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Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION OUIL505 ILLUSTRATION 2: Applied Illustration



Credits 30

Module Brief Title: Product, Range & Distribution

STUDIO BRIEF 1: Project Proposal

Project Rationale What do you intend to do and why? I intend to make a quick campaign to raise public awareness in using their right to vote in elections. There are so many unsatisfied people out there with the result of elections lately, not just one country but in many countries. On the contrary a lot of people chose not to vote – whatever their reasons are – and as a result worst-case scenario happened. They forget they do take parts in something they did not like as a result and complains about it afterwards. I saw this social problem as a dark joke by itself, so I’m going to approach this case using that tone of voice to ‘attack’ right back at them using fast-paced and effective persuasion, hoping that they will change their mind next time and actually take parts to vote in elections in the future. I aim to make them realise that their voices do count, and a vote is better than no vote at all.

THEMES / SUBJECTS What Themes/Subjects will form the content of your work for this module? This should include theoretical and non-creative based content and concerns. This section should identify your consideration of the social, cultural, ethical and creative concerns of contemporary Illustration practice. GENERAL THEMES: Human Rights Social Problems Society Perception Social System Black Humour

SPECIFIC SUBJECTS: Voting System Abstention in Election (ʻWhite Votersʼ)

PRACTICAL & CONCEPTUAL APPLICATION What areas of Illustration do you intend to investigate in relation to the practical and conceptual, production/ distribution of work in response to selected briefs? SPECIFIC DISCIPLINARY AREA: Creative Advertising Book Pamphlets Poster Design Info Graphic Mass Culture AUDIENCE/CONTEXTS: People who can legally vote, within the age range of 18 years and above. I wanted to inform these range of people worldwide (globally and internationally), that their votes are important and it does count. PRODUCTION/DISTRIBUTION METHODS: Campaign possibly in the form of pamphlets, zines, stickers; something that relates to quick publication to inform the general public. In addition, will be applied in a larger scale such as advertising in magazines, posters, billboards, and internet.

CONTEXTUAL REFERENCES Identify areas of professional/creative practices that will inform the contextualization of the work that you produce. This should include specific illustrators, studios, practitioners and products as well as broader creative disciplines and methods of Production /Distribution. ILLUSTRATORS / DESIGNERS / STUDIOS: Alfred Gescheidt Molg H Joan Cornella Edel Rodriguez The Black Panther Party Pamphlets French Revolution Pamphlets

CREATIVE SKILLS What practical skills do you intend to further develop and apply during your project? What do you intend to use the skills for? Consider extending the use of skills that you already have in order to deliver work of a higher standard as well as identifying new skills that you will need to develop.

I intend to continue my interest in collaging for this project, I feel like this is the type of visual language that suits best for me. Now that I have more confident in working with this method, I wanted to play around and experiment more with mix media, trying out some range of materials to find new combinations in collaging, so that I can produce some interesting outcomes. I also aim to broaden my knowledge in designing quick publication such as pamphlets and zines, which will allow me to communicate the chosen context effectively within a public sphere. Aesthetically, I wanted to have the skills to make something according to formats, have the sense of designing layouts, and produce something that both text and images works well together.

KEY TEXTS List a selected number of books, articles and texts that are central to your proposed area of practice. These should include a combination of design and non-practice based books, theoretical texts as well as visual publications. You should include a list of relevant websites. Walter Lippmann Essays (Public Opinion) Anita Roddick Campaigns Greenpeace Campaigns



OUIL 505 - Project Planner


Module Briefing Studio Brief 1 Research & Proposal Proposal Planning & Research

Contextual research


Proposal Submission/Studio Development week

More contextual research (primary and secondary). Possibly do some discussion or interview and read some texts, or watch some documentary videos about the related subject.


Studio Brief 2 Development & Production

Gathering facts, statistically and information worldwide about the subject. Try to make a solid idea from all of the research materials.


5 Studio Development week

Contextual research and visual research to gather some ideas

Start to bring the context into visual language. Play with sketchbook. Also do some research about practitioners that possibly have the same tone of voice to get inspirations.


Progress Tutorials

Propose the final idea to gain feedbacks and start to develop the visual language.


Group Feedback

Continuation of visual development. Starting to make something towards the possibly final designs.


Review designs from feedbacks given. Start to think about the application of the designs. How it will look like, materials, etc.


Studio Brief - 3 Presentation & Evaluation Interim Crit



Project development



Project development



Project development


Group Feedback

Final compilation, recheck if everythingʼs in place / according to plan.


Assessment Briefing & Final Crit

Final tweaks, documentation, and self-evaluation.


Module Submission 09/05/2017

Project submission.


Start to work onto the final designs. Do some visual experimentation. Play around with mix media.

OUIL 505 Project Proposal  

Studio Brief 1 (Uni Project)

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