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Dirty Kids  Want to help kids to get ready?? Here in this kids game you have to help those adorable kids for their makeover.  They were playing in mud and stucked mud all over body hair and also got injured playing  Give them pleasant bath and cure their injury  Play this fun and addictive kids game for FREE Features included in game    

No in-app purchases HD Graphics to enhance the gaming Easy and effective controls tap & drag over Different tools to cure injury


Kids Farm Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own fully working farm? Then let's try this Kids Farm FREE kids game which uses helpful harvesting tools, grow delicious fruits, vegetables and don't forget to water your plants quickly when they start to wilt.. The kid's farm teaches kids about farm, vegetables, fruits that grow in farm and farm equipment. Many interesting features included inside kids game: ==> Use performance like harvesters, fertilizers or seeders to grow your Kids Farm faster! ==> Plow, seed and harvest to gain great experience of farming! ==> HD Graphics with amazing detail ==> 3 mini games included inside game


Eatery Shop Are you Hungry? In this amazing app, you can eat all the burger, hotdog and sandwich you want! Jump on your Eatery Shop! Time to: cook, serve, eat & compete". Plenty of burger , hot dog and sandwich! Become the ultimate master chef Beat the clock & challenge yourself! What's inside the app:

> 30 levels to challenge your master chef skills! > 3 Different ketchup and 2 different drinks to go with the burger , sandwich and hotdog ! > 6 funny characters!



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