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Galveston Wizard

Vol.. #3

Dawn of a New Era

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Your Edutainment Guide Thru the Realm of Galveston

When we distribute the Galveston Wizard, we do our very best to make sure that each and every copy finds a good home. Someone who will read it and enjoy it and maybe even pass it on for someone else to check out. For those of you who were able to catch the first two issues, hang on to your collector’s items! (looked at them lately?) We are working our darndest to create a comprehensive Web site for those who may miss an issue. And we are testflighting a subscription package, in case you want a highly collectible hard-copy. With each and every issue, we intend to provide a guide for Galvestonians in Galveston. Things to do you might have missed, places you might have missed, with a forum for Galve-

stonians to put into words their feelings on their world or yours. Galveston is an eclectic and diverse island, filled with opportunity and possibility. A thousand condos selling a week does not every stomach fill. (or problem solve) We must be certain that the community as a whole is able to grow together and come together with that growth, as Galveston is an island on the cusp of insane growth and possibility. “But we’ve got “such-andsuch problem,” or “we’ll never end “this-n-that problem” ... why or why not? We’re so quick to point out problems that no one seems to be looking for solutions to those problems. We must better understand Galveston to make it work for us all.

Table of Contents

Dawn of a New Era, Volume 3 of the Galveston Wizard Periodical. Cover Art by Joaquin, (Learn more about him on page 9) Where we are........................................................................................................................2-3 Deadly Blood Clots In Galveston, Getting Back in the Saddle...........................................4-5 Feeling Powerless in Galveston, You’re as cold as ice! .....................................................6-7

The Galveston Wizard intends to serve as a guide thru many different aspects of Galveston, giving timid or leary readers the opportunity to explore other opinions, ideas, and worlds than their own, just by reading the Galveston Wizard cover to cover! Opinions found in this periodical are just that. Should someone somewhere have a different opinion than one printed within these pages, feel free to submit a counter opinion or observation for us to share. We will do our best to give counter opinions or ideas equal weight. We leave you with the following quote as you begin your journey with the Galveston Wizard... “ It takes a lot of brains to enjoy satire, humor and wit--but none to be offended by them.”

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What is Greek Night? Street Performer Joaquin’s work is out of this world!...................8-9 Sufferin’ Succotash, Lone Star Rally Rev-Up..................................................................10-11 An Evening to Remember, On Quitting Smoking, Is Tourism Galveston Island’s Blood Diamond?..........................................................................................................................12-13 Resolutions, Wish Lists, Every woman deserves to be satisfied...................................14-15 Please make an effort to support all of our advertisers, as they make this publication free to you!...................................................................................See our Advertiser Index Below!

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Why read just the titles and their page numbers? Why not make an effort to read the whole thing! None of them may be for you, or all of them may be for you. This Is Edutainment! Get an idea? Have a suggestion? We want to know what you think! So Email Us already!

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Wizard, My name is Charles McVey and I work at the WorkSource at 4700 Broadway. An article was published in the latest copy of The Wizard talking about the services that we provide to the community in regards to job placement,and financial aid assistance to seek new skills, to fit into the demand of the growing work scene. After the latest copy was distributed it found its way into the hands of an old Galveston resident named Michael Horton. Upon seeing the article in the Wizard, Michael decided to pay me a visit. While I was waiting on some of our daily customers, I heard someone say “I’m looking for Charles McVey.” I turned around and saw Michaels face. He was quite surprised that I recognized him immediately. Af-

ter all it had been 40 years since I last saw himWe were both in the 10th grade at Ball High School. He complimented me on my remarkable memory. Quite a story if I do say so myself. Just some of the things that the publication entitled “The Galveston Wizard” has accomplished. Charles, Wow! We’re glad we could be of service. It pleases us to know that we are making a difference with this publication! We hope to earn many more praise reports like that from our community! Galveston Wizard, You came in the other day and handed out an edition of the Galveston Wizard: G’ Wiz. I got around to looking at it and I think

it has some potential. It’s a fun read although a bit random and it’s great that you’re getting some good feedback from your readers as seen in your letters section. Keep it Going! -Mike Mike, Thanks for the support! We’re glad to see you are enjoying it. What more can we do for you to make it more useful? Also, as to your “random” statement, those sure are pretty flowers....WAIT! We mean, we are getting better and more organized every day. We appreciate your support and patience as we grow with Galveston! Keep us posted as to how else we might be of service! Galveston Wizard,

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Here are a few real topics of discussion for you. 1. Why is Galveston So Dark? There are not enough streetlights so rape, robbery, car theft and assault are still at highs? 2.Why are there 2 Visitor’s Centers and only 1 Salvation Army or any other free programs to recover these addicts? (We all know local bums by name.) 3.What ever happended to kids going somewhere like the Y.M.C.A. and acting like kids? 4.What’s up with all the drama on the island? 5.What do you think about Galveston residents having to pay to get on East Beach? Wow, we thought it best to pass these on for our readers to answer! Any thoughts?

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Return of the Wizard



 Dawn of a New Era

Deadly Blood Clots in Galveston!

It’s true! But, we’re not really talking about human blood. We are actually referring to the money situation of Galveston as we have seen it. While Galveston is deeply rooted in history, it is also evolving like a fruit fly! (that’s fast!) People who haven’t been to Galveston in awhile find themselves questioning if they have accidentally ended up in one of the other three Galveston’s in the U.S. (Virginia, Indiana, and Kentucky each have one too...look it up!) No, we crossed a causeway (or a ferry, what-have-you.) on the way in, this must be the place! The businesses of Galveston range from the ma-and-pa businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. This is good news for the people of Galveston, because it means that we are growing. (and there is

Galveston Wizard

more money out there for you!) The “blood clots” we are referring to are the apparent inability of certain local businesses and corporations to grasp the concept of the circulation of money, and how it affects the overall island. Comparing the blood flow in the human body’s circulation to that of Galveston economics is actually quite simple. In your body, blood delivers oxygen from your lungs to your various organs, and then returns to the lungs with carbon dioxide for a fresh batch of oxygen coming in (note: Your body was doing it while you were reading this sentence!) We at the Galveston Wizard have found obstacles in our desire to increase the money flow in Galveston! (By providing you with as many tools and tips as we can. We want this

(Car Talk Next Issue! ideas? Tips? L.U.K. )

publication to impart wisdom as well as entertain you people out there.) What obstacles? Well, we can start with the certain big systems, Corporations. These are welloiled,Galveston-County-hiring businesses that are usually household names. Often, our attempts to talk with our first-name-basis-friends at these corporations are forced to redirect us to a regional office based in some other city. The trail often ends there as we leave an unreturned message or our information is taken down and then forgotten. The actual people working at these places love the Galveston Wizard, but they often assume that they cannot do anything more than pass off a corporate office number. If you tell your supervisor to tell their supervisor about us, it will help us to

break up these clots so we can get to you (and you to) readers more consistently and do more in the community! Ma-and-Pa’s, or privately owned franchises are sometimes callous to advertising, as they are not sure as to it’s effectiveness. You can help us break up these blood clots by talking up the Galveston Wizard to your friends and favorite businesses! Request thier support for us! When advertisers support us, it is up to you to continue supporting them so the circulation can continue and we can bring you the edutainment you know you love! (and please tell them we sent you!) Remember, if you are taking out but not giving back, you are setting us all up for economic stroke or heart attack.

Pleasant Land Child Care


NOW ENROLLING “Texas Rising Star” MONDAY - FRIDAY 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Through rain, hail, sleet, or huge billows of smoke from under the hood, your package will get there on time! That’s determination! (Cough)



1615-39TH STR (409)763-6009 / (409)766-7405

Here’s a helpful reminder for drivers who are getting seasick from the “wavy” railing on the Causeway. Pay attention to the road.You are in control of hundreds of pounds of metal, plastic, rubber and glass all working together so all you have to do is push the gas pedal and steer. Don’t let yourself become mesmerized.

Getting back on the saddle..

Day one: It’s early... Too early! You’ve been accustomed to sleeping in until when you had to be somewhere. One day it hits you that you should try to take care of yourself better…take care of yourself like you used to. So you set your alarm that night, get up early(ier) and you go. You procrastinate around the gym at first, feeling sorry for yourself while going through the motions of a stretch and warm-up. You pick an exercise and you start. These weights are heavy, especially after a while!This is difficult. You pick a number of reps and go for it. You stumble in a weakened state to a water fountain (Water bottle next time, you think to yourself.) You look around and realize how long it’s been since you’ve worked out. A couple more machines, free weights, or pulleys later and your weakened mentality is trying to tell you you’ve done enough for today. You push your body harder, and it begins to push back. You are exercising your resolve here as well. You try to enjoy yourself. By the end of your trip to the gym, you are completely exhausted. You

PAck and Ship

would do well to stretch afterward, but you don’t. Day two. Shampooing your hair, a onceeasy task, today seems to require extreme strength and endurance. You find yourself stretching and extending your repairing muscles. Watching what you eat and establishing good eating habits will only add to your overall health and well being now, as you ease your way back in to world of the physically fit. You realize that once your muscles have had time to heal, you must go back again. The process won’t end overnight. You are looking forward to it. That night, you set your alarm to sound earlier again. Day three. The alarm goes off. (Beep) (Beep) (Beep) (Beep) (Beep) (Beep) (Beep) They say it takes 30 days to start a good habit, and one bad day to break it. The decision to exercise is ultimately up to you...”Snooze Button” or “Alarm Off?” Do you do things that others would enjoy or benefit from? Share your wisdom with our readers! Email us at

Are you ready for spring break? Start Today!

