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MARCH 2012


Issue - I


Greater Austin Malayalee Association

GAMA 2012 Board Announced Austin, Texas: Greater Austin Malayalee Associa tion (GAMA) announced the new board and office bearers for 2012. The first board meeting was held on Jan 15 at Clay Madsen Center, Round Rock. President Ajith Varghese chaired the event while the new board outlined an ambitious plan for the year. The board vouched to continue their efforts to support various programs that are in line with the Association's objectives which are to promote the ideals of compassion, care and support therefore preserving the culture of Kerala in the true tradition of peace and brotherhood. The 2012 leadership: AjithVarghese (President), Soosan Anil (Vice President), Lisa Paul (Secretary), Kiran Divakar (Treasurer). Directors: Animon Jose, Beno Mathew, Dhev

Tribute to Azhikode We bid farewell to Dr Sukumar Azhikode who passed away on 24th of Jan 2012, one of the best Malayalam writer, critic and most articulate orator ever Kerala have produced. Dr Azhikode, a courageous personality and a man of conviction, has disseminated Gandhian ideas among the people and led them to progress. His most famous work was “Tatvamasi� published in 1984.He had won many literary awards both at State and National level for his outstanding contributions.

Ajith Varghese (President)

Soosan Anil (Vice President)

Kiran Divakar Lisa Paul (Treasurer) (Secretary) Kollannur, Jithin Sasidharan, Leena Mathew, Manu Murali, Nithin Thomas, Ravi Ramachandran, Sabarish Ihsmveetil Sajan Lukose, Sebi Paul, Sijith Ganga, Suresh Warrier, Ullas Pazhayaveetil

Learn Malayalam for $10!

GAMA is planning to bring a brand new approach to teaching Malayalam. We are planning weekly classes lasting the whole year. Kids (and adults) will be taught to read and write, introduce them to elementary level poetry, common phrases and proverbs, and much more! With yearround classes, you will progress at the right pace and will impress everyone with your skills in no time! Highlights: Classes through-out the year. Separate classes for kids between 5-8 years old and 9 and older. Classes will be held every Saturday afternoon 2:30-4:30 pm. The age group 5-8 will have classes between 2:30 3:30 PM and rest of them will have classes between 3:30-4:30 pm.

The monthly fee is $10 per kid and venue and starting date will be announced shortly. Please contact us at for enrollment and/or for any additional information.


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Dear GAMA members, It has been 8 years since GAMA was founded as a non-profit organization. This past year has been another example of how GAMA has grown in stature over the years and is making a positive difference to the Malayalee committee in the Central Texas region. We pride ourselves in providing a united front for our community in the Austin region and promoting the cultural and social heritages of Kerala among the younger generation. On behalf of the 18-member director team, I would like to thank the community for entrusting us this great responsibility of serving the Malayalee community. We will stay dedicated to our roles and work for the betterment of our community. For the year, we are planning several exciting events including SAREGAMA, Picnic, Onam & Christmas celebrations. At this time we are soliciting each and everyone of your active involvement in the activities of GAMA. We are also open to your ideas and suggestion to make this group more vibrant and effective. I look forward to working with you all in this new year and hope to expand the horizons of this prestigious organization. Regards Ajith Varghese GAMA President

FROM EDITOR’S DESK Friends, It is such an honor for us to be the editors for the GAMA Reporter this year. As you probably might have noticed, we have changed our name and look upon the request from our community members, especially from the youth. Our community has always appreciated good art and we at GAMA would like to use this as a forum to promote the artistic talents of members of our community by publishing the selected articles via this quarterly Gama Reporter. We also are actively looking to add two volunteers from GAMA Youth Group to the Editorial board to help us connect to the young artists in the community to showcase their literary talents. We also ask you to contact us if you would like to share any great news or developments that you want the rest of the community to know about. Please contact us via email at Ravi Ramachandran & Krishna Kumar Editors, GAMA Reporter

