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As a tournament Go player who also enjoys playing Carcassonne, this seemed like something I would enjoy, and it is. The ability to build the board each game removes the element of rote memorization of openings (though one could say that after X amount of games an opening theory could emerge) and allows players to create a unique game each time they play. I loved how players had open information as to what tiles were available, as this not only allowed for creativity, but it allowed the player who was not on the move to be able to plan their own strategy while waiting for their turn. I have always disliked the random draw element of games like Carcassonne or The Duke, as games are often decided on the drawing or not drawing of a tile. Cartography does away with the randomness and yields an excellent gaming experience. This game will appeal to all players who enjoy strategic, open information games.

Issue #7

Game Nite

Designer: Jon Adams Publisher: Playford Games Number of players: 2 Mechanic: Abstract Strategy Ages: 10+ Length: 20 mins.

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