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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice– Traditions of Fall 50 Questioning Tradition


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Hello all you Gorgeous GALS!

First, let me start with an apology to my fellow directors and our readers. Internally we had slated the first week of September for our drop date and then we pushed ourselves t a drop date of September 1. Try as I may, I encountered several snags along the way. We dealt with a plethora or problems that we have been able to turn into great learning moments.

For as long as I can remember, I have said the saying “a day late, and a dollar short” when would fail to meet an internal or external deadline. I repeated this saying to myself sever times on the first and laughed when I realized I was not going to be able to make our deadline. But that’s life, right? Things happen and sometimes we are not able to do all th we had expected we could. It’s these moments that push us to learn.

Second, with the word “learning” in mind, I want to encourage all you readers to keep an open mind as read the following pages. These women may come from different backgrounds, may use language that you initially reject, but every one of these women speaks from their hearts. G.A.L.S. is a non-religious, non-political space for women to come together to be supported and encouraged. It would be ridicules if we assumed tha every member here had no religious, spiritual, or political views. As editor of this publication, I am very careful about what I allow to print. Sometimes, a bit too cautious but I also want to allow the voices of our members to come though.

As you read this and future publications you may see the word “God,” or “pray,” and possibly more words that can cause some of us gut reactions to stop reading. I am going to ask each of you to push past that and read on. Change the words so it fits for you. If y are agnostic, in place of “God” or “pray” think about what you do and read the piece wit that in mind.

Lastly, have fun with this publication! We certainly do! Not just my fellow directors and the She.E.O, my daughter has started to take an interest in this publication. Olivia is a spirited, 9-year-old that’s going on 25! She has helped me with everything from editing the articles for grammar issues to helping me build the graphics for the articles. It has been a treat to see her get so interested in uplifting the voices of women in our community. Stay tuned, but I am pretty sure we will have a Junior G.A.L.S. section in ou December edition! With love and gratitude, Kandie.

to e

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g you th



Olivia and our cat Ron hard at work on this publication!

WELCOME From the G.A.L.S.

SHE.E.O. Myhriah Young


Hey there ladies! Welcome to G.A.L.S.=Gorgeous. Awe-Inspiring. Ladies. Socializing. The place where we create intentional community, and we grow, learn, have fun, and make an impact in our communities together. As we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary, we are diving into many new things, and I am so blessed and honored to have you here with us. Let me share with you who we have in our club and the many ways we have for you to get involved, and because I have a ton of info to give you, I am going to break it up into segments.


Myhriah Young Founder & She.E.O. of GALS

Kandie King Publication Director

Amanda Goff Communication Arts Director

PattyLynn Gossman Troop Director

In addition to our directors, you will also see our GALS Coaches being pretty active in the group. They are often posting upbeat posts, asking questions, writing articles in our publication, or sharing something going on in the community. These are ladies who have gone through our GALS Coaching training and are BOSS GALS Business Partners. We will be opening enrollment for this program again soon, so stay tuned!!

When I dreamt up GALS, I had a vision for a platform where all the women in the group would be able to rise together. Something that wasn’t based on one woman. Somewhere we uplifted, encouraged and empowered each other. I wanted it to be based on having fun and learning together.

With that, allow me to introduce y I am a woman who LOVES business owners, and I wanted to be able to show case them as well, but I knew that I didn’t just want to do it in the same way. I envisioned a platform that really allowed women to build a brand or personality within it. A place where they had multiple ways to express themselves creatively, all while building their businesses and collaborating with other brilliant women.



Troop Meetings-2X/month:


Meeting Ladies Night Out!!

Build YO

Quarterly GALS Night-larger group Exclusive Access to the GALS Network Membership Starter Kit: GALS Amazingness Handbook Diamond pen GALS Letters for jacket Swag Earn ALL Buttons Monthly GALS Chat Zoom Call Early Invite to GALS Events

We are o personal do all of

-Teach ful -Become a Be feature Group & S -Go Live in -Get a spo -Put a ¼ p -Get the o get spotlig -Monthly N -First Cha -Earliest I

We will be this could l will get the promote th

There will continue to be new opportunities for our BOSS GALS; as long as we have ideas, we will nev

This next year will see us reaching for GIGANTIC GALS GOALS as a group. Whether in person or onlin conversations. Let’s do this!

you to our new memberships within GALS:

ALS Business Partners: OPEN NOW!!

ing from the VIP GALS Membership PLUS:


offering you many opportunities to show off your business lity!! We want you to shine and have lots of fun!! You can these things, or pick and choose one or two:

ll classes in the GALS Academy a PART OF THE GALS NETWORK: Coach, Teach, Lead a Group, ed in our Publication, `Be interviewed for our Podcast, FB SO MUCH MORE!! n the FB Group to share tips & tricks otlight in the Publication page ad in our BOSS GALS Business Pages in Publication opportunity to donate to a monthly raffle prize for FB Group & ghted in FB Group Networking Meeting ance to be a Vendor at events Invite to GALS Events

showcasing some examples over the next couple of month of what look like, plus we will be doing some drawings where the winner e chance to take advantage of some of these BOSS GALS benefits to heir business. I am super excited about this!!

ver stop growing this membership. We look forward to working with you all!!

ne, big things are coming your way!! We hope you will join us in the fun and the deep

Meet Our Amazing Amanda By Myhriah Young Allow me to introduce you to Amanda Goff. I am so excited to have her as our Communication Arts Director. She has such a diverse background, including a background working in the local theatre scene. She is a wife, mama to one grown child, an amazing networker, and a wonderfully loyal friend. Amanda is one of those people who knows EVERYONE. I am very happy to share her with those of you who may not know her. What is your business? What do you do specifically? Why did you start it? Silver Keys Media I am a visual brand and marketing strategist. I help business owners get clear in their brand story/messaging and translate that story visually through images and video. I launched my business in 2014 and went full time in 2018.