SareGaMa on March 31st GAMA welcomes everyone to join in for an evening of fun and entertainment, as our performers enthrall us with their talent in different art forms. Don’t miss this opportunity for you or your young ones to exhibit their talents. We will be recognizing all budding artists this year with a special ’Puthiya Tharam’ certificate as well. This will be provided to all “first-timers-on-GAMA-stage” who realized their own talents and graced us with an opportunity to appreciate them. Date: March 31, 2012 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Venue: Performing Arts Center, Austin Waldorf School 8700 South View Road Austin, TX-78737 Prizes : We will be having both competitive and non-competitive events this year, and the participants will have the option of choosing which one they want to be in. All participants who register for the competitive events will be awarded a certificate of appreciation. For the competitive events, prizes will be given in the following categories: 1. Best Solo Performance by age group: 8 & under, 9-13, 14-25, 25 & above. 2. Best Group Performance by age group: under 13, 13 & above. 3. Fancy Dress - all ages are welcome. Categories : 1.Solo Dance 2.Solo Song 3.Group Dance 4. Group Song 5. Solo Instrumental 6. Group Instrumental 7. Group Skit 8. Other (specify) In addition, we are planning on having a Quiz competition for kids in the age group 8-20. The topic will be ”Kerala”. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Greater Austin Malayalee Association Registered Non-Profit Organization 2012 Board President: Ajith Varghese Vice President: Soosan Anil Secretary: Lisa Paul Treasurer: Kiran Divakar Directors Animon Jose, Beno Mathew Dhev Kollannur Jithin Sasidharan Leena Mathew Manu Murali Nithin Thomas Ravi Ramachandran Sabarish Ihsmveetil Sajan Lukose Sebi Paul Sijith Ganga Suresh Warrier Ullas Pazhayaveetil 2011 Officers President: Anil Thomas Vice President: Raji Johnson Secretary: Hari Mony Treasurer: Dhev Kollannur Directors Ajith Varghese Ann Mathen Beno Mathew Kiran Divakar Lisa Paul Mansi Menon Manu Murali Ravi Ramachandran Roshan Chacko Sabarish Ihsmveetil Santhan Parameswaran Sebi Paul Sijith Ganga Soosan Anil Suresh Warrier Tinu Mathew About GAMA: The Malayalees in the Greater Austin area have organized several community events over the last fifteen years. During the 2004 Christmas meeting, Thomas Cherian (Thampachen) took the initiative in recruiting several volunteers to form such an organization. Through their efforts, GAMA is now formally registered as a non-profit organization. Membership We invite you to join GAMA, and encourage you to actively participate in our events. To keep this effort going, we need to have active involvement from many of you in the Board of Directors of GAMA. At present we have over 250 families who are members of GAMA. You can contact any of the GAMA directors if you wish to become a member. NOTE: Registering on the website does not make you a GAMA member. Contact us:


GAMA Annual Picnic on May 12 Please mark your calendar, our annual picnic for the year 2012 will be held at San Gabriel Park, Georgetown, TX on May 12, 2012. We are looking forward to have fun filled day for both adults and kids from our community. More information about the San Gabriel park can be found at

Members Advance Pricing

Picnic Day

Non-Members Advance Pricing

Picnic Day

Family of 4 (Package)










Children (6-12)





Children under 6




Free Special Advanced Picnic Ticket Sales Event (sold only at SareGaMa) Advance tickets to the Gama Picnic will be sold during the SareGaMa event (March 31st) at a special discounted price (Note: Discount applies only if tickets bought during the SareGaMa event).

Community Outreach Event (Salvation Army Austin Soup Kitchen: April 14th,2012) Are you one of those people who have thought about needed. More


† volunteering for a charitable cause but never got around

to doing it? You want to give back to the community, and feel good about yourself; but the question of Which charity?, and How do I get started? keep holding you back. Never fear. GAMA’s first Community Outreach Event is here to help. GAMA will be organizing a group volunteer event on April 14th, 2012 with Salvation Army Austin. The Salvation Army’s goal is to provide support and the very best social service, to give aid wherever and whenever Leena Mathew : Soosan Anil : Ullas Pazhayaveetil :



Groups of 4 volunteers will have 2-hours slots from 10am4pm to help out at the Soup Kitchen. Volunteers must be 18yrs or older and will be required to wear close-toed shoes and pants. You can sign up for this event (and include a few available time slots) by contacting us via email at or at the front desk during the Saregama event. For further information or clarification, please feel free to contact any of the GAMA directors listed below:

512-249-8664 512-743-5155 512-5875724



SAREGAMA 2012 Date: March 31, 2012 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Venue: Performing Arts Center, Austin Waldorf School, 8700 South View Road Austin, TX-78737 ANNUAL PICNIC 2012 Date: May 12, 2012 10.30 AM - 4:00 PM Venue: San Gabriel Park, Georgetown, TX ONAM 2012 Date: Sept 15, 2012 Venue: TBA CHRISTMAS 2012 Date: Dec 01, 201 Venue: TBA



GAMA Christmas celebrations were held at Performing Arts Center, St. Michael’s Catholic Academy on Dec 3rd, 2011. It was a fun filled event with performances from the community. The celebrations were a grant success and culminated with a delicious Christmas dinner. Here are some of the pictures of the event. GAMA raised approximately 750 dollars during the recent Christmas event to help one of our community member Manoj Panicker and his family who were seriously injured in a Multivehicle accident during the Thanks giving holidays.

For more information, visit: Grand Carnatic Music Concert by Vidwan Unnikrishnan (IFA) Date: April 07, 2012 at 6.00pm Venue: Helm Fine Arts Center, 6500 St. Stephens dr. Austin, TX, 78746 Other Austin Community Updates For more information, visit: MANOJ PANICKER Grand Bharata Natyam Sharanagathi by Mythili Prakash (IFA) With the help of all your prayers and support, both Manoj and Date: April 21, 2012 at 7.30 pm his wife Suzette have made a stunning recovery and are Venue: Helm Fine Arts Center, 6500 St. Stephens dr. Austin, currently focusing on rehabilitation. We at GAMA would like TX, 78746 For more information, visit: to wish them again for a full and speedy recovery.

JOKEPOT – Malayalam Cultural Program (Non GAMA event)

GAMA Youth Group

GAMA is proud to support the second year of the GAMA Youth Group (GYG). It is open to all GAMA youth members in sixth (6th) grade and above. The purpose of the Youth Group is to provide a platform for the youths to serve the community, provide a social network as well as the opportunity to develop leadership skills under the guidance of the GAMA group. Come make new friends while enjoying the company of old friends in fun filled activities.

