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Gallure -Accompanying the Fashion Hermit GALLURE 31 Dec 2011

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Asry 35 Anniversary

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Fashion Hermit

Imagine you  can  see  auras.  People,  plants,  animals  and  inanimate  objects   appear  to  radiate  a  resplendent  light.  As  you  examine  the  colors  and  shapes   of  this  light  you  begin  to  hear  a  voice  inside  you  that  guides  you  to  understand   the  meaning  of  the  colors  and  how  they  relate  to  the  subject  around  which   the  aura  emanates.  Prac@ce  this  imagina@ve  process  and  begin  to  test  the   results  of  your  percep@ons.  At  first  you  may  not  seem  to  be  geBng  accurate   informa@on,  but  with  dedicated  prac@ce  your  imagina@on  may  result  in  the   actual  ability  to  see  auras  and  divine  real  meaning  through  your  new   percep@ons. At  Gallure,  we  imbibe  aura’s  of  Fashion  and  Style.  We  believe  some  carry  with   them  the  aura  of  Fashion  and  Style,  which  makes  their  presence  felt.    Gallure   with  its  series  of  op@mis@c  events  and  shows  throughout  this  region  has   brought  fold  an  aura  of  Style.



Bahrain Flash MOB

Gallure celebrates  the   posi@ve  vibes  which   people  of  today’s   Fashion  emit.  Flash  mob   in  city  center  in  Dec   2011,    was  one  such   example  which  lead  the   crowds  dumbstruck.  The   stunning  dance   performance  showcased   by  group  of  youngsters   and  kids  made  the   masses  overwhelmed   with  joy. This  performance  is  for  H.H   Sheik  Nasser  for  the  na@onal   The Bahrain summer Day   celebra@on.   The  total   number   of  performers  for  this   festival show  will  be  40  people  (  15   kids  and  25  professional   dancers  ).  The  prac@ce  for  this   event  is  being  held  in  a  


Step up to dance with us warehouse where  all  the   performers  meet  daily,  they   are  being  taken  to  the   warehouse  with  the  busses   provided.  The  dura@on  for  the   prac@ce  for  this  event  is  2   weeks.    We  already  have  60   plus  dancers  with  us  of  all  age   group  ,  gender  and  na@onality   (  15  young  girls  [kids},  10   people  for  30  plus  ,  25  boys [  teenagers],  10  girls  {  18  to  25   age]  ).

Gallure is putting all its efforts to make another biggest dancing mob of Bahrain in February. “Weʼve been planning the event for a while. our last flash mob event was a major success which can be reached by clicking on the below link. watch?v=l_cykgPsDmk

the video is a great success with the online event seekers reaching up to 250 + per day hits until the first week. As we are looking forward to create the biggest mob of dancers in Bahrain. The main idea is to create a dancing mob .A fun filled activity for all. Its your chance to be a part of the BIGGEST AND THE FIRST dancing mob group in Bahrain. If you think you've got what it takes then come with your friends, partner, group ...and audition at Gallure studio in Juffair. or post a LINK of your dance on this Event Wall and we will call YOU. 108 , Al Taweela Building (Xerox) , Juffair. As you know we PAY well too $ over this you will get a certificate of participation from Gallure.:)

The Jackson New Year



JACKSON Gallure  proudly  sponsored  the  New   Year  eve  party  by  DJ  Jackson.  DJ   Jackson  is  one  of  the  most  known  and   popular  name  in  the  Music  arena  of   Bahrain  and  we  together  hosted  the   new  year  eve  party  on  December   -­‐31-­‐2011  at  Marina  Beach  Club  in   Bahrain.   It  was  a  pleasure  to  see  the  crowd   enjoying  and  welcoming  the  New  Year   on  the  beats  of  DJ  Jackson.  The  party  

was highly  praised  and  appreciated  by   the  jammed  pack  crowd.  It  was  not   only  the  music  which  people  enjoyed   but  also  the  beau@ful  and  spectacular   ambiance  created  by  the  beau@ful  and   amazing  and   Some more news: ligh@ng  which   pulled  everybody   Fashion  Hermit   1 present  to  the   Bahrain  Flash  Mob         2 dance  Floor  .   Gallure  is  looking   BCC  Winter  wonderland                4   forward  to  be  a   6           part  of  such  events   Other  projects     in  future  to  keep   on  entertaining  people.