What is your favorite thing about the work you do? I get to use my creative side to help people gain clarity and confidence in their brand.

Can you tell us a story about a time that really made an impact on your life with your business? With a client or something wonderful that happened? I was working with a client to help them identify and really nail down their ideal client in a session. We followed up a week later and she told me that she had felt so powerful and confident in a sales meeting, because of the clarity she had from our meeting. What is your superpower? Re-framing a concept or mindset to give a business owner a new outlook on their brand. What is something you wish you knew before you started your business? To set up systems right out of the gate to automate and help me manage the things I do not find joy in doing.

Any tips for those ladies out there juggling it all? Hire experts to help you. Yes, it is an expense...but will allow you to do more in your zone of genius. Plus, experts can get things done faster then you can typically. What’s a word of encouragement you would like to give to every lady out there in our audience? Take what you love to do and pursue it. You don't have to open a business, but stay connected with what you love and give yourself the time to do it so that you can stay balanced. If you can make money at it...that's just a bonus.



Back To School Safely


What should you know beforeBygoing back to school? Author By PattyLynn—Practical Skills for Positive Living Paragraph; Cambria; Size 16

I have hope that someday soon we will be sending our kids back into the classroom for school. Things may look a little different with face masks or face shields, and spaced out desks. When we go back we want to be ready to do it safely. Here are a few tips for staying healthy at school in an acrostic for “RESPECT.”

T this!!

R respect personal space

E educate them on handwashing

S sanitize your space

P protect by wearing your mask or shield

E engage with others

C cover your cough & sneeze

T touch nothing extra

WHAT KIDS NEED TO KNOW R—respect personal space. Respect the people around you by respecting their personal space. Some will want or need the six feet of separation; don't crowd them. People will have different levels of comfort. Pay attention and respect their wishes. You’ve heard the saying “sharing is caring?” Well… no one likes to share germs. So no sharing food, chapstick, water bottles, masks, or school supplies. If school supplies are to be shared, like pencils, pens, rulers, or scissors, they should be sanitized before sharing.

E—educate them on handwashing. Wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. This is scientifically proven to be the best way of killing germs! If handwashing is not available, use hand sanitizer and rub until dry.

S—sanitize your space. Teachers will help students learn to clean their desks and supplies.

P—protect by wearing your mask or shield You will need to cover any outgoing air when in close contact with others.

E—engage with others. Look them in the eyes and listen to them. Listening is harder when someone is wearing a mask that covers half their face, or behind a plastic shield. Keep a healthy distance but keep interacting and engaging with others.

C—cover your cough & sneeze. As I learned long ago, "whenever you have to cough or sneeze, remember to cover your mouth up, please." Also, don't forget to turn your body away from others when you cough or sneeze.

T—touch nothing extra. Help your child remember not to put their fingers in their eyes, nose, or mouth. Kids tend to touch a lot of things out of curiosity, as adults in their lives, we'll have to remind them often to keep their hands to them selves.

“Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.” Miguel Angel Ruiz


Know the symptoms of COVID-19 and school policies before sending your child back to school.

Be aware of your child’s symptoms. When in doubt take your child’s temperature.

Do not send your child to school if they have a fever, sore throat, diarrhea, or "threw up last night”… etc. Follow the guidelines from your local Public Health agency.

WHAT TEACHERS NEED TO KNOW Teachers are pros at trying to keep germs at bay. They’ve been teaching healthy practices to aid in preventing illnesses for students for years; and doing a great job! This year teachers will come back to school with a renewed awareness of germs. •

Follow school guidelines for cleaning high-touch surfaces often (doorknobs, sink handles, light switches).

Continue to teach kids healthy practices such as hand washing!

Do you have questions about getting your students help during this crazy school year? By Amy Hitsman The 2020 school year is starting off in a new way-never done before. Parents and schools both are going to face an abundance of struggles along with beautiful successes. One of those struggles could be knowing whether or not your students are keeping up with the standards set by the state. I have been in education for the past 14 years. 12 of them were in a middle school math classroom; the last 2 have been in tutoring. It was quite an eye-opener to see the full-on benefits of tutoring. In all my teaching years, I would recommend students get a tutor, but never really got to see the benefits first-hand. There are a couple of types of tutoring that I have had personal experience with, and I would like to share what I have learned.

One-on-One Tutoring with a Personal Tutor I have been tutoring on and off for the past 12 years. I like one-on-one with students because we can really pay attention to each one's learning style and their concept levels. This is likely the best route for students who know exactly what they need help on or who just need some homework help. The students can bring in their materials from school and the tutor can help them work through it. This is a place where a tutor can recognize individual misconceptions as you work through problems. A one-to-one tutor can easily take the time to help with conceptual understanding in math, dig deeper into a reading section, or work on writing prompts that can’t be done in a large classroom. If students have a hard time asking questions in a classroom setting, a tutoring session can ease that fear as well. A good tutor is essential, so don't be afraid to switch if things aren’t working out. A good tutor is going to watch, listen, and interact as your child works through problems and not just wait until they are done. This is how you catch those little mistakes and learn their learning styles, helping them get on the road to success.

