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№ 1 (15) April 2014

Corporate issue of LLC «Gals Motors»


Word from the editors

Dear friends! We are happy to meet you again. We really hope that our first spring issue of 2014 will bring you joy and positive spirit. In spring we feel a renewal of our living sources, blooming of our hopes and our hearts are turning to love. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you warmth, peace and harmony! With best wishes, «Gals Inform» editors

The opening of the year................................................................................................................... 3 Welcome to a new home, «Donlex»!.............................................................................................. 6 Global and stylish results of the year.............................................................................................. 7 The common work leads to common victory.................................................................................. 9 The Holiday of Annunciation of the Lord........................................................................................ 11 From classics to modern................................................................................................................... 13 Folk Holidays at «Azovmotor»......................................................................................................... 14

Corporate issue of LLC «Gals Motors» Editors: Manager of the project – Novoseltseva Y.M. Editor – Parhomenko T.M. Layout – Amelin V.E. Correction – Svetlichnaya L.L.

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8th January 2014 was highlighted with a huge event: the second Dealership Center of Toyota – «Galsmotor» opened its doors for visitors. This event we can easily call «The Opening of the year».

New cars are waiting for customers

Toyota at Vzletnaya

Show room

Lounge zone for customers

Toyota Center Donetsk «Galsmotor» is built in accordance with the standards and brand recommendations. One especially can be impressed by the space of the new center. The total building area is 6922 sq.m., and surrounding territory – 1,6 ha. This is one of the biggest 3S-centers in Ukraine, where a customer can buy a car key ready, have full after sales service maintenance, and a wide range of original parts and accessories. Customers can enjoy a very spacious show room, two comfortable rest areas from one of № 1 (15) APRIL 2014

Kids can play here

which it is possible to observe a process of service maintenance, an area for kids, internet access and a warm welcoming atmosphere. The station of service maintenance is equipped with the modern tools and facilities. BOSCH line of tools control, due to its 280 transducers allows to maintain a full vehicle diagnostic. An Italian professional paint chamber produced by Spanesi allows to perform high quality body and paint work. It reduces time for painting works and increases its quality. It is worth to mention ecological



«Galsmotor» team

compatibility of materials and – safe water based paints. Also there is Toyota Express Service (full service maintenance for 60 minutes), hotel for tires and other services. About 100 vehicles a day can be offered basic service maintenance at this service station. Body and paint section can repair about 400 vehicles a month. The opening of the center was held during a period of Christmas Holidays. According to the tradition, on the 14th January pupils of Donetsk Eparchial School «Blagovest» have visited «Galsmotor» company with Christmas carols, songs, poems and warm wishes. Among the poems there were special car related wishes:

Christmas prayer

I wish to all who is present hereTo live in peace and harmony! Let our Lord present you With a car of your dream, And for sure it may be TOYOTA Prado! We all know that Lexus is a good car as well, We wish that both a father and a son Could be able to possess it. And we also wish peace in your houses And a piece of bacon for your Christmas dinner! At this day a new dealership center was consecrated and there also was a Christmas holiday prayer.



On 28th of January «Galsmotor» solemnly presented a new vehicle to the first customer. Director, sales manager, CR manager congratulated the first customer, the owner of Toyota Highlander and presented with a stylish photo frame, champagne and insurance police OSAGO (Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability).

«Galsmotor» first customer

«Gals Inform» editors congratulate the whole team of Dealership Center with its opening. We wish this warm atmosphere of a holiday be present for a long time, and make your visitors happy with your welcoming and warm smiles!

All team and guests

Consecration of the center № 1 (15) APRIL 2014

Pupils from «Blagovest» school



On the 8th January Official «Lexus» dealer in Donetsk announced its moving to a new place.

Spacious show room

«Lexus» team moved to a new 3S center, which is built according to all corporate brand standards. Opening of a new center allowed to offer a wide range of services to customers. The show room is light, cozy and spacious. Customers take their vehicles from a special room, demanded to create a special solemn atmosphere which a person can experience buying a new car. From a lounge customers` zone, visitors can observe a process of service

Welcome to our center!

maintenance. Spare parts and accessories can be obtained here. Little visitors can spend their time in a special kids` room. Hospitality, warm, welcoming atmosphere and desire to be open to help visitors are already traditional here. «Gals Inform» editors congratulate «Donlex» team and wish new success and achievements.

A lounge area for customers and visitors



Projects «Golden Globe» and «Toyota Style» are holding for three years already. For the period of its history, competitions of 2013 were the most intriguing.