Dawn of a New Era






“A real fitness center that offers real professional help that produces real results.” Created with EclipseCrossword —

E W S P A P T 33 U M M O 36 37 L P L I A S 41 B F A C T E U 46 L B R 48 C E M E A 51 52 M E R S P C O U N T



C O 28 E L M M U N 35 N I C A 42 T E 47 A 49 Q U A D I T E X A S


I T L R U R T H 43


55 53



B F A M O U S 6 7 J H E A R T O 10 11 A A G R A V 12 V D N C I 16 17 W A R E I C D E N S 19 W O R T H T 22 23 O O C E A 24 25 A R R N I G A N X I T 29 30 N E R S A E I S S

Don’t peek!


I T Y 13 T E H 20 M R N O E R S N H 31 32 Q I N N O U N L I N G D T G 38 A L L O W O 44 45 T R O P H Y A B 50 V I S 54 C U S 57




Crossword Answers!

M I N I A T U R E B 8 9 B O R R O W V C 14 F E N C E 18 S A 21 L S N I L V 26 27 P A U S T I N P N I E C E N T G W R N A 34 G I F T U 39 40 R I N D E 2

Customers of Ritz Car Wash on 61st Str. suddenly found themselves waiting “in style” for their washed and waxed vehicles. We trust that they enjoyed their issues of the Galveston Wizard!

Page 31!

You are getting sleepy...

When you hear about someone making off with millions of ill-gotten dollars, and you say to yourself, “How do they sleep, nights?,” if they treated themselves to a Posturepedic Matress, they probably sleep like a baby. (We dare you to lay on one and NOT groan in relaxation!) We’ll get one some day!

 Dawn of a New Era

Galveston Wizard

Feeling Powerless in Galveston?

The saying should go, “There are 3 certainties in life,... death, taxes, and utilities.” The monthly wave of bills for services and utility bills continue to keep many of us on our heels. Setting utilities up can also be a nightmare, we understand your plight! If you are renting, you are forced to pick up any bills that the landlord leaves out of the lease. If you own the property you live at, well, you must pay them all. And then if you want to have things like a telephone in your home, or internet, or cable television, that will cost you as well. It seems like all of the creature comforts will cost you. Deposits, charges, fees and costs for hook-ups and installation add to the strain. (Not to mention the deposit at the outset of your lease, if you are renting.) Invariably, the intense costs of all of these put together bring us to the Section 8 and other government-housing options. (Are you a wizard on the subject? Enlighten us with an email) So where do you start? We had to pick up or transfer all of our utilities into the new destination. You must plan well in advance in order to ensure a seamless and stress-free move. But nearly all moves generate stress.

During the day, there is a steady traffic of people from utility company’s turning people’s utilities on and off. Getting in a cycle of letting your bill lapse until the utility cuts off is a huge sign that all is not well in either your budgeting or your means. The added fees to the cut-off and shut-off are only costing you hundreds of unneccessary dollars. Stay on top of your bills. Budget your money. Things left undone become harder so pay them as soon as you can and be done with it. Conserving your utilities will cut down on your bill. Also, do you really need all of those movie channels? I guess if you’ve got the money. Utilities are essential, but remember, you still have rights, if you feel like you are not getting adequate service, you have the right to switch to another service provider. We don’t have Time to Warn you here about monopoly-resembling companies, but we need to make sure to keep the customer’s best interests in mind. What do you think? (email us) Let the Wizard guide you thru your utilities! Got some wizardly knowledge to pass on? Email it to us!

“So you call this your free country, then tell me why it costs so much to live.” -Three Doors Down, Self-titled album

Electricity This one is usually the most expensive of all, depending on the season. However, it is also one that you can control. (On or off!) With emerging electricity vendors every day, you can shop for the best deal and/or service.

Gas We’ve got gas! (snicker) Gas heating that is, and we’re scared of dying from noxious fumes! Gas man red flagged the heaters, landlord assures us it’s fine! Hello, space heaters!

One final walk-thru of the old place.

Phone We were using AT&T, paying about $22 for basic service, but switched to the Time Warner Trio. We can’t help but miss AT&T a little, and the quality was better,...but I do like caller ID!

Water You’re renting, and it’s covered, lucky you! If not, you gotta have water! This bill is also paired with your garbage collection charges. You need water and you make trash! Pay up!

“Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” Conserving your electricity will save Don’t forget, you still have you money! to unpack your stuff!

Automated Phone service has you talking to a computer and entering Why do I have to clean my 30 digit numbers in your fridge when I leave if the phone! people before me didn’t?

Note to the phone in- The wave of bills from the staller went unnoticed! old and new place require Missed him! strong organizational skills!

Internet Cable TV Satellite DSL or Cable Modem. Anything less and you’re better off going to the library. We went cable, but are not pleased by the random after 6 month price hike! Not cool!

Where do we start? It is the same (overly-priced?) rate whether I catch one day of television or I have a Cartoon Network Bender. “Hello.. Netflix or Blockbuster?”

Get more channels, more cool options, but you also have limited control capabilities with multiple T.V.’s. Maybe for the television programming sophisticates...?

“the bare essentials”

All of our fond memories are packed away, along with our belongings. There is something sad about seeing it empty. It was so familiar. It was home. Goodbye, and thanks for everything.

“Reflection of Self” with aid of two mirrors and one camera (shown)

Show us what you’ve got! Send us your interesting and creative pictures!

All tangled up? Take a deep breath. Get your bearings. Being frustrated and annoyed right now will only make matters worse. Simplify your goals, work on one thing at a time, and you will emerge victorious!

Dawn of a New Era

You’re as cold as ice!

Many homes in Galveston are historic. That being said, many of them are in need of some serious updating. Over time, wallpaper fades, lead-based paint chips, oxygen-burning heaters fail, and the aches and pains of an elderly house become more frequent and pronounced. Many tenants, unaware of their rights and options, may be enduring defective, substandard conditions because they don’t know what to do about it. If you are a tenant (renter) and are having concerns or problems about your home, be sure to put in a written notice of such requests in a friendly, kind manner to your landlord. Be sure to make a copy of the letter and keep it for your records. If you are unsure about you or your landlord’s obligations and your rights as a tenant, check out your lease, property code, or Austin has the Austin Tenants’ Council, which is something those in the know would do well to model for our island as well... Or you can consult an attorney. (We’re on it.) A lack of communication between yourself and your landlord could result in normally unnecssesary problems! (See Assertive Commuication, page 25!)

Landlord’s: Please Consider your Tenant’s Needs! They are stewards of your investment. Keep them happy, warm and safe!

HELP US Henry's Restaurant Follow the Rabbit to

Read the book “Nickel and Dimed,” then Check out for book discussions, upcoming events and important film series info!

Galveston Wizard is


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” Human beings have had a huge impact on the social structures and evolution of other species. Consider that the dog is a “pack” animal by nature, and if left untouched by man, will maintain a family organization. If you choose to accept the responsibilities of pet ownership, be sure that you are capable of ensuring it’s well being.


You think the

~ Comida Salvadorena

Open Daily 6:00am to Midnight ( available)

Double Meat Burger Combo (w/French fries and drink)


Surprise Burritos (Potato, Egg, Bacon, Beans, Cheese)


Family & Party Packs: 10 shrimp +10 Catfish + 10 Fish +2 Large French Fry + 8 Rolls + 4 Medium Drinks


2823(409)765-8400 Broadway

Mary Hernandez at the Galveston and Texas History Center in the Rosenberg Library. Historical Documents. Rare books. Books on Texas and Galveston! More!

Mike, a contractor for Time Warner, drills a hole in the wall for a cable TV jack. He is also a part of a group of guys organizing a “Houston Bar Hoppers” team where they will explore the best places to go! Setting up a dream job for himself someday!


 Dawn of a New Era


Galveston Wizard

WHAT IS GREEK NIGHT? Night full of Greek heritage. People enjoy-

and so on. The evening offers dance . The art

“Krewe of Olympia Grill “ would like to

ing authentic food, music, and dance.

of Belly Dancing.

give a special thanks to captain Jose Serrano

and the Olympia Grill Soccer team for win-

No cover charge, and reservations

For those who know their his-

are perfered. Olympia Grill, has been recog-

tory, the Greeks’ have a specific form of Belly

nized and awarded for their food in recent

Dance, the traditional Napkin Dance, Folk

The most recent Greek Nite was Jan. 24,


Dancing, Table Dancing and the Greek

but you can catch it again on Valintine Day.

