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Guernsey’s Style Magazine | Vol 01 No 2 | December 2011 | the Billionaire issue

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#02 ‘BILLIONAIRE’ Cover Credits Photography: Danny Evans

Models: Emily Shilling Shannon Goode George Le Page Hook up with us >

Hair: Tania Trustum


Make Up: Shanine Levrier

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Key Contacts Publisher Keiran Wyatt-Nicolle DD : 739854 M : 07911 766620

With that in mind we have delivered, in true Santa fashion, some ideas for gifts and goodies that could make it into the huge Christmas stocking of any billionaire. We also talk about living the high life and give you some ideas on how to live it even if you don’t have a billion pounds in the bank.

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Peter Silvester DD : 739854 Mike Chatfield DD : 739854 Editorial Liaison Keiran Wyatt-Nicolle DD : 739854 M : 07911 766620 Staff photographers Danny Evans Etienne Laine


ou know how when you finish a good book, you can get that feeling afterwards that something is missing in your life? You can even wonder what all the characters are doing after the story ended – or is that just me? Well that’s how we felt when the the first issue of Gallery was finally put to bed. But there was no time to dwell on the past and rest on our laurels. Planning for this issue was already well under way, and with Christmas fast approaching we decided to serve you up a Christmas present that all the family can enjoy. What better way to celebrate the giving frenzy than to serve up a Billionaire issue with all the trimmings. Close your eyes and just for a moment imagine money is no object – gold super car, super yacht, your own rocket to the stars – sorry got carried away there, but what if.....

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Gallery is published eleven times a year as a fresh yet discerning guide to all that happens on the Island and beyond. With quality and style in mind, our tone is not too superior or too serious, written by the people of Guernsey for people everywhere.

And we ask the question, would you want to be a billionaire, have all that responsibility, have people wanting a slice of your fortune? Hmmm, now let me think... With all this talk of money, let’s not forget that there are a lot of people out there who won’t have a full stocking next to a cosy fire this Christmas. So we will also give you some ideas on how you can make Christmas special for the less fortunate amongst us. Giving a small gift to someone who needs it can be more gratifying and memorable than receiving that big new gadget that we probably don’t really need. Don’t believe me? Go out and give it a try! Now where’s my eggnog? Merry Christmas! G

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Misc* MISC.

How to become a billionaire quickly All you need to do is jump onto a plane to Somalia with £384,506.66 and head to the local post office/bank/bureau de change or the most convenient to change said money into 1 billion Somalian shillings. It’ll take you a bit longer in Kuwait though... you’ll need £2,268,684,210.52 to change into Kuwait Dinars.

Hardest Currency to become a Billionaire 1. Kuwait Dinar KWD 1KWD = $3.6 2. Bahrain Dinar 1BHD = $2.6 3. Oman Rial 1OMR =$2.5 4. Latvia Lats 1LVL =$1.88

5. United Kingdom Pounds 1GBP = $1.5 5. Falkland Islands 1FKP = $1.5 5. Gibraltar 1GIP = $1.5 5. Saint Helena SHP = $1.5

Easiest Currency to become a Billionaire 1. Somalia Shilling SOS 1us dollar = 33,300 2. Vietnam Dong VND 1us dollar = 19,487.70 3. Sao Tome Dobra STD 1us dollar = 18,260.00 4. Iran Rial IRR 1us dollar = 10,349.59 5. Indonesian Rupiah IDR 1us dollar = 8765.01

Money. We all use it, and we’ve all got lots of different words for the stuff. From the common to the ‘I’ve never heard of that before’, here’s our indepth research* on the subject.

2 14

1. Carlos Slim (and family) Señor Slim is worth a staggering $74 billion, having made his money in telecommunications companies and other business ventures. 2. Bill Gates This Microsoft magnate has amassed a fortune of $59 billion since the launch of Microsoft Windows in 1985. 3. Warren Buffet The Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has been in business for 60 years and is one of the most successful investors of all time, his current net worth standing at about $50 billion. 4. Bernard Arnault If you haven’t heard of LVMH, then you will have definitely heard of one of the brands incorporated in the business, a group which includes Louis Vuitton, Pucci, Guerlain, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Thomas Pink and Veuve Cliquot. Its Chairman is estimated to be worth $41 billion.

Av ya got any becks n posh?! Wonga







Bees and honey




Becks and posh













Billionaire Boys (& Girls) Club

*10 minutes on Wikipedia

125.70 Nepalese Rupee Nrs 1.42 Swiss Franc SwF 10 Y Chinese Yen 357.03 Hungarian Forint Ft 1,801.08 South Korean Won KRW 236.24 Kazakhstan Tenge T 2.7 R$ Brazilian Dollar 796.80 Ch$ Chilian Peso 5.99 Saudi Riyal SRI 14,319.57 Indonesian Rupiah Rp 21.49 Mexican Peso MEX$ 48.9 Russian Ruble RUB 49.10 Thai Baht THB 5.86 United Arab Emirates Dirham AED

5. Lawrence Ellison Another software super-earner, Mr. Ellison founded Oracle after he developed his product Oracle database, intended for the CIA’s use. He’s worth £39.5 billion. 6. Lakshmi Mittal The only one of our list to live in the British Isles, he may not be at the top spot but his daughter Vanisha’s wedding was the most expensive in the world. Not to worry though, it still left him with a cool $31.1 billion. 7. Amancio Ortega Like Arnault, Ortega made his money in the fashion industry, accumulating $31 billion from founding the Inditex group which includes the brands Zara and Massimo Dutti. 8. Eike Batista This Brazilian entrepreneur is currently CEO of the EBX group and is worth $30 billion, focusing his interests on natural resources and energy. 9. Mukesh Ambani Mr Ambani is Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, and Indian conglomerate company based in Mumbai which he joined in 1981. His net worth for 2011 is $27 billion. 10. Christy Walton It’s no surprise that the daughter-in-law of Walmart’s founder has made her way into our list. She inherited $15.7 billion when her husband died in 2005 and is the number one female philanthropist in the world. GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAzinE MAGAZINE JErSEY’S StYLE





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Tony Brassell – Writing Extraordinaire

Tony has written many articles for the local media covering a range of topics including travel, business and sport. He has also just published his first book through Amazon’s Kindle. A keen golfer and sport watcher, his interests know no bounds and he is happy writing on a wide range of topics. One day he hopes to write a best selling novel.

This isn’t a private party and there’s no VIP area (there is a jacuzzi though...). Entertain us with jokes, ideas, youtube clips etc


Nichole Sweetsur – Beauty Writer

Nichole has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. Her obsession with lip balm and mascara boarders on the obsessive, but despite the fact that she’s worked with some of the best in the business she is still unable to blow dry her own hair properly. Etienne Laine - Photographer

Etienne’s interest in photography flourished from the first moment he began to take it seriously at 16. Etienne can often be seen around the Gallery offices humouring the team and if he had the chance to photograph anyone it would be Rankin the famous photographer. Naomi Bishop – Arts writer

Naomi REALLY wants to be a zombie. She’s young, tasty, and has a lovely brain. The most depressing thing about Goldsmiths University, where she studied fine art, was the total lack of zombies. She sometimes thinks she’s cursed never to meet the perfect zombie, as the international brand at which she is an award winning creative has a no un-dead policy. Fascists. A special thanks to PF+A Architecture and Simon and Sharon Garnham

Rip it, scrap it, comment, critique, research, report. Opinions wanted on politics, business, news, home, property, music, gadgets, sports and culture. Something annoyed you and you want to tell the island? We’re here for you baby. If you’d like to see your name in... er... print, get in touch.


We understand that the medium is the message. The quality of a magazine reflects on the businesses that advertise within it. Gallery is Guernsey’s highest quality magazine and premium print media option for stylish and progressive brands. If you have a business or strategy to promote to Guernsey’s forward thinking consumer, get in touch. We don’t have pushy sales people and won’t try and badger, coerce, harass or try to sell you something you don’t want. Call us on 739854 or drop us an email...




creative If you are an artist with work to exhibit, an event or entertainment organiser with an event coming up or a business with some exciting news or a new product to feature, get in touch. We’re keen to feature anything of interest that will entertain our readers.

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listings For more great local events and businesses visit





£FREE // 15.30 – 17.15

£FREE // 10.00 – 16.30


TEL: 247892

Christmas will be in town, along with all his helpers and Oscar Puffin for Switch On Day. Santa’s parade will go from the Yacht Club to Church Square where he’ll switch on the Christmas lights in front of hundreds of excited children (and adults)! Don’t forget to bring your wish lists to post to the North Pole.

07.12.11, 14.12.11, 21.12.11 CHRISTMAS LATE NIGHT SHOPPING ST PETER PORT £FREE // 17.00 – 21.00


Late night Christmas shopping brings Guernsey to life at this time of year. Street entertainment, pavement stalls, carol singers and the smell of roasting chestnuts really heighten the festive atmosphere and help encourage islanders to ‘Buy Local’.

08.12.11 – 04.01.12 JT-WAVE SKATE MARKET SQUARE

FROM £6.00 // 09.00 – 21.00 WWW.JTWAVESKATE.COM

Skate your way into Christmas! Islanders will be able to enjoy all the bustling atmosphere of the festive season from the ice rink in Market Square with magical music, traditional stalls and the odd celebrity guest. Book your tickets now to avoid missing some sparkling Christmas fun! Closed Christmas Day.



07.12.11, 14.12.11, 21.12.11


£12.50 (£7.50 CHILDREN UNDER 12 AND SENIOR CITIZENS) // 17.00 – 19.30

Motorcyclists compete over a course full of jumps and tight corners. Spectators are able to view the majority of the track watching riders jump and battle for the best line for the corners.




See the best of Guernsey’s Christmas light displays with a coach drive around Guernsey and, new for 2011, a stop at The Folk and Costume Museum’s Christmas Shop. Coach pickups and drop offs at the Town Bus Terminus. Always popular so book early to avoid missing out!

Now in its 15th YEAR and more festive than ever, the annual Winter Wonderland is once again being held by The Lions Club of Guernsey and Cancer Research. Christmas lights, Santa’s Grotto, food stalls, gifts, mulled wine and much, much more. FREE parking and FREE Shuttle Bus Service at Specsavers. Tickets from Woodies, Stan Brouard’s, Earlswood Garden Centre, Creasey’s Nursery Dept and Fashion Shop, Shoestring and St Peter’s Post Office.



TEL: 743785 // WWW.ICW.GG



You can expect to eat local food, buy local presents, see local people and get drunk on local cider at the Medieval Christmas Street Party. Plus live rockabilly funk from the John Wesley Stone and ‘Become a Medieval Christmas Knight’ free children’s workshop.



Come down to Chouet beach to watch Guernsey’s only banger racing club in action. Contact is permitted resulting in lots of heart-stopping moments during these exciting races.




Join Fiona Le Tissier and The Glees together with special guests for an evening of festive music in aid of the Wigwam Support Group. Complimentary mulled wine and mince pies during the interval.




Don your Santa suit and raise money for Aid Reaching Children. Bikers, runners, junior runners and walkers will be taking part to support this charity and have some fun fitness along the way. Adult runners and bikers race starts at Pembroke Car Park at 11.30am, children’s fun run for under 12’s from Bulwer Avenue at 11.45am.




The songs from amazing smash hit West End Shows brought to St James by Things to Do Guernsey. Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon......and the list goes on. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!


21.12.11 – 02.01.12



















Families and friends of Les Bourgs Hospice patients are invited to remember their loved ones at this service at Les Cotils. People are invited to write in with names of loved ones they wish to remember which will then be laminated and hung on two trees to be lit up for the 6.30pm service.


KING ARTHUR PANTOMIME TOP BANANA BEAU SEJOUR THEATRE NEW YEAR’S £12.00 (£9.00 CHILDREN UNDER 18 AND EVE BASH SENIOR CITIZENS) // 14.00 / 19.30 L’EREE HOTEL TEL: 747200 // WWW.GUERNSEYTICKETS.GG This year we find ourselves in the golden age of chivalry with GADOC’s King Arthur pantomime directed by Caron Parker. It’s a time of great deeds and fiery dragons, good versus evil, witches and sorcerers, knights in shining armour, gallant steeds, lavish banquets and jousting tournaments. Who will win the fight of Good versus Evil? Go along and find out!

£40.00 // 19.30 – LATE

TEL: 07781 126046 // CUTH@CWGSY.NET

Top Banana have re-formed for the party of all parties this New Year’s Eve to raise funds for Les Bourgs Hospice. Buffet and glass of bubbly included in the ticket price with rooms available for reservation if you want to make a night of it. Book tickets now and have a top banana NYE!

23.01.12 – 26.01.12



Hold on to your 1950 style hats, as two merry wives give the lovable “naughty knight” - that most famous of Shakespearean characters, fun loving Falstaff - a shock he’ll never forget, in return for his unwanted amorous attentions.




Community Contribution New lights and a second location for the Tree of Joy This year’s Tree of Joy initiative will see new lights on the Weighbridge roundabout and a second tree at the airport. The Rotary Club’s campaign to collect gifts for needy youngsters in the island began in 1994, and since 2004 it has been symbolised by an illuminated tree on the Weighbridge roundabout. This year, the lights have been replaced with strands that twinkle and the old lights have been used to create a second Tree of Joy at the airport. ‘Each year we talk to our sponsors Deutsche Bank, Sure and Long Port and identify ways that we can make the Tree of Joy a little bit different. We had invested in some new strands of lights for the Weighbridge roundabout last year but a number of them failed, so we contacted the manufacturers to voice our concerns and have been able to purchase a whole new set of lights which twinkle for the Weighbridge, and use the old lights to create a second tree at the airport,’ said Rotary Community Services chairman David Parish. The idea for a second tree, which will be located on the grass bank separating the car park from the passenger drop-off and collection area, came about when Mr Parish was speaking to Guernsey Airport director Colin Le Ray. ‘It was a great idea and I’m delighted that the Rotary Club, with the financial support of Deutsche Bank, Sure and Long Port, have been able to make it happen. Having a tree at both the airport and near the harbour means that people arriving in the island are welcomed by what has become an iconic Guernsey symbol of Christmas and allows us to keep the reason behind the Tree of Joy at the forefront of everyone’s minds,’ said Mr Parish. More than 550 Tree of Joy labels will be available from Monday 28 November and Mr Parish hopes that the public will be as generous as they have been in previous years. Once purchased, presents, which are not expected to exceed £25 in value, should be wrapped and returned to the same location where the tag was collected from by 12 December. ‘Long Port, Deutsche Bank and Sure have been involved with the Tree of Joy for seven years now because we recognise how important it is to help those islanders who are less fortunate, while at the same time adding something extra to the island’s Christmas illuminations. We hope that the


new lights on the roundabout and the new tree at the airport will make people feel very festive,’ he said. The Tree of Joy at the airport will be switched on at 6pm on Thursday 1st December 2011 and the Weighbridge Tree of Joy will be illuminated from 6pm on Friday 2nd December 2011.

Le Friquet adds colour to Les Bourgs Hospice garden The gardens at the new Les Bourgs Hospice will soon be filled with £12,000 worth of plants. Blue Diamond, which owns Le Friquet Garden Centre, has donated the plants to the hospice as part of its support for the island where the company has its roots. ‘Blue Diamond started as the Fruit Export Company and has been a proud part of the Guernsey community for 107 years. We are always delighted to be involved in projects that will make a very real difference to islanders and there is no doubt that the new Les Bourgs Hospice will do exactly that,’ said Blue Diamond managing director Alan Roper. ‘The team behind Les Bourgs has done an amazing job in raising millions of pounds to make the dream of a new, purpose built, state of the art hospice a reality and it is an absolute pleasure for Blue Diamond to be able to reduce the cost of creating the gardens.’ The new building has been designed around the garden, which includes two interlinked ponds with fountains, seating areas, lawns and planted borders. All of the bedrooms have their own private terraces, which overlook the garden. ‘The garden is an extremely important part of Les Bourgs Hospice as it will provide patients with a place to rest and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of Blue Diamond, which not only means we can use money designated for the garden for other things but also that we can start work on planting much earlier than we had hoped,’ said director of nursing Jo Boyd. ‘We hope that our first patients will be moving in during January and we will be working with Blue Diamond to ensure that the garden is already taking shape by then and will be full of colour and aroma by spring.’


Renowned architect to speak at 2011 awards for achievement An architect who has lectured across the world will be the keynote speaker at the 2011 Guernsey Awards for Achievement. Robert Adam is being brought to the island to talk about his 34-year career in architecture by the Garenne Group, which has secured a number of high profile speakers for the event in recent years. ‘Garenne chairman Stuart Falla had the pleasure of hearing Robert speak earlier this year and thought he would make an ideal speaker for the Awards for Achievement,’ said Garenne chief executive Andy Hall. ‘We have had some exceptional speakers from Lord Coe and Lord Falconer to Tim Smit and Mel Young, and all have brought something unique to this celebration of what makes Guernsey the successful place it is. Garenne Group is once again delighted to be involved with the Awards for Achievement.’ Mr Adam, 63, has practised in Winchester since 1977 and co-founded Winchester Design in 1986, which subsequently became Robert Adam Architects in 2000 and then ADAM Architecture in 2010. During his career, he has worked on a diverse range of projects including major private houses, extensions to historic buildings and public and commercial buildings. He has 20 years’ experience in masterplanning, speculative housing and has pioneered objective coding. His contribution to the classical tradition is internationally acknowledged, both as a scholar and as a designer of traditional and progressive classical architecture. Adam’s work is widely published, broadcast and exhibited and he has written numerous historical, critical and theoretical papers together with a book on classical design and a children’s book on architecture. He also lectures widely in the UK and abroad including tours in the USA, Russia and Iran. ‘Robert is an exceptionally talented man with extensive experience across a wide range of projects. I have no doubt that he will have a unique insight into the many challenges that Guernsey as an island faces as we try to balance the needs of the island, its residents and its business community with the environmental and social needs,’ said Mr Hall. The Guernsey Awards for Achievement will be held on 9th February 2012 for more information on the event and to book tables please contact Natalie Davidson at Event Guernsey 01481 728686 or Natalie@





Carla & Tyson BREED: Carla - Human Tyson - Pomeranian AGE: Carla - 24 Tyson - 9 months LIKES: Carla - Shopping and partying and anything involving spending time with my friends! Tyson - Play fighting is the best but cuddles with mum is a close second! HATES: Carla - The winter, being cold and rain… Tyson - I also don’t like the rain or very hot weather… it plays havoc with my hair! IF HUMAN/ANIMAL WHAT WOULD YOU BE: Carla - I’d be a panther! Tyson - Mike Tyson of course, can’t you see the resemblance! MOST LIKE TO DO OR MOST WANT: Carla - I’d love to be able to play the guitar… Tyson - All I want this Christmas is a Girlfriend! INTERESTING FACTS: Carla - Not sure I should tell you this, but I snort when I laugh! Tyson - I was the smallest of my litter but definitely make up for it in personality! BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS


I’ve eaten the leftover turkey

Jersey’s style magazine


28 10




listen to your animals talk... Gallery checks out obscure New Year practices from around the world words | Georgie Clifford

Everybody loves celebrating New Year, whether to celebrate the year they've had, look forward to the new one or just to party away. All around the world people celebrate the coming of a new year in different, weird and wonderful ways. Wouldn't it be interesting to join in on a different tradition for the holiday? For example if somehow, for whatever reason, you fancy being from Ecuador for this time of year, call it "Ano Vjeno", create a scarecrow resembling a fake person or dummy and stuff it with old newspapers and firecrackers. Place it outside your home, just as the tradition suggests, and at midnight set your dummy on fire. Boom. Literally. The old year is forgotten and the new one begins. If perhaps you feel you might have been Chinese in another life or want to elongate your celebrations, their traditions might entice you. They create money trees. Yes, money trees. Dancers climb upon one another, creating a human ladder to reach the "lucky money" in high places. Bringing the fantasy to life, they decorate them with old coins and paper flowers. Rumour has it that in Denmark it's a good sign to have a pile of broken dishes outside your door at New Year. They save their old dishes all year round to throw them at their friends’ homes. However flattering


it may be, seeing as the idea is that the more broken dishes you have the more friends you have, I probably wouldn't suggest this one. Then again, who wouldn't love to have a scratched up door and more of a mess to clear up? Regardless, it's a sure symbol of friendship and good luck. The kids might like this one. In Greece, ‘St Basil’ fills the children's shoes with presents at midnight. What a mixture - Jersey's tradition of Santa and stockings alongside Greece's St Basil and shoes! Many countries have traditions they believe will bring them good luck. For example, in Puerto Rico the children like to throw water out of the window at midnight in order to rid their homes of evil spirits. (Hopefully defenceless passersby avoid walking below windows at midnight to avoid a good drenching.) In Spain, the people eat 12 grapes - one grape for every stroke of the clock, representing each month. Ah, those healthy Spaniards. Switzerland let a drop of cream land on the floor on New Year’s Day for good luck while the French eat a pile of pancakes for good health. It's at times like these that being French sounds appealing. Belgian farmers like to wish their animals a Happy New Year – quite lovely. Bless those Belgian farmers.

possessed the talent of speaking, it's very bad luck if they do. Luckily, the animals still haven't spoken up so the good luck continues. The Japanese seem to follow pretty random (to us) traditions. For example, for good luck and happiness, seaweed or ferns are hung over their doors and rooftops and "Forgetting-year" parties are held in order to say goodbye to the year just passed. Family and friends are forgiven for any disagreements or misunderstandings that may have previously taken place which sounds rather inspirational, really. On New Year's Eve, bells are rung 108 times to diminish 108 problems or troubles. They say it broadens the mind to know about other cultures and many seem to have unusual and exciting ways of celebrating the particular event of New Year. Perhaps some of the traditions wouldn’t be so effective in places other than where they take place, as I can’t imagine a Jersey Bean being overly happy with water poured over their heads or smashed plates on their doorsteps. Nonetheless, it’s always interesting to know how others celebrate and what brings them together. Enjoy your holidays and good luck in your New Year.

