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THE HEART OF THE COMPANY “A man is not only a product of his family or closest friends; nor of just the man himself, but he is a result of all the circumstances, landscapes and environments in which he lives and socializes in that builds him as an individualâ€?. The origins of GalopĂ­n go back more than 30 years, in a small town in Northern Spain, where our first altruistic and self-managed community play space was built. Over the years we have observed its effects on children, families and the wider community and how it contributes to the wellbeing of the town and city. Galopin found, through its observation of public-space use, that the quality of design directly impacts community well-being and social cohesiveness. With this in mind, the main mission of the company has always been to develop spaces that contribute to healthy lifestyles, create a sense of community and belonging, as well creating a feeling of pride for the residents and visitors to which the space belongs. From its conception, 30 years ago, Galopin has now become the leading Spanish company in design and production of outdoor playground equipment. We are growing rapidly through continued international expansion as a result of having the most original products available in the industry. The success of Galopin is not only down to the strong design and industry experience but also by building a team and partnering with others in the fields of landscape, architecture and education to name a few. We do all of this without losing sight of the most important element: childhood.

Galopín is the intermediary between the philosopher and the craftsman, between the educator and the child, between the landscape architect and the engineer. Bringing these disciplines together is the key to our unique specialist knowledge in creating unique play equipment and spaces. Not only do we design playground equipment, but we also provide conceptual solutions to our network of distributors, consultants and architects for large-scale projects and public bids. We develop projects in which the public space has particular importance; collaborating with architects and town planners who analyse the history, traditions and environment around each specific area. Our designers will work together with the client to create unique concept designs for a tailor-made solution to fit the environment of that project. It is also possible to take the tailor-made design process a step further by developing bespoke solutions to create a more personalised design to fit our customer’s needs. The result is a play space born from the area where it is built: taking advantage of ideas from its culture or environment, whether if they are urban or rural. The objective is always to deliver a total solution; and to achieve this we rely upon: Human competence: Being aware of the complexity of public spaces and the sensitivity required when dealing in the world of children. To manage these perspectives, we rely on a multidisciplinary team of play professionals, architects, landscape architects and town planners. This experience allows us to support the work of the project planner, the consultant and the buyer, from the beginning to the end of the project. Technical competence: A thorough understanding of materials and their properties allows us to develop constructive modular solutions which are tried and tested in a variety of conditions. This allows us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers without compromising our strict observance of the standards.


Our industrial group Cetus is divided into two core business areas covering sectors of high social sensitivity and increasing impact on political decision-making; Gefico & Galopín.


YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 15 years after the production of our first unit, the company has managed to gather the talent, industrial capacity and knowledge to lead the national market and consolidate itself in the international arena.



Undoubtedly, our most precious resource is our human team, a multidisciplinary team of 80 people that brings together 30 different fields of knowledge.


The whole activity of the company is developed in its 15,000 square metres of² premises, divided into 10 main areas shared by both companies of the group.



All these human, production and knowledge factors give rise to a wide offer of more than 1,000 play equipment references.



As a result of all of this Galopín is currently represented in 19 countries across 3 different continents.

OUR PRODUCT LINES Multiplay ranges: an integrated play solution.

From the schoolyard to the town square, from the forest to the public garden: the essential value of GalopĂ­n lies in its ability to satisfy the specific playing needs and requirements for each age and environment, creating play spaces adapted to each specific context.

Our goal is to provide a great variety of equipment to be able to offer integral solutions for play areas to our customers and users. As experts in Developmental and Environmental Psychology, we are aware that each age requires specific play equipment. All our ranges are designed to have interchangeable modules, enabling the creation of play areas where children, teenagers, adults and seniors can share their leisure time.

NICE Nice product line is based on the welcoming forest huts, that we all associate to the primitive refuges in which the rules of construction born of nature itself. We thus seek the final objective of transporting children’s’ imagination to these landscapes. This product line includes multiple combinations of modular sets through which toddlers are able to explore the play structures in a different way. Combinations of one, two and even three towers with or without roof can be found, along with other elements such as springs, little houses, independent slides and swings. The kid can thus opt between several alternative routes, as these structures include different accessories allowing the easy and quick access to the play structure. This line results in an esthetic, easy and economical solution, with which to be able to create quality spaces for children.

SPAIN Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

COMIC Stimulates the imagination. Comic creates a micro universe of fantasy for children, places to hide and relax, using simplified forms of the everyday elements that surround us. The fun style is created by our designer friends of Galopin and the shapes are based on comic drawings that play with perspective and expressions to create the quirky comic style.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES International School of Research and Science, Dubai


Of simple lines and basic colors, Minimalist range is designed for the youngest members of the family. Its play elements with figurative funny forms like jellyfish, fish, castles, etc. allow children to assume roles and create their own adventures. Minimalist stands out for its basic modular sets, easily customizable, and robust materials: HPL, HDPE and galvanized elements, providing this range with a long life and very low maintenance costs.