The Krewe of Olympia Grill: Chef

Olympia Grill was voted: A TEX-

Sailor Dance, and more (reference pictures

So the next time your are in Olympia Grill

Salvador, Manager Katie, Nena,

AS MONTHLY pick in 2005 and 2006, “...

below). A special appearence by the great

for lunch ,dinner, or take out, ask your server

Marta, and Tikie.

the greek food is so varied and tasty; We fa-

Vascili Papavasiliou(in the picture below in

for additional information .

vor the Lamb Shank stewed with oregano,

the middle of Lori Antmon and Tammi Per-

Think Greek for your next party. Cur-

garlic , tomato, and fresh lemon...”, from

kins). The last Greek Nite was Jan 24, 2007,

rantly doing party drop-off,. For more infor-

the Daily News: honored for their “ Heart

but Greek Nite happen every six weeks and

mation about catering and drop-off delever-

Healthy Vegetarian Items”. And OUT-

is more for customer appreciation . Olym-

ies, contact Cecil Jones at (409)370-4233.


pia’s way of saying thank you.Tikie (BOI)

Serving only Authentic Greek Food, these


Kriticos and Larry (BOI) Kriticos and the

may be the friendliest guys around.

ning first place. Great job to those guys.

Cecil Jones and Steve DeSola “workin’ it out.”

- Another C.W.

Traditional Napkin Dance! The Great Vascili Papavasiliou with

GREEK NIGHT at Olympia Grill returns this


Loi Antmon and Tammy Perkins

Belly Dancer and Zoe ( available)




Barbara Pickering tries out some new moves!

ch Cat


n fu

n ai ag



Featuring: Belly Dancing Greek Folk Dancing Greek Sailor Dance Bouzuki playing by Dimitri’s Band Great food, and a great time! Reservations Preferred


Tammy Ochoa

Independent Avon Representative

Putting together each Galveston Wizard takes time!

nice to strangers! Want to send us something? Do it early! Re- Be Remember, they are only friends that you haven’t met yet! member, things left undone become harder!

Dawn of a New Era

Strand Performer Joaquin’s work is out of this world!

Watching him work is an amazing thing! Setup begins at around 1:30 on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. First a large tarp is spread over a section of open courtyard on 24th and Strand. The bags are emptied out, spray paint, paper, completed works, coconut tip jar, and gas mask. This is clearly not Joaquin’s first rodeo. Friends Jimmy, Charles, and Brent, talk amongst themselves as Joaquin tapes down the tarp and lays out the prints. Joaquin credits the City Council, the mayor and George Mitchell Property Management-

for their support of his work. Viewers are captivated by unique and varied spray paint techniques until the work is finished and the details are all in place. Amazing to watch! Go check it out. He’s there til dark.Finished works will only cost you $20 bucks, and don’t forget to tip! (See his work on the cover?) For more informa- Joaquin (front) on the Strand with tion, contact Joaquin supporters (from left to right) Jimmy, at (832)561-0143. Charles Guin and Brent.

Don’t forget to tip!

(Check out his work on the cover of this issue! Thanks again, Joaquin!)


Jose and Sally welcome you to...


“vi s” We Cater! a ag t i ra j Food Prepared Fresh Daily a so F g up n DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS FROM 10:30 3:00PM ” i l z z Happy Hour from 3 - 7 (Try our famous $1.99 Margaritas! 8 Flavors!) “Si 4901 BROADWAY GALVESTON, TX 77551 409-762-6369



10 Dawn of a New Era

Galveston Wizard

Sufferin’ Succotash By Sylvester Just as Sylvester of the cartoons used to say “Sufferin’ Succotash,” so should the residents of Galveston. We should start cutting the heads off of parking meters just like they did in the movie “Cool Hand Luke.” One line summed up what the movie was about and what life is like on the island. “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Luke eventually was killed for the crime of cutting the heads off of parking meters. Life can be ridiculous and sad when a bunch of goose-stepping bu-

Have your

SAVE 33%

reaucrats act as if they are the only ones that matter. If you listed the number of ridiculous and sad situations on the isle you would probably run out of paper or go insane first. For the sake of communication, let’s list a few here. 1) Parking meterstwo city councils spend over a year trying to finagle some way to put meters on the Seawall. The outcry was so great, the city council stopped wasting their time and ours), but they still want those blasted parking meters. They want the money so they can hire more disgruntled employees, and the management can get

delivered to your door

Subscribe for 2 months, and receive the 3rd month...


CALL NOW! 409-683-5260 1-888-561-3611


larger salaries and benefits. It wasn’t so long ago when you knew the reason government employees were paid so low was because they couldn’t make it in the private sector. Now it doesn’t seem to matter, the new Gestapo and Robber Baron’s are at City Hall. 2) Second Hand Cigarette Smoke- 8 months of debate – more lies told by organizations (including professionals) than fleas on the loose dogs on the island. Thanks to some small sense of appropriateness by Lyda Ann, Danny Weber, Barbara Roberts and Patricia Bolton-Legg, the devastation

of lost jobs and shear stupidity didn’t prevail. That one probably hasn’t gone away either. When do you suppose our government will start acting like our government? I wouldn’t suggest you hold your breath. But hopefully this is the start of a dialog that you and I can enjoy together and examine. The folly of those influencing our lives should be exposed and maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop long enough to consider what they’re about. Talk to you again later about more of what’s really happening on the isle.

Caught in the Act! We caught members of Krewe Babalu having a meeting at Cocktails Karaoke and Piano Bar. They were having a blast and it sounded like they were planning some pretty cool stuff for you Mardi Gras-ians. Check out their Web site at http://www. for more information.

(left to right) Jennifer Marett, Tina Osteen, Angela Chapman, JJ Hildebrand, Curtis Klosowsky, Jamie Grady and Gladden Walters at their monthly meeting at Cocktails!

Krewe Babalu also donated $160.00 to The Children’s Center, Inc Child Development Center at the meeting (call 409.765.5212 for more information on the program.) Here Tina Osteen (left) presents the check to the Centers’ Andrea Hypolite. (right)

Preventive Maintenance

HURTS LESS! Haley likes the Galveston Wizard! Don’t you to?

Kenneth S. Gluski, D.D.S., P.C

email us!



25th & K

Do you see now why you can’t park in a red zone?

Rev-Up! ally

rR ne Sta


A surprise visit from the Grandparents! Great. Except for the fact that I have just moved all of my belongings into a new house, and lack of electricity had slowed the move in process. (Pigsty) It was also biker weekend! I didn’t know what to do. Would they think every day of Galveston living was like this on the island? They wanted to see what Galveston was all about. Many locals around Galveston seems to think that there is impending doom at any and all of Galveston’s annual events. Thier suggestions are usually “stay indoors, batten down the hatches, stock up on bottled water and wait.” (Many business owners take the same approach during winter months here.) The main fear, it seems, for most Galvestonian locals is a fear of the “unknown,” of actually supporting and checking out the events and activities that go on on

the island. We’ve made ourselves pout for years cause we’ve always been like the neighbor who stays downstairs, and never joins the party upstairs when it comes to events and ideas. (new and old!) Despite my earlier reservations, My Grandparents and I went and they had a blast! It was an amazing array of people, vendors, leather, and of course, motorcycles. (Did we forget to mention alcohol?) I could hardly believe it myself. It was an amazing visual feast We made our way thru the Downtown area of the event, taking in the feast to the senses! The overall climate of the crowd was just really nice, fun, laid back motorcycle enthusiests. Seeing all of that money exchanging hands, and all of the good times to be had. We began thinking...”We’ve got to get more involved in the Rally!”

Dawn of a New Era 11

“We had a blast!”

Don’t you think you should too? Many people and busiRuby nesses set up booths, promote their wares and make m o n ey hand over fist! Anticipating, Appreciating, and Adapting (hell, enjoying!) events that Galveston hosts can work to your advantage, but it’s up to you to figure out how! We’re not afraid anymore! We look forward to bringing you more news and info before, during, and after the next Rally too!


Riding like a pro!

no seating?

Riding out at the Galvez


Chris sews a patch on a leather jacket

Make any day a special occasion with Why not enjoy DiBella's for Lunch? Daily Lunch Specials T-F, 11-2 Make your reservations early for Both Weekends of Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day or any other reason you feel like celebrating life! We want to make sure you get a good seat!

Catering Also Available For Your Events

For Reservations Call 409.763-9036

Cash or Check only

"Hop on Ave P (One of Galveston's Secret One-Way Highways) and drive right on down to us at 31st!" Some 21st street business owners are concerned about the accessibility of the steps up some of the curbs. “Some elderly or disabled How do you people have extreme difficulty 317 23rd Str. 409.750.8200 Used books, comics, videos, vinyl records. with them on Largest bookshop in County--70,000+ in all categories, includthe way to the ing Galveston Books. Open 7 days a week 10am-6pm. Located across from Bank of America in Historic Strand area. Opera House or Saltwater Grill.”

Slow, Focus, Enjoy,

Use. Fast, Skim, Miss, Waste.

Read your Galveston Wizard?

Galveston Bookshop

(15% off with this ad)

An Evening to Remember!

12 Dawn of a New Era

All the fun, food, drinks and friends we could handle! Vendors in food, beverage, and all things “Epicurean” offered samples, coupons and other wares for people to indulge in and enjoy!

Galveston Wizard

Friends old and new everywhere! Local celebrities abounded, and the fun didn’t stop til it was all over! Did you recognize anyone in these pictures? Tell them you saw them in here! (If it’s a business owner, it may incline them to consider

advertising with us too! Special thanks to everyone that took the time to pose for us!) See you around the island we call home. Let us cover your event or product! Email us at thewiz@galvestonwizard. com Jessica from the Spot and Chelley at San Luis.

fun Paco serves some delicious Bread Pudding!


Saltgrass Steakhouse served up Filet-K-Bob’s, Baked Potato Soup, and Two-Fork Cheesecake! From left to right, Fred, Shaun, and Reuben deliver the goods! MMMMmmm!


