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INTRODUCTION • Brain Doctor - Free Kids Game" is an innovative concept of virtual brain surgery. • All games are focused on virtual surgery for kids where they can learn medical care • Also broaden their knowledge on different surgeries. • Brain Doctor is a virtual brain surgery for kids where kids have to be real doctor • Treat different patients and do surgery with various tools available in game. • There are four funny characters in game which are waiting for you.

Features of Brain Doctor • • • • • • • • • •

Stethoscope to check heartbeat Thermometer to measure body temperature Blood Pressure to measure bp Shock treatment Vacuum to suck dirt particles Injection given in pill form Dropper to heal injury Stick colorful funk bandages on injured part X-Ray to check wreck bones Plaster to cover your injury



by GameiMax

Brain Doctor - FREE Kids Game  

Top Rated Brain Surgery #Game for Kids at Play Store

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