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Spring 2014

GBF Young Professionals Hold Service Event

Back the Bay Tour Educates Local High School Students

GBF Recognizes First Eco-Hero

GBF Holds Volunteer Appreciation Event





Photo courtesy of Exploration Green

Introducing “Exploration Green”

Also Inside: Letter from our President


San Jacinto River Waste Pits Update


Spotlight on Apache Corporation


GBF Welcomes New Staff


GBF Recognizes Art Calendar Artists


Bay Gazer Photo Contest Opens


Galveston Bay Report Card to Provide Bay Health Information


Seafood Consumption Advisories Update


GBF Recognizes 2013 Donors and Sponsors


GBF partners with Clear Lake City Water Authority to convert former golf course to nearly 200-acres of conserved green space in Clear Lake


he Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) is excited to be partnering with the Clear Lake City Water Authority and the Exploration Green Conservancy on a new conservation project sharing the conservancy’s name, “Exploration Green”. Exploration Green is a multi-phase project that will convert the old Clear Lake Golf Course into a 178 acre multi-use area for the benefit of Clear Lake area residents and visitors. The project will create lakes and wetlands to catch storm water runoff, reducing area flooding and cleansing water before it enters the Galveston Bay estuary. The area will also be developed with jogging trails, athletic fields, and other outdoor recreation amenities for the community. Restoration will be conducted to restore native wildlife habitats throughout the project area, including planting a variety of native trees and grasses. Recently accredited as a Land Trust Accredited Organization, GBF will hold a

conservation easement over the land, which will permanently protect the area against future real estate development and ensure this property is maintained as open space for outdoor recreation, wildlife habitat, and water quality. Both Exploration Green and the Clear Lake City Water Authority were awarded the 2013 Planning Award by the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC) this past January for comprehensive planning of the flood control, recreation, and conservation area in the Clear Lake area. Furthermore, HGAC ranked the conservation project as one of the top nine public space development plans in the Houston region. Please join GBF and other project partners at the Exploration Green ground-breaking ceremony on Saturday, April 12. For more information on the project, visit



G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n

Bob Stokes President Ext. 211 Courtney Smith Vice President of Operations Ext. 214 Matthew Abernathy Conservation Programs Outreach Specialist Ext. 203 Rachel Barski Education Coordinator Ext. 219 Trey Bartsch Marketing Coordinator & Gazette Editor Ext. 208 Charlene Bohanon Water Quality Program Manager Ext. 215 Cari Denby Event and Development Coordinator Ext. 221 Emily Ford Volunteer Programs Coordinator Ext. 207 Rani Henderson Manager of Education Programs Ext. 212 Erik Hitt Oyster Shell Recycling Program Assistant Scott Jones Director of Advocacy Ext. 209 Nicole LeBlanc Grants Billing Specialist Katie McCann Water Quality Program Assistant Ext. 217 Mindy Murray Administrative and Database Assistant Ext. 201 Neally Rhea Water Quality Outreach Specialist Ext. 217 Sharon Roark Director of Development Ext. 204 Chris Sheldon Oyster Shell Recycling Assistant Emily Seldomridge Water Policy and Outreach Specialist Ext. 218 Matt Singer Conservation Lands Manager Ext. 206 Philip Smith Director of Conservation Ext. 210 Justine Townsend Chief Financial Officer Ext. 202 Michelle Vryn Membership and Development Coordinator Ext. 213 Lee Anne Wilde Living Shorelines Program Manager Ex. 205

From Our President:

Understanding the RESTORE Act


he Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill was a large scale environmental disaster that significantly impacted the Gulf, the people who live along the Gulf, and the wildlife in and along the shore of the Gulf across five states, including Texas. The direct impacts to the Texas shoreline were fairly limited as compared to the four other Gulf States, but certainly our shared Gulf resources were impacted. Recovery has been slow and steady in many areas and will continue for years.

Assessment funds and Gulf Environmental Benefit funds.

What this means is that despite the significant environmental harm that occurred from the spill, we now have Bob Stokes, Galveston Bay a once in a lifetime Foundation President If there is a silver lining from this spill, it is that the opportunity to truly spill focused attention on the need for ecological invest in our coast and restoration of the Gulf, including its lengthy shoreline to stem the tide of degradation that has taken place and its many estuaries. For too many years we over the years. It is also an opportunity to restore the had taken the productivity of the Gulf for granted. health of our coastal economy by investing in coastal Like Galveston Bay, it is a working body of water, restoration that will help sustain the state’s economy with multiple uses and users. and create new jobs. It is imperative We plan to be vigilant in It has maintained incredible that Texas, and the other four Gulf ensuring that RESTORE productivity from the standpoint states, get it right. of seafood production, despite funds go to projects that are many longstanding issues based on science and need The RESTORE Act directs that the including habitat loss and and that invest in the long- funds be used for one of five purposes: the dead zone, both of which restore and conserve habitat; restore term health and resiliency predated the BP oil spill. water quality; replenish and protect of the state’s coastal and living marine and coastal and marine marine resources. On July 6, 2012, the President resources; enhance community signed what is now referred to resilience; and restore and revitalize the as the RESTORE Act into law. The Act established a economy. The Restoration Council believes that if you new trust fund known as the Gulf Coast Restoration do the first four things, restoration and revitalization of Trust Fund. Eighty percent of the Clean Water Act the economy will follow. We wholeheartedly agree. The civil penalties paid in connection with the Deepwater Gulf States will have some discretion in how to use their Horizon oil spill will now be deposited into that Trust funds, however, and they may seek to choose projects Fund. Under the RESTORE Act, the money in the Trust that are only related to restoring and revitalizing the Fund will be available for programs, projects, and economy. There is some concern that some of these activities that restore and protect the environment projects may even cause additional environmental and economy of the Gulf Coast region. degradation. It certainly would not be in the spirit of the RESTORE Act for those type of projects to move forward. The RESTORE Act also created the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council to plan, coordinate, We plan to be vigilant in ensuring that RESTORE funds and oversee how those funds will be used across go to projects that are based on science and need and the five states. The Council has both federal and that invest in the long-term health and resiliency of state representatives, who will work together to the state’s coastal and marine resources. We will work ensure the best use of the funds. It is unclear how hard to ensure that RESTORE dollars are invested in much money will ultimately flow into the Trust Fund smart ecological restoration that works toward the triple because the civil penalty trial between the United bottom line of providing ecological, community, and States government and BP is still ongoing. There economic benefits to the region. We will look forward is speculation that the ultimate penalties will be to keeping you apprised of this multi-year effort and between $5 and $20 billion dollars, meaning Texas recruiting your support to let our elected officials know could see anywhere between $200 million and $1 of our message. billion for restoration. There are also other penalty and restoration sources of funding that will be used across the Gulf, including Natural Resource Damage

Spring 2014

Young Professionals Plant Trees to Improve Conservation Property


n Saturday, February 1, a group of young professionals gathered along Turtle Bayou in Chambers County to improve habitat by planting 145 trees on a Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) conservation easement property owned by the Chambers-Liberty Counties Navigation District. The trees for the planting were provided by the Apache Corporation Tree Grant Program. The Cast, is a membership-based group helping to fulfill GBF’s mission to preserve, protect, and enhance Galveston Bay. Through involvement in The Cast, young professionals raise awareness of the importance of the Bay and become young leaders in our conservation community. GBF would like to thank all Cast members who joined in the effort and continue to be young stewards of a healthier Galveston Bay. For more information on The Cast or to join, visit


San Jacinto River Waste Pits Site Update


he Galveston Bay Foundation continues our efforts to provide information to the public on the San Jacinto River Waste Pits Superfund Site (SJRWP). The SJRWP is an abandoned waste pit on the west bank of the San Jacinto River immediately upstream of the Interstate 10 bridge. The site contains paper mill wastes contaminated with dioxins, an extremely toxic family of compounds which can cause cancer and other serious illness in humans. It was placed in the U.S. EPA Superfund Program in 2008. Since our last update in the Fall 2013 issue of the Gazette, there has been some progress. The Remedial Investigation (RI) was completed by the responsible parties, McGinnis Industrial Maintenance Corporation and International Paper Company, under direction from U.S. EPA. The RI characterized the nature and extent of the contamination and also determined whether the contamination presents a significant risk to human health or the environment. As we reported in the Fall issue, the pathways that humans could be exposed to the dioxins from this site were: (1) direct contact with the waste material, (2) accidental ingestion of waste material, and (3) by eating seafood that has been contaminated by the dioxin. Since the placement of an “armored cap” on the pits in 2011, the remaining pathway is through seafood consumption.

The possible reasons for the delay are the addition of the southern pits in the scope of work and the back and forth between EPA and responsible parties as the latter submits draft data and reports to the EPA for review. As a result, the proposed plan for cleanup, and your opportunities to comment, will also be delayed. GBF will keep you and all Galveston Bay stakeholders and the general public informed on the revised schedule as soon as it becomes available from the EPA. Regardless of the date that the proposed plan comes out, there will be a minimum 30-day public comment period. Many technical reports have been produced by the responsible parties as required in an RI/FS. Through a grant from the EPA, GBF contracted with HARC (Houston Advanced Research Center) to produce summary reviews of the technical reports, which we have placed on our SJRWP webpage at http://galvbay. org/advocacy_sjrwp.html. These summaries provide the layman with an explanation of the technical cleanup documents produced by the responsible parties. You can stay informed on the SJRWP cleanup schedule and meetings, read HARC’s summary documents, and learn more by visiting GBF’s SJRWP webpage at advocacy_sjrwp.html.

The Feasibility Study (FS), which focuses on the development of specific response alternatives for addressing contamination at a site, i.e. the possible permanent clean-up solutions, was to be completed in January 2014 but is lagging behind the currently published schedule.


“Two Approaches to Preparation for Hurricane Storm Surges” Wed., April 23, 2014 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Children’s Museum of Houston

Give 5% to Conserve Houston Sat., April 26, 2014 All day

You can support GBF on April 26 by shopping and eating at participating businesses. Visit for more info!

Bay Day at the Kemah Boardwalk

Sat., April 26, 2014 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Kemah Boardwalk

Marsh Mania

Thurs., May 17, 2014 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Pine Gully

Ladies Casting for Conservation Fishing Tournament Sat., July 26, 2014 Bolivar, TX, exact location TBD

Bay Day is a free, family festival on the Kemah Boardwalk. Join us this year on April 26!

Visit for more information on events


G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n

Back the Bay Tour Allows Students to Experience the Big Picture of Water Quality


tudents from Ball High School’s aquatic science classes took a day-long journey from upper to lower Galveston Bay, exploring the various ways that humans and the environment interact and to see how these interactions might impact water quality. Grasping the complexities of the Galveston Bay watershed – the land area where water flows over or under and into a common place, such as a stream, lake, or bay – is best done from a firsthand perspective. GBF’s Advocacy Team hopes to accomplish this through their newly developed Back the Bay tours. These tours provide an opportunity to foster citizen advocates by allowing them to see that they are “more connected to Galveston Bay than [they] think” ( The students took in the sites of Upper Galveston Bay at Bayland Marina in Baytown while conducting a watershed survey, measuring salinity, and collecting trash along the shoreline. They discovered diverse uses including the freshwater inflows of the San Jacinto River, fiddler crab homes on a manmade jetty, large ships passing through the Houston Ship Channel, and storm drains in the parking lot. The views from Pine Gully Park in Seabrook were enjoyed by all and provided a great spot for searching out wildlife including waterbirds, fish, and a snake! The students learned about the long history of silting and flushing out of sediment in Pine Gully and how this and the changing salinities have impacted vegetation in the area.

the biological and chemical processes that treat water before it goes back into the bay. A special thanks to Texas City Public Works for the excellent tour. The students ended their day at GBF’s Texas City Preserve where they learned of the many benefits that oyster reefs provide for Galveston Bay and helped bag recycled oyster shell for future restoration projects. Sherrie Krause, Ball High School’s aquatic science teacher, expressed that “one of the greatest things about the tour was watching the students interact with nature. It was amazing to see them excited about a small school of fish or the possibility of seeing an alligator. I think we sometimes forget how much they need opportunities to experience nature. Once they have those experiences, they will care and they will want to protect it. Many of them are very excited about volunteering now for some of the Galveston Bay Foundation volunteer opportunities.” Check out more fun trip photos taken by these students on Instagram by searching for #backthebay, #GBFCleanWater, or #GalvestonBayFoundation. For more information on this program, contact Charlene Bohanon at This project is funded in part by a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Urban Water Small Grant program.