Delfina, Kelly Wilson (Executive Chef of the Tremont), and Glynda from the Wizzard Bar on 24th and Church all pose by some amazing Dwayne serves Clary’s soup selections from the TremSeafood up in style. ont! Yum! We’ll see you soon!

And an occasional tip too for the great people that worked the event! Thanks for making it so much fun!

All this talk of food making you hungry? Check out or call 409-539-2340 Call them first, then call the restaurant you want food from, and Takeout Galvesotn will deliver it for a nominal fee! What a concept! Let’s all help it to succeed! Give it a try sometime! So many tasty restaurant options, like Los Patrones, DiBella’s, Olympia Grill, Henry’s, or Quizno’s can be delivered and enjoyed tonight, without leaving the house! Give them a try!

Can you believe we only require $50 for a spot like this? Why not support us Arturo from the Steakhouse and Caprina from Fisherman’s Wharf pose for a picture. by trying services that help bring us to you?? It’s easy... “pick up the pho-e-one!” Very nice!

William showcases some Corazon from Republic Beverage. Stop by and see him at the San Luis Steakhouse! ‘



Tourism Galveston’s Island’s

On Quiting Smoking Wow! So some tips on the act of “Quiting.”

ing, to out-and-out featherweight-sensitive

First you’ve got to overcome the habitual.

irritability. Makes you think “killing-spree”

The having something in your hand, the act

just because “someone” has moved your

of smoking, etc. Keep stocked up on Gum,

television remote. (Probably you) If it is

Ice Water Candy, Beef Jerky, Suckers, etc.

more than you can handle, getcha’ some

Anything to keep your hands and mind mov-

nicorette gum, the patch (effective!), or

ing! (Toy from T.F. Hippies!)

prescriptions such as Wellbutrin. This

The real ‘bitch’ is the nicotine addiction, or

process won’t happen overnight, but keep

the physical cravings. Ours ranged from fidget-

“Blood Diamond?”

with it! You can smell things and breathe easier! And If you’ve got a cigarette in your hand, BEWARE! We may come up and try to second hand smell off of your exhale! Bear with us, we mean you no harm! We are only reflecting on fond memories of an old friend. But be careful, that friend tried to kill us!

Web site help: Worth

Dawn of a New Era 13

We just finished watching the Movie, “Blood Diamond” at our very own Premiere Cinema on 89th and Seawall. Wow! What a good film! Blood Diamond was both powerful and insightful. The film, set in or around Sierra Leone (in West Africa), shared themes that had me analyzing my own fair city! Are we at war with ourselves, being funded and geared toward the “tourist” buck, with an impoverished and self-oppressed community? We have pretty much been a DiCaprio fan since “The Beach,” (Catch Me If You Can, Aviator, The Departed, more!), and it co-starred Djimon Hounsou (The Gladiator, Amistad), and Jennifer Connelly (The Rocketeer, Beautiful Mind).

The last we had thought about “conflict diamonds,” was from Kanye West’s song with Jay Z! Indeed, “Diamonds ARE Forever” but we’ve got some local issues that may be taking back seat to the lustre of the tourist dollar. Poverty, Drugs, Depression, Stupors! What will it take to end these conflicts? Wikipedia calls A blood diamond (also called a conflict diamond or a war diamond) a diamond mined in a war zone and sold, usually clandestinely, in order to finance an insurgent or invading army’s war efforts. Each and every one of us has got to take ownership of this island! Make it yours! If we work together toward common good we WILL eventually meet with success! Let all of Galveston Shine for all to see!

Lost your enthusiam for doing property tax renditions by hand?

Use code OSA07 and save 10% your first year!

It's time to automate.

Jessica and Sandi at the Spot’s Indoor/ Outdoor Bar.


Relax and enjoy all of your favorite entrees while enjoying the gulf breeze and view! We have fun here. Go by 32nd And Seawall. Tell them the Wizard Sent ya!

Women Men Seniors 60+ Children (1-10)


$18 $13 $9 $9

Certifierd Barbe

James J. Molina 514 21st Street 409-762-8780 Galveston, TX 77550 Roffler


12 Noon - 6 p.m. (MON - SAT) No appointment necessary

(get up and do something!) (409)762-8780 Off 21st and Post Office

14 Dawn of a New Era

Galveston Wizard

The Galveston Wizard’s

) ed

Christmas Wish List t la

e (b

“A Toast!” To a successful, happy, and fulfilling new year for us all!

0. Money 1. Handheld digital voice recorders. (Interviews!) 2. Digital Cameras / Camcorder (Audio Video!) 3. Laptop Computers (Mobile Wizardry!) 4. An ad from your favorite business. (Pay our Employees!) 5. Dragon’s Breath. (on every Wizard’s

Wishlist) 6. Some cool loot from the Giny Hogan Collection. (see back cover for details) 7. More cool businesses to advertise with us. 8. The van for sale in the panel below (For Distribution! On Tiechman past Hicks, Clary’s, and the Daily News)

“YOU CAN DO IT!” (Anything you set your mind to do, that is!)

Because All Good Girls Love Bad Boys Introducing new female artist

Teri Willis, C.P.C.T. Offering custom tattoos and cover-ups, specialty piercings and professional permanent cosmetics.

Tattoos (Now open at Noon!)

“The oldest & most reknowned Studio on the Island”

Teri has been nationally recognized in “Tattoo Magazine” & “Skin & Ink” Personally accredited by founder of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists

4108 SeaWall SeaWall Blvd. Blvd. 4108

Teri is certified in the OSHA approved Blood Bourne Pathogens Course 409.763.1396 409.763.1396 Leftover, unused

New Years Resolutions! (ready for you to start today!)

Circle as many as you like, and let the guilt begin!

Jessica, Lyndsey, and Victoria say

“Hello Galveston!”

Read More Quit Smoking Quit Drinking Treat OthersWith Respect Smile More Call My Mother Pay my bills on time Be more optimistic

Floss Exercise More Start Dating/Stop Dating Stop Judging Travel Learn Something New Help Others More Watch Weight Better

You can only change yourself!

Are you ready for a change?

Ok, kids! What’s the difference between “Publicity” and “Advertising?” In the Galveston Wizard it’s all good! Promote your business, sell your stuff, thank a friend. Use it for you! (And it helps us too!)

Open Mic Poetry Dawn of a New Era 15

“Every woman...

...deserves to be satisfied...”

...I said to myself on the way back to my car. I had just experienced almost four hours of awesome open mic poetry at Java’s 213. My friends had missed out! If you missed the flier, didn’t catch it word of mouth, or go, then you missed out too. But you can catch the next one! It was Lyrical Latte Open-Mic Poetry, held every 3rd Wednesday of the Month by Java’s 213 (Off 23rd and

Post Office). The planning, organizing, and promoting of the event was done by Apotheosis Epidemic. (Check them out at Benjamin and DJ SCEF kept the show flowing smoothly, while Alex tended bar (on page 27!) to keep the verses flowing smoothly. At 8pm, signups for performances ended and the show began. The performers ranged in their

style, content, delivery, and avenue. Some recited from memory, other’s with paper, and all performances were met with sound applause. The atmosphere was very comfortable, giving each poet an opportunity to bear their soul and share their thoughts. Let us showcase your words, talent and ideas! Email us at

Let us help put your thoughts and ideas out there! Inspire a stranger! 200-400 words.



(thewiz@ galvestonwizard .com)

Benjamin (MC)


Nine (9)



Big Momma Lyrical Lingo Tass


Lord Abraham Marie Brown the Great

T. Rich

Sir Lawrence


Inquisitive Mind



Bonnie aka love jewel Old School

Lady Cool Cat


Mike McFarland


Stella Star

Help us help you!





Mr. Nsatiable Quiet Talker and the Illusionsist

! sue s i s r thi out! o f t i d sed he wor s i t tM Jus us put Let Call or Email us so we can work together toward shared success for your event or program at:


You can’t help but let out a sigh as you make your way outside for the day. Man! This is tough. If it were easy everyone would be doing it they say, but why CAN’T it just be easy?

16 Dawn of a New Era

Galveston Wizard






. . . AND MORE!


Wizardx January2007 ad


12:42 PM

Page 1

a successful Keysrealto estate transaction . . .

Jan McGovern REALTOR - A ®



21 Century Technology st


= Call Jan Direct: 409-419-0784

...Just one more quarter!... ...wait, one more try!... ...ok, this one’s it!... Gambling, like the legalization of any drug, MUST first require mass information on the dangers, risks and pitfalls for abuse or over-indulgence thereof if successful implementation is the desired result.

Have you been lucky enough to get one of our new business cards? Arriene from Speedy’s Printing showing a full sheet of the finished product, nice work! Our back’s sure are itchy now though! (No advertising revenue means no supply reorder budget! Just a little F.Y.I.!)

Dawn of a New Era 17

Knowledge of Good and Evil

Have you ever asked y o u r s e l f “What goes on in the mind of my pet?” Pet owners claim to understand their animals, but it would be fascinating to see the world thru their eyes, wouldn’t it?

Smilin' on the Island

Paid Advertisement by The League of Gallant Friends of Galveston

18 Dawn of a New Era Q: Why did the person hold-


Galveston Wizard


We Got Jokes...

ing this periodical read it from cover to cover?