Looking for a conversation starter with our current influx of Romanians? Tradition dictates that they try to listen for their farm animals talking on New Year’s Day. Sorry to let you know, but if you've always hoped your pet secretly







people attended Foots Lane to support Guernsey FC against Feltham

percent increase in the number of holiday makers visiting the island


shoeboxes sent from Guernsey to Tanzania and Montenegro


thousand pounds donated by Tom Scott to Animal Health Trust & Prostate Cancer Charity


8 12

Unicef “Baby Friendly” Award presented to the PEH

day airport closure planned for 2012 as the States look to make head way on runway improvements.






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THE GALLERY MAGAZINE LAUNCH NIGHT The Gallery Headquarters: 09/11/2011 Gallery Magazine was unveiled at their launch party this month, and lots of the VIPs took advantage of ‘The Pod’! to show their delight for Guernsey’s newest lifestyle magazine.

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Get paparazzi at your events.

Get paparazzi at your events.






There was a fantastic turn out at the Rock Garden Launch party hosted by Yvonne Scott MD of Vista Hotels. Guests enjoyed a selection of the unique cocktails on offer and enjoyed testing out the interactive wall feature – the first of its kind in Guernsey.

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Get paparazzi at your events.

Get paparazzi at your events.





JODIE’S 40TH BIRTHDAY The Fermain Tavern

You’re only forty once, so why not celebtate it in style, with a massive fancy dress party with band (Last of the Light Brigade) playing some amazing covers and DJ, at the Fermain Tavern?

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Get paparazzi at your events.

Get paparazzi at your events.





BIG KIDS DAYAt Sattery Champness The staff at Saffreys, yet again got into the spirit of Big Kids Day!! Gallery love the efforts of these guys, Bravo Saffrey Champness!

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Who wants to be a billionaire? I don’t! words | Tony Brassell


ell that was a sentiment expressed in the film High Society when it was released in 1956. It was actually millionaire in those days so I have raised the game to allow for inflation! Assuming that actually most of us would like to experience the billionaire lifestyle let’s think of some ways to become a billionaire or maybe just act like one, as Frank Sinatra did when he sang the song during the film. If you want to be able to put a mass of cash in the bank you will need two things, your brain and a lot of belief. Dogged determination to be a success can be the key element which can make all the difference. J K Rowling has already been mentioned in Gallery this month and she can be a role model for all those aspiring billionaires out there. If like her you like to tell a story, have the time to write it down and if the story strikes a cord with the millions of readers out there then you have the potential to amass your fortune. Think of it this way. There are 60 million people in the UK and 600 million in the US plus countless millions in Europe. If you can offer all those people something which results in each of them giving you just a £1 – you will become a billionaire. That scenario fits well with writing, music and even videos thanks to Youtube and if you sell things on the internet that offers potential for the inventors and manufacturers amongst you. But belief in yourself and your product can be the vital element, someone else had to believe in Harry to make JK Rowling a billionaire and not everyone did at first. Her determination to see Harry in print finally found a fellow believer and the rest as they say is history. The same can be said for many well known successes, not everyone liked the Beatles when they were looking for a record deal.

others to do it for you. It is simple, you employ people to provide a service, pay them at one rate and charge their time at a higher rate. You pocket the difference. The bigger the workforce the bigger your pockets have to be. So that’s how, potentially, to make your fortune but what if you actually don’t want to make the effort to become rich and famous but just want to live like a billionaire even for a short while. The answer is to spoil yourself from time to time. Let your imagination run free and think what it would be like if you had endless sums of money to play with. For example what do billionaires do all the time, attend fancy dinners of course. They get dropped off in fancy cars and drink nice wine – you can do that too. Hire the tux, hire the limo and splash out on the wine – or better still get invited to somewhere where the wine is free. It may be a one off but just for a while you will feel like a billionaire. Hiring boats, chartering a plane, enjoying high tea at the OGH – it’s all possible – occasionally. If you can’t save, enter competitions – you might be lucky. We won a luxury trip to centre court at Wimbledon with flights and a chauffeur driven car to take us there. We paid for the Pimms but the rest was free. With a bit of determination you can make things can happen. One last piece of advice, don’t be shy. Never be afraid to ask for that upgrade. When you pass people and they say hello, stop and talk. If a stranger asks for help, give that help. The world has a way of balancing things out and you might get the invitation of a life time from someone you have just met. But if you don’t say those first few words – you’ll never know what might have happened.

The other way and probably the most common way to make a fortune, is to get





With increased wealth came urban improvements, and property purchasing within St Peter Port and the neighbouring islands within the Bailiwick. So a byproduct of privateering, legalised trade and smuggling, was a building boom! Many of the fine buildings in St Peter Port and St Anne’s in Alderney were the result of entrepreneurialism. After the Napoleonic Wars were over in 1815, privateering and associated smuggling went into decline. Times were harder for the smaller merchants who relied heavily on reaping any rewards which came their way, whereas the wealthier merchants had considerable savings to fall back on.

Ghost words | Annette Henry


o you want to be a Billionarie? Imagine you have won the lottery! Are you richer to the tune of £100’s, £1,000’s or £1,000,000’s pounds? How about amassing a fortune of ¼ billion pounds?

This is exactly what happened to one very fortunate Privateer, in the late 18th century, when he captured 8 enemy ships in a single year. Mr John Le Messurier netted himself a cool £212,000 from the proceeds of legalised piracy in 1799. Index link this phenomenal amount and you will arrive at the grand total of £250 million pounds! Not bad for an annual salary! “The important geographical position of Guernsey was the main contributory factor behind St Peter Port developing as a major entrepôt in the years between 1660 and 1750. With the importation and exportation of primarily wines and spirits, together with tobacco, tea and fruit, warehouses sprung up along the St Peter Port seashore, and then spilled over into the Le Truchot and Le Bordage. Merchants took advantage of the excellent climate, perfect conditions and cool cellars necessary for the storage and maturation of the liquor. More than 600 coopers were employed to make the barrels needed to store the BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS


goods, and porters were required to move the products from ship to shore. Being largely outside the control of British Customs Authorities, due to an ancient charter, Guernsey enjoyed the trappings of wealth on a grand scale, and with the relative proximity of Guernsey to England and France, smuggling became intrinsically linked with trade and piracy” Privateering came as a direct result of wars between France and Spain. The Papal Bull of Neutrality, granted in the 15th century, had been allowed to lapse by King William some 200yrs later, and this gave legitimacy for Guernseymen to operate as privateers, in times of war, both in and around local waters and further afield. Letters of Marque, authorisations granted by the Sovereign and issued by the High Court of Admiralty in London, enabled the Guernsey privateers to sail the seas in heavily armed ships, in pursuit of enemy merchant vessels. Upon seizure, the enemy ships were brought back to St Peter Port, at which time the vessels were either ransomed back to the owners, or unloaded, with the spoils of war being stored, sold or smuggled out of the island. The profits were then distributed, 1/5 going to the Sovereign, 2/3 of the remainder to the owner of the privateer, and the final 1/3 being distributed between the captain and his crew.

However, with improved facilities at the port, the entrepôt trade continued to make a huge contribution to the economy of St Peter Port, which annually grew richer, and helped to provide benefits for the islanders as a whole.

FUNNY TALE Sir Edgar McCulloch, former Bailiff of Guernsey, recalled a story about a local Guernsey man who had been personally known to him. The local gentleman explained that he had experienced a strange dream one night. In his reverie, the man saw a ship sailing on the high seas, and a jumble of numbers which formed part of the puzzle. The man decided these numbers must be co-ordinates, and the ship, an enemy vessel. He sold his home, he sold his land and he sold his livestock and with the money he received, he purchased a ship of war. Armed with the necessary documentation, he instructed the heavily armed captain and crew to sail to the exact location that had come to him in his dream. His family and friend thought he had turned mad, especially when days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, with no sign of his ship returning to St Peter Port. Then one day, the gentleman spotted a familiar sight on the horizon. It was not just one ship, but three vessels, all heading for the harbour. One was his own vessel and the other two ships were enemy ships, caught in the exact same place that he had dreamt of! The two Spanish ships were laden with gold, and the gentleman became extremely rich, much to the amazement and envy of his family and friends, who had sincerely doubted his sanity in embarking on such a foolhardy adventure! 23











What is a


How to find your fortune words | Tony Brassell You’ve tried all the usual ways to get rich and success has, how can I put it kindly, eluded you so far. How about just finding your fortune? Sounds too good to be true! Well if your name is Terry Herbert you know such dreams can come true. Terry discovered a large hoard of Saxon gold and silver items in a farmers field in Staffordshire worth £3.2 million. In 2010 David Crisp unearthed a hoard of 52,000 bronze Roman Coins worth an estimated £3.3 million. And if you think you have to try for years before being that lucky, young James Hyatt can tell you different. James was three years old in 2010 when he was out with his Dad and asked if he could have a go at metal detecting. It was his first try and after just 5 minutes he had a strong contact and just 8 inches under the ground they found a gold religious pendant worth an estimated £2.5 million.

words | Tony Brassell Ok so you’ve set your sights on being a billionaire, but

just what is a billionaire. These days anyone with a thousand million euros, dollars or pounds in assets would be considered a billionaire - in their respective countries. Originally, to be a billionaire you would have had to have a million million to qualify, but no-one has that amount of money in those currencies - not yet anyway! So we’ll take today’s standard version of a billionaire and use that as our benchmark. Obviously looking at the currency exchange rates it is “easier” to be a billionaire in the United States than it is in the UK or Europe. The US has over 400 billionaires and if we use the US Dollar as the measure to compare country with country, China is now second on the list with well over a hundred. The UK languishes down in 8th place on the country list with just over 30 billionaires, well behind Turkey! Come on rich folk in the UK, you’re letting the side down.

But before you go out digging up the back garden just remember that items of historic significance need to be reported to the States Archaeological Department and you just can’t go out and dig on other peoples land without their permission. Certain sites are also protected as areas of archaeological significance. If it sounds a bit too complicated, Guernsey has its very own treasure hunter in the shape of Mike Newman of MCN Metal Detection. If you call him on 07781 415007 he can explain what you can or can’t do. He is approved by the States of Guernsey as a Metal Detectorist – is there such a word? – and can give you the best possible advice. Mike has found some interesting items in Guernsey himself from old coins to Second World War ordnance. His big find is still to come, and who knows - it could be on your land! So if you fancy seeing if your fortune is under your roses, give Mike a call.

In the early days, property, theft and war were traditional forms of gaining wealth. Once the Industrial Revolution kicked in, manufacturing became a great way to secure a fortune. Now, if you take the UK as an example, banking and finance tend to be the routes to wealth. Hands up who wants to start a bank! Of course there are other sectors where we have created billionaires. Bernie Ecclestone and J K Rowling are dollar billionaires in their respective fields and I guess have more fun than the finance people do – no disrespect to bankers of course! A note of caution though, having all that money can turn you a bit strange – must be the stress of having loads of money to spend! Apparently, one billionaire lives in hotels, only eats in restaurants and owns nothing, another built himself a theme park, and one plans to give it all away! What would you do with your billions?





es ir a n o li il B F F ry e ll a G # e Ellis words | Martin

This might come as a surprise, but you don’t see many billionaires on Twitter. This is probably because they don’t make any money out of tweeting. If it doesn’t boost their net worth, then what’s the point?



Bill Gates (@BillGates)

Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver)

Founder and Chairman of Microsoft and Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with an estimated net worth of $59 billion.

Chef, restaurateur and media personality, best known for his TV shows, cook books and food related endeavours.

Richard Branson (@richardbranson) Founder of the Virgin Group with an estimated net worth of £3.085 billion.

Bear Grylls (@BearGrylls)

Ed Dale (@Ed_Dale) A marketing expert Dale has launched a series of successful advice programmes for startup businesses.

Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah)

Lord Alan Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) Best known for hit TV show The Apprentice and founding electronics company Amstrad. He is ranked 89th in the Sunday Times Rich List.

John Jantsch (@ducttape) A small business marketing consultant tweeting advice for small businesses and re-tweeting other leading small business voices in the field.

Mark Cuban (@mcuban)

This isn’t strictly true. Twitter can be a fantastic marketing tool for businesses, but it’s easy to get it wrong. The key is to remember that Twitter is a ‘social’ network, so if you are going to use it for marketing, then it’s all about engagement marketing, not traditional broadcast marketing. Celebrities also use Twitter to instantly engage with their fans, often posting photographs to offer up a unique insight into their lives. With that in mind, this month’s Gallery Twitterati includes just a few billionaires, some wealthy celebrities, entrepreneurs and people who might just tweet the piece of advice you need to make your first billion.

Business Advice

American media personality, producer, magazine publisher, literary critic and actress with an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion.

American billionaire entrepreneur and owner of NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks, with an estimated net worth $2.3 billion.

Adventurer, Chief Scout and host of Man Vs Wild, Born Survivor and Ultimate Survival.

Theo Paphitis (@TheoPaphitis) Retail magnate and entrepreneur, best known for his role of ‘dragon’ on BBC 2’s Dragons’ Den.

Estimated net worth figures taken from

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A gallery gentleman is always prepared, ready for anything at any moment. We salute our Mo bro’s & sisters

words | Jodie Sheppard As I’m sure you’ve all seen, Movember is in full swing and we have had the delightful task of sorting through all your uploads… There were some humorous ones, some bushy ones


and some downright questionable ones!! We’ve put together our favourite picks, and a big thank you and congratulations to all those who took part.








Billionaire Buys words | Mercedes Black





A girl’s best friend, especially with the price tag = £256 million

Happy Birthday Mr. President Marilyn Monroe dress = £735,000

Bill Gates home, Medina, Washington = £94.2 million

To hire for one week of extravagance, Blue Eyes London = £278,000/314,000

The Cullinan Diamond is 530.2 carats – an exceptional rock to wear on the rock! It was the largest diamond in the world until 1985 with the Golden Jubilee of 545.67 carats from the same premier Mine.

Christie’s Auction House sold this dress following her famous birthday tribute to JFK. The dress is a beautiful full length flesh coloured sheath with embroidered rhinestones.

The “house” is 6,100 m sq. It boasts 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, six kitchens, six fireplaces, a 20-seat Art Deco theatre and an exercise suite which includes a trampoline room!

This is an amazing 60 meter private yacht, which can cater for 12 guests, with 13 crew to lavish attention all for you!

Shoes - Handcrafted House of Borgezie - Price tag = £140,000 30

The House of Borgezie shoes are handcrafted from solid gold and then encrusted with 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds, totalling 30 carats.




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The Billionaire’s Playground words | Tony Brassell | Illustration | Darren Cranmer

There is nothing better, when visiting a new location, than arriving under a clear blue sky on a warm day with just a hint of breeze to disturb the air around you as you explore. And so it was when we arrived in Monaco for the first time. We arrived by sea, off the cruise ship Oceana, docking in the heart of the port, just a short walk from the playground of the rich and famous. Your first impression when arriving by sea is wealth. The boats moored in the harbour are amazing. You could spend a day just gazing in wonder at all the beautiful machines, guessing at their value and who might own them. We had sailed past some amazing examples of marine opulence as we came in, but to be up close and personal to these fantasy machines was impressive to say the least. Although it was early morning many crews were already washing decks


and polishing steel, preparing their vessels in case the owners visited. Though outwardly calm, the harbour was a hive of activity. Alongside the multimillion pound fibreglass beauties were the occasional traditional yachts and even some smaller vessels, probably belonging to some of the less wealthy locals. In amongst them, a group of school children were being taught to sail, and their small pram dinghies with their colourful sails just heightened the whole nautical flavour of this amazing place. The Monaco Grand Prix had just taken place a few weeks before our visit and the stands, some of the equipment and a lot of tyre marks were still much in evidence. As we walked the roads around the harbour and up to the Casino we could picture the cars flying around these narrow streets. For years to come we will say “we’ve been there” every time we watch the Monaco Grand Prix. Shops were still full of t-shirts and the usual range of memorabilia associated with motor racing, but thinking about it I guess the Monaco shops are full of Grand Prix souvenirs all year round. The Casino is a must visit, an amazingly beautiful building with a range of Ferraris constantly coming and going. This “gambling den” seems anything but den like, giving the impression of historical respectability and wealth, no doubt built on the money left on the tables by all those rich visitors. As it was I was not to be the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo and left a bit less wealthy than when I went in. Well it costs 10 Euros just to step though the


The boats moored in the harbour are amazing. You could spend a day just gazing in wonder at all the beautiful machines, guessing at their value and who might own them.

door, but on such a nice day it was time for sight seeing, rather than gambling – there was enough of that to do on the Cruise Ship!

across the square in front of the palace and, with great ceremony – change – and then march back again! Very impressive for such a small army!

A short walk back though the streets of Monaco and along the sea front brought us to a set of steps and paths which lead, through some amazing gardens, up to the Palace where the Prince of Monaco lives.

When the pomp and ceremony is over you can then wander through the narrow streets on top of the rock and perhaps sit and enjoy lunch in the sun, buy some souvenirs and then head back down the hill to the harbour.

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, surrounded on three sides by France. The principality of Monaco as you would expect, is ruled by a Prince, currently Albert II. The House of Grimaldi has ruled the Principality, with a few brief interruptions since 1297. As you enter the palace gates, a statue of a monk commemorates the moment when Francesco Grimaldi, dressed as a monk and with a sword hidden under his monk’s disguise, captured the palace for the first time. In the 1950’s the marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier brought fame and glitz to the palace on the rock and her sad death in a car accident in 1982 was felt around the world. You can visit the beautiful St Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco where she is buried and pay your respects. If you can get to the palace before noon, as we did, look out for the changing of the Guard which takes place every day at 11.55am. The Guards march

What you will see from the many vantage points on the hill is just how built up the principality is. The fact that there is no income tax in Monaco has drawn in the rich and famous but, with land in such short supply, less than a square mile in total, buildings tower up against the sloping land. The effect of mountain side, buildings, marina and sea provides a picture of Mediterranean life which is repeated all along the south coast of France. Monaco is in fact the second most densely populated country in the world, but I am not sure where all the people were as it was quite quiet as we walked back to the ship.

How to get there If you are not stepping off a Cruise Ship or a Gin Palace the normal way to get to Monaco is via Nice Airport. From Nice Airport there are several ways to get to Monaco. The quickest is by helicopter, a short 5 minute flight or, for similar money, you can take a taxi to the Principality. The cheapest way is to take a coach to the train station and then catch one of the frequent trains to Monaco. Accommodation If you are looking for accommodation to match the environment, look no further than the Hotel Metropole, the very best in 5 star luxury. Eating out Best spot to eat and people watch is the Cafe de Paris. If you get a seat outside you can watch the rich and famous visiting the Casino.

No doubt they were driving around in their Ferraris, playing on the tables or sitting in their yachts. Whatever they were doing I am sure they were counting their blessings at living in such a beautiful location, ruled by a benevolent Prince and envied by the world.


TRAVEL travel


Bean Abroad DesmonD Porée Words | Viv Pallot

MAN ON A MISSION IN MARRAKESH People often return from exotic holidays thinking ‘now, tHat’s where i want to end up when i retire!’ For sylvia and Ken Corley, thailand was such a location. they fell in love with the country and its people on their very first visit in 1986. It’s virtually impossible to sum Des Porée up completely - he’s far too enigmatic to be pigeon-holed. Think ‘Jack-of-all-trades/ entrepreneur/visionary/rebel’ and you’ve only just scratched the surface. Moreover, it’s not easy to describe what he does for a living, because while he incorporates all of these traits into his daily work, his career is apt to change on a whim. Just when you think you’ve finally got him pegged, he gets a wild scheme in his head and yet another tangent is spawned. So, perhaps it’s not surprising to learn that he currently juggles five radically different businesses simultaneously. It must be said, however, that Des has made a success of whatever roles he has turned his hand to over the years – from running a cricket club, managing a pub concession, a beach kiosk, setting up his own painting and decorating company, a stint as a chef and caterer, to owning a shop… the list goes on. Des thinks and speaks very rapidly; those ideas in his head are continually buzzing around keeping him ever-eager and ready to explore new avenues. He admits he sleeps for only four hours a night (like Lady Thatcher) and tries to use his waking hours productively even if he sometimes appears to be day dreaming. Basically, he gets satisfaction from setting up new businesses and then moving them on for someone else to take over the reins. Getting enterprises up and running is obviously one of his talents and once the mundane responsibilities have been delegated, Desmond’s time is free to explore exciting new prospects.

34 60

GUERNSEY’S Jersey’sSTYLE styleMAGAZINE magazine


One example is his former delicatessen, Relish, (‘the finest delicatessen in the Channel Islands’) situated in Jersey’s Fish Market which has gone from strength to strength under the expertise of his awardwinning brother, Florian, since taking over the business a couple of years ago. Back to the present though, and Des is based in the exotic hub of Marrakesh, Morocco, where he feels quite at home amongst the locals in the souks and Medina where you’re bombarded with an amazing sensory assault all of which is a far cry from his life in St Peter’s. His fondness for Morocco can be traced back to twenty years ago when he visited the country on a surfing trip and ended up staying for three months. At that time, he was taken in by a local Berber lad and his family and although none spoke a common language, a strong bond was formed nonetheless and Des and his friend have now set up a business together. Porée Artisans has its base in Normandy (where his Berber friend now lives) and he and Des are involved in the export/ import of Moroccan artefacts into France and subsequently into Jersey. Des has learned a few words of the Berber (Arabic) dialect and even his school day French has improved dramatically.

has been particularly positive in a subject that we, as Islanders, should all have a vested interest in. Understandably, it hasn’t been easy for Des’s wife and three children being geographically separated for much of the time here in Jersey and only able to join Des during the school holidays. Des is hugely grateful to his wife who juggles raising Tyanni (13), Kaio (8) and Bibinha (6) with studying full-time herself for a social sciences degree. He emphasises that his lifestyle would not be possible without her support and he resolutely refers to her as his ‘rock’. His eyes get a faraway look once again and he talks about the possibility of setting up a travel agency to bring locals over from Morocco to visit Jersey and vice versa. He could consider chartering a plane for the purposes…. or maybe even set up his own airline company. You get the impression that anything is possible with Des.

