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Aligned! Effective! Proven! Louisiana iLEAP Curriculum-Aligned Products

2011 iLEAP Resources

3rd Grade C

Aligned! The Louisiana Experience covers exactly what Louisiana students need to learn to pass the iLEAP test. It is 100% comprehensive and 100% ALIGNED and correlated with the Louisiana Social Studies Content Standards.

Effective! The Louisiana Experience removes the hit-or-miss method of covering the standards and allows teachers to focus on the content. Interactive lessons, “small bites” of instruction with reinforcing hands-on activities and skills practice, and engaging visuals add up to an EFFECTIVE learning experience.

Proven! The Louisiana Experience is widely recognized by teachers as the best on the market in providing standardby-standard aligned instruction. It is PROVEN to increase test scores by as much as 400%.

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Facts & activities build interest and prompt discussion $14.99

160-page Workbook!

Complete Student Workbook plus ALL the answers

Wide variety of activities facilitate creative teaching

Interactive lessons result in effective learning

Gallopade International is pleased to offer you The Louisiana Experience, the finest curriculum products available for Third Grade that meet the Louisiana Social Studies Content Standards. The Louisiana Experience was not adapted from a “generic” 50-state program to match the Louisiana Social Studies Content Standards -- every word, every activity, every map skill, and every assessment was written based on LOUISIANA’S standards to meet the needs of LOUISIANA’S teachers and LOUISIANA’S students. Geography–Location, Places/Regions, Human Interaction, and Movement - Map characteristics–physical, political, topographical - Graphs–differentiate and interpret types of graphs - Louisiana map–compass rose and cardinal directions - Construct a chart, line graph, or diagram to display geographical information - Sketch a simple map of Louisiana from memory - Grid system–show location on map - Physical characteristics in regions of Louisiana - Describe how people and the environment in Louisiana have changed over time - Use maps, charts, and pictures to describe how places in Louisiana are different

Physical and Human Systems in Louisiana - Locate, describe, and compare urban, suburban, and rural - Identify and compare customs, celebrations, and traditions of various cultural groups - Relationship between geography and economic activities - Locate the town, parish, state, and country in which the student lives on a political map

Environment and Society in Louisiana - Identify and explain ways in which people modify the physical environment and adapt to meet basic needs - Natural resources

Civics–Structure and Purposes of Government - State laws and the persons responsible for making and enforcing them

Student Workbook Samples

Classroom Set Multi-colored 22” x 34” poster map provides a visual for state history and geography

“Story Cards” are great for individual & small group discussion/projects

Classroom Set


SP-LA3CS ....$666.65 $636.65 Save $30 on Student Workbooks with this set! Includes: 30 Student Workbooks, 1 Teacher's Edition, 1 Teacher Resource Book, 1 “Rich Curriculum” Enrichment Pack, 1 20 Ways to Teach the SSCS with Pizzazz, 1 Louisiana Poster Map, and 1 Test Prep CD


Test Prep Learn! Review! Assess!

- Necessity and responsibilities of state government and its key positions - State and national level elections - Difference between laws and rules

Roles of the Citizens - Identify the qualities of people who were leaders and good citizens - Describe how good citizenship can help solve state issues

Economics–Fundamental Economic Concepts - Scarcity - Compare benefits and costs when making choices (e.g., comparative shopping) - Explain reasons why people save money - Describe ways in which people are producers and consumers - Identify examples of natural, human, and capital resources used to produce goods and services - Concepts of specialization - Requirements of various jobs - Goods that are produced in Louisiana and how they are sold elsewhere - Identify various types of economic institutions - Discuss trade in the local community

Families and Communities

Individuals, Households, Businesses, and Governments

SP-LA3CC ....$479.70 $449.70 Save $30 on Student Workbooks with this set! Includes: 30 Student Workbooks

Teacher Set

- Basic principles of supply and demand - Effect of increase and decrease in price upon the consumer and producer - Identify services provided by the state government

SP-LA3TSC ...........................$202.94

Historical Thinking Skills

(w/o Test Prep CD)

- Complete a timeline based on given information - Use information in a map, table, or graph to describe the past - Identify ways different cultures record their histories (e.g., oral, visual, written)