A: Because knowledge is power, and communication is the key to such power! Ok, ok, ok. Here goes...

1. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit? Unique Up On It. 2. How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit? Tame Way.

3. How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest? They Take The Psycho Path 4. How Do You Get Holy Water? You Boil The Hell Out Of It

5. What Do Fish Say When They Hit a Concrete Wall? Dam!

6. What Do Eskimos Get From Sitting On The Ice too Long? Polaroid’s

7. What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn’t work? A Stick

8. What Do You Call Cheese That Isn’t Yours? Nacho Cheese.

9. What Do You Call Santa’s Helpers? Subordinate Clauses.

10. What Do You Call Four Bullfighters In Quicksand? Quattro Sinko.

13. What Lies At The Bottom Of The Ocean And Twitches? A Nervous Wreck.

19. What Is The Difference Between a Harley And a Hoover?! The Location Of The Dirt Bag.

14. What’s The Difference Between Roast Beef And Pea Soup? Anyone Can Roast Beef.

20. Why Did Pilgrims’ Pants Always Fall Down? Because They Wore Their Belt Buckle On Their Hat.

15. Where Do You Find a Dog With No Legs? Right Where You Left Him.

21. What’s The Difference Between a Bad Golfer And a Bad Skydiver? A Bad Golfer Goes, Whack, Dang! A Bad Skydiver Goes Dang! Whack .

16. Why Do Gorillas Have Big Nostrils? Because They Have Big Fingers .

11. What Do You Get From a Pampered Cow? Spoiled Milk.

17. Why Don’t Blind People Like To Sky Dive? Because It Scares The Dog.

12. What Do You Get When You Cross a Snowman With a Vampire?

18. What Kind Of Coffee Was Served On The Titanic?

Stop Black Holes of Creativity! Support your local artists.

Have you still not checked out the Giny Hogan Collection? Not only would you be supporting a local artist, You would also be supporting a local artist that is supporting us! (back cover) Take the time to show our advertisers that you see them! They allow us to bring this publication to you! Whether or not you use it is up to you!

Thank you for your support! The Galveston Wizard

22. How Are a Texas Tornado And a Tennessee Divorce The Same? Somebody’s Gonna Lose A Trailer

Email us your jokes!

Who won the election?

Who won the election? I have no idea. The canadates spent months flooding every intersection, storefront, lawn, billboard and exit TRYING to get my attention! Vote for me, no vote for me! All I saw were color cards. Who was the blue card? What did red canadate stand for? Who won? I want to know. Spend an equal amount of time thanking the people that voted for you. Expose your platform to those who didn’t vote on your behalf. Let us get to know you. You won, become more visible to the small majority. We make up a large part of the whole. We might not have the time to see the name of the winner on the evening news the night of the election, or catch tomorrow’s edition of the Daily News. I pay taxes too. We the little people read papers that gives us more to think about, like the Galveston Wizard. Now that’s were I want to see my winner. That would let me know he/

she is giving 110% to get my attention, finding their name popping up in small conversations here and there. That is how this article came to life. I can always take time out of my busy day to find out. Right. Don’t think so. They need to be more visible to me. I should feel like I know them pesonally, since my taxes pay their salary. I know that’s not reality, but it can be obtained thru auxiliary advertisement avenues, such as the Galveston Wizard (hint to the winners). I may lose sleep tonite over the small and important questions being spoken during dinner with the wife, or working with a co-worker, or having a beer with a homie. Now THIS is where you want to be! Now your name is in nearly every resturant, bar and home, possibly. That’s putting your name out there. Let me follow your term in office. Show me what you are doing and why you are the right person for the job. Give me confidence in you!

On the Municipal Golf Course... So we’re shutting our Golf Course down for about 9 months? We believe it has been purchased by a prominent non-profit organiza-


tion. (but we’re not sure). We believe they are going to be working to make it an even better course! (This 9 months of patience


on your part could have us getting “Open’s” and “PGA Tour’s” to start thinking “Galveston!”... Mo’ Money!)

We’ve got an idea though! If the Back 9 are going to remain essentially unchanged... Why not 1) Upgrade the Driving Range


first, then 2) work on the Front 9 while leaving the Back Nine and Driving Range open. Perhaps a discounted price, with clever “Pardon our mess!” signage! See the opportunity!


Give the young guns a cheap place to hone their skills. Imagine the success story of the kid that practiced at Municipal way back when it was the “Back Nine,” A trendy Caddyshack-style 9-Hole sensation! Our hero returning there years later to take an Open!

While it was “technically” still a two-piece meal, we couldn’t help but feel a little gypped.

Let some trustworthy young adults run it. Involve Galveston College. Watch it grow! What’s the worst that could happen? We’re renovating it anyway? What do we know...? WNW

Andrea Shelton and Mary Jane Strong enjoy an evening at Oysters. “ Life is fun, but it’s even better on Post Office!”

Dawn of a New Era 19

Available at Hastings March 6




This car’s alarm system, in the form of two absurdly-aggressive dogs, was inadvertently triggered by my friend who very nearly crapped himself with fright in the process as he walked by! We then felt obligated to taunt them before moving on.

“Have you been reading that Galveston Wizard in your pocket or are you just trying to look cool?” (Overheard)

What in the Dickens?

20 Dawn of a New Era

Galveston Wizard

Danni’s Night Out on the Town

Nigel and Shirley Shivers, and boy were they shiverBarbara and Anthony Constante think Dickins is bigger than ever!!!!!!!

ing.they were ex-

Randel Smith has been to 32 out of 33 Dickens.Still

A lovely couple out and

loving his cigars!

about enjoying Dickens.

cited about coming this year and enjoyed it very much.

Leslie Yates and Etiennie Apodoca. “The Victorian Lady” Good luck to you on your new ventures and adventures...

2nd Annual Magical Galvestonopoly Evening of Music (06) (rules explained)

This definitely isn’t “LIFE,” where one spin of the wheel determines whether you are a dentist, an attorney, or doctor. Here you start the game and your piece is assigned to you. Most of the properties and other aspects of the game are already controlled, but that doesn’t concern you so much because you are just trying to make your way around the board, trying to stay out of as much trouble as you can. Collect $200 dollars and then spend it on “rent” at your various but required “rolls of the die.” Be sure to pay attention, as you will need to remember how you started when you get where you will be. How many of us have “Just Visited” the jail? How many of us could use a “Bank error in our favor.?” And where is our Free Parking? (Imagine landing on free parking AND getting that crisp gold $500 bill to boot?) The best way to win this game? You learn how to play. You start saving your money, or spending it on the right things (why not on our advertisers?!), you eventually buy a Baltic Avenue, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Many of the players already hold most of the properties and several of them strictly abide by the lame “no-trade” mentality. Decide on something that you really want to do on the island. What would you need to get something like that going? Absurd amounts of sweat equity (work), money, time and start. Let the Galveston Wizard help get word out on any of the things you have learned in Galvestonopoly! email:

A great evening of

music! At right, Mr. Mark Davis talks to the guest of honor, Mr. Lenord Gilbert.

Mr. Gilbert is a life

long musical student and teacher that has giving many The Galveston Symphony demonstrating it’s musical years of musical inspiration poetry to his students. Keeping to his roots, staying in southern Texas, he has given much to the musical community that he’s loved so much. We appreciate all he has done! Let’s keep the magic alive!

“It was a wonderful evening.” (ATTENTION)


Jesus & Andrew workin’ hard EVENT IN THE GALVESTON WIZARD. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT: ( to keep the magic going.

Patrons of DiBella’s were sung to by a Dicken’s Choir...

...then the Choir helped themselves to some DiBella’s. Good Times!

Don’t Waste Time.



Dawn of a New Era 21

The Board of Regents of the Galveston Community College District held their regular monthly meeting Wednesday night taking action to appoint a fifteen member Presidential Search Advisory Committee. In December the Regents approved a contract for consultant services with Dr. Bob Barringer of Gold Hill Associates of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to conduct the nationwide search for a new community college president at Galveston College. Dr Barringer, a retired community college president, has used his firm to conduct

eighty-one successful presidential searches across the United States. Barringer’s firm will use the fifteen member Presidential Search Advisory Committee to review applications and recommend five or more finalists for the Board of Regents interviewing process toward the Regents selection of a top candidate. The 2007 Presidential Search Advisory Committee for Galveston College consists of Galveston citizens Tonka Lane, community volunteer; Melvin Williams, UTMB Director of Equal Opportunity

and Diversity and Foundation Board member; Rabbi Jimmy Kessler, adjunct faculty and rabbi to Temple B”Nai Israel; Roland Bassett, local attorney and former Regent; Susan Broll, Galveston College Foundation Board Chairperson; Ray Lewis, Jr., UTMB’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Brian Maxwell, Galveston County Projects Director; Albert Shannon, Chief Executive Officer of Frost Bank and Foundation board member; Don Davison, Assistant Professor of Accounting and incoming President of the Faculty Senate at Galveston College; Michael Berberich,

Instructor of English and Past President of the Faculty Senate; Dr. Gaynelle Hayes, Vice President of Administration; Pamela Britton, Vocational Nursing Instructor and Secretary Faculty Senate; Brenna Molen, Galveston College student representative; Judge Roy Quintanilla, County Court Judge and former Regent and Theron Waddell, Professor of Government. The committee’s work is expected to continue through May 2007 with appointment of a new president by the College Regents by July 2007.