Back in Marrakesh, Des is fully immersed in setting up a website with a team of people committed to making it Morocco’s biggest-ever live website written in the English language. It will serve as a what’s on guide to local events and entertainment as well as information centre and accommodations listing. He plans to visit as many hotels, guest houses (riads) and cafés in person so that he can rank each individually and use his local knowledge to include enticing options will be up and running. Hopefully, he will expand this idea to cities such as Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir, etc. and then have the information translated into Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese…. He aims to have the website top-ranked on Google and observes there’s nothing similar on this scale (other than in the French language). He has already enlisted the help of various family members; his eldest daughter Amelia will handle the Italian translations (having just graduated from Sussex University in Italian Studies), and his Angolan wife Beatriz, will cover the Portuguese. As previously mentioned, Des juggles this latest scheme with a couple of other businesses: There’s the web-based consultancy operating out of Dorking, Surrey that his brother-in-law is running and which Des hopes to expand into Morocco. Azcari Ltd is a business supplying vehicles and there’s obviously huge potential for such products in the remote and featureless dunes and pistes of the Saharan desert. Then there is the possibility of introducing “Xmile” (Saltron) into Morocco. Des is currently in negotiations with local Jersey agent, Peter Chapman, in an attempt to help clean up and reduce problems associated with Morocco’s prolific use of ‘dirty’ diesel. In addition, over the past couple of winters, Des and Jersey’s marine biologist Andrew Syvret ( have been busily harvesting local seaweed as an experiment for use in food and medicine. They are equally enthusiastic about the potential for more ‘shore-based education’ in our schools and the response from teachers BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS


TRAVEL travel

Ultra flash packer’s guide to words | Emma Long

Traveling is something that crosses all of our minds at some point in our lives, when we get round to it is a completely different story. Some like to do it at 18 - you know fly the nest, and live on £5 a day or take a year’s sabbatical and see the many wonders of the world. Well how about doing this the swish way, seeing all the wonders of the world but stepping onto the plane and turning left? It’s our billionaire issue, we want you to come with us in style.

1 Burj al arab hotel, Dubai


irst stop is the Middle East and the Burj al arab hotel in Dubai. After a quick match of tennis on the highest court in the world, we thought we would freshen up in our Royal suite. What we like most about this room isn’t the marble floors, mahogany furniture Hermès toiletries or the private cinema, it has to be the rotating four-poster bed, you know to gently spin you to sleep? The chauffeur-driver Rolls Royce or helicopter is quite smart as well I guess. Plus one night there will cost us a measly £11,435 After Dubai, we fancy ThailanD and after having a quick, pain free and not stressful in anyway shape or form lay-over in Bangkok we’ll zip down to Phuket and stay at the Banyan tree resort in the 2 bedroom double pool villa, costing us approximately £1,679.52. Surrounded by perfumed gardens and exudes an aura of decadent bliss and is suited for those aiming for optimum relaxation. Escape from city life in complete and utter relaxing isolation and to the peaceful landscaped gardens. I think relaxing on a secluded island is just what the doctor ordered and so it’s off to the Jumerirah Dhevanafushi resort in the MalDives for some ultimate rest and relaxation. The talise spa has tickled our fancy and we think the alternative holistic therapists would be perfect helping us be in complete harmony with one’s self. The fact the spa is suspended over the water, and the yoga platform floats helps of course. Rooms here come in at around £1,315.5 per night.

2 Banyan tree resort,

A quick leap over to inDia and after visiting the Taj Mahal it’s on to the taj lake Palace, Udaipur. It has been voted as the most romantic hotel in India, the crème de la crème among the most expensive luxury hotels. Of course we are not going to stay in just any double bedroom, it’s the grand presidential suite for us coming in at around 6 Lakh which is equivalent to 600,000 rupees and converting in to sterling it totals about £7,552.61.


Now it’s time to head down under and stay at the Wolgan valley resort & spa in Lithgow, ausTralia, this will cost us around £2,853.59 per night in the hotel’s Wolgan Valley Suite. We spent a couple of days near the water in other countries so now we fancy having a couple of nature walks, a bit of mountain biking, maybe go on a safari or two, in the beautiful blue



3 talise spa maldives

2 3

7 4 taj lake Palace,


5 Wolgan valley

resort & spa, aus

6 Blanket Bay resort,





GUERNSEY’S STYLEmagazine MAGAZINE Jersey’s style


travelling the globe mountains of Australia. 7 Wakaya Club and

Now to spend some time relaxing with Kiwis in NEW ZEALAND, whilst staying at the Blanket Bay resort. It is nestled amidst rugged snow capped peaks of the Southern Alps on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and is constantly voted one of the world’s best lodges, so perfect for us. After all of this traveling it is time to restore our physical and spiritual wellbeing. We fancied a little bit of heli-skiing, jet boating and trips down the vineyards. With all of the activities included, chilling with the Kiwis has cost us around £ 2,000.

Spa, Fiji

After spending a few days walking and being up in the mountains, it’s back to the beach for us and to the Wakaya Club and Spa in FIJI. It is a luxury private island resort unlike any other in the world, surrounded by a protected coral reef and the Here we take full advantage of the scuba facilities. The barrier reef at the Wakaya resort is a protected eco system teeming with life and colour, with over a dozen dive sights we have plenty to do and see. Rooms here cost a honorable £4,751.70. Now it’s time to party, and where is the best place to do that? VEGAS baby! We are in the Palms Casino resort and resting high on top of the fantasy tower lies the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. Up we go in our private glass enclosed elevator to over 9,000 square feet of exclusive amenities. First we start in the fully equipped gym for a quick work out then due to partying tonight we think a little nap in the eight-foot round rotating bed. After a few games of black jack in the casino below, we manage to find 250 playmates and end the night in the cantilevered playboy jacuzzi pool. Our night here costs a staggering £25,380.



8 Palms Casino resort, Las Vegas




time to enjoy a couple of drinks or two from the private wine cellar that the suite provides. Rooms here are around £1,500 per night.

Now its time to the bahaMas and to the atlantis resort, what we are most excited for here is water park Aquaventure. With the 141 acre world of water, the adrenaline-pumping is what you’re after then it is the four slides at the power tower or the five daring slides at the Mayan temple including the leap of faith and slide through a 60ft drop through a shark infested lagoon, it is a day certainly not to be missed and it’s free, yes you heard right, FREE to all those staying at Atlantis. Mind you we are staying in the Imperial Club on the Royal Towers coming in at £15,890 per night.

Last but by no means least we are heading to aThens to stay in the Royal Villa at the grand resort lagonissi. It is the epitome of luxury, set on the south side of the peninsula boasting all the ease and charm of an incredible private home. With our own private bar, kitchenette and BBQ facilities, beyond the private gym is a massage area and table to ensure that any tension is kneaded from your muscles. After the most peaceful of sleeps we wake up to watch the beautiful sunrise from the terrace and have a quick dip in the heated pool (and testing the power of the hydromassage) before heading down a sheltered path to the beach. A stay here will cost £31,725.

Now we cross the pond to Morocco and we are staying at the royal mansour in Marrakech. After the long flight we are dying to taste the food created by three Michelin starred chef, Yannick Alleno, with over 100 highly trained chefs watching over the restaurants. In our Riad the room is a perfect expression of attention to detail and elegance, with a magical array of fabrics, silks, carpets and carved ceilings. At the heart of the riad, you will find a delightful courtyard with a fountain, or climb the roof terrace with its sun deck and chimney, plus each riad comes with its own attentive yet discreet butler. Rooms at the Royal Mansour come in at around £1,453.50.

So concluding our flash packer’s trip, we have managed to spend £107,542.42 on hotel rooms alone for only 12 nights. Imagine if we went for a year. That is why we have found you this little puppy. It’s called Buttonwood Caye and it is yours to buy for only £750,000. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and fairly isolated with its closest neighbour a mile away. Years ago the island was planted with lots of coconut palms and many of these are now mature and beautiful. Due to its location, very near the Gladden Spit, the diving and snorkeling in this area is some of the world’s best. The island enjoys protection from the reef about 2 miles away with water depths between the reef and the island rarely deeper than 12 feet so the water is always calm, even though you can see and hear the ocean waves crashing on the reef not far away.

Now down to Europe to stay at the Hotel Pitrizza in Porto Cervo, iTaly, where we are lucky enough to be staying in the Unique Presidential Suite. Apart from the beautiful room, it’s all about sailing and watersports with our own private beach and crystal clear water only a few feet from our room. The location is a perfect

so what would you rather, a flash pack holiday, or your own island? if so, you and 7 mates can take this trip or chip in....

9 royal mansour, morrocco

11 grand resort lafonisii, athens

10 Hotel Pitrizza, italy

Buttonwood Caye, Caribbean 10 11



56 38

Jersey’s style magazine



The Rock Garden is located at Fermain Valley and is open from Tuesdays - Saturdays, 5pm - midnight.

For table reservations please call (01481) 235666 or 213570. It is also available for private hire. BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS







Billion Dollar Blockbusters

words | Jodie Sheppard

grey matter of a stupendously successful businessman but there were only snippets and cryptic clues throughout that verged on frustrating. But whatever, it’s Richard: he and his philosophies are awesome and you should buy this book just to contribute to the Virgin Empire.

Gallery loves a blockbuster movie or two, check out this mind blowing selection of the highest grossing films!! Of the top 50 grossing films of all time, 41 have been released since 2000, 2009 is the most represented year on the chart with seven films exceeding the billion dollar mark, and 2011 currently stands at four.

Giorgio Armani - Being Armani: A Biography I was looking forward to discovering the genius behind the man who changed fashion forever… unfortunately this didn’t give much away. Most of the information in this book is pretty much what is known to everyone in the outside world. I was hoping for an insight into the creative genius of Giorgio Armani but was left hanging; perhaps it’s nice to keep some mystery behind his creations. This resulted in being a rather unfulfilling read!

Other lucrative years include 1939 with ‘Gone with the wind’ grossing $390,000,000. In 1953 ‘Peter Pan’ generated a respectable $145,000,000. 20 years on ‘The Exorcist’ raked in profits of $402,735,134. But then George Lucas graced our screens with ‘Star Wars’ in 1982 making an impressive $792,964,227. Check out our top ten!


The best - and worst - Billionaire Biographies… Mark Zuckerburg - The Facebook Effect: The Real Inside Story of Mark Zuckerberg and the World’s Fastest Growing Company: The Inside Story of the Company That is Connecting the World. Statistically speaking - if Facebook and the internet keep growing at a steady rate - by 2013, every internet user will have a Facebook page, a remarkable achievement for an organization in operation only since 2004!

1. Avatar - $2,782,275,172 2. Titanic - $1,843,201,268 3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - $1,328,100,185 4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon $1,123,196,189 5. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - $1,119,110,941 6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest - $1,066,179,725 7. Toy Story 3 - $1,063,171,911 8. Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides - $1,039,571,802 9. Alice in Wonderland - $1,024,299,904


The Zuckerberg story is one of the most insightful, inspiring and exciting stories I have ever read of how the youngest billionaire in the world made his fortune without really caring about money. A must read for all. Richard Branson - Losing My Virginity: The Autobiography This book seems to give a “warts and all” view of Branson’s start in business ventures, his early escapades and narrow escapes, and his subsequent successes. From one-time album importer to multimillionaire, multi-business owner, this review touches on his feelings and beliefs as well as his ways of making personal and business success. I must confess I wanted consistent and unadulterated nitty gritty insight into the

Pablo Escobar - The Inside Story of Pablo Escobar: The World’s Most Powerful Criminal So… I’m not trying to promote drug trafficking or anything here but everyone loves a juicy Gangster read and where better to start than a Columbian drug lord superstar! This reads like a thriller even though it’s an account of a true story. This account was written by Pablo’s brother so it’s slightly one sided and tends to leave out the gory parts about mass murder, drug trafficking and the stress and danger involved just by being related to Pablo Escobar. This book is a gripping read and impossible to put down, you can’t help but be mesmorised by the scale of his achievements as a cocaine trafficker, his influence over Colombian internal affairs and the poor. He was clearly an immense character and a one-off. Paris Hilton - Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-chic Peek Behind the Pose If you read an autobiography about an airhead you are ultimately going to be left disappointed by the fact that by the end of it you will be left knowing little more about the person behind the story – apart from perhaps their favourite lip gloss (in Paris’s case MAC’s Prrr lipglass). This is more an indulgent display of Paris in many gorgeous outfits with countless famous friends and family, however there are a few short witty chapters that save the day and add a cheeky side to the book… one more for the die hard fans I think!

10. The Dark Knight - $1,001,921,825





Who wants to be a Who wants to be a zillionaire anyway? zillionaire anyway?

words & design by | Mimi Bishop

he bought a huge billion bedroom mansion, he would sit I actually set out to write about what I would spend one in the cupboard under the stairs and play guitar. And he billion pounds on but the possibilities seemed so vast blewbedroom his brains out. So there we go. a huge billion mansion, he would sit Maybe he thatout I kind of came towhat the conclusion that one maybe loads he of bought eventually I actually set to write about I would spend was right in athe way; isn’tand it great to find And a sofahefor free? Or the cupboard under stairs play guitar. money be such a great thing. Obviously I aminnot billion pounds onmight but thenot possibilities seemed so vast eventually blewthe hischeapest brains out. Maybe he find waySotothere travelwe togo. Warsaw? that I wouldn’t wantthat anymaybe money.loads Too little is that I kindsaying of came to the conclusion of money was right in aOn way; it great find apass sofa the for free? myisn’t birthday wetoplayed parcelOr but didn’t a bigger than too much. money might not beproblem such a great thing. Obviously I am not play it with in each layer like the conventional game. a huge amount of money could be a great find the cheapest way gifts to travel to Warsaw? saying that IWith wouldn’t want any money. Too Ilittle money is Instead we to play with acts or favours. We philanthropist I could help my family and friends withOn my birthday we decided played pass the itparcel but didn’t a bigger problem than tooormuch. a mobile upconventional to start and then wrote favours their amount projects,ofstart an ad agency play it withwrapped gifts in each layerphone like the game. With a huge money I could be which a greatcould choose the the layers. Theitparcel wasorpassed around its clients depending how important I thought decided to play with acts favours. We the circle philanthropist or I could help myonfamily and friends with theirInstead weon up layers of start paperand andthen favours message wasadfor the world to could hear, build ‘underwater wrapped abuilding mobile phone up to wrotewithout favoursseeing each their projects, start an agency which choose the others’. game then played normal; fortresses’, ‘penguin enclosures’, ‘Optimus Prime’. However, on the layers. The The parcel wasispassed aroundasthe circle when the music its clients depending on how important I thought their stops you thefavours layer. My favourites were ‘A ride on withforthese gains to I also to think about what you building up layers ofunwrap paper and without seeing each message was the world hear,started build ‘underwater the backisofthen a motorcycle’, ‘A song when written you’, and ‘A loseenclosures’, if you had so much cash. others’. The game played as normal; thefor music fortresses’,would ‘penguin ‘Optimus Prime’. However, cameo in my movie’. personwere who‘A the music stops you unwrap the layer. My The favourites ride on stopped on with these gains I also started to think about what you decided what the main present wasand and‘A texted it to the the back offirst a motorcycle’, ‘A song written for you’, would lose if you had so much cash. phone in the centre of the It ended up being cameo in my movie’. The person whoparcel. the music stopped on a night outwhat to see of our friend’s play (incidentally the first decided theone main present wasbands and texted it to the same friend whoparcel. is writing me aup song, which he will play phone in the centre of the It ended being a night at the Maybe bands if I wasplay a billionaire I would’ve out to see one of gig). our friend’s (incidentally the bought prizes Rolex me watches, Lamborghinis bottles of same friend who like is writing a song, which he willor play but instead we had to make something Maybechampagne if I was a billionaire I would’ve bought Kurt Cobain, of the infamous band Nirvana, said thatat the gig).Cristal Ourwatches, gifts ended up being more like social Rolex Lamborghinis or bottles of interactions when he became a rich and successful rock star that heprizes like up. or future but adventures which muchsomething more special than instead we hadfelt to make missed things like going to thesaid charity Kurt Cobain, of small the infamous band Nirvana, that shop and Cristal champagne anything could buy. up. Our gifts ended money up being more like social interactions findingasomething great for arock fewstar dollars. when when he became rich and successful that Apparently he or future adventures which felt much more special than missed small things like going to the charity shop and anything money could buy. finding something great for a few dollars. Apparently when

...small things like going to thethings charity and ...small likeshop going to finding something greatfinding for a few dollars the charity shop and something great for a few dollars






Who’s your ideal mega-rich husband?

Who’s your ideal mega-rich husband?


PROS: Excellent swordsman,

isn’t sexy but shouting GOMEZ violence ADDAMS

BILL GATES ‘On Guard!’ and drawing swords at PROS: Excellent swordsman, PROS: He’s got his priorities straight; sunset beats ‘Come on you cu*ts!’ violence isn’t sexy but shouting he plans to eventually give 95% of his BILL GATES yourswords shirt offatat the Golden ‘On Guard!’and andtaking drawing $56 fortune away to charity. PROS: He’s gotbillion his priorities straight; Lion. sunset beats ‘Come on you cu*ts!’ CONS: I’d have to use a PC. he plans to eventually give 95% of his CONS: Genes. Uncle Fester, Cousin and taking your shirt off at the Golden MR. BURNS $56 billion fortune away to charity. It. Procreation would be a gamble. Lion. PROS: Powercuts would be a thing CONS: I’d have to use a PC. CONS: Genes. Uncle Fester, Cousin of the past; he likes dogs; I’d be a MR. BURNS It. Procreation would be a gamble. Simpsons character! PROS: Powercuts would be a thing of of the past;CONS: he likesDon’t dogs;like I’dthe be thought a Smithers coming between us. Simpsons character! CONS: Don’t like the thought of Smithers coming between us.


PROS: I’d have huge influence over

‘Naughty List’. FATHERthe CHRISTMAS

Binge drinker;over overweight; VINCENT VAN GOGH PROS: I’d CONS: have huge influence wants children to sit on his knee (ok, he’s dead and wasn’t a billionaire the ‘Naughty List’. (surely that’soverweight; not right these days?); butVAN if he was around he’d be very, CONS: Binge drinker; VINCENT GOGH sold out toon Coke; one of the biggest very, very rich) wants children to sit his knee (ok, he’s dead and wasn’t a billionaire HUGH HEFNER contributors to consumerist PROS: Original thinker; (surely that’s not right these days?); waste around he’d be very, visionary PROS: Awesome pool parties!but if he was the planet; just goes on... artist; cut his own ear off in the name sold out toon Coke; one of the list biggest very, very rich) CONS: I would never be totally HUGH HEFNER of love. contributors to consumerist waste PROS: Original thinker; visionary comfortable a small, pink, latex, PROS: Awesome pool in parties! CONS: He’soffginger; his own ear on the planet; the list just goes on... artist; cut his own ear in the cut name bikini.never be totally CONS: I would off in the name of love. of love. comfortable in a small, pink, latex, CONS: He’s ginger; cut his own ear bikini. off in the name of love.












Eric Snell words | Ellie Rose


ou’d need to have buried your head deep in Cobo Bay for the last decade to fail to notice Eric Snell. Distinctively tall and starkly slim, he cuts a sharp, busy figure on the island scene as he flits from teacher to student to artist to politician, spreading the word about the value of investing in local culture.

