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White Paper


1. Executive Summary 4 2. Abstract 5 3. The market in which we operate: Global statistics 7 4. Current status on Multiplayer online games 8 5. Viewers watching others playing games 9 6. A new way to monetize your Gaming experience 11 a. Underage Players b. Coins and Tokens c. Tournaments for all major games d. Bounty Hunting e. Wallets, Transactions and Payouts 7. Platform structure 13 a. Blockchain b. Smart Contracts c. Add on for each game d. Smartphone Wallet e. Coin selling/buying f. Free Token shipping g. Coin Mining 8. Leaderboards 14 a. How we keep track of your progress 9. Business model of GamersCoin 16 a. How we generate revenue b. Distribution of Coins/Tokens c. Crypto Rewards for Streamers d. General referral programs 10. Team behind GamersCoin 20 a. Founders b. Advisors c. Strategic Partners 11. Corporate Setup 21 12. Pre ICO and ICO 22 a. Pre ICO b. ICO c. Distribution of Coins 13. Roadmap 24 14. Legal 26 15. Business plan summary 28 15. Disclaimer 30

Executive Summary GamersCoin will be the first Crypto Currency to revolutionize the Gaming market. With over 2,2 billion Gamers worldwide only a few thousand players generate an income playing Games.

We will make a wallet that makes it possible for minors to play games, and gain rewards where their parents can accept transfers for them into any currency.

GamersCoin will change all that for ALL players at ALL levels, by offering a FREE product, where the Gamer can Mine Coins, Play Freerolls to win coins and use that to win even more Gamers Coins. GamersCoin will be listed on multiple exchanges to make it easy and simple to change our GamersCoin into any other currency you want.

• We will make a referral system that benefits both the gamers, streamers and the game producers, who gets involved in GamersCoin. • We will make our platform to be interfaced with other systems to purchase goods and services, using the Coins earned. • We will always follow the compliant legislation that is given in the countries where we operate.

Gamers just need a Smartphone (iOS or Android) to setup their account and then link that to our plugin to the Games they love to play. Based on the Game format, GamersCoin will offer a multitude of Game Tournaments from beginner level to high stakes for the Pro’s. Initially we will focus on PC Gaming, then we will move on to integrate with Web Games, Mobile and Console Games eventually. This is the first time in history any Gamer can make the hours spend gaming into a real value. The experienced Gaming Team behind GamersCoin will make sure everyone is having their adrenalin pumping, when our Big Bounty Hunter tournaments begins. Here everyone has a price on their head, which grows as the tour- nament advances towards the finals with huge prices to be won.

Join GamersCoin and see how any Gamer with any skill level can build a huge bankroll


Abstract The global gaming markets now have grown to over 2,2 billion people, where only a small fraction of gamers generates an income. Now we introduce to you, where every Gamer can profit from playing what they love the most - Gaming. We aim to create tournament formats for all major games, with a variety of tournaments all custom made for each type of game. One of the most fun tournament formats will be Bounty Hunting, where there will be a price on everyone’s head. At the end of such a format, the price money can be huge on top of the tournament winnings. By introducing the concept of “Proof of Play”, our cryptocurrency will add additional value to your achievements while playing.

Proof of Play is our concept enabling you to make earnings that you will be able to port from the virtual gaming reality and into the real world, buying dinner, pay rent, buying your next game or help lending Tokens to your best friend. GamersCoin is a decentralized economy bringing both a Coin and a Token to the market. The coins can be mined and can potentially raise in value over time. The playable Tournament Tokens (can turn into real Coins if you win). Tokens is for increased security for the players, using smart contracts to identify the owner, as well as registering achievements and events to the Token holder.

incur financial rewards. The more games played, the more Gamers Coins will be brought into circulation. We will jumpstart this process, by setting up a mining pool of 94 million Coins (out of the hard cap of 200.000.000) and Gamers can use them to increase their bankroll and participate in larger scale tournaments. Interfacing with the datacenters from the most played games in the business, we will present achievements, as well as your instantly growing economy based on your in-game activities.

We want to create the most profitable player base in history by giving the gamers the opportunity to make earnings from their achievements that normally don’t



We will provide a Plugin inside the Game, that monitors the Gamers achievements, and a Smartphone Wallet, that is synchronized with the Game Plugin with real time Coin winnings, status and much more. We will initially begin on the PC platform and will over time expand to all other Gaming platforms where it is technically possible. By scaling the service from a beginner to a professional player, we will make incentives to earn Coins during play, depending on which game you play. We will launch service with a few of the most popular games on PC, then add multiple games over time to make sure we deliver the most exciting Gamer experience we can, eventually enabling all Gamers with the possibility to earn coins, being a good player on your level. Through our mining service, the Gamer can earn Coins to play tournaments increasing their GamersCoin bank roll.

