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Volume 2004 Issue 1

March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association


A History of African-Americans in the Military:

Since the American Revolution, African-Americans have served in every major war in which the U.S. has fought. Generations of black men and women in the military have shown outstanding bravery and a commitment to protect their country and countrymen. So when you hear of soldiers who have lost their lives on the evening news, remember they have secraficed themselves for us all. In all of our reflections this year, don’t forget the struggles that have been made and how these efforts continue to enriched our every day lives. (Stay safe.)

Marynook’s Word For The Year 2004 Is:

Rebirth Rebirth Like minds think great thoughts together. Brought to you by: Neighbors working together.

A Page From Marynook History


March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association







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VOTE March 16 / Ballot Highlights Area Crime Covenant Violations



Free Tax Preparation / EITC Our Changing Community



Investing Advice Social Security or Shell Game

ST R E T C H A D O L L A R l


Vacation Advice Region 3 Report Lawn Signs Against Covenants



Breakfast with Santa New Neighbors Homes for Sale Our Prayers Go Out To



A Word From The President Last Meeting Year 2004’s Assessments Events In Planning Stage

New Directors 2, 4, 10 Next Meetings References w/Contact Info


Reputable Workmen who have provide goods or services to your neighbors. Help grow the list.

March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association


A Word From The President

The Rebirth Project seeks to reach right into your homes and shake you. This year’s primary objectives are to update the Marynook Homeowner’s Association (MHA) Covenants, to fill and clearly define all MHA council duties, and to begin the replacement of the Marynook Marquee on 87th and Dorchester. As you are aware, the Marynook homes were built under Restrictive Covenants. The Covenants are legal binding and restricts the use of the land in order to preserve the overall integrity and continuity of the community. The current covenants have reached the point of revision or renewal. There have been many changes in the twenty-five years since our current covenants were adopted. In order to stay current with new city/county ordinances and to accommodate for new building materials/methods, the covenants require modification. This is our year to make those modifications. A sub-committee of willing Marynook residents will be organized for this purpose. These benevolent individuals will be required to meet twice a month until the rough draft is done.

Events In Planning ∞ COVENANTS

Marynook is recognized as one of the oldest communities represented by a Homeowners Association in America. Our covenants are intended to protect you and limit conflicts by clearly defining what is and isn’t acceptable. They protect the value of your property and its appearance by restricting changes that would adversely affect the overall feel of the community.


The Marynook marquee at 87th and Dorchester was damaged and removed a number of years ago, with the promise that it would be replaced. This year that promise will be fulfilled. Look for the new marquee in September of this year.


Volunteers have signed up and more are needed throughout Marynook for pole painting. Marynook has exactly 91 green street light poles inside our community. Out of the 91, there are 3 new silver all aluminum poles. The rest are estimated to be at least 30 years old. We are looking for more volunteers from all over Marynook. If you are tired of looking at those old Last Meeting peeling green poles, then call (773) 734-5356 and sign up The Emergency Community Crime Meeting, on today. (8th-Ward approval has been granted) December 4, 2003, detailed an incident where a ∞ NEW HOMES for OLD STUFF young man in our community was forced into his If you wish to help organize or participate in a home and shot. Over 65 Marynook residents atMarynook-wide yard sale, call today and sign up. We tended. Many contributed to the open discussion will need: Tables, Chairs, Signs, and “STUFF”. The about topics concerning our personal safety. Reproceeds will be donated to a local charity or desigmember, criminals are always looking for an easy tarnated towards Marynook’s year-end celebration. get and they are always in training for their next job. If Lynette Adams Social Committee - (773) 734-0659 we are alert and hold true to our vigilance by calling the police on any unusual activities, we may actually ∞ YEAR-END PARTY Out with the new and in with the old traditions. It be preventing future acts of aggression aimed at our has been over 10 years since MHA’s last black-tie homes or families. Mr. Nicholas Galloway year-end celebration. There is no better way to close a year than with a celebration surrounded by friends and neighbors. Volunteers are needed to revive this Your Year 2004 Assessments time-honored part of Marynook’s past and future with Assessment notices are scheduled to go out at the your help and support. end of March. You can either send your payment to the MHA’s 19018 P.O. Box or give your payment di- ∞ YOUR HOUSE AS AN INVESTMENT rectly to your regional director. All 424 homes in the Marynook home values have doubled in the last 10 originally developed Marynook sub-division are part of years. There are companies offering quick cash for the association. As a homeowner in Marynook it is your home, but don’t be fooled. Your home is an inyour obligation to pay your annual $25 assessment. vestment, and just like any other investment you can This year’s docket has great plans for your dues. make withdrawals through home equity loans. There are two main projects that will affect the very Homeowners can also make deposits in the form of look and feel of Marynook. home improvements.

