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GAME GAME is a non-profit street sports organization which since 2002 has worked to create lasting social change by establishing innovative facilities and educating youth to be leaders and role models within street sports and street culture.

GAME arranges practices and tournaments in street basketball, street soccer, dance and parkour in less advantaged neighborhoods all over Denmark. These activities also take place in GAME's street sport facilities in Copenhagen and Esbjerg (GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen and GAME Streetmekka Esbjerg). Young, voluntary GAME Playmakers run the local street events and practices. GAME also works in Lebanon.


GAME educates local youth from less advantaged neighborhoods as GAME Playmakers. This education equips the youth with the skills they need to organize weekly street sport practices and cultural events in 26 GAME zones in Denmark and 11 in Lebanon. GAME’s Playmakers act as role models for vulnerable children and youth, and they are a key part of bringing about the social change that GAME strives to achieve.


In 2010, GAME opened GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen in close collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen. The street sports facility was created from what used to be a tram shed on Enghavevej in Copenhagen’s Southern district. The facility has won several prizes for its architecture and social

activities and is a major asset for Copenhagen's street sports community. In Jutland, GAME Streetmekka Esbjerg is situated in one of the west coast town’s oldest industrial buildings. It has undergone a transformation from a beloved, albeit out-dated train yard, to a raw, asphalt covered street sports facility. GAME Streetmekka Esbjerg opened in January 2016 and has been well received by the town’s children and youth. Viborg and Aalborg, which are located further north in Jutland, will be the next towns to join the Streetmekka tribe when two industrial buildings undergo renovation and become innovative street sports facilities. These new Streetmekkas are expected to be ready at the start of 2018.


GAME has a branch organization in Lebanon. Local Playmakers conduct practices in 11 GAME zones across the country, with special emphasis on gender equality and on the right to play for Syrian refugees, all of which is facilitated by street sports. GAME’s headquarters are located in Copenhagen. Highest governing body is the Annual General Meeting, where GAME's Board is democratically elected.


GAME Annual Report 2015  
GAME Annual Report 2015