Rewarding gamers on all levels, setting up a tournament structure – specially created for each game setup. As the Gamer increases their skills, they can participate in higher level tournaments. Achievements by introducing a financial ecosystem. Being allowed by individual gamers to compute data derived from their activities.


The market and industry

The global gaming market has been growing increasingly fast in the last decade, with e-sports becoming a major contributor to the growth of the Gaming sector. Gamers now amount to 2,2 Billion people on the planet, which in 2018 will generate revenue of 115,8 Billion USD. 2017 was the biggest year for digital games and interactive media ever! The new cross-platform digital games landscape, and the continued growth of new segments like e-sports, gaming video content, and virtual reality have led to a dynamic market that shows no signs of slowing. But as with all growing markets, the need for data and insights is great. Learn about the top games, the major advancements, and where these platforms are headed in this new year in review report. Some key take-aways:

A. One in three people on the planet (2.2B) play free-to-play games across PC and mobile platforms. Free-to-play games maintain their grip on the worldwide games market, generating $82B, og 89% accross mobile and PC markets. B. Consumers spent $14B more on Mobile Games in 2017. C. In 2016. Games such as Arena of Valor and Fantasy Westward Journey from Asian pub- lishers like Tencent and NetEase contributed to a 31% year-over-year growth for the worldwide mobile market. D. Premium PC title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was 2017’s breakout success, gener- ating $712M in revenue in just eight months. The title reinvigorated Gamers interest in the Battle Royale genre, paving the way for similar games like Fortnite and Knives Out.


The market and the industry E-sports generated $756M in revenue and is on track to become a billion-dollar business in 2018. Popular titles like League of Legends and Overwatch helped e-sports attract a sizable audience of 258M unique viewers. Price cuts on virtual reality (VR) headsets, and must-have content drove extended reality (XR) revenue up by 37% in 2017. Steep Oculus Rift price cuts boosted sales and allowed the headset to outsell HTC’s VIVE during the year. In the console space, PlayStation VR enjoyed positive momentum as gamers jumped at the chance to play major game franchises like Resident Evil and The Elder Scrolls in VR. Here is an overview of the global gaming market forecast from 2016-2020 from NewZoo divided into segments.

Current Platforms:

Steam Valve: Platform Developer Information from Open Sources General earnings amounted to $3.5 billion in 2016. Origin Electronic Arts The platform contributed to EA’s digital net revenue in 2016, which increased to $2,9 Billion. UPLAY Ubisoft Earned €729 million from their digital distribution, amounting to slightly more than half of all income of the company. Over the previous year, this indicator equaled 32%.

PC as the hub for Console games.

There are three reasons why PC as a hub for console games makes sense.: The PC and the mobile are both essential devices where the console isn’t. Mobile devices cannot bring the full console experiences to them. With the PC as a device on which players can customize their experiences to suit what they are playing; console games can make the leap to a platform people need to own. PC’s make it much easier to share content online. Though consoles do offer streaming services and channels, the ability to run a multi-screen setup, edit videos and release easily onto YouTube or Twitch means that PC Gaming has an advantage for players.

Kongregate Gamestop Corporation/MTG. The platform expects annual profits of $50 million for 2017. Acquired by MTG in 2017. GOG CD Project made profit in 2016 that reached $38 million.

Media companies embrace e-sports

Traditional media companies see e-sports as a new way to engage with millennials and make up for the aging viewer community around traditional sports. Many non-endemic sponsors are following in the slipstream of these initiatives.

PC users upgrade more naturally than console users do. The forthcoming PlayStation Neo and the updated Xbox One S have enraged some console fans, who fear they may need to fork out full price. Because many PC gamers regularly update hardware, console developers who shift to PC, may have fewer worries about resistance to upgrades. console developers who shift to PC may have fewer worries about resistance to upgrades.


Global Game Market Not only is the gaming sector on the rise, but the people watching others play is growing dramatically in the last few years. Over 666 million people watching GVC (Game Viewing Content) which is twice the amount of people living the United States. has 185 million viewers on GVC, this is more content viewing than HBO, Netflix, ESPN and HULU combined.