The next stop brought the students up close and personal with the wastewater treatment process. They especially “enjoyed” the smells at the beginning of their tour while learning about

Students from Ball High School are pictured here at Pine Gully, where among many

things, they learned about silting deposits and their impacts on waterways.

Above: Teams of students help transfer oyster shell into mesh bags, which will eventually be placed in Galveston Bay to help restore oyster reefs. Below: The group sees how our wastewater is treated from beginning to end – the beginning of the tour was not their favorite.

Spring 2014


SPOTLIGHT ON: Apache Corporation and Tree Grant Program


n each issue of the Gazette, GBF enjoys spotlighting one of the many individuals, organizations, or corporations that help us work toward our mission of preserving, protecting, and enhancing Galveston Bay. In this issue, we are pleased to spotlight the Apache Corporation and its Tree Grant Program. According to Apache, “The Apache Corporation Tree Grant Program focuses on improving wildlife habitats, restoring storm damage, and enhancing cities and neighborhoods. Since 2005, Apache has awarded 3.7 million trees to nonprofit institutions and communities across 16 U.S. states through grants from the Apache Foundation, our philanthropic affiliate. Apache employees and family members regularly volunteer their time to help plant trees donated by the company.” All donated trees are native to the areas where they are planted and significantly improve the environment and the quality of life in these communities.

projects on GBF’s preserves surrounding the Galveston Bay estuarine complex. These tree planting events have been designed to enhance native habitats for resident and migratory wildlife. Sweetwater Preserve, a 450-acre property on Galveston Island, consists mostly of native prairie and salt marsh habitats. Live oak and sugarberry trees were planted as part of a GBF Wildlife Work Day to attract and provide forage for neotropical birds along their annual migration route.

Turtle Bayou Preserve, a 511acre property in Chambers County near Anahuac, possesses a large freshwater wetland complex adjacent to Lake Anahuac and Turtle Bayou. This wetland was supplemented with bald GBF staff member Matthew cypress and live oak trees, as Abernathy plants a tree provided well as buttonbush, with the by Apache Corporation at GBF’s hopes of creating a year round Sweetwater Preserve. rookery for wading birds and water birds that are common in the area. Members of GBF’s fledgling young Preserving natural landscapes is a key professionals group, The Cast, recently enjoyed component to the mission of the Galveston planting these trees alongside GBF staff in The Bay Foundation, and restoring or enhancing Cast’s first hands-on volunteer activity. conservation lands is critical to the native wildlife of the Gulf Coast region. Trees donated Shipe Woods, also in Chambers County near the in 2013 by Apache Corporation’s Tree Grant community of Oak Island, is a small, wooded Program have provided GBF staff a way to property located on the banks of Trinity Bay. engage volunteers in habitat enhancement This site was heavily impacted by Hurricane Ike,

and as a result, lost many of its trees from the inundation of salt water. Willow oak and live oak trees were planted as part of a larger restoration project that included shoreline protection and marsh creation. Trees were used to restore the natural forest community and provide habitat for migratory bird species and resident wildlife that utilize this unique area. Obie O’Brien, Apache VP of Governmental Affairs, explains why Apache supports these efforts. “At Apache Corporation, we’ve always understood the value in preserving the local environment where our employees and families live and work and on which they rely on every day. We are happy to give back to the environment by partnering with GBF and donating these trees that will improve Galveston Bay habitat.” These restoration projects make a significant difference in the health of the Galveston Bay estuary and contribute to the well-being of wildlife species that thrive along the Texas Gulf Coast. Apache Corporation’s Tree Grant Program provides vital support not only to these GBF projects but to an abundance of other worthy projects in Houston, Galveston, and throughout the United States. GBF looks forward to a continued partnership with Apache Corporation as we work together for the benefit of Galveston Bay.

First Ever Eco-Hero Volunteer Award Given to GBF Volunteer


he Galveston Bay Foundation began a partnership with the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System Regional Association (GCOOS) in 2012 and has since begun collaboration on a cohesive, Gulf of Mexico-wide data viewer for citizen-collected water quality data. Through this fruitful partnership, GCOOS has announced the very first recipient of their new Eco-Hero Volunteer Award, which honors outstanding citizen scientists around the Gulf of Mexico. GBF’s Water Quality Team was extremely proud to present the Eco-Hero Volunteer Award to one of our own dedicated volunteers, David Bulliner, at Bravos for the Bay on January 16, 2014. David Bulliner has contributed to the betterment of the Gulf of Mexico through his volunteerism

as a GBF Bacteria Lab Assistant and a certified Texas Stream Team Water Quality Monitor and through his involvement with the Galveston Bay Area Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists, among many other things. Chris Simoniello, GCOOS Education and Outreach Coordinator stated, “GCOOS is committed to enhancing the health and economic sustainability of the Gulf, and volunteer efforts like David’s exemplify the power of individuals…” This award does not only acknowledge David’s exceptional volunteer water quality monitoring services, but serves to thank him for his exemplary citizenship. Thank you, Dave, for contributing information for the benefit of all who live, work, and play in Galveston Bay!

Dave Bulliner prepares to measure the bacteria concentration of a water sample in the GBF Bacteria Lab.


G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n

GBF Welcomes New Staff Cari Denby joined GBF in February 2014 as Event & Development Coordinator. Cari graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Psychology. Since moving to Houston 12 years ago, she has worked for non-profit organizations in various capacities such as development and fundraising, volunteer management, and coordinating a major scholarship fund for a top-rated Cancer Hospital. Cari grew up spending summers with her family on the Bolivar Peninsula and enjoying the vast resources of Galveston Bay. She feels that her position provides a great opportunity to support the important mission of the Galveston Bay Foundation to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural resources of the Galveston Bay estuarine system and its tributaries for present users and for posterity.

Neally Rhea joined the Water Quality team at GBF in February 2014 as a Water Quality Outreach Assistant. Before moving to Galveston, she completed a B.A. in Geography with a focus on Ecology, and a minor in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin. Neally has worked and volunteered with Greenpeace and The Sierra Club on alternative energy campaigns and grass-roots organizing around Austin, as well as volunteering with GBF as a water quality monitor on the Texas Stream Team. Neally enjoys horseback riding and exploring the outdoors in her free time, and is excited to begin her career in conservation with the Galveston Bay Foundation. Mindy Murray joined GBF in February 2014 as Administrative & Database Assistant; however, she originally became involved with GBF as an intern while working on her B.S. through an independent study course. She graduated with her B.S. in Biology with a focus in Ecology and Microbiology from UHCL in 2009 and received her M.S. in Biology with a focus on Wildlife Ecology from Texas State University in

2013. After graduation from UHCL she went on to work for both federal and state agencies, worked on many biological research projects through Texas State, and taught anatomy as a student instructor. Her passion for the environment and biological education have led her back to GBF where she plans to use her skills to help GBF pursue its vision to turn Galveston Bay back into a clean and ecologically diverse habitat. Emily Seldomridge joined GBF in February 2014. As the Water Policy and Outreach Specialist, Emily works through the Texas Living Waters Project to protect environmental flows on behalf of a diverse group of stakeholders and to lead water conservation efforts in the Houston-Galveston area. Emily has made the upstream-downstream connection through previous experience in proactive watershed protection planning for a headwaters section of the Colorado River. Emily earned a B.S. in Biology from Salisbury University and a B.S. in Environmental, Marine Science from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a M.S. in Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences from the University of Maryland, and a Ph.D. in Geology with an Earth-surface processes focus from the University of Maryland.

Comings and Goings Galveston Bay Calendar Artists Recognized at Ceremony On January 9, GBF recognized fourteen students from nine different schools whose artwork was selected for our 2014 Galveston Bay Art Calendar. The students and their teachers were awarded prizes including boat rides down Buffalo Bayou from Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Houston Zoo passes, and gift certificates from Texas Art Supply. Thank you again to our participating schools, teachers, and our talented bay artists!

Fourteen school children from nine schools were recognized at the event.

Now accepting submissions for the Bay Gazer Photo Contest Do you have photos that exhibit the natural beauty of Galveston Bay? Give us your best shot by submitting up to three photos to the Bay Gazer Photo Contest sponsored by CenterPoint Energy. for a chance to win cash prizes and have your photo professionally framed and showcased around the Bay Area. Submissions are being accepted through April 12 and must represent Galveston Bay scenes, animals, and/or people. Submissions also must have been taken within the last year. Visit for more details.

“Last Cast” taken by Niki Doyle took first place in 2013’s Bay Gazer Photo Contest.

Report card to provide information on the health of the Bay GBF and HARC (Houston Advanced Research Center) are partnering to provide citizens the new Galveston Bay Report Card that will feature critical information on the health of Galveston Bay, one of the most important and productive bays in the country. Through a generous $720,000 grant from Houston Endowment, the Galveston Bay Report Card will provide the public with citizen-driven, science-based measures to assess the health of the bay. The report card will discuss topics such as the status of key habitats (e.g. wetlands, seagrass, oyster reefs), fish and wildlife populations, trends in water quality of local bayous and the bay, and impacts of coastal change and sea level rise. The goal of the Galveston Bay Report Card, scheduled to be released in early 2015, is to promote the conservation of Galveston Bay’s natural resources and to increase public participation in the creation of and support for management strategies that protect the Bay.

Spring 2014


Update on GBF’s Seafood Consumption Advisory Education Campaign


s we previously reported in the last issue of the Gazette, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) removed the seafood consumption advisory on spotted seatrout (speckled trout) for most of the Galveston Bay system, including a portion of Upper Galveston Bay and all of Trinity, Lower Galveston, East, West, Chocolate, Drum, Bastrop, and Christmas bays. Unfortunately, not all of the news was good. The advisory covering all species of fish and blue crab on the Houston Ship Channel, San Jacinto River, and contiguous waters was extended from Highway 90 upstream to the Lake Houston Dam on the San Jacinto and from Lynchburg Ferry further downstream to Highway 146 (Fred Hartman Bridge) on the Houston Ship Channel. GBF responded by replacing signs that we previously placed on the stretch of the Houston Ship Channel from the ferry down to the Fred Hartman Bridge with new signs that reflect the current advisory language. The signs that were rendered obsolete in the new advisory area can still be utilized in the upper portion of Upper Galveston Bay. In fact, we utilized some of these

signs for placement at Seabreeze Park in La Porte. GBF has placed additional signs on River Road and River Terrace Park in the vicinity of the San Jacinto River Waste Pits in Channelview, as well as on Vince Bayou at North Richey Street in Pasadena in late February/early March. Vince Bayou is a tributary of the Houston Ship Channel upstream of the confluence with the San Jacinto River. All of these locations are frequented by subsistence and recreational fishermen. We are working with local governments to have more signs placed on the Houston Ship Channel/ San Jacinto River and contiguous waters and on Upper Galveston Bay as soon as possible. We also updated both our English and Spanish language versions of our companion Seafood Consumption Advisory webpage so that citizens have the latest information in easy to understand language. Finally, GBF will continue to call for more robust communication by DSHS and Texas Parks and Wildlife to citizens about seafood advisories. For more information, please see GBF’s Seafood Consumption Advisory webpage at http://

Volunteers Enjoyed an Evening of Praise by Moonlight at Bravos for the Bay Appreciation Event On the evening of January 16, nearly 100 volunteers were showered with thanks at the Texas Corinthian Yacht Club as they delighted in food and fun at Bravos for the Bay. The year 2013 was a success preserving, protecting, and enhancing Galveston Bay thanks to generous volunteer support. Without volunteers, the following 2013 achievements would not have been made: •

A total of 300 volunteers planted 1.25 acres of fringing marsh with 36,750 plants in Chambers County and Galveston County.