March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association


Congratulations & Welcome


by President: Lynette Adams W e kicked off the holiday season celebrating Marynook’s annual Holiday “Breakfast with Santa 2003” at the 87th Street McDonalds on Saturday, December 20th, 2003. The special event was held receiving bright-eyed Marynook children and their family members from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. Santa was played by our MHA President. Xmas music was supplied by Mrs. Marianne Hernandez Galloway. Many thanks go out to the participating families: The Adams’, Andrew’s, Berry’s, Byrd’s, Davis’, Ellis’, Ford’s, Hamblet’s, McLeary’s, Roger’s, W aller’s, and W eaver’s. All 42 guests had a lot of fun. Thanks go out to Mr. Scott, the manager at McDonalds, and the rest of the staff at McDonalds for all their help. The Social & Cultural Committee wishes to thank everyone who came out and to extend the invitation to all for the next annual “Breakfast with Santa” in 2004. If you would like to suggest new ideas or get involved with the social committee, please contact me (Lynette Adams) at (773) 734-0659 after 6:00P.M. or e-mail me at the following address:

New Neighbors

The Lancaster Family 8355 S. Kimbark

The Muldaur Family 8375 S. Kimbark

The Embry Family 8407 S. Kimbark

The Kelley Family 8449 S. Kimbark

The Presberry Family 8454 S. Kimbark

The McNeal Family th 1349 E. 85 Street

The Townsend Family th 1124 E. 85 Street

The Ester Family 8571 S. Woodlawn

The Rhoadfox Family 8518 S. Avalon

The Coffman Family th 1358 E. 87 Street

July 2003

(Region 3) January 2004

(Region 3)

May 2003

(Region 3) December 2004

(Region 3)

February 2004

(Region 3) August 2004

(Region 4)

December 2003

(Region 5) April 2003

(Region 6)

December 2003

(Region 8) February 2004

(Region 10)

If you are not listed, contact your regional director and introduce yourself

Homes For Sale The Home at: 8450 S. Dorchester

The Cosey Home 8378 S. Kimbark

The Perry Home 1138 E. 85th Street

The Davis Home 1219 E. 85th Street

The Harden Home 8524 S. Woodlawn

The Home at: th 1372 E. 87 Street

Chicago , IL 60619 (Region 1) Chicago , IL 60619 (Region 3) Chicago , IL 60619 (Region 5) Chicago , IL 60619 (Region 5) Chicago , IL 60619 (Region 6) Chicago , IL 60619 (Region 10)

The Drake Family (Region 2)

The brother of Ms. Drake (the president of the MHA Welcome Wagon).

The Reed Family (Region 3)

Lynette Adams (President) Ollie Woodall, Claudette Claiborne, Emily Ford, Audrey Diop, Maudestein McLeary, Elease Smith, Mary Buchanan, and Juanita Dobynes.

Mrs. Ora Reed a long time resident and active community member.

(Picture of 2003 event taken December 20th @ McDonald on 87th Dorchester)

Mrs. Thaddeus D Pierce was a long time Marynook Resident.

The Pierce Family (Region 8)

The Barnnet Family (Region 9)

Ms. Barnnet passed this February 2004.

A note about Ms. Adams: One of the hardest work-

ing members of the MHA. She is the president of the social committee, the director for region 1, the MHA secretary, a fulltime parent, and a very hard working governmental employee. Ms. Adams, all your efforts are greatly appreciated and have not gone unnoticed. We Thank You!

The Stamps Family (Region 10)

Mr. Stamps is survived by his wife Algeria (Former MHA treasure).

The Leiem Family (Region 10)

Mrs. Leiem passed around Thanksgiving 2003.

