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Fashion, a  general  term  for  a  currently  popular  style  or  prac$ce,  especially  in   Mul$faceted   clothing,  foot  wear,  or  accessories.  Fashion  references  to  anything  that  is  the   current  trend  in  look  and  dress  up  of  a  person.  The  fashion  industry  is  a   Fashion product  of  the  modern  age.  Prior  to  the  mid-­‐19th  century,  most  clothing  was   custom  made.  It  was  handmade  for  individuals,  either  as  home  produc$on  or on  order  from  dressmakers  and  tailors.   However,  now  fashion  has  many  forms,  its  “mul$-­‐faceted”,  style  is  in  fashion,   grace  is  in  fashion,  dance  is  in  fashion,  looks  are  in  fashion,  your  aEtude  is your  fashion.  The  term  fashion  has  become  mul$-­‐faceted.   Gallure  solutes  all  fashion  lovers,  be  it  in  form  of  dressing,  dance,  style  or fame.  Get  your  fashion  hormones  rising;  get  your  spirits  high  with  Fashion, with  Gallure.  Dance  on  your  songs,  and  be  in  fashion,  be  stylish  in  your  own   ways  and  be  in  fashion,  read  own  work  and  call  it  your  fashion.   The  many  faces  of  fashion  -­‐  come  join  Gallure,  the  fashion  and  style  school  in   the  island  ,era  of  Fashion,  Life  and  Style. Gallure -



SOURCE : WIKIPEDIA :A flash mob (or flashmob OR Dancing mob )[1] is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, artistic expression.[2][3][4] Flash mobs are organized viatelecommunications, social media, or viral emails.

Gallure is putting all its efforts to make the biggest dancing mob of Bahrain. The Bahrain summerthe “Weʼve been planning event for a while. I had festival made the event page on Facebook around three weeks ago and itʼs a coincidence that the many


THE BIG DANCING PARTY.... flash mob video surfaced on YouTube recently,” Team Gallure. which can be reached by clicking on the below link.

108 , Al Taweela Building (Xerox) , Juffair. As you know we PAY well too $ over this you will get a certificate of participation from Gallure.:) events/251617734897503/ A great dance opportunity awaits all YOU fantastic dancers out there.

Do not forget to check our latest videos on youtube channel .

As we are looking forward to create the biggest mob of dancers in Bahrain. The main idea is to create a dancing mob .A fun filled activity for all. Its your chance to be a part of the BIGGEST AND THE FIRST dancing mob group in Bahrain.

We have two inspiring interviews for you this time - Mr. Hamad Al Fatdan - Mr. Patric Rozario.

If you think you've got what it takes then come with your friends, partner, group ...and audition at Gallure studio in Juffair. or post a LINK of your dance on this Event Wall and we will call YOU.

Some more news: Mul$faceted Fashion  


Our recent  projects          


Corporate Social  Res.  


Gallure T-­‐  Shirts                                            4   Photography  ad  


Other Projects : In the month of July 1 . Zain Wain Look walkers Gallure did a latest promotion for zain balackberry. This promotion was very interesting unlike other promotion because this time the promoter where wearing look walkers which had the promotional package details displayed on it .the 5 promoters would walk the streets where the young crowd would gather and these look walkers would attract the customers as it was a walking board of advertisement and they would come to the promoters with questions regarding the promotion.This promotion mostly was designed for the youth as it involved a free 9780 handset for just 8 bd per month with any of the existing postpaid lines. These look walkers were a new way to get the attention of the public on the streets and also a new way to pass the message and make the customer more aware of the current promotion. This was mainly carried out only during the weekends as most of the youth would be out. Email Us for full Case study

Winner of the treasure hunt

2. BNP CSR Activity Durning this month Gallure was the part of CSR activities initiative .As a part of this activity. Gallure did the activity coverage at rehabilitation center in isa town Email us for Full Case study 3. LPOD Pirates

British school/ treasure hunt British school held a carnival for their parents and students in November. This carnival was a fun thing that involved lots of games and stalls to buy variety of items etc. zain was one of the official sponsors of this event. Gallure supported zain in executing this event by conducting a fun treasure hunt that involved students along with their parents. The promoters provided by gallure where asked to stand in each of their stall and as an when the students reach the stall they had to ask a question and once the student answers it with the help of the parent then he gets a zain badge and he passes on to the next point in the treasure hunt.