“Start where you are. Use wha

Center Tutoring For the past year, I have been tutoring in a center. This is a great option if your student is struggling, and you are not sure how far behind they are, or you know they are several grades behind. Centers usually have an initial test, something that a personal tutor might not have access to. This test can help locate exactly where your student needs to begin. Their programs then take you through things in a step-by-step process, with your student moving on when ready and repeating lessons if needed. The ratio can be as low as 1:1 or as high as 1:3. You can check with different centers to get that exact number before choosing one. I have seen so many students thrive from this scenario and watched as their confidence is boosted as they enter their classrooms. Tutors in centers also pay attention to how the students work through problems, so they can help them correct mistakes. There is an ample amount of time to ask questions and there is no rush to meet standards at a certain time. The pace is truly up to the student.

Neither one of these tutoring options is better than the other. There are plenty of things to take into consideration, such as your student's current situation, the price, and availability (among other things). If you have any more questions about tutoring, please feel free to reach me at or you can find me on social media @MindsetByAmy. I currently offer one-on-one tutoring on my own, and I tutor at Sylvan Learning Center in Vancouver, WA. I personally love both of these settings and find students benefitting no matter what you choose.

at you have. Do what you can.� Arthur Ashe

Getting To Know Y

Your Gorgeous Gals Diana Kirkpatrick is another lady in the GALS Club that you should know. Besides being super sweet and loyal, she loves to do fun things and is fabulously creative. Diana is a founding member and has always been up for a good time. She has joined us for many ventures including 80’s Night, all of our Troop Meeting, and Girl’s Nights Out. She and her hubby can be seen working together on local plays-her in costumes, him on sets. She owns a magical costume shop in downtown Vancouver, WA called Center Stage Clothiers; here is a bit about her shop and herself. How did you get interested in costuming? The first costume I ever made was a gold, one-shoulder Ginger dress (from Gilligan’s Island) for my sister. A few years later, when my first niece was born, I began making clothes and Halloween costumes for her as a baby and continued making costumes for her and her sister up until they became teenagers! I loved the challenge of trying to create whatever ideas they came up with each year. A couple of my best were a chocolate-covered donut with sprinkles and a Zombie M&M! What is the story behind your store?

Center Stage Clothiers LLC was born out of a serendipitous meeting between me and David Johnson, the husband of the late Kristin Jager Johnson, Costume Designer, whom my store is dedicated to. I refer to this meeting as a “God wink!”

(cont.) The majority of Kristin’s career was spent as the Costume Designer for both Central Catholic and Jesuit High Schools in Portland, OR. In her almost 20 years in this role, she designed and created a huge collection of theatrical costumes, as well as accumulated an abundance of vintage apparel through her savvy thrift store and resale shopping sprees! After years of creating and acquiring such a collection, Kristin moved all her costumes into a local storage facility so she could store, organize, and pull from for the schools’ performances. After 15 years, her inventory grew to fill three separate storage units! Following her untimely death in 2017, after a battle with cancer, her husband, David, was left wondering what to do with three storage units full of her beautiful costumes! He checked with the high schools but was told they had no space for storage. After stopping in to Give and Take Resale store, he was given my business card as a possible contact for figuring out the fate of Kristin’s costume inventory. Upon setting up a meeting at the storage facility and after seeing all the filled -to-capacity clothing racks hanging from floor to ceiling, David and I agreed that Kristin’s beautiful work needed to be back out in the community and not hidden behind a metal roll-up door! After going home and discussing it with my husband, Jim, the idea for opening a costume and vintage apparel rental shop was born… In the days that followed, I purchased all three storage units full of apparel and accessories and registered “Center Stage Clothiers LLC” with the state of Washington. I soon found the perfect space in downtown Vancouver and, with the never-ending help of my husband, created our beautiful shop that opened in January 2018! Who taught you to sew? As a young girl, I used to spend summers in North Carolina with my Grandma Sarah and her neighbor, Gayle, was the one who taught me how to sew. I used to go across the yard to her house and she and I made my first ever garment – a genuine 70's maxi dress covered with flowers. I loved that dress! I could not wait to get home and wear it to school in the Fall!

What is your favorite thing about what you do? The best part of owning a costume shop is helping people create a look for whatever event they have coming up, whether it’s a Murder Mystery Dinner character, a role in a play or movie, a themed fundraiser/party or just helping them put something together for Halloween. The smiles and excited looks on their faces when we come up with the perfect costume is the best part of my day! I also feel like I’m playing adult Barbies when we are changing out the window displays and dressing all the store mannequins! It never feels like work. And, of course, we get to wear costumes at work any time we want to mix it up a little!

