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POLICE ACTIVITY | FROM PAGE 5 According to the report, the fire was deliberately set with the perpetrator using a pile of trash as fuel. Detectives took over the scene and the dollar amount of the estimated damage to the structure wasn’t listed in the report.

STRANGE PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT Gallup, May 17 A woman attempting to sell a “set of pearls” online found what seemed like the perfect buyer who was willing to make a payment before receiving the merchandise. But when Elizabeth Begay of Gallup received the buyer’s check, things didn’t seem to add up, and that’s when she contacted the Gallup Police

CLASSIFIEDS | FROM PAGE 13 Multi-Year Agreement RFP-377-19BP Commodity Code(s): 91838 As more particularly set out in the RFP documents, copies of which may be obtained from the Gallup-McKinley County Schools, Procurement Office, 640 South Boardman, Gallup, New Mexico 87301, or may be downloaded from the Gallup-McKinley County Schools Website at www.gmcs.k12. Sealed proposals for such will be received at the Procurement Office until 2:00 P.M. (LOCAL TIME) on June 18, 2019, when they will be opened and those firms submitting a proposal’s name will be read aloud. Envelopes and/or Packages are to be sealed and plainly Marked RFP Number RFP-377-19BP.

Depa r tment. Patrol ma n Brandon Salazar took the report. The buyer “Fred” claimed to be from New York, but the check for more than $2,000 came from Kansas, yet was signed by a doctor living in California. Begay said there was $50 to cover the delivery of the item, but there wasn’t going to be an actual delivery. The buyer said he would send someone to her home to collect the pearls. Salazar took the check and envelope into evidence, and there were no suspects at the time the report was filed.

ATM FRAUD Gallup, May 17 Gallup Police were dispatched to 101 W. Hill Ave. to take a report in response to fraudulent use of an ATM card. According to the police NO FAXED PROPOSALS or proposals submitted after the specified date and time will be considered and will be returned unopened. The Gallup-McKinley County School Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive any formalities or minor inconsistencies, and/or cancel this solicitation in its entirety. Dated the 29th day of May 2019 By: /S/ Charles Long, President Board of Education Gallup-McKinley County School District No. 1 RFP ISSUE DATE: May 29, 2019 PUBLICATION DATE: May 31, 2019 (Gallup Sun) June 2, 2019 (Albuquerque Journal)


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Friday May 31, 2019 • Gallup Sun

report, Daniel Kruis, 66, of Gallup told Officer Justin Foster that three ATM transactions totaling $460 occurred a f ter h is ATM ca rd went missing. Foster requested v ideo from the ATM machine at US Bank, but was told by a banker that the bank’s investigations department would need to clear the release of the video. At the time the report was filed, police didn’t have any suspects.

MYSTERIOUS ASSAULT Gallup, May 15 A Bloomfield man sustained head injuries under mysterious circumstances in Gallup May 15. When police arrived at the scene, 4501 E. Highway 66, at 12:47 am, they found Bingo Smith, Jr., 32, under a tree and bleeding

JOHN PINTO | FROM PAGE 6 University, the largest tribal college in the U. S. G o v. M i c h e l l e L u j a n Grisham extended her condolences to the family and public he served. “John Pinto’s towering legacy stretches far beyond the borders of New Mexico, and his loss

CHEE DODGE | FROM PAGE 8 “But I began to love the place.” As part of her conferences with students and their families, Redulla-Managaytay said that she sometimes travels to remote areas on the outer edges of Gallup, and the parents of her students greet her kindly. “This will always be my second home,” she said. All of the conferences with parents are to help her with her main focus: pushing her students to do well. This includes encouraging them to prepare for state tests in hopes of becoming proficient in areas such as mathematics and English and language arts. “I want my kids to have good scores, so I was pushing them to pass their tests,” RedullaManagaytay said. “While their success varies and is subjective, I really push them with everything.” In this way, many people see Redulla-Managaytay as motherly, she said. But she embraces

from the head. He didn’t speak with Gallup Patrolman Adrian Quetawki, a nd the police report doesn’t specify whether Smith was unconscious at the time. But, the report does state that Smith may have been struck by a vehicle. The case was turned over to Gallup Police detectives.

Gallup, May 15 A Gallup man who was expecting the arrival of new checks was noti f ied by his bank, Washington Federal, that several checks were written and cashed between May 9, May 14 and

May 19, for $200, $500, and $400, respectively. One check wa s signed and cashed by Ashlee Ortiz and two by Moses Alonzo for a combined total of $1,100. According to the police report, the victim, Ernesto Fuentes, stated that he was familiar with the name “Moses Alonzo,” as a man by that name used to live behind him, but had reportedly moved out of the area. F uent e s s a id he’s not sure how the new checks were intercepted in the mail, but on May 20, police were dispatched to Washington Federal about Ortiz attempting to cash a check for $200. She claimed that Fuentes purchased a washer and dryer from her, but Fuentes denied that the tra nsaction took place. Ortiz was charged with receiving stolen property and forgery.

will be felt across not only this nation, but the world. A Marine and Navajo Code Talker, he played a crucial role in winning the Second World War, preserving freedoms for Americans and many more people worldwide. The debt we owe for that service, and the service of all Code Talkers, can never be repaid,” she said. “A senator for more than 40 years, he represented

his constituents with grace, wisdom, and tenacity. Through the relationships he built and respect he earned, he was able to secure innumerable crucial investments for New Mexico communities, in particular Native communities. His record of service is unblemished, and his unwavering commitment to his people will forever serve as a shining example.”

that idea and trains her students to be responsible and to act respectfully. “Some parents expressed to me that their kids are not respecting them at home,” she said. “I talked to the kids about it. I told them parents are parents, and they’re owed respect.” After speaking with some of these students, RedullaManagaytay said their parents later thanked her after they saw improvement in their children’s attitudes. This past week marked the final days of RedullaManagaytay at Chee Dodge Elementary. She said that she will be moving to New York City next week, so her children can attend to their studies, and then she will be touring Europe, before returning to the Philippines this year. But this is not goodbye, she added. She expects to return to the area in several years. Having lived near Gallup for over a decade, she said that she’s had experiences where former students who are now doctors,

engineers, and serving in the military have come up to her and thanked her for what she did for them. She said she hopes to have that same experience when she returns. “I always tell the kids to learn more, and I’ll see them in high school or college,” she said. “I want them to have a college degree.” Redulla-Managaytay wished to thank her students, the parents of Chee Dodge Elementary, and the administration, principal, and Gallup McKinley County Schools for their support. More than anything, she hopes that parents and students will see the value of motivating their students to achieve higher success. “I believe your potential will be discovered if you push yourself,” she said. Interested in nominating your favorite teacher for Teacher of the Month? Conta ct Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe at (505) 7225017 or stop by 306 S. Second St. in Gallup.



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Gallup Sun • May 31, 2019  

Check out this week's issue, featuring a commemorative vibe, from honoring the late Sen. John Pinto to the dedication of the state's vetera...

Gallup Sun • May 31, 2019  

Check out this week's issue, featuring a commemorative vibe, from honoring the late Sen. John Pinto to the dedication of the state's vetera...

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