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Galvanizing Awards — 2018


GAGA 2018


Galvanizers Association (GA) represents the hot dip galvanizing industry of the UK and Ireland. It provides Marketing, Technical and Environmental services for this growing industry. The Association gives RIBA CPD approved presentations, provides literature, surveys the market and its trends and improves communications about galvanizing. GA has a ServiceLine to give an immediate answer to queries by phone, fax or email about galvanizing. It also monitors legislation, takes a leading role in standards development and oversees research projects to support and develop the industry. Finally, it provides environmental information about the product and the industry to specifiers, government departments and other interested parties.

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GAGA 2018


Introduction Take a look at most other architecture and construction awards in Britain over the past few years and you’ll find at least a couple of housing or house projects squeezed into the winners and runners up list. In the midst of this housing crisis, behind-the-scenes at award judging processes there has been a political will to do so; the Stirling Prize has had at least one housing scheme on each of its last three shortlists. Of course, this fact reflects that so many projects being built at the moment are housing, but it is also a gesture to show the industry’s best responses to the problem.

This year’s detail winner, The New Portland Arms by Michael Trentham Architects, likewise incorporates galvanized steel with a similar artfulness on the building’s exterior. Galvanized steel tracks along the spandrel profiles, into the balcony flashings, up to form the balustrade structure before becoming the banister, and down and around again. The detail gives the apartments scheme a slightly luxurious lift that distinguishes the building from its otherwise appropriately contextual architecture. The project demonstrates galvanized steel to be at once robust and highly versatile.

The Galvanizers Association’s annual awards have, however, so far largely escaped this trend – with almost every other type of building possible winning instead (last year, an energy centre, pier, beach hut promenade and gantries).

Similar approaches are also found at the Rehearsal Rooms, a buildto-let scheme, by Newground Architects in London, which wins the duplex category, and Millar + Howard Workshop’s Dursley Treehouse. At the Rehearsal Rooms, powder-coated balustrades on cantilevered balconies rhythmically tie the pared back brick elevations, stone paving and standardised window openings together, while at the single-family house in Gloucestershire Millar + Howard does all these things neatly too, but using recycled and re-galvanized components – and for that reason it wins the sustainability award.

That is, until now. As you will see from this year’s winners, the list is dominated by homes and housing, with these building types picking up four of the five main awards. It was probably about time, and it is a pleasure to see each of this year’s design winners using galvanized steel to its aesthetical advantages, recognising that its softer, tactile appearance is suitable for the home, in addition to being appropriate in a cost and quality-driven context. This year’s architecture winner, Tonkin Liu’s Old Shed New House in Yorkshire was for these reasons a standout project. The house blends short blasted timber cladding on the exterior and domestic finishes on the interior with galvanized steel fins, capping, banisters, fly screens and shadow gap junctions to inject an ephemeral quality to a previously ordinary agricultural space. The usage intrigues as well as delights, over and above its practical qualities. What’s more, 6a architects’ Blue Mountain School deserves a commendation for its substantially decorative use of the material too; the galvanized cupboard screens make you want to get up close and touch them, the doorway frames give the interiors beyond a stillness and poetic quality reminiscent of a Vermeer. It’s refreshing to see in both these projects a delicacy and creativeness to galvanized steel that is not often put on display.

That brings us finally to our only non-housing winner for 2018; Shand Building Design’s Middleton of Rora’s dairy building. Here we see the importance of galvanized steel in creating high standard welfareled agricultural engineering in these chlorine chicken-threatened times. The project presents British farming at its best, and it is no accident the building is architecturally interesting and coherent too. Then, along with the other judges, we are pleased to give a special mention to Andrew Todd’s Hardelot Theatre and Emma Stothard’s Boiled Lobster. The defining element of Hardelot Theatre is the clever combination of raw materials enabling the building to vibrate with its natural surroundings. It can be difficult for art applications to compete with huge buildings, but Boiled Lobster uses duplex perfectly – in the sea, to attract attention, and with beauty and humour. In all, another excellent year. Isabelle Priest, RIBAJ


