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31 End of Ages

G’Wiz: Galveston Wizard

Standing Room Only at Prudential Branch Grand Opening! Our good friend and and supporter Jan McGovern (see her color panel ad, page 17) gave us the scoop. There would be a grand opening of a new Prudential, Gary Green Realtors at 823 Broadway. (That’s on the right side as you’re headed to the smaller numbers on Broadway). The function was scheduled to begin at 5:00, with a ribbon cutting from the Chamber of Commerce to be followed by food, spirits, and business card and idea swapping and business trend analyzing!

Opening still going on? Yes. And there’s still a full bar. That was all we needed to hear. We slammed the phone down, grabbed our camera and keys, ran outside, slid across the hood of the car, jumped in, and we were on our way! The minglings were good, and so was the food! Grey Goose and Cranberry in one hand, business cards in another, it was time to do some promoting! Of what? Of them, of course! We’re here to help! Congratulations on the new branch, Prudential, and here’s to your continued success! Contact us at thewiz@ and let us know how we may be of service! Or call us directly at 409.621.2864

We were running a little behind, stopping at Chalmers to buy supplies to upgrade our darkroom for more streamlined t-shirt production. (see our self ad on page 7!) We called Jan at 5:45 pm. Is the Grand Never miss an opportunity to meet interesting and new people. Super friendly realtors and loan specialists want to know how they can help you find the perfect home you have been looking for!

(Above left) Jan McGovern, Carolyn Gaido, Edie Harrington, Alice Melott, Suzanne McClure, and Andrea Sunseri pose! (Above Right) Tracy and Tony relaxing and talking shop. Everyone was so nice!

Local Musician Sees The Writing on the Wall For over a year now, the place to be on Galveston Monday night is Poor Michael’s on the Strand, where Billy Bourbon hosts his weekly musical excursion. “The question I get asked most often by people who’ve never heard us is, ‘what kind of music do you play?’ I keep trying to come up with a description” Billy Bourbon smiles sheepishly. “My latest name for it is ‘Texas Gumbo Music’ - Red Dirt country, rock and blues with a rue of humor.” Humor is a big part of Billy’s music, with songs like “Bongo Dry”, “Women, Whiskey, and Weed”, and the infamous “Vasoline”. Live, he often covers songs from Jason Boland (“Nymphomaniac”), Charlie Robison (“Bar Light, Bar Bright”) and Guy Clarke (“Home Grown Tomatoes”). Born in Missouri, Billy moved to Galveston Texas from Nebraska (which he often refers to as “North

Texas”). “I moved here on purpose” he notes, “This is where the music I love is being made and played, and I wanted to be a part of it.” His single, “Quick As I Could” (currently #9 and rising on the TexasTop40. com) is about his dream and search for the Texas Lifestyle. “I met my wife here, she’s a Houston native, and she’s my biggest music fan. I named an instrumental after her, “Flutterbuttin’”. Once the music starts my baby has a hard time sittin’ still.

“Poor Michael has been a great supporter. He has live music seven days a week” says Billy. “He’s hard on musicians - he likes bands to play quiet, and he will fire ‘em right on the spot. As he says it’s his name on the sign out front. He’ll make you stop in the middle of a song to drink a shot with him. On the other hand he has let me play whatever I want and do my show as I please Monday nights, and now we’re adding Wednesday nights.”

We’ve got some new things on the horizon as well, including a podcast of Monday’s shows. Podcasting is basically internet broadcasting, with thousands of people creating their own shows, and millions more tuning them in. “I’m really excited about it”, says Billy, “Galveston is a world port, and people from all over have seen us play. Lot’s of Swedes and Scandinavians, Brits, Aussies, and Japanese. Almost all of them have

the internet, and it’s possible this little band from Texas could go world-wide!” “Texas Music is a big in lots of the good-ole-USA too” adds Billy, “People are just drawn to it like I was.” Come be part of their live shows Monday and Wednesday nights, at Poor Michael’s on the Strand, corner of 20th & Strand, Galveston, TX, U.S., Earth.


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