March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association


VACATION or “BUST!” by Alternate for Region #8, Carmeta Byrd The cold, short, gloomy days are here and sometimes we wish we could go somewhere sunny, warm, bright and lazy. W ell, wishes can come true, even on a budget! You can go to a tropical island or to the southern continents. If you would really like an unforgettable vacation, going from a bone freezing cold to a drop your cares warmth is the ideal spot. I may be partial, but I highly recommend Jamaica. Vacationing on the island is not as expensive as some may want you to believe. It all depends on your vacation planner, the time of year and how far in the future you arrange to go. For instance, if you go on a cruise, get a third party to share your cabin. You would be surprised to see the difference in the price. Don’t worry about your privacy, you have that at home, not abroad. Anyway, there is a lot you can do on a cruise so you don’t have to spend much time in your cabin. If you prefer to fly and stay at a hotel, then go all-inclusive, take the kids and your friends. The more people staying together. . . the less expensive. Ask your planner to get you a condo or a cottage. W ith an all-inclusive plan, children 12 years and under stay, eat and play free. Be sure your accommodation has at least a 3-star rating. In both cases, don’t include the sightseeing. W hen you get to your destination, charter your own transportation. The locals will take you to all the places of interest for a lesser price than your planner would have quoted. Furthermore, you are splitting the cost. Please don’t get adventurous and wander off on your own. Stay with the group and always be aware of your surroundings. Remember Jamaica is not a first world country. Everything will not be first class, except if you paid first class money. Be patient and open-minded and remember why you are there in the first place. . . so go and bask on the snowy white sand beaches and get warmed by the sun’s golden rays while the cool refreshing trade winds and the calm sounds of the ocean waves lull you to sleep.

Wyatt Community and Family Life Center Free-Fun Computer Classes

8950 South Stony Island Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60617 (773) 721-6919

Registration fee is required, 8 week program

MARYNOOK - REGION 3 REPORT by Region #3 Director, Cheryl Strong There has been a noticeable amount of transition in Region # 3. We have several new neighbors moving in and some of our long time residents moving on. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the names and phone numbers at this time. The weather has been a hindrance, however, the Welcome Wagon should be providing us with that information very soon. We’d like to extend our best wishes and congratulations to the Cosey Family as Jerry “moves on up” that corporate ladder. We will miss having them as neighbors. We regretfully announce the passing of Mrs. Ora Reed, a longtime resident and active member of the Association. The cold and snow have not prevented the unwanted “activities” in Avalon Park. Please continue to pay close attention to the easements (North end particularly) and call the Police anytime you observe suspicious cars or unusual traffic. That’s it for Region #3. If you have information you would like to see in the next newsletter, contact your Regional Director.

FROM: THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Lawn Signs: Your compliance is requested

Did you know that the Marynook covenants limit signs on private Property? Well it’s true.

Marynook’s Covenants limits the use of Lawn Signs (Election, Advertising, Informational and ForSale Signs) The Covenants don’t prohibit the displaying of solicitive signs and banners in the front windows of Marynook homes, and historically Marynook Homeowners have displayed signs in this manner. This is because the Marynook covenants prohibit the displaying of solicitive signs in and around all Marynook properties. It is not the choice of The MHA to impose on individual homeowners, but it is our primary obligation to uphold and put into effect the covenants which were designed to retain Marynook’s attractiveness. The MHA Covenant limiting lawn signs applies to all 424 homes. The Covenants under Article 4 - Sec. 7, states that no signs, advertisement, billboards or advertising structures of any kind may be erected on any Marynook property, except those erected for decorative purposes. All signs are subject to MHA review. All allowed signs (birth announcements, wedding announcements, etc.) must be kept in good repair and should be removed within 14 days of said event. Your compliance is appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your regional director or fax the MHA president directly at (773) 731-9851.

March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association


Did you know Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes of this century affecting some 700,000 people, who last year alone, lost an estimated $4 Billion dollars?


by Region #9 Director, Albert Coleman Lookout for Investment scams

Lookout for the defalcators! They’re the unscrupulous investors who’ll steal or misuse your money. They’re the scam artists, the investment schemers, those who would purposefully misrepresent an investment’s performance or return to you as an inducement to buy or invest in their self-described foolproof and “can’t miss” investment opportunity. The investment may purport to be in a partnership, or in shares of stock in a certain corporation, or in corporate bonds, or in other investment instruments. If that investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, where can you get some help to check it out? Who or what regulates the offer and sale of investment securities (i.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, notes, investment contracts, and the like) and the salespersons of the same? Here are some no-cost resources available to you to checkout not only the registration of applicable investments, but the salespersons as well:


Is the Social Security Administration pulling the rug out from under BabyBoomers? If you are nearing retirement age or know someone who has retired you will want to know this. At the end of February the Federal Reserve Chairman, Allen Greenspan told Congress that the massive Federal Deficit could wipe out Social Security and Medicare as we currently know them. At the least, the impending shift of Baby-Boomers from working age to retirees, estimated at over 77 million over the next 10 to 15 years, spells doom for Social Security Administrators. Administrators have advised President Bush that with the diverting of Social Security funds to pay for the war in Iraq, one of three or all three options must be exercised: ∂Cut Benefits for SS recipients, •Change the eligibility requirements (i.e. move retirement age up), ÷and/or raise taxes. President Bush, accepting that the war in Iraq is tipping the financial scales, must now change his policy to move away from tax rebates and, in an election year, consider raising taxes. Mr. Nicholas Galloway


AARP says the notion that Social Security should be a prime target to fix future budget deficits that are unrelated to the program is irresponsible. Social Security is designed as a self-sustaining program, and should be strengthened to ensure its long term solvency. Social Security should not be a resource for negotiators over the federal budget deficit. In fact, Social Security' s own growing surpluses currently make the deficit Moreover, in many instances, it is entirely appropriate to in the rest of the federal budget appear smaller. Illinois Securities Department U.S. Securities and Exchange Office of Secretary of State of Illinois Commission Consumer Information (800) 732-0330 (800) 628-7937 urities/sec_home.html National Association National Association of Securities Dealers of Securities Dealers Regulation (800) 289-9999

consult with an accountant, attorney or other knowledgeable person in whom you trust for additional clarification or guidance relating to an investment pitched to you.

Beware of unlicensed individuals selling unregistered and often fraudulent securities. Some investment scams include affinity group fraud, risky promissory notes, internet fraud, ponzi/pyramid schemes and risky or fraudulent viatical settlements. If you are not aware of these, do plenty of research homework before investing in them. Protect yourself and your investment dollars. It’s your hard earned money that they - - - the defalcators - - - are after.

Americans are not saving enough for retirement and half of Americans working today have no pension coverage. Future retirees will need the guaranteed, lifelong, inflation-protected benefits of Social Security to help achieve an adequate income in retirement. AARP favors a balanced approach to reaching future solvency for Social Security. But simply cutting benefits ignores the retirement picture for most current and future retirees and would be unfair to boomers and younger workers, pulling the rug out from under their retirement security. Source: Statement By AARP CEO William D. Novelli - February 25, 2004

March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association




by Region #8 Director Kathleen Waller

Free tax preparation assistance from professionally trained volunteers is available in our community. The Tax Counseling Project (TCP) and the Tax Assistance Program (TAP) are Chicago area non-profit programs offering free tax preparation assistance to families earning less than $35,000; TCP and TAP provide trained volunteers at various sites throughout Chicagoland.

Our Community is always changing, and I am not just talking about Marynook. Our retail establishments are changing. Long time Southside establishments (ie: Queen of the th Sea on 87 street) have closed their doors and new stores have come to fill our needs (ie: CVS, Target, BJ’s Market). Our closest retail establishments are represented by The th 87 street Chamber of Commerce. th

Shore Bank Chatham on 7936 South Cottage Grove (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 5:30PM – 8:00PM)

The 87 Street Chamber of Commerce hopes that the community notices all of the development that is going on throughout our retail districts. We currently have CVS Pharmacy located 8700 South Stony Island, Leona’s Restaurant coming in five months to 9156 South Stony Island, and Fifth Third Bank coming to the northeast corner of 79th Stony Island. It is our goal to work with these organizations to help create jobs for the community which is the driving force of economic development. We contacted these organizations and they are excited to be a part of such an illustrious community.

Shore Bank Bronzeville on 3401 South King Drive (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 5:30PM – 8:00PM) Employment Resource Center / 7909 South Racine (Monday and Wednesday 5:30PM – 8:00PM -&- Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm)

It is our hope as a community organization that the members in our community keep us informed of the concerns and/or suggestions they may have to create growth and viability to our illustrious retail establishments.

