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9 Series

66 Books

Ages 6-14


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From Carole Marsh, A.K.A. (Also Known As)


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Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, 8 African Safari, Africa, 10 Alaska's Iditarod Trail, 8 Amazon Rainforest, 12 America's Pioneer Prairie, 13 Antarctica, 10 Athens, Greece's Acropolis, 11 Australia's Great Barrier Reef, 12 Bavaria, Germany's Castle Region, 11 Biltmore House, Asheville, NC, 8 Blackbeard the Pirate's Atlantic Coast Haunts, 8 Blizzard Country, Northeastern USA , 14 California's Mission Trail, 8 Chicago's Field Museum, 8 Criss/Cross/Applesauce Neighborhood, 20 Disney World, 7 Dracula's Castle, Transylvania, Romania, 11 Earthquake Country: New Madrid, MO to San Francisco, CA, 15 Egypt's Ancient Pyramids, 12 Eight Wonders of the World, 13 Fort Pulaski, Thunderbolt, Georgia, 19 Fort Sumter, Charleston, SC, Frankenstein-like Laboratory, 21 Freedom Trail, Boston, MA, 7 Georgia's Barrier Islands, 19 Golden Gate Bridge, 5 Gold Rush—AK, CA, GA, WA, Canada, 6 Grand Canyon, 7 Great Wall of China, 12 Hershey, PA: "Chocolate Town", 7 Houston Space Center, Texas, 4 Jamestown, Virginia, 7 Kansas and Tornado Territory, 15 Kentucky Derby, 7 Key West, Florida, 16 Kill Devil Hill's First Flight Site, 8 Las Vegas, Nevada, 6 London's Big Ben, 12 Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, 16 Mars, 13 Mississippi River: Lake Itasca to New Orleans, 7 Mt. Everest, 10 Mt. Fuji, Japan, 12 Mt. St. Helens, Washington, 14 New Orleans, LA, 15 New York City, 7 Niagara Falls, New York & Canada, 5 Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, 19 Outer Banks of NC: Graveyard of the Atlantic, 5 Paris, France's Eiffel Tower, 12 Pickpocket Plantation: GA/SC Border, 18 Rocky Mountains, 7 Rome, Italy's Colosseum, 12 Roswell, Nevada's Area 51 UFO Site, 16 Tybee Island, Georgia, 20 Underground Railroad, 7 Pennsylvania's Liberty Bell Pavilion, 4 Warm Springs Little White House (FDR), Georgia, 21 Washington, DC: National Archives, 6 White House, Washington, DC, 8 Wild West Ghost Town, 6 Williamsburg, Virginia, 4 World's Largest Aquarium, Atlanta, GA, 17 Wyoming's Cowboy Country, 21 Yellowstone National Park, 14 The ZOO!, 17


The Exciting REAL PLACE Settings for Carole Marsh Mysteries!

In 1979, Carole Marsh decided to write a new style mystery book series for boys and girls—and the reading world was never the same! She chose her real children and their friends as characters. She added herself as Mimi, and her husband as Papa as the children’s exciting and zany chaperones aboard The Mystery Girl airplane! Around the United States and the world they went, encountering mystery…history…legend…lore… fascinating facts…and flabbergasting characters, and soooooo much more! “When I decided to chart my own course as a kids’ mystery book writer, it change my life and that of my family,” says the prolific, award-winning author. Today, the entire family is involved in the research, writing, character-selection, production, and marketing of more than 66 titles in 9 series for ages 6 to 14! Her following is worldwide! Over the years, children have written or called to say that they chose to become teachers after reading her mysteries, “because I realized geography and history were fascinating!” as one former reader put it. All books have: • NEW! LIBRARY BINDINGS AVAILABLE! • SAT WORDS IN THE GLOSSARY! • BUILT-IN BOOK CLUBS & MORE!


Now it’s your turn to continue this amazing multi-generational adventure: Your kids can read the books, apply to be a character, and discover what it’s like to be part of a world-traveling family! “Welcome to our family’s truly mysterious and adventurous world!”