Viewers watching others play Games GVC = Gaming video content


A new way to monetize your Gaming experience As only about 1% of the global gaming community generates income by playing games (streaming, competitions, sponsors), we would like to offer both the Pro’s and the beginner a choice to turn their Gaming fun into Coins and build a bankroll and that’s why we built GamersCoin.

Underage Players

Hundreds of millions of children under 18 are playing online games. To support them, we have setup a GamersCoin Service, where they sign up and get Parents to approve the account, until the child gets over 18. The underage child is still the only Coin Wallet Owner, and if they wish to cash out their earned coins, the Parents need to sign off on the transaction until they reach the age of 18. Parents cannot sell their child’s coins at any time without their child’s approval.

Coins and Tokens

When you buy GamersCoins either through our ICO or via one of the exchanges we are listed on, you can always sell those Coins on any of the exchanges at any time. To make Coins, you can either invest in a tournament and win new coins or “mine” new Coins in the blockchain. In some cases, you can join a Freeroll for zero Coins and win Coins there as well. If you play a satellite tournament to join a higher priced tournament, you can select to unregister to the higher stakes tournament and “take the money” and they will be turned into Tournament Tokens. Tournament Tokens can be used to send to friends, receive from friends and be used to participate in any of our tournaments you choose. You can also use them to donate to your favorite streamer on If you win a price in a tournament, where buy-in was in Tokens, the price will be paid out in GamersCoins, which can be instantly sold on any exchange to any currency you wish.

Tournaments for all major games

We will initially aim to launch the service to the PC Gaming market and will select some of the Top 10 Games played currently for our launch. When we launch for a new Game, there will be multiple game levels, buy- in levels, and various types of tournaments to pick from. A. Freerolls (costs nothing to participate) to win Real Coins B. Small buy-in (regular format plus bounty hunting) C. Medium buy-in (regular format, plus Bounty Hunting). D. High buy-in (regular format, plus Bounty Hunting) E. Super High Stakes buy-in (regular format, plus Bounty Hunting). F. Satellite tournaments to higher stakes tournaments G. Weekly minimum guarantee tournaments (big price pool)

After first game has been in played for 30-60 days, we will analyze evaluate and optimize the system, and add new games to the mix, until we cover all major game titles eventually. Later we will also expand to other platforms, mobile, console and web-based games.

Bounty Hunting

The most fun and entertaining format of them all will be Bounty Hunters. Here you start the tournament with a bounty on your head, which is normally 25% of the buy-in. Let’s say this is a medium stake Bounty Hunter tournament, and the buy-in is 100 GamersCoins. 25 Coins will be awarded to the player that takes you out of the tournament. 50% of that will go directly to this persons Coin Account (12,5 Coins) and another 12,5 Coins on this persons own Bounty. His bounty will now be 37,5 Coins. So, in the end of a game with only a handful of players left, each player will have huge bounties on their heads and the excitement to take down a major bounty is exhilarating. If you win the tournament you both take down all the winnings of the tournament, plus all the bounties you managed to win during play and of course you also keep your own bounty on top. This concept is a proven concept from the world of poker and is one of the most exciting formats to play. But it has never been seen before in Games until GamersCoin.

Wallets, Transactions and Payouts

The wallet will be managed from your smartphone (iOS and Android devices) and will be synchronized with your PC plugin and GamersCoin account in real time. You will be able to see your Coins, how you got them, all your Tokens, plus friends list, add, edit, invite etc. You can also move your funds from the Wallet to a secure hardware Wallet Nano Ledger (off line). So, when you win Coins either through mining, winning bounties, winning top 10% in Tournaments, your smartphone will keep you updated with your current status at all times.

Transactions and Payouts

Through the App, we will enable you to sell or buy more coins via any of the exchanges we are listed on.

Global Games Market


Platform structure


GamersCoin is using the blockchain to make sure each transaction is 100% tamper free. Through the help of Miners, they will generate blocks to assure that each transaction is verified by hundreds within the GamersCoin community.

Smart Contracts

Tokens is provided with smart contracts, so a token must go through a process to exchange them into coins. This is typically achieved by joining a tournament and winning real coins there. They are also freely distributable to other players in our community, or it could be a donation to your favorite Twitch streamer.

Add on for each game

When a new player wishes to setup an account with GamersCoin, they need to install a small Plugin on the PC and install the Wallet on their Smartphone (iOS or Android). Then go through the synchronization process to link the Wallet to the PC Gaming Plugin and account.