A grand show with the comedy kings from Malayalam cinema that includes Stars Kalabhavan Mani, Harisree Asokan, Nadhirsha and scintillating numbers by Bhama, Muktha etc and ever entertaining Renjini Jose. For more information visit . Date & Venue: April 21st 5:00 PM, Manor High School, Manor, Membership is automatic for all GAMA youths in sixth grade and TX. above. Please send your email address to GAMA

Music & Dance Festival by Indian Fine Arts, Austin (IFA) Date: March 31st 1.00pm – 6.30pm. Venue: C.D.FULKES Middle School, 300 W.Anderson Avenue, Round Rock, 78664. Admission: Free

( if you want to be added to the google group to receive communications. We will also have an opportunity for the Youths to be an Intern in our committees. Learn what it takes to become a Junior Director of the Gama Youth Group.


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A-t∏mƒ \n-b-{¥-Ww sh-t°≠-Xv a-Zy-Øn-s‚ e-`y-X-°-√ a-\p-jy-s‚ s]-cp-am-‰-Øn-\mWv. h¿-≤n-®p h-cp-∂ hn-hm-ltam-N-\-Øn-\v a-Zy-sØ Ip-‰w ]-d-bp-tºmƒ k-aq-lw A-`n-apJo-I-cn-°p-∂ km-aq-ly-km-ºØn-I {]-iv-\-ß-fpw A-Xv Z-ºXn-am-cn¬ D-≠m-°p-∂ kv-{S- ns\-bpw \mw t\-cn-Sm-Xn-cn-°pI-bm-Wv. ]-e km-l-N-cy-ß-fnepw a-Zyw {]-iv-\-ß-fn-te-°v B-fp-I-sf X-≈n hn-Sp-I-b-√ {]-iv-\-߃ a-Zy-Øn-te-°v Bfp-I-sf \-bn-°p-I-bm-Wv. Imcy-hpw Im-c-W-hpw X-Ωn-ep-≈ _-‘w a-\  - n-em-°m-sX-bp-≈ hn-a¿-i-\-ß-fpw ]-cn-lm-c-ßfpw k-aq-l-{]-iv-\-߃-°v imiz-X ]-cn-lm-cw D-≠m-°n-√. aZy-]m-\w ]q¿-W-am-bpw I¿-i-

\-am-bpw \n-b-{¥n-®n-cn-°p-∂ cm-Py-ß-fn¬ P-\w B-^v-‰¿ tj-hv tem-j≥ ap-X¬ Z-i-aqem-cn-„w h-sc Ip-Sn-t®m, I©m-hp sXm-´v •q h-sc D-]t- bmKn-t®m a-tZm≥-aØ - c - m-Ip-∂p. aZy-]m-\Ø - n-s‚ Im-cy-Øn¬ Fs∂ A-Xn-i-bn-∏n-°p-∂ H-cp Im-cyw Zn-h-k-hpw I-≈p-Ip-Sn®p-h-f¿-∂n-´pw I-≈p-Ip-Sn H-cp h-en-b kw-`-hw B-bn Im-WmØ Ip-Spw-_Ø - n¬ h-f¿-∂n-´pw R-߃ F-´p a-°-fn¬ H-cmƒt]m-epw a-Zy-]m-\n t]m-bn-´v Hcp I-º-\n-°p-t]m-epw a-Zyw D]-tbm-Kn-°p-∂-h¿ B-bn-√ F∂-Xm-Wv. {]-tXy-In-®pw a-Zyw kp-e`- a - m-bpw Nn-eh - n-√m-sX-bpw In-´m-\p-≈ km-lN - c - y-ap-≈ Hmbn¬ I-º-\n Iym-ºp-I-fn-epw hn-am-\-ß-fn-epw ÿn-cw bm-{X-