GAGA 2018


Judges Isabelle Priest RIBA Journal

Matthew Wells Techniker

Rolf Østerbæk Nielsen C. F. Møller

Iqbal Johal Galvanizers Association


GAGA 2018

Galvanizing in Architecture Tonkin Liu Old Shed New House, Great Ouseburn


An existing agricultural shed on the site that was once a container for tools and tractors is now a container for a lifetime collection of books and art. The steel frame and ground slab have been reused and enlarged, retaining the original form of the shed. Newly clad in varied widths of shot-blasted timber and galvanized steel fins, the rhythmic façade reads like the bark of the silver birch that characterise the site. The surrounding landscape is pulled into the building’s two principle doubleheight volumes through large axial openings. A long gallery, orientated east-west with the site’s long tree-lined approach, draws visitors in from afar and frames the rising and setting sun from within. A tall south-facing library, bounded by mirror-backed shelving and a light-modulating canopy, evokes a forest clearing in the heart of the house.

Galvanized steel is used throughout the project, both internal and externally. It creates an exposed exoskeleton that holds up the cantilevering canopies and forms a minimal capping detail at the roof edge. Inside, it is used structurally to form the slender-profiled bridge and mezzanine in the gallery and library, as well as for sliding perforated flyscreens to form shadow gap junctions throughout. In addition to its robustness, galvanized steel was selected because its silvered, lightcatching appearance suited the ambition to create a façade language inspired by the surrounding birch trees. Its widespread usage in agricultural structures also suited the history of the site and helps relate the new house with the old shed and farm buildings in the locality.


GAGA 2018


Galvanizing in Engineering

The aim was to build a new dairy of the highest welfare standards which would present dairy farming at its best.

Shand Building Design Ltd Middleton of Rora, Aberdeen

Some of the key issues that needed to be addressed were; the creation of more working space to improve labour intensive tasks; increase amount of light and ventilation; improvement to livestock welfare and logistics of slurry handling and handling of animals requiring treatment.

Shand Building Design (SBD) Ltd designed a new building that focussed on key issues that were affecting the welfare of livestock and working processes. This included a major redesign of the roof structure moving away from the typical steep pitch to a stepped 15 degree pitch, greatly improving airflow.

The project took ten months to complete at a total cost of £1.3 million. Important design considerations included: • Implementation of new feed passes for both sides of the new building to improve access for vehicles • Stepped roof design, increasing light and ventilation • Raised position of the office to provide an ariel view of the livestock area • Improvement of livestock pens – replaced concrete floor with sand • Addition of robotic milking stations. The project has already proved to be a success as milk yield has increased by 50%.


GAGA 2018

Galvanizing in Detail Michael Trentham Architects The New Portland Arms, London MTA completed the multi-storey mixed-use development at 252 Wandsworth Road. The building, which accommodates 8 flats, live/work units and commercial spaces, replaces the run down New Portland Arms public house. The complex build involved retaining and restoring the faรงade of the existing public house and developing the rear and side of the site to provide additional commercial and residential space. The site steps a storey from Wandsworth road to the service road behind. The rear elevation has been opened up to the service road with a series of cascades from behind the parapet of the old public house that form a series of setbacks and balconies into a communal landscaped courtyard at street level.

Views over Battersea and the Battersea Power Station can be enjoyed from multiple levels and from both the balconies and generous glass openings. The New Portland arms uses galvanized steel as part of the design of the building to anchor the other materials; untreated Siberian Larch and Normandy Grey brickwork. Galvanizing was used to provide protective capping and enclosure to the Siberian Larch balustrades and entrance gates, reinforcing the structure and protecting it from rain. This was also continued over the single skin brickwork balustrades that need reinforcing and a coping detail that was provided by the galvanized mitred and welded flat section.



GAGA 2018


Duplex Award

Rehearsal Rooms, a residential-led mixed-use development, is one of the first completed in London as a bespoke private rented sector (PRS) product. Rising above the tree-topped embankment of North Acton tube station, the building forms part of an emerging neighbourhood. Designed around the needs of a fast-growing tenure, the scheme sets a benchmark by meeting social and services requirements at a local level.

Newground Architects Rehearsal Rooms, London

The scheme makes extensive use of roof areas as shared gardens. Internal layout, generous space standards and ancillary provision – common areas, a concierge service and a function room – are designed around the real needs of residents to promote a sense of community. A supermarket and gym at ground level contribute to life on the street.