Initial phase

As we initially begin with a few major PC games, we will create and release new Plugins depending on the specific Game structure. Some games will be similar, while others may differ. Later on other “plugins� might be necessary for Mobile, Web Based and Console Games.

Smartphone Wallet

The Smartphone Wallet will be your main Account handler, where you at all times can see your status, how many Coins, how many Tokens, and every transaction you made in and out of the account. You will also be able to follow stats in real time from your GamersCoin friends and you can bet on results within the App. Lastly you can use the App to invite friends to GamersCoin.


Leaderboards One of the features when using GamersCoin is that we keep track of your success, and you can always look up your status through the Smartphone Wallet App and see how well you are doing against other players (divided into low buy-in to High stakes buy-in) so you can be compared to other Gamers at your own skill level.

How we keep track of your progress We collect all statistical data while you play. A. Buy-in level B. Kills (depends on game format) C. Final Position (ITM – In the Money) D. Bounties earned (if any) All data is then daily aggregated and will give you a position # within your skill level compared to other Gamers playing the same game as you, which are GamersCoin players

Proof of Play Our Decentralized Network is the core of the proof of play. We do know at all time what coins or tokens were used, winnings, losses and general playing statistics to award each player correctly at all times.


Wallet Mobile wallet, observing and later betting

Mobile Wallet

The Smartphone Wallet will be your main Account handler, where you at all times can see your status, how many Coins, how many Tokens, and every transaction you made in and out of the account. You will also be able to follow stats in real time from your GamersCoin friends and you can bet on results within the App. Lastly you can use the App to invite friends to GamersCoin.

Sell or buy GamersCoins You can see the current price on the coin – real time updated from the exchanges we are listed on, and you can sell/buy your Coins. Plus of course status on where you won Coins and on which Tournaments and how much was regular winnings and what was Bounty Hunter winnings. On top of this – you can add, edit and delete friends.

Tournament overview

You can also see a list of current tournaments coming up, and can through the App invite friends in good time to join for a fun battle for Coins Tournament.

Free Token Transfers

If you have obtained Tokens, you can freely (at no charge) share tokens with friends or donate to streamers on Twitch (which is a GamersCoin player). Tokens are valid to play any GamersCoin

Tournament to convert them into real Coins by winning – based on the tournament format.

GamersCoin Mining

One of the most interesting features with GamersCoin is the ability to help the community to clear transactions in the blockchain through mining. So, when you are not playing your favorite games, you can use the built-in mining facility to start making coins to your wallet using the computers graphic card to crunch data to help secure every transaction in the blockchain. On your Smartphone Wallet – you can always see how many coins you have mined and when.

Business Model The business model for GamersCoin is unique and interesting for all Gamers, that wish to change their time and effort into a GamersCoin generating enjoyment. The model is built for beginners up to world champions, so all Gamers can benefit from joining GamersCoin. When joining GamersCoin first time, Gamers need to install a small plugin for keeping track of progress during the game. And install and connect our App (Android and iOS) to link to your player device Plug In and.

The Wallet with Coin and account status will be displayed on your Smartphone (Android or iOS) through our GamersCoin App, which is linked to your playing device in real time. There will be a small active icon on the Gaming Display keeping track of performance. When you just achieved something inside the game, the Smartphone App will alert the player about the newly achieved Coins for that performance. And the Icon on the playing screen will also indicate the success with the option to list latest achievements.

Beginners will typically join the small stake buy-ins and the Pro’s will probably bet on bigger games, based on their own skill level. Games we generate specifically for this purpose, will be Tournaments of various kinds and skill levels

Coins and Tokens.

GamersCoin App to handle your Account/Coins

Personal data protection is a key concern for us, so both data and carrying tokens is an issue that we know that people wants to hold on their own. We offer both total encryption and if a child is playing their parents will be the guardian that can approve any transaction.

The Coins traded on the exchanges are the ones we offer at the ICO, Tokens are produced for free distribution between players, and can also be used to convert them into Coin, when winning or achieving specific goals in a game. Other Gamers watching a player, can send Tokens directly to that player/streamer as a donation. We will also generate a ledger keeping track of the Gamers results and overall performance over time as previously mentioned.


Freerolls to generate coins The Gamer can play our Free Games and generate GamersCoins, or join higher stake tournaments, where they play for higher price pools and have a higher skill level. By using Tokens, we have some advantages. We can keep the “real” economy out of some games and be implemented later when the tokens fulfill the terms to get exchanged to Coins. We can provide better safety just as in a casino where chips are on the table to prevent the next heist. And the token is a security when you have them on you, or in your wallet before you through winnings or achievements, can exchange them into GamersCoins in the “real” economy.

