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12 Summer Olympics g and over in a flash: the 20 kin ma the in rs yea en sev s It wa flags mixed up, Bolt le moments. We got those rab mo me of d ria my a in d Mo Farah in erupte gly the whole country joined min see and y) usl vio (ob ke form in front of a did beat Bla lifetime opportunity to per a in e onc The . bot Mo ry finished in an his celebrato a well-deserved boost as we es let ath our e giv to d me l in Beijing home crowd see dals – 17 more than our hau me 65 ing opp wh a h wit ce impressive 3rd pla lings about London’s ability e (typically British!) grumb som te spi De . ago rs yea r fou , it was a successful grandeur of Beijing in 2008 the all er aft s me Ga the t to hos facts… Gallery takes a look at the Olympiad by any standard.

S CRAZY CREDIT ics g Ceremonies of the Olymp Both the Opening and Closin l extent ful ssential quirkiness to its showed off Britain’s quinte Here ir monarch out of a plane? – where else would throw the t members listed… are a few of the weirder cas • 9 supermodels • 70 sheep • 5 Spice Girls • 12 horses • 10 black cabs • 10 chickens llow!). hnesses Monty, Holly and Wi • 3 Corgis (or Their Royal Hig s ent from each of the five contin • Thousands of volunteers • 007, himself.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Country United States China Great Britain Russian Federation Republic of Korea Germany France Italy Hungary Australia

Gold 46 38 29 24 13 11 11 8 8 7

Silver 29 27 17 26 8 19 11 9 4 16

Bronze 29 23 19 32 7 14 12 11 5 12

Total 104 88 65 82 28 44 34 28 17 35

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