And even if you don’t know the man himself, you’ll have come across his influence. The beautifully bleak figures that haunted Castle Cornet for two years, as well as the huge clay stones that have cropped up in Alderney, may have been the works of the internationally renowned artists Antony Gormley and Andy Goldsworthy, but they wouldn’t have got there if it weren’t for Eric. They came about as a result of commissions from the Art and Islands Foundation, which was founded in 2008 and which Eric has been tirelessly championing ever since. In many ways, he’s done what many must have thought impossible. Who could have dreamt, 10 years ago, that two such goliaths of contemporary art would visit these shores specifically to create art to sit upon them – and within only two years of each other? It seems extraordinary, but – as anyone who knows him will testify – Eric is an unusual person. I should know – I grew up a few doors down from him. His house always had a sort of intrigue to it – the ground floor windows were blacked out, and one imagined that all sorts of mysterious things went on in the artist’s studio behind them. My parents were friends with Eric, and would receive quirky, hand-made Christmas cards from him every year, each one with bearing a new design. As I got older, I realised that every time I had a conversation with him, I’d go away feeling an event had occurred. There’d be something – a thoughtful question, an insightful comment – to take from it, mull over and squirrel away for future reference. He seems constantly interested in the matter that life is made up of; he sloughs off the surface scree and hones in instantly on something real, something shiny, that’s caught his magpie eye. He’s strangely energised and totally engaged. “I suppose I’m very focussed, even dogged,” he admits, “and once I get hold of something, I don’t tend to let it go.” And it seems that Eric’s been engaging with everything that struck his interest from an early age. Springing from humble beginnings, he grew up in St Peters as the son of tomato growers, with no artistic background. He spent his youth working in potato fields in the summer and picking daffodils in the winter. “I was very fortunate in my upbringing, but I had no contact with the art world at all,” he reflects. “Despite that, I was always creating – I was always fascinated in following my father around as he fixed things and found ways of making do.” He went to secondary school at Les Beaucamps, where his love of creating things manifested itself in his study of drawing and


painting. At a parents’ evening when he was 12 years old, a teacher sternly told his mother and father, “Whatever you do, make sure Eric continues with his art.” He didn’t need telling twice; art became his main focus, and after completing his A-Levels, he left Guernsey to take a foundation course in Birmingham. “I learned very quickly how to cook, because going to the Wimpy every night, I soon realised I was going to run out of money very quickly!” he reminisces. “But the most important thing about it was that I really got interested in education. It was done totally differently back then.” He was subsequently encouraged to apply for Hornsey College of Art in Crouch End, London, where art education was beginning to move into new directions as the boundaries between painting, drawing and photography were broken. Eric remembers it as an “experimental time”; Anish Kapoor was in the year below him, Richard Wilson a couple of years above, and the punk girlband The Raincoats would practice in the canteen. “Hornsey was a time when I was really stripping things down to basics and questioning everything. Why should I stretch the canvas? Why should I get the paint brush out? I remember writing in my sketchbook, ‘I think I think too much about thinking… and therefore I don’t make anything,’” he laughs. Although his first major works – a set of drawings made using magnets – generated significant interest in the art circuit and won him further exhibitions, he wasn’t interested in exploiting the idea purely for the purposes of building up reputation. “I’ve never been interested in following or doing the same as anybody else. I’ve always wanted to strike out in new directions,” he says. But he did begin to attract attention from galleries, and in 1985 he took on his international artist residency on an exchange scheme called DAAD. Spreading his net further afield surely than a Guernsey boy could have dreamed of, he found himself staying in a room in West Berlin that overlooked the infamous Berlin Wall. “I waved at the security guard every day, but he never waved back to me,” Eric notes cheerfully. “It was a very strange time. It makes me think of Art and Islands now, because I thought of Berlin as an island then – it was isolated, and what they were trying to do was create a cultural centre.” After another residency in Paris and much travelling and exhibiting, Eric moved back to Guernsey in his thirties, when he was asked to do some teaching cover at Les Beaucamps. On his return, he realised how much potential there was for on-island art education and, in conjunction with the States, established Grange House as a place where young people could go to art school at home. “I saw this gap – this void – and thought it needed to be plugged,” he says, “and I started to bring the practices of Hornsey into Guernsey through Grange House.” And, despite being an internationally successful artist with a burgeoning career,


Eric chose to stay. “I suppose I thought, yes, I could try and continue along this path of exhibiting around the world. Some people must have thought I was mad to give it up. But I thought it was an important thing to do. I was saying something. I was changing something,” he says. Soon afterwards, he founded the International Artists in Residence scheme, reasoning that if it was hard to get students off the island to meet artists and be exposed to new ideas, he would bring the artists to them. That’s what paved the way to the Art and Islands Foundation, which aimed to widen out the programme and enrich not just students’ lives but the whole public sphere. The idea was to draw new artists to the island not just to teach and create art but to stimulate culture and, ultimately, help islanders reconnect with the land they live on. “And, further, the idea is that, if we can create a unique cultural programme in Guernsey – a programme that was high-profile enough – we could be bringing people from all over the world to come and see and take part, and not just in the summer months,” he says. Through his work for the Foundation, he’s had a fascinating insight into the lives of some of the most significant British artists of our time. “When I was working with Andy Goldsworthy, he seemed incredibly intense. He would wander off every day to make a new piece. Besides working on bigger projects, he makes a small ephemeral work every day,” he says. And Antony Gormley incessantly asks questions, says Eric. “He’d ask, ‘Why are the hedges lower than the fields? Why are the hedges made of stone?’ He’s fascinated by every aspect of the world around him, and so optimistic,” he recalls. Eric sees his work with the Art and Islands Foundation as an extension of his artistic practice (“although I have to say I sometimes miss the studio,” he admits). Recognising the possibilities and making them work is an act of creation in itself to him. In August, Art and Islands is planning to bring over Kurt Perschke, an award-winning artist from the United States, with a project called RedBall. It features a five-metre inflatable sphere that is taken to different cities in the world (it’s already been to Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Taipei and Chicago) and blown up in various spaces in the town. It bounces around and gets trapped in parts of the townscape as it goes. It’s a symbol of the kind of energy Art and Islands is beginning to harness and run with – the effervescent spirit of having a curious and exciting time. And who better to have at the helm of Art and Islands than Eric, who has worked so tirelessly, so doggedly, not only as an educator on the island but also to bring his terrifically ambitious vision about. He said to me in our interview last week, “Guernsey will never be like a city, but we’ve got lots of other things going for us. Art and Islands is about celebrating what we’ve got.” I think Guernsey should be celebrating him, too. Ellie Rose has written for the Guardian and London Evening Standard, and is now assistant features editor of Reader’s Digest.




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Make the files nice and big, about 4MB is a good size to aim for as a guide. We print every photo / doodle but we can’t get them all on the page full size unfortunately - they just wouldn’t fit!

£50 winner


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Tim Langlois

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Ask the Expert words | Jodie Sheppard

Miss Selfridge Fur Jackets from £55.00 Fake and fabulous is how we wear fur at Gallery so these jackets are perfect!

Sail or Surf Winter Jumpers from £45.00

Newlook Patterned leggings from £12.00

Men in fairisle knits – we at Gallery salute you!

Affordable and wearable, what more do you need! Patterns a plenty to balance out black tops and a fun design in these meek months!

HS2 Christmas jumpers from £45.00

Fuse Closet Dress £55.00

Got to love the classic crimbo pullover! Enough said!

Classic cut dress ideal for Office to Evening, and the added sparkle gives it a great Christmas twist.

Nautilus Love Moschino from £55.00 A selection of the most gorgeous bags can be found in Nautilus, our faves are the Moschino range and with matching purses we may just have to indulge!





StyleStalker words | Jodie Sheppard and Viki Stunell

We’ve sent our Style Stalker onto the street to hunt down Guernsey’s very own fashionistas!

Lisa. Stylist

Stacey. Colourist/Stylist

Por. Nail technician

Style Stalker: Love Lisa’s revamped Summer shorts! Team with black tights for a Winter look.

Style Stalker: Stacey’s kimono-sleeved, patterned top is pretty and feminine, a drop pendant and chunky watch keep the look edgy.

Style Stalker: Por’s use of colour on her knitted dress is great in these bleak months, and a gorgeous jacket to keep the chill off!


Salon Junior

Style Stalker: Lots of patterns and layering keeps this predominantly black outfit interesting and pretty.


Mairis. Style stalker: We love the drainpipe jeans and the gorgeous shoes, but without a doubt the nicest jacket weve seen all day!!

Rhianna. Sales Assistant Style Stalker: Rhianna is getting it right head to toe! Amazing suspender tights, and vintage style throughout, with perhaps the cutest glasses ever!




We never get a second chance to make a first impression - Will Rogers words | Ella Cloud

‘Tis the Season to Look Stunning The end of 2011 is nigh but what we can take away from it is a huge portfolio of styles from which to select our Winter Wardrobes. We are at saturation point with trends so this season we can feel free to indulge in the style we feel is more personal to us. And indulge we shall. To look a billion bullions at your seasonal soirees you don’t need to spend the equivalent. But it is definitely worth investing a few pennies in some wardrobe fundamentals. Gift yourself some timeless pieces and they will be a worthy investment. Maybe a special cashmere jumper in muted colours to tone down a pair of metallic trousers, or a beautiful silk blouse in dark jewel shades to wear with your go-to jeans. Whilst walking in a winter wonderland, which may or may not be dusted with snow, we definitely need to purchase some shiny new booties. A knee high riding boot can be worn over tights with that pretty dress, with jeans and your statement jumper or over panelled treggings and a blanket shawl. Expose some ankle with rolled up jeans and ankle boots or find some biker boots to wear with your midi-length skirt. Laced and buckled boots also have a worthy utility feel, so feminise the look with a slip of a dress and a military jacket. The beacon trend shining most bright is that of dark delights and the fantastical. With Christmas being a season of enchantment this trend is rather fitting and encapsulates multilple other trends. With reference to Tim Walker photographs, imagination becomes reality and you are free to play around with clothes and proportion. This could be reflected in an androgynous look, like that seen on Michael Kors, with a sequin skirt and black tux jacket. A black collared blazer is a staple wardrobe piece that can be teamed with black capri smoking pants or a floor sweeping chiffon gown. Whilst we may not all be able to afford an Elie Saab gown, we can take inspiration from his catwalk silhouettes and use of translucent sparkling fabrics. Flash your flesh Saab style with thigh high slits or backless floor length gowns. Or opt for sheer fabrics in more ready-to-wear styles like blouses or layered skirts. The navajo concept is not deserting us as we can still find masses of chunky shawl cardigans and ponchos with that North American Indian style. For a polished look throw an oversized shawl around your shoulders and wear with fauxleather leggings and stack heel boots. Scandinavian and fairisle patterns also intertwine with this trend and their styles are reflected in knit jumpers, knee high socks worn under winter shoes and boots, and cable knit style leggings in creams and greys, to be worn under your long winter coat. A perfect style to wear whilst lounging round the Christmas tree or sipping hot chocolate after your post-lunch stroll.





Clothes Maketh the Man With men’s fashion being of a more consistent nature than women’s, the trends have flowed nicely throughout the year and this winter we have several to mix and match. Noticing that the gents have looked smart all season it seems our Island boys have their fingers firmly pressed on trend pulses, but here are a few fashion directions to consider too. With Ralph Lauren flying the preppy trend flag, the essence of the look is also echoed across the pond. With our British take on preppy we have blazers in a variety of charcoal tones and fabrics. A staple being an elbow patched tweed blazer which is easily worn with a uni style hoody and sneaker/jean combo. Corduroy is also top for the quintessential English style but bring it up to date with coloured cord trousers in red and blue hues. A pair of well polished brogues wouldn’t go amiss either and could be mixed with jeans and a Breton striped top for a culture clash look. Wearable jumpers and cardigans this season are of the fairisle variety. Most versions of this knitted woolly pattern come in blues, burgundies and greys so they can be worn with both your day and night jeans or drop crotch beige chinos. A quirky way to channel this knitted trend would be to pop on a patterned bobble hat. ‘My ideal look is a pimp in Victorian London’ - Russell Brand Unless you’re ballsy enough to dress like dandy Mr. Brand, a more toned down version may be necessary. Ermenegildo Zegna cut a dash on the catwalk with buttoned neck jersey tops over white tees and under rough texture blazers. To mirror this look wear dark denim slim fit jeans, a charcoal shirt, colour block tie and a fitted waistcoat. Roll the sleeves up ¾ length to keep it casual. Up the anti with an aviator sheepskin collared coat and a dusty pink highlight shirt. The Yohji Yamamoto AW11/12 show was an assortment of suit shapes and styles, presented on models of all sizes and ages. The show led the way with detail and played with proportion and fabric. We find embellished birds on the backs of black jackets, a cobalt blue collar on a heavy grey blazer, rolled trouser hems and patchworked suits. To find a softer option of these trends we can turn to High-Street designer Ted Baker who pays particular attention to detail. As much as the large majority of men probably don’t meticulously plan their seasonal party outfits, it’s worth being prepared. We don’t see huge shifts in suit or tuxedo styles, sometimes a new style can literally mean a few millimetres added to a lapel width or sleeve length, so it’s worth investing in a fitted or well cut suit. For those nights out with a ‘black tie’ invitation attached the devil’s in the details. Don’t dismiss a decent pair of cufflinks, pocket squares in bold printed patterns or a bygone era cravat. Whatever your style and whatever you wear, stay true to it but remember that scruff won’t cut the mustard with the in-laws.

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months - Oscar Wilde BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS




Billionaire GALLERY FASHION DECEMBER 2011 Photography & styling: DANNY EVANS Make up: SHANINE LEVRIER from Shanine Levrier makeup artistry Models: EMILY SHILLING SHANNON GOODE GEORGE LE PAGE Hair styling: TANIA TRUSTUM Location: La Rocque (courtesy of Simon and Sharon Garnham) special thanks to PF+A Architecture -





Shannon: Steel & Jelly Light Grey Suit £129 Land of Green Ginger, Guide London Shirt £50 Land of Green Ginger George: Steel & Jelly Light Grey Suit £129 Land of Green Ginger, Remus Uomo Shirt £52 Land of Green Ginger Emily: Leopard Print Dress £199 Nautilus, Black Peep Toe Shoes £42




Emily: Darling Jacquard Dress £67. Free Love








Shannon: Remus Uomo Black Overcoat £149. Land of Green Ginger. George: Remus Umo Long Black Overcoat £160. Land of Green Ginger. Emily: Black Feather Dress £118. Firetrap. Chinese Laundry Hailey Heels £78.00. Loff Black Onyx set in Silver Pendant £159. Wink. Silver Multi Ball Bracelet £256. Wink.







xx, xx, £xx.



Emily: Louche Dress £45. Joy. Suzy Smith Bag £65. Free Love. Mexican Silver Bracelet £135. Wink. Rutilated Quartz Pendant £225. Wink.









Emily: Miss Selfridge Dress £41.40. Guess Peep Toe Shoes £139.











Emily: Forever Unique Cuffed Dress £175. Shannon holds: Louche Playsuit £45. Joy.



Christmas present goodness Circle desired items and leave on coffee table!

Starting to feel tense - with that nervous headache that just won’t go away? That sudden, irrational hatred of all things festive and everyone on your present list? Why does it always end up this way? Don’t let the stress of Christmas shopping cast a shadow on your festive season, just relax, top up your Gingerbread Latte™ and flick through Gallery’s Gorgeous Gift Guide instead.


We’ve got a festive feast of perfect presents over the next few pages with everything from the quirky to the glamorous. From top-rated gadgets to covetable jewellery, cool home accessories to luxury clothes, Guernsey’s retailers have compiled us the dream Christmas list. Whether you’re a budget buyer or on a spending spree, you’ll find something to please even the fussiest friend on your present list. Of course, if we were really organised, we’d have started buying presents in September. Ah well... there’s always next year.




Gallery Gorgeous

Gift Guide 2011 intrO


Gift Guide 2011 GGGG

Gallery Gorgeous

Gift Guide 2011





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Gift Guide 2011 Gift Guide 2011


Now that’s music to your ears! JT’s Super cool 16Mb Broadband deal. Get your very own FREE Sonos Play 3 home speaker system for as little as £24.99 per month for 24 months.

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is even or as ! nths.


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2 so for hs.

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‘The North Face’

Prices from £XXXX

Left to right Bedroom athletic slipper boots. £22.50 The Northface suede water proof ladies snow boot. £121.00 Barts quilted trapper hat. £28.00

Ladies quilted gilet. £104.00

‘Roxy Prism watches’

Assorted colours available. £52.50

‘Dakine backpacks’

Snowboard and Ski Carrypack, assorted styles and colours.

‘Oakley Snow goggles’

Pictured with Protec helmet.


Prices from £41.99

‘Go Pro HD Hero 2’

High definition extreme sports camera. Large selection of accessories available. £299.00

‘Burton Snowboard’

Pictured with Burton wheelie gear bag. All products available from

Prices from £265.00

Sail or Surf 70


‘Boys T Shirts’

Tons of brands and styles to choose from. Prices from £14.00


Junior skate shoes. £43.50

‘Quiksilver Boys Gilet’ Waterproof with removable hood. £61.50

‘The North Face Slippers’ Also available for women. £29.95

‘Quiksilver watch’.

Lots of styles available.


‘The North Face E-tip gloves’ Touchscreen thermal gloves. £27.50

24 Commercial Arcade, St Peter Port, GY1 1JX Tel: 712621



Christmas Pick & Mix

Relax and rejuvenate with our mini package designed to treat you from head to toe Select any three treatments below for just £69.00 Select any three for just £69.00 Pevonia Taster Facial Pevonia Body Polish Indian Head Massage Back Massage Custom Manicure Pristine Pedicure Mineral Make-over Eyelash Perm Full Leg Wax Bikini Standard Wax & Eyebrow Shape

Offer valid from 1st to 31st December 2011 Subject to availability and terms

All products available from

Salvation Spa 72


Radiant Glory Gift Set, £47.00 Includes: Pevonia Dry Oil Body Moisturiser & Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub

Beautiful products make beautiful gifts


Silk Sensation Gift Set, £37.00 Includes: Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub & Pevonia Silky Foot Peel

Experience exclusive luxury treatments at boutique day spa, Salvation Call now on 240133 to book your appointment, Salvation Spa, Fort Complex, L’Islet e

‘Sphere of Life Jewellery’

Sphere of life was created to make the moment of receiving a gift unforgettable Prices from £35.00

‘Wize and Ope Watches’

Vast choice of colours, watch faces, materials, interchangeable straps and slides available Prices from £55.00

‘Hot Diamonds’

The UK’s favourite diamond jewellery brand, a Hot Diamonds pendant is sure to be cherished. Prices from £35.00

‘Guernsey Patois Collection’

This beautiful collection is made exclusively by Martin & Martin and is unique to Guernsey Silver designs from £27.00

‘Guernsey Patois Collection’

The Guernsey Patois range is the ideal gift for that someone special Gold designs from £79.00

‘Shamballa Crystal Bracelets’

Available in a variety of colours these can be seen adorning the wrist of many a celebrity! Prices from £18.00

All products available from



Martin & Martin Platinum, Gold and Diamond Specialists

Guernsey French jewellery collection







ThePatoisCollectionisbroughttoyouexclusivelybyPaulMartin.Frombespokepiecestooriginaldesigns, repairworktoremodellingexistingjewellery,thenameMartin&Martinhasbecomesynonymouswithhigh quality and creativity. The craftsmanship is recognised by the hallmark which all our work bares.

481 723511

Martin & Martin Designer Goldsmiths Limited 20 Commercial Arcade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1JX Tel: 01481 723511 Fax: 01481 701343


‘Granite & Silestone worktops’.

‘Travertine – Umbrian Gold Tiles’

‘Gironde Paving’

‘Monksbridge Brick Paving’

‘Limestone - Ardennes’

‘Riva Studio3 - Steel’

Please contact Capelles for more information and prices All products available from

Capelles Building Stores 76



Choose from ceramic, glass, marble, stone, porcelain or mosaic in a myriad of colours and patterns. For walls, floors, worktops and more. The choice is endless!

Great quality and value Local friendly service Best selection on the island

Tiles - Fires - Natural stone - Worktops Paving - and much more at Capelles

0 1 4 8 1 2 4 5 8 97

Capelles Building Stores, Petites Capelles, St. Sampsons, GY2 4GR

‘iPad 2’

Now thinner, lighter, faster and with two cameras for FaceTime, Skype or HD Video recording. There’s so much to iPad, it’s amazing there’s so little of it. Prices from £332.50

‘BeeWi Mini Cooper’

Remote controlled Mini Cooper with full integration to a free controller app. Easy to use and really great fun. Available soon from iQ


The new iMac features next-generation quad-core processors, advanced graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O, a FaceTime HD camera and OS X Lion, the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. Prices from £832.50

‘Altec Lansing Octiv 202’

Are there multiple iPhone or iPod players in your house? Now everyone can get a charge on the dual-dock Octiv 202 for iPhone & iPod. It does everything a docking speaker does multiplied by two! Available at iQ

‘iLuv 727’

The iLuv 727 delivers exceptional sound performance to any room. It’s innovative flexible arm tilts and rotates to give you flexible viewing options while you enjoy the full functions of the free iLuv App. Prices from £82.50

‘MacBook Air’

The new MacBook Air is up to 2.5x faster than before. It features the latest Intel Core processors, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O, a backlit keyboard and OS X Lion. Prices from £707.50

All products available from

iQ 78



‘Natural Range’

Gold & Silver Plated Spider Earings. £116

‘Button Collection’

Bracelet and Assorted Charms. £125 (bracelet) £42 (charms)

‘Designed and made at Wink’

Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring & Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring. Pink £512, Green £496

‘Sophie Harley’

Beautiful Butterfly Necklace. £624

‘Mens Rings’

Collection of Cornish Rings. £128

‘Designed and made at Wink’

Silver set with Blue Topaz Pendant. £86

All products available from

Wink 80


We design and make jewellery using computer technology and traditional techniques in platinum, palladium, gold, silver, titanium, steel, tungsten and gems from our trusted suppliers. As specialists in recycling we can redesign your jewellery to create something you will love to wear, saving you up to 70% of the cost of the new piece. Alternatively, we can turn your unwanted jewellery into cash or a higher value credit note for the shop. Wink offers a free, friendly, creative, competitive design service. Pop in for a chat. 38 Commercial Arcade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1LB Tel: 01481 723707 email: web:


Gallery Gorgeous

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Get Getthis thisFREE FREE32” 32”Toshiba ToshibaTV TV in-store in-storetoday todayfor forjust just£46.99 £36.99 aamonth monthfor for24 24months months.