Let us remind you that Toyota Center «Avtogals» has been holding Toyota Style prize - hammer made Toyota Hilux for three quarters. These results were achieved due to hard team work. In the IV quarter «Azovmotor» made a huge step and changed the situation. Team from Mariupol won their right to take the trophy in the competition of creating the most stylish Toyota vehicle. However, according to the rules, the prize stays in the Dealership Center which won it more times during the year. So, «Avtogals» added hummer made Toyota Hilux of 2013 to its trophy of 2012 – ceramic «Toyota».

«Azovmotor» trophy № 1 (15) APRIL 2014

According to the results of the year, model range nominations were distributes as following: «Avtogals» – Auris, Avensis, Camry, RAV4, Verso and GT-86. «Omega Motors» – Prius, Corolla, LC-150 and Highlander. «Azovmotor» – Yaris and Venza. «Delta Motors» – LC-200. «Autowind» – Hilux. The nomination of the «Best sales consultant Toyota Style - 2013» (and golden badge) was taken by Alexander Prokopenko from «Avtogals» (now working in «Galsmotor»). New calendar year promises to be tense as there is one more Toyota dealer in Donetsk «Galsmotor». Traditionally, a new exclusive prize is getting ready. Winners will discover which trophy they are competing for at the awarding ceremony for the results of the I quarter. And believe us, it is worth it.

«The Globe is at «Autowind» forever»



«Azovmotor» was awarded with the special award «Guardian Angel» for winning in the nomination «The best weekend with Toyota».

«Golden Globe» project made many of us anxious. The award was passing from one center to another during a year and it heated the situation. In the I quarter «Autowind» was holding it, in the II quarter – «Delta Motors Crimea», in the III quarter – «Azovmotor» and in the IV quarter – «Autowind» again. So, we can note that the winner remained Lugansk Dealer «Autowind». It is necessary to mention about a new «Golden Globe – 2014» award. The design of the award has been changed a little. «Globe» of 2014 is an embodiment of engineering idea. Constantly rotating it does not need any sources of energy except sun light. It has to be placed in a good lit place and all the rest will be done by nature and technologies. «Globe» is rotating due to magnetic Earth field, but it gives the impression that the globe is rotating in the air. So, this is the prize, expecting winners of this year. Annual financial bonus will be a pleasant addition for a corporate event.

«GalsInform» editors sincerely congratulate the leaders with the achievements! New history of victories is ahead of us. And it depends from you what kind of history it will be! We wish you success!

There is never too many «Globes»

«Azovmotor» angel

Participants of the awarding ceremony


Helen Maksimovskaya


We continue our column dedicated to the employees of the group of our companies. This time we will write about very modest but responsible Helen Maksimovskaya from Toyota Center «Omega Motors».

financial consultant of «Omega Motors»

Helen, please tell us how you started to work in «Omega Motors». Well, till I came to Omega, my working experience was not connected with auto business. In summer 2008 I have discovered that a new dealership center was recruiting staff. At that time I could not imagine what my future responsibilities would be like, I did not even know which brand a new dealer was representing. And all these new things and new work attracted me. Now, after 6 years of common work with «Omega Motors», I can absolutely sure say that I am really happy that I was taken in Toyota Center Sevastopol “Omega Motors” to work. What is your professional experience in this company? During these years I had to take different positions in the company. My first position was an administrator of sales department. Later I started to combine it with the position of financial consultant. It was a new stage in my professional career. The position of administrator of sales department demands much attentiveness, accuracy in details and diligence. All the sales documentation has to be in order and it will make sales department work also in order. Financial consultant – is a different sphere. Communication with customers, possibility to help them to choose an optimal service, it all № 1 (15) APRIL 2014

demands different professional skills. I am glad that I could develop such skills in me. As a result my final choice was a position of financial consultant. But our life is full of surprises. There was a period when I helped hostess and headed sales department. Vadim Mikhailovich Ignatenko, director of Toyota Center «Omega Motors» «Helen was heading a sales department a couple of times. In spite of the fact that she prefers communicating with customers to managing work, Helen coped with her tasks perfectly. We like her active life posVadim Mikhailovich ition. It is also pleasant to Ignatenko receive positive comments about Helen`s work from customers. Many of them note that it is due to Helen`s reasonable consultation they could implement their dream in life and afford a new Toyota car with beneficial credit terms». What motivates you to work in the company for such a long time? Everything is simple: «I like it here!» I really enjoy working here. I plan to continue my professional career with «Omega Motors», because this company gives all possibilities for work and personal development.



Kirill Serdyuk

Helen Savenkova

Kirill Serdyuk, sales consultant. «It is pleasant to work with Helen, she is quite experienced specialist and is able to find solutions in non-standard situations. She is a real colleague – partner and a good friend. She is always ready to help and share her knowledge». Helen Savenkova, sales manager. «I work with Helen just for a couple of months and can note her professionalism already. She knows her responsibilities, and she cares about her work. And what is the most important - she eagerly shares her experience with new comers. Now, Helen became a tutor to a new administrator of sales department Irina Makarenok». What is important for you in work? What values have you defined working in «Omega Motors»? It is very important to remember, that first of all we are a team, we reach our goal together. I think we have to be more patient to each other. Every person on our way can teach us something. And it is just a common work that leads us to common victory.

