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Year 6 Portfolio


Term 3 Reflection This term has been one of the greatest terms I have ever had. We have done so many things! Including: Introducing our new unit of Inquiries, more challenging work, playing cricket at Lunch, LunchTime Sport, Father’s Day Stall, House Cross Country, Athletics training in the mornings, Footy Final Father and Son Night, Excursion to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Visit from Morris Gleitzman, Junior Concert, Hoop-Time and Proposal for Change project.

Term 3 started off with a buzz as everyone thought we were going to start our exhibitions. It turns out our exhibition would be next term. Our UOI at the time was Sharing the Planet.

In the first week we noticed harder work. Some of us breezed through it while other took their time. We all knew that we would ease into it. We also knew that all the work we were doing we leading up to our Topic Test so we worked really hard.

Pavan, Andrey and I also continued playing cricket. We even made a Batting Timetable in the later stages of the term, so we would get confused and so we wouldn’t fight.

Because we are going to do our own exhibitions we went to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre to check out some expos. When we walked inside the atmosphere was amazing. We got put into groups and our groups would go and get some pointers from other people.

One of the things I didn’t like was athletics training in the mornings. Even though I like throwing a discus I don’t like getting up in the mornings. I made it to the District Team in Discus and I came first so I advanced to Divisionals. My throw was 21.58 metres.

Another thing I don’t like is House Cross Country. I came 23rd but Pavan and Couper were unfairly disqualified so I came 21st.

I thing I liked was the Forsyth House Assembly. I got chosen as the M.C. I think I did really well as the M.C but at the end I got confused because I thought there were more things to announce but it was the end.

In recognition of Harmony Day we received a visit from well known author Morris Gleitzman. I got a fright well a teacher from another school asked me to talk about one of Morris’ books, Misery Guts. My knees were shaking like a machine. After Morris talked to us we got his new book and his autograph.

We also had some sporting days like Hoop-Time. On the day I was the centre of defence. We won all our matches but the last one.

That is about all we did in this awesome term. In conclusion the term was awesome, awesome, and awesome.

Term 3 Maths Reflection This term in Maths our teacher was Mr Kemperman. This term we did Fractions, Order of Operations, Topic Test, Subtraction Revision, Division to three decimal places and homework.

Work wasn’t to hard this term. Most of the stuff we did was revision from the Topic Test last term.

Fractions was really easy because I am really fast and I could finish early.

One of the harder things was the extension class. This was a problem solving class where Miss Mason would monitor us doing our work. Later in the term Miss Mason trusted us to work

independently. We did this work in the Year 6 conference room.

Our extension maths class is held on Wednesday instead of Speed Maths.

In the Topic Test we had two parts. In the first part I got 48/51 and 20/21. Overall I got 68/72. I think I got a good score but I could have dome better.

In conclusion this term was not so hard but, some parts were challenging.

Term 3 English Reflection

This term in English we have been doing Summarising, Comprehension, Spelling and most importantly our Topic Test.

We started off the term with Ms. McMurtrie but at the end of the term she became Mrs. Young. We also had a Mock (Fake) Wedding for her. She married the dummy that wears the uniform in the office.

We started the term with simple comprehension sheets and some easy homework.

Then we started doing some summarising. This is what we had to do we had do. We had to write a summary of our holiday.

Then we did some spelling in our homework and some classwork.

There was a big change in the standard of work in this term as the topic test was coming up.

Another thing we did was Text Response which was very hard as you could not insert our point of view.

In conclusion English was harder but more enjoyable this term.

Term 3 UOI Our Unit of Inquiry this term we started off being introduced to Sharing the Planet.

We were told by Miss McMurtrie (Mrs Young) and Mr Kemperman that we were going to do a huge project on research on a Renewable Energy Source. I chose Hydroelectricity for my subject.

The whole idea of the project was the convince the MP of Victoria to switch houses in which ever district you chose to a renewable

energy source, and to learn about other energy source instead of burning coal. I named my company DHEPO.

Our next Unit of Inquiry was How we Express Ourselves. We had several activies relating to this topic. For example, Mrs George coming in, writing scripts, looking into the history of racism and aboriginal people and looking at some historical people in time.

The thing I liked the most about this term’s Unit of Inquiries is the Renewable Energy Sources project because we watched a lot of videos and it makes me think differently. For example our family installed solar panels after I told them how bad coal is.

In conclusion I really liked this term’s Unit of Inquiries and I look foward to the upcoming exhibition.

Term 3 PYP Attitude The PYP attitude I think I have show this term is Commitment. The meaning of Commitment is the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose or allegiance. I showed commitment when we were writing our scripts for UOI. When I thought something didn’t sound right or didn’t make sense I wasn’t afraid to make my opinion. In the end our script turned out really good.

I also showed commitment when we were doing our French House Projects. Nobody wanted to go first so I volunteered to go first.

Term 3 Specialists Specialists were really fun this term because of all the special stuff we did. Specialists are a good way to escape from the pressure of English, Maths and tests!

MUSIC If there is one thing I really love it is music. This term in music we have been studying Gustav Holst and his pieces of music called The Planets. In class we listened to some of the Planets and we had some

fun activities to follow.

ART This term in Art we have been doing Pastel drawings and a ColourMatic®. For our Pastel drawing s we had to pick a video game and choose a scene from that video game to draw. I picked Super Mario Brothers and I drew Princess Peach’s Castle. Colour-Matic®s was made by Mr. Bell and it is a picture in a frame without any colour, but when you take out the picture it has colour! I am still in progress. SCIENCE

In Science we have been studying the Great Barrier Reef and coral. We did a project where we had to choose and reef and research it.

To end off the Term we watched Finding Nemo. French French was so fun this term. I made a lot of connections between French and English words. We also had a project when we had to make our dream house. I made my house but it got deleted so I did some extension work instead.

Library One thing that tied in with Library was Book Week. In recognition of Book Week we made Book Boxes with the theme ONE WORLD MANY STORIES. I chose a story from Sri Lanka. Other than that we only read books. P.E (Sport) All I can say is everyone likes sport. We have played various sports. I won’t mention all of them but the ones I liked were Footy, Lacrosse and Rugby. We also had Fitness Testing.

That’s about it for Specialists this term. My personal favourites were P.E and Music.

Year 6 Portfolio  

Year 6 Portfolio

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