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Gift Guide 2011


All products available from


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JT this Christmas! 82

GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE - Trade enquiries 01481 726681




POSITIVE REFLECTION OUR BEAUTY BANNER IS NOW AVAILABLE Quality brands need quality media placement. Our divider banners align you with a relevant Gallery section and offers a creative design opportunity Call us on 739854 and ask about travel divider sponsorship BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS



Looking Luxe



ou know the type: she catches your eye for all the right reasons. Groomed, polished and glossy, she’s the elegant woman who stands out from the crowd. Understated, neutral, yet oh-so-expensive, it’s a look most women aspire to achieve, yet somehow we fall short, slipping up with chipped nail polish or hair that looks less Park Lane princess, more Primark. So, what’s her secret? Well here’s our ten-point plan for looking like a million dollars... 1. Looking luxe starts with great skin and even those blessed with perfect genes will need regular facials and the right routine. Protecting the skin every day from sun damage will slow down the signs of ageing and prevent uneven skin tone. Cleansing twice a day is a must, as is using an eye cream and nourishing night cream. You can splash out on prestige brands such as Crème de la Mer or La Prairie, whose creams run into the hundreds of pounds, but don’t overlook high street names like Olay Professional or RoC. Try prepping skin with the new Nanoblur, £19.99 from Boots; it makes all skins look better, so it’s worth trying, particularly as we head into the party season. 2. Looking expensive is less about fashion, more about classic chic, so understated make-up is a must. Think nude tones, sculpted cheekbones and subtle mascara. For inspiration head over to a Bobbi Brown counter, the go-to brand for ‘natural but better’ make-up. 3. Subtle highlights or glossy conkercoloured locks, whichever you choose, hair must be in top condition. Maintaining this means investing in good treatments; beauty journalists love Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo and Conditioner for a good reason. The effects justify the price tag! £195.00 4. A manicure is essential; you simply can’t look expensively groomed without a weekly visit to the salon. Nude and natural tones work best and avoid anything that even hints at nail art! 5. Have you ever noticed how our well off sisters always sport longer locks? Shoulder length or longer hair is a signature look. Why? Because they, unlike us mere mortals, have time for blow dries. 6. See above. Investing in regular salon blow dries instantly improves every


woman’s image. However skilful, recreating a salon finish at home is time consuming and downright hard work. Tumbling curls and frizz-free locks come courtesy of an experienced stylist, but your hair will look good for days and can be refreshed with a little dry shampoo so it is well worth the investment. 7. Lipstick finishes the look and provides the ultimate accessory. Luxe ladies love Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani or of course Chanel, not only for their delectable lipsticks but for the covetable packaging as well. 8. Well groomed women are never laden down with a bulging bag that spills out everything from old mints to the baby’s favourite toy. Lose the extras and travel light with your wallet, keys, an iPhone and a few beauty essentials. 9. Brows are groomed and perfectly arched. The only way to achieve a really perfect line is to have them threaded monthly and whisk away strays with Tweezerman tweezers. 10. A light tan says ‘villa in Tuscany’, whereas a deeper skin tone shouts ‘sunbed in Town’. Subtle bronzing looks healthy and expensive so fake the look with a good bronzer dusted over cheekbones and the forehead. Stick to matte formulations and a less-is-more approach. If you only buy one thing this month..... pick up a Neom Luxury Organic Candle in Rebalance. The Mandarin, Cinnamon & Clove scent is instantly soothing with just a hint of Christmas spice. These triple-wick, clean burning candles are a luxe way of scenting your home but you’ll benefit from the pure essential oils as well. £37.50, Plaisirs. If you only try one thing this month.... Make like the ‘A’ list do and try the new 02 Intraceuticals facials. Much loved by celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Katy Perry who book in for treatments before a shoot or red carpet event because the oxygen infusion facials give their skin a glowing luminosity. “This treatment bathes skin in pure oxygen and specially formulated serums,” explains Hayley Fox, of Bella Spa. “It smoothes and plumps skin but also has a contouring and lifting effect that is remarkable.” £120.00 Bella Spa. 01481 235417


“Like a good bespoke suit and refined shoes, a man’s haircut and skin need to look impeccable,” explains Carmelo Guastella, GQ Magazine’s ‘barber of choice’ and men’s grooming expert. In today’s shaky economic climate it pays to give off the air of wealth and confidence, even if the reality is less secure. For many men, the concept of grooming is a feminine step too far, but Carmello advises that a sleeker, less scruffy appearance will boost confidence and success, from the boardroom to the bedroom. So, where to start? “A good haircut is at the core of good grooming; like anything you buy that is expensive a good haircut has qualities that, in the long run, make it great value for money, whatever the price.” If you want to ooze confidence and give off an affluent air, then choose your barber well. Leaving hair too long between visits is a no-no and, equally, a harsh, razored style will look less boardroom, more Borstal. So, what’s the secret to a great cut? “A good haircut will look presentable for longer and fall into shape more easily, saving time and money in the long run. Secondly, the right style and products can give the illusion of a thicker head of hair for men who are thinning on top.” The next step to looking FTSE 100 is cleanshaven, spot-free skin. Investing in good quality skincare such as Dermalogica or Elemis Men is essential. Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel is a great basic cleanser for most skin types and lasts for ages, or for one-step cleansing and shaving try their Clean Bar. Carmello, who taught Sacha Baron Cohen how to shave for his role


in Sweeney Todd, insists that preparation is essential: “The more time you spend on the preparation, the better the shave. Apply warm water to the face and prepare the beard area with the Melogy Shaving Oil which protects the skin from the blade and helps to soften the hair, easing the shaving process as the blade meets less resistance. Use a bristle brush to smooth, soften and lift the hair, whilst also exfoliating the skin. This will also allow the blade to move more easily, giving a closer shave.” As you’d expect, looking like a billionaire doesn’t always come cheap. Throw away that old Gillette and invest in some superior tools. Aaron Wolfenbarger, The Shaving Shack’s grooming expert, suggests men invest in the Plisson Horn Handle Pure White High Mountain Badger Brush £229.00 and the Pils Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor, £159.99. Plisson are highly regarded by the shaving cognoscenti and are renowned for their distinctive and ultraluxurious brushes whilst the Pils razor is German engineered – need we say more? And finally gentlemen, take a long, hard look at your hands. Typically, men’s nails and cuticles are neglected and ill-kempt. Investing in a monthly MOT for your hands and nails will keep your cuticles tidy and with smooth ridges and rough edges. Ask your barber for advice on where to go or take a peek at your girlfriend’s address book because, trust us guys, investing in grooming really pays off.


Confidence Tricks


Carmelo Guastella can be found at Melogy, St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel




Beauty News words | Nichole Sweetsur

Celebrate a Green Christmas with Pevonia Christmas Gift Sets! All Pevonia gift sets are available from Salvation Spa, St. Sampsons

Whether a surprise for a loved one or a treat for yourself, indulge in enchanting skincare this Christmas with environmentally friendly, exquisitely composed gift collections from Pevonia Botanica, the world’s number one, multi-award-winning spa skincare brand. You can pamper yourself with a clear conscience, as these products are 100% natural and eco friendly. From caviar-rich anti-ageing care to essential bliss for body and skin, there is something for everyone. Celebrate a green Christmas with ethically refined skincare from Pevonia Botanica.

Silk Sensation Gift Set, £37.00 For face, body and feet, Pevonia’s exfoliating spa trio of Silky Skin Body Scrub, Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser and Silky Foot Peel offer all over bliss and skin refining care. Main ingredients include Jojoba Granules, Rose Essential Oil, Chamomile, Soapwart, Horse Chestnut, Salicylic Acid and Peppermint Oil.

Gift Set Includes…

Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub Pevonia Silky Foot Peel

Radiant Glory Gift Set, £47.00 Smooth, soften and rejuvenate your body with this gently deep cleansing skin care duo. Silky Skin Body Scrub and Dry Oil Body Moisturiser work in aromatic harmony to deliver vital refining and revitalising care. Main ingredients include Jojoba Granules, Rose Essential Oil, Chamomile, Soapwart, Vitamins A, E and D and Lavender Oil.

Gift Set Includes… Pevonia Dry Oil Body Moisturizer Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub

Immaculate Luxury Gift Set, £35.00 Treat hands and feet to immaculate luxury with Pevonia’s award-winning, youth-restoring Caviar Hand & Foot Cream and natural nail file. Main ingredients include Caviar, Marine Collagen, Retinol and Shea Butter.

Gift Sets Includes… Pevonia Youth Renew Caviar Hand & Foot Cream Pevonia Ceramic Nail File

Indulge yourself with the Truffle Suite

All gift sets are available from Bella Spa, St. Martins

The Truffle Suite is pure indulgence for the skin and combines a suite of luxury skin and body care in a beautiful case. The Gift Set Contains full sizes of body truffle, skin truffle, nail truffle plus a complimentary matching lip truffle. This beautiful Gift set is available from Bella Spa, RRP £150.00



PURE SKIN INDULGENCE TEMPLE SPA’S Body Truffle & The Truffle Suite Available from Bella Spa

Telephone: 01481 235417 Email: Opening Times: Mon - Thurs 9.30am - 9pm - Fri 9.30am - 7pm - Sat 9am - 6pm - Sun by appointment only


BEAUTY productPRODUCTS update

Beautyproducts Beauty products which could make you feel a billion dollars.

Sisley | Supremÿa At Night exclusive to Voisins This anti-ageing night cream is made unique by the research behind it which focuses on chronobiology - the science of biological rhythms. With their newfound knowledge, the team at Sisley have now come up with this cream that specifically functions best at night and encourages your cells to regenerate so your face will smoothed and plumped. If you have the cash, or really want to invest in your skin, then this is definitely the product for you. The results make it worth every penny.


1. Crème de la Mer | Moisturizing Cream exclusive to deGruchy

3. Guerlain | Orchidée Impériale Longevity Concentrate

7. M.A.C | Gareth Pugh for M.A.C exclusive to Voisins

Crème de la Mer were pioneers in the luxury skincare industry with their super-secret ‘miracle broth’ formula which is a surefire solution to dry skin that has been attacked by a the winter chill. If we were billionaires we’d buy it by the bucket load and lavishly slather ourselves in it from head to toe.

If you sometimes find that your skin has issues absorbing anti-ageing products then Guerlain’s offering is for you. The concentrate has a rich texture but is soaked up eagerly by dry and damaged skin and benefits from the naturally occurring orchid extract making a luxuriously smooth serum. The packaging is just as divine as the product. This would make a wonderful thoughtful gift for a loved one. [£259.75]

London designer Gareth Pugh has styled performers ranging from Kylie to Marilyn Manson and his unique tastes are made manifest in this gorgeous new line he’s done in collaboration with make-up mammoths M.A.C. Top fave is the inert nail lacquer, a variant on last year’s ‘greige’ trend, and another to love is Outrage Lipglass for a pout that packs a punch. [Lipglass

[£80.00 30ml, £155.00 60ml]

2. Estée Lauder | Advanced Night Repair It took the clever cookies at Estée Lauder 25 years to do all the DNA research and develop the perfect night serum in conjunction with something they’ve termed Chronolux technology. Hugely popular worldwide, this product is both preventative and reparative so ideal for skin of any age. It is one of those must have products that just seems to solve every skin issue.

[£36.75 30ml, £48.80 50ml]

6. Ojon | Rub-Out Powder The Ojon brand takes its name from the nut oil of the Ojon tree, native to South America, which is hand-extracted and, thanks to its purity, a natural restorative for hair. This rub-out powder saves stress and time and absorbs all impurities, a must-have for the party season. [£18.00]

90 138

4. Malin + Goetz | Mojito Candle

The joy of having a mojito after a long day at the office is that the lime and the mint work together to both perk you up and make you feel more relaxed. This delicious candle works in the same way, and even comes in a glass which you can wash out after it’s finished and use for real mojitos. Ideal for the cocktail lover in your life.


5. Tom Ford | Violet Blonde Tom Ford’s third fragrance for women as advertised by the gorgeous Lara Stone delivers one hundred percent. Violet and iris aromas mingle gently to create a fresh perfume which would suit any lucky lady and be a much-used gift this Christmas.

£19.00 approx & Nail Lacquer £19.00 approx]

8. ESPA | Regenerating Face Treatment Oil This sumptuous oil incorporates jasmine and, strangely enough, carrot along with avocado and jojoba to create an end product which promises velvety skin and a soft finish. Smooth away those stress lines (unavoidable during Christmas shopping season) and apply to the face while inhaling the relaxing aroma after cleansing.

[£65.00 28ml]

[£40.50 30ml, £53.55 50ml, £75.85 100ml]

GUERNSEY’S STYLE magazine MAGAZINE Jersey’s style



Christmas and New Year food to order. We have an array of delicious dishes and irresistible party treats to help you plan your celebrations with ease.





Billionaire Margarita 5oz Crushed Ice 1oz Cuervo Reserva de la Familia

f Recipe o h t n o the M y you

ted b contribu dies! local foo

with chilli d ie r f k a e t “S

anbdy Chbrias Bsroila”d

(25 oz. per bottle)

5oz Grand Marnier (25 oz. per bottle)

2oz Freshly squeezed Lime Juice 1 Lime wedge

A hat tip to the classic Thai stir-fry known as “Phad Kaprow”, meaning literally ‘fried with basil’, this deluxe version, made with good quality steak, is a real treat for fans of Asian cuisine. The bit of extra work required to separately sear and slice the steak meat is worthwhile as one can have the grilled steak flavour, and any texture, from rare through to well done, combined in a delicious spicy and aromatic stir-fry.

Drink Recipe Preparation:

Serves 3-4, 30-35 minutes prep and cooking time

1. Fill a shaker with ice.


2. Add Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire, and lime juice. 3. Shake well. 4. Pour into a glass with ice. 5. Garnish with lime wedge

Sirloin steaks, 800g (3 to 4) Shallots, 7 medium size Garlic, 5 cloves Red chillies, 3 or more Thai basil (alt. sweet), a good couple of handfuls Soy sauce, 2 tbsp Oyster sauce, 1 tbsp Black rice vinegar 1 tbsp (alt. Balsamic) Ground nut oil, 4 tbsp Rice, boiled Water, 100ml

Method: 1. Take the steaks out from the packaging and rest them to room temperature. 2. Get the rice started. 3. Peel and finely chop the garlic; slice the chillies, de-seeding them for a more moderate heat; peel and slice the shallots; remove the basil leaves from the stems. 4. Heat a grooved cast iron griddle pan and a wok to a medium/high heat. Use 2 tbsp of oil to cover the steaks. 5. Sear the steaks for a minute or two on each side as if going for very rare, ensuring you get some good browning for that smoky BBQ flavour. When done, put them aside to rest for 5 minutes or so. 6. In the meantime, put the remaining oil in the wok and add the chilli and garlic. As the chilli and garlic are starting to turn golden, add the shallots and stir-fry together. When browned off nicely, add the soy sauce, oyster sauce and vinegar. 30 seconds later add the water and bring down to a low heat to simmer gently. 7. Slice the steaks finely into strips. At this point you can see how rare the steak meat is. This will guide you as to whether any extra time in the wok is required at the next stage, according to your personal taste of course. 8. Finally add the meat and the basil leaves to the wok, turnover briefly until the leaves have softened a bit and the meat is done to your taste, then serve.




Open 5pm - Midnight. Tuesday - Saturday

Call 235666 or 213570 for reservations Fermain Valley. St Peter Port

Courtesy shuttle provided from St Peter Port to The Rock Garden and back at 40 minute intervals. First pick up from North Beach car park at 5.20pm then the Crown and Albert Pier car parks. Visit to download a timetable or check facebook and twitter for details.




words | Jodie Sheppard Congratulations on your recent ‘Britain’s Best Dish’ appearance, how did it feel to be part of this? It was pretty amazing for someone from ITV to phone up and have your restaurant on the list of top restaurants in the UK, and being a small island it’s great that they included us within the program. For us to be picked was awesome. I have been working at the restaurant for 7 ½ years now so all the hard work has paid off! What’s your favourite dish on your own menu? It has to be the scallops and prawn dish. That is my signature dish What is the most prestigious restaurant that you have eaten at? I’ve been to a few, Claridge’s is fantastically extravagant and with Gordon Ramsay behind it and Angela Hartley cooking when I was there, it was brilliant! We actually have the same rating as them in the good food guide, so to be there and eat their food and to think we are the same level as them in the customers eyes is very flattering. Have you ever cooked for any billionaires or celebrities? Yes I have cooked for quite a few! I used to cook Michael Jackson’s breakfast at the Lanesboro Hotel - every morning he would have an egg white omelette. In my time at the Lanesboro they used to have lots of visiting celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson, Björk, Prince Charles and Elton John. More recently I cooked for Princess Anne at the gala dinner. She had the dessert from TV and I had to cook and serve that dressed in a tux. Also Jenson Button often comes for dinner, he lives nearby. Who would your fantasy dinner guest be? That’s a tough one… I’m a big football fan and love Manchester United! I think Sir Alex Ferguson is a great coach and David Beckham when he used to play was fantastic. It would be great to cook for anyone related to the squad or, even better, cooking for the whole team would be fantastic!! What’s the most opulent dish you can think of? If I could ever get to use some truffles that would be delightful! I would love to have some fresh truffles to hand to play around with and use in some of my dishes, but they are going for around £2,500 per kilo at the moment. They are very strong, I use some in a mix with some oil and even that is very potent. In Italy now most of the restaurants use them, and you can really smell them as they grate them over their dishes. Biggest kitchen disaster… Probably when I used to work at a 5 star deluxe hotel called the Lanesboro in Hyde Park Corner. I was making some soup and nipped out while it was cooking for some lunch. I came back shortly after and about 40 litres of mushroom soup had burnt and had to go in the dustbin, so I got a good dressing down for that one!



Billionaire Supper DANIEL GREEN

PROFILE: Born and Bred

I’m from a village called Yaxley, near Peterborough

When I was a kid I thought I’d grow up to be.. A fireman

Inspiration to be come a chef…

What would you have for your last supper? It depends what mood I was in… I really like Coq au Vin with Béarnaise sauce; they do an awesome one at the Petit Bistro.

It just happened really; I had always been interested in food and have always enjoyed cooking and baking from a young age

What do you like to do on your days off? I like to spend time with my family; I have three children so I like to do something with them where possible. I also enjoy taking in what Guernsey has to offer, especially in the summer it is really beautiful. It’s great to head down to the beach too, we’re really lucky to be able to do that.

What’s your poison…?

As the restaurant isn’t open on Sunday evenings, I like to go home and cook for the family. The kids like to try different food so I like to make them something special.

Varies on time of day…

Champagne is my favourite!

I don’t eat…

Cheap food! I really enjoy my quality food

Sweet or savoury? Meat or fish?

Depends on what mood I am in!









The Fastest Mince Pies Ever By Jodie Sheppard

We all dread the time when the Christmas baking demands come in; whether it comes from school, work or the mother-in-law it’s always a chore and manages to turn even the biggest Crimboholic into the Grinch, huffing and puffing as you gradually become elbow deep in pastry and icing sugar! Gallery has tried to make life a little bit easier for you by creating the ‘fastest mince pies ever’, and yes everyone can make them… even you. Makes 28 – enough to feed an army of children / office homies / show off to the mother-in-law


¾ x 411 g jar Marks & Spencer luxury mincemeat 1 x 375 g pack fresh ready-rolled puff pastry A little milk 42 whole blanched almonds 42 fresh cranberries Golden castersugar, to dust Icing sugar, to serve Pre heat the oven to gas mark 7, 425oF (220oC) You will also need a 1½ inches (4cm) and a 2 inches (5cm) plain round cutter and a large, lightly greased baking sheet.


Begin by unrolling the packet of pastry, leaving it on the Cellophane, then just cut out 28 x 2 inch (5 cm) discs and arrange them on the baking tray. Next, using the 1½ in (4 cm) cutter, press this into the centre of each disc, making an incision to just three-quarters of the way into the pastry (but be careful not to go right through).

Mulled Rocquette Cider A gallery seasonal favorite. To: 4 x 500ml bottles of Traditional Rocquette Cider Add: 8 whole cloves 2 cinnamon sticks 2 tsp mixed spice Juice and zest of one lemon 2 oranges washed cored and sliced 3-5 tblsp of light soft brown sugar to taste

Now brush the edge of each disc with a little milk, then pile about a teaspoonful of mincemeat into the centre of each disc. Arrange 3 almonds on half the mince pies and 3 cranberries on the rest, then dust the nuts and cranberries with a little caster sugar. Bake the mince pies on a high shelf of the oven for 10-12 minutes or till golden, then remove them to a wire cooling tray. Serve warm, dusted with icing sugar. Note: If freezing the pies, allow them to cool, then transfer to a plastic freezer box (layered with baking parchment). To re-heat, cook from frozen in an oven pre-heated to gas mark 7, 425°F (220°C) for 4-5 minutes. Then dust with icing sugar. See, told you it was easy.