Victoria Gorshkova, HR manager. «Helen is a team player, it is true. She always identifies herself with a team and team goals. She gives colleagues help and support if necessary, and she respects their opinion Viktoria Gorshkova and contribution to common result». What would you wish to your colleagues just starting to work? I want to wish to all new people in the company to believe in themselves, not to be afraid, and be glad and grateful for what they have now! «Gals Inform» editors wish Helen professional success together with «Omega Motors».

COLLEAGUES RECALL: Once, on Helen`s birthday, colleagues from sales department presented her unusual key Glamorous key board board, it was of pink colour and instead for Helen of usual signs on it there were funny remarks. In the morning Helen saw her renewed key board, where usual key signs were absent, first Helen thanked us all (means: expressed her opinion about our behavior) and started to work. To our surprise, this new device did not make Helen astonished, Helen quickly renamed buttons with signs «unnecessary button», «I do not understand», «looks like some flag», «an odd button» and etc. We think it one more time emphasizes Helen`s professional level and dedication to work. So this is our Helen. We love her, respect and adore!

Living spring


We continue publishing articles about 12 main holidays of Orthodox calendar. Today we will tell you about the Holiday of Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on the 7th April (new calendar). Traditionally our story will be guided by Orthodox priest father Nikita Panasyuk, from Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk eparchy. The Blessed announcement came from Heavens Archangel said to VirginShe has a gift of Blessings, and we, All sinful, are promised salvation. Salvation is now the most Important – Though hard to understand. The Son of God is a Son to Virgin, The soul is full of joy and tenderness. And we face the Holy Mother In our full humiliation We say «Be jouful» and «You are Blessed, the God is with You».*

Father Nikita

The full name of the Holiday in Russian Orthodox Church is defined as «Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary». Father Nikita, what is the history of the Holiday? The Holiday of Annunciation of the Lord was one of the favourite holidays of Russian people. «Even a bird does not make its nest on this day» – used to say our ancestors. On this day Virgin Mary received a joyful announcement from the Archangel Gabriel that she would conceive a Son of the Holy Spirit. «Be joyful, Blessed Mary», - those were the greeting words from Angel, and those words were the first Blessed Announcement to mankind from the period when it teared off its connection with God as a result if its fall. From the moment when Angel came to Virgin Mary, a new, light page in peoples` living began. Archangel Gabriel said: «Be joyful, Blessed Mary! God is with You; You are blessed among all women». Here it is in necessary to explain the meaning of these words:

* Helen Osipova (Kyrgystan), the source «Praise the name of God!»

№ 1 (15) APRIL 2014

«Be joyful…» We feel joy when we receive something good or hear good news. What does a word «Blessed» mean? It means that Mary had special love and acceptance from God, She was full of Grace of God and Holy Spirit. In Russian it is said: …«You are blessed among all women»? Blessed means – worth of blessing from all women. When Mary saw Angel, She was embarrassed from such words, and She was thinking what those words might mean. And Angel said to Her: «Do not be afraid, Mary, because You are Blessed from God, You will give birth to a Son and give Him a name: Jesus. He will be great and He will be a Son of the Lord…» Mary said to Angel: «How it will happen if I am not married (if I do not have marital relations)?» Angel said to her: «A Holy Spirit will come to you, and God`s power will lighten You; that is why this baby will be called a Son of God». Virgin Mary believed Angel, and She answered him with faith and humility: «I am


Living spring

Archangel Gabriel

Archimandrite Ephrem

God`s slave, let it happen as you say». And Angel went away. So that is how Virgin Mary discovered from Archangel Gabriel that She would become a Mother of God. This Gospel story became the basement of the Holiday. How this Holiday is celebrated by Christians? What are the traditions connected with it? The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary was a very important occasion in the history of the whole mankind. A Holy Virgin from all people agreed with humility for the Blessed Union with God, which was teared off long time ago by first people. This humility of Virgin Mary opened the door of salvation to all mankind. A great mystery happened. It was a mystery of reconciliation of human with God. That is why the Annunciation of the Lord is one of the worshiped Holidays. It is a great Holiday and even if it is coincided with Easter Holiday, it is still celebrated. If this Holiday happens during lent, so fasting becomes not so strict, fish and oil is allowed according to church canons. Accepting the importance of the Holiday, people, however did not celebrate it with amusements. A person`s behavior on this day had to make one more approached to God. Church Service, rest from daily routine, thinking about God – were encouraged on this day. There is even an old saying: «On the Annunciation of the Lord Holiday, a bird does not make its nest and a girl does not make her hair». The celebration of this holiday in Rus has old traditions. In many places, especially in the cities it was a tradition to send birds free to fly. Weak, ill and wounded birds were gathered in autumn and winter. The birds were cured and lived in the houses till spring. And in spring, on this Holiday of Annunciation of the Lord, healthy birds were let fly away.