Once the student has finished all the 5 points and has collected all the 5 badges he receives a raffle ticket and 6 of the participants won a blackberry from zain. This was very exciting game as the parents students and promter all enjoyed the game . over all this was a very successful even as the gallure team had put a lot of time into designing the game. s”, Theatre humorous take on Alice in Wonderland, socially-conscious rhymes of “Chen Lo and The Lo Frequency”, and local group Mohammed bin Faris Band’s collaboration with Kuwaiti Folklorist Band in “Fan Al Sut”. Long-time kids favourite and festival stalwart Barney the Dinosaur also returned this year to take kids on a magical adventure

A team of brand Ambassadors from Gallure was hired to handle the direct interaction with customer for LPOD entertainment event .

Some more news: Mul$faceted Fashion  


Dancing Mob        


Corporate Social  Res.  


Gallure T-­‐  Shirts                                            4   Photography  ad  


A Wardrobe Essential

As another  month  approaches  so  is  Gallure’s   involvement  with  its  customers  ,  friends  and   families.    It  has  evolved  extensively  and  so  has   it  products  ,  one  being  such  as  the  Personalised   T-­‐Shirts  from  us  .   For  those  who  have  previously  done  photo   shoots  with  us  and  would  like  to  have  your  very   own  t-­‐shirt  simply  select  whichever  picture  you   would  prefer    and  send  it  across  to  us  .  The  cost   of  each  t-­‐shirt  is  priced  at  BD  25  .  The  delivery   will  be  within  24  hours  .  

More Information If you need to know more about any of our market activity or event managed by us , just drop us a email on :- Tel - 39070097 .......33070097 .......36070097 .......77013097

Gallure communica$on  today  is  providing   stable  plaYorm  for  companies  to  involve   themselves  with  “Best  Prac$ce  in  Corporate   Social  Responsibility”  to  its  store.   Introduc)on  Well-­‐implemented  CSR  can   facilitate  highly  beneficial  outcomes  for   companies,  but  is  difficult  to  get  right.   Effec$ve  message  framing  is  as  important   as  the  ac$ons  embodying  the  CSR  ethos,   especially  when  deep-­‐rooted  skep$cism   equates  to  less  than  20%  of  consumers   expressing  high  trust  in  business  to  do  what   is  right  across  a  range  of  CSR  issues.  Overall,   CSR  sincerity  is  in  ques$on  Features  and   benefits   !  Understand  the  key  issues  impac$ng   Corporate  Social  Responsibility  Best   Prac)ce  strategy  and  maximize  chances  of   developing  a  successful  commercial   response  with  ac$onable  recommenda$ons  

help meet  heightened  stakeholder   expecta$ons,    Good  CSR  can  enhance   consumer  percep$on  of  companies  with   55%  perceiving  that  fairly  traded  or  socially   responsible  agributes  would  lead  to  a  more   favorable  product  outlook.  This  "halo   effect"  is  also  connected  to  health;  75%  of   consumers  feel  that  living  an  ethical   lifestyle  is  important  in  crea$ng  a  feeling  of   wellbeing  Consumers  are  highly  skep$cal  of   CSR  ac$vity.  Over  half  (54%)  feel  that   businesses  only  introduce  environmental   programs  to  improve  their  corporate  image.   To  counter  widespread  mistrust,  marketers   should  empower  consumers  in  CSR   ini$a$ves  and  align  all  CSR  ac$vity  with  core   brand  values  to  minimize  the  percep$on  of   mo$ve  insincerity.  momentous  series  of   shows  ajer  receiving  interna$onal  acclaim   and  success  at  their  previous  performance.

! Access  insighYul  proprietary  consumer   opinion  data  highligh$ng  the  outlook   towards  various  CSR  issues.  Determine  how   it  differs  across  20  countries  

Email Us for full CSR project related information :-

! Access  our  "new  look"  Consumer  Insight   content  for  concise,  evidence-­‐led  analysis  to   develop  stronger  brands  and  enhance   compe$$ve  posi$oning   Highlights  Expecta$ons  of  business's  role  in   society  have  risen;  73%  of  consumers   expect  corpora$ons  to  take  ac$ons  to   preserve  and  sustain  the  environment.  To  

Gallure Newsletter - Multifaceted Fashion  

Fourth News letter for Gallure

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