TAP Sites & Hours (Southside):

We will continue to keep the community informed with information as it becomes available. If you should need to contact us please call us at (773) 734-0626

TCP Sites & Hours (Southside): TCP sights will be open from 01/24 – 04/15 on the days indicated for each site. (for more information call (312) 409-6511)

TAP sights will be open from 8:30am – 11:30am on the following Saturdays: March 13, 20, 27 / April 3, 10 (for more information call (312) 409-1555) Holy Angels Church, Basement / 545 East Oakwood Ave. Chicago Vocational School (CVS) / 2100 East 87th Street Kennedy-King College / 6800 South Wentworth Avenue Olive-Harvey College / 10001 South Woodlawn Avenue St. Anselm Catholic Church / 6045 South Michigan Avenue Please bring the following forms and information: All 2003 W-2 and 1099 Forms / Social Security cards for all household members / Copy of 2002 Tax return

Often-Overlooked IRS Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) reduces the amount of tax an individual owes, and may be returned in the form of a refund. Income and family size determine the amount of the EITC. To qualify for the credit the adjusted gross income for 2003 must meet the following guidelines: Earned Income Tax Credit

Single Taxpayer


Less than


Less than


Less than

$11,230 $29,666 $33,692

Filing Jointly Less than Less than Less than

$12,230 $30,666 $34,692

The 87th Street Stony Island Chamber of Commerce wishes to remind you of their slogan: “WHY SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE!” (The preceding was an excerpt form the 87th Street Chamber of Commerce July 2003 newsletter)

Treasured Offspring, LTD Childcare Services

Serving the Marynook community since 1996. For Children 15 months to 12 years of age. The program is administrated by Carolyn J. Williams. With her Masters in Education she is better able to enrich the lives of her small clients. Fully Licensed, quality home daycare, preschool and before / after school care. (773) 734-4111

! " #$% Live Music Concerts in The Park Outdoor Movies in The Park The Chicago Outdoor Film Festival debuted last summer in Grant Park. This year, our very own Avalon Park, through the efforts of Ms. McMillan (Avalon park supervisor), will host free to the public outdoor movies & music concerts. Support the park, meet your neighbors and have fun too.

March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association


ON MARCH 16th VOTE! People say that their one vote won’t change the outcome, but take a look at Florida! The reality is that in Chicago, most elections are decided by margins of only a few votes. Your one vote is very important. Many people take voting for granted, while others have died for the right to vote. DEM DEM DEM DEM DEM DEM DEM DEM REP REP REP REP REP REP REP REP

Barack Obama Daniel W. Hynes Gery Chico Maria Pappas M. Blair Hull Joyce Washington Nancy Skinner Estella Johnson-Hunt Jim Oberweis Andy McKenna John Borling Steven J. Rauschenberger Jack Ryan Chirinjeev Kathuria Jonathan C. Wright Norm Hill

26 28 30 32 34 36 38 write-in 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 104


Representative - Marlow H. Colvin George C. Roby Derrick Prince

210 212 214


Richard A. Devine Tommy H. Brewer Phillip Spiwak

268 270 270


President - John H. Stroger, Jr. Margarite J. Faulkner


Senator - Donne E. Trotter

! "

# & &'


404 390

$% 201



Representative - Bobby Lee Rush


Raymond G. Wardingley Reference WEB Sites: or


As reported by the director of region number 6 (85th through 86th and Kenwood / Kimbark… please refer to the districting map on page 7); A number of instances of criminal activity have occurred over the past three weeks. weeks. It has always been the position of the MHA that Marynook residents should arm themselves against crime with information and communal involvement.

1st Incident

Vehicle Vandalism th

Vehicle parked on the street - 86 and Kenwood




Vehicle Theft

3 Incident

Vehicle Theft

4th Incident

Robbed at Gunpoint


Vehicle taken from side driveway on 86 and Kenwood rd


Vehicle taken from side driveway on 86 and Kenwood th

Young woman robbed at Gunpoint on 86 and Kenwood


Marynook is in the 4th Police District Designated area 412 Commander Lamont Tompson rd 2255 E. 103 Street - (312) 744-8205

Throughout the neighborhood there are numerous violations of the covenants. These range from minor issues to more serious issues. It is difficult and would require a lot of resources, to correct all of these violations, especially since many have existed for such a long time. Although we hope to make some inroads in dealing with these issues, the MHA Board is required by the covenants to deal with the more recent violations. For structural violations that arise from new construction, renovations or additions, should the home owners fail to comply with the covenants, and/or fail to reach an agreement for a variance from the Marynook Council, then the MHA will, at a minimum, file papers with the appropriate city agencies indicating the existence of the violation. Naturally, this would only be done when all other avenues of negotiation and compromise have been exhausted. Note that this policy does not prevent the MHA (or any individual property owner) from taking more extensive legal action. Although this policy alone will not solve all the covenants violations in the neighborhood, the board feels that it is at least one more step in the right direction.