Put all the ingredients into a pan, cover and heat gently for a minimum of 1 hour. DO NOT BOIL! Add guests, fresh from a brisk stroll, serve and enjoy. Wassail! 96




CCD supporting Les Bourgs Hospice Cresswell, Cuttle and Dyke is one of the longest established architectural practices in Guernsey, with a wide-ranging portfolio of projects, we are pleased to support Les Bourgs Hospice.

t: 01481 726461 f: 01481 726098 e: BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS




By Oliver Westgarth By my rough calculation, between the ages of 17 and 62 the average person in the UK spends about 23% of their life in paid work (over an average lifetime 0-80 I make it 13%). Less than I feared but still a large proportion of life, it doesn’t include general home drudgery (or the ‘kitchen of life’ as my mother calls it) nor does it factor in time-off or sleep. Within this approximate time slot, most of us will probably turn our hand to a relatively narrow range of tasks drawing on a fairly limited spectrum of knowledge but becoming specialists in one area. It’s probably less true today than it was for my grandparents’ generation where the aim was definitely a ‘job for life’, but generally the rule holds. There are, of course, exceptions. We all know someone who’s left the office job to head off and become an artist or a gardener. There are those who ‘opt out’, moving somewhere sunny and seeking to make a living running a B&B (probably advertised on the kitchen notice board of their last job) or farming olives somewhere in the sun. Then there are obviously the entrepreneurs; with fingers in pies and many strings to their bows. They make a fortune, lose it, re-make it,


lose it again (on average 3 or 4 times apparently) then either disappear from the tax man (perhaps to become B&B owners) or they hang on to their fortune and go into TV as Dragons (the pinnacle of success). But most of us, perhaps sadly, don’t fit into any of these categories. We leave education trained, naturally able or interested in something, or just simply needing work. From then on, for the rest of our career we might alter our roles but we’ll normally remain within a definable sector. It’s not a bad thing. It’s obvious and essential. By practicing we become experts at whatever job we do and relate to others in the same area; part of the brother/sisterhood of the checkout, or the lawyers, or the builders. We learn to speak the lingo and understand the intricacies of the realm in which we spend almost a quarter of our life. In Italian the term for a person’s trade or career is ‘il suo mestiere’ from the same Latin root as the word ‘mystery’. Our trades, our secret work lives are to others just that: mysteries. It is in our financial and egotistical interest to protect what we have grafted to learn, we are proud of our knowledge and experience; for most of us it is the one subject we will ever really know

a lot about. We protect this status by building intricate jargon fortresses around us and our cohort. Perhaps the more complicated the profession the worse this obfuscation appears. Law and insurance are both skilled in the art of confounding ‘The Others’, as are medicine and computing. Police-speak can be baffling and I’m convinced Estate Agents and Marketing Gurus invent terminology on the spot. At first glance the world of Art is also a bad one. Or is it the opposite? The whole point of Art being that you don’t need to ‘get it’, thus it’s easy to ‘get’…? Right? So most of us have at least a good chunk of knowledge about whatever it is we do for a living. Should we choose to share it and then should anyone be interested is a different matter. I count myself very lucky to work in the world of Architecture - a world I find genuinely astounding on a daily basis. It embraces many different subjects from the obvious ones of design and construction to the less obvious realms of politics, religion, philosophy and ecology. It’s directly linked to technology and progress but also to poverty, war and natural disasters. It includes planning for



the physical future of our planet and endlessly looks back to the entirety of our built past. It engages with the minutiae of door knob detailing but also the planning of whole cities. It can be totally practical yet simultaneously high art. It also happens to be a business which is very inward looking and, as such, I think remains inaccessible to most ‘outsiders’ who experience it as a process only through direct experience of building work or through the likes of Channel 4’s Grand Designs, perhaps supplemented by one of the Sunday property supplements. I hope to use this column as a storytelling opportunity, a way to de-mystify my mestiere and to share and translate some of the interesting and normally secretive architectural trivia which is out there. Each month I’ll select a topic somehow connected to the magazine’s monthly theme and see what develops. I had planned to say something about ‘Billionaires’ and Architecture this month. Not too difficult a fusion. Bransonian villas, Barclay Brother castles, Saudi princes, man made islands and massive power-towers (each slightly higher than the last yet tragically and inevitably doomed to be overtaken by the next before


completion), footballers’ mansions or the London Olympic Stadium all fit the bill. Imagine what you’d do with a Billion? I bet you your hypothetical fortune that high on the list is some kind of home? A house, an apartment, a palace, a castle? Something to live in will definitely make the cut. Homes are always high on the agenda, it’s obvious. They’re a basic need but they’re also the ultimate commodity, usually the most expensive and complicated product we’ll hope to purchase in a lifetime. Thinking about this notion I had contemplated writing a piece about the capital city of Kazakhstan, an odd place called Astana. I was fortunate enough to visit it in 2008. It’s unique as it’s the first new-build capital city of the 21st Century. Newbuild as it isn’t a city that’s grown organically over time but is instead being purpose built in the middle of the Steppe. It’s the brain child of one man, who’s decided not to settle only for a billionaire’s super home or private island but instead to build a whole city in a sort of megalomaniacal Pharaonic national identity building extravaganza! He is the country’s President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, regarded


simultaneously as an almost Bond-esque repressive dictator, head of a regime similar to those recently ousted in the Arab Spring, and also as a shining example of a modern day national leader of a type sorely missing in that oil rich region of the world... (admittedly the latter is often the view of those with a direct interest in the region’s oil wealth). He’s a multibillionaire and is employing big name western architects (eg. Norman Foster) to build him a sort of kitsch utopian city right in the middle of the harsh Kazakh Steppe, replete with gaudy pyramids (of “peace”), twin golden towers and an egg-topped viewing tower where one is able to look down over the city whilst placing a hand in Nazarbayev’s golden hand print, an act which triggers the playing of a loud recording of the national anthem..... (written by guess who). Oh! And he’s recently employed Tony Blair as a political advisor, for an undisclosed sum... My quota for this first article is used up; seems you’ll have to wait for the ‘Love’ issue in February for some more substantial architectural titivation. Oliver works at CCD Architects




‘Franklin’ natural European oak and crystal glass door by Dutch designer Eric Kuster. The elegant lines and materials of this door make it emphatically part of the interior. It delivers light throughout the home and an exciting expectation of what is to come.

Up and Coming


1. World renowned designer Piet Boon’s range of sliding panel doors are lined with a choice of opulent fabrics such as suede, alcantara, or hide leather. More than just a decorative or practical element these doors are extremely exclusive and suitable for a study, office or master bathroom where privacy is vital and space is at a premium. 2. Ironmongery is the crowning glory of any quality door as the visual and emotive memory left by quality fittings is indelible. Whether it be for sliding or conventional doors, celebrate the beauty of great fittings by choosing hand-made designer items by established specialists such as Turnstyle Designs (, Philip Watts ( Options are unlimited as premium quality metals in a variety of designs may be combined with luxurious materials such as crystal or leather.






The ‘Bonaire’ door by designer Piet Boon is Japanese inspired and made from prime European oak and an ingenious system of concealed butterfly hinges. The door is split into two halves with the right hand side featuring panels which could be fully or partially opened if desired. This unique design enables one to play with the light inside the home and to vary the level of privacy in any area.





Chic Finds

Have you ever taken the time to browse the magical land of Paint & Son Ltd? Gallery explored the hidden depths of this fascinating shop and couldn’t resist playing with these cool objects!

Jersey Silver This beautiful silver is a tribute of gratitude from numerous inhabitants of Jersey to Daniel De Lisle Brock Esq Bailiff of Guernsey, for his successful exertions with his Majesty’s minister in the year 1822 in preventing the Corn Bill, then pending before Parliament, from being extended to these islands.





Japanese Style Shoduck Carriage clock, £2,750 This would definitely make a statement on any contemporary mantelpiece!! The clock is made of brass and black lacquer and the striking features really stand out. A carriage clock is a must have for any mantel!

Coromangel and Wedgewood Writing Set, £2,250 Perfect for writing out your Dear Santa list; you are never too old to write extremely far fetched Christmas wish lists - although I’m not quite sure how Santa will deliver a mansion, pony and sports car all in one night.

Silver Telescope This is excellent for star gazing on those starry nights and exploring the universe... alternatively if that fails at least you’ll look intelligent to any guests. 103



Gallery Gift’s

Twinkling lights peeking through trees, a winding convoy of glowing trucks, the holidays are definitely coming! Nothing else says Christmas quite like Coca-Cola! This year marks the 80th anniversary of the advertising campaign in which Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus shaped Christmas as we know it. Here’s Ditsy Chick’s pick of the Coca Cola themed crop for the season of good cheer!

Freightliner – Coronado £94,951 If you are planning to spend the holidays visiting relatives then this is the only way to do it. With lower and upper bunks, and a built-in refrigerator there’s no reason not to enjoy a perfectly chilled Coca Cola in comfort. Better yet, get yourself a convoy and spread some Christmas cheer. Illuminations not included!

Ring Pull Clutch Bag £35 What do you do with all those cans after the Christmas party? Here’s one inventive idea! A stylish clutch bag made from recycled can ring pulls, a great conversation piece that is both fairtrade and eco-friendly!

Selfridges – Coca-Cola Retro tray £69.99 This retro tray has been specially designed to celebrate Coca–Cola’s 125th birthday featuring a classic Coca–Cola advert. Only available at Selfridges.

John Lewis - Cola Bench £850 Turn your eating space into a classic 50’s American diner. With sprung seats and backrests, foam filling and piped vinyl upholstery the Lexington booth seats 2 adults and 1 child or 3 children.





OCULUS LIMITED Roseneath, The Grange, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 2QJ T: +44 (0)1481 723 344 E:




Guernsey’s Entrepreneurs on the sofa

Sarah-Jane Langlois Ditsy Chick






King Alfred, Winchester

First Job:

States Housing


Camper van 1974


Aliens Love Underpants


Zero 7


My Fair Lady



Last holiday:

Jersey in the C. Van


Font hunting Now!! Playing with the kids

Marital Status:


ABOUT THE BUSINESS: is the new word art phenomena set up by Sarah Langlois that is taking Guernsey by storm with two local stockists, Evie & Me and Indica. Jersey Stockist, Linnea of Sweden and now too!! I love everything on her site, so couldn’t wait to meet up and pick her brains on what makes the super-mum of two have time to be so fantastic?? You can find your own piece of personalised artwork at and the good news is - we get great discount from our fellow creative donkey, 20% off for Channel Island customers.


Are you finding with this new demand it’s difficult to keep up with stock ? We make to order so it’s not too much of a problem, and working from home there isn’t the space to keep stock! We do make a bit more if we have a craft fair but it’s mostly bespoke pieces that we make. How did the business start? I originally made one for a friends wedding and someone else saw it and it spiralled from there. I’ve made them for weddings, anniversaries, new babies and now we are even doing some corporate work with logos and including the businesses services in them too. What inspires your shapes and fonts? Well we have a few standard ones that we use but are able to adapt to anyone’s needs, I take inspiration from everything – road signs, pub signs, labels, logos......everywhere! What did you do before Ditsy Chick? I worked for the states for 8 years and then went on to train as a teacher which I still do but I am on maternity leave for a year. I’ll be going back to that soon but I can do Ditsy Chick from home and its kind of turned into a business almost by accident, but it is nice

to have something outside of child care as a personal achievement. What lessons have you taken from your previous jobs to help with your new venture? Customer service certainly, it’s so important to keep people informed at every step as they then feel they are receiving a personal service which is sometimes difficult when you sell online. Whats the biggest difficulty? Definitely hours in a day! Not enough! Any funny stories that have happened since you started? Someone at one of the first craft fairs thought we were called Dirty Chick, which would have put a very different slant on things! What advice would you give to someone starting a business? Just go for it! Don’t be afraid of hard work and expect the 1am finish! If you are passionate about something then you won’t mind putting the hours in. The best part is delivering the product and getting the reaction. GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE


We deliver online More traffic equals more worldwide business for Oliver Twist Gin

Screen shot from (24 11 2011)

The proof is in the results: Page 1, position 3 on for natural search (SEO) in only 6 weeks for Oliver Twist Gin. Search term, Gin. If you want to be on top of your competitors, get in touch Digital - Direct response - Branding - Marketing - Print Email: or Telephone: 01481 739850




Organisations that effectively make use of social media can expect to experience many benefits, including better communication with employees, clients and potential clients, suppliers and customers and improved access to information generally.”

Trislanders sold as Blue Islands listens to passengers The Trislander aircraft will cease flying on the 4th of December. The airline has listened to the clear views of regular interisland travellers who would rather fly on the more spacious, comfortable and quieter turboprop aircraft than the ageing, compact and noisy Trislander aircraft. This year, the Blue Island’s route network has grown significantly with the addition of London City, Manchester, Bristol and Bournemouth added to the schedule. It also means that passengers can enjoy a more pleasant experience when travelling inter-island. Rob Veron, Managing Director, recognises the importance of listening to customers. “It’s important that we listen to the views of our passengers – many of whom travel inter-island with us a number of times a week. We want our passengers to feel comfortable and secure when flying with Blue Islands and now we can offer a premium product. No more earplugs or tipping the seats to squeeze everyone in, just spacious, comfortable flying. We also learnt from our passengers they felt unhappy and concerned when flying with only one single pilot, as is done by one of our inter-island competitors. All Blue Islands flights are operated with twin crew.”

“It is essential that employers realise the benefits social media can bring to their business not only in terms of attracting prospective employees but also in keeping and maintaining the morale of current staff. Employers should be developing and managing social media policies in a sensible, dynamic and achievable way,” said Mr Thomas. Ian Milner, Guernsey Director at Condor Ferries, said: “We are pleased to have found a new home for Condor 10. The journey was a great challenge for the crew who navigated some very difficult waters to deliver the ferry to its new home, so it’s great to see them all back safely and to know that Condor 10 will continue to provide a much-needed service for travellers in South Korea. “Last year we welcomed Condor Rapide to our fleet and she has become a familiar sight in the waters around the Channel Islands”.

Social Media in the workplace needs to be managed, not ignored

Condor 10 completes 5,000 mile journey to new home in South Korea Condor Ferries’ 74m ferry Condor 10 will be setting up home over 5,000 miles from the Channel Islands as she takes up service on an internal Korean ferry route. Condor 10 has been sold by Condor Ferries, who replaced the 74m ferry with Condor Rapide, a larger 86m ferry which began service between the Channel Islands, France and the UK, last year. Manned by Condor Ferries crew - who have many years’ experience - the ferry embarked on her 25-day journey at the end of September, and has now made it safely to her new home in Asia.


The proliferation of social media, and the ease of access to technology, is blurring the boundary between work and play, according to a seminar by Carey Olsen on Tuesday, 15 November. Carey Olsen litigation partner Mark Dunster headed the panel of speakers which included senior associate Huw Thomas, from the firm’s Jersey office, and Guernsey associate Rachel Richardson. Advocate Dunster said: “The increase in readily available social media and networking tools is something that employers cannot afford to ignore.

Les Beaucamps High marks seven year relationship with Bank Julius Baer A unique piece of artwork from Les Beaucamps High will be displayed in the refurbished offices of Bank Julius Baer to celebrate the relationship between the two. In September 2004, 16 staff from Bank Julius Baer in the Cayman Islands and nine of their family members were evacuated to Guernsey after Hurricane Ivan devastated the islands. With extensive damage to homes, offices, public buildings and basic infrastructure, the staff and their families, which included children aged between six months and 16 years, stayed in Guernsey for two months. ‘It was an extremely distressing time for the staff and their families, but they were made to feel very welcome, and it was fantastic to see how the Guernsey staff made their colleagues feel at home,’ said Tony Crawley, head of private banking at Bank Julius Baer’s Guernsey branch. The presentation of the still life, which was created by student Ellie Cooper, was made to Raymond J. Baer, chairman of Bank Julius Baer. Mr Baer was in Guernsey to talk to clients, intermediaries and distinguished guests at an investment presentation about developments in Swiss private banking. The company already has the largest collection of contemporary Swiss art, and Miss Cooper’s piece will be the only one from a British artist. ‘We are delighted to have made this presentation to Mr Baer to thank him for Bank Julius Baer’s support over the past seven years as it has allowed us to hold an exhibition to showcase our students’ fantastic artwork,’ said Les Beaucamps High head Peter Le Cheminant.




The credit crunch is now more than three years old.


t is difficult to write about the continuing crisis, particularly in the Eurozone, as each day brings new revelations and the situation might be quite different by the time the magazine is on the shelves. The only certainty is that the point where a fundamental decision needs to be made is looming closer. Will we still have the same currencies on the foreign exchange board in the Post Office in Smith Street? Maybe we can exchange Pounds for reintroduced Escudos for our winter sun holiday? (Escudo being Portuguese for ‘shield’, ironically). Is the break-up of the Euro imminent or has the European Central Bank become the lender of last resort with the presses running day and night to print yet more Euro banknotes?

Business and Management Honours Degree available on Island for the first time The GTA University Centre is to run a full BA (Hons) Business and Management degree on island from January, 2012. Delivered by lecturers from Bournemouth University, this development means that, for the first time, islanders can study for a fully taught honours level business degree without leaving Guernsey. In recognition of the strong partnership that exists between the two institutions, Bournemouth University has given approval for the GTA University Centre to offer the full honours programme. Bournemouth University tutor, Sue Warnock said: “We have been working with the GTA to deliver postgraduate courses in Guernsey for over a decade. It is an exciting development to be able to extend the range of courses offered on island to include an undergraduate degree programme. “I’m really looking forward to working closely with the GTA on this degree course and spending more time with the island’s undergraduate students,” she said. The course will be run on a part-time basis to enable students to continue working alongside their studies if they choose. It will take just over three years to complete, beginning with a two year foundation degree (FdA) programme. The third year builds on the first two and offers students the chance to specialise through a number of optional modules. On successfully completing this final year, students can graduate with a full honours degree.

As 2011 winds down, thoughts turn to what is on the cards for 2012? With apparently perpetual volatility, there is more demand for products that target better risk-adjusted returns, with more investors having a greater comprehension of the performance benefits of diversification. In up-trending markets, it is easy to lock up and leave equity holdings. If, however, the volatility present in today’s markets is set to continue, with realistic threats of losing significant value, how do you protect against further falls whilst not missing a bounce, should it come? Consistency remains an elusive element of investment portfolios since the start of the credit crisis. Good performance should be viewed in terms of the risk taken and woe betide anyone who is trying to pick the best single asset class for 2012 for all, or even most, of their eggs. A diversified, passive, indexed approach will continue to achieve strong risk-adjusted performance and whilst instability in markets continues with such amplitude, this can be enhanced by rebalancing the constituents periodically. The ensuing returns provide a smoother ride for the investor and can give a better long term result; it reduces the peaks and troughs and adheres to the philosophy of winning by not losing. In conclusion, many asset classes have experienced large draw-downs historically, with some taking years to recover. A disciplined approach can help to reduce volatility and has been effective in virtually all markets over longer time frames. An investment portfolio is only a means to an end. If we free ourselves of emotional decision-making within the portfolio and base it upon a system that works in the long term, without losing our hair in the short term, surely that leads to a happier life? (As you can tell from the pictures below, we have tried and tested other investment methodologies). Happy Christmas.

Simon Le Tocq, programmes manager at the GTA University Centre, said: “We fully appreciate the increasing costs of university programmes and the need to offer viable alternatives for islanders wishing to pursue higher education without leaving the island. “It is an ideal choice for prospective students looking for a course that offers a wide range of business subjects and covers areas such as marketing, human resource management, finance, management and law,” he said.

Peter Ellis

Jonathan Wilson

Those interested in finding out more about the course should visit or call the GTA University Centre on 721555.

T: +44 (0)1481 723 344 W: BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS




we’ll put you first Source Recruitment is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Guernsey and offers a high quality permanent, temporary and contract recruitment solution. Through experience and attention to detail we have developed an enviable reputation for providing clients and candidates with a service that fits their individual requirements. Our team of specialists are here to listen, so if you’d like to get ahead of the rest, lets talk.

tel: 701616 email:





Position yourself ahead of the rest with one of these exciting new opportunities Trust Manager

Business Analyst

Senior Trust Manager

Settlements Administrators

In-House Legal Counsel

Private Client Services Administrator

Our client, a large, privately owned and managed financial services business, is seeking to appoint a Manager to one of its growing private client trust administration teams. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with solid technical knowledge and welldeveloped people management skills to take the lead within a dynamic business environment. Our client promotes a friendly culture for team work and encourages career development and progression.

Due to a period of sustained growth, our client is on the hunt for two Settlements Administrators, one to look after UK Settlements and one to look after Foreign Settlements. With offices out of town, this company offers a friendly working environment and parking for all. An excellent rate of pay is available and applications are invited from those with relevant experience and a hands-on / muck-in attitude. Contact Source for a full job description.

Senior Fund Administrator

Our client, a boutique Private Equity administrator with offices in the heart of St Peter Port, are on the hunt for a top-notch fund administration professional. It’s likely that you will have a number of years of experience in this sector and you’ll be the sort of person that relishes the ‘work hard / play hard’ business environment. This is an excellent opportunity for someone to take the next step in their career and join a fast-paced, dynamic team.

A truly dynamic commercial business, head quartered in Guernsey, is seeking to recruit a further Business Analyst to work within a small team that’s responsible for identifying areas of strength and weakness in order to implement actions to improve financial and operational performance for its business partners. This could be a fantastic start to a career for a business graduate or an excellent next step for someone with a couple of years’ experience.

This is a rare opportunity for a qualified legal professional to move in-house. Our client is a leading bank-owned, third party fund administration business with a great reputation as an employer. Applications are open to those looking for reduced hours also (minimum 3 days per week). Relevant fund/corporate experience is desired. Please contact one of our consultants for a full job description.

Co–Sec Manager

This well-known financial services business is on the look out for a Company Secretary at Manager level. Ideally you will have 3-5 years of experience working within a fund environment and will also hold the ICSA qualification (study will be supported for those that are partqualified). You will also be a team player with confident communication skills and an enthusiastic approach to your work.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a prestigious finance house at a senior level. A high profile role where you will be responsible for the management of a portfolio of UHNW Middle Eastern clients, with the support from a team of Administrators and without being bogged down with daily people management responsibility. Extensive experience and professional qualification is required.

Our client, a private banking giant, is keen to appoint an enthusiastic individual to provide administrative support to their local Relationship Managers. Applications are invited from those with some experience in banking, perhaps encompassing foreign exchange and payment preparations or similar, who, through further training and professional study, are looking to continue to develop their career in the short and long-term.

Trust Officer

This is a great role for someone with 3 or 4 years of experience looking to take the next step up the career ladder. You’ll be appointed to manage a complex portfolio of trusts and companies as well as assisting in the development of less experienced administrators. Our client is considered a market leader and its culture is one that encourages teamwork and promotes ongoing career development. An excellent opportunity for a career minded individual.