Carole Marsh Peachtree City, Georgia USA Order the Complete Set of all 66 Carole Marsh Mysteries! 60 Available NOW! + 6 NEW! 2009 Titles (3 Ship in March + 3 Ship in September) Complete Set of All 66 Books: Paperback: $475.34 SP-MYP66 Hardcover*: $1010.94 SP-MYH66HC Library Binding: $1253.34 SP-MYH66LB *2009 titles are included in the hardcover set as library binding; no standard hardcovers of these 6 books are available

Order the complete set and the new books will automatically ship as soon as they are published!*

Note: To order only available mysteries without backorders use these codes when placing your order: Prior to March 1, 2009; 60 available titles titles; no backorder of new books:

*(If you need to close out your order before any of the new titles ship, just let us know when you order, or call us before the new title ship date, and we’ll adjust your order accordingly. You won’t be invoiced for any of the new books until they ship. Call us if you have any questions or special requests!)

Paperback $427.40 SP-MYP60; Hardcover* $897.00 SP-MYH60HC; Library Binding $1139.40 SP-MYH60LB Between March 1, 2009 and September 1, 2009; 63 titles; no backorder of new books: Paperback $451.37 SP-MYP63; Hardcover* $953.97 SP-MYH63HC; Library Binding $1196.37 SP-MYH63LB *2009 titles are included in the hardcover set as library binding; no standard hardcovers of these 6 books are available


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Look what’s inside every Carole Marsh Mystery! 66 Titles! 9 Series! Ages 6-14

5 SAT Words in Each Book!

NEW! Lexile Levels

Spooky & Scary!

Real Kids as Characters!

Real Places You Can Visit!

An Eye Feast of Photos!

Lots of Wow Words!

Book Club Questions & Activities!

Educational Facts!

Humor & Fun! Kids Want to Read Them ALL!

So Cross-Curricular!

Lots of Clues to Solve!

Teacher’s Guides Too!


Guided Reading Levels &

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“Real places and real kids in a real mystery adventure—really!” In 1979, author Carole Marsh put herself, her husband, and her kids in a real mystery book set in a real location readers could actually visit! Since then, many real kids (even one entire school class!) have appeared in her many educational and adventuresome mystery books. You can, too!

Save time, order the set or indiviually! Set of 24 Real Kids, Real Places Mysteries: P: SP-RKP28 $223.72 H:SP-RKH28 $418.60 LB: SP-RKLB28 $531.72 TG: SP-RKT28 $166.60

P: 978-0-635-06827-9 TG: 978-0-635-06986-3

LB: 978-0-635-06833-0 RG: RKPHOU5


P: 978-0-635-06826-2 TG: 978-0-635-06985-6

LB: 978-0-635-06832-3 RG: RKPWIL5


NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! September 1, 2009

NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! March 1, 2009

P=Paperback: $7.99 H=Hardcover: $14.95 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 TG=Teacher’s Guide: $5.95 RG=Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $39.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title + Free Teacher’s Guide: $239.70

NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! September 1, 2009

Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 3-5 AR Levels: 4.3 - 5.7 Fountas & Pinnell: Q Lexile Levels: 670-840

Start your order here!

P: 978-0-635-06828-6 TG: 978-0-635-06987-0

LB: 978-0-635-06834-7 RG: RKPLIB5



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NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! March 1, 2009 P: 978-0-635-06825-5 TG: 978-0-635-06984-9

LB: 978-0-635-06831-6 RG: RKPNIA5

P: 978-0-635-06515-5 TG: 978-0-635-06622-0


H: 978-0-635-06520-9 RG: RKPGRAATL5

LB: 978-0-635-07046-3 CS: RKPGRAATL30

Librarians – See our reviews! “This series is great. It can be used for reluctant readers, and as a history supplement.” ”Encourages reading for pleasure.” “The stories were REALLY from a child’s perspective. The books had accurate historic and geographic material-highly accurate! The kids characters were easy for children to relate to. I like the way the characters Christina and Grant continued in (most) of the books, yet other kids characters were in other books. This made the stories more fun as young readers began to identify with a broad range of characters.” “Who would not want a (grand)mother who brought you on mysterious adventures?” “They are what children like: mysteries and adventures with children they can relate to.” -From Learning® Magazine P: 978-0-635-06516-2 TG: 978-0-635-06623-7

H: 978-0-635-06521-6 RG: RKPGOLGAT5

Turn the page for more exciting mysteries!