If a player runs out of Coins, they have multiple choices: 1. Purchase new coins at one of the exchanges we are listed on. 2. Receive a Token donation from a friend or from many friends or perhaps through a draw we will conduct from time to time. 3. GamersCoin also provide gamers the option to mine on their graphic cards, when their computer would be idle between playing sessions. We are the only farming rig in the eco system, so we provide gamers to farm the coins on their private graphic cards. We will in the future offer Gamers to purchase Cloud mining to increase their wallets.

Tournament formats

The type of tournament you can participate in, depends on the Game Type. We will create specially designed tournament setups for all major games eventually. But typically, we will make tournaments with low buy-in to medium and high. Each Gamer can decide how much they wish to invest in their skills compared to the competition. The higher the risk, the higher is the potential return of course. On Sundays we will eventually run major tournaments with minimum guaranteed prizes, where thousands of players can play in the same tournament (but on different servers). As a winner is found on each server, they will receive an invite to the next level and meet new opponents, until we have the final game. We will distribute the prices among top 10-15% - with winner taking the majority of course, and first Gamer in the money will receive the least price (which is always minimum the buy-in to the tournament or more).

GamersCoin Mining

One of the most interesting features with GamersCoin is the ability to help the community to clear transactions in the blockchain through mining. So, when you are not playing your favorite games, you can use the built-in mining facility to start making coins to your wallet using the computers graphic card to crunch data to help secure every transaction in the blockchain. On your Smartphone Wallet – you can always see how many coins you have mined and when.

How we (GamersCoin) generate revenue

The more Gamers that join a large tournament the higher the price pool. GamersCoin charge a tournament fee of 5-10% on top of the buy-in – so we will have available coins for draws, competitions and larger tournament guaranteed price money. Gamers can use Tournament Tokens and/or real Coins. Tournament Tokens can only be used to play Tournaments. To change these to real coins, Gamers needs to reach into the money (ITM) in a tournament. All real Coins can at all times be traded on all crypto ex- changes we will be listed on. All Coins which are mined are real coins and can also be traded on the exchanges we are listed on.

Bounty Hunter Tournaments

Bounty Hunter tournaments are fun tournaments, where each Gamer will hunt for bounties. We will charge a 5-10% fee to setup the tournament depending on the format. Let us imagine the buy-in is 10 Coins. 50% of the buy-in will be the Price Pool, and the other 50% will be Bounty Hunter price pool. 2,5 Coins will be placed on your head and everybody participating in this type of tournament. Each time you knock somebody out, 1,25 Coin will be deposited on your Account instantly and the other 1,25 Coin will be added to your bounty. If someone knocks you out, they will receive 50% of your current bounty on their account and 50% on top of their current bounty. If it is a large tournament, the bounties can be huge, and Gamers will be hunting for those big bounties for sure. If you are the last man standing in a Bounty Tournament, you will on top of all the bounties, also receive your own bounty on top of the won price. In higher buy-in tournaments, the bounties can be huge initially. Knock out enough players and you have paid back the buy-in and can only benefit for every knock out you make going forward, plus the potential win if you reach top 10-15% of the tournament. GamersCoin will over time create new and interesting Tournament Games and will work with the community to increase the fun for all Gamers at all skill levels.


Distribution of coins and tokens

The distribution of Coins after the ICO will be allocated as follows:

Crypto rewards for streamers As mentioned earlier there is over 666 million people watching Games being played by others. We have therefore generated a program for all Game Streamers worldwide to sign up to our partner program, where we will allocate a to be defined amount of Coins and Tokens, in exchange for using the service on their stream, and occasionally market the service to their viewers on and other streaming platforms. We will eventually also have Team Pro Streamers. When the streamer generates new GamersCoin players, we will reward them with additional tokens and coins to play perhaps larger tournaments online for entertaining their audience. All viewers – which are GamersCoin players will be able to donate Tokens directly to the streamer with a small message to them if they wish to.

The streamer can likewise send Tokens to viewers if they wish, through the Smartphone App. Could be winning a quiz, or a draw during streaming.

General referral program

All GamersCoin players can earn coins referring their friends to the network. On the Smartphone App, there is an Invite button and they will automatically be awarded coins as soon as their friend have signed up to the account. If it is a Free account, the inviter receives Token as an award and if it is a real account – purchasing coins for playing games, the inviter will receive coins as a reward. Same applies to Streamers, but here they invite by advertising the service through an affiliate link on the stream.