GBF’s Water Monitoring Team spent a collective 1,180 hours collecting and testing water quality samples from Galveston Bay and Clear Lake.

Over 600 volunteers collected 6,000 pounds of waste and 3,200 pounds of recyclable material around a 40 mile area of Armand Bayou.

Nearly 300 volunteers bagged, transported, and placed around 3,000 oyster bar bags, or roughly 50 tons of oyster shell, along the shoreline of Sweetwater Nature Preserve in Galveston.

For all of 2013, close to 2,000 volunteers donated a total of 7,850 hours of time to GBF programs and projects. Special thanks and recognition was given to the following volunteers at Bravos for the Bay: David Bulliner Fred and Diane Grube Amber Faubion Cindy Liening Diane Humes Gary Bell Glen Graves Madeleine Barnes

Mark Niles Paul Roberts Ray Rottmann Sara Halpin Arline Laughter Helle Brown Gary Russell Scott Buckel

Top: Matthew Abernathy, GBF’s Conservation Programs Outreach Specialist, recognizes Fred and Diane Grube. Above: GBF’s Charlene Bohanon and Katie McCann award Volunteer Water Monitors with a special pin. Left: The Texas Corinthian Yacht Club made for a beautiful setting for the evening’s event.


G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n

GBF Recognizes 2013 Donors and Sponsors Marsh Mania $30,000 and above

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Restore America’s Estuaries

$10,000 - $29,999

Dow Chemical Company

Kirksey Architecture Jerry J. Langdon Lawrence Family Foundation Martin Marine Merrill Lynch/Peter S. Meyer Sandra and Fred Pounds Rowan Companies, Inc. SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.


Guardian of the Bay Luncheon

Martha Turner and Glenn Bauguss Chambers County Abstract Betsy and Don Berkemeyer Trang Cormack Shirley and Jim Dannenbaum Dow Chemical Company Elizabeth & David Grzebinski Mary Gwen and Ben Hulsey Ann and Tom Kelsey Roger Rowe and Helen Lane, PhD Lisa and Will Mathis Winkie and Jerry Mohn Micheala and Taylor Norris Padgett Shoreline Construction, Inc. Samson Energy Company, LLC Cherry and John Schwarz J.J. and Gerry Spedale Kimberly Sterling Paula and Nathan Ticatch Texas First Bank Martha Turner Properties White Family Foundation Bill and Andrea White Beth Williams

$25,000 and above


$5,000 - $9,999

Exxon Mobil Corporation Texas Waterway Operators Association

$2,500 - $4,999

Apache Ecological Service, Inc. Gulf Coast Limestone, Inc. John P. McGovern Foundation Port of Houston Authority

$1,000 - $2,499

Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority

$100 - $999

Ethyl Corporation Houston Pilots

Kathrine G. McGovern/McGovern Foundation Kirby Corporation

$10,000 - $24,999

Apache Corporation Melinda B. Hildebrand NRG Energy Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. Cynthia and Don Stevenson/Madlin Stevenson Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Bailey Dalton-Binion and Greg Binion Bud Light/Silver Eagle Distributors Buffalo Marine Service, Inc. CenterPoint Energy ExxonMobil The Friedkin Group Frost Bank The Kayser Foundation/Jeff B. and Katherine B. Love Foundation Bill King/Southwest Airport Services Janiece Longoria The Modern Group, Ltd./Will Crenshaw Family Doug Pitcock Port of Houston Authority Shell and Motiva Katherine and Frank Smith Kathy and Mike Sutton UTMB Health Vinson & Elkins, LLP


Accenture AECOM Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation Baker Botts L.L.P. Chambers-Liberty Counties Navigation District Doyle, Restrepo, Harvin & Robbins, LLP East Harris County Manufacturers Association Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority Icon Bank of Texas Jackson Gilmour & Dobbs, PC

Frank Amsler/UBS Private Wealth Mgmt. Andrews Kurth LLP Arthur and Philamena Baird Kristina and George Busceme Christine Butts Cheryl Byington Margi and Rocky Chase Ellen Colgan Crouch Environmental Cecilia Dismukes Frank Donnelly Janece Driggers Mickey Eastman Glenda Callaway/Ekistics Corporation Engineered Pump Services Charlotte and Jimmy Fontenot Nancy and Jacko Garrett Elliot Gershenson Barbara Gibbs William Goldberg/UBS Private Wealth Mgmt. Lisa Gossett Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair David Hanson Kathryn Harrison/Orthopaedic Associates LLP Mike Hendryx Karen Otazao Hofmeister Thomas Hutcheson Palmer Hutcheson Melinda Kilpatrick John Lollar Priscilla and Jeff Massey Henry May Kerry McKay David Miclette Diane Modesett Madeleine Montes Larry Neuhaus Shannon O’Brien Robert Pacini Melinda and Michael Perrin Elizabeth and Mike Petit Karen Selzer and Scott Podsednik Regina Rogers Glenn Royal Elizabeth Schwing Linda and Charles Smythe

Celina Stabell Doreen Stoller Peter Thompson Tommy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar David Tritter Valentina Ugolini Suzanne Walstad Charles Watt Kelly and James Whitcomb Randa and Charles Williams Wallace Wilson Betsy and Jim Winn Marilyn Wolfe-Kirk


Christina Blackwell Jeff Elkin Tamara Nicholl-Smith Karin Tucker Paula Warren Karen Wildenstein

Bay Day $10,000 and above

Dow Chemical Company

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Reliant Energy Charitable Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

The Mitsui USA Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999

CenterPoint Energy John P. McGovern Foundation Port of Houston Authority Samson Energy Company

$1,000 - $2,499

Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair Houston Pilots TPC Group

$100 - $999

BASF Corporation Ethyl Corporation Harris County Soil and Water Conservation District #442 JSC Federal Credit Union Total Bodywork

Bike Around the Bay $75,000 and above Shell Oil Company

$20,000 - $74,999

The Moody Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999

Peggy Kostial/Accenture Port of Houston Authority

$5,000 - $9,999

Albemarle Foundation Noble Drilling Services, Inc. Cynthia and Don Stevenson Waste Management

$2,500 - $4,999

Burns & McDonnell CenterPoint Energy Corda Investment Management, LLC INEOS

Intercontinental Terminals Company Lonestar Marine Shelters Odfjell Terminals (Houston) Inc. Samson Energy Company John Tinkle

Donors $25,000 and above

BG North America George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Houston Endowment Inc. Kirby Corporation John P. McGovern Foundation Kathrine McGovern National Wildlife Federation Port of Houston Authority Restore America’s Estuaries Shell Oil Company

$10,000 - $24,999

Apache Corporation Aramco Services Company CenterPoint Energy ExxonMobil Frost Bank The Friedkin Group Marion Hargrove Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation Melinda Hildebrand Peggy Kostial/Accenture The Moody Foundation NRG Energy Reliant Energy Charitable Foundation Samson Energy Company Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc. Cynthia and Don Stevenson/Madlin Stevenson Foundation Wells Fargo

$5,000 - $9,999

Albemarle Foundation Bailey Dalton-Binion and Greg Binion Bud Light/Silver Eagle Distributors Buffalo Marine Service, Inc. Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation Terry Hershey Bill King/Southwest Airport Services Janiece Longoria The Mitsui USA Foundation The Modern Group, Ltd. Noble Drilling Services, Inc. Doug Pitcock Laura and George Pontikes Rutherford Oil Corporation Katherine and Frank Smith Cynthia Pickett-Stevenson and Donald Stevenson Keith and Mattie Stevenson Foundation Kathy and Mike Sutton Texas Waterway Operators Association UTMB Health Vinson & Elkins, LLP


AECOM Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation Apache Ecological Service, Inc. Baker Botts L.L.P. The Binion-Dalton Charitable Fund Burns & McDonnell Chambers-Liberty Counties Navigation District Coca-Cola Refreshments, Inc. - Gulfgate Corda Investment Management, LLC Doyle, Restrepo, Harvin & Robbins, LLP

Spring 2014 East Harris County Manufacturers Association ERM Group Foundation, Inc. ExxonMobil Foundation The Marvy Finger Family Foundation Galveston Chapter of the American Assn. of Zoo Keepers Gulf Coast Limestone, Inc. Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority The Hillcrest Foundation Icon Bank of Texas Intercontinental Terminals Company Jackson Gilmour & Dobbs, PC The Kayser Foundation Kirksey Architecture Langdon & Associates Energy Advisors Lawrence Family Foundation Lonestar Marine Shelters Jeff B. and Katherine B. Love Foundation Martin Marine Merrill Lynch/Peter S. Meyer Ocean Ship Management, Inc. Odfjell Terminals (Houston) Inc. Sandra and Fred Pounds Tina and Joe Pyne Family Fund Rowan Companies, Inc. SeaRiver Maritime, Inc. Texas Bottle Bill John Tinkle Tommy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar Volunteer Houston

$1,000 - $2,499

Othelia and Bobby Alford Betsy and Don Berkemeyer Blackburn & Carter Briargrove Pharmacy Inc. Greg Brown Kristina and George Busceme Christopher Church Trang Cormack Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation Deer Park Independent School District Mary and Charles Doyle Ethyl Corporation Carolyn Fay Lisa and George Francisco Gray Family Fund Elizabeth & David Grzebinski Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair Leonard Hale Mark Hausknecht Houston Pilots Mary Gwen and Ben Hulsey Guy Robert Jackson Nancy and Anthony Jennings Junior League of Galveston County, Inc. Ann and Thomas Kelsey Clay Lewis Tommy Lott Marina Del Sol Marine Fueling Services, Inc. Lisa and Will Mathis Peter Meyer Winkie and Jerry Mohn Micheala and Taylor Norris Padgett Shoreline Construction, Inc. Elizabeth and Mike Petit James Pipe Leslie and John Ragan Roger Rowe and Helen Lane, PhD Cherry and John Schwarz Kathryn Smyth JJ and Gerald Spedale Star Fleet Yachts Kimberly Sterling Richard Stewart Stingaree Restaurant & Bar

Suzanne Suter and William Snypes Maggie and Peyton Sweeney Aaron Swerdlin TechTrans International, Inc. Texas Mutual Insurance Company Paula and Nathan Ticatch TPC Group Martha Turner Properties White Family Foundation Andrea and Bill White

Betsy and Jim Winn

$100 - $999

A-34 Investments, LLC A&M Wetland Consulting Services LLC Jennifer Adams Sandra Adams George Aldrich Natalie Alikhan Amy Alton Frank Amsler Andrews Graham Foundation Judy and Michael Andries Constance and Gary Armitage Will Armstrong Sheri Arnold Art, Antiques and Stuff Gallery Arthur and Philamena Baird Family Foundation Bank of America Matching Gifts Glenda and Hugh Barrett Cindy and John Bartos BASF Corporation Billy Bauch Scott Bean Greg Beiersdorfer Annie Benzon Bill De La Garza & Associates, P.C. Don Billings Arlys Bing Debra and Jimmy Bishop Bishop Enterprises Inc. Elizabeth Blair-Redfield Blanco Contractors, LLC Larry Blankenhagen Diane and Wayne Blanks Matthew Blyth Laura Bodenheimer Lila and Mark Boyt Eric Branton Brian Thomas Display & Packaging John Brock Roxanna Brom Sue Brooks Monica and James Broussard Jean and Angus Brown Sara Brown James Buescher Margaret Buescher Karen and Paul Buras Winnie and David Burkett Christine Butts Cheryl Byington C&M Cement Construction Deborah and Paul Caruselle Gregory Castleman Christine and Samuel Caulfield Anna Armitage and Justin Chan Margi and RockyChase Shelley Chesser Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Bradley Christensen Mandy Cielencki City of Nassau Bay Classic Auto Group Galveston Clear Creek Independent School District Ellen and Timothy Colgan Claud Conger Richard Courville Elizabeth and Eugene Cowell John Crossman Barbara Crotty Crouch Environmental Services,

