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Area 4 Police please be advised: Two suspicious males walking from direction of 8500 S. Avalon - toward – 8700 S. Kimbark. Time approx. 1:52pm on Friday 5/11/2007. On 87th street they meet up with other male in black two door car. Male in car drove away and two original males continued down 8700 S. Kimbark behind Arts Bar. Behind Arts Bar they put Flat Screen TV in Art’s Green Dumpster at approx 1:58pm. The Marynook Community has had Purse snatchings and break-in by males fitting the light skinned males description. Anything I can do to help just let me know(statement directed at the police). The Male in the black car threatened me for taking his picture. The black car is one that regularly goes through our community. (Homeowners Association President for Marynook) Thanks for your time.

2007 Day Time Crime - Reported to police  

2007 Community Crime - Two suspicious males reported to police the day of, the police later stated that a break-in was reported later that d...

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