sN-bX v- n-´pw H-cp X-am-it- °m Iº-\n-t°m F-¥n-\v t_m-dS- n-am‰m-t\m th-≠n H-cp _n-b¿ t]mepw Rm≥ C-∂p-h-sc Ip-Sn-®n´n-√. F-∂p sh-®v R-߃ IpSpw-_-am-bn a-Zy-]m-\w \n¿-Ønsb-t∂m a-Zy-Øn-\v F-Xn-cm-Wv F-t∂m hn-Nm-cn-t°-≠. I-gn™ h¿-jw F-s‚ k-tlm-Zc≥ A-ta-cn-°b - n¬ \n-∂pw \m´n¬ h-∂-t∏mƒ B¿-t°m th≠n H-cp Ip-∏n jmw-s]-bn≥ sIm-≠p-h-∂p. ]-s£ Xn-c-°pIm-c-Ww A-Xv sIm-Sp-°m≥ km-[n-®n-√. A-Xp ho-´n¬ sh®n-´v B-im≥ Xn-cn-®p-t]m-bn.C-cp-]-Øn-\m-ep-a-Wn-°q¿ bm-{X I-gn-™v £o-Wn-®v Ata-cn-°-bn¬ F-Øn-b tN-´≥ sh-tßm-eb - n¬ A-Ωs - b hn-fn®p. A-hn-sS A-Ωb - pw t]-c° - p´n-I-fpw am-{Xw.Rm≥ C-hn-sS ho-´n¬ FØn F-∂p ]-d-™ tN-´-t\mSv bm-{X kp-J-am-bn-cp-t∂m F∂v A-Ω tNm-Zn-®n-√ F-∂m-Wv tN-´≥ ]-d-™-Xv. ]-I-cw tNmZn-®-Xv.- F-Sm B Ip-∏n-bn-se km-[-\w sh-≈w H-gn-t®m H-gn°m-sX-tbm B-Wv Ip-Sn-t°≠-Xv ? F-∂m-bn-cp-∂p A-t{X.tN-´≥ t]m-b-t∏mƒ ap-dn sd-bv-Uv sN-bv-X Ip-´n-I-fm-Wv km-[-\w I-≠-Xv. ]n-s∂ C-cp]-Øn-\m-ep a-Wn-°q¿ tN-´s - ‚ hn-fn h-cp-∂-Xpw t\m-°n AΩq-Ω-bpw t]-c-°p-´n-I-fpw A£-a-cm-bn C-cn-°p-I-bm-bn-cp∂p.-a-Zy-]m-\-sØ-∏-‰n ]p-Xn-b Xp-Ωm-cp-Ip-Sn X-e-ap-d-°pw Btcm-Ky-I-c-am-b A-\p-`-h-hpw A-`n-{]m-b-hpw B-Wv. sh-tßm-e-bn¬ P-\-\w. sF sF Sn Im-¨-]q-cn¬ \n-∂pw ]n F-®v Un _n-cp-Zw. C-t∏mƒ sF-Iy cm-{„ ]-cn-ÿn-Xn t{]m{Km-an≥-sd Zp-c-¥ \n-hm-c-W hn-`m-Kw X-e-h≥. C-cp-]-Øn H∂mw \q-‰m-≠n-se an-° bp-≤, Zp-c-¥ ÿ-e-ß-fn-epw tPm-en sN-bv-Xp. A-ev-]w I-fn-bpw A-ev-]w Im-cy-hpw B-bn am-Xr`q-an-bn¬ H-cn-S-sØm-cn-S-Øv F-∂ ]w-‡n F-gp-Xp-∂p. tI-c-fØn¬ B-Zy-am-bn kp-c-£-sb-∏‰n D-≈ H-cp ]p-kv-X-Iw ]-ªn-jv sN-bv-Xp. E-mail :