LB: 978-0-635-07047-0 CS: RKPGOLGAT30


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P: 978-0-635-06514-8 TG: 978-0-635-06621-3

H: 978-0-635-06519-3 RG: RKPLAS5

LB: 978-0-635-07045-6 CS: RKPLAS30

P: 978-0-635-06513-1 TG: 978-0-635-06620-6

P: 978-0-635-06512-4 TG: 978-0-635-06619-0

H: 978-0-635-06517-9 RG: RKPCON5

LB: 978-0-635-07043-2 CS: RKPCON30

P: 978-0-635-06334-2 TG: 978-0-635-06388-5


H: 978-0-635-06518-6 RG: RKPGHOTOW5

H: 978-0-635-06390-8 RG: RKPGOLRUS5

LB: 978-0-635-07044-9 CS: RKPGHOTOW30

LB: 978-0-635-07026-5 CS: RKPGOLRUS30

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P: 978-0-635-06333-5 LB: 978-0-635-07025-8 RG: RKPCHO5

H: 978-0-635-06389-2 TG: 978-0-635-06387-8 CS: RKPCHO30

P: 978-0-635-02393-3 LB: 978-0-635-07002-9 RG: RKPKEN5

H: 978-0-635-02394-0 TG: 978-0-635-02404-6 CS: RKPKEN30

P: 978-0-635-02109-0 LB: 978-0-635-06991-7 RG: RKPUND5

H: 978-0-635-02110-6 TG: 978-0-635-02111-3 CS: RKPUND30

H: 978-0-635-06319-9 TG: 978-0-635-06331-1 CS: RKPJAM30

P: 978-0-635-02395-7 LB: 978-0-635-07003-6 RG: RKPGHOGRA5

H: 978-0-635-02396-4 TG: 978-0-635-02408-4 CS: RKPGHOGRA30

P: 978-0-635-02391-9 LB: 978-0-635-07001-2 RG: RKPMIS5

H: 978-0-635-02392-6 TG: 978-0-635-02403-9 CS: RKPMIS30

P: 978-0-635-02389-6 LB: 978-0-635-07000-5 RG: RKPROC5

H: 978-0-635-02390-2 TG: 978-0-635-02402-2 CS: RKPROC30

P: 978-0-635-02104-5 LB: 978-0-635-06990-0 RG: RKPDIS5

H: 978-0-635-02105-2 TG: 978-0-635-02106-9 CS: RKPDIS30

P: 978-0-635-02099-4 LB: 978-0-635-06998-6 RG: RKPNEW5

H: 978-0635-02100-7 TG: 978-0-635-02101-4 CS: RKPNEW30

P: 978-0-635-06315-1 LB: 978-0-635-07023-4 RG: RKPJAM5


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P: 978-0-635-02094-9 LB: 978-0-635-06999-3 RG: RKPKIL5

H: 978-0-635-02095-6 TG: 978-0-635-02096-3 CS: RKPKIL30

P: 978-0-635-01668-3 LB: 978-0-635-06997-9 RG: RKPIDI5

H: 978-0-635-01670-6 TG: 978-0-635-01671-3 CS: RKPIDI30

P: 978-0-635-01664-5 LB: 978-0-635-06996-2 RG: RKPWHI5

H: 978-0-635-01666-9 TG: 978-0-635-01667-6 CS: RKPWHI30

P: 978-0-635-01660-7 LB: 978-0-635-06995-5 RG: RKPDIN5

H: 978-0-635-01662-1 TG: 978-0-635-01663-8 CS: RKPDIN30

P: 978-0-635-01656-0 LB: 978-0-635-06994-8 RG: RKPCAL5

H: 978-0-635-01658-4 TG: 978-0-635-01659-1 CS: RKPCAL30

P: 978-0-635-01652-2 LB: 978-0-635-06993-1 RG: RKPALA5

H: 978-0-635-01654-6 TG: 978-0-635-01655-3 CS: RKPALA30

P: 978-0-635-01648-5 LB: 978-0-635-06992-4 RG: RKPBLA5

H: 978-0-635-01650-8 TG: 978-0-635-01651-5 CS: RKPBLA30

P: 978-0-635-01640-9 LB: 978-0-635-06988-7 RG: RKPFRE5

H: 978-0-635-01642-3 TG: 978-0-635-01643-0 CS: RKPFRE30

P: 978-0-635-01347-7 LB: 978-0-635-06989-4 RG: RKPBIL5

H: 978-0-635-01467-2 TG: 978-0-635-01348-4 CS: RKPBIL30


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Teacher’s Guides A Different Guide for Every Real Kids, Real Places Mystery Read a mystery as a class and use the Teacher’s Guide to explore the history, geography, people, places, and events behind the story! A great way to combine social studies, reading and other cross-curricular activities! (See the ISBN’s under each book) A Page-By-Page Guide to the book including discussion questions, vocabulary, additional history, and lots more! Author comments about the history behind the story! Lots of extra facts, history, geography, trivia, and more that makes the teacher an expert! Cross-curriculum reproducible activities (including math, science, logic, history, geography, writing/literature, biography, coloring pages, and games).