Inc. Gene Cupples Jessica and Michael Curran Rebecca Roof and Robert Cutts Sabrina and Patrick Dean Linda and Martin Debrovner Dig’n Design Garden Club Cecilia Dismukes Jennifer Donaldson Ellen and Frank Donnelly Elisa Donovan Michael Dooley Jana Downing Pamela Downing Anita Doyle Eric Drake Janece and Terry Driggers Tina and John Duboise Albert Duffel Nan and Mike Duhon Randa Duncan Williams Mickey Eastman Ekistics Corporation Elaine’s Fashions & Accessories Emerson Unitarian Church Engineered Pump Services Elizabeth and J.D. Epstein Ernie’s Hardware Marie and Steve Evnochides William Falkenhagen Jennifer Farnell Ryan Farnie Fertitta Realty Jerry & Nanette Finger Foundation Malcolm Fletcher Charlotte and James Fontenot Helen Fosdick Paul Francis Karen and Joseph Frankie Friendswood Independent School District Matt Fuller G&C Contractors Melissa Gallien Jaime Gardner Kristi Gardner Pamela Gardner Nancy and John Garrett Edward Garrod Sonya Garza G-Blast Service & Supply, Inc. GCM The Big Store, Inc. Tammie and Marc Gentry John Gergely Cynthia Gersch Alyson and Elliot Gershenson Barbara and Andy Gessner Scott Geyer Barbara Gibbs Michael Gilstrap Global Leadership Network William Goldberg Meg Goodman Lisa and Tom Gossett John Granahan Rhonda Gregg Patricia and M L Grimes Diane and Fred Grube Melissa Salazar and Keith Hall Denise and Rod Hall Marsha and Hal Haltom Ann Hamilton David Hanson Harris County Soil and Water Conservation District #442 Penny and Alain Harvey Helen and Adrian Havens HD Pump & Supply, Inc. David Hedges Gail and Mike Hendryx Karin Henry Ray Hensarling Julie Herman Mary Hernandez and William Lassetter Martha Hicks John Hincks Nguyet and Guy Hitt Ray Holbrook

Carrie Horne Marcia and Richard Houck Houston Canoe Club Houston Safe Boating Council Cindy Howard Mary and Ken Hucherson Gary Huebel Marjorie and John Hutcheson Chaille and Thomas Hutcheson Alfred Hutto IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Ives Family Fund Robert Jamail Rick Jenkins Jenkins Construction, Inc. Susan and John Johnson Jeffery Johnson Patrick Johnson JPN Services, Inc. JSC Federal Credit Union Barton Kelly Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund Candace and Stewart Kepper Melinda and Wade Kilpatrick King’s Pharmacy Steven Kirkland Marguerite and Robert Kite John Koloen Larry Kraus Anne and Glenn Krum Stephen Kubala Land Trust Alliance Lattitude 29.2 Group, Inc. Lisetta Lavy Carol Lee Linda and Ronald Leschak LaDonna Lindsey Lodge Lumber Co., Inc. Klinka and John Lollar Susan and Tim Long Cecilia Longoria Loose Ends Consulting Elizabeth and Jason Love Priscilla Lovett Janis and James Lowe Lubrizol Corporation Kristin Lucas Meghan and Kenneth Lutschg Robert MacLean A.S. and Chris Makin Mary Mann Marine Towing & Salvage Melissa and Bill Markus Marsha Moody Dodson Fund Grace Martinez Jeff Massey Henry May Samantha and Jason McBroom Catherine and Mike McCoin Linda Ann and M R McCrary Kerry McKay E. Douglas McLeod Sarah and James McMurrey Kathryn and William Medford Jane and Fred Micks David Miclette Melissa and Chris Miller Christopher Miller Elnona and Philip Miller Joseph Miller Diane Modesett Sherri and Jim Moffa Sharon and Chet Mohr Montachem, Inc. Madeleine Montes Nanette Moore Patricia Morin Kimberly and Van Mount Allan Mueller Martin Murdock Bert Nash Tom Natho George Nations LaNell and Jim Neel Betty and Paul Nelson Lindy and Larry Neuhaus Roxann and Tim Neumann Charitable Fund Micheala and Taylor Norris Craig Novelli


Shannon O’Brien Katy Odom Alice Anne O’Donell Luis Orosco Orthopaedic Associates LLP Geoffry Oshman Robert Pacini Wes Padgett Sandra Paige Ray Parker Melody Parsons Michael Payne Judith and David Perrigin Melinda and Michael Perrin Christy and Mike Persia Ellen and Michael Petit Margaret and Michael Pierce Doreen Stoller and Dan Piette Randy Pike Judi and Jake Plaia Lois and Pat Plaia William Pohlchuck Irene and Gary Poltorak Fred Prelle Carol and Daniel Price Priest Insurance Agency Gary Pugh Radley Corporation Hanadi Rifai and Charles Newell Sandra Rasch Lawrence Rearick Macey and Harry Reasoner Krissi and Taylor Reid Gayle and Tony Reynolds Cheryl and Tillman Richey Steve Rioux Jack Roach Norma Roady Jo Anna and Michael Robbins J.W. Roberts Carolyn and Michael Robinson Ricky Rodriguez Regina Rogers Patricia and Ronald Rogers Glenn Royal Maury Rubenstein Cal Sadler Safeway Share Program Bekki and James Salling Janice and Robert Sandilos Joetta and Tom Scarborough Doris and Donald Schulin Jeanette and Joe Schwarz Elizabeth Schwing Rebecca and Charles Scoville Virgina Seale-Watt and Charles Watt SeaSide Enterprises, Inc. Karen Selzer and Scott Podsednik Jenny and Rusty Senac Stuart Shapiro John Sharman Diane Sheridan Dale Sievers Charleen Sikora Sandra Simmons Frank Smeal Jacqueline Smith Linda and Charles Smythe Rebecca and Frederick Snyder St. John’s School Celina Stabell Mary Stark-Love and Timothy Love Rebecca Stedman Cheryl and James Steller Steven Stelwagen Sharron Stewart Stann Stirling Macey and Bob Stokes Suburban TV Susman Family Foundation Texas Art Supply Marise and Roy Textor The Alice and Risher Randall Family Fund The Belt Source The Boeing Company The Christine E Wood Living Trust The Grant Family Fund


G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n

The Hamilton Charitable & Educational Foundation, Inc. Jean and J. Douglas Thomas Lauree and Dan Thompson Peter Thompson Julie Thompson Total Bodywork Barbara and Jimmy Trahan Lori and Donald Traweek David Tritter Charles Turner Valentina Ugolini Elizabeth and Walter Ulrich University of North Texas University of Texas at Dallas Vallen Memorial Fund Dave Vandiver Melissa and Ajay Vargheese Richard Vaughan Emi and Louis Vest James Vick Inta and Doug Walker Andrea Walker Suzanne Walstad J. Wandel Debby and Craig Ward J B Weeks Priscilla Weeks and Jim Lester Kelsi Wegner Brenda Weiser Lauren Werner Michael Wheeler Jennifer and Trent Wheeler Carol and Gordon Wheeler Kelly and James Whitcomb Bonnie White and Doug Little White Hole, Inc. - Bolivar Peninsula RV Park Janice Whittington Cheryl and Steven Widen Beth Williams Debbie Williams Page Williams Michael Willis Wallace Wilson Jim Wilson Bridgitt Wilson Marilyn Wolfe-Kirk and Harry Kirk Kenneth Womack Margaret and Matt Woodruff Ronald Woods John Wright John Wylie Dena and David Yngve Rebecca Yorke Horacio Zea Michael Zlebis Michael Zuteck Texas Marine & Brokerage, Inc. Roger A. Soape, Inc. Andrews Kurth LLP University Federal Credit Union Robert and Edith Zinn Charitable Fund

$1 - $99

Gail Abbey Barbara and William Abbott Alamo Cleaners, Inc. Robert Allen Dominic Amorosa James Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Karl Anderson Nicole Aquino Bonnie Ashcom and John Homier G Joanne Ashland Andrea Aubin Jaclyn Austin Jeffrey Bailey Lawrence Balsam Wendy Bantle Ryan Bare Mallory Barnhart Monique Barras Richard Beard Suzanne and Richard Becker James Bell Merry and Gary Bell

Thomas Bell Frank Beneke Suzanna and Thomas Bennett Mark Berlinger Dennis Bettison Bradley Bingham Joyce Bishop Christina Blackwell Mary Blandino Andy Bonnin Jonathan Boone Paul Boor Alexis Boudreaux Tuppen Bourianoff Peter Bowman Larry Bozka Donna and Warren Bracewell Carol Brantley Dennis Bratton Michael Brennan Annette Brewster Wanda Brock Chris Brombacher Broussard Cajun Craw Jeannette and Jim Brown Peter Bujosa Dana Buschmann Walter Caldwell Alicia Carlson Jack Carpenter Mary Carter Haille Carter Kem Castle Phyllis Chirafis James Christian Karla Cisneros J.W. Cliett Coconuts Restaurant Debbie and Curtis Comeaux Chris Comeaux David Copeland Daniel Cote William Courville Karin and Glenn Cover Gene and Alton Cripps Pat Crowder Crystal Canal RV Resort Robin and Douglas Culp Anita Cunningham Mary Ann Curtis-Prescott Deb Dade Elisabeth Darst Suzanne Davis Debb’s Liquor - St. Charles Skipper Deckard William Defonte Emily Demmeck Carrie Derkowski Charlene Dickerson Joann Digennaro Mark Dionne Ruth and Jerry Dryden Walter Duble Don Dykstra Pat and Douglas Ebeling Denese and Gary Eckhardt Dennise Edwards Carmen Eggleston and Jeff Adamski Jeffrey Elkin Erik Eriksson Clifford Eslinger Fisherman Cove Andrew Fisk Jannette and Gene Fisseler FOE 3719 Auxilary Inc. Mary Frazier Paula Fred Carol and Bill French Jean Frey Andrew Fulton The Fun Spot Waterslide Paul Garber Eddy Garcia-Rameau L.R. Gardner Arvind Garewal and Ranjana Nawgiri Kathleen Garland Bryan Gaskill Rick Gast

John Gaston Ann and Clarence Gay Michael George Barbara and Calder Gibson Patsy and James Gillham Phil Glass Robert Gobi Karen Gonsoulin Lisa Gonzalez Gayle and Jimmy Goodridge Garrett Gordy Suzanne Gossett Gary Graham The Grahnan Family Anthea Guest Jeff Guildry Johanna and James Gunther Samuel Haines Denise and David Hall Ruby and William Hand Mike Hargis Jan Heilbut William Heitkamp Jeannine and Andrew Helms Phillip Hemmings Michael Henderson Ann Hendrix Robert Henges Michael Herrera Paul Herrera Julia and Dexter Hill Frank Hoot Haley Hoskinson William Howze Brendan Hughes Debra and George Hughes Diane Humes and Allan Treiman Sallie Humphries Donald Hutchings Debbie and Marc Irvin James Isensee Timothy Jacob Marilyn and Stephen Jaggard James Plaag Guide Service Edward Janek Autrey Jensen Joe’s Bait Robert Johnson Brady Johnson Lindsay Johnson Linda and Scott Johnson Blackburn Jones Brenda and Randy Kahla Robin and John Kasiske Howard A. and Jean F. Katz Trust Kemah Bay Area Garden Club Alison Kennamer Betty and James Key Sylvia and Jack Kinzler Sandra and Kenneth Kippes Bradford Klein Sylvia and Jim Krzmarzick Jeanne and Robert Langley M. Laure and Henry Holle Teresa and Michael Lawder Lazy D&D RV Resort, LLC Lorraine Leavell Meade and Jim LeBlanc Darryl Levy Patrick Ljungdahl Claire Lober Catherine and Joe Lorino Cathy and Hugh Loventhal Katie Lowe Terri and Ken Luce Liane Macpherson Jean Mahavier Bob Mahlstedt Julie and Doug Markee Patricia Marshall Carol and Byron Marshall David Mathis Teresa Matlock Jackie and Robert Matthews J.C. McKnight John McMurray Lillie McNearney Thomas Meyer Donna and Mark Meyer Bob Meyer