(Do you need more “empty space” when you are reading something in the Galveston Wizard? Do you want more outrageous headlines? We’re gonna figure you readers out!)

How important are you?

Good old Einstein was right when he came up with his theory of relativity, not just because it answered a lot of questions scientists had been wrestling with for many years, but also in everyday life. For instance you may be important to someone but not to someone else, so your importance is relative. You may be old to some people but young to others and so on. But how important are we really? You may feel important, but from the President through our Mayor down to that poor old guy I see sleeping on the bench every night, there is only one thing I can say - Well, sorry but we are not important at all. If you consider the universe or even just our galaxy, we are completely insignificant. Our sun is only one of billions of billions of stars in our galaxy and out galaxy is just one of billions of billions of galaxies in the universe. Our sun is a small, insignificant, not very bright star on the edge of our galaxy, some 30,000 light years away from the centre (if that was in miles all the 0s at the end would fill this whole publication) it takes us

200 million years to complete just one revolution around the galaxy. If we consider that one revolution of our planet around the sun is one year, then the sun’s year (around the galaxy) is 200 million times longer. So what would happen to the universe if our galaxy wasn’t there? Nothing! What would happen to the galaxy if our sun wasn’t there? Nothing! So what would happen to our sun if the Earth wasn’t there? Nothing! What would happen to the Earth if humans weren’t there? Nothing! So are you important? Are any of us important? Hell no! From space, the astronauts can not see any evidence of human life on this planet (unless they are in a low orbit – then they can see the Great Wall of China) other than the hole in the ozone layer. Even our moon has more effect on the earth in one day than the whole of humanity since our arrival on this planet. Without the Moon the Earth would wobble out of control, it has a large effect on the tides of the sea which in turn has a great effect on our weather. It also has an effect on the tectonic plates of the Earth which in turn

15 Member Team to Search Nationwide for President!

By John Bostock

helps creates our mountains and valleys. So what do we do for the Earth? Well, I suppose we help mess it up a bit, but that’s all. Ok, so we are not important to the universe, but is the universe important to us? Extremely. Without the universe, our galaxy could not exist, it would just fly apart. Without our galaxy our sun would not exist, because the sun was made out of the gas cloud that formed the galaxy in the first place. Without the sun the earth would not exist because, once again, the earth was made out of that same cloud and debris from other older stars. Without the earth we would not exist. Now back to relativity, even though our sun and earth are insignificant to the rest of those bright spots of light in the sky. They are very important to us, (see, its relative) we could not exist without all of it. Could we exist on another planet? I here you ask (oh yes you did) – well sure, but not one in our solar system without a great deal of change. The requirements for humans to survive are very numerous. The planet would have to be almost identical to Earth, the star that it orbits would have to be similar to the sun, if it were much bigger it wouldn’t last long

enough for humans to develop – if much smaller, it wouldn’t give us enough heat to survive unless the planet was a lot closer, but then we would receive too much solar radiation. So are there planets out there like the Earth? Probably billions and billions but we haven’t detected any of them yet because (if they exist) they are so far away. You see the closest star that could possibly have a planet like the Earth is millions of light years away, with out present technology it would take more than a generation to travel one light year. So even if we had sent out a spaceship the day apes arrived on the Earth, we still wouldn’t be anywhere near arriving at this planet. Even if we had sent out a radio signal the day cavemen arrived, that signal still wouldn’t have arrived. But is there life out there? Almost certainly but is it important to life here? Not at all. John is an Englishman living in Galveston and among other things, has a PhD in Astrophysics, is an Actor, comedian, musician, Freelance writer, Ordained Minister, Notary Public, etc.

Do you know who this is and where he works? (The first correct email answer we get will win a free G’Wiz T-shirt!

Advertising works. Let us work for you!

Remember that looming fog?

It seemed to add a dream-like quality to the island! Let the fog be lifted from the minds of sleeping Galvestonians! Arise, you giants!

Email us at:

22 Dawn of a New Era

Galveston Wizard

What hinders us?

A Wireless Island!

We can’t give you all of the details. We can’t even give you a few details. Nope..., sorry! Can’t do it! ......... Aw heck, here goes! The thought came to us one day as we passed a signal tower on Broadway....”What about a wireless island?” By wireless, we mean wireless for the internet! That’s right! It uses the same signals as all of the other information we saturate our airwaves with. Why not? Endless knowledge at the fingertips of more people! More tools for success, therefore more success! With Cheaper Internet, Easier Access, Great Tourist Destination Features, this idea shows endless potential! We were directed by a wizard from a far away realm to a similar setup done in Philadelphia, with it’s highly-publicized, often-praised launch of the “Next Great City” just last year. ( Wireless “Cable speed” for only $21 bucks to locals once you buy your wireless adapter for your computer (~$69.) So we’re going to need to kick off a non-profit organization, and start looking for a benefactor...hmm, someone on the cutting edge of Galveston’s Internet Realm (Page 16?). Oh, and we’d need cooperation from our fair City, and State. And the help from Local municipalities, (Say, $5M to push Galveston as the destination of the future AND the past?!) Maybe even the help of a Telecom Giant? Oh, and a staff! Wizards love making staffs!

Wizardly wise in this realm? We need your help?! Email us any ideas, suggestions, tips, or services to bring about great things to help make Galveston better! Want to be the one that scoff’s at an idea or the one that gets in on the ground floor of the next big thing? It’s your decision. Not ours. Our mind’s made up.

You think you can draw a better

don’t be a cry ~:@ if you don’t win! (baby)

Galveston Wizard?

“WE’D LIKE (No, TO SEE YOU TRY!” Really! We would!) Announcing Our First Competition to determine who can draw the best Galveston Wizard! Your Style, Your way. Your Setting, Your Detail, Your Medium. Entries will be judged by us on uniqueness, skill, composition, and overall coolness factor. The two best wizard renditions will each receive a $25 dollar Gift Certificate to DiBella’s Italian Restaurant. Deadline is February 20th. Submissions must be in email format, along with name, age of artist and contact info. (PDF, JPG, ...highest quality you can send...we want to see your work at it’s best Email entries to: Subject Line should read “Wizard Artwork Contest” Readers can expect a Complete Gallery and the Winners in the next issue!!!

Jose from the Republic Beverage Company, delivering “the goods” to restaurants and bars. Thank you, good sir, for all that you do for us!


ttsk! ew!

Check out Al Gore’s “An Unfortunate Truth,” available for rent or sale everywhere.

We’ve got to take responsibility for our environment and do our part to ensure a future for our youth! Still not convinced? Watch the film “Three Days Later” or learn more by checking out: (that should convice you!)

“NO VACANCY” Think you’re the best at Madden?

Dawn of a New Era 23

“In a World at war with itself.”

So does everyone else who plays. Why not show your skills at

the Madden Tournament Below, happening at the Lucky Lounge on February 3rd. It starts at 7:00 so show up early.

If they could have been sure to have at least 300 par-

ticipants, they could have bumped the grand prize up to a Playstation 3! You people have got to show them that it’s worth their time to put something like this together! Support it now in the beginning and it will grow!

Imagine Galveston Convention Center Gaming Expo’s?

You take the first step toward that reality by attending this tournament! How do we start an expo like that anyway? Hmm.

“And Tell them The Galveston Wizard Sent You!”


Doorway Collective by garyCOLLINS & davidTORKELSON Wrap your mind around this one!

Before you put down that controller, know this! Lee Yoon-Leol has attained superstar status as a video game prodigy! Nothing like a hard day’s work! Figure out how to make money doing the things you love! But what sort of things do you love doing?


They make the whole civilian island “Golf Cart Electric Vehicles Only.” If you need a truck for work with 14ft tall tires, you have to provide a reason. (Small man syndrome applicants will be judged on a case- by-case basis.) Everyone can donate their own cars for credit towards an electric vehicle. All of the vehicles that are donated can be salvaged and the shelled vehicles can be used to create an artificial reef which will help bring anyone even listening?

24 Dawn of a New Era

Captain Chinbeard’s

Etiquette Advice Column Dear Captain, I am attending a formal dinner with my company next week, and many important people are flying in from the main office in New York. Needless to say, I really have to make a good impression upon them. Unfortunately, I don’t even know which fork to use for my salad. Can you help me? --Peter O., Galveston


Galveston Wizard

Here we are, hanging up the phone

again. The decision maker is out of the office again. We can’t, in good sense, give away everything for free or trade out! Promoting businesses is tough, but it is in our job description here! (and it pays the bills!)

Our mission this time? Attempt to

promote a local recycler, all of the things they

Luong Pham

purchase or accept, directions on how to get

Avast Pete! Aye. Ye have asked the right person. I have been told that I put the “gentleman” in “gentleman of fortune.” The thing ye need to remember is common sense, it will guide ye to riches like the North Star. Here arr a few thing ye should make sure to do: 1) Address the lady who brings food and drink as ‘SERVINGwench.’ Ever since the Enron Scandal, wenches have been flooding upper management because men are suddenly “untrustworthy.” If ye simply say “arr wench, more grog!” one of the boss-wenches might think you’re talking to her, and you’ll have to walk the plank. 2) When ye are eating your food, be sure to let out grunts of approval, and ask for seconds, even if the food be terrible. 3) Be sure to eat plenty of protein, so ye can absorb more alcohol. If ye can out-drink everyone at dinner, it will show everyone that ye arr the most manly beast at the table. 4) Ye garb also be important. Wear the finest silks, and all the jewels and gold ye can lay yer paws on. But be sure to keep a conspicuously placed musket in ye pantaloons in case they get grabby. Good luck and fair winds! - Captain Chinbeard

there, their phone number, hours of operation, and anything else they may deem pertinent.