City center Winter wonderland managers and  representa@ve  to  the   event  who  assist  the  customers  in   geBng  aware  of  the  new  QR  code   technology  and  taking  them  to  a   virtual  tour  of  the  en@re  ac@vity  .   Majority  of  the  shoppers  were  helped   by  Gallure  pictures  at  the  winter   wonderland.  This  event  is  managed   and  executed  by  Gallure.  It  was  a   great  success  as  we  got  to  see  the   smiles  on  children’s  faces  and   touching  the  hearts  of  parents  with   our  month-­‐long  fes@val  this  winter.”   Ensuring  customers  do  not  miss  out   this  winter  season,  mall  has   introduced  its  new  innova@ve  mobile   applica@on  where  shoppers  can  scan   QR  codes  into  their  mobile  phones   and  download  its  ongoing   representa@ve  for  talking  the   fes@vi@es.  we  welcome  you  and  your   family  to  come  and  enjoy  a  wintery   adventure  at  our  Winter  Wonderland   where  you  can  experience  snow  for   the  first  @me  in  Bahrain.Make  sure  to   also  look  out  for  special  codes   posi@oned  throughout  the  Winter   Wonderland.  Scan  these  with  your   mobile  by  following  4  easy  steps  and   watch  Whitey  the  Polar  Bear  come  to   life,  Pengy  the  Penguin  do  a  jig,   naughty  reindeer  get  up  to  no  good! Winter  Wonderland  in  city   center  was  another  such   example  to  bring  to  surface  the   posi@ve  aura  which  the  crowds  

Bahrain City  Centre  has  

with igloos,  snowmen,  polar   bears  and  penguins  going  on   display  for  the  mall’s  winter-­‐ themed  campaign  .Families   have  the  opportunity  to  take   pictures  in  a  unique  ‘Winter   Wonderland’  seBng  .

provided the  perfect  seBng  for   an  authen@c  winter  experience,  

Gallure has  provided   assistance  by  supplying  event  


Make sure  to  bring  your  cameras   along  with  you  to  capture  real  winter   memories  every  day  un@l  15th   January  2012.

Some more news: Other Projects  


Other Projects : In the month of December - ASRY 35 Anniversary Asry Celebrated its 35th anniversary and the production of the entire event was done by pico. Gallure was hired to take the coverage of the event in terms of photography

1 January 2012 Starting the year with Smiles Gallure has started the new year by a small charity activity were the staff went around Bahrain with happiness boxes distributing it to workers who were working on the 1st of Jan .

Workers such as the security guards, restaurant workers etc were given gifts . This was an amazing way to start the New Year as Gallure is all about spreading smiles and that’s what this small activity resulted in. It brought a lot of joy to these workers as they were greeted on the special day with these gifts.

- BNP Marathon Durning this month Gallure was the part of BNP Marathon activities .As a part of this activity. Gallure did the activity coverage at the entire running team at Bahrain international circuit Email us for knowing full execution plan

NEW JOINEE Mr  Arsalan  has  joined  Gallure   in  the  month  of  December   2011  as  the  marke@ng  and   opera@ons  coordinator.    He   carries      15  year    of   experience  in  opera@ons  and   marke@ng  of  various  brands   and  product  which  ensures   that  he  will  further     strengthen  companies     opera@ons.  We  welcome  him   to  the  team.    

More Information If you need to know more about any of our market activity or event managed by us , just drop us a email on :- Tel - 39070097 .......33070097 .......36070097 .......77013097 Event Management Life Style Private Parties Management Photography Market Activation Exhibitions and seminars

Fashion Hermit  
Fashion Hermit  

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