I regard the theatre as the greatest of way in which a human being can sha to be a human being. ~Oscar Wilde

Who has influenced you most in your industry? I am mainly influenced by movie and live theater costumers. I love to watch movies and plays specifically for the costumes, especially period pieces. My favorite Broadway play for costumes is “Phantom of the Opera.” The Masquerade scene absolutely takes my breath away! I would love to help make costumes for a huge production like that! I DID get an opportunity to work with Cirque du Soleil’s Portland run of “Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities,” in the costume department right before we opened our store! That was another real dream come true! Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a Vancouver, Washington based costume designer and seamstress who has worked as a wardrobe/costume designer on eight independent feature films produced and filmed in the Portland/Vancouver area. I have also done costume design and sewing for local community theaters including Metropolitan Performing Arts Academy, Christian Youth Theater, Portland Opera, and the Northwest Senior Theater, as well as a costume assistant on Kurios by Cirque du Soleil. I have produced, directed, and costumed several fashion shows in the area, showcasing the extensive vintage collection we have at the store. I have a degree in Apparel Design from the Portland Art Institute and prior to that, had a 28-year career as an Executive Assistant for various firms around Portland, Oregon. Today, I continue to work with local directors on film projects as time allows.

f all art forms, the most immediate are with another the sense of what it is

BOSS G.A Thank you to the BOSS GALS who contributed to our End-of-the-Month Drawing for our MemberSummer Blachly Mary Kay Consultant

Kura Love Pure Romance Party & Event Planner

A.L.S. BOSS GALS Business




A Collection All in all, school at the end of the year last year, was just super chaotic; it was really frustrating, and hard in the beginning, because I am not a teacher and trying to work and do everything life has to offer, it really threw a rock in all of that. I have mixed feelings when it comes to what they’re proposing this coming school year and trying to do it remotely. It’s still going to provide a lot of challenges for mothers across the board; we don’t know how long it’s going to be or what it’s going to look like. I ran into problems with the school work that was sent out previously because, yes, it was online, but it wasn’t really detailed all the time. I have 3 different school levels, so you know, it’s different. It’s not like everyone was sitting down doing the exact same work at the same time. It was across the board, all over the place. Some teachers gave more information, some gave less. It was really bad for my middle schooler because we didn’t get half the work she was needing. We literally were only getting one teacher’s assignments coming through at one point, so that was really frustrating.

“Everyone will be doing t doing the best they can. T they can. Students will be Mrs. H.

“One way or anoth I will be so glad to s your face!”


Special Education Assista

I hope that they took these last couple of months to get the online learning down. When I say down, I mean that we’re able to access it easier or understand for parents who don’t know everything. And definitely having more communication with teachers; I feel like we didn’t have enough of that either. It made it really difficult. I will say that I’m really looking forward to seeing what this fall is going to look like, how long we’re going into doing it online, what resources they’re going to give, as I had to go into the school as well to get homework packets, because online accessing wasn’t working very well. So I’m just hoping that they have a really good plan going forward. Amber Ashley Amor Mom

Students will learn in a new their parents and their teach realize this is not school as u learning.

Parents and students must k for their students. Reach out problems. ~Jim (Dad)

n of Voices ...ON SCHOOL THIS YEAR

he best they can. Parents will be Teachers will be doing the best e doing the best they can.”

her, see

rs. R.


“Read great books! Share what you loved about the! Keep a reading journal!” Faith Homeschooling Mom

way provided they have support of hers working together. We must usual; but that doesn’t keep us from

know the commitment teachers have t when you have questions and

As a mom, I worry that my kiddo will feel sad because he lacks social interaction. He love PE, music, playing basketball at recess, and getting to know his crew better. He is a tight-knit-friend person, but then also likes almost anyone who isn’t obnoxious. He also is missing out on baseball. Z worked really hard to get ready for spring try-outs, made it on a pretty good team without stepping foot on the field previously. On the education front, I don’t worry too much about my own child. I’m tough and have high expectations of him. He especially grew in writing in the Spring with some 1:1 help. He isn’t a super motivated learner, but he understands that education opens up doors for his both now and in the future. For my students… I miss them BIG time! I work with a grant that follows the Class of 2023 and started with them as 7th graders. I worry about a whole lot of them academically, socially, emotionally, and I feel their youth is being stripped away from them. I am also hopeful. Some of them have used this time to learn new things, get fit, read more books, learn to cook and bake, and learn to be alone. I worry about not being able to support each kid in the way that they need. Not all students do well online. Some students avoid school with teachers and support staff to help them. What happens when they do not have quick access. One really cool partner of GEARUP is Student Success Agency. They have filled in and will continue to fill in some of those gaps. I am so thankful for them!

Brandi Elder Mom & Public School Teacher

School supplies every Teacher-MOM needs! By Kathy Tarbell

Now that were adding teacher to your work title (some of you already had it) you should make sure you get you back to school TEACHER only supplies. Here are a few must haves! 1. Colorful pens. The beautiful fine point lovely ones that you always wanted as a little girl. SPLURGE and get them! 2. Personal laminator with pouches- practical and fun! 3. Advil or Tylenol- self explanatory 4. Hair tie, bobby pins, scrunchie- whatever it takes for those no styling time days 5. Airborne/vitamin C- your going to be with germy kids even at home 6. Chocolate (STASH) Who doesn’t need an afternoon pick-me-up on occasion? 7. Airwick/diffuser/smell good air stuff- germy and smelly kids 8. Small Toolkit- very handy: screwdriver with different heads, needle nose pliers, tape measure. You get the idea. 9. Amazon prime- allows you to stream videos and/or music for your student(s) and get all the last minute things that you know you will need… okay, all the things you want! 10.Special water bottle and coffee cup ‘cause you are the BOMB! And, hydration is always key. 11.Stickers cause you’re going to want to chart your being awesome days for the special prize you give yourself! 12.Special prizes- make sure you give yourself breaks, days off, grace and things that promote your self love!