Corporate Setup

Corporate Setup

GamersCoin is incorporated on Malta (EU) with a subsidiary in Copenhagen, Denmark office is for day to day operations. Our Malta EU VAT # is xxxxxxxxxxx Our Danish EU VAT # is xxxxxxxxxxx We have KPMG as our certified accountant.


Team behind GamersCoin

Ivan Solvason CEO And founder

Steffen Kirkegaard CIO And founder

Henrik Bang COO And founder

Ivan Solvason is a Gamer at heart, started with Pac Man in 1983 and later developed first Amiga Game in 1988 “Sword of Sodan�. Same year invented interactive TV, a Game through phone control. Launched concept in 43 countries with over 400 million viewers. Published in total over 190 games on 5 different platforms in 14 languages, selling over 10 million games. Still a Gamer today, Ivan sees GamersCoin as the next challenge to win the hearts of all Gamers worldwide and turn their time spend into a valuable adventure.

Steffen Kirkegaard is a well-known Danish Crypto specialist, which have held multiple seminars on Crypto business the last many years. But he started as a Gamer back in 1995 and it still gaming on various platforms and have gained expert knowledge in Gaming and E-sports the last many years. Steffen is apart from his deep Crypto and Gaming knowledge also an expert in Viral Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphics designer, Video producer and interactive media. A truly unique personality with an amazing energy and work ethics.

Henrik Bang is a professional business man, with deep technical knowledge and know how. Runs a team of international game developers and have also provided SEO, created interactive websites, created unique Apps and social media management tools. Henrik is a top pro negotiator and dealmaker, and understands gaming from production to strategy, marketing and distribution. He was for several years head of international sales of a hit TV Game show and closed the multimillion dollar contracts.


Advisors KPMG advisor– Wating final approval Lawfirm advisor – waiting final approval. Alex Lightman, Pre-ICO Waiting final approval Benjamin Brett - PS Communication approved Mark Højgaard – Conify / Wating final approval Sebastian Böiken - Rockstar holdings - approved Nicklas Nikolajsen – Co Ceo Bitcoin Suisse / in the readings – awaiting approval


Pre Ico and ICO Pre ICO

We will launch our Pre-ICO in July 2018 raising 5 million USD through issuing 5 million GamersCoins (GCO). Initial investors will get a 30% discount. We will open the Pre ICO to get funding to finalize the project base and the final design UI/ UX and the whole ecosystem from mining to issuing tokens for tournaments and vouchers. Vouchers will be awarded for inviting a friend, posting results on social media that you have logged into, within the GamersCoin Ecosystem. Pre ICO-funding will be used for producing the Gamers Coin Plug In, the Smartphone App and synchronization feature. Programming, Design, architecture, mining facilities setup, backend for ecosystem, banking swift exchange system and much more. We will go to market, contact all major Twitch streamers, designing tournament structure, invite vouchers, referral program, and give away vouchers to play for free, that can get redeemed on a later note if certain criteria are fulfilled. Marketing online on social media, and through all gaming online multiplayer platforms, Twitch.TV, Discord, Team-speak and on every other known gaming platforms as Steam, UPLAY and Origin.


When we launch our ICO in August 2018, to raise additional 20 million USD, we will have a series of the first many Twitch.TV streamers signed up, which will be marketing GamersCoins to their viewers. And the initial series of Tournaments begins on one or more of the major games (to be announced, which one). But we will have as a minimum: A. Freerolls for everyone B. Small to High Stake tournaments C. Mining option for everyone wishing to help the community and make Coins in the process. GamersCoins Wallet App will be available at Google Play Store and Apple Store for free download. We plan an aggressive roll out of new tournaments and then begin rolling our service on all other Major Online Multiplayer Games. During this process we will update the service, tournament schedule and the Smartphone App as well with new features.

Investing: You can invest in our ICO using BTC or ETH or FIAT money (credit card using other currencies).

You can potentially profit from the purchase, when the coin increases in value over time, as the eco system evolves. This will happen the more GamersCoin players join and have fun. Gamers Coin is completely unique and as far as we know has no real competition in the market at this point.

