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 Want to have beautiful nails? Come on, Spice up your nails with our new kids game, Kids Nail Art.  Create your very own nail design in Kids Nail Art game for kids.  You could paint different color, nail colors collections to custom paint beautiful nails, crystals, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, stickers, patterns, and much more to decorate your nails, and you are welcome to choose the customized nails from Salon as well.  Share your happiness in Kids Nail Art with your friends, and you may also bring your favored creation to a manicurist!  Millions of collections and most plentiful colors available to make all your ideas come true!

 Various backgrounds available to switch  Select a hand character from four sweet babies hands  Choose from different nail shapes   Various of rings ,nail patterns, stickers, tattoos  Plentiful nail polish colors to choose  Sparkling Crystals, Diamonds, and Gemstones to decorate  Design each finger differently or simply apply one design to all fingers.

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