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Kids Fun Rescue – Kids Game By GameiMax

Save Me!!

About Game

ď ą Kids Rescue Game is a nice & challenging game for kids.

Save Me..!!!

ď ą Join in exciting mission to rescue cute Backbiter. Little four Backbiters stolen in outskirts of village, they are tied up in wooden box and injured very badly. So it's time to rescue them and take care with the various medical tools available.

About Game

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Save Me..!!!

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Hemmer to relive from wooden box Thermometer to measure body temperature Feed with Syrup Injection to get relieve from pain Spray heal the injury Colorful & funky Bandaids to recover injured parts X-ray machine to find out broken bonds Tissue to remove runny nose Shower for giving relaxing bath Plaster recovers broken bonds Nail cutter to cut dirty & long nails

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Kids Fun Rescue - Kids Game  

Kids Fun Rescue is a challenging game for kids developed by GameiMax. It's Free to Download.