The rational plan and the elegant elevations are integral to one another addressing form and function simultaneously, so that the geometry and detail of the distinctive balconies is as much about providing privacy and views as it is about rhythm, articulation and visual interest. The longevity of metalwork, which plays a key part in the elevations, was achieved by galvanizing and then powder coating. Detailed treatment of the steel railings complements the form of the concrete balconies. The design is replicated around openings generally and for gates and shading of uppermost windows. Light and view through ‘Juliet balcony’ railings to all windows, is maximised by using finer uprights that almost disappear in a building of this scale.


GAGA 2018

Sustainability Award Millar + Howard Workshop Dursley Treehouse, Gloucester


Designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding trees and to preserve the natural habitat of the site, Dursley treehouse has garnered much interest for its beautiful cantilevered structure, its low environmental impact and for the romanticism of living in a ‘treehouse’. The brief for the house was to gain planning permission for this unusual site which had twice before been refused planning for conventional houses. The 27 protected trees posed a big constraint and dictated the location of the building within the site. In order to protect the tree roots, (a condition of the planning approval) the ground had to remain untouched, therefore an elevated building was proposed. This complex building has galvanized steel piles (avoiding tree roots). The

main structure of the house is a double stud timber frame with 300 mm of insulation. This sits on a steel frame which itself sits on screw piles designed to keep ground disturbance to a minimum. Many of the internal and external finishes were reclaimed from a local disused factory, including the galvanized steel grating for an access bridge and balcony walkways; agricultural galvanized fencing that has been refashioned into balustrades and a second hand galvanized spiral staircase. The two lower floors have a slate floor reclaimed from an old Rolls Royce garage and the upstairs floor features floorboards from an old basketball court. The house also features its own water supply reducing the carbon footprint further.


GAGA 2018

Highly Commended: Architecture 6a architects Blue Mountain School, London Blue Mountain School unfolds behind the shimmering silver faรงade of this corner site on Redchurch Street. In the tradition of house museums, the building is a puzzle of rooms and uses, playing host to a fashion archive, exhibition spaces, a kitchen and wine room, a perfumery, listening spaces and various room sets by international designers. 6a architects led a three-year collaboration with Hostem to transform the six-storey building. A monolithic oak stair is surrounded by walls of galvanized steel and glass bringing transparency and connections to the various multipurpose floors. Soft plaster surfaces cover new and old walls, its natural pinks and greys forming a consistent background to art, clothing and ceramics. Raw oak floors run through the building, aging and patinating over time.

A double height basement archive conserves the distinctive clothing collections of Hostem. The growing collection eschews the commercial transience of fashion retail instead focussing on the preservation and cultural relevance of its unique works, archiving clothing amongst artefacts and art works. Large rolling storage units both seal and expose their contents. Hot dipped galvanized steel is reconsidered as a decorative material throughout the building. 6a oversaw the hot dipping process with the galvanizer and Harrington Fabrications to wall panels, mobile units, displays and complex curving handrails. The marblelike galvanized finish sits alongside clothes and other textured surfaces. Galvanized windows and screens were clear lacquered to expose the welds and grinds beneath, the latent marks of the manufacturing process which are revealed throughout the building.



GAGA 2018

Special Mention Studio Andrew Todd Hardelot Theatre, France


The Elizabethan Theatre of the Château d’Hardelot - on the Cote d’Opale near Calais - is France’s first permanent neo-Shakespearean theatre, its first naturally-ventilated complex arts building and the world’s first all-curved, exposed CLT building. It is also France’s first building to use tropical bamboo extensively as a cladding material. It is built adjacent to an 80-hectare wildlife reserve in the grounds of the Hardelot Castle, former home to Charles Dickens and now seat of the Entente Cordiale Cultural Centre. Commissioned by the District Council of the Pas de Calais, the building has up to 390 seats for a variety of formats, including opera (with a pit). Above ground the structure and finishes are almost entirely in wood, with vacuumformed curved CLT panels making up

the walls. Developed in collaboration with Merk and Metsawood, the panels are left exposed and untreated (except for a light matte varnish), conferring a timeless, warm and acoustically rich atmosphere to the auditorium and front of house spaces. Galvanized steel is a principal structural material throughout the building, whether for rolled beams holding balcony fronts, radial geometry grating for technical galleries, posts for guard rails, or the building’s signature exterior volume of bamboo poles, which is held in place on a galvanized steel ring supported by thin cantilevered arms. The raw finish of these elements complements the omnipresent, untreated structural and facing wood.