Teacher’s Guides $5.95 See previous pages for ISBNs

How to Write Your Own Mystery!

Carole Marsh Tips!


Kids Write Here!

Bring out the creativity of your students while you improve their writing skills by leaps and bounds! Author Carole Marsh gets kids excited about reading and now about writing too! This easy-to-use book is really a fabulous writing program that helps kids create a book from start to finish. It includes graphical template pages, writing tips, and instructions. Ms. Marsh covers everything! Designing the cover, developing the characters, choosing and describing the setting, dialog, mystery, and “the day that was different”. There are tips and examples to help students write with exciting action verbs, colorful adjectives, suspense, humor, and more! You can now order student booklets at a great price – get at least one of the paperbacks to get all the writing tips and instructions. “This was the most fun my kids had all year! They really enjoyed creating their own book, especially using themselves and their friends as characters, and a real place as the setting. I plan to make this an annual event in my classroom-it really does help readers become better readers and writers!”-4th grade teacher

Kids Design the Cover! Kids Pick the Characters!

Read all or some of the Carole Marsh Mysteries then Write Your Own!

Each Child Ends Up With a Book

How to Write Your Own Real Kids, Real Places Mystery Paperback (Reproducible): 978-0-635-02114-4 $5.95 Student Booklet (Each student can have their own!): 978-0-635-06248-2 $1.50


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“Real kids/real places/ real global education!” Join Mimi, Papa, Christina, Grant and friends as they board the Mystery Girl airplane and embark on real mystery adventures in real places around the globe!

Save time, order the set! Set of 14 Around the World Mysteries: P: SP-AWP14 $111.86 H: SP-AWH14 $209.30 LB: SP-AWLB14 $265.86

P: 978-0-635-06829-3 RG: AWAFR5

LB: 978-0-635-06835-4 CS: AWPAFR30

P: 978-0-635-06509-4 LB: 978-0-635-07042-5

H: 978-0-635-06511-7 RG: AWPICY5

NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! September 1, 2009

P=Paperback: $7.99 H=Hardcover: $14.99 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 RG=Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $39.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title: $239.70

NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! March 1, 2009

Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 3-5 AR Levels: 4.6 - 5.6 Fountas & Pinnell: Q Lexile Levels: 680-860

P: 978-0-635-06860-9 RG: AWMTE5

LB: 978-0-635-06836-1 CS: AWPMTE30



Tel: 800-536-2438 Fax: 800-871-2979

P: 978-0-635-06508-7 LB: 978-0-635-07041-8

H: 978-0-635-06510-0 RG: AWPCRY5

P: 978-0-635-06469-1 LB: 978-0-635-07039-5


H: 978-0-635-06471-4 RG: AWPDRA5


My son has long been a fan of your books. This year, during our state testing (SC), I took a lot of his books to school so that my students (4th grade) would have a chapter book to read while their classmates were finishing their tests. Well, I got the shock of my life! My "I don't like chapter books" students actually argued over who was going to read your books next. Many of them not only finished a book during testing, but actually continued to choose and read them after testing was over. I even had parents call and tell me that their children couldn't wait to go to the bookstore and get their own copies! If you knew the makeup of my class this year (2007-2008), you too would be amazed! Kelley Hunt, 4th Grade Parent, South Carolina “The “Mystery of the Ancient Pyramid” quickly transports children to a world where Papa, Mimi, Christina and Grant continue in their adventure of exploring the world while solving mysteries. A lot of factual Egyptology information is charmingly presented as intrinsic to the plot, which requires the young detectives to solve hieroglyphic clues to escape a Pharaoh’s curse - or worse. The Mystery of the Ancient Pyramid is a very well crafted 128-page mystery which entertains and teaches young readers effortlessly, as do the other exciting Carole Marsh Mysteries…in this outstanding series – each one of them a true gem of original, informative, and entertaining storytelling.” P: 978-0-635-06470-7 LB: 978-0-635-07040-1