hnjp-˛Cu-ÿ Biw-k-Iƒ


_m-te´≥ F.-sI. _nPpcmPv a-Xn .a-Zy-°p-∏n I-≠-]m-sS _me≥ D-]-tZ-iw Xp-S-ßn .-.-.-.-.-{Xp ]-{X-Øn-s‚ B"\n-s∂ Ip-dn-®v a-‰p-≈-h¿ Fÿm-\-Øv ]p-Xp-Xm-bn Xp-S¥v hn-Nm-cn-°pw ? " Cu tNmßn-b bp-Wn-‰n¬ Nm¿-Pv FZyw _m-e≥ F-t∂m-Sv tNm-ZnSp-°pw-tºm-tg \yq-kv- F-Unbv-°m≥ Xp-S-ßn-bn-´v C-X-S‰¿ ]-d-™n-´p-≠v "\-ap-°n-Xv h-en-sbm-cp-cp D-Ø-c-hm-Zn-Xzw °w ]-Xn-\m-bn-c-Øn-te-sd Xh-W B-bn-´p-≠m-Ipw .-.-.B-Wv .-A-h-cp-sS ta-¬-ssIbp-≈ ta-Le-bn-tem-s° \- F-∂m¬ B Nn-¥ H-´pw CΩƒ C-Sn-®p I-b-d-Ww .' F√m-Ø-h-\m-Wv Rm≥ .∂pw A-Xn-cm-hn-se Xp-S-ßp∂ Cu C-Sn-®p I-b-‰w A-h- _m-e≥ D-]-tZ-in-®p sIm-t≠km-\n-°p-tºm-tg-°pw ]m-Xn- C-cp-∂p .-.-.Rm≥ Ip-Sn-®p sIm-t≠cm-{Xn F-¶n-epw B-hpw .-F∂m-epw kz-ÿ-X D-≠m-hn-√. C-cp-∂p .-.-.-t^m¨ dnw-Kv sN-øp-tºm-tg F-t∏m-gm-Wv D-d-ßn-b-sX-∂p A-dn-bmw G-sX-¶n-epw H-cp Hm¿-a-bn-√ .-.-.-cm-hn-se F-gpA-º-e-Øn¬ sIm-Sn-tb-‰v C- s\¬-°pw-t_m-tg-°pw _ms√-¶n¬ hm-l-\m-]-I-Sw Ae≥ t]m-bn-cp-∂p .-A-Xv XXp-a-s√-¶n¬ ss]-∏v sse≥ s∂-bm-Wv ]-Xn-hpw .-.s]m-´¬ A-ßn-s\ F-s¥-¶n- Rm≥ t\-sc In-®≥ \n-teep-am-bn ]-e cm-{Xn-I-fpw I-S- °v \-S-∂p .-H-cp Im-∏n C-Sm∂p t]m-Ipw.\m-bn sh-≈w Ãuhn¬h-®p. A-∂v h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw £n-Wn- _m-®n-e¿ sse-^n¬ ®m-Wv ^v-fm‰n¬ h-∂p I-b-dn- C-ßn-s\ H-cp ^vfm-‰n¬ H-‰b-Xv . H-∂v {^-jv- B-bn £o- °v Xm-a-kn-°p-tºmƒ D-≠mWw am-‰m≥ H-cp a-Zy-°p-∏nhm-\n-Sb - p-≈ F-√m A-hi - n-„bpw Xp-d-∂p h-®n-cn-°pß-fpw In-®W - n¬ In-S∏ - p-≠v .tºmƒ B-tcm hm-Xn-en¬ ap- B-hn-]-d-°p-∂ I-∏n-bp-sa-Sp´p-∂p .Øp hm-Xn¬ Xp-d-°p-tºmƒ C-∂-sØ Zn-h-k-hpw t]m-b]-Xn-hv t]m-se Nn-X-dn-In-SXv X-s∂. -i-]n-®p sIm-≠v °p-∂ ]-{X-߃ .hm-Xn¬ Xp-d-∂p..-.i-{Xp ]-{X-Øn-se k-l-{]_m-e≥ .-.-.-k-am-[m-\-am-bn h¿-Ø-I¿ C-∂p F-¥m-Wv - X-∂d - n_m-e≥ a-s‰m-cp ]-{X-Øn-se F-\n-°v ]-Wn X-∂s b≥ B-Zyw ssI-øn¬ F-Spko-\n-b¿ ]-{X {]-h¿-Ø-I°p-∂X - v B ]-{Xw X-s∂ \m-Wv . F-t∂-°mƒ kp-µc≥ A-Xn-\p F-\n-°-h-t\m-Sv H-∂mw t]-Pv¬ \-√ ]-cn-Nb - sN-dn-sbm-cp A-kq-b-bpw a-\- ap-≈ H-cp Nn-{Xw .-..- I - Æ - v H-∂p n¬ kp-£n-°p-∂p-≠v .Iq-Sn Xn-cp-Ωn t^m-t´mbn-te"k¿-h-Kp-W-k-º-∂≥ "F-∂ °v t\m-°n .hm-°v I-≠p-]n-Sn-®-Xv X-s∂ a-{¥ns°-Xn-sc hym-P hm¿_m-e-s\ I-≠n-´m-bn-cn-°mw Ø! sI-´n-®a - b - v° - m≥ A-sX F-∂v ]-e-t∏m-gpw tXm-∂n-bn- ]m¿-´nbn-se t\-Xm-hn¬ \n´p-≠v. I-≈p Ip-Sn-°n-√ .-.-.-]p- ∂pw ]-Ww ssI-]‰ - n-b tI-knI-h-en-bn-√ .-. s]-Æp]n-Sn C- se {]-Xn-If - p-sS Iq-´Ø - n-¬ √.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-s]m-Xp-th ]-{X-°m¿_m-e\ - pw .-..- .- °p-≠-bn-cn-t°-≠ C-Ø-cw _m-es - ‚ F-Ivk - v¢ - p-ko-hv \-√ Kp-W-ß-sfm-∂pw _m-e- hm¿-Øb - m-bn-cp-∂p A-Xv .-..- .- \n-√ .tI-cf - s - Ø sR-´n-® hm¿-Ø! H-∂v am-{X-ta k-ln-°m≥ ]- A-Xn-s‚ t]-cn¬ apƒ ap-\‰m-sX-bp-≈q .-.-.-.-"D-]-tZ-iw ".-D- bn¬ \n-∂n-cp-∂ A-∂s - Ø a]-tZ-in-®p H-cm-sf sIm-√-W{¥n k-` Xm-sg-t∏m-bn-cp-∂psa-¶n¬ A-bm-sf _m-e-\v A-©p h-¿j - w I-gn-™p AG¬-∏n-®p sIm-Sp-Øm¬

`m-Kw 1


sX I-jn-Iƒ X-s∂ `-cW Øn-se-Øn-bt- ∏mƒ tI-kv At\z-j-W-Øn-\v D-Øc - h - n-´X - b - n-cp-∂p .F-\n-°v hn-iz-kn-°m≥ I-gn™n-√ .X-te Zn-hk - w ]m-Xn cm-{Xn tbm-fw F-s∂ D-]t- Z-in-®p Fs‚ A-Sp-Øp-≠m-bn-cp-∂ _me-t\m ? Rm≥ sam-ss_¬ F-Sp-Øp _m-es - ‚ \-ºc - n-te-°v hn-fn°m≥ {i-an-®p .dnw-Kv sN-øp-∂p-≠v ]-s£ t^m¨ F-Sp-°p-∂n-√ hn-fn-®p sIm-t≠ C-cp-∂p ]n-∂o-Sp B dnw-Kpw \n-e® - p..-.-