We provide a refreshingly honest and innovative service to help find the job that’s right for you. For full details on these positions, plus many more. Tel: 701616 email:





gradu8 [ careers special ]





Gallery Gradu8 of the 2010/11 academic year looks at a bright young thing who recently made the jump to working life and asks her about the role and what they get up to >>




gradu8 [ careers special ]



IS A TRAINEE FUND ADMINISTRATOR AT AZTEC GROUP What made you choose the Aztec Group?

Aztec Group is a company with a fantastic warm community feel. When I first walked through the door for my interview the energy and enthusiasm from everyone I met was very welcoming and heart-warming . Another important aspect which enticed me to Aztec Group was the amazing support it provides to all staff who wish to achieve professional qualifications. The company is incredibly accommodating and gives each member of staff the opportunity to further their own personal development.

What professional training are you undertaking?

I am currently studying for the Certificate of Fund Administration Course with BPP. Once I’ve completed this I plan to continue studying, moving on to the ICSA (the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) certificate course and then on to the diploma course. There is a huge amount


of guidance and help on offer from colleagues who have already undertaken their exams.

What do you do on an average day?

I work as part of a highly experienced team on a large client who has a number of funds. No two days are the same in terms of work content. On an average day I can complete a great number of varied tasks from payments, book keeping and investment correspondence to investor contact /system updates, client due diligence, investor document distributions and investor queries.

What’s the next step?

Studying will take up much of my foreseeable future, which will hopefully make more senior positions within the company accessible to me as I progress. As a successful growing company with a bright future I am sure there will be many opportunities available to me to develop my career. The sky’s the limit!

What advice would you give yourself as a school leaver considering the experience you have now?

Graduating and entering the realm of full time employment is quite daunting and a massive leap for a student. When choosing the right job for me there were many important elements I had to consider such as job satisfaction and professional future. At Aztec Group I have found a varied job that allows me to gain a greater knowledge of the finance industry and a company that satisfies my personal ambitions with promising prospects for my future career and personal development.

Employer info: Aztec


Aztec Group is a leading independent fund administration business, focussed on private equity, venture capital and real estate funds. We are an innovative and thriving company with a reputation for driving forward standards in fund administration and an enviable track record when it comes to service delivery. With offices in Guernsey, Jersey, Luxembourg and the UK, and employing over 100 staff, we are always on the prowl for bright, dynamic, dedicated team players.

“At the Aztec Group we recognise that employee training and development are key to the company’s future and success. If you join our team not only will you be given the opportunity to advance in your chosen career but in an environment where we encourage a healthy work-life balance and arrange a number of social events throughout the year.”


If you think you’d like to pursue a career at Aztec Group, get in contact with Louise Carrington, Human Resources Officer on: + 44 (1481) 749709 or email:







OUR SPORTS BANNER IS NOW AVAILABLE Quality brands need quality media placement. Our divider banners align you with a relevant Gallery section and offers a creative design opportunity Call us on 739854 and ask about sport divider sponsorship



Golf: Mick Marley words | Shambles Rambles

Over 60 million people world wide play Golf and there are over 7,000 Golf Courses across Europe. It is one of the few games that does not require a standard playing area. The courses vary in design and typically consist of 9 or 18 holes with varying degrees of difficulty. Players basically try to get the ball from the starting point (tee) into the hole in the fewest number of shots.


The Golf Club Irons are all angled differently so to vary the distance and height the ball is struck and the Woods are used to hit longer distances. The Putter is used when the player reaches the green where the hole is situated. Golf is a relatively simple game to understand but very difficult to truly master.




t’s the billionaire issue and sport’s first billionaire according to Forbes was Golfer, Tiger Woods, so my second local sports assignment pitches my golfing talent against that of former Guernsey and Channel Islands Champion, Mick Marley - who, for the record, is not a billionaire from his golf proceeds! Just picture the setting: it’s 10.30am and we have set up a one hole, winner-takes-all challenge, at the fantastic Guernsey Royal Golf Club. It’s the 156-yard, par three, 18th hole and I take my trusted 9 Iron from the bag, pick off bits of year old soil and put on the Michael Jackson glove. I plant my tee into the ground, looking down the steep hill that separates the ball from the hole. I glance around and notice several people that I know, “How are you Shambles?”, says one of them. There is nowhere to hide!

system! How long did it take you to get a complete feel for the clubs that you use? I guess it took me four or five years but as you grow stronger you hit it harder. Also technology has made a huge difference, I can hit it further now than I did in my twenties. What advice would you give to any young golfer in terms of practice? Don’t just stand there and belt the long clubs, practice the chipping and putting making sure you get your short game right. I heard from a little birdie (excuse the pun) that a few of your clubs have appeared snapped inside various bins around local golf courses. Would you care to elaborate on how that came to be? Sometimes they don’t behave, they have to be punished!

I picture the ball disappearing into the distance and have every confidence that this is going to be my day. I settle down into my stance, mutter words of self-confidence and tee off. Thwack. Unbelievable, it’s sitting 10 feet from the hole! “Sorry about that”, I say to the spectators. I glance at Mick who sports a look of surprise, “You have put the pressure on me now” he says. Mick’s go! Thwack. He is just 18 feet from the hole. I miss, he misses, I sink the putt then Mick sinks the putt, and hole drawn. Off we trot to the Clubhouse so that I can talk him through my shot and pick his brains over a pint of Guinness.

Apparently, Caddies are paid a percentage of the golfer’s match earnings. Based on the way I played the 18th today, would you consider giving up your job and doing a spot of caddying for me? No!

Mick is an instantly likable character who has a huge passion for sport. He has sixteen Football Muratti caps that he picked up between 1986 and 1996 with three wins against Jersey in 1988, 1991 and 1992.

I once invented an all-purpose throwing iron. It was aerodynamically balanced for launch angle; it was floatable with a rotating head and propeller, which spun around the shaft to bring it back to shore. It was strong enough fight off a group of hecklers, and chop down trees. It also vibrated for when I threw it in a bush so it could shake itself out. I called it my stress reducing 3 Iron. You must get tempted to throw your club after a poor shot, tell us about it? It’s called “Helicoptering” and I have not done it with my putter for a while since I realised that four juniors were watching me!

He also helped Vale Rec to eight Priaulx titles until he snapped his anterior cruciate in the 1996 Muratti. He has only played once since then for the Guernsey Legends against the Liverpool Legends, where Don Hutchinson broke his nose with a stray arm. His injured knee didn’t affect his golf and he played his 28th Golf Muratti this year after playing for the first time in 1979 aged just 16. He has won 4 Island Championships out of 9 finals, and won the Channel Islands Championships in 1982 beating Trevor Gray of Jersey. He also boasts 7 hole-in-ones.

What is the biggest divot that you have ever taken out of the ground, and did you look round to see if anyone was watching and just left it there? I always replace my divots, if the ball is still in the divot then you know it’s bad. Just walk off to the next hole!

My wife reckons that if you jog backwards then you would gain weight, is there something wrong with her? Not that I can see.

I have ruined several pairs of trousers by cutting a hole in the pocket and dropping a spare ball through to make it look like I hadn’t lost it. I suppose that doesn’t happen much at the top level but it would seem like the best way of cheating when things don’t go your way. Is there anyone in the local game that always seems to get the better of you that you might like to use this tactic on? In other words, who’s your Channel Island nemesis? Bobby Eggo is always the man to beat. He is on every winner’s board around the Island for a reason.

Do you turn down your car radio when you are searching for a destination? It’s like looking at your watch when you say I’m going away next month.

Which local golfers do you admire the most and why? It has to be Bobby for his long lasting brilliance, Dave Warr who has a fantastic Golf temperament and Roy Mahy one of the Guernsey legends.

Are the best nights in the bar linked to winning or losing? We have a long-standing saying – “Win or lose, we shall booze”!

If you could play golf with 3 other players who would they be? Tom Watson my favourite Golfer, Seve Ballesteros who is so passionate about the game, and my Dad.

Why is Greenland made of ice and Iceland made of green grass? I really don’t know, but if the ice is yellow walk round it!

I am an “every now and then” golfer. Like most people, we play the same course and occasionally play a magnificent shot that we can talk about in the bar. What was the best shot you have ever played that actually affected a game? It must be the putt in the 2003 Island Games over 3 feet that looked a lot longer! I knew I had to hole it for an individual silver medal. How much of the game is played in the mind and how do you train your mind to cope with the pressure of tournament golf? It’s at least 50/50 mental and technical, it doesn’t matter how good you are technically if your mind isn’t right. I tend to use the club that played the best shot on the previous hole but recognise that there could be potential failings with that BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

Question from last months interviewee, Trevor Gallienne. If you had the chance of taking a four-foot putt yourself for £10,000.00 or to get Tiger Woods to take it for you from eight-feet for the same money, which one would you choose? I would miss one in every two, Tiger Woods would miss one in every ten so it has to be the Tiger. Next months question for a Chess player please? Do Chess players need a Poker Face (to hide emotion)? And if so, why don’t Poker players need a Chess face? In next month’s February edition I roll back the memories to when I was the Goldings Middle School Class 3G Chess Champion. Bring on Channel Islands Chess star, Fred Hamperl.




Billionaire Sports Personality When he signed for McLaren in

Career Low

November, 2009 he joined Lewis

114 races without a victory.

Hamilton to form the ultimate British

Jenson Button

dream team and his first podium


finally came in 2004 along with a pole

“If I’m not winning, I don’t give a

position at Imola and third place in the

damn who else is. It doesn’t make

championship behind the dominant

any difference to me if I’m not in a

Ferraris of Michael Schumacher and

competitive car. I can’t be bothered with

Rubens Barrichello.

working my nuts off and qualifying fourteenth any more. It’s making me

Full name: Jenson Alexander Lyons Button

After continuous achievements Button

Birth date: January 19, 1980

has gone from strength to strength and

Birthplace: Frome, Somerset, Great Britain

continues to be a favourite.

Current age: 31 years 308 days

Strengths and Weaknesses

Height: 1.82 m Weight: 72 kg Current team: McLaren Previous teams: BAR, Benetton, Brawn, Honda, Renault, Williams

Profile It took nine years in the top-flight but Jenson Button finally achieved his boyhood dream in 2009 when he became Formula One World Champion. His talent and desire had been questioned on a number of occasions during his F1

unhappy.” When asked to choose between Mansell and Piquet: “Mansell. Because I like the guy and he’s got a great moustache

Telemetry can prove that Button is one

- or at least he used to have a great

of the most technically perfect drivers


on the grid. However, throw in a few variables, such as cold tyres or a car with


a tendency for oversteer, and Button

Button is the proud owner of a 1956, split

struggles to adapt.

windscreen, Volkswagen campervan. The

Career High His championship winning 2009 season

Brit has a large garage of exotic cars but sold his Bugatti Veyron in 2009 for around £900,000.

and his performance at the Brazilian Grand Prix which finally sealed the deal and silenced the critics who were suggesting he was not earning his title.

career, but with the ultimate accolade next to his name he is now one of the paddock’s hottest properties.







hardware HARDWARE


Mansory Audi R8 V10 Spyder

Mansory Range Rover Vogue

COst: €447,000

COst: €POA (“if you have to ask...”)

At a cost of nearly €365,000 over the standard V10 R8, this is a fair indicator of the exclusivity of Swiss aftermarket tuner Mansory’s product line. Apparently the standard R8 just ‘doesn’t let the hearts of convertible fans beat faster’ like Audi insist on fitting some form of digitally encoded wirelessly controlled pacemaker to each new owner of their flagship model.

Brand spanking new for 2011 and featuring a host of stealthily disguised carbon fibre additions thanks to a few coats of paint, Mansory’s take on both the Vogue and Sport will, whilst of dubious taste, most definitely ensure that everybody knows you’re the richest soccer mummy at the school gates come 3 o’clock when it’s time to finish yoga and pick the kids up before nipping to M&S to gather some food to nourish the little blighters.

Improvements to aerodynamics and therefore handling come complements of their specially designed aero-package (shaped in carbon fibre, and there’s plenty more of that to come later, so just you wait) and they’ve even managed to squeeze the obligatory handful of extra horsepower out of Audi’s mammoth 5.2 litre FSI powerplant thanks to an air filter and exhaust system, which one would expect, for 5 and a half times the cost of your average, bog standard, ‘run of the mill’ R8, of course.


Rocking flat white paintwork gets bonus points from me (if the owner of the matt white Vogue over here is reading this, please accept a written handshake from me but ask for some nicer wheels for Christmas) as does the chequered / wicker basket look next to the light brown leather inside. Unusually for a vehicle sporting crystal clear rear lights they seem to have managed to pull it off. Add to that nearly 380hp from the Rangie’s V8 diesel and now we’re really talking.

Who are these people? Hailing from Switzerland, the undisputedly most affluent country in the world, Mansory are probably the most expensively exclusive aftermarket automobile tuning and customizing company out there. They prefer to refer to their business as ‘high-end refining’ though, which I’d say is a fair description, as we all know that money doesn’t necessarily buy you taste. Specialists in, or possibly even addicts of, carbon fibre the space-age lightweight material features heavily in their products, specifically in their taken on Aston Martin’s Vanquish which features a bodyshell made entirely out of it and left unpainted for all of the world to see, and their Bugatti Veyron 16.4 whose rear half is clad in this distinctive matting and baked in an

222 122

autoclave to provide exceptional strength and rigidity by mass. Improving almost any highly respected marque from Aston Martins to Audis, Bentleys to BMWs, Range Rovers to Rolls-Royces with Mercedes and Porsches in between, if you’ve got a secret box stuffed full of Swiss Francs and are after a car that is so exclusive that most gawpers-by won’t even know who refined it then in honesty I can’t think of any other company you’d need to speak to. Exteriors, engines, suspension and interiors don’t escape untouched with the latter being an almost blank canvas with a multicoloured range of prime beef skin at your disposal to cover anything inside you so wish, akin to the Chateaubriand of seating.

Jersey’s style magazine GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE


Mansory Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Mansory Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen

COst: €706,000

COst: €700,000+

Helping to get the absolute most use possible out of their autoclave, yet again they’ve employed miles and miles of custom pressure-cooked carbon fibre matting on what starts out as an SLS AMG, from the bonnet and side vents, to the splitters, skirts and boot spoiler, there’s no denying that this car looks as mean as it most likely sounds.

Not much needs to be said about the only off-roader worth considering if you’re uber rich, except that we all know that rear bench seats are for peasants, which is why Mansory fit a pair of single seats to the rear of their absurd G-Class creations with trim to match the rest of the interior no matter how restrained or garish you’d like it to be.

Sitting 20mm lower than the standard SLS AMG, exclusive to this vehicle are Mansory’s own specially designed forged alloy wheels which, at half an inch shy of a foot wide at the rear aren’t to be shrugged at.

Seven even more exclusive editions known as the ‘G-Couture’ have been made featuring full, yes FULL carbon composite bodywork and packing the Mercedes-Benz SLS’ V12 uprated to 825hp and shredding 23” rubber at a force of over 1100Nm. So you can rest assured that you’ll be quicker than a 911 Turbo off the mark as well as most likely quite literally bulletproof what with being surrounded by all of that carbonfibre matting. I’m sure if you asked really nicely they’d make you one out of kevlar though, should raining bullets be an issue in your life.

Interior customisation, as ever, is viewed as a blank canvas. I’m not overly keen on the blue leather they’ve attached all over the dash and steering wheel on the show car but apparently it’s ridiculously hard wearing yet very soft, so who am I to whinge?

It doesn’t have to stop once you reach the golf club, either... COst: €38,000+ You had better make sure that your swing is sweet and your putting perfect if you turn up behind the wheel of one of these. Starting at around £38k with an almost endless list of options as is the case with any of their tailor-made products the Mansory Garia LSV golf cart is the Rolls-Royce of golf carts. Actually, no - Mansory have customised Phantoms, Ghosts and their Drophead variants so does that mean that this golfing ex-cessory in fact exceeds that mantle? Ghastly is the only word to describe my golf game, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to take one of these for a spin, but I’d have to make sure there was a bottle of bubbly inside the on-board D refrigerator first. It’d be rude not to, after all.




HARDWARE hardware

here comes the science bit Say hello to Asimo. If you’ve not heard of this little fellow before, he was conceived in 1986 by Honda and over the past 25 years and 11 robot generations has been developed into the humanoid robot you see here, who now no longer requires an operator, making him one step closer to being successfully integrated into our world. Able to go places and carry out tasks where humans can’t, Asimo has an extremely advanced robot arm potentially allowing him to take care of both commercial and household tasks, such as serving drinks (seen here) but in his spare time he also likes playing football with great tenacity despite being of a level likely to pose little challenge against Stevie Wonder in goal, falling down flights of stairs on stage every now and then and a spot of Russian Cossack dancing (also seen here).

reach and interaction with humans. Basically, he’s a bit short, but cute with it for a mechanical man. Connected to the internet (who or what isn’t these days?) and so able to research and answer questions when asked, ranging from weather forecasts. Able to tilt his body and shift his centre of gravity, something that you or I take for granted but is critical to balancing and reacting. He’s also getting pretty adept at running. The only catch? To convince Honda to supply and operate one for you, you’d probably have to be a billionaire. the russian special edition of asimo has got all the moves (left) / no more struggling with those tough to open jam jar lids - thanks asimo, you’re my new best friend! (right)

On a serious note, however, Asimo is at the forefront of humanoid robot technology and has been for years. Many of the basic tasks that we carry out each and every day are surprisingly difficult to replicate by a machine which is why we don’t all have Asimos waltzing around our homes doing the housework with carefree abandon. Unfortunately. Greeting guests, transmitting a photo of their face to the user, recognises gestures such as handshakes, can turn to face unexpected noises (such as items falling) and react. 130cm height has been deemed optimum for his

Jetpack joy No, that’s not the name of the latest forgotten Marvel comicbook character film adaptation. This is the Martin Jetpack, a comercially available personal flying solution that’ll set you back around £60,000 and allow you to fly as free as a bird (well, almost - I think Yves Rossy aka ‘Jet Man’ has that one covered already) for around 30 minutes. So don’t forget to keep an eye on your incredibly reliable Swiss timepiece. I’m assuming you’ll have one of those, given the cost of this contraption. Essentially a 2 litre, 2 stroke V4 piston engine strapped to your back and powering two rotors, thrust is provided thanks to the 200bhp it kicks out. You’ll be please to know that a ballistic parachute has been squeezed in for safety, but maybe not so pleased to know that if you want one you’ll have to pick it up from New Zealand. That’ll equate to a hefty amount of excess baggage charges on the return leg, although you could always just fly it back yourself, I suppose. For more information visit

124 228

GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE Jersey’s style magazine

hardware HARDWARE

Billions of tiny helping hands...

Pack away your shellsuit and see in the new year with a bang! There is nothing like a firework display to top off a joyous celebration. Everyone has a classic favourite, whether it’s the whirling catherine wheel, the banshee with its ear-splitting screech or a gorgeous shimmer of golden rain and it is not humanly possible to write your name in the air with a sparkler and not love it. Starburst Fireworks’ James Bevis has a bevy of fireworks at his disposal and can personalise displays and even choreograph a fireworks to music. James has extensive experience in the firework industry, working with everyone from the Opera House to the British Army, and it’s always a good idea to call in the pros so that you can be super-sure that the display will go off without a hitch. With Christmas and NYE approaching, two occasions which are surely exploding with pyrotechnic potential, James tells us about his Top Five Fab Fireworks which will be the glittertastic icing on top of the cake for any occasion this season.

1. single ignition \ 117 shots (£79,99)

Not many people particularly enjoy cleaning up, which is why Beko have applied the result of a no doubt extremely expensive research and development programme into nanotechnology to the glass doors of their latest range of household ovens. Here comes the science bit: by manufacturing a coating that covers the glass of their oven doors on a molecular scale they have created a surface that exhibits what is known as an ‘oleophobic’ property; one that repels oils and thus making it easier to clean. And you thought that Teflon-coated frying pans were the height of kitchen science! I bet Heston Blumenthal has one of these ovens already... Beko Oim25503 kitchen oven. around £299.99

Whoever said that the pixel race was over hadn’t heard of this camera... Stanford’s Linear Accelerator Center [sic - they’re Americans after all] is shelling out around $170,000 to build a car-sized camera with a phenomenal one BILLION pixels, which equates to 3.2 Gigapixels, just in case you’re curious. The behemoth snapper will form part of a $500m space telescope project known as LSST, or ‘Large Synoptic Survey Telescope’ that will provide the means to create a four-dimensional image of the Milky Way. Having carried out a little research into exactly what the fourth dimension is, my brain conceded defeat and instead went back to considering how many more cups of coffee I might drink today. Using an 8.4 metre mirror and weighing 650 tonnes, LSST will be able to capture light that is 100 million times fainter than the human eye can see. Can’t comprehend that figure? You’re not alone!

BECAUSE quality QUALITY matters MATTERS because

This is a truly excellent option as it is an all-in-one package which will produce shooting stars and glitter mines and the colour scheme of red, gold and green is absolutely perfect for any festive bash.

2. majestic Finale \ 120 shots (£119.99)

A little bit swisher than Single Ignition, Majestic Finale ups the ante and with extra colour and brilliance. The ending of dazzling palm-style fireworks makes quite the finale.

3. thunder Bomb \ 100 “cataclysmic bangs” (£125)

As the name indicates, this is not a firework for those of a nervous disposition but is hugely effective and blows away all in the vicinity. The ideal choice for a really impressive party. Earplugs not included.

4. Big Ben Countdown \ 37 shot barrage (£49.99)

Designed with NYE specifically in mind this firework crackles and shimmers and razzle-dazzles its way through the countdown as you locate your lucky partner to share a midnight kiss.