H: 978-0-635-06472-1 RG: AWPANCACR5

-Midwest Book Review, May 2006



Tel: 800-536-2438 Fax: 800-871-2979

P: 978-0-635-06208-6 LB: 978-0-635-07017-3 RG: ATWPAMA5

H: 978-0-635-06212-3

P: 978-0-635-06205-5 LB: 978-0-635-07014-2 RG: AWPGREWAL5

H: 978-0-635-06209-3



P: 978-0-635-06207-9 LB: 978-0-635-07016-6 RG: AWPMTF5

H: 978-0-635-06211-6

P: 978-0-635-03470-0 LB: 978-0-635-07006-7 RG: AWPANCPYR5

H: 978-0-635-03473-1



P: 978-0-635-06206-2 LB: 978-0-635-07015-9 RG: AWPGREBAR5

H: 978-0-635-06210-9

P: 978-0-635-06156-0 LB: 978-0-635-07007-4 RG: AWPROM5

H: 978-0-635-06157-7



“Each story incorporates lots of history and geography, and cliffhanger chapters that keep kids begging for more. Real kids, photographs and illustrations bring these modern-day stories to life. They are a great way to incorporate reading into other curriculum areas. Boy and girl characters in every story make these suitable for all kids. Each book in the series captures the spirit of teamwork and is described as “good, clean fun”. The kids must focus on the problem and work together to P: 978-0-635-03468-7 LB: 978-0-635-07004-3 RG: AWPEIF5

H: 978-0-635-03471-7 CS: AWPEIF30

P: 978-0-635-03469-4 LB: 978-0-635-07005-0 RG: AWPBIG5


H: 978-0-635-03472-4

solve the mystery.” – Christian School Products Magazine


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Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 3-5 AR Levels: 4.2 - 4.8 Fountas & Pinnell: O Lexile Levels: 670-770

Diversity + Delight = Reading fun for all! Ms. Bogus and her quite diverse class embark on educational adventures to extraordinary places! Laughter and life-lessons abound! Save time, order the set! Set of 3 Fantasy Field Trips Mysteries: P: SP-FFP3 $17.97 H: SP-FFH3 $44.85

LB: SP-FFLB3 $56.97

P=Paperback: $5.99 H=Hardcover: $14.95 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 RG=Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $29.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title: $179.70

P: 978-0-635-06336-6 LB: 978-0-635-07028-9

H: 978-0-635-06392-2 RG: FFPPLA5


P: 978-0-635-06335-9 LB: 978-0-635-07027-2

P: 978-0-635-06337-3 LB: 978-0-635-07029-6

H: 978-0-635-06393-9 RG: FFPPIO5


H: 978-0-635-06391-5 RG: FFPEIG5



Tel: 800-536-2438 Fax: 800-871-2979

Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 3-5 AR Levels: 4.7 - 5.3 Fountas & Pinnell: O Lexile Levels: 720-820

“Silly science-based mysteries for boys and girls!” High-interest subjects... flabbergasting facts... mystery+adventure! Save time, order the set! Set of 6 Master of Disasters Mysteries: P: SP-DMP6 $35.94 H: SP-DMH6 $89.70

LB: SP-DMLB6 $113.94

P=Paperback: $5.99 H=Hardcover: $14.95 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 RG=Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $29.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title: $179.70

P: 978-0-635-06465-3 LB: 978-0-635-07038-8

H: 978-0-635-06468-4 RG: DMPFOR5



P: 978-0-635-06464-6 LB: 978-0-635-07037-1

H: 978-0-635-06467-7 RG: DMPBLI5


P: 978-0-635-06463-9 LB: 978-0-635-07036-4

H: 978-0-635-06466-0 RG: DMPVOL5


Tel: 800-536-2438 Fax: 800-871-2979

P: 978-0-635-06340-3 LB: 978-0-635-07032-6

H: 978-0-635-06396-0 RG: DMPHUR5

P: 978-0-635-06339-7 LB: 978-0-635-07031-9


H: 978-0-635-06395-3 RG: DMPEAR5


“We’re learning real scientific vocabulary and facts!”