Why? Well there’s a two-pronged

answer to that. First, we had just found out ourselves where we could take our aluminum cans. (See picture, right, on the weigh station)

Then our man Luong (above) wrote us

up a receipt for the delivery of the two bags,

cash! (A dollar and 10 cents!)

Now we aren’t really trying to recycle

just for the money, although there is some

of those servants returned and settled accounts with them. The man who had received the five talents brought the other five. “Master,” he said, “you entrusted me with five talents. See, I have gained five more.” His master replied, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” The man with the two talents also came. “Master,” he said, “you entrusted me with two talents; see, I have gained two more.” His master replied, “Well


small compensation for doing it. Our real goal is to try to eliminate waste and separate anything out that can be re-used. Remember, we only have a certain amount of resources on our precious planet.

If you’ve got a service, company or

organization that you would like us to promote, we would love to help! Call 744-3695 for more

And get paid!

metal recycling information!

Are you using your talents?

Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his property to them. To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey. The man who had received the five talents went at once and put his money to work and gained five more. So also, the one with the two talents gained two more. But the man who had received the one talent went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money. After a long time, the master

Aluminum Cans

and we went inside where Kelly gave us our

done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” Then the man who had received the one talent came. “Master,” he said, “I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. So I was afraid and went out and hid your talent in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.” His master replied, “You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have

not scattered seed? Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest. “Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” - Matthew 25:14-30 (NIV Bible)


Doug makes it happen at 2:49am. We can bring home the bacon! If the businesses we all support and love can help us with advertising, then we can bring you the goods quicker, faster and better! (While supporting them with more business!) Isn’t that right, Dutch Kettle?!

Clint & Rocky @ Slices ...Tara exclaimed as she got her issue of the Galveston Wizard at Gravity Bar on the Strand! Seconds later she was reading! Be sure to read your copy cover-to-cover!

Tips for Assertive Communication Ineffective communication can be frustrating! If you feel that you are not being adequately heard, first check to see if you

are adequately listening! Here is an effective formula that we recently learned in a CareerTrack Seminar titled “Deal-

Dawn of a New Era 25

ing With Difficult People,” and hosted by Robert Mallon ( Try this on and see if it produces results!!

First, state positive intent: “For the sake of... (Our friendship, etc.)” “When you...(State the negative behavior or action)” “and this happens... (Result of their behavior)” “I feel... (State your emotion.)” “What I want is.... (State the solution.)” “Can we agree to...(State the solution again.)?”* Example: For the sake of our friendship, when you borrow my things, and make no timely effort to bring them back, I feel frustrated and taken advantage of. What I want is to lend things to you and know that I’ll get them back. Can we agree to where you return an item that you borrow from me as soon as you are done with it?

(Practice makes better. Go try it out!)

*If not, (factors like compromise, time invested, severity of problem, etc. permitting), try a different approach or, if all else fails, end the relationship.

The Silver Lining ing Sure, things could be better. But they could also be worse. Thanksgiving is a tradition of significance for many Americans, but many seem to be missing the point. The “thanksgiving” we know began as a celebration of having more than enough. The Pilgrims had no idea what they were doing in the “new world” and the Native Americans took the time to show them how to do it right. (See? You put a fish in the soil next to your seeds! Who would have thought?) These seemingly simple tips, and a little elbow grease, and soon we had all kinds of food. (It was then they must have used those huge muskets to doom the turkey to be the “token” meat of the holiday. We at the Galveston Wizard want to provide you with tips to give you more reasons to give thanks! Email us to pass wisdom on to your fellow man through our paper. Good eatin’ and thanks for reading! (If we give you tips, you have to promise not to oppress us, take our land, wage war on us, all but decimate our race or leave us with nothing but casinos and lame stereotyping....ok, we will take the casinos.)

(product placement...where’s our ad?)

A Indeed. It was a tasty p e n n y and refreshing beverage. But saved is was it worth the hefty price tag a dollar and sixty cents? The a penny of only person who can make that earned! decision is you. We’re no hypo-

(Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.)

Turn your change into crispy bills! Start a change jar, and resist the temptation to tax it! When your jar is full, cash it in! Saving can be fun! (For us, Kroger on 57th and Seawall has the best regularly-working machine!)

crites! We rationalized our value out of it by drinking a lot of it and then refreshing the ice and topping it off before we hit the road! Like a two-for-one!

Bars and Clubs 26 Dawn of a New Era


Todd Rothwell and Trinity every Wednesday at Gravity.




Acoustic Villians deliver at Cocktails, call 281.312.4294 or email acousticvillains@acousticvillains.comfor booking or information.

, K


Because a Cab Fare Is Cheaper than a


Tropical Taxi


Cool cats relaxing at Busker’s


Clayton, Robin, Rayla and James at Coctails... showing that “Sagitarius’ live happily, until a bi-polar mo- Jay, Jamie, Tony, Will, and Amy, enjoy some beverages at Murphy’s! ment.”

Apparently, this skilled karaoke singer... “Wakes up in the morning and she steps outside, and she takes a deep breath and she gets real high and she says, ‘Aah-eee-A, Aah-yay-eh-eh, Aaheeh-yah, E-yay... She says Hey! What’s going on?!’” (Get it? That 4-Non Blonde song?)

Meet “Nara.” “Nara like in Sayo’nara’?” “...Naw, more like in ‘Nara’cotics, because “‘sayo’Nara’” means goodbye!” She’s got a point. At least now we can’t forget her name!





Geri! Geri! Geri! (Like those fans of Springer say!) Catch her at Molly, and tell her the Galveston Wizard sent ya!

Brian at former M3 on 20th and Strand scoping out the second issue... Bars, advertise your bar with us!

Jamie, Rick, Paul and Our Mystery Man (page Bree and Emily at “21” take 21, panel) at Friday Night time out from serving drinks Salsa dancing at Gravity. to serve us up two smiles!


Jed, Bobby, Reece, Jeff, Larry, and Davd pose for a picture at Third Coast! Improv Comedy starts in half and hour!

! K


Victoria and Jason at the newly renovated and reopened Lucky Lounge on 83rd and Steward. Go check it out!(see ad back cover!)

, K

Galveston Wizard

Blinded by the light, Anthony says “F*ck Yeah!” (He was enjoying himself at the bar.)

So many great bars to choose from in Galveston! Where can I explore a cool new place or that classic bar I somehow missed along the way!?

Anyone who knows Galveston Bars knows the incredible variety and styles of entertainment we have here! We want to be out there with Clean, Full-Sized Cars and 7 Passenger Vans! you! Live on the scene! Let us know 24-hour service on or off the Island! how the G’Wiz may be of assistance!



Balinese Room

Mr. Lopez, I presume. Catch Ivan at Molly’s or Old Cellar Bar.

N U R D (Big Ass Beer Night)

Dawn of a New Era 27

An Evening at the

! K

Our mission? Attempt contact with the owners of the Hostoric Balinese Room....success!

Not only did we get to meet Donnie and deliver an issue of the Galveston Wizard (and offer our support), we also got to enjoy several great musical performances from artists-local and



Casino Bar Protype13-A Dying Breed-Soul Denied-Decimation Theory Sat-2-3-07-Showroom-La La Wilson Casino Bar-Subrosa Union

abroad! (across the Causeway!) Cover $6-10 bucks, but totally worth it. Open Fri-Sat, Doors

*(Imagine the G’Wiz as a weekly publication!)

at 8, bands by nine! Check it out! We can’t wait to begin working more with local bands, groups, organizations to better serve Galveston! (Or at least make it more fun!) Thanks for the Great Night, Balinese! Thanks Rachel for the help! and Happy Birthday Holly!


Alex from Java 213 Doing his thing! Coffee or Beer?


Raymond and John “Plowboy” at The Pink Dolphin. Wait a this place...a gay bar? (JK! We knew already!)

Clay and What fun, these BalineVictoria sians are! We must reserving it turn soon! up at the Balinese Room. Aaron (from Pinche Gringos), Rachel, and Sal (from JFK Suicide Theory) mixing it up!


gravity gravity makes makes the the world world go go round. round.

2120 Strand


galvatraz, texas 409.762.4004


Open MiC







Latin Fri



d a n c e

r e g g a e

a l t e r n a t i v e

blues sun


open mic comedy

check out our happy hour specials!

Sex is to be enjoyed, not deployed!

Sex is not a weapon!

Practice safe sex. Get tested. Be responsible.

The more organized you can become the better. If you never use the items in your closets and attics, why not put them out there for others who will use them. Give unused items to charities or friends, and throw any junk away.