\o-´n \n¿-Øn. Sm-Ivk - n \n-∂Xv P-\ß - ƒ Xn-ßn ]m¿-°p∂ H-cp sX-cp-hn-eb - n-cp-∂p .-]g-©≥ sI-´n-Sß - f - p-sS C-Sh - g - nI-fn-ep-sS \-S∂ - v- H-cp Ip-Sp-kp ap-dn-bn¬ R-߃ F-Øn .-..- .- F-s∂ C-cp-Øn F-\n-°v ap≥]n¬ Ip-sd a-Zy-°p-∏n-Iƒ \nc-Øn h-®p .F-{X-bpw k-ab - w I-gn-™n-´pw R-߃ X-Ωn¬ H-∂pw kwkm-cn-®n-√ c-≠p •m-kp-Iƒ F-Sp-Øp _m-e≥ a-Zyw \n-d® - p ."Rm≥ I-gn-°m-dn-√ " .-..- R - m≥ ]-d™ p _m-e≥ F-s‚ ap-Jt- Ø-°v t\m-°n H-∂v Nn-cn-°m≥ {i-an®p H-‰ h-en-°v B c-≠p •m-kpw I-fn-bm-°n .h¿-jß - ƒ-°v ti-jw.-..- .- .- .- .- .- apw- ]-gb - _m-e\ - n¬ \n-∂pw H-cp ss_ \-Kc - w ]m-Sv am-dn-bn-cn-°p-∂p .-..- c - q-]- n-epw Xn-ct- °-dn-b —-{X-]X - n in-hm- Øn-epw kz-`m-hØ Pn sd-bn¬-th kvt- ‰-j\n¬ A-h≥ \n-db - p-∂ •m- p-Iƒ h-≠n C-dß - n ]p-ds - Ø-°v Im-en-bm-°n sIm-t≠ C-cpP-\ß - ƒ-s°m-∏w H-gp-Ip∂p .-.tºmƒ h-fs - c A-{]-Xo-£n-X- hn-Xpºn-sIm-≠v A-h≥ ]-dam-bm-Wv B ap-Jw F-s‚ {i- ™p.≤-bn¬ s]-´X - v. a - p-JØ - n-s‚ "F-s∂ N-Xn-®X - m .-..- .- F - s - ‚ D-Sa - s - b Xn-cn-®d - n-bp-tºm-tgk-l{- ]-h¿-ØI - ¿ X-s∂ .-..- .- °pw F-∂n¬ \n-∂pw a-d™ n- A-hc - p-sS N-Xn-bn¬ Rm-\pw.-..- cp-∂p .-..- hm-°p-Iƒ ap-dn-™p ._m-e≥ .-..- .- .- A - b - mƒ C-t∏m-gpw Rm≥ H-∂pw tNm-Zn-®n-√ .Po-hn-®n-cn-°p-∂p F-∂X - v X- \m-gn-sI a-s‰-√m s∂ F-s∂ G-sd A-Xn-ib - n- A-∂v _m-es {]X nI s fb pw A-dà - p sN-bv∏n-®p .- c-≠p Zn-hk - w Xp-S¿-®Xn-cp-∂p .-..- .- _ - m-e\ - v th-≠n-bpbm-bn Rm≥ B kvt- ‰-j≥ - n-epw \-S∂ - n-cp-∂p .-..- .- ¬ sN-∂v P-\ß - ƒ °n-Sb - n¬ ≈ Xn-c® h¿-jß - ƒ-°v ti-jw C-ßn_m-es - ‚ ap-Jw Xn-c™ p. s\ Cu cq-]Ø - n¬ .-..- .- H-cp Zn-hk - w Rm≥ I-s≠-- m-es - \ Im-◊m-\n-√ Øn .-_m-e\ - pw F-s∂ Xn-cn-®- th-≠ .-..-_ dn-™p F-∂p F-\n-°v D-d∏ - m- A-Xv A-ßn-s\-Xs - ∂ \n¬-°bn .-Ad - n-bm-ØX - v t]m-se F- s´ .-.∂n¬ \n-∂pw H-gn-™p am-dmRm≥ B ap-dn-bn¬ \n-∂pw \m-bn _m-e≥ H-cp {i-aw \-S- C-dß - n t]m-bX - v _m-e≥ AØn .dn-™n-´p-≠m-hn-√.-..]n-s∂ sI-´n-]n-Sn-®p-≈ H-cp Ic-®n¬ .-..- a-e-bm-f-Øn-se A-dn-b-s∏-Sp-∂ Rm≥ H-∂pw tNm-Zn-®n-√ .-..- t^m-t´m tP¿-W-en-Ãv. C-t∏mƒ _m-e≥ H-∂pw ]-d™ X - p-an-√ tZm-l-bn-se kv-t]m¿-Sv-kv .-..- ho-°n-en-bn¬. C-sa-bn¬ : _m-e≥ H-cp Sm-Ivk - n°v ssI

`m-Kw 2


EAST Vs West East “Why We Shout In Anger” A saint who was visiting river Ganges to take bath found a group of family members on the banks, shouting in anger at each other. He turned to his disciples smiled and asked. ‘Why do people shout in anger shout at each other?’ Disciples thought for a while, one of them said, ‘Because we lose our calm, we shout.’ ‘But, why should you shout when the other person is just next to you? You can as well tell him what you have to say in a soft manner.’ asked the saint Disciples gave some other answers but none satisfied the other disciples. Finally the saint explained, . ‘When two people are angry at each other, their hearts distance a lot. To cover that distance they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, the stronger they will have to shout to hear each other to cover that great distance. What happens when two people fall in love? They don’t shout at each other but talk softly, Because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is either nonexistent or very small...’ The saint continued, ‘When they love each other even more, what happens? They do not speak, only whisper and they get even closer to each other in their love. Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that’s all. That is how close two people are when they love each other.’ He looked at his disciples and said. ‘So when you argue do not let your hearts get distant, Do not say words that distance each other more, Or else there will come a day when the distance is so great that you will not find the path to return.

