of a wider effect to make planning for battles more important in Total War: Rome II. The odd staples of heavy and light infantry tying together with archer attacks and cavalry charges rings true, but deployables offer a new dimension for Generals to surprise their enemies.

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