Promotion inside our community

Gamers in general, can promote the coin on their own social profiles, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Twitch or others that matters to them. We provide the highest rated streamers with coins in the first 3 years of the enrollment of this ICO. They get coins for promoting the tournaments, and the option for nonprofitable games to get profitable for gamers and e-sport platforms. E-sport tournaments will be worked out in collaboration with Gamers Coin and known e-sport and entertainment providers in the known universe of e-sport. Funds are being raised for a business venture or enterprise; The transaction is offered indiscriminately to the public at large; Investors being substantially powerless to effect [sic] the success of the enterprise; and the investor’s money being substantially at risk because it is inadequately secured. The Coin Sale will happen on our page when the ICO is being processed. Coin distribution happens trough known trading platforms, like Kraken, Bittrex and others that we can make affordable deals with. Buy-out program for investors will happen after the ICO ends. The funds are used for additional programming, adding new Games to the platform, improve the architecture and create more and more exciting tournament formats.

Corporate, ICO marketing and Legal

Corporate formation is all public information and transparent. We will at all times comply with all EU and International laws and maintain a fully updated accounting at all times. KYC, AML, and Compliance will be a part of the daily routine when people login to their account.

ICO Marketing

We will market our Crowdfunding through several well-known plat- forms on ICO´s, as we collaborate to get the word out to a larger scale of international investors.


Securities law is provided by a larger internationally known law firm. Data privacy protected by law Tax law, we are following the local tax legislations with KPMG a large international Certified Public Accountant company. .


Company Roadmap

We are on the road to give Gamers a better optio to make an income on what they love to do playing their favorite Games. With the experience team of programmers, we will create a service that will show the world the first platform for crypto currencies in gaming.


Roadmap 2018

Gaming your way to welth


May / June


March Asambling the team

Pre ICO signing

April Techinal setup Technical setup of our Coin and servers at hosting center. Company setup of company in Malta and Copenhagen. Website design finishing WP and Deck

Pre ICO for early investors 30% to raise 5 million USD. First Beta version in test for platform games including beta of coin app for smartphones


Tournaments First international Tournaments to take place with large money prices to top 15% winners .

Exchanges Adding multiple Crypto Exchanges and increasing platform to cover 4 more top games



2019 November / december Expansion Expanding platform to cover top 10 biggest games in the world

Bounty hunting Bounty Hunting Tournaments schedule for all major games

July / august Gamers coin ICO andlaunch Presenting GamersCoin ICO to the public, first Twitch Gamers Begin Beta testing Twitch Gamers Raise 20 million USD Producing App wallet with limited features to be expanded over time

Legal and compliance


GamersCoin will comply with KYC AML to assure that all investors have been verified and approved. We will comply with all international law and will adjust over time to comply with potential new laws regulating Crypto Currencies. Our Certified Public Accountant is KPMG, to assure correct records of all transactions regarding the ICO and ongoing day to day operations. All yearly reports will be filed on time and public assessable for the public. These results will be made available at as soon as the first fiscal year have finished and filed. We will assure complete privacy for our investors.

The data privacy is protected by international law We will be following all rules and regulations regarding local tax legislations in Malta and all associated companies within their jurisdiction


The GamersCoin ecosystem is based on performance based rewards in Multi Player Online Games. We wish Gamers to get the most out of competitive gaming. And our partners should bring value to our service and to all Gamers. All the partners will have the responsibility to live up to the Gamers needs, in what will come next in the journey of gaming.

and we will bring a new economy in to their games. We will see how we

The value partners will support the system with great content and great people. When it comes to game developers we know that they can benefit from Gamers Coin when it is implemented into their engine. We can bring more players to the games,

Pro streamers will now have an option to make it a living from the ecosystem, not only from gifts and well-meaning people and fans. They will now see a constant income from the business model we have built.

can support the gaming industry in the coming years with the new economy, that will generate new revenue stream through our unique referral program and the eco system as a whole.

Business plan Summary


Each GamersCoin player will have the opportunity to invite their friends to GamersCoin. We will award them with GamersCoins for each referral they have activated.

Twitch.TV Stream partners

Our Twitch.TV Stream partners will through their stream market GamersCoin to their viewers. For each referral they generate, we will award them with Coins.

Twitch.TV GamersCoin Pro Streamers

We have developed a program for all our Team Pro streamers, they will be awarded monthly Tournament Tokens and will likewise be rewarded for each new GamersCoin member they generate.

General referral program. All GamersCoin players can earn coins referring their friends to the network. On the Smartphone App, there will be an Invite button, and they will au-

tomatically be awarded coins as soon as their friend have signed up to an account. If it is a Free account, the inviter receives Token as an award and if it is a real account – purchasing coins for playing. The inviter will receive coins as a reward. Same applies to Streamers, but here they invite by advertising the service through a link on the stream and on-air promotion. We plan to make especially game streamers our international marketing partners, using GamersCoin on the stream with an option to join us.