Going Deeper with our Publication Director-Kandie King GALS is a group for growing, learning, and having fun together. We want to uplift, empower, and encourage women from ALL walks-of-life. We will always strive to be a safe place for any woman who wants to be here. As Kandie King took over our publication: For GALS by GALS, we began to have the conversation of how we allow for a space that isn’t always 100% upbeat all the time. How do we let women show their journeys, even when the road is tough?

I have been watching Kandie and her journey over the last year and a half or so, seeing her authentic openness, and sometimes it was very raw, and I remember when we first started talking about whether or not GALS would be a fit for her. She did have worries about not fitting in, or as she says, “being the black sheep,” but I felt like the things that made her feel like a black sheep were the very reasons we needed her here. I feel like we can try to uplift and encourage, but if we do not ever talk about the hard stuff, we can only go so far. To really, truly go where we want or need to go, we must talk about the things that we might not want to talk about. I want to be able to work with women where they are at and for many that is at a place where they have been through some very difficult things. Regardless of whether they are things that were done to them, or bad decisions that had bad consequences, we do not ever want to turn away from the beauty that comes along with processing those hard times.

We have been working on where Kandie felt like she fits in, and she has made it clear that right now she doesn’t really want to be in the forefront, and she has a passion for writing and encouraging other women to process through writing, which led to her being our Publication Director. Kandie is going to be starting a wonderful segment in the publication called Going Deep, where she will be sharing different topics, and will also be encouraging you to work through things, using writing prompts. She did this interview with me to share a bit about her story and to kick-it-off with excellence. Our next publication comes out September 1st, and you will see that she puts a lot of time, energy and creativity into it. I hugely appreciate everything that she does and am so excited to see this department grow as we grow. I know her work in this is going to propel us greatly into where we need to go in the future.

Check out our interview HERE. With love, Myhriah

Going Deep When the waters rush to the shore and the sand tumbles in the current, I wonder if the sand misses being a bolder. “Are you the rock or the river?” is something my mother often said to me. Truth is sometimes I’m the rock and sometimes I am the river. And every so often I find myself being the tumbled sand. Sometimes I’m as still as a lake, and sometimes I am like the rapids on the Snake River. The trick is knowing when to become the rock or the river. ~Kandie I wrote these thoughts months ago before Myhriah asked me to do this piece in the publication. While we were talking about Going Deep this piece of work highlighted in my memory. Then came weeks of deciding if I wanted to share such an intimate piece. A piece of writing that I wrote without the expectation of sharing it with anyone. I urge you to read that first paragraph again and then answer these questions for yourself. 1. Where do I show up in my life as the rock? How am I unwilling to bend or compromise? 2. Where do I feel small in my life? Am I okay with this feeling? 3. Can you always be the river and be happy? I define being the river as always just going with the flow. Start with these questions and see what additional questions come up for you. Write about whatever comes to mind. Don’t fret, there are no right or wrong answers here. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and this exercise isn’t intended to result in self-judgement . The intention behind this exercise is for you to define your truth and see where you might like to change somethings and, most importantly, what you are already rockin’ for yourself! ~Kandie

Own Your Worth By Cosette Leary If you are feeling like it is taking you too long to build your dreams, or that perhaps your life may not be made for your kind of dreams, I want to encourage you to keep pushing. You are so worth IT!!! At the age of 12, I was placed in the foster care system. I lived in orphanages, group homes, and foster homes. By age 14 I was pregnant with my first child. I have 4 children. I was placed on welfare and by age 27, my now 4 children and I survived off a monthly welfare check of $742 per month. I knew that I was brilliant, but the world saw me as a burden and an economically overrun bag lady. I went to my welfare-workers, housing-workersanyone that I could dig up in the public sector; however, they only had survivalbased programs. That wasn't enough for me!! I wanted to THRIVE!!! So, I began to write letters to CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, and I got a hit!! One CEO took me under her wing, instructed me on how to obtain Higher Education. Now I have gone on to serve as a staff member in both a Senatorial and Congressional offices, I am an Alumna of Brookings Institution Think Tank, I hold a degree in Public Administration (Summa Cum Laude), I am a Certified Professional Coach, an Author, and Motivational Transformational Speaker. I will be the first to say that there were some hard days; days that made me scream, cry, yell, and say bad four-letter words. People hurt my feelings, let me down, some even turned their backs on me‌. I worked physically demanding, low-paying jobs at night, and got my branding on during the day. I often doubted myself and wondered when my big break would come.

Contact Coco H

Here’s the thing-deep down inside I knew that I was the only “ME” that I had, and I would BET you know that you are the only “YOU” that you have too. I would be willing to say that you also have had your share of tough daysmaybe you are experiencing some right now. I want to share some fantastic news with you: YOU own your life and your story! YOU belong to YOU and your gifts and talents are so needed in our world! So, my dear friend, whenever you start to feel like you can’t hack it anymore, just remember all the amazing stuff you have already done, and the courage you held while doing it, and GOSH DANG IT!!