West 5 ways to win an argument When was the last time you had won an argument

with your loved ones hands down? Most people think that winning an argument depends on one’s communication skills. However, communication skills also need a smart and mean brain. I assure you that if you use these 5 tactics with perfect timing, nothing is going to stop you from winning. STATUTORY WARNING: Dont try on your wife, girlfriend or boss. They are smarter than people like me who just write for writing’s sake. 1. Blame the opponent for the argument: It is really important to maintain throughout the argument that your opponent started the argument at the first place. Always remember that you are a victim of your opponent’s whim and someone as innocent as you can not possibly instigate a conflict situation. 2. Use a third person: Whenever you feel your opponent has made a bloody good point, just take shelter of a third person. Pretend that your opponent is not around, then turn to this third person, use the killer words “Can you imagine he said blah blah blah.... !! How ignorant can someone get.” and then one smirk and a small pat to your forehead. Congratulations ! You have won the round. 3. Make sure to advertise your small wins: Whenever you feel you have made a bloody good point, do not wait for his/her expressions or reactions. Take advantage of it. Again a smirk, a small shake of head from right to left and then a 20 seconds half smile with the look that says “Oh !! You poor darling.”

10 4. Cook up the facts that nobody can varify: If you are doing a factual argument, feel free to create your own facts. Afterall, everybody has a right to create information. Just make sure that these facts are not easily varifiable. Use words like, “I read in a survey that ..... “ or “ There was this interesting episode on Discovery channel which told me that some Zebras can fly.” Now let it be your opponent’s headache to follow up with the Discovery channel office. 5. Make your opponent eat his/her own words: When your opponent presents an argument, try to make it round and personal. Trap him in such a way that he has to think twice before reacting and use this interruption to build on your own theory. You can trap him by proving that what he is saying is not practical and is totally inconsistent with his acts or beliefs. Force it down his throat that the point he just made was only to win the argument and that he does

Kerala Crossword A fun exercise aimed at stimulating your knowledge about our Motherland – Kerala, and at tickling your puzzle solving skills! Send us your answers at . Winners along with the answers will be published in the next edition. (The number in the boxes inside the crossword corresponds to the starting location for the answer of that particular question number. For instance, Vertical question 3 indicates that its answer is 9 letters long and it should start from the box ‘3’ vertically downwards. Some letters are already filled as hints) 3





not really believe in that. A classic example is the suicide example. If someone is defending suicide, ask him why does not he hang himself at the first place? He will surely stammer before responding. Use this time to dominate him. Courtesy: Editor’s note: We do not endorse either and readers, chose wisely! Vertical (Top to Bottom):1 -First tobacco free district in India (is in Kerala). Also called the “Akshara Nagari” for its contribution to print media and literature (8 letters - bottom to top) 2 -New Year festival celebrated in Kerala (5 letters) 3 -One of the most famous classical “dance-drama” originated from Kerala. (9 letters) 4 -The largest annual pilgrimage in the world happens to this holy place in Kerala (10 letters) Across (Left to Right):5 -Malayalam name for the National flower of India (only 6 letters) 6 -The animal that is regarded as the Kerala State animal (Malayalam name) (4 letters) 1 -Instrument mainly played in Kerala Hindu temples especially during festivals. (6 letters) 7 -One of the most famous tourist beach destinations in Southern Kerala (7 letters)

Laughs with Allen Vadakkan


1) 2) 3)




4) 5) 6)



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What kind of radio do cars listen to? Cartoons What has four legs, stands, but it is not an animal or human? A table What has two hands but canít clap? A clock What has streets and buildings but no people? A map What kind of cats lie and cheat? A lion and a cheetah What has lot of keys, but canít open anything? A piano What kind of butter can fly? Butterflies What you call a teenager who is awesome in everything? Protein



