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Despite sporting a new ‘piratey’ setting, Assassin’s Creed IV still boasts an elaborate collection of gadgets and weapons, allowing players to toy with their prey.

even the marooning of Charles Vane. Real-life pirates even come out to play with the most infamous of them all, Blackbeard – who plays an integral role in the main story, though it’s yet to be known in what capacity. It’s the golden age of piracy that

“Past Assassin’s Creeds have taught us to stay weary of mediocre side-romps” Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is eager to unveil. Pirate fans should be excited for a game that seems focused more on exploration and treasure hunting than just a story to wind away the time. It’s open-world in a true way, but past Assassin’s Creeds have taught us to stay weary of mediocre side-romps that had lost fine-tuning in place for bountiful amounts of yawn-inducing

content. And with the unveiling of its next generation direction, Assassin’s Creed IV’s looks have yet to impress. It’s common ground, but only short demonstrations of gameplay were shown, resulting in a feeling that the game looks more end of a generation than next. Though early titles in a new console’s cycle always look a bit iffy, it’s Black Flag’s sheer scale that impresses. It looks good but isn’t dropping jaws, which is for a new entry in the usually gorgeous Assassin’s Creed series is a new issue for the property. The yearly franchise has such a specific and familiar formula now that the idea of running around another city and doing the same odd jobs feels almost tiring. There’s a lot yet to be unveiled, and if Black Flag switches up AC’s ageing gameplay, then it could be the Click here for up-to-date last hurrah of this prices and offers now! generation.


FirstLook Videogames Magazine Issue 3  
FirstLook Videogames Magazine Issue 3  

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