Deborah and John Mikolaitis Mary Kay Milks Martin Miller Joyce Miller Moya Mischon Janice and John Miszkowski Stephen Mizwa Judy Monaghan Shirley Mondshine Kelly Mooz Elise Morvant Loretta Muilenburg Dee and Chad Muir Stacy and Robert Munsch Natural Resource Group Russell Neel Anne and Colin Newstead Tamara Nicholl-Smith Mary and Mark Niles William Nix Walter Nixon Camille Nuijten David Nute Daniella O’Connor William Ohsie Rebecca Olson Ali Palacios Leonard Palmer Paradise Oasis David Paschal Robert Patillo Pat’s Tires Marcia and Daniel Peck Marilyn and Cliff Peery Leila Perrin Pete Jorgensen Marine Tracey and Donald Peterson Anthony Peury D.C. Phillips Jacqueline Phillips Carolyn Pignolo and H.G. Schmidt POINT - Paraplegics On Independent Nature Trips, Inc. Pop’s Get It and Go J.K. Powell Paul Prince Yudith Carmazzi and Robert Pruett Mark Quebedeaux Paul Quin Guadalupe Quiroz Ram T Construction Drucilla Ramon Kirby Rapstein William Ray Jose Rea Marsha and Victor Reed Nancy Reeder Kathleen Restrepo Bill Rhoten Margie and Keith Richardson Miriam Ricker Crystal and Bron Rightmire Sarah and Adam Rinehart Simona Rizo Sharon Roark Sylvia Robbins Florence and Joseph Roberts Jeanette and Philip Robin Robert Robinson Sally Robinson Mary Anne Rogers David Roork Susan and Richard Ross Shederick Rowe Royce Tower Services William Rung Bambi Rusk and Richard Wright Michael Russell Susie and Mel Russell Joan and Ronald Rust Linda and Bruce Salomon Rebecca Sappenfield Kimberly and John Saxon Heather Schiappa Pat and Fred Schoener Woodrow Sebesta Julia and William Sias Arthur Simpson Lynn Smith

Christopher Smith Mary Ellen Smith George P. Smith Charles Snyder South Texas College of Law Yacht Club Deborah Stacy Mansil Standley David Stein Robert Stevenson Adam Stiles Charlotte and S.T. Stirling Clayton Stone Lourdes Stranahan Ronald Streibich Robert Strickland-Pelley Kenny Strimple Stephen Sulentic Jon Sullivan Chris Sumers Alice Sweeney-Herd Szabo Sound & Music Tacos La Bamba Fran and Ray Taft Anna Tangredi Terri and Greg Tate Ellen and Jeffrey Tave John Teare Susan and Leonard Teich The Original Lercy’s Lynn and E. Brad Thompson Joann Thompson Steve Thrower Anita Tiller Robert Todd Nelva Toups and Curtis Maxey Triangle Therapeutics, Inc. Julie Trumble Karin Tucker Nelda Tuthill Kelli and Edgar Untermeyer Travis Vermeer Ellen and Douglas Verret Gerald Viator June Vicenik Kat Vrabec Linda Walker Sally Wall Paula Warren Peter Watson Karele Watts Jacqueline and Kirk Weaver Nancy Webb Brett West Tracy and Christopher Whatley Doug Wheelwright Lettalou Whittington Mary and Tom Whitworth Karen and Rudy Wildenstein Herschel Williams Monica Williamson Deborah and John Willis Judy and Alfred Wilson Jack Wilt G.A. Wimberly Paige and Morris Windham Neal Wingenbach Sylvia and Will Wingfield Catherine and Stanley Winter Marilyn Wist Susie and Terry Wizig Jarrett Woodrow Jody Wrightson Karen and Danny Wyatt Norman Young Paul Zado Doug Zimmerman Mark Zimmerman Mike Zimmerman Georgiana Zustovich

Spring 2014

Bike Around the Bay Participants and Donors Brian Abshier Cheryl Abshier ACCEL Services, Inc. Accuchem Controls, Inc. Leland Ackerley Mike Adam Michael Adame Jeffrey Adams Sarah Adams and Dayton Smith Ann Adkins Fernando Adrianza Meron Agonafir Manish Agrawal Dyanna Aguero Vasudeva Aithala Caitlin Akers Pauline Akers Rafael Alana Arnold Aldrete Annie Aleman Frank Aleman Isabel Aleman Cavit Alev Carl Alexander Cathleen Alexander Dennis Alexander Fields Alexander Dicman Alfred David Allen Sidney Allen Stanley Allen Richard Allender Richard Alvarado Amy and Carlos Alvarez Sergio Alvarez Adolfo Alzate American International Group Vu An Collette Anderson John Anderson Laurie Anderson Michael Anderson Stephennie Anderson Lloyd Andrew Carolyn Anshus Patrick Anshus Jonathan Anspach Scott Anthony Julie Antley Fabio Antonio Mohamed Aourik Alejandro Arboleda Ira Arcales Linda Archer Mike Archer Eugenia Archetti Sylvia Arehart Aireona Armagon Randy Arms Beatrice Armstrong Wathena Armstrong Isaac Arnold Jane Arnold Suzanne Arnold Marisol Arteaga Patricio Arteaga Byron Arvey Cheree and Scott Aspelin Said Assali Karen Aszman Safian Atan Jill Atha Paul Atha Edwin Atkins Lori Atkins James Attaway David Austin Gwen and Jude Auzenne Kelly Auzenne F. Avant Cody Avants Holly Avants Carlos Avila Del Avila

Oscar Avila Alberto Ayala Walter Ayala Aimee Aylor Craig Azucena Alexander Baatz Andrew Baatz Steven Baca Kim Bachmeier Alex Bachoura Thomas Bacon Kathryn Bade Skyla Badger Bill Bailey Katie Bailey Michelle Bailey William Bailey Robert Bain Gary Baker George Baker Marilyn and John Baker Mark Baker Lauren Baldassari John Balden Sandra and By Baldridge James Baldwin Phillip Baldwin Eric Balkom Doug Ball Mike Ball Richard Banke David Barajas Ehud Barak Tasha Barak Brenda Barba Daniel Barba Jonathan Barbeito Scott Bardreau Ashi Barichello Philippe Barker Chuck Barlow Bryan Barnard Sheldon Barnes Jose Barnhill Marc Barnhill Sean Barr Greg Barron Janet Barros Jenny Barrow Thomas Barrow Charisse Barry Todd Barth William Bartley Trey Bartsch Christopher Bartz Lyondell Basell Rick Basinger Cary Bass Tim Bass Arno Basson Leonardo Basterra Ana Maria Bastidas Carrie Bates Sara Batres Amy Baucum Rx Bautista Jessica Baxter Bayer Corporation Exel Baytown Robyn Bear Russell Bear Rusty Beasley Paul Beck Mayra Bedigan Evelyn Beene Janice Beene-Blechl Josh Behnke Tina Belden Bobby Bell Saul Belloso Ross Benavides Patricia Benavidez David Benning Jeff Benoit Darryl Bergman Gail Bergman Jeff Berlat Paul Berry Wendy Berthiaume James Besecker John Bevevino Donna Bezdek Rommel Bhan

Rambhupal Bhimireddy Roland Bighorse Caroline Bik Marc Bik Bike Barn Curmira Bill Marissa Billett Bhp Billiton Larry Binder Bailey and Greg Binion Lisa Bisonni Bente Bjelland George Black Tracy Black Robert Blackbourn Tawnya Blair Michael Blalock William Blanchard Susan Bloodworth Mary Bloom John Bludworth Paul Blutt Paul Boeder Sean Boerner Wanda Boesch William Boesch Zelda Bogash Jackie Boggs Sarah Boggs Richard Bohan Charlene and Jamie Bohanon Sandra Bollich Mark Bolt Leslie Bolton Christi Bond Jessica and Dennis Bone Kevin Bonifant Karen Boone Kevin Booth Nancy and Dennis Boriski Kim Borja Marabel Borja Christopher Born Chanelle Bort Melissa Boss Danna Boswell Ron Bottoms Laurie Bouchan Rene’ Boullion Russ Boullion Kathy and Barry Boulte Mark Boulware Melinda Bourbonnais James Bower Cindy Bowles Richard Box Ross Bozeman BP Foundation, Inc. Seymour Brabo Tom Bragaw Alexander Bray Kent Bray Andy Brayshaw Brittany Breaux William Brentzel Kyle Brewster Andrew Brickell Misty Bridges Jenny Briganti Stephen Briggs Ivan Bright Ritzhelle Brillantes Thomas Brinsko Benjamin Brochstein Angela Brooks Melissa Brooks Theodore Brooks Kioka Broussard Alison Brown Bobby Brown Buddy Brown Christopher Brown Janis Brown Lori Brown Robert Brown Loraine Browning Clay Bruce Lowell Brumley Virginia Brumley Daniel Brunello Sandra Brunello Rob Bryan Pat Buckley

Chris Buehring Gerald Buenafe Noreen and Glenn Buenafe Kelly Buerger Inacio Bueti Gordon Buffington Dawn Bufford Johanne Builes Kelly Burch Buehler Lockhart Burck Steve Burdette Richard Burgard Cheryl Burke Carol Burnett Melissa Burnham Kathy Burniston David Burns John Burns Tim Burns Connie Burt Jason Burt Brenda Burton Chrissy Burton Victoria Burton Edward Busheme Michelle and Paul Butler Gene Cain Jo Cain William Cain Pete Calderon Chris Callahan Rob Calvo Carmenza Camargo Leonardo Camargo Mark Cambria Cameron International Corporation Jared Cammon Jack Camp Ashley Campbell Charles Campbell Coy Campbell Jessica Campbell Jessica Campbell Rick Campbell Susan Campbell Patricia Campion Tom Candy Patricia Cannon Julian Cao Lisa Capps Louis Cardenas Denise Cardozo Carline Management Co. Karen Carlson Theresa Carlson Karen Caropepe Jessica Carper Orlando Carreon Johnny Carrillo Ruth and Jose Carrillo Barbara Carroll Monica Carroll Paul Carter Linda Casanova D’Etta Casto-Deleon Jody Castro Merlin Cavallin Heather Cavanaugh Michael Cavanaugh Robert Cavanaugh Jack Cdebacal Tammy Cecil Jimmy Center Lori Center William Chalmers Jeff Chambers Michael Chambers Sharon Chamblee Cindy Chandler Susan Chandler Kevin Chang Matthew Chapman Charles Allen Trucking Steven Charo Marysol Chatfield Ashok Chatterjee Sayantan Chatterjee Scott Chauvin ChemLogix LLC Frank Chen Kevin Chenevert Jenny Cheng

Judy Cheng Whei-Yuen Cheung Shihong Chi Kristine Chin Alan Chisholm Vivekanand Chittur David Choate Joseph Choi Paul Choi Eric Christ Bredo Christensen Jacques Christoffel Chien Chung Arnold Cilliers Minnie Cilliers Thomas Claffy Chris Clark Roger Clark Gayle and Richard Clarkson Shannon Cleary John Clem Denise Clemence Myron Clemence Richard Clemence Gina and David Clewis Courtenay Clifford Steven Clifford John Cloonan Laurie Clothier J Michael Cockrell Johnnie Cockrell John Cody Jessica Cohen Judy Cohen Lisa Coker Max Coker Tom Coker Janell Coldwell Suzanne Cole Jasmine Coleman Richard Coleman Randy Coles Dana Colley Wendy Collier Connie Collyer Arturo Colon Natascha Colonelli Steve Colvin Adrian Combs Billy Combs Anthony Compofelice Steven Conant Georgia Conger Dave Conklin Irene Contreras Timothy Contreras Jeremy Conway John Cook Jordan Cook Karen Coor Anita Corbello Thomas Corey Dylan Cornelius Francisco Coronado Chevron Corporation Adriana Cortes Jose Cortes Lucila Cortes Miguel Cortes Veronica Cortes Angela Cortez Mayra Cortez Monica Cossin Steven Cossin Nicolas Costa Richard Costain Scott Cotton Greg Coulter Janet Covington Wesley Cowart Connie Cox Janet Coy Mary Craig Chris Crain Joleta Crainer Kim Cramton Bennie Crawford Don Crawford Colby Crenshaw Crystal Crenshaw Bob Cress Jan Cristobal Kent Crockett