Includes: 1 Student Workbook, 1 Teacher’s Edition, 1 Teacher Resource Book, 1 “Rich Curriculum” Enrichment Pack, 1 20 Ways to Teach the SSCS with Pizzazz, and 1 Louisiana Poster Map

Louisiana and United States History - Identify and describe early Louisiana settlers - Describe the importance of events, ideas, and technology significant to Louisiana’s development - Identify and describe the significance of various state and national landmarks and symbols - Identify the causes and effects of the major historical migrations to Louisiana - Identify cultural elements that have contributed to our state heritage

World History - Describe aspects of family life, structures, and roles in cultures other than the United States

- Describe changes in family life and community life - past to the present

Teacher Resource Samples

Classroom Carton

(w/Test Prep CD)

SP-LA3TS .............................$103.94

iLEAP Test Prep CD Single CD LACTP3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$99.00 Lab Pack CD (5 CDs) SP-LACTP3LAB . . . . . . . .$299.00 Site License (for up to 50 computers) SP-LACTP3SIT . . . . . . . . .$399.00 Includes: More than 300 test prep questions to help students score high on the iLEAP test for Social Studies

Enrichment Pack Sample 3rd Grade Readers & Vocabulary Books... See back page! Gallopade International Gallopade International P.O. Box 2779 P.O. Box 2779 Peachtree City, GA 30269 Peachtree City, GA 30269 800-536-2438 800-536-2438 800-871-2979 fax 800-871-2979 fax

The Louisiana Experience Curriculum Supplements The Gulf Coast Oil Spill: Poor Little Pelican This timely, curriculum resource helps students understand and appreciate the connections among people, places, and the environment. The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was a tragic event. This book tells the fictional story through the eyes of one of the victims of the disaster, the poor little pelican. A hard working 10-year-old reporter becomes the pelican’s friend and tells the non-fiction “documentary” story about the pelican. The story concludes with activities that build geographical and comprehension skills. $7.99/paperback

iLEAP Vocabulary Book Louisiana iLEAP Vocabulary Book is a musthave for Louisiana’s social studies! Vocabulary words are handpicked from Louisiana’s Social Studies Content Standards. Helps students understand Louisiana-specific social studies vocabulary so they understand Louisiana’s social studies standards-based content. Teacher’s Edition: • Includes 60 important, Third Grade social studies words, all defined in complete sentences • Includes a “Fast Fact” that is relevant to the social studies meaning of the word, and a “Think About It” that gives examples and provides discussion content • Includes an assessment for each word • Can be used to integrate vocabulary, to preClass Set:.........$99.69 $69.99 teach vocabulary, or for remediation and review

Student’s Vocabulary Book: • Includes 60 important, Third Grade social studies words, all defined in complete sentences • Includes a multiple-choice assessment for each vocabulary word • Includes a 6-page student dictionary students use throughout the year

(Includes 1 Teacher’s Edition and 30 Student Practice Books)

Teacher’s Edition only: $9.99 each Student Practice Book only: $2.99 each

Louisiana Reader Packs Engaging biographies of historic figures that influenced and contributed to Louisiana and United States history – created to reinforce Louisiana’s Third Grade Standards! Each Interactive Write-in Reader combines reading, language arts, and social studies, plus a variety of activities throughout the story that teach additional facts. • Biographies reinforce the cultural elements, early development, and events and ideas significant to Louisiana and United State’s history (Strand 4) • Stories show obstacles and hardships heroes overcame, their struggles, attempts, failures, perseverance, and accomplishments • All levels of students enjoy the interesting, interactive approach • An excellent tool for remediation, reading recovery and ESOL

Each Reader Pack contains 30 copies of 1 Reader. Each student gets his or her own copy to experience hands-on learning in an individual or group setting. $29.70/per pack $400.95/ for all 15 packs – save 10%! Louis Armstrong Pack Sieur de Bienville Pack William C. C. Claiborne Pack Harry Connick, Jr. Pack Jimmie Davis Pack Hernando De Soto Pack Pierre LeMoyne d’Iberville Pack Andrew Jackson Pack

Thomas Jefferson Pack Robert La Salle Pack Huey P. Long Pack Marsalis Family Pack Napolean Pack P. B. S. Pinchback Pack Henry Shreve Pack

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2011 Third Grade Social Studies Curriculum Catalog