March 2004

Marynook Homeowner’s Association


NEW DIRECTORS FOR REGIONS 2, 4 & 10 The Marynook Homeowners’ Association main function is to ensure that the needs of Marynook’s residents are being met and to maintain the look and feel of the Marynook community. This is a daunting task that can only be accomplished be enlisting the aid of dedicated homeowners who have their neighbors’ best interests at heart and are willing to give their time to the community. Regions 2, 4 & 10(town-homes) have recently had representatives step forward to fill the last three vacant positions. Regional Directors are charged with the duties of:

Marynook Council Members (Visit your local council representative)

Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5 Region 6 Region 7 Region 8 Region 9 Region 10 President

Ms. Lynette Adams Mr. John Moran Mrs. Cheryl Strong Mr. Louis McNeal Mr. John Hamblet Mr. John Williams Ms. Gwen Robinson Mrs. Kathleen Waller Mr. Albert Coleman Mr. Curtis Jones Mr. Nicholas Galloway

* 8424 S Dorchester * 1333 E 83rd Street * 8415 S Kimbark * 1349 E 85th Street * 1134 E 85th Street * 8546 S Woodlawn * 8611 S University * 1241 E 85th Place * 8631 S Kenwood * 1378 E 87th Street * 1143 E 85th Street

∞ Expressing the concerns of the residents in their region ∞ Maintaining lines of communication with members in their re-


∞ Dissemination of literature ∞ Attending MHA board of director meetings.

W e (the council members) look forward to meeting all the new neighbors and undertaking this year’s projects.


Agenda Items (time&place TBA): - Guest speaker Chicago’s Top Tax advocate - How to More Effectively Sell Your Home - How to Stop Foreclosures by: Mrs. Hill - alternate from region 6

J une 2 6 , 2 0 0 4


Agenda Items (time&place TBA): - Speed Control options in Marynook - Marynook Marquees - Railroad Fencing - Update - Marynook Directory Report - Block Parties (by region) - Catch basins (cataloging & classifying) - Summer time locking of park easements - Town home sub-committee development (39 homes with three command areas)

People You Should Know (your local political representatives)

8th Ward 4th Police District 33 State District Police Beat 412 Senator District 17 - Donne E. Trotter 8th Ward Alderman -Todd Stroger State Representative - Marlow Colvin Precinct Captain - Cortney J. Bryson rd


) P.O. BOX 19018 / CHICAGO, IL. 60619


% (773) 731-9851

Some information has been reproduced in part or in its entirety. GALLOWAY HOUSE ©copyright 2004

July 2003

Marynook Homeowner’s Association


& CAPS -vs.- Targeted Response Team


Architectural Control Committee

outlined in the deed restrictions, all house construction and renovation projects in our neighborhood must get the approval of the Architectural Control Committee. However, as of late, there have been a number of people that did not seem to be aware of this fact. Thus, we would like to offer this reminder and hope that you will pass along this information to anyone you know or see that is involved in some form of construction. The Architectural Control Committee has an important job and does a lot of great work for the neighborhood, so do not hesitate to contact them if you or anyone else has any questions. The Chair of the Committee is Steve Dodge who can be reached at 3310491 or

Wanted: Board Members and Volunteers We are always in need of volunteers to help with the HOA. Because HOA board members have term limits of a sort, we also are in constant need of new board members. If you or someone you know would be interested in volnteering some time to help the HOA, please contact the President at or any other board member from the Contact List.

Recent Disturbing Events


The park sign at the entrance of the 85th near Avalon or 84th S. Kimbark has had a hand gun discharged into it. Arson attempt. An unknown person attempted to light leaves and other debris at a homeowners basement door. OWitness: It was a little after 3:00am and the smoke alarm went off. We thought it was malfunctioning but when I opened the basement door, the basement was full of smoke. In situations where fire is involved, please remember your family’s safety always comes first. Firefighters are trained to handle these emergencies, but they can’t help until they are called



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