GAGA 2018

Special Mention Emma Stothard Sculpture Boiled Lobster, Staithes The 3 m high lobster was created for the Staithes Arts & Heritage Festival, September 2015. The sculpture took centre stage in the historic fishing village of Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast to highlight its past and present fishing industry. Occasionally a rare, bright blue coloured lobster will be landed, and this is known as a ‘coronation’ lobster. Once a live lobster has been boiled it turns coral in colour. A welded steel armature forms the central support for various gauges of mild steel wire which are meticulously hand woven to form the completed shape. The sculpture is then galvanized and powder coated.

Galvanizing was used as it allowed for a wider variety of finishes and protection from rust. Boiled Lobster is part of a series of lobsters that Emma Stothard has created and is permanently sited in the village of Staithes, North Yorkshire.



GAGA 2018


Shortlisted Entries

Addison Conservation and Design Footbridge over River Tweed, Peebles Scottish Borders Guaranteed to be highly popular with cyclists and walkers alike, the bridge allows for a multi-use path between nearby villages.The bridge also provides splendid views of the river and the forested hills on either side of the valley. The bridge consists of a 2 m wide timber deck supported by a fully galvanized steel structure with four pylons and unique post tensioned macalloy stabilisers which were designed to run parallel to the timber deck.


GAGA 2018


Angela Marquito Architecture Dell EMC (Rooftop Café), London

Applied Engineering Design Ltd The Tea Hut, Argyll & Bute

AMA designed a pavilion in metal and glass on a rooftop of the Dell EMC building. The original building, completed in 1989, is located between the M4 and Gunnersbury Park in west London.

A 9 m x 4 m polygonal occasional use leisure building, projects out across Loch Fyne providing stunning views. The structure was built at the landward end and slid seaward when finished.

There are three distinct areas: café, terrace and planting. The linearity in plan is followed through to the details, with linear metal elements (balustrade, coping, planter edge, pavilion fascia), and linear interior lights and grilles. AMA selected galvanized metal for reasons of appearance, natural weathering, durability and cost efficiency.

Ascent Architecture Dorville House, Weston-Super-Mare The former Dorville Hotel had lain empty for over a decade before conversion. It was in a parlous condition, having suffered from decay from the elements and lack of maintenance. The alterations included; creation of new party walls and floors associated with subdivision into flats; thermal insulation of the external envelope; structural alterations and upgrading and the creation of new bespoke galvanized balcony structures to the rear to exploit the coastal views.

The superstructure comprises: a galvanized steel frame; timber carcassing to form the roof pyramid, and full height double glazing throughout. The sliding rails below are supported on a slender galvanized tubular steel subframe, in turn sitting on a substantial pad foundation below.

Baart Harries Newall Lawley Village Primary Academy, Telford The school forms part of the Lawley Sustainable Urban Expansion Plan and is in a highly visible position adjacent to a pedestrian route. Because of its prominence in the public realm the service end of the building needed careful design consideration. A large galvanized screen gives the rear elevation a coherent appearance. A large, light, metal screen, ‘floating’ over a solid brick plinth, framed on three sides by red rendered planes making a strong composition of utility.


GAGA 2018


Chance de Silva Vex, London Vex is a unique architecture/sound collaboration. It is an in situ concrete house which arose out of the collaboration between musician Robin Rimbaud and architects Chance de Silva. The building is a very bold addition to a London conservation area. Raw concrete and untreated timber are the predominent materials used for Vex with galvanized corrugated steel used as formwork to shape the concrete façade. Simple internal galvanized elements help to create private spaces within.

Christopher Sanders New houses, 5 & 7 Middle Lane, Denbigh

Dean O’Rourke St Anne’s Park, Raheny

The architect designed a pair of semidetached houses on a brownfield site in a conservation area of Denbigh.

Rather than letting an old tree deteriorate following storms and the ravages of being beside the coast, DCC Parks commissioned an international tree sculptor, Tommy Graggs, to decorate it.

The construction is of SIPS panels with slate roofs and fibre cement rainscreen cladding.The basic external appearance relies on well detailed secondary elements to soften the simple geometry of the basic structure. Glazed verandahs, grilled gutter channels, rainwater systems, gates and garden steps are largely or entirely of galvanized steel. The architect used his metalworking hobby in this robust material to add quality and performance.