5. Firelord \ 146 shots (£149.99)

Using the effects of dahlias, palms and glitter pearls, the Firelord is the ultimate combination of flash, crackle and popping pizzazz and guaranteed to wow all your guests with its incredible illumination.

all available from

229 125

HARDWARE hardware

Phone Home HTC Sensation XL

handset Only £446.00 or free on Blue 24 month from Jt With an extra-large 4.7 inch display (as its moniker suggests), a healthy 768mb of RAM and Beats Audio (none other than Dr Dre’s headphone line) the Sensation XL is an Android show-stopper. A dual LED flash, large aperture f2.2 lens and 720p HD video recording from its 8MP camera completes the media mash up and provide superior low light image capturing.

iPhone 4S

available on all plans, with fantastic deals at airtel-Vodafone.

predecessor but, inside the shell, it is significantly advanced. Users will be able to ask the iPhone 4S questions and receive a voiced repsonse from a female android voice without even having to activate the touchscreen devise.

Nokia Lumia 710 & 800

Both handsets Free on Blue 24 month from Jt Arguably the best looking Windows phone in the mobile world? ClearBlack display technology gives you amazing screen visibility and with the ‘People Hub’ there’s no need to install a plethora of social networking apps - it’s all there in one handy location; right on your home screen. Unfortunately, life isn’t all play, but Microsoft Office Mobile allows you to keep on top of your work too. Stylish, and productive!

The phone can also activate iTunes, search the web, read emails and act as your very own ‘personal assistant’ reminding you of those important dates, times and events.

Apple never seem to disappoint, and with their newest innovation the iPhone 4s they have again revolutionised the way in which mobile phones are used. The iPhone 4S looks the same as its

In addition to Super Siri, the iPhone 4S camera is said to be 30 percent sharper, graphics up to seven times faster with better reception and data downloads thanks to an improved dual antennae. Pop into our store and see the new and improved iPhone for yourself, we have great offers on our contract plans - and this handset is available on all of them.

Tailored fit talk plans Mobile phone tariffs are notoriously complicated and hard to understand. In fact, one bright spark calculated that you couldn’t even review all UK tariff literature if you spent the rest of your life doing just that. So, come with us and enter the Changing Room. Airtel-Vodafone have developed a self-complete survey that will tell you exactly how to beat the literature and get the best out of your tariff.

You simply answer five questions about your typical monthly text, call and data usage, and where you make your calls to, and the Changing Room database buzzes away behind the scenes to bring you the recommended tariff and data bolt-on combination. Et voila. There’s even an option to have a member of the AirtelVodafone team call you back with more info on the selected plan. Changing Room is available online at and will soon be winging its way to the Queen Street store with touchscreen technology.

HTC Rhyme

handset Only £383.00 or free on Blue 24 month Available exclusively from JT in ‘clear water’ colour (that’s a kind of blueish affair to you and I) until the end of the year, the Rhyme is a handset aimed primarily at you girls out there. The dock included also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker which is a nice touch, and takes car of charging duties without having to plug in fiddly cables, ideal for keeping at your bedside so you’re never out of the loop with the latest goings-on. There’s also the ‘charm’ that you can connect to illuminate and subtly inform you of when somebody’s trying to get in touch with you.

126 230

GUERNSEY’S STYLE magazine MAGAZINE Jersey’s style

hardware HARDWARE

Big is beautiful It’s hard to miss the HTC Titan. With a 4.7 inch screen it pretty much tops the list of smartphone displays, bringing the Mango operating system, otherwise known as Windows Phone 7.5 (WP7.5), to life in a big way.

Beyond Computers

Gadget of the month

Now, a lot has been said about Mango and not all of it good. The Titan, however, does the operating system justice. As the guys at Tech blog, Engadget, put it “The Windows Phone OS is an amazing experience at this screen size.” As well as bringing out the best of your photos and videos, the screen size makes typing easy as well as helping to simplify the process of switching between applications when you’re multitasking. The Titan comes packed with features including an 8 megapixel camera with an effective panoramic function which brings landscapes to life and HD video that catches the crispness of the real thing. Unusually for WP handsets, the Titan has a front facing camera and 16Gb of memory so you can store your pics, tracks and download plenty of apps. Importantly for a larger handset, the Titan is rugged and comes with an aluminium back cover that protects the phone whilst looking impressively stylish and in spite of its size, it still fits comfortably in your pocket. you can get your hands on a titan at the sure store and it’s free on sure’s £45 per month smart plan, including unlimited data (£485 handset only) so pop in and try it out.

Giga-bit different

airtel-Vodafone’s vice chairman ian Campbell’s recent comments on ‘gigabit Jersey’: “Islanders, and people globally, are increasingly accessing the internet through mobile devices such as tablets, e-readers and phones, rather than through fixed landlines, and this is a trend that will definitely continue as devices become more sophisticated. In two or three years’ time we estimate fixed line communication will be almost completely overshadowed by mobile communication as the speed of mobile networks increases.” “The mobile network is already fast, and Airtel-Vodafone is investing in a 4G network which will span the Channel Islands; this will give customers access to high definition video services. Mobile and television manufacturers are also seeing this trend. Samsung, for example, is developing a 4G HD television which receives its signal via the mobile network instead of through a fixed line, a satellite dish or an aerial. It means that islanders will be able to watch television in their homes using our mobile network.”

Nikon V1 & J1 The new Nikon V1 and J1 models may look similar to many other advanced interchangeable options. The cameras are lightweight, compact, easy to use, etc. However, what makes them really stand out is their incredible focus system which means that you can capture a decent, nay frameworthy, photo of even the most manic of children or pets. Plus there is a host of special features where you can create ‘living photo’ images thanks to the pre-post capture technology that the clever Nikon crew have incorporated, as well as film HD movies while simultaneously taking photos. Genius. A particularly neat feature is the Smart Photo Selector, which takes 20 photos very quickly and then presents you with the best one based on focus, composition and facial expression. All in all, these seriously clever cameras are going to give you great results even if you don’t feel confident with a camera and for those of you who do, they are jam packed with fantastic features you can explore and use to develop your camera skills.

Nikon V1: £649.99 Nikon J1: £449.99

the Jec Powerhouse : 505460 Don street : 510010 because quality matters

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Memories for a lifetime.



Tyler Edmonds Guitar Tuition Electric and acoustic Contemporary music





A personal head to head review of music each month with Tom & Tyler

This month we have a preview of the recording China Aster made on a recent trip to the big smoke that is London. Comprising three tracks the release is, as far as I’m aware, as yet unnamed but no matter what its called, it’s certainly a great listen for anyone who likes a bit of old school indie.


efore I get to the single, EP or whatever they happen to call it on release, I think a little background is necessary and I want to make it clear from the start none of this is meant as an excuse for the record. China Aster are a very young band, comprised of three teenagers Joshua Moore (vocals/guitar/bass), Oliver Marson (bass/guitar) and George Le Page (drums). They have been operating as a band for less than a year, but, in that time have found themselves opening the main stage at the Vale Earth Fair and playing numerous gigs in various venues around the island. Prior to China Aster, both Josh and Oli had gained experience from short stints in No Ambition/Last of the Light Brigade and The Raffle respectively, which gave them the chance to approach their new band with at least a small amount of extra experience over most performers at this stage of the game. This, their first recording, comprises three tracks, all of which have been staples of their live set since they first hit local stages earlier in the year - Cadenza, Combination Style and Nostalgia. From the off it’s clear where this band’s influences lie as their sound is inescapably that of mid-80s British ‘Indie’ and instantly brings to mind The Smiths with ‘jangly’, picked, echo heavy guitars and somewhat ethereal, over reverb-ed vocals which don’t always follow the expected trajectory of the mainstream pop song (though it has to be said not nearly as much as Morrissey seems to manage). On listening to these recordings there are two things that particularly stand out for me. First is that, for such a young band, the songwriting on this EP is very good with Cadenza and Combination Style particularly standing out as songs that could, in slightly different ways, become favourites for many music fans. The second is Josh’s voice which, from the off jumps into a frankly astounding falsetto and back to a more regular register with seeming ease. If he is able to keep this vocal style up it has the potential to become a real


calling card for the band and while I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s taste it certainly sets them apart from the rest of the pack, locally at least. All this said, and while I think the songs are great there are a couple of things about the record that, if I’m being picky, do irk me slightly. Firstly is that, while the band certainly know their influences well, it seems to me that they still sound like a band trying to be their heroes a little bit too much and have yet to find their own unique take on the style of indie rock/pop they are playing (though I’m sure if they keep growing they will find this).

In fact combine The Smiths with a bit of The Cure and you would get a fair approximation of the sound made by China Aster.


The other is that Josh’s voice, while sounding great, sometimes comes across as somewhat over affected which gives a sense of insincerity to his words, and this is something that I have noted on seeing them live as well. In the live arena I simply put this down to nerves, however, on the recording it remains and, as someone who appreciates honesty and sincerity in music, this does concern me slightly. That said these are two rather minor points about a recording that sounds fantastic and, for such a new and young band, features songs that are exceptionally impressive.

The other thing that listening to this brought to mind is a wider issue in the world of pop. It is clear the influences of China Aster lay deep in the 1980s and listening to many other new bands hitting the alternative pop scene in recent times (both locally and in the wider world) it seems that the influences they are taking are often reaching further and further into the past - something that I think can be seen by the recent increase in the number of bands combining folk with more up to date sounds, amongst other things.

To me this says something very much about the state of pop in recent years in that, maybe, there hasn’t been a definitive sound to inspire people coming from a more mainstream place in a good number of years - sure metal and punk are still doing their thing regardless of the wider world (and long may this remain) and I’m sure the same could be said of the dance and hip-hop underground too - but in terms of pop, to me, it seems something is missing. Maybe it’s the effect that the overly manufactured nature of pop music in recent times has had on youngsters today, giving them no true musical aspirations or role models unless they really go out of their way to search for it, maybe it isn’t - but either way it seems concerning to me that new bands seem to be looking further and further back to find influences they relate to. Or maybe it’s nothing and I’m just turning into one of those people who says all Oasis ever did was copy the Beatles, and that there hasn’t been any real punk since 1977… what do you reckon? Tom Girard, BBC Introducing Guernsey and Guernsey Arts Commission Music Sub-Committee




one to look out for in the future. At the age of 18 the content and fantastic musicianship on these songs is unquestionable, but any band at such an early stage must watch for complacency and not get in over their heads. Also as a band that I’m sure label themselves ‘Artists’ rather than Musicians, they must be careful not to become self-indulgent and pretentious. Many do.


ell Tom, We’ll get to that later. As this one is a little close to home (Joshua once featuring in my very own Last of the Light Brigade) I will try to keep my opinion as unbiassed as possible, be that a complimentary one or not. The first negative comment is that this wasn’t the opening track on the EP - it’s literally crying out for it! A great drum introduction and straight into Josh’s uplifting Falsetto ohhhs and ahhs. Lyrically strong for the most part ‘As I moved my way to the revolving doors, the room was bigger than I thought’. A perfectly subtle tale of the great scrutiny involved in being young and being ‘Individual’. Definitely the stand out track on the album.

Strangely I will choose to start with their second track and my personal favourite ‘Combination Style’.

The other two tracks too, indeed, offer moments of brilliance. ‘Cadenza’ could easily have been written by the Manic Street Preachers but is still totally theirs. A dark guitar introduction advances into what would seem a strange sexual ode with a sinister edge. Unfortunately though it doesn’t transfer to CD as well as ‘Combination Style’ and seems to have lost it’s edge slightly on the record. When I heard the band perform this live it was an instant favourite. Last but not least ‘Nostalgia’ and the title speaks for itself. A hugely infectious chorus with that unquestionable Morrissey vocal style that Tom spoke of. However if anything they come dangerously close on this track, to overdoing the falsetto singing. What Morrissey did so well was use this technique sparingly to add dynamics. I think I can safely say no one wants to hear a man singing in that pitch for too long. But on this occasion Mr. Moore manages to pull it off. So here we have a very impressive debut by China Aster. It’s become something of a cliché, but these guys are definitely

Oh, I almost forgot Tom. Trying not to digress too much from the matter at hand, I do believe you could be turning into ‘one of those’. I think we have to be realistic about the modern state of music. There really isn’t much room left for originality, and attempting to reinvent the wheel would be totally pointless. I think we have to accept that any modern band just comprises of their personal influences, very much like China Aster. You can undoubtedly hear The Smiths, Durutti Column, Manic Street Preachers and many more, but personally I think they still find originality. The songs still totally belong to them.

The other two tracks too, indeed, offer moments of brilliance. ‘Cadenza’ Could easily have been written by the Manic Street Preachers but is still totally theirs.

I have seen China Aster perform live a handful of times and had a good idea of what to expect with this EP. A melodic surge of atmospheric melancholia drenched in reverb. With drummer George at the wheel driving the band at the rhythm section whilst Oliver effortlessly navigates with his guitar/bass licks (I believe they are prone to swapping regularly) and Josh’s resonating voice bellows over the top. This all comes together superbly.

So anyway back to the EP. A sensational slice of integral prowess or just another band attempting an abstract and idiosyncratic status? Did Oasis just copy the Beatles? Can anything be truly original anymore? That I’ll let you decide. Tyler Edmonds, Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Last of the Light Brigade




words | Tony Brassell


unday the 20th November at St Sampson’s High and the exciting dance troupe Peridot are warming up for a sold out performance in front of 400 fans. Lisa Allen, who brought them to Guernsey, was just as excited as the fans. They had performed for her 40th birthday and she had always wanted to see the guys back in Guernsey. Sponsorship by Specsavers had made it all possible and she was delighted that her ambition had finally come to fruition in front of a sell out audience. Anton Henry, dancer and manager of the group took some time out to meet Gallery and give us some insights into Peridot. Where did the name Peridot come from? Peridot is a green gemstone and the birthstone of Eugene Drummond, founder of Peridot. Eugene was a jeweller by trade and the name seemed a good fit. How did it all start? We all either knew each other or went to the same schools and classes, and have come together like a family. We all share the same passion for dance and all bring individual talents and skills to the group. All 10 of the guys had different jobs before joining the group but now virtually all their time is spent together, practising, rehearsing and developing Peridot. What was your first stand out performance? The performance that put Peridot on the map was at Dancers Delight organised by Deja Vu Entertainment. It was a showcase for new, up and coming talent. That really got people talking about us. What was it like being on Britain’s Got Talent? It was an amazing experience and helped showcase what Peridot could do to a wider audience. In a way it bridged the gap between the corporate world and underground street dancing, making people aware of the talent and skills which are out there. Who was your favourite, Ant or Dec? Guess it has to be Ant, we share a name. How did your Specsavers performance go? It went well, I think the crowd appreciated the second performance more because we were up on stage and more people could see us.





What do you think of Guernsey? It’s good, we have been here before for Lisa’s 40th and enjoy visiting the Island. What’s the future hold for Peridot? We all like to teach and as we say, Aspire to Inspire, so I guess we would like to create a Peridot Dance School in time. However we all love to perform and need to get that bug out of our system before we can think about setting up a dance school. We need to take the team further first. Any tips for budding dancers? Work hard and train harder. Any space is good space for dancing, I even dance when I drive! You also need to know what you want to do and dedicate yourself to that. I used to play a lot of football and loved that as much as my dancing. But I would get a knock on the park and I couldn’t dance properly. My teacher would say you need to decide what you want to do. I chose dance and have never regretted that decision. Always have a back up plan too. While competing in Britain’s Got Talent I completed my degree in Dance and Drama at University, so I will always be able to teach.

As Anton walked back and joined the team, the Guernsey Cheerleaders were on stage and other local performers were waiting to take part in the show. Video’s of the group were to be played, edited by one of the dancers, just a small example of the teams talents. The potential of dance as a career was evident as was the fitness of all involved and the enjoyment they took from their art.

“Speaking to just a couple of those who watched them perform it was evident that their dancing is incredibly exciting to watch. But what I found inspirational about my meeting with Peridot was the dedication and commitment of everyone involved. Their passion is infectious and their achievements will inspire many to follow in their footsteps.”






Although they have only been together and performing for nine months, Guernsey band CouragehaveCourage have achieved a lot. From touring with UK band Verses to recording a mini album and playing Reading and Leeds festival in the summer, it’s been a busy year for the lads. I caught up with lead vocalist Luke Vidamour to find out more and to see what is next in store for this up and coming band.

We only played our first show in March 2011, which is when we considered starting as a band, so it’s been a very fast 9 months for us. You recorded a mini album this year. Can you tell us if a full LP will be recorded and how has the recording experience been for you as a band? Listening back through our songs helped us to really refine them and make them as good as they could be. A lot of bands do that with demos, but those are the tracks that we ended up releasing online and then as a mini album. With social media being such a powerful tool, for us to have music for people to hear became a way to gain fans all over the world from the start as opposed to only those who could make it to a show. We recorded at Outhouse Studios with Producer John Mitchell, who has worked with You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, Lower Than Atlantis, Architects etc so that was a great experience. We love all the guys there and have a good time whenever we have a recording session with them. 134

We have loads of new songs. We are going to head back into the studio in January to record a few of them and then hopefully find an interesting way for people to hear them. We like doing as much as we can ourselves, so we’re going to record a music video ourselves which will be great. We’ve only been around for the past 9 months and only released our mini album on iTunes and CD in July.

Crazy expectations like TV, radio, UK tours, major festivals, magazine coverage etc and it just seemed impossible but we ended up ticking everything off of that list.

When and how did the band form? We’ve all been friends for years and have been involved in a couple of different bands growing up in the Guernsey scene. We found ourselves living in West London whilst studying at University and were all still involved in music. All of the band, apart from Jack (Cowens – drummer), were living in the same house and were writing songs individually, but soon we all started working together on ideas. It was a really organic process that started as just friends writing and hanging out. All of a sudden we found that we had loads of great songs kicking around and so we thought it would be cool to get in a rehearsal room and see how they sounded. Jack was one of our best friends ever so of course we asked him if he was keen to come and jam some ideas out with us on drums. We all went to a studio and said we would see how it went and take it from there. We had so much fun and it sounded great, that’s when we really started as the five of us.

To release a 7 track so early on was a brave move for us but we were really happy with it. Of course we do want to put an album out, and we’re writing with that intention, but when it does happen we will make sure every track is great and that we’ve taken the right amount of time for it. the last thing we would want to do is rush and put out something we weren’t totally happy with, but we are aiming for a full release next year. You toured with Verses earlier in the year. How did that tour come about and how was it? We put the tour together ourselves. We booked all the dates and then, as a new band, wanted to get a couple of more experienced bands with larger fan bases to join us on it so

we got the Verses and Summerlin boys on the tour. It was a really great tour. It’s only when you’re playing every night that you really start getting tight as a band. The other bands were all cool guys so we had good fun on the road with them. Touring can be pretty demanding and its not for everyone, that’s when being in a band full of friends can be so valuable. We were playing better shows every night and really hit our stride musically, as well as making some good friends and having lots of fun around the country. Can’t wait to get out again. You played Reading and Leeds on the Introducing Stage. How did that come about and how did you find playing one of the biggest summer festivals? Did you get nervous?! We got on the line up through BBC Introducing. We uploaded a couple of tracks to the BBC website and everything happened from there. We had a lot of support from BBC Introducing Guernsey and Tom Girard who recommended us, and then we received an email from Radio One asking us to play. As far as festivals go it doesn’t really get any bigger then Reading and Leeds worldwide as far as reputation goes. It’s just every band’s dream and to get to play on the same stage as Ed Sheeran and Rizzle Kicks was amazing. So many great artists have come through the BBC Introducing roster like Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, Florence and The Machine, The Joy Formidable etc, so it’s great to be a part of that. Its pretty crazy to know that Enter Shikari are playing a few hundred meters away from you on the main stage, and their people turn up to your stage and are singing along to all your songs. Being a band for such a short amount of time we didn’t expect it and it was amazing in both Reading and Leeds. We got to meet a load of really cool people and bands and had a great weekend. Considering you have only been together for a short amount GUERNSEY’S STYLE MAGAZINE


of time, you have managed to accomplish a lot. Why do you think this has been the case? I think we have had a good start because we started this band knowing what we wanted to do. We chatted about what we wanted to accomplish in the first 6 months of us being a band, and it had crazy expectations like TV, radio, UK tours, major festivals, magazine coverage etc and it just seemed impossible but we ended up ticking everything off of that list which has been incredible. Our priority was always to be undeniably good at what we do, work hard and be nice to people. I suppose that when preparation meets opportunity things start happening, but as far as were concerned were only just getting started. You’re currently urging people to vote for you to have the opportunity to open for McFly, how long do people have to vote and what would it mean to you if you won the competition? It would mean so much for us to open for McFly. They have been around for a long time now and still put out song after song that people love and have a huge fan base. It would be a great opportunity to play to a big crowd and support one of the biggest bands in Europe. All people have to do to vote is have a Facebook account, go to our page on the McFly Battle of the Bands website and click “LIKE” and that’s it. It’s so easy to do and there is no catch. The easiest way to find your BECAUSE QUALITY MATTERS

way there is to find us on Facebook and follow the link. It only takes a few seconds and really helps us. I think about 700 bands have entered and we are still in the top 20. Voting goes on until early January and McFly will personally choose 26 bands from the top 50 to play a date on their tour each. It would be amazing to have the Island get behind 5 local boys and support us. The support Guernsey has given us already has been amazing, and there

cant be an easier way to help than taking a few seconds to follow a link and click LIKE, can there?


can people vote for you guys and what does it feel like to have been nominated? People can vote by filling out a voting form online on the Rock Sound website. Again the easiest way to get there is to find us on Facebook or twitter and follow a link from us. Filling out the form also enters you into a competition to win tickets to a