“I also plan to buy several of Carole's books that will fit right into my standards, possibly in class sets, and use them to integrate reading and writing into my social studies and science curriculum.” P: 978-0-635-06338-0 LB: 978-0-635-07030-2

H: 978-0-635-06394-6 RG: DMPTOR5



Tel: 800-536-2438 Fax: 800-871-2979

Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 3-5 AR Levels: 4.0 - 4.6 Fountas & Pinnell: N Lexile Levels: 650-740

“The ONLY mystery series where readers can write to the characters— and get a postcard answer!” Funky, edgy, educational, fun, zany, and even literary— imagine all that and being able to send or email a reproducible postcard to the main character and get a reply! THIS WILL GET KIDS READING!

Save time, order the set! Set of 3 Postcard Mysteries: P: SP-PCP3 $17.97 H: SP-PCH3 $44.85

LB: SP-PCLB3 $56.97

P=Paperback: $5.99 H=Hardcover: $14.95 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 RG=Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $29.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title: $179.70

P: 978-0-635-06342-7 LB: 978-0-635-07034-0

H: 978-0-635-06398-4 RG: PCPBAT5


P: 978-0-635-06343-4 LB: 978-0-635-07035-7

P: 978-0-635-06341-0 LB: 978-0-635-07033-3

H: 978-0-635-06397-7 RG: PCPALI5


H: 978-0-635-06399-1 RG: PCPPIR5



Tel: 800-536-2438 Fax: 800-871-2979

“Everyday places are educational and fun in these AWESOME mysteries!” Readers get a behind-the-scenes adventure in these educational mysteries, learning that it's worth exploring past the obvious to get to the meat of the matter!

Save time, order the set! Set of 2 Awesome Mysteries: P: SP-AMP2 $11.98 H: SP-AMH2 $29.90

LB: SP-AMLB2 $37.98

P=Paperback: $5.99 H=Hardcover: $14.95 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 RG=Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $29.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title: $179.70

World’s Largest Aquarium!v

Interest Level: Ages 7-14 Reading Level: Grades 3-5 AR Levels: 4.7 Fountas & Pinnell: P Lexile Levels: 700-720

P: 978-0-635-06225-3 LB: 978-0-635-07018-0

H: 978-0-635-06227-7 RG: AMPAQU5


P: 978-0-635-06332-8 LB: 978-0-635-07024-1

H: 978-0-635-06374-8 RG: AMPZOO5


“My students loved searching for things on the lists. I even overheard some of the kids talking and pointing to a big tank saying they bet that’s where Grant fell in.”

Link to a downloadable Scavenger Hunt! has FREE reproducible scavenger hunts for aquariums and zoos across the

World’s Largest Zoo!

(downloadable scavenger)

United States. Read the book before you go on your field trip, and do a scavenger hunt while you are there! It’s Awesome!


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rgia W eo

ers A s rit Georgia Author of The Year


“Spooky and Fun Grabs Young Readers Every Time!” Kids asked me for mysteries just a smidgen scarier and here are my goosebump-popping answers! Fascinating facts, exciting real locales, and characters to die for!—Carole Marsh's newest award-winning books for young readers.

ciation so


Interest Level: Ages 8-16 Reading Level: Grades 4-6 AR Levels: 4.7 - 5.3 Fountas & Pinnell: R Lexile Levels: 740-830

“Terry stood in a pond of lime-gold sunlight. Long, pointed strands of Spanish moss festooned the brooding oak trees. A slight breeze blew the graybeards at an angle like a sail tacking to catch the wind. The only sound was the throaty moan of a distant rain crow.” - Pickpocket Plantation

Save time, order the set! Set of 4 Pretty Darn Scary Mysteries: P: SP-PDP4 $31.96 H: SP-PDH4 $59.80

LB: SP-PDLB4 $75.96

P=Paperback: $7.99 H=Hardcover: $14.95 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 RG=Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $29.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title: $179.70

P: 978-0-635-06233-8

H: 978-0-635-06237-6

LB: 978-0-635-07019-7


P: 978-0-635-06234-5 LB: 978-0-635-07020-3


A “Real Treat” – Learning Magazine


H: 978-0-635-06238-3 RG: PDPSKU5


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eachers and librarians asked me for a little more "rich language" mystery... kids and parents asked me for a slightly spookier/moodier mystery...and so Pretty Darn

Scary mysteries were born! "Pickpocket Plantation" is based on an authentic colonial rice plantation situated in the path of Sherman's March to the Sea! "Skullcracker Swamp" is based on the environmental soup that is the Okefenokee! "Fort Thunderbolt" is a nickname for Fort Pulaski of Revolutionary War fame! And while "Eyesocket Island" is a made-up barrier island, it is in the locale of a real-life "lost" World War II bomb! I wrote the books I would have love to have read as a kid and got lost myself in the flabbergasting facts and the mysteries that had me looking over my shoulder each evening in my dim office in my bathrobe! – Carole Marsh