His brief was to represent the Biodiversity of the area in three levels – Air, Land & Water, showing various forms of wildlife and sea creatures, and then sealed it with a type of protective wood oil. Following this, DCC Parks decided to protect the base of the tree with a steel grid so that people could get a closer look in comfort to admire all the carvings.


GAGA 2018


Denizen Works Valhalla, London

Denovo Design Ltd Kays Medical, Liverpool

Denizen Works was selected to renovate the tired-looking façade of a modernist house in Highgate.

Kays Medical is a long-established market leader in the provision of medical supplies/training. However, its Georgian premises were hindering growth, presenting considerable logistical challenges - with limited visitor parking and inadequate warehousing across several sites.

In such a neighbourhood, a striking proposal was required, one that reflected the urban context and transformed the appearance of the home – all within a depth of 320 mm. Echoing the vertical rhythm of the trees, the new elevation is composed of a series of English Larch glulam fins, attached to the façade using bespoke galvanized ‘top-hat’ brackets, developed with the engineer.

Eithne Ring and Liam Lavery Storytelling Seat and Garden, County Kildare The artists wanted to create a simple outdoor classroom/space and garden that would encourage storytelling and imagination. The central piece represents a clearing in a wooded area, a place of shelter and a starting point for stories. The storytelling seat is incorporated into the structure. The canopy is sited on a cobbled circular area which demarcates it as a performance area. This sits within a larger gravel circle where there is curved Accoya wood seating in two tiers which seats up to 30 children.

Denovo Design designed a contemporary new-build statement building, with modern, more flexible/ functional premises. The building is environmentally efficient, minimising energy/water bills & saving on resources.

Emma Stothard Sculpture Boulby Pteradactyl, Staithes Standing at 2.4 m high and a wing span of 4 m across, Boulby Pterodactyl nestles on the rock armour surrounded by rugged cliffs of the North Yorkshire Jurassic coast. A small fossil of a Pterodactyl skull was discovered in 1887 in the cliffs of Boulby just north of Staithes, the inspiration for this public sculpture. A welded steel frame is fabricated in the studio before being hand woven in various gauges of mild steel wire and then galvanized.


GAGA 2018


Friend and Company Victoria & Albert Museum Shop, London Situated at the heart of the museum, the site is crucial in defining the V&A experience. Friend and Company’s design is true to the V&A’s ethos, creating a new destination that embraces the museum’s legacy, and celebrates art and design. Bespoke finishes include; a silver zinc base coat for black patinated mild steel weldments, timber white oil and white silver custom car paint applied to newly exposed historic galvanized steel columns and beams including the new galvanized soffit beams and columns that help create the pavilions.

Groupwork + Amin Taha 15 Clerkenwell Close, London Using quarry found finishes, part carved and abandoned stone columns, revealed cloisters and mosaic floors, 15 Clerkenwell Close at first alludes to a local archaeology, but also raises questions on our architectural heritage and its responsibility within a broader culture. The natural quality of the façade has been reflected within the interior material choice. Painted galvanized steel connectors have been used to fasten the lime blocks to the existing structure. Bespoke galvanized window frames were used throughout the project, which were treated to achieve a weathered bronze effect.


GAGA 2018


Groupwork + Amin Taha Barretts Grove, London Barretts Grove is an archetypal Victorian street of two storey brick terraced houses later interrupted by detached apartment buildings, a tall red gabled LCC school and rubble walled church. The new addition sits amongst these later stand alone structures. The tall red brick gable facing the street echoes those of the LCC school. The project required a comprehensive understanding of the different materials involved and their structural properties as well as careful detailing because many of the loadbearing elements are exposed.

Hamish and Lyons Architects Stepping Stone House, Maidenhead The site was heavily constrained: conservation area, green belt, flood zone and surrounded by listed buildings. Hamish and Lyons Architects proposed to replace three disconnected, under used and flood prone outbuildings with additional living accommodation for the existing house. Specific attention was given to the creation of family spaces. The design seeks to engage the whole family with the calming effects of nature. This is achieved through the abundant use of daylight, an organic structure and natural materials.


