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Kids Preschool

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Preschool years are a time of rapid learning as parents begin to prepare their children for the upcoming challenges of school. This Preschool kids game includes different view such as "Home view", "School View", "Tea Stole" & "Fun Play".

Features Home View: Make the toddlers bath, then get him dressup for school and feed him with breakfast. School view: As the toddler enter make them play with different toys, bicycle and etc. Then let him on different funny pictures and feed with different food. Tea Stall: Serve the plates, tea, breakfast to customers then let them finish all meal and you can clean all dirt from table cloth. Enjoy the mini game; eat all fruits and maker high score before toddler wins. Fun Play: Enjoy the other mini game inside game. Crush all fruit avoid other objects and win all stars.


Kids Preschool Kids Game  

Kids preschool is a free Android Game for Kids developed by GameiMax. Its absolutely free to download.

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