P: 978-0-635-06235-2 LB: 978-0-635-07021-0

H: 978-0-635-06239-0 RG: PDPTHU5

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Interest Level: Ages 6-9 Reading Level: Grades 1-3 AR Levels: 3.1 - 3.4 Fountas & Pinnell: L Lexile Levels: 410-530

“Early chapter books for


entice and inspire!” Three girls—last names Criss, Cross, and Applesauce—form a detective agency to solve mysteries. A real "can-do" series for girls who will love these "We can!" characters' curiosity, confidence, and craziness!

Save time, order the set! Set of 3 Criss, Cross, Applesuace Mysteries: P: SP-CCP3 $11.97 H: SP-CCH3 $44.85

LB: SP-CCLB3 $56.97

P=Paperback: $3.99 H=Hardcover: $14.95 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 RG=Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $19.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title: $119.70

P: 978-0-635-06170-6 LB: 978-0-635-07012-8

H: 978-0-635-06203-1 RG: CCPMIS5


P: 978-0-635-06169-0 LB: 978-0-635-07011-1

P: 978-0-635-06171-3 LB: 978-0-635-07013-5

H: 978-0-635-06204-8 RG: CCPSHA5


H: 978-0-635-06202-4 RG: CCPHUN5



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Interest Level: Ages 6-9 Reading Level: Grades 1-3 AR Levels: 3.1 - 3.4 Fountas & Pinnell: L Lexile Levels: 430-550

“Early chapter books for


entice and inspire!” Grant, Weng-Ho, and Seve: three best friends are on the case of a simple but fun mystery to solve...They learn a lot, including what it means to have and be a friend!

Save time, order the set! Set of 3 Three Amigos Mysteries: P: SP-3AP3 $11.97 H: SP-3AH3 $44.85

LB: SP-3ALB3 $56.97

P=Paperback: $3.99 H=Hardcover: $14.95 LB= Library Binding: $18.99 RG= Reading Group Set – 5 books of 1 title: $19.95 CS=Classroom Set - 30 books of 1 title: $119.70

P: 978-0-635-06167-6 LB: 978-0-635-07009-8

H: 978-0-635-06200-0 RG: 3APOOG5


P: 978-0-635-06166-9 LB: 978-0-635-07008-1

P: 978-0-635-06168-3 LB: 978-0-635-07010-4

H: 978-0-635-06201-7 RG: 3APIND5


H: 978-0-635-06199-7 RG: 3APCRY5



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Complete Writing Curriculum

An exciting approach to writing, developed and written by renowned children’s book writer and Georgia Author of the Year, Carole Marsh!

Writing is an essential life and career skill. But writing (especially good writing) comes from the head and from the heart. Unfortunately, the writing spirit can be broken almost instantly – shattered by well meant writing rules that force children to “color in the lines”. Carole Marsh gives children permission to write what they know, to find their own voice, to make readers feel, cry, or laugh, to write with passion and purpose. The Writing Tree program guides students (and teachers) through the writing process, growing young writers from strong roots to full blossom!

6 17”x22” write-on Charts! Writing Tree is 22”x34” write-on, wipe-off poster; helps students visually organize their thoughts and words!

6 Reproducible Skillbuilder Books: Nouns; Verbs; Adjectives and Adverbs; Alliteration, Metaphors, Similes, and More!; Punctuation, Editing, and Proofreading; and Poetry

Writing Tips Bulletin Board Set: 30 pieces + 20’ of border!

Set of 30! 187 charming, out-of-thebox, reproducible activities!

6 Lesson Books: Persuasive Writing; Expository Writing; Narrative Writing; Creative Writing; Essays; and Editing & Revisions 3-ring tabbed notebook integrates all the pieces of the program, guiding teachers through the complete curriculum!

“Give me a kid and I’ll give you back a writer. You will be amazed! They will be amazed! My secrets, tips, tricks, and simple (sometimes silly and unorthodox!) methods have made me the writer I am today. I can and will teach your children to write!” - Carole Marsh


Set of 30; 16 pages; students use all year!

Complete Writing Tree Classroom Curriculum Program SP-WTCS $299

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