GAGA 2018

Holder Mathias Urban Village, Swansea Initiated through a £25 million scheme to aid the regeneration, redesign and rebuilding of the High Street and Strand Row areas of Swansea, Urban Village is a vision of sustainable living and working – intimate, yet connected and cosmopolitan, strong on identity and character, but also contemporary. With the development now complete, Urban Village continues to exemplify social, economic and physical regeneration in the area, drawing ever increasing levels of related activity to it, resulting in spill-overs which have already begun to fuel sustainable economic growth in this formerly deprived and neglected area of the city.


John Reid & Sons (Reidsteel) Ltd Belize Civic Centre Christchurch-based REIDsteel worked on the structural design, detailing and fabrication, for the landmark multi-millon dollar project in the Central American country. A total of 750 tonnes of steelwork was required for the 39,000 sq ft complex, including a roofing system spanning 60 m, together with all the terraces for approximately 4500 seats and all the suspended floors consisting of galvanized composite metal decking system suitable for cast-in-situ concrete.

LSI Architects UEA Transport Interchange, Norwich The design of the bus shelter is based on a simple ‘kit of parts’ cantilevered galvanized steel structure arranged around a central spine. The angles of the roof structure change along the length of the shelter, creating a striking, folded effect. The shelter has been constructed using low carbon, recycled materials where suitable to reflect the UEA’s sustainability aspirations, while some of the seats take the form of swing seats, providing an element of fun to the waiting time.


GAGA 2018

LiD Architecture Ringsend Container House, Dublin The project represents an experiment in low-cost, context-appropriate, family housing with the use of ISO shipping containers, facilitating growth over time. The intention was to efficiently use containers in as close as possible to their original state, expressing rather than concealing their robust aesthetic in order to engage explicitly with the eclectic maritime character of Ringsend. Galvanized steel was used as a bridging material throughout the project.


Micah T Jones Architect County Down Barn Nestled at the end of a long-winding lane stands the stone and timber walls of a barn house designed by architect Micah Jones for his growing family. The local agricultural style is reinvented in the choice of material palette.The house is connected to the front courtyard by a rebuilt external stone staircase and at the rear over a wide bridge terrace. A covered balcony at the end of the house provides shading in summer and panoramic views across County Down to the Mourne Mountains.

P Johnson & Company New College Overthrow & Sign, Edinburgh

P Johnson & Company Rose and Thistle Gate, Liverpool

The overthrow detail and the hanging sign were commissioned by Edinburgh University for New College, the home of The School of Divinity. The design on both the hanging sign and the applied overthrow detail depicts the Scottish flag and the Burning Bush, both symbols can be found on the Church of Scotland logo.

Commissioned by private clients to commemorate their wedding anniversary, the gate depicts the Scottish thistle and the English rose intertwining through the gate. The thistle & the rose represent the clients, one Scottish & the other English and the intertwining of their love, friendship, loyalty & respect for each other over the years.

The Hanging sign and the overthrow detail are formed from mild steel, some parts hot forged, some cold formed galvanized and fabricated.

All elements are hot forged from mild steel. The galvanized metalwork was acid etched, spray painted with primer and two top coats of Ratho Grey.


GAGA 2018


Perla Windows Longstone, London For Longstone, Perla Windows designed bespoke solid galvanized steel profiles that deliver unparalleled elegance through minimalist and compact sightlines for a private house in Kensal Rise, London. The slim glazing bars and large glass panes allow this contemporary extension to be showered with light, creating a striking contrast between the black steel profile and the light polished concrete floor. The design of the steel frame for the main house extension is also neatly reflected in the garden outhouse which boasts two large french doors on either side of a fixed screen.

Pezo von Ellrichshausen Hull Pavilion During the last period as UK City of Culture 2017, Hull saw the monumental temporary installation of a new ‘room’ for the city created by sixteen galvanized steel columns arranged in a grid formation in front of Hull Minster. Pezo von Ellrichshausen worked with Swiss artist Felice Varini to create the outdoor ‘room’ transforming Trinity Square. Visitors to the installation were able to inhabit each of the 6 m high columns and experience varying light conditions created by perforations in the steel skin. The rigid geometry of the columns were carefully distorted and redefined by the artwork of Varini.