G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n

Don Crosby Nathan Cross Shawna Crossland Russell Crouch Becky and Kenneth Crow Casey Crow David Cruz Kacie Cruz Julio Cuadrado-Ortega Patricia Cuellar Ronald Cuenod John Culberson Anne Culotta Robert Cummings Ivan Curiel Greg Curran Carl Currie Chris Curry Donald Curry Billy Curtis Mauricio Cusguen Clifford Dacso Matt Daeumer Jeff Dallarosa Lee Danner Doug D’Arche Karla Darden Phyllis Darden-Caldwell Shane Darsee Jim Daugherty Kyle Davenport David Romero and David Greiss Bill Davis Cecil Davis Daniel Davis Davonjia Davis Gail Davis Holly Davis James Davis Jeff Davis Vickie Davis David Davison Salomon Dayan Ruarri Day-Stirrat Luis De La Garza Felix De La Riva Bernabe De La Torre Norma De La Torre Abigail De Los Reyes Jose De Los Reyes Dean Air Conditioning & Heating Company Matthew Deasis Matt Deatherage Robert Deden Stephanie Defrain Duane Degeer Dylan Degeer Jamie Dejean Del Papa Distributing Company Arthur Del Rosario Daisy Del Rosario Jave Del Rosario Marlo Del Rosario Jeffrey Dela Cruz Victor Eugene Dela Cruz Roy Delariva Elizabeth Deleon Cecilia Delgado Sheila Delgado Stephen Dellafave Laura and Bryan Deluca Mike And Cindy Demasi Sally and Jim Demasi Scott Demasi Beverly Dement Matthew Dernick L. Devine Sarah Dexter Sally and Obie Diaz Giovanni Dibartolo Chris Dicaprio Greg Dickinson Chris Dickson Julie Dickson Craig Dietz Robert Dietz Ria and Alfred Dimacali Cris Dizon Hoang Do Jim Doan Ronald Doan Ed Dobies

Jason Dobrolecki Jose Domondon Chad Domonoske John Doncaster Peter Doncaster Kathryn Donelson Anita Doney Evonne Donnelly Geoffrey Donnelly Jack Doran Tamra and Carl Dore Joshua Dorris Wayne Dorris Mike Dorsey Neil Dougharty Ralph Dougharty James Dougherty Jed Dowdy Patrick Doyle John Drewry Gaynell Drexler Kathryn Drexler Charles Drobny Brian Duff Terry and Fred Duncan Daniel Dunkel Martha Dunkelberger Stephen Dunkelberger Thomas Dunlap Sherry Dunn Justin Dunscomb Kim and Tony Dupaquier James Duplechian Daniel Durdin Casey Durham Carol Durkin Tim Dykes Susan and Kim Dyson Timothy Eady Tisha Eames Cleland Early Lisa Early Gail Ecby Barbara Edmonds Nancy Edmonson Reeves Edward Evie Edwards Giovanni Edwards Kelley Edwards Patricia Edwards Tammy Edwards Wayne Edwards Hugh Eichelman Britni and Tony Ellington Robert Elliott Ellwood Closed Die Group Roger Elswick Jose Endara Spectra Energy Jana England Randy Ernst Ed Escobar Karim Eskaf Terri Esparza Mary and Chris Espinoza William Etheredge Jamie Eustace David Evans Jose Evaro Jon Eversberg Express Land Title Company Bp Fabric Of America Dwayne Facemire Jane Falcone Kenneth Falgout Huong Fallon Eric Fancher Karl Fancher Cheryl Fanning Rachel and Ken Fanti J Fargo Carl Faris Erica Farmer Nicole Farnsworth Betsy Farr Howard Farr Jack Farr Scott Farrar Amber Faubion Marcus Faubion Jesus Favela Leticia Favela Austin Fee

Daniel Fehler Jill Feldman Marc Feldman Steven Feldman Leslie Felton Julianne Fendley Frederick Fenner Joseph Fergerson Stephen Ferguson Randy Ferrell J. Ferry Michael Fiecas Patrick Fiega Frank Files Michael Filhiol Gregory Fisher Lynn Fister Thomas Fitzhugh Thomas Flood Jose Flores Tony Flores Nancy Flynn Patricia Fogg Sonya and Jonathan Fogg Cody Ford Cindy Formica Lisa Foronda Emily and Clayton Forswall Kate Fossati D&B Foundation Tyler Fountain Wanda Fountain Benjamin Fournier Darryl Fourte Alison Fowler Jeanne Fowler Nils Fowler Alma Fox Brittany Fox Mikki Fox Lydia Franco and Mark Zachary Blair Frank Patty and Milton Frank Russ Frank Thomas Frank Christina Frederick Kendall Frederiksen Jonathan Fredland David Freeman Susan Freeman Suzanne Freeman Chad French Felicia French Timothy French Richard Frey Jim Friedman Steve Friedman Kevin Fry Erin Fuchs Dulcce Fulenwider Ann Fuller Avis and Dave Fuller Glenn Fuller Joey Fuller Mark Fuller Nathan Fuller Pete Fuller Robert Fuller Jennifer Funderburk Kat Furitsch La Furr Mike G Mark Gagnon Carolyn Gaido Dan Gallagher Crystal Gallegos Scott Gallegos Brenda Garcia Celeste Garcia Jose Garcia Juan Garcia Lenerd Garcia Paul Garcia Regina Garcia Romeo Garcia Salvador Garcia Silvia Garcia Nanette Garelis Jacob Garibay Dave Garred Lisa Garred Melissa Garred Lainie Garrison

Carl Gary Joel Garza Alan Gaska Celeste Gaska Linda and Craig Gaska Chris Gawronski William Gay Ron Gee Vicki Gee John Geisinger Corby Genzer Geo Tech Environmental, Inc. Jaleea George Terra George Steve Gerik Kim and Mike Gerrish Bernie Gessner Gail Getman Marsha Getto-Aikens Mark Gevaldo Subhash Ghorpade Kedar Gidh Yashodhan Gidh Madhavi Gidh-Jain Janet Gieselman Marie Gilbert Chris Gill Daniel Gillane Cyril Gillman Donna and Ben Gilmer Elizabeth and Paul Gimmler Ryan Gimmler Gail Glass Lori Glauser Sally Glazener Carla Glover Greg Glover Keith Godwin Jeffrey Goldman Sarah Golshadi Jesse Gonzales Ray Gonzales Cesar Gonzalez Luis Gonzalez Elizabeth Goodner Tuffy Goodrum Brandy Goodson Dan Goodwin Thomas Goodwin Shane Gordon John Grady Norm Grady Edie Graham James Graham Jason Graham Sarah Granbery Dean Grant Craig Graves Leroy Graves Archer Gray Eddie V. Gray Ferdi Gray Janice Gray Karen Gray Rebecca Gray Tracy Gray Susan Graye Adam Green Jennifer Green Kent Green Rex Green-Frankenbach Martyn Greensmith Sue Greensmith Greg, Catherine And Hannah Garrison Charitable Fund Darryl Gregory Karen Gregory Jessica Greven Henry Grichuk Jennifer Griesbaum Charles Griffey Debby Griffin Laura Griffin Marc Griffin Billy Grisham Matthew Grisham Heather Grizzle Macie Grizzle Mateo Gross Groundwater And Environmental Services, Inc. Dave Grullon Dan Grunau

Anthony Guajardo Elodia Guajardo Maria Guajardo William Guajardo Gerard Guderian Gabriela Guedez Roger Guenther Theresa Guerra Elizabeth Guerrero Helyn Guerry Annabel and Ernesto Guevara Abigail Guidry Gulf States Materials, Inc. Munish Gupta Rohit Gupta Varun Gupta Janell Gurule Penny Guttersen Ashley Haarmann Douglas Haas Chuck Hackney Mike Hahn Nelson Haight Brian Haith Brandon Haldeman Jim Hall Judy and Robert Hall Troy Halligan Sean Halloran John Halsey Amanda Haluska Brenda Ham Thomas Hambrick Donna Hamilton Kathy Hammel Thomas Hammel Chris Hammon Alice and Earle Hammond Brett Hamner Kathy Hamshare Thomas Hance David Handler Toni Hankinson Kevin Hanks Craig Hanna Michelle Hannes Jeffrey Harbour Harry Harden Jim Hardy Kimberly Hardy Warren Hare Harlow Filter Supply Inc. Mike Harol Rebecca Harper Felicia Harral Aletha Harris Craig Harris Valerie Harrison Carla Hart Nathan Hartwell Matthew Hartzell Janie Harvey Susie Haseloff Lori Hastings Helen Hatfield Richard Hauck Gary Hayes Jeremy Hayes Tyler Hays Brooke Hayward Lisa Haywood Theresa Hazelton David Hefele Kathy Hefele Thomas Heinecke Criss Helma Bryan Hendricks Loren Hendrix George Henningsen Christine Henry David Henry Diane Henry Melissa Hensley Elizabeth and Daniel Herink Shirley Herman Alyssa and Chris Hernandez Carlos Hernandez Epigmenio Hernandez Marie Hernandez Adam Herrera George Herrera Miriam Herrera Rafael Herrera

Spring 2014

Camille Hershey-Wojtowicz Carolyn And Walter Hesson Paul Hesson Matthew Hester Judy and Ronald Hickey Rick Hickman Judy Hicks Mark Hilliard Suzanne Hilton Ariana Hinojosa Petra Hinojosa George Hirasaki Conrad Hirsch Duane Hirsch Po Yan Ho Pokwan Ho Shelly Hobbs Vickie Hodges Edward Hogan George Holden Carol Holder Julie Holder Rebecca Hollingsworth Diane Hollis Benjamin Holloman Greg Holloway Jennifer Holloway Ryan Holloway Stacy Holloway Debrah Holmes Logan Holmes Robert Holmes Robin Holmes Sandi Holmes Erin Holt James Holt Randall Hooker Karen Hooper Robert Hoover Linda Hopson Kay Horacefield Walter Horn Curt Horne Lynn Horne Barbara Horner Brian Horner Tiffany Hough Wendy Houghton Marilee House Tina Houseworth Kimberly Howard Brooks Howell Eileen Howell Kaci Howell Andrea Howson Diane Hubbell Clay Huckins Audra Hudson Wes Hudson Greg Huffman Ray Hufnagel Allison Hughes Deborah Hughes Josh Hughes Stephen Hulsman Scott Humphries John Humston Jonathan Hunt Karen Hunt Kristen Hunt Matt Hunt Richard Huntsinger Harry Hurst Nichole Hurst Liz Hurt Christian Hutchings Mike Hutchinson Ben Huynh Betty Huynh Olive Huynh Thomas Huynh Cathy Hwang Eddie Hynson Ivan Iankov Jose Ibarra Hani Ibrahim Marianne Ibrahim Independent Marketing Alliance Kelly Ingrum Karolina Ioannou Josie Iriarte Charles Isaac Kanae Ishihara

Alejandro Itchon Angel Iturbide David Ivey Pam Ivey Burgess Jackson Desmond Jackson Jann Jackson Joe Jackson Marjorie Jackson Matthew Jackson Ross C. Jackson Tim Jackson Deirdre Jacobson Parul Jain Bruce K Jamison Marian Janik Cook Waqid Janjua Bohdan Jankowski Jennifer and Stephen Jankowski Robert Jarmon Rafael Jarquin Dan Jaworski Allan Jenman Christian Jensen Gjoa Jensen Pl Jensen Yong Jeong Rachel Jerome Laura Jewett Mary Jewett Cynthia Jimenez Julian Jimenez Ray Jimenez Tony Jimenez Jimmy G’s Cajun Seafood Patsy Johns Allyson Johnson Ashley Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Joan Johnson Larry Johnson Lurch Johnson Paula Johnson Silvia Johnson Valerie Johnson Hayley Johnston Leann Johnston Andrea Jones Ann and Homer Jones Beth Jones Carla Jones Charles Jones Phylis Jones Rebekah Jones Steve Jones William Jones Gregory Jordan Kishore Joshi JPMorgan Chase Foundation Joanna and Davis Jumper JW Foodservices James Kader David M. Kadjar Akshay Kalia Simon Kanaan Penny Kannady Christopher Kapraun Maher Karam Aubrey Karr Tara Karstens Sriganesh Karur Aileen Kaufman Kuldip Kaul Raymond-Billie Kearney Larry Keast Paul Keating Sam Kee Gordie Keenan Katherine Keilty Howard Keithan Brian Kelly Alan Kendall Barbara Kendall Fred Kennard Janie Kenne James Kerr John Kerr Truman Kerr Rachel Kerrigan Melanie Kerschbaum John Key Joe Khalaf Barry Kibbe

