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Margaret DeCapua

Reruns On cloudy days I’m thankful for perfume that smells like crisp cotton, petrichor and clove cigarettes. I can bundle myself in its top notes, pull blankets to my chin and smile a little through my tears. Starting tomorrow I’ll quit washing down my pills with tepid coffee stale enough to taste like dust, I’ll quit staying in bed til 3 pm, and I’ll even start eating breakfast: a bowl of fresh fruit and a cup of green tea, sending steam to the sky before the sun itself is even awake. I’ve got grand plans for all my tomorrows but my tonights are full of TV reruns and fists of dry cereal (the sugary kind, all chemicals and corn meal) I can feel their little round cigarette burns on the lining of my stomach and maybe tomorrow I’ll mind. Nights like this, when fog throws its arms around the moon, I remember that catching tomorrow is impossible as holding a shadow, find myself watching the windows for the first blush of sunrise.


Gambling the Aisle, Issue 10  
Gambling the Aisle, Issue 10  

This issue features work by Chloe Hanson, Stu Buck, Allen Forrest, and Katrina Majkut. Includes an interview with Steven Félix-Jäger.