GAGA 2018


Project Orange / Powdertech (Corby) Ltd Rathbone Market, London

RHP Combined Colleges Boathouse, Cambridge

Rathbone Market is the third phase of a significant regeneration project in London’s Canning Town, for English Cities Fund. The development provides 216 new homes of which the tenure is 25% affordable, 25% private sale, and 50% PRS.

The combined Cambridge Colleges of King’s, Selwyn and Churchill, together with The Leys School, commissioned RHP to replace their existing 60s boathouse. The existing building was in need of considerable repair and refurbishment in order for the facilities to meet latest standards.

The façade is a cascading composition of windows, balconies and panel elements that allow for a multitude of conditions and expressions. Close collaboration between subcontractors; including fabricator/galvanizer/powder coater led to the design being correctly detailed to obtain the desired results.

The new development not only provided a much-needed accommodation upgrade for the clubs, locating the majority of the accommodation to the upper floor out of the flood plain, but also presented an opportunity to positively contribute to, and enhance, the character of the area.

Sanderson Sculpture Crowned Stag / Deer Sphere, Chelmsford

Sanya Polescuk Architects More Mews / Private Outdoors, London

The Crowned Stag is a new dramatic landmark sculpture marking one of the entrances to the new Beaulieu estate just north of Chelmsford.

SPA transformed the mews building into two airy modern homes.

Standing 10 m high the sculpture can be seen from road and parkland from over a mile away by day or night. The sculpture was commissioned by Countryside Zest and their development partner L&Q who appointed nationally re-knowned sculptor Matthew Sanderson to a create an icon that reflected the historic use of the land as a deer park by Henry VIII.

Retained are the garage doors, original façade and characterful features of this former stables and garage but gone is the sense of enclosure. The small footprint is matched by a small developmental impact; a new building has been reassembled from the old parts of the original building. The two bright flats combine the calm tones of birch ply fitted joinery with the rawness of exposed brickwork and galvanized steelwork.


GAGA 2018


shedkm Mother Espresso, London Mother Espresso is a new café in the Tea Factory. The building was converted into offices and homes by Urban Splash in the 1990s. Since then, the nature of office work has changed and workers are no longer bound to their desks. shedkm created a space within the existing building where workers could enjoy their new found freedom, together with residents and the public. Galvanized steel grating was used to create a secure but permeable boundary between the spaces, allowing the good smells, sounds and energy of the cafe to permeate the building.

Shufflebottom Ltd Folly Farm, Kilgetty

Thrussells Billericay Heritage Tree, Essex

The popular visitor attraction Folly Farm, in Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, needed a new entrance building to cater for the numbers of people flocking in.

Bennetts Funeral Directors asked Thrussells to design a new artwork for their business, this new artwork would be mounted on the side of their offices in Billericay high street, Essex for the benefit of the town and as a gift to the local community.

Folly Farm, winner of the accolade ‘Best Day Out in Wales 2015’, has over 750 animals including wild animals in need of careful conservation. There are nine adventure play areas, and a vintage fairground. Galvanizing was used on this project primarily for the aesthetics and protective coating as the building is relatively close to the sea.

The artwork stands 4.5 m high and evolved into a tree design, incorporating relief images of the town to celebrate it’s history.


GAGA 2018


Thrussells Rook with a Book Fowey The Fowey chamber of commerce chairman asked Thrussells to put forward a sculptural concept for the town centre, the objective to attract more visitors to the town and start a new arts based culture in the town. At 2 m tall by 2.5 m long, from beak to tale, Thrussells created a new unique sculpture based on the theme of a local famous writer Daphne Du Maurier. The bird sculpture is constructed of mild steel sheet which is hot dipped galvanized and finally t-washed and waxed.

TSP Wilton EfW Plant, Chelmsford Energy from Waste (EfW) and waste processing facilities are an essential part of the UK’s waste management strategy of reducing landfill, improving UK’s infrastructure, reducing impact on the environment and relieving the burden of landfill tax on the general public. Wilton EfW Plant is designed to meet exceptionally high standards in all aspects from operation, performance and emissions. The building also provides facilities for the local community to enhance education and understanding of the role of waste management and EfW’s in the UK.


GAGA 2018






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Gaga 2018 Brochure  

GAGA 2018 shortlisted entrants

Gaga 2018 Brochure  

GAGA 2018 shortlisted entrants