ow many of you have heard the terms “virus” and “common cold” from your/ your child’s doctor during your clinic visit recently and thought in your mind, “I pay $$ for the visit only to be told of the different techniques to get rid of the boogers from my/ my child’s nose? That’s just not fair”? If your answer is in the affirmative, you’ve got company. The “common cold” is the most frequent human illness; so, “booger busting” is very frequently talked about in the doc’s offices. What exactly is the “common cold”? The term “common cold” refers to a mild upper respiratory viral illness involving, to variable degrees, sneezing, nasal congestion and discharge, sore throat, cough, low grade fever, headache and malaise. The symptoms last for three to seven days, although many people have symptoms (coughing, sneezing, congestion) for up to two weeks. It is caused by a number of different viral bugs. Rhinovirus, Picornavirus, Metapneumovirus, Respiratory syncytial virus .... Does knowing the name of the bug that has taken possession of your body really matter? The straightforward answer is .... NO! Unless you’re aiming to be the next spelling bee champion, the names of these viruses really don’t matter .... mostly. ”Mostly” is the key word here. For e.g., in case of infants (especially preemies), elderly and immunocompromised hosts, infection with Respiratory syncytial virus (aka RSV) can lead to a battle of life and death; whereas in healthy older kids and adults, it results in just a “cold”. What should I know if my child has a cold? Children under six years average six to eight colds per year (up to one per month, September through April), with symptoms lasting an average of 14 days. In children, the common cold is often more severe than it is in adults. It also lasts longer. Plus, children often get a fever during the first three days of a cold. Children can also have clear, yellow, or green-colored boogers. The color of the booger is not a reliable predictor of a secondary bacterial infection (and hence, the need for antibiotics) at all. If a child develops any of the following features, the parent should seek immediate medical attention regardless of the time of day or night: 1) Refusing to drink anything for a prolonged period 2) Behavior changes, including irritability or lethargy (decreased responsiveness) 3) Difficulty breathing, working hard to breathe, or breathing rapidly Parents should call the healthcare provider if the following symptoms develop, or if there are general concerns about the child: 1) Fever greater than 101ºF (38.4ºC) lasts more than three days 2) Booger production does not improve or worsens over the course of 14 days. 3) The eyes become red or develop yellow discharge. 4) There are signs or symptoms of an ear infection (pain, ear pulling, fussiness). Most children with colds need not be excluded from day care or school. It is likely that they spread the virus before they developed cold symptoms. What is the treatment for the cold? There are no specific medications against the bugs that cause the common cold. The symptoms of a cold will resolve over time, even

BUGS, BOOGERS AND IMMUNE BOOSTERS without any treatment. So, “booger busting” is the mainstay of treatment. Humidified air as well as nasal saline can improve symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose, and causes few to no side effects. Remember always to use distilled water for the humidifier. What is the role of antibiotics during a cold? Antibiotics have no role in the Tinku Davis MD FAAP treatment plan unless one of the complications like an ear infection, pneumonia, or sinusitis has developed. Antibiotics do not help in preventing any of the complications either. Inadvertent use of antibiotics during colds is a sure-fire way to create “super bugs”. How can I prevent myself or my child getting a cold? The most important thing you can do is to wash your hands often with soap and water. Alcohol hand rubs work well, too. The germs that cause the common cold can live on tables, door handles, and other surfaces for several hours. You never know when you might be touching germs. That’s why it’s so important to clean your hands often. Wait! You forgot to comment on the immune system boosters!!! A number of alternative products, including Zinc, probiotics, and herbal products such as Echinacea, are advertised to treat or prevent the common cold. None of these treatments has been proven to be effective in clinical trials; their use is not recommended. Certain products, such as nasal gels that contain Zinc (e.g., Zicam®), have been associated with a permanent loss of smell. There is some evidence to suggest that Vitamin C has a small role in preventing the common cold. Its preventive effect may be greater for persons involved in high-intensity physical activity in especially in extreme cold conditions (marathon runners, skiers, and soldiers in sub-arctic exercises). Disclaimer: The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

Tinku Davis MD FAAP is a Board certified pediatrician with Scott and White Healthcare System. She resides in Temple with her husband, Sajan & her li’l ones Leah and Sean.


Birthday Poem

On this day, in the mirror laughing is a child in the corridor of my childhood, playing marbles, she does not think of winning and losing, and watches the birth of a calf, a new life clumsily tottering on fours, On this day I am that calf taking its first step not knowing the slaughter house is around the corner,

Usha Akella

Every birthday happy, an uncrumpled parchment a fading plinth of genes-hieroglyph, Step into the new like comfortable old shoes, Each year further away from birth, closer to myself, Softer, the aiguilles of hurts, Easier, the traffic jam of relationships, On this morning my face, a kite, unloosened—for a day— from a hidden hand, Eyes, eagles in flight, a stream of dreams, On my brow, gleam treasures, My heart’s congealed mess- light! Distanced from the penalty of years, This year! May only be a batten in the floorwork of memory.

Happiness is high up a mountain town in Colombia walking in a city of porcelain plates with poets; Memorabilia of travel crowded later on a desk. On this day I forget- nothing is free in this world, Someone always does something for something, STARBUCKS grudges you a cup of free water And a temple priest sells you salvation, On this day I enter the only true temple- the one within And do not walk the corridor of external edifices, I know I have dared to be human, it is enough that I know and the versions of me in others heads do not haunt me, On this day supine under the sun, emboldened Unhurt by my own prehensile abilities I return home to greet my daughter and meet a crumpled card with typos that cannot misspell ‘Love.’

Poet Usha Akella, author of three books of poetry, moved to the US from India in 1993. Her work is included in the upcoming Harper Collins’ anthology of Indian English poets. She is the founder of the Poetry Caravan, an organization that provides free readings and music to the disadvantaged.

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