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Greeting (6:30PM) I like to welcome everyone. I wish we were meeting under better circumstances, but what better time to come together then when there is a need. That shows the true strength of a community. Introduction Introduce the panel, me, neighbors, vendors, sergeant bets, area 2 detectives Recent Crimes Preface: 1 crime in 1 week is 1 too many, during the period from Dec 2 until Jan 4 we’ve had 12 reported burglaries that’s roughly one every other day for a month. The seriousness of this can’t be stressed enough. Read from the list (emphasize 8600 Avalon & 8500 Dorchester) …. Open floor 5 mins. Reactions Spoke with area 4’s Commander, Commander Alexander (He expresses his deepest concerns Summer 2007 4 home were burglarized with the offender literally kicking in the back door, vulnerable My experience calling 911 (8300 Kenwood) I said “walking away” that’s a no no Action plan STORY (Old man with cockroaches) – (Criminals are like cockroaches) Walk to your front window once every half an hour and look out (buy white sheer drapes not vertical blinds) Drive and Honk (2 honks) – Walk and wave (open handed wave) – Look at eyes If you see unknown people that are entering or exiting a home call 911 Tips for calling 911 Do NOT say man with a gun, south side churches, charged with a crime, level of response Do NOT say suspicious person Do NOT say you are calling from a cell phone, always say you are calling from your home even if on your cell Do NOT say “walking away”, Do NOT say “Leaving”, Do NOT say “I Don’t Know if” Do say Battery “IN Progress”, Burglary “IN Progress”, Car theft “IN Progress”, If you see someone with a TV walking down the street that is a Burglary “IN Progress” Let the police sort out the details Do provide accurate Descriptions, and location of the offender Always Give your name and if you want the responding officer to come to your house.

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