For every new GamersCoin sub, we will award the streamer with Coins depending on the status of the account (Free or Real). If a GamersCoin member invites friends to join with a free account, we will award Tokens to them, so they can play more tournaments and win real coins. All Coins can be sold on exchanges, or through other services with a simple click on the Cashier. GamersCoin is the world’s easiest service to cash out your winnings without delay.


Please read the following notification properly before taking part in the GamersCoin (GCO) Coin sale. This notice applies to all persons who read this document. Please note this notification may be changed or updated. GamersCoins sale is carried out by GamersCoin, Ltd, under the laws of Malta (hereinafter – the «Seller»). We also draw your attention, that the GamersCoins Whitepaper (hereinafter – «WP») does not constitute any relations between you (hereinafter «you» or the «Buyer») and the Seller. Purchasing of GamersCoins is available only after accepting the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter – «T&C») and Privacy Policy. Purchasing of GamersCoins does not present an exchange of cryptocurrencies or conventional currencies for any form of ordinary shares of the Seller and the Buyer of GamersCoins is not entitled to any guaranteed form of dividends. The Buyer is only entitled to certain rights within the T&C. GamersCoins are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This Whitepaper (WP) does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not

intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investments in securities in any jurisdiction. WP is posted for information purposes only. The content of WP is not a financial promotion. Therefore, none of the content parts of WP should be considered an invitation or inducement to engage in any sort of investment activity. The Buyer should carefully consider and evaluate all risks associated with cryptocurrencies, and operations with them, ICO and respective business activities. Before your purchase of GamersCoins, read carefully all the information set out in this Disclaimer, WP, T&C and Privacy Policy and ensure that you are aware of all potential risks. The section «Risk Statement» details all potential risks that you should consider. We strongly recommend you seek out an independent financial and legal advice before engaging in any sort of business endeavor.


Risk Statement

No regulatory authority has examined or approved any of the information set out in this WP. No such action has been or will be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules of any jurisdiction. The publication, distribution or dissemination of WP does not imply that the applicable laws of any jurisdiction, regulatory requirements, or rules have been complied. To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable laws, regulations and rules, the Seller and its affiliates and respective officers, employees or agents, in relation to the website (, GamersCoins products and services will not be liable for any damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, direct, consequential, incidental, special or indirect damages (including but not limited to lost profits, loss of revenue or third party loss whether foreseeable or otherwise, trading losses or damages that result from use or loss of use of the website, GamersCoins products and services). For the avoidance of doubt, the Seller expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any direct or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from: (i) reliance on any information contained in this document, (ii) any error, omission or inaccuracy in any such information, (iii) any action resulting therefrom, or (iv) usage or acquisition of GamersCoins products and services, available on the website and other electronic platforms. You confirm and agree that you are not purchasing GamersCoins for purposes of investment, speculation for immediate resale or other financial purposes. Some of the statements in WP include forward-looking statements which reflect the Seller’s current views with respect to execution roadmap, financial performance, business strategy and future plans, both with respect to the Seller and the sectors and industries where the Seller operates. Statements which include the words «expects», «plans», «believes», «projects», «anticipates», «will», «aims», «may», «would», «could», «continue» and similar statements are of a future or forward

looking nature. All forward-looking statements concern the matters that involve risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, there are or will be important factors that could cause the Sellers’s actual results to differ significantly from those indicated in these statements. These factors include but are not limited to those described in T&C, which should be read before purchasing of GamersCoins. Any forward-looking statements in WP reflect the Seller’s current views with respect to future events and are subject to these and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions relating to the Seller’s operations, results of operations and growth strategy. These forward-looking statements are valid only on the date of WP publication. The Buyer should specifically consider the factors identified in WP and T&C which could cause actual results to differ before making a purchase decision. No statement in WP is intended as a profit forecast and no statement in this WP should be interpreted to mean that the earnings of the Seller for the current or future years would be as may be implied in this WP. Restricted areas GamersCoins is a utility coin by its nature, there are no restrictions to sell them to residents of any country, unless the law of the Buyer’s country prohibits citizens of that country to buy digital assets of any kind. WP or any part thereof, as well as any copies, must not be taken or transmitted to any country where distribution or dissemination of such information is prohibited or restricted.

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