In old times, a year has started with this Holiday. People believed that on this Day as well as on Easter, the sun was sparkling and sinners were not tortured in hell. By the way, the old belief that on this Great Day as on other great Holidays the sun is sparkling at sunrise, you may check by yourself if wake up earlier. Holy Mary, as any other mother, felt all the sufferings for Her Son. That is why She is a protector of all mothers, is not She? What is the power of mother`s praying? Here I want to recall the words of archimandrite Ephrem hegumen of Vatoped monastery at Holy Mount Athos: «Virgin Mary had a family life as well. She raised a Son, Which was Her God – it is a great mystery! There is no doubt She loved Jesus more than all people and all Angels, as our saint fathers say. This love gave Her grate sorrow in the time of His sufferings, His crucifixion, «weapon passed through Her soul». Of course, feeling this pain, She has pity to every suffering person, and especially – mothers, suffering that their children took the wrong way in life, moved away from spiritually moral life. Yes, mother`s praying has a great power, but just when coming from generous and clean heart. But if there is a self interest in attitude to children, it means that mother`s feelings are not yet transformed into love in Jesus». Archimandrite Ephrem says that the more one loves Holy God`s Mother, the more She loves him. Father Nikita, what would you wish to our readers at the eve of the Holiday of Annunciation of the Lord? The Holiday of Annunciation of the Lord is beautiful, light and great! Let your hearts feel joy and be open to this great announcement. Let Holy Mary protect you from all troubles and help you in your blessed beginnings. And let your days be full of kindness!

From classics to modern

World comes to you in such a shape in which it comes from you.


No one can go back in the past and change his beginning. But everyone can start now and change his finish. Folk wisdom

Confidence – is a basement of success! If you want to be successful, continue to believe in yourself even in the moments when no one believes in you. Abraham Linkoln

Samurai is as cold as his sword, though he remembers fire which made his sword.

Be like lotus, which is always clean and is blooming even in the muddy water.

To help another person it is not necessary to be powerful and rich, it is enough to be kind.

Eastern wisdom

Love is the only thing that makes people stronger, a woman – more beautiful, a man – kinder, a soul – lighter, and – life more wonderful! Friedrich Nietzsche

№ 1 (15) APRIL 2014


Japanese wisdom

Simeon from Athos.

There always be difference between those who ask: “Why nothing comes out?” and those who ask: “What should be done to make it?” Bernard Werber



Traditions to celebrate 23rd of February and 8th of March are still alive and sometimes are expressed in an unusual way.

Medical committee «Gals Inform» editors discovered that this year «Azovmotor» company celebrated these dates in a quite extraordinary way. «Real Toyota men are fit for service!» «Azovmotor» ladies decided to congratulate «Azovmotor» men in a military style. At the eve of day «X» all men were given a paper notice saying that soon all men have to pass a medical check. This notice intrigued all men and they came to work at 8:00am next morning. At the doors they were met by beautiful medical nurses.

«Excellent» physical shape

At the oculist

In the improvised medical center, which was located at the service station, a real concilium of strict doctors have been waiting for men. Men have been checked the eyesight, neuropsychiatrist asked tricky questions, therapist gave different tasks, and oculist gave tests. According to medical committee results, chief doctor announced that all men were allowed to perform their duties. At the end of working day, medical committee gave all men military cards, where

The nerves are alright


Gipsies and a bear

Here is all the truth….

their «achievements» have been noted in a humorous way. Each man was called «A real Toyota man» and was given an honorable baseball cap. Bright emotions of the holiday were filmed and later watched all together. And of course real men did not forget to congratulate all ladies on a day «Y».

An exclusive cake

«Gipsies as a noisy crowd were roaming in Mariupol…» The 8th of March was rather unexpected day for «Azovmotor» ladies…. In the morning when they came to work they have stopped in amazement. They were welcomed by real Gipsies with noisy music and joyful cries. And what are the Gipsies without a bear? So Gipsies with a bear started the ceremony of congratulation. First of all each lady was presented with flowers, a cup of morning coffee and a ticket for the evening part of the holiday.

Real Toyota men № 1 (15) APRIL 2014


Aza and Roza are the best! The second half of the holiday was nor less surprising and pleasant. There was an exclusive cake with a name of each lady on it. Well, it is pleasant to know that employees of our dealership centers can work hard and rest with fun!

Morning coffee

The best Gipsies` representatives

Flowers to ladies

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