Kerry Kilgore Christy Kim Kris Kimmel Robert KinCannon David King Jim King Kirk King Kae Kinley Nita Kirkham Kristy Kirkman Paul Klein Carol Klem Carla Kneipp Ellen Knock John Knope Patricia Knox Mary Koenig Teri Koerth Becky Koesel Julia Kohlman Michael Kolat Larry Kolster Michele Kolster Glenn Komplin Thavasikumar Konar Jennifer Konicki Jason Kopke James Korduck Cindy Korenman Lawrence Korenman Gene Kouba Jay Kovacs Jennifer and Jeffery Kowalik Jeremy Kowalik and Family Sue Kraemer Matt Kreider Jerry Krieg Julie Krieger Ernst Krueger Steven Krueger Scott Kruka Kevin Ku Dianna Kuan Dick Kuan Ingrid and Juraj Kubove Dan Kuhn Veysel Kultur Kenneth Kuntz Peter kuo Deborah Kurc Amelia Kurth Scott Kuykendall Robert Kyslinger Phillip Ladin Ronald Ladin Ronnie Ladin Greg Ladoe Georg Laemmerhirt Becky Lafour Denton Lambert Lampasas Software Dorothy and Joe Lance Christopher Lancon Ola Land Danell Landes Kevin Landry Richard Lane Robert Lane Melody Laney Alex Lang Polly Lapham Cris Lara Freddy Lara Deb Lariviere Deandria Larkins Jackey Lasater John Lassig James Lau Connie Laufersky Laura Launikitis Emily Lavoy Lucas LaVoy Paul Laware Matthew Lawlor Donna Lawrence Johnny Lawson Penny Layne Liz Layton Barbara Le David Le Quynh Le Robert Learman Donald Learner

Fred Leason Ralph Leatherman David Leblanc Joshua Leblanc Mindy and Mark Leblanc Nicolma Leblanc Alain Lecourt Albert Lee Everett Lee Frank Lee Mei-Chen Lee and Chien-Ping Hsu Show-Yien Lee Sylvia Lee Melba Lefebvre Kathy Lefevre Marshall Leicht Frank Lemus Jon Lennard Trish and Darren Lesage Elizabeth Lesenski Michael Lesenski Marc Levine Kent Lew Barbara Lewis Marcus Lewis Tonya Lewis Pierre Liagre Alana Liane Robert Libatique David Libiez Karen Liedtke Richard Liliedahl Glynn Lindemann Mark Lindemann Cecil Linke Linus Products, Inc. Debra and Larry Linzer Joaquin Lira John Listowski Diana Little Candido Lizarraga Janine Lloyd Jessica Locheed Clay Lockett Chris Lockwood Marlene Lojas Robert Lombardi Francesca and Jeff London Jennifer Long Melanie Long Philip Long Andrew Lopez Elisa Lopez Jose Lopez Laura Lopez Fay Loring Shawn Loring Tana Loring Christopher Loss Dylan Loss Jeffrey Loss Matthew Loss Ann Lott Sheri Lott James Lovett Lollie Lowe Jack Paul Lowman Charles Luckey Barbara Luksch Alex Luster Heidi Lutz Juan Lyles Alicia and Kelly Lynch Jason Lyng Vicki Lynn Kim Lytle Mike Lytle Sheri Lytle Trevan Macarthur Mary Mach Issie Mack George Macke Allison Mackey Jean Mackey Scott Mackey Shalon Maclellan Charlie Maclies Tom Madden Manuel Magallanes Roel Magbanua Alberto Magh Mike Mago Rj And Jen Mago

Joe Magyar Vicki and Gary Magyar Shabbir Mahimwala Ronny Mahle James Mallia Butch Mangum Kartheek Mannepalli Bruce Manners Christoph Mannheims Sumit Manocha Etienne Marc Anna Marchese Tina Marek Kathleen Margolis Dario Mariani Isabel M-Arjona Caroline Mark Griffith Mark Peter Mark Peggy Markowski Peter Marosi Sarai Marquez Tara Marshall Brandie Martin Raquel Martinez Richard Martinez Dawne Marx Durenda and Robert Mason Dianne and Henry Massie David Massin James Masten Rosangela Matoso Patty Matthews Kira Matukaitis Barbara Ann Matuszak Jill Matzig Frank Mauceri Ashley Mazilly John Maziuk Scott Mcallister Laura Mcallum Luke Mcallum Vickie Mccarty Kevin McClung Marilyn McClung Scott Mcclure Beth Mccollum Jeff Mccollum Mac Mcconathy Alan Mcconnachie James McCowen Monika Mccown Luann McCoy Elizabeth Mcdaniel Ted Mcdavitt Kevin Mcdonough Jason Mcelweenie Roxanne Mcfarland Brian Mcgary Donnamarie Mcgaw Barbara and Mike McGinity Skip McGrady Susan McGrady Jim McGrath Chris Mcgrew Lynn Mcgrew Linda Mckee Michael McKenzie Diane McKernan Deanna Mclean Kathy Mclemore Justin Mcleod Linda Mcleod Kristine and Scot Mcleod Molly McManus John Mcmillan Lee McMillan Monaca McMillian Stephen Mcmullen V.C. McMunn Nancy McNeels Cynthia Mcneil Lisa Mcpotter Deborah Mcqueen Scott Mcqueen F. Mcspadden Arnoldo Medina Joe Medina Robert Medrano C. Meehan David Meinert Jose Mejia Karen and Ulrich Melcher



G a l v e st o n B a y F o u n d a t i o n

James Melendez Jamie Melgares Randi Mellon Mena & Associates Juan Mendez Milton Mendez Raul Mendez Alfonso Mendoza Angelica Mendoza Raul Mendoza Jason Meneley Joshua Meneley Mary Mercado Roger Merrill Merrill Lynch Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger Lee Metzger Ted Metzmeier Wally Meyer Jerred Micek Andrew Michalets Microsoft Corporation John Middleton Amber Milburn Christopher Millar Colin Millar John Millen Curtis Miller Dannette Miller Drew Miller Eric Miller Hillory Miller Iain Miller Joy Miller Phillip Miller Ray Miller Tabitha Miller Dennis Millhouse Lane Millis Elliot Mills John Mills Tonya Mills Lisa Miranda Caroline Mitchell Clarence Mitchell Mark Mitchell Stephen Mitchell TJ Mitchell Jennifer Mix Kenneth Moelhoff Joshua Molitoris Momentum Volkswagen/Audi Jalipe Mondragon Janice and Jun Montejo Janet Montgomery Tina Montgomery Ricardo Montiel Javier Montoya Sophia Montoya Kevin Montpelier Rachel and John Moody Darren Moor Home Solutions Chuck Moore Debbie and Jim Moore James Moore Janette Moore Kevin Moore Omar Moore Sarah and Walter Moore Trevor Moore William Moore Beatrice and Joel Morales Bob Morato Becky Moreno Kristin Moreno Betsy Morgan Cherie Morgan Don Morgan Maryann Morgan Davin Morris Glen Morris Michael Morris Brett Morrison Ekaterina Morzhueva Karen Moss Brian Mossburg Catherine Mossburg Rick Motley Elie Mouhayar Rene Moulinet Cynthia Moulton Haythem Moustafa Joey Mouton

Pam Mt Joy H Mtz Russell Mueck Dirk Mueller Jason Muessig Geoff Mules Jackie Mullins Steven Mullins Chris Mulry Marjorie Muniz-Monroy Marlin Murdock Scott Murray Shawn, Jim, and Jean Murray Wayne Murray Barbara and Jeff Myerson Patricia Myerson Sandra Myerson Gay and John Mylius Jennifer Namanny Christina and Juan Pablo Narvaez Egidio Narvaez Joy Nash Ward Nash National Instruments Robert Navar Catherine Navarro Yolanda Navarro Lee Neathery Robby Nelson Nestle Waters North America Ed Neuhaus Dave Newman Jeanne and Paul Newman Tom Newsom Mary and Bill Newton Michelle Newton Anh Nguyen Anthony Nguyen Bichloan Nguyen Hannah Nguyen Haphong Nguyen Phong Nguyen Tan Nguyen Thu Nguyen Tuan Nguyen Tung Nguyen Viet Nguyen Nibco Inc. Edward Nichols Nichols Law Gina Nicolaides Kathryn Nielsen Ary Nita Chioma Njoku Tammie Nokes Charles Nolan Kenneth Norris William Norris Ferdi “John” Novilla Grace Novilla Hope Novosad Matt Novosad Mark Nowin Tammy Noyes Jennifer Nunnally Kevin Nunnally Richard Nygren Margaret O’Brien-Molina Blancaj Ochoa Carolyn Ochoa Edd Ogle Marcus Ogle Timothy O’Hare Michael O’Holloran Shay Ohrel Oiltanking Texas City Nancy Oka Jim Olive Mike Olscher Leslie Olsen Roy Olsen Eric Olson Steve Olson Angela Olstad Nancy Olvera Shady Omran David Ongany Peggy Ort Roger Ortega Connie Ortiz Stephanie Ory June Ou Sophia Ou

Jim Overby David Oyler Denny Pace Daniel Pacheco Jonathan Paguio Danesh Palanisamy Tim Palombo Niketan Pansare Tisha Pantaleo Brenda Paragas The Parental Units Mike Parham Nicole Parish Jeff Parmenter Hiran Parra Alexander Parsons Ahmad Pascual Jose Pastrana Jyotika Patel Snehal Patel Suraag Patel Richard Patras Amy Payne Jason Payne Darryl Peaks Stephen Peck Cathy and Vince Pecora Jack Pecot Russell Pecot Jacqueline Peden W Chris Peden Randall Peltier Juan Pena Michael Pendleton Reid Pennebaker Judy Peplinski Claudia Perez Concepcion Perez Jarrett Perkins Timothy Perkins Stephanie Perola Christy Perritt Bradley Perry Garth Perry Guido Persiani Jeff Petersen Amy Petrivelli Johan Petterson Matthew Pettingill Anh Pham Cong Pham Hai Pham Lan Pham Tai Pham Huy Phan Julie Phan Terry Phan Jermy Phares Alice Phillips Aubin Phillips Conoco Phillips Ethan Phillips Jackie Phillips Jessica Phillips Joseph Phillips Leeann Phillips Martha Phillips Stephen Phillips Phillips 66 Phillips Ranch Company Charles Philpott Dianna Phu Randy Pickerill Kyle Pierce August Pietsch Kimberly Pilcher Kim Pilcik Gene Pilgrim Ben Pingree Bill Pittman Anthony Pizzitola Iouri Pochoumenski David Pogue Daniel Poindexter Baytown Municipal Police Association August Polite Doug Pope Michael Pope Stefanie Portugal Sandrine Poteau Eduardo Potter Harvey Potts