SPAIN Arteixo, A CoruĂąa

This range is defined by the purity of its lines, as well as its functionality and resistance, making it very suitable for hard architecture and urban spaces. In them, Dinamix integrates itself without any stridency but still claiming its presence and creating challenges for users of all ages who are able to slide, climb, hang, balance, and develop their physical skills in many ways. The glittering stainless steel contrasts with its sober oversized structure, finished with an elegant touch of color. The discreet HPL emphasizes the finishing of the flanges and accessories, specially designed and made in navy blue and/or orange. Its robustness makes it very suitable for areas of possible vandalism or severe use.



This range has been inspired by nature’s great healing properties and providing us a place to reconnect with the natural world. In Galopin we are experts in using wood as a raw material to create a whole raft of play functions. This range is manufactured through traditional carpentry techniques, using natural, laminated and treated wood. We guarantee that all the timber comes from certified forests and the traditional manufacture process minimises CO2 emissions.

SPAIN Archaeological park of Mandeo, A CoruĂąa

FRANCE Parc Lamartine, Villefranche-sur-SaĂ´ne

Demod is synonymous with modularity and versatility. The space created by the basic forms of their wide square towers and triangular platforms are ideal for open urban spaces. It offers both form and function suitable for any modern city environment. It is playful with colour yet elegant in its design, marrying the robust materials with a sleek finish.



FUSION Fusion has been developed in line with the evolution of children’s cognitive psychology; an abstract range in wood, aluminium, plastic and metal with the important functionality to help develop psychomotor skills, mobility, strength and resistance while also having fun. The design is based on simple shapes (triangle, circle and square), so the child is able to understand the construction of the structures. It contains a wide variety of structures and accessories giving the opportunity to discover new ways to play and encouraging interaction among children.

SPAIN Arteixo, A CoruĂąa

ROBINIA Galopín’s most natural product line. Each play element made with this type of wood is unique, as we seek to keep the essence and natural features of the selected timbers. This allows us to add an original and natural touch to play spaces, without forgetting compliance with the play standards and children’s safety.


One of the main objectives of three-dimensional nets is to give an empty space a focal point, whilst enhancing the perception of the surroundings. These three-dimensional structures with a marked sculptural character are focused on using the least amount of material to fill a large space. The scale and height of the structure provides ample room for movement and play and a way to experiment with physical strength and coordination due to the abstract geometric shapes. This is a crucial part of any child’s development of imagination and motor-skills. Redes is an unique line designed, developed and manufactured by Galopín.

RUSSIA Buratino Park, Moscow


SPAIN Archaeological park of Mandeo, A CoruĂąa



The desire to fly has always been associated with the history of dreams and technical progress in Humanity. From Icaru’s failure or Leonardo’s drawings, to the Wright brothers’ early prototypes, flying machines and space rockets were a tool with which humans attempted to conquer a new physical frontier and to turn one their oldest desires into a reality. In an era characterized by new possibilities from virtual reality and video games, the trail from a plane in the sky or the first time travelling by air become evocative and unforgettable experiences for the youngest ones. It is from this analysis that the idea of creating a play area integrated within the shell of an aeroplane has arisen. Playing in an area which replicates the surrounding of a machine that is usually handled by adults creates a sense of amazement for children. In terms of environment, to then place it in the heart of quite a normal space, such a shopping centre pictured, transforms the personality of what is otherwise a stark area.

SPAIN Torrelodones’ Mall, Madrid

SPAIN Oza, A Coruña


Prometeo is one of the biggest Galopín’s flagship products, where architecture and play merge with each other bringing together playable art and communities. This sculptural element is designed to gather all generations together to working as a team, allowing everyone to balance and swing together. The higher the number of users participating, the greater the feeling of height and movement will be experienced. It features three concepts in a single element: technique, art and freedom. It is a sculptural piece with an intricate metal framework that, when playing, creates a liberating feeling. Prometeo is a unique and innovative game that encourages participation and masterfully mixes engineering and design to create a playful art form.

SPAIN Nazarí garden of Jaén


TRADITIONS The shapes of the traditional boats are disappearing at an accelerated pace as a consequence of the rennovation of the artisanal fleet. It is a laudable goal to reuse these inventions that, beyond industrial or marine archaeology, gain value once again, with a new use as a fundamental piece of play equipment. An old fishing boat turned into a playground is not only a rescued treasured for children, but a recognition of history, of the old crafts and of the industrial archaeology, a way to describe how it once was. Aside from enjoying a seaside setting children can throw themselves into the role of the seafarer and appreciate the various functions such as; the shapes of the underwater hull, the sheerline and shape of the bow or stern or the reason for the development of the gunwale to highlight the logic behind the design and how this may have helped in traditional chores.

SPAIN Bergondo, A CoruĂąa



SPAIN Ecovidrio Park, San Sebastiรกn de los Reyes, Madrid A good example of a public space as a tool to raise social awareness is the collaboration of Galopin with Ecovidrio, a non-profit association in charge of the recycling management of glass packaging waste across Spain. The result of this cooperation is a completely customized playground around the character of Mr. Iglu, created to engage even the youngest member of the family. The main objective of this project has been confronting a real problem created by our society. The play space brings to life a set of values on how we can be more consciously aware of our impact on the planet and behave more responsibly with greater respect for the environment. This project plays therefore an important role in increasing awareness around recycling and minimising glass waste and packaging, not only for families, but also businesses and local government.



