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Gwenn’s 21st Gwenn’s 21st

You are cordially invited to Gwenn’s 21st birthday celebration taking place on Sat 25 September 2010. Yes you read right, the party is back on (but Gwenn doesn’t know it...yet). It’s a SURPRISE party so you cannot say a word to anyone, esp Gwenn.

Where will it be happening? The Mount Nelson Hotel (Planet Champagne and Cocktail Bar) Take a virtual tour of the venue by clicking on the following link: Virtual Tour Time? 18h00 (This is real time not African Time)

Dress-code: We‘ll keep to the theme that she wanted: Gentleman in vintage attire, waistcoats, bow ties or poorboy caps. Ladies in lace, pearls and gorgeous hats (if you have one).

RSVP Fri 24 Sept.

Gwenn's 21st  

Invite to Gwenn's 21st