Hold your head up high and OWN YOUR WORTH!!!!!!

Here: OR PM Cosette Leary on Facebook

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ckground Picture

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Paragraph: Cambria 16-20 It’s fall, y’all!! Whether you’re rushing out for a pumpkin spiced latte at your favorite coffee shop or whipping it up at home, pumpkin spice is the flavor of the season! Not only are there pumpkin spice lattes, we now have pumpkin spice Cheerios, pumpkin spice Pop Secret popcorn, pumpkin spice Wrigley’s Extra gum, and pumpkin spice Greenies dog treats! I've even heard of pumpkin spice toilet paper. Although, I think that one’s a joke! Don’t forget you can spice up your home decor by adding a quilt or a comfy throw blanket on the couch. Set out a bowl of cinnamon apples or nuts for that warm fall smell, or a cornucopia of little squash and colorful dried corncobs. You can even add some fall flair to your front porch with a few pumpkins and a couple of hay bales.

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Fall also offers the perfect sweater weather. With the crisp, bright, cool days of fall, we dive into our wardrobes for all the cozy flannels, boots, jeans, and jackets Title: Inksweaters, Free; Size 20 Overlapping Picture with some scarves, hats, and mitts to keep warm. Paragraph Cambria: Size 16 Each year I ask my family about their favorite foods for fall and the holidays, and then I make sure we have everyone’s special treat at least once during the fall and winter months. My family’s favorites include zucchini bread, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, hot spiced cider topped with whipped cream, Mom’s famous apple pie, a pot of chili with cornbread, a plethora of cookies, gingerbread with lemon sauce, and homemade chicken pot pie… just to name a few.


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Paragraph: Cambria 16-20 I also ask my family which fall and holiday traditions are their favorites. We ALWAYS go to the pumpkin patch and walk through a corn maze. Our Paragraph Cambria: Size 16 family also goes tree hunting for the perfect tree and then we decorate it together. Each family has its traditions including foods and festive activities that exemplify the season for us. I love to keep our special traditions, but we also expand our activities to include new activities. Who knows, these may become a new favorite to repeat next season. This year, with the challenging season of Covid-19, we are not sure what “phase” we will be in when the holidays arrive. How will our traditions and activities have to flex? After months of practice, I feel most of us have come to grips with how to get around and maintain relationships safely. And, yet questions remain. Will we “trick or treat” or hold annual harvest parties? How many will gather around our table for a Thanksgiving feast this year? I hope whatever you and your family decide to do it is a fun, memorable activity!

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Large Rectangle Transparent Overlay Here are some FUN fall activities for you to try: Feel free to mix up the content in • Have a Harvest Party. A small potluck with family andYou friends. here. may use the fonts: • Attend a local Harvest Festival or Oktoberfest.-Ink Free • Visit a local farm. Buy the freshly har-Cambria vested produce. Don't forget to take a hayride while you are there. • Preserve In produce. Fall is the perfect different sizes. time to pickle cucumbers, roast tomatoes and make spaghetti sauce to can, or freeze berries. • Go to a pumpkin patch. Pick the perfect pumpkin and carve a jack-o’-lantern, or if you prefer to participate in a Punkin Chunkin contest. • Try apple picking. Enjoy the wide variety of tasty apples. Check out your local farmers for their fresh-pressed cider. Bake an apple pie or make applesauce with the apples you find. • Crunch through piles of leaves! Rake the leaves up or jump right in and swim around. Collect pretty leaves to wax or press. • Build a bonfire and roast some s’ mores! It'll be the perfect start to your fall season! • Most local farms offer corn mazes and candy corn. Nothing beats getting lost in a corn maze with a loved one • Trick or treating and haunted houses are two of my kids' favorite October activities.

Stay home and watch football games and the World Series on TV.

Another family favorite of ours is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.

Give thanks at Thanksgiving. Make a thankful tree or a gratitude jar or start a journal to focus on your attitude of gratitude.

Give to others in our community. Rake their leaves, bring them food.

Participate in a local food drive. Walk & Knock is the biggest one-day food drive in Clark County. Think about helping them out in December.

Take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to get good gifts at great prices this year.

Buy a gift for a child through Angel Tree or other organizations.

Dare I mention No Shave-November or Movember. Ha!

Before the rain comes in, don't forget to pack a picnic on a cool crisp day.

Take the family in the car and drive

Questioning Tradition By Myhriah Young Tradition. When I say this word, what do you see? What feelings does it bring up? Good? Bad? For me, there was a time when this word brought up a lot of anxiety. Let me back up a bit and tell you about the journey our family has had when it comes to family traditions. As a teenaged mom, I had a lot of people just telling me what to do. I get it. No one thought I knew what I was doing. From my family to the doctors, to society. So, it should be no surprise that when it came to doing the things my family did, we were told what we were doing when to be there, and just be expected to fall in line, no questions asked. My husband and I were already rebels. We had people telling us we wouldn’t make it in our marriage. There were even polls on how long we would last! Our answer was, “Well, watch us!” Insert sassy snap. We had a few large turning points in our lives and we finally asked ourselves: “Why are we doing this?” One of the most memorable moments of change was with our little kids one Holiday Season. It was Christmas week. We have a lot of extended families that live in our town. Of course, none of them wanted to celebrate together, BUT, everyone wanted to see the grandbabies. For a few years, we would make our rounds to see everyone. This particular year, with two children in tow, Christmas day was EXHAUSTING! We were scheduled to be at several different homes in one day to celebrate.