WITHOUT LIMITS Placed on Ventimiglia’s bay in the north of Italy, this project has a strong maritime theme. It consists of 5 main areas, that welcome over a hundred children of all ages. This project has been designed with more challenging playing functions for older children, as well as spaces focused on toddlers. Inclusion is integral to the design with inclusive structures. All users have the chance to meet in the center of the playground, in which a wooden storyteller will allow children, parents and grandparents to enjoy enriching moments together, sharing stories and experiences.

ITALY Bay of Ventimiglia



This project is a great example of how local surroundings can influence a play space design. The challenge was to reproduce the Bay of Sitra, a beautiful corner of Bahrain with an incredible maritime and fishing heritage; a place where the land is conquered by the sea and the flamingos give a pink touch to the local green vegetation. The final design was achieved by customising some of the core product ranges and mixing up the colours and materials to blend seamlessly with the environment.


ITALY Bay of Ventimiglia


PASSION FOR THE SEA Navicularia is another of Galopín’s flagship designs, designed and developed by Galopin, which encompasses our unique approach to modular design and the passion for everything related to the nautical theme. The concept development for Navicularia evolved from moving away from flat one-dimensional right angled design, common in this type of playground structure, and to get back to authentic naval construction with rounded shapes and curves, creating a design that is spatially complex, rich in detail and incredibly evocative. The world of navigation has always been surrounded by mystery and adventure; travelling into the unknown and the horizon and the overwhelming feeling of the contrast in proportions of the ocean and human life. All of these have turned sailors and their ships into the subjects of countless stories and legends and was a huge factor of the design process. Our design has been selected as the winner of the top award in the business category of the 2nd Afamour Design Awards. 2012. This recognition has been awarded by the Spanish Association of Urban Furniture and Playground Equipment, due to “the creation of a new way of playing, as well as its modularity”, as stated by the judging panel.

RUSSIA Gagarín Heights


PLAY WITH THE FUTURE VOSTOK’S LAUNCH Every story has its beginning. And why shouldn’t we turn it into a playground? In this space, imagination takes the user into a challenging cosmic adventure, bringing to life one of the most significant moments of Russian scientific history, by reproducing of all elements and spaces with a key function in this adventure. A range of elements were designed; a rocket themed-game that emulates the original one that led to the first manned spaceflights, to the MIR space station, a labyrinth structure in orbit around the earth. Through the station windows, cosmonauts’ floating figures can be seen, during one of their space walks. The station inspires a mechanical ingenuity developed to conquer the space manned by scientific trainees and future astronauts. And how to forget the most delicate moment of the entire mission; the flight home. This area is a space full of dynamism, skills and tension. As a “re-entry module”, Vostok spacecraft consists of two modules to which users can access the propulsion engine at the rear. The rope structure adds the final touch to the outer-space theme with the geometrical outlines and gigantic proportions, emulating the complex atmospheric fabric the spacecraft may cross before landing on Earth, providing his way the backdrop to this unique historical space adventure.

LABORATORY OF IDEAS The As Salgueiras Foundation is a Spanish centre for medically-assisted therapies for children with disabilities and their families. This Foundation, sponsored by Galopín, works with animals as part of the therapy. It is our real design laboratory, the inspiration that defines us. Contact with nature is essential for peoples’ health and their physical and psychological well-being. They need to have experiences which connect them to life’s origins, reinforcing the bond with the natural world.

As Salgueiras Foundation is named after the small valley This, together with Galopin’s knowledge of biodiversity where it is located. In this place, seven springs feed the and landscaping, allows us to partner local universities source of the river Anllóns creating a lush environment and social institutions and play a key part in the which favours the growth of salgueiras (willows). motivation and inspiration of designing new play When children and families arrive at the Foundation to elements. undergo animal assisted therapies, the path surrounded by chestnuts becomes the anteroom predisposing them to bond with nature, strike up conversations and enjoy nice walks under the freshness of verdant trees forming green tunnels. The presence of birds, amphibians and squirrels help to create this friendly environment. As Salgueiras is an accomplished dream that began at Galopín’s facilities. Years ago, when we were looking for the industrial plot of land for our playground equipment business, we had the intuition that the plot we found had a lot of possibilities, even though the ground was in a very bad condition due to inactivity and disregard.

We cleaned up all the waste, planted native fruit trees and riverside trees. Herons, ducks and all types of fauna soon appeared, helping with the establishment of vegetation. This work inspired the lovely river pathway which allows all the inhabitants to enjoy this evocative and beautiful space with us. In the centre of the factory we built a garden with ponds and fresh shaded spots allowing us to meet surrounded by bird songs and the sound of the water.

This space helps to lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. From our offices, we can observe the cycles of nature and realise that we share this space with animals. Now people say we are an example to other companies, recognitions and awards improve our self-esteem, but the best reward is that we have noticed the effect that this landscape and environment has on our health: from the beginning, the vocation of our company.� Manu Iglesias President of Cetus Group President of As Salgueiras Foundation

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