Aseem Poudel Michael Poulos Janice Powell Lythia and Rod Powell Sue Prater Kate Prather Barry Presley Joseph Price Leslee and Craig Price Micheal Price Michael Priesmeyer Kurt Primeaux Connie Prince Kathy Proske Judy Pruitt Julie Pruitt Natalie Pruitt Henrry Pu Gavin Pulford Bernard Pulido Cruz Pulido and Dave Thompson Zachary Pullin Purkeys Fleet Electric Michael Putman Nickcole Pyle Qualcomm Foundation Daniel Quam Michael Quearry Ben Quinton Oscar Quiroz Donald Qunell Abdullah Rafiq Ehsun Rahbar Fahad Rahman Marla Rainey Joseph Raiola Mike Rakes Jayant Ramakrishnan Andy Raman Jason Ramm Claudia Ramos Rogelio Lee Ramos Alice and Risher Randall Chandlor Randall Ranelle Randles Gabriel Rangel Kathleen Raymond Jesse Razo James Reardon Ato Reasonda Kevin Reckelhoff Leon Redelinghuys Cristine Reed Jennifer Reeves Robert Reeves Steve Reeves Brian Reichard Di Ann Reid Marvin Reinartz Christen Reinowski Thomas Reinowski James Remperas Aida Rendon Candice Renfrow Annette Rensberger Rentech Nitrogen Pasadena, LLC Cruz Resendez Matthew Reue Thomas Revak Esmeralda Reyna Amanda Reynolds Nilda Reza Rai Rheinlander Bill Rice Thomas Rice Mark Richard Rene Richard Michelle Richardson Luis Rico Tom Riddle Cindy Riebeling Brendan Riedel Heidi Riggs Bill Rimmer James Rine Andrea Ring Deborah Rios Margie Ripple Jessi Risien Ven River Angel Rivera Frankie Rivera Joe Rivera

Juan Rivera Ma. Russel and Joel Rivera Betty Roberts David Roberts Megan Roberts Richard Roberts Janelle Robinette Mary Robins Kelly Robinson Thomas Robinson Juan Rocha Rodney Slaton Household James Rodrigue Edward Rodriguez Gorgonio Rodriguez Guadalupe Rodriguez Jorge Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez Manuel Rodriguez Marcos Rodriguez Melvin Rodriguez Nathan Rodriguez Ramon Rodriguez Cindy Roesel and Edward Skeffington Brian Rogers Darrell Rogers Raphael Rogman Walter Rohus Laura Roller Oscar Romero Gregory Romig Chris Rosales Robin Rosario James Rosengren Josh Rosenthal Susan Rosenthal Karen Rosenthall Ann Ross Barry Ross Malcolm Ross Alan Rossiter Lawrence Rowe Bob Rowntree Charles Roy Brian Roye Carolyn Rubenstein Keith Rubenstein Scott Rubenstein Claudia Rubio Michael Rudel Jennifer and Gregg Ruiz John Rupp Robert Rush Shanna Rushing Chuck Russell Gary Russell James Russell Jessica Russell Michael Rutenberg Terrence Ryan Fat Sacks Dave Sadler Cynthia Salas Gabriel Salas Samuel Salas Susan Salch Andrew Saldana Anjy Salinas Rodrigo Salinas Rolando Salinas Deanna Salpeter Greg Salter Bill Salvucci Carl Samos Fidel Sanchez Jennifer Sanchez Jose Sanchez Mark Sanchez Marla Sanchez Mike Sanders Scott Sanders George Sandoval Richard Sandoval Jessica Sanford Carolyn Santamaria Catherine Santamaria Eric Santamaria Brett Sare Hannah Sargent Juan Saucedo Willow Sauermilch BJ Savoie

Spring 2014 Rebecca Savoie Ellen Savoy Frank Sayle Gwen Sayler Robert Schamus David Scheffler Coni and Dickie Schelnick Diane and Richard Schenke Dustin Scherer Bob Schettek Sue Schippers Christine Schmidt Kevin Schmok Vicki Schnell Brad Schott Pamela Schott Patty Schrab Brad Schuck Steven Schuler Michael Schulz Robert Schulz Bruce Schumacher Margaret Schwarten Lynn Schwartz Michael Schwartz Christopher Scoggins Amanda Scott Asherrah Scott Cynthia Scott Meredith Scott Tera Scott Laura Scyrkels Gary Seale David Segonds Elia Selvera Wandee Sermpol Leticia and Jose Serna Isabel Serrano Rafael Serrano Sandeep Seth Krystal Sexton Stephen Sexton Dharmik Shah Cheryl Shakory Lucky Sharma Hal Sharp Amanda Shaw Amanda Shawshaw Milbe Shay Scott Shearer John Shedelbower Kandice Sheehan Fergus Shell Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gifts Elizabeth Shelley Peter Shelley Cyndie Sheng Shilpa Shinde Shawn Shirley Sidney Short Tim Shoulders Kelly Showalter Connie Shupla Martin Shupla Stephanie Sickmen Jon Silva Miguel Silva Donna Silvers Paul Silvey Philippe Simoens Gaynell Simpson Helena Simpson Shalimar Singson Mary Sisson Richard Sivley Jan Skau Jacob Skinner Simon Skivington Nicholas Skytland John Slanina Jennifer Smiley Cassie Smith Darren Smith Fred Smith Janet and Howard Smith Justin Smith Leonard Smith Leslie Smith Lillian Smith Miki and Michael Smith Mike Smith Scott Smith

Sean Smith Sophia Smith Tammy and Ray Smith Woody Smith Smith & Associates Robert Snelson David Snider Jackie Snider Kay Snider Barbara Snyder Terrence Snyder Tod Snyder Paulo Soares Bob Sokol Elsa and Henry Solano Mike Solis Sara Song Sonic Automotive Eula Sonnier Joshua Sonnier Cobin Sonny Eric Sonny Sergio Sosa Gerard Soto Thomas Sowers Patrick Spaller Karen Spearman Shelley Spears JJ and Gerald Spedale Linda Speed Tracy Spinks Stephen Spradlin Sarah Squier Jacquline Squillante Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan Adam Stacy Carey Stanly John Starbuck Michele Starks Patty Starr Emerson Staup Patricia Steiner Scott Steiner Garrett Stepanovich Elizabeth Sterling Andrew Stevens David Stevenson Randy Steward Dave Stewart Lynn Stewart Whitney Stewart Eric Stidman Fred Stidman Catie Stillwell Robert Stokes Fred Stoll Jim Stoll Michael Stone Cynthia Strader Bobby Strahan Michelle Straley Larry Strauss Stream Realty Jason Streety Laura Stroy David Stryk Dylan Stubbs Claudia Sturrock Robert Styan Rico Suave Jim Suber Subsea Americas Jason Suchecki Dwight Sullivan Jeremy Sullivan Kay Sullivan Michael Sullivan Kathy Sumpter Christopher Sunseri Randy Surguy Susser Petroleum Company LLC Sten Svendsen Ed Svrcek Trey Svrcek Shantanu Swadi Amy Swafford Ailed Swearengin Joel Swift Christy Tabor William Tai Mike Tamas Ina Tamez Oscar Tamez Leal

Marie Tanagho Chih Hung Tang Kevin Tanzi Steven Tasson Buffy Tate Ghia and Joey Tatlonghari Justin Tatyrek Amybaby Taylor Chauncey Taylor Collin Taylor Hank Taylor Judith Taylor Lance Taylor Ross Taylor Shani Taylor William Taylor Mary Taymon Raffi Tcholakian Larry Teague Teamco Inc Joseph Tedori Katherine Tee Sieu Thai John Theriot Steve Thiel Barry Thigpen Allison Thomas Cheryl Thomas Eiron Thomas Maria Thomas Travis Thomas Andrea Thompson Donna Thompson Miles Thompson Robert Thompson Tommy Thompson Thomson Reuters Dale Thorum Timothy Thrasher Ben Thurmond Jane Tidball Kgearg Tieu Tammy Tigert Liza Ting Lesli Tippit Barbara Tiu Ediberto Tobias Laurence Tobin Mladen Tomic Teresa Tonthat Alex Toole Stephen Toomey Kevin Toorcana Jeff Torbett Tracy Torma Juan Toro Allan Torregrossa Trenton Torregrossa Dania Torres Ivan Torres Total Premier Services Nigeria Albert Tramel Thuy Tran Tonie Tran Dan Traylor Marshall Treadaway Adam Trevillian Amalia Trevino Paul Trinh Brian Truax Quynh Truong Panel Truss Tim Tsotsonis Alex Tuan Heather Tuggle Tony Tumey Hubert Tunnell Rex Tunze Martha Turnbull Donald Turner Doug Turner Michael Turner Andrew Tweedie William Tweedie June Tyler Robert Tyler Claudia Tynes Becky Ullman Julie Upchurch Erin Urban Bill Urech Joanna Urriza Carole Uttecht

Donna Vaksdal Matt Vaksdal Gustavo Valdes Vivian Valdes Veronica Valencia and Andres Angel Glen Valladares Valvoline Eric Van Alstine Rhonda Van Alstine David Van Hooff Sara Van Sickler Chad Vanallen Chuck Vanallen Lori and Robert Vandehey William Vandehey Dudley Vanness Catherine Vassiliou Rimas Vebeliunas Carlos Velazquez Esau Velazquez Mariano Velazquez Melody Velazquez Julio Veliz Veronica Veliz Guillermo Viaud Djoanna and Marlon Villanueva Madeline Villarreal Sherri Villarreal Carolina Villarroel Joel Villasin Mark Vineyard Tom And Sherry Vinson Anna Vitalis Eduardo Viteri Maria Vivona D. Nicole Volek Kurt Voss R Voyt Donal Wadleigh Frederick Wagner Sean Wagner Dawn Wahl Janet Wahrlich Mary Walden Travis Walden Carl Walker Dale Walker Darcy Walker David Walker Heidi Walker Thomas Walker Kelly Wallin Wal-Mart Distribution Center 6036 Wal-Mart Transportation 6836 Anthony Walsh Beverly Walsh Jes Walsh Andre Walter Angela and Douglas Walters Adam Walton Barry Ward Jack Ward Steven Ward Mark Wardell Ross Wardlaw Jerry Ware Sumedh Warudkar Pamela Washington Carol Watson James Watson Jocelyn and Barry Watson W Weaber Scott Weaver Ann Webb Dylan Webb Jennifer Webster Kirk Wehby Paul Weider Mary Weiman Bonnie Weise Aaron Weiser Lori Weishar Mark Welch Mirit and Ronen Wenderfer Scott Wenderfer Anna Werleman Alison West Catherine West Kevin West Timothy West Lydia Westbrook Jason Wheeler Stephen Whitcher

Brian White Ed White Faith White Frank White Jameson White Jim White Kent White Linda White Monica White Patricia White Richard White Rosemary White William White White Chiropractic Shannon Whiting Valerie Whiting Liana Whitt Cody Widmeyer Steve Widner Chris Wiggs Elva Wilcox Ken Wilcox Carlton Wilde Catherine Wilde David Wilde James Wilems Barbara Wilkins Heather Willems A.J. and Chip Williams Aubrey Williams Eric Williams Francis Williams Harvey Williams Herb Williams Noel Williams Pamela Williams Roger Williams Debra and Ronald Williams Trina Williquette David Willis Jan Wilson Kenneth Wilson Kim Wilson Susan Winchell Betsy and Jim Winn Charles Winsor Gary Wise Greg Witherow Keith Witt Donald Wodarski Elizabeth Wojtowicz John Wolfe Rick Wolfe Erica Wood Greg Wood Michael Wood Robert Wood Janey Woodley Madeline Woods Nick Woolery Richard Wothers Chris Wright Michael Wright Robert Wright Shawn Wright Ellyn Wulfe Debbie Wylie Jared Wylie Ellen Yarrell Helen Yee Jerry Yellen Alice Yoakum Jack Yoes Bill Yoon Scott Young Byong Yu Miinkay Yu Tammy Yu Herbert Yuan Rebecca Yucha Michele Zacks Jodi Zajac Frances Zandstra Ray Zapata Sandra Zavala Yu Zhao Louis Zietz Judy Zimmer Frederick Zlotucha Jason Zoller Dianne and Stanley Zweback


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Photos in this issue of the GBF Gazette contributed by: Gene Fisseler Andrew Hancock Bill Dempsey GBF Staff Niki Doyle Exploration Green

GBF is a 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with EarthShare of Texas and with Restore America’s Estuaries.

GBF Gazette underwriting is provided by our valued partner, the Port of Houston Authority.

GBF Gazette - Spring 2014  

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