“Our decisions weren’t always easy… for everyone else.”

Listen, I love my family, but you moms can see the picture emerging here: Hauling around two very little ones, at this time we had a 3-year-old and a baby. Packing everything but the kitchen sink in our tiny car. The sleep schedule is completely disrupted. And of course, it’s the cold season. The kids didn't feel well, but we need to make it to every house. After all, it's family, and were supposed to be with family, right?! After getting everyone ready to go and making sure we packed everything we would need, we finally got settled into the first home. We got there and sit to open presents. We can't fit all the gifts into our tiny car, so we needed to arrange another time to come pick them up later. After presents, we sat down to eat with these family members. Everyone wants you to sit and eat with them Christmas Day. Of course, they're not concerned that I’m trying to eat less. We finally get the kids settled down from the excitement, and then, “Oh, it’s time to go to the next place!!” Insert appropriate expletive here! IT. WAS. MISERABLE. On the drive between family homes, my hubs and I had quite a discussion about all the chaos with our screaming baby in the backseat. Asking each other “Why in the heck are we doing this?” It was a good talk. Productive, amid the screaming babies and tension we had with trying to make everyone happy. We made some very big decisions in our tiny Honda Civic that day. The most important one being that we would reserve Christmas morning to our home for our little family from now on. Since we were the ones with the grandbabies, we would be the ones calling the shots on what we would and wouldn’t do from now on. That was just the beginning of us finding our voices. Finding what worked for our little family. We began questioning why we were doing certain things! We started to question everything and we began to rebel against our family norms in every way. Nothing was safe. Family Reunion? Hmm…do we even know anyone? Halloween? Ok, we will stop in if we can or we'll send some pictures. THE Family Pizza Place? Why is it in a bar when most of us cousins have little kids? How is this A THING? We felt like we had become REAL adults. We gave ourselves the power to decide what we wanted to do. Our decisions weren’t always easy… for everyone else.

THEN we decided to homeschool our children. That was not a popular decision among the rest of the family. That was questioning the entire SYSTEM everyone had conformed to for years. Who were we to say this system didn't work for us? We were FULLY rebelling in ways my family never even thought of! Boy, I got an array of questions from them when we made this decision. What I can tell you is that their questions just made me feel more resolute in our decision. Homeschooling our children had me questioning things even more. Why do we teach this way? Why do we only learn history from ONE perspective? In a completely abstract in a way that makes History so boring. What about learning about the truth of our celebrated Holidays? Who are the people we’re celebrating? Why are we celebrating them? Why aren’t we teaching kids the truths behind these people, you know, the good and the bad? I could seriously go on and on with the plethora of questions that came from learning how to homeschool.

This was the foundation along with many other stories, that set me on my Questioning Tradition Journey. I learned to really look at the different traditions set by our society, our family, our friends, and think through why they are a THING for us. What I found is that historical context is really important. Even if it is just that our family eats at this pizza place because 50 years ago Uncle Joe wanted to go out for pizza and found this place and said it had the most delicious pizza. I mean, really? This is why this is a thing for us? I was shocked that this is why our family always met at this particular pizza place. Was pizza really a thing 50 years ago? Has anyone in the family tried a different pizza place since? Was Uncle Joe right-in-thehead? Does that still hold up these days with all the pizza possibilities surrounding us today? Trust me, I have actually had a VERY SIMILAR question session like this one with our extended family.

With the times we are currently in, I find that this foundation of questioning “why do we do what we do,” is serving me well. I see more people doing this every day. Unfortunately, at this moment it mostly by force. We don’t naturally like change, and yet we’re being force-fed change on a monthly, weekly, even a daily basis right now. I'm seeing people starting to come to a place where there is a bit less panic, but I know it is there, just beneath the surface. Change is scary. Change is hard. As we enter the Holidays this year, I want to invite you to navigate through your family traditions a little differently.

“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.” —Rita Mae Brown

With love, start to seriously look at some of the things that your family does, especially question the “That’s just what we do,” statement, and decide if this is what you and your family will continue doing from here on out. If it still holds up, AWESOME! If it doesn't sit well with you, think about what you would prefer to do. Here are some questions to help you begin the journey. Pick a tradition that drives you nuts, and ask yourself these questions:

“Love loves to love LOVE.” James Joyce 1. Why is this a tradition we have? Who decided this was going to be a tradition? What was the context under which they created it? 2. Does this tradition SERVE our family? Is it still a fit with your family values, dynamics, goals? Eating cake at EVERY SINGLE birthday party might not fit if everyone is trying to eat healthier. Does it include people you want to be around? Are there toxic family members that you dread being around at certain events? Maybe they don’t have to be invited to every family gathering. Maybe you don't have to go. 3. Is this expectation a societal one? Is it a family one? Do we agree with it? 4. Do you LIKE the tradition? 5. Does it make financial sense for your family? Perhaps buying birthday gifts for 50 adult aunts and uncles doesn’t fit into your tough budget right now. Buying gifts for kids only might need to become a new thing in your family. 6. Does it fit with the time we have available?

You will likely get push back from doing this, but I promise, you and your larger family will be ok. You might be pleasantly surprised that you weren’t the only one wondering why your family is still holding a family reunion in a location that doesn’t make sense for where any of the younger participants. Others might be thinking the same thing, but were just too afraid to say anything. I do suggest that you think about what you would want to do instead. This can help ease the panicked family members who think things should “stay how they were back in the GOOD OLE DAYS.” Here are some great questions to help you define what you'd like to do in place of the norm: 1.

What would we like to do instead? Do we even want to do anything in place of this event?


What goals do we have for our family? What do we want our kids to get out of this holiday? Family event? Etc.?


How can we make this fun and convenient for those we care about?


How far are we willing to go to make this happen? Location? Financially? Time-wise?


Who do we want to include?

As we move forward with all the changes happening in our world today, it gives us the chance to take a step back and evaluate the things we do on a level that didn't seem available to us before. Everyone is pausing, asking questions, and seeking new ways of doing things. So take advantage and start making the traditions in your life be something you enjoy and look forward to instead of something you may be dreading.

“Your mission: Be so busy loving

your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.” Karen Salmansohn


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Than PattyLynn!

A collaboration from Myhriah & Kandie

I am so excited to share PattyLynn with you ladies. She is one of our Founding members, all the way back to the very first post I posted about the idea of GALS. It was while I was having my moment of wanting a club for women; something where we could earn "patches" for doing everyday life things, for going on field trips, and throwing fun events. I had to post it to Facebook, or I was going to burst, so I did. PattyLynn was one of the many women who responded, but what was super memorable and fun about it was that she answered that she would LOVE to start a Troop!! How fitting it is then, that she is now our Troop Director. PattyLynn is so much fun; she is a 1st-grade teacher by day with energy, creativity and style, a wonderful wife, and mama of 3 grown-up children. I know you guys will love her just as much as I do as we start to roll things out. In the GALS FB Group, she will be starting the PattyLynn Troop Show-it is going to be fantastic!! In this article, however, I get to share with you what she does for a business, so without further ado, here is PattyLynn's Business Spotlight: How did you get into the skincare business? I have always used good skincare, either from a department store counter or through a beauty consultant. I learned early the importance of cleansing, masking (deep cleaning), moisturizing (day and night), and protecting my skin. When my sister started using EVER we were amazed at the results! We knew we had found a product that had good-for-you ingredients with great results! I have been a consultant with Stella & Dot, and EVER skincare for almost a year and I absolutely love the products, my skin, and the biz! I love to give excellent customer service. We have a beauty consult quiz which pinpoints which of our products are best for your skin. I also love to help customers “work the deals” to get free shipping, receive an item at half-off, and a free gift with purchase! We have a “subscribe to save” where you save 10% now, 10% credit on your next order, and a subscription, so you never run out of your favorite daily-use items.

What makes you feel good about what you do?

Helping women feel confident in their own skin with healthy, beautiful skin. I have confidence that with high-quality skincare products EVER will give great results.

With all the skincare companies out there, what about this brand resonated with you? I was intrigued by “Cleanicle” that’s our word for “clean beauty with clinical results”. EVER products are packed with the right combination of natural, botanical, and synthetic ingredients with clinically proven results! EVER adheres to the EU formulating guidelines and goes above and beyond excluding additional ingredients that may increase skin sensitivity or disrupt the environment. Plus, I loved that I could see the results! We encourage women to take a “before” picture and then another picture in a month to see the effects. Is this something any woman can do? If so, what would the first steps look like? Yes! It’s as simple as sharing what you love with your friends. It can be worked with your schedule and lifestyle. Stella & Dot has great training resources and other consultants are so encouraging and helpful. There is a starter kit, online and in-person training, and even an app to keep you on track. What has been your biggest challenge with this business? How did you (or are you) overcome(ing) those challenges? Always for me balancing my family and my various jobs is my biggest challenge. There are so many great things that fill our days. I am a schoolteacher, GALS Director, youth leader; I have a house, a husband, three kids, and a dog! With adding S&D and EVER I have had to learn to prioritize my time and schedule my week. I think I get more accomplished when I have thought through my days. What is one piece of advice you can give any woman thinking about starting their own business?

I would say to first make sure you love the products. Choose a brand you believe in that has great resources and trainings. I have appreciated and learned so much about Social Retail from S & D.

If you could do one thing differently, is there anything you’d change about how you started? What makes you feel good about what you do?

I think I would not have bought business cards. Ha, I don’t think I’ve ever used them. Helping women feel confident in their own skin with healthy, beautiful skin. AsI have I started, I wouldthat have liked to have hadskincare more time to devote to will S&D.give confidence with high-quality products EVER Honestly, though, looking over the past year, I believe I did what I could great results. at the time. And I am giving myself the grace to do what I can now with the changing phases we are in. The Social Retail model with S&D can be adapted to your lifestyle, interests, and time available it works when I do. How has COVID-19 changed how you do business? I love to gather together with women for facials, letting them see and feel the products. We have not been able to do that for the past 7 months. I am able to mail out samples, and with EVER’s 30 day, moneyback guarantee you are able to take the beauty quiz, order your products and start using them right away. What is the last take away you want women to hear about you, your business, or on starting their own business? Remember to take good care of your skin! Drink water use quality products. I’d love to introduce you to clean beautiful glowing skin! PattyLynn Gossman


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