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pop up (moving from lying to standing on the board) and the duck dive (which, to the nonsurfer, feels similar to a yoga chaturanga). Unlike surfing in the ocean, you can put one foot on the floor when you lose balance — which I did. The board also serves as a bench for tricep dips and a wobble board for lunges and squats, performed HIIT-style in 30-second increments. Indoor surfing isn’t cheap ($22 for an a la carte class), but it’s a feel-good, full-body workout when you can’t get to the beach.

An attendee engages her core muscles at a City Surf class.

When kids need well visits, the last thing parents want is to sit in waiting rooms with sick kids. And, when kids are sick, the last thing they want is to take a car ride to the pediatrician. House Call Pediatrics helps sick kids spend more time resting at home and less time in cars and waiting rooms. In addition to sick and well visits, the practice aims to help New Orleans’ children learn healthy lifestyle habits through nutrition and exercise education. The practice accepts most insurance networks, including Medicaid. Favorite Piece of Medical Advice?


Vaccinate your children. Vaccines are safe, and so far, they’re the single greatest invention produced by the field of medicine.

Innovative Suit Therapy & Fitness

I wish I had a step-by-step list for motivating myself to work out when I don’t feel like it, but I do know this: There’s no substitute for an activity that you find challenging and enjoyable. To me, the variety of experiences offered in group classes is its own kind of reward. If none of the above sounds terribly exciting to you, there are many other options to consider: indoor cycling, Pilates, boot camp, barre, martial arts, hula hooping and a dozen types of dance. Don’t worry if you feel like a particular sport is somehow antithetical to your personality — if I believed that, I never would have realized how much I enjoy gym classes.

Innovative Suit Therapy offers Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy to children and adults with neurological impairments. We see patients with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Developmental Delay, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and much more. We offer traditional therapy as well as 3 week intense therapy sessions based on the patient’s need for therapy with use of the TheraSuit and the Universal Exercise Unit. These tools in therapy will increase the patient’s overall strength, balance and coordination to promote increased independence with functional skills and daily activities such as sitting, standing and walking.


What sets your business apart? We are the only therapy center in Louisiana certified and trained to offer pediatric and adult therapy services with the use of the TheraSuit and the Universal Exercise Unit.

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