“I had to learn the hard way, why should I help anyone else get here that easily?” (this is toxic thinking)

28 Dawn of a New Era

Galveston Wizard

Server Underground Tuesday Lunch by Mitch Prewitt

The alarm clock blares, and I raise my ever pounding head to read the numbers one zero one five. Damn was it already time to rise from my slumber and face this day? It felt as if I had just closed my eyes and then that ridiculously loud alarm began its bellowing. I lay in my uncomfortable bed contemplating another long day of the grind. Not one cell in my body wanted to go to work. It’s a Tuesday lunch shift, how much can I possibly make on a Tuesday lunch shift? Man my schedule sucks. I need a new job. I heard that new Italian place was hiring. That’s got to be better than the hell hole I call work. Yeah, I think I will go by there today. I’ll just call off. They don’t need me. It’s a Tuesday lunch. No, I better go in. I mean any money is better than nothing right. And besides rent is due in two days and I’m only half way home. So, yep I’m going in. This sucks. I better at least get a good section. I am not leaving early. I don’t care what happens. I am


Someone apparently borrowed a Escavater (One with a big crane arm), and drove it proudly down the streets...tearing up the road as it went with it’s tank-like treads. This believed -to -be- intoxicated thief also apparently neglected to lower the arm as he/she made his/her way down the road. Cut scene to our house, the next afternoon. “What do you mean the cable is out?! Kickoff‘s going to happen soon!” Flustered, my roommate called Time Warner and the operator there reported that someone had apparently driven

working the full shift. I need the money. I might even try to pick up a shift tonight. That would be nice. Instead of a shower I think I will just put on this Al Green CD. I don’t smell too bad. A campground bath will work for today. Ah yes, Al Green is quite the musician. Every time I listen to him I start to feel happy and maybe a little hungry as well. Alright it’s five till and I’m scheduled at eleven so I better hustle, maybe just one more song. I pull into the pothole filled parking lot and have to convince myself to go into this abyss of a restaurant. I hope I’m not in the back. I better not be in the back. That’s it I’m calling off. I don’t think they have seen me yet. No, I am already here. I’ll just go in. Oh, I hate this place. So I exit my car and head towards the next four hours of my life. As I enter I see a busboy mopping the floor and a hostess rolling silver, I get over to the lineup and notice my name is mysteriously absent. It’s not Tuesday, it’s Monday. I’m going back to bed.

thru several wires late the night before, knocking down poles and service. Knowing that the Time Warner Office is near The Daily News, Clary’s and Hicks Auto, we thought we’d investigate what happened! Grab the camera and go! We found several groups of workers, both electric and cable, working to restore services to the island. (Of course, if we were a wireless island... page 22) Thanks again, utilitiy company employees for all of the help fixing it, even on your day off! (Time-and-a-half never hurts, though.) Keep up the good work, people!

We “double-dog dare you”



whether you are resisting drugs and violence. If you are struggling to resist anger, alcohol, marijuana,


heroine, meth, shopping, cigarettes, sex, gambling, crack, pills, caffeine or any other thing that you know in your heart you want to get control of... Seek help! We all support you!

You got the balls to make a difference?

Jason and Gretchen pose for a picture after their ultra-tasty meal at DiBella’s. Tomorrow is another day of exploring Galveston for them! Now they have a “Galveston Wizard” to guide them!

We caught a Sneek Peek

of what the Krewe of Aquarius has been up to behind the scenes! Making, repairing, and updating floats with fresh paint jobs, decor or speakers, these people work hard to make sure their floats look “Just Right” this Mardi Gras! They also apparently throw one heck of a party! We hope to see you out there! Be Safe, Have Fun!

Got a


Dawn of a New Era 29

T-Shirt idea? Galveston Island ""It'sNear Near Texas" " It's Texas"

Barn Bash!

Let our skilled team help make your t-shirt ideas happen!

February 9, 2007 6p.m. - 11p.m.

Catering by Chili’s!

Orders of One (1) Dozen or more, only please (bigger=cheaper)

Check out to learn more about the events, ser vices and things that Krewe of Aquarius is involved in. It may look like fun, but it’s hard work too!

“Sigh.” Just a few more months...

Sell your own artwork! Promote your Business or Yourself! Contact us via email at or via telephone at 409.621.2864. (We’ll be selling them on ourWeb site soon!)

YOU thought about sending us something.


might have gone right here! “Why not advertise now?”

Anticipate the wave. Island photography by Mingo

An inaudable “No Comment” was delivered to us when we asked for more infor mation on what happened when this man’s four-wheeler ran out of gas in the middle of a muddy field in the middle of nowhere. The people have a right to know, we told him!

(Luckily, we believe in third chances.) ideas. opinions. suggestions. encouragements. opportunity. hints.

Do You Know Your Miranda Rights? You have the right to remain silent. If you choose to give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you at government expense. We were reading the latest copy of the the Galveston Police News the other day, and it showed some sick shots of what one knife did in an altercation! (ouch!) These Peace Officers risk life and limb to ensure your safety. Please show them some respect. They are ordinary people who put themselves in the line of danger for your safety! Thank you for your service and protection! We appreciate you!

Our friend Jan had one of those amazing “small town” setups in her house! The houses were perfectly arranged and there were even little people in the streets! Very Nice.

30Your Dawn of a New Source for Era the Official 2007 Mardi Gras Poster!


10 to 5:30 Tue.-Sat.,

Located At 2413 Mechanic Street Galveston 77550 409.763.6370

Art & Custom Framing is Our Business.

Customer Service is Our Pleasure!

Doing the Employment “Waltz”? Rebecca Adler

One step forward…two steps to the side…PROMENADE!! Only here the “Employment Waltz” here of late has turned into more of “Dances with Wolves”. Just before the holidays last year, my employer told a few of us that they had simply “over-hired”— there was no need for us to work until after the 1st of the year. No need? Really? Tell that to my nine-year old son, my landlady, and let’s not forget all the other folks I’m in debt to. No need? Indeed. Only now it’s after the 1st and still…my phone isn’t ringing with the good news of re-employment. So now I’m fox trotting it would seem. I am pounding the proverbial pavement in search of

Galveston Wizard

monetary stability…ahh, to do the break dance as opposed to the “broke dance”. Or at least something I can count on for a few months. By then, tourist season will be back and we can all go on and two-step past the growing unemployment problem on our island. Sadly, this seems to be an epidemic here around this time of year: this tap dancing around real problems. Tourism is doing a slow dance and locals have to depend on other locals for commerce. I’ve never played the role of wallflower so I vote for some new choreography. If it’s a dance I don’t know—by damn, I’ll learn it. There are several hundred other unemployed locals that would be willing to tap their heels instead of their fingertips. So what do you say business owners and management? Shall we dance?

Ooof-dah! Resting our feet after a hard-days work! Any venture you embark on will take a lot of work. Stick with it! It will pay off!

We almost don’t need a caption for this lack of respect for other people’s property. Please Respect Your Fellow Galvestonians. Please Don’t Steal.

How to Make the Wizard Work For You! story idea? event idea? “idea” idea?

We’ll get your message

out there! Email


P.O. Box 3467 Galveston Island, TX 77552




Upon Request

We thought we saw something “Buzz By”! It looked awesome! We saw it again in front of Buzbee Law Firm! When you have to win!

For Sale?

Our Landlord Left us a Winter & Co Piano. It looks nice, but when you open up the top, you find that many of the pieces are warped and in need of repair! There is a placard in it that said Winter and Company, New York 1899. We can’t find the serial number (to see when exactly it was made) but we would like to show it to an expert! Antique Roadshow or Kindling? Email for more info. Try Jan’s Crossword Puzzle! 3







8 10







14 18


20 22













33 34 35


37 38


41 42




46 47



50 51


53 54


Across 1. small version 4. popular 7. organ 8. lend 10. natural force 14. temporary wall 15. knew of 17. heavily populated 19. value 22. sharks habitat 24. piece of clothing 26. capitol of texas 28. shade tree 29. black and white 32. not guilty 33. lost 34. present 35. coin 37. pick up 38. let 40. peel 41. just the____ 42. name

Dawn of a New Era 31 44. 48. 49. 50. 51. 54. 55. 56. 57.

award concrete milk portion wis. state flower road sign shade plant brought up amount burn

Down 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 9. 11. 12. 13. 16. 18.

on top tree limb make largest state coffee shop buy prime property scenery morning moisture door part press footwear

20. 21. 23. 24. 25. 27. 30. 31. 33. 36. 39. 43. 45. 46. 47. 52. 53.

early bloomer lean leftovers talk washer cycle John Hancock tree base end humidity clothing tag pad of paper fact Hawaii St. flower support foreign automobile sports network beige

Want sudoku, too? Let us know! 57

Created with EclipseCrossword —

Answer Key on Page 5, but don’t give up yet!



What Would You Do?

Share words of wisdom, ideas, and encouragements to your fellow Galvestonians! Their happiness is yours as well! We know you have all kinds of ideas! Let the Galveston Wizard help to put them out there! email us at

Derek paints his van to remind people

“Love is all you need.”

32 Dawn of a New Era

Galveston Wizard

Lucky Lounge

Balloon Plumbing and Air

Say “Thanks,” “Congrats,” “Happy B-Day” or “Just Because” with the

Giny Hogan Collection

Choose from a wide variety of watercolor designs by Island Artist Giny Hogan, Then you customize the design and put it on any of the following:

T-Shirts Magnets

Stickers Coffee Mugs

Home Decor And More!

Purchase from the full collection online at:

and support your local island artists!

“Power to the People!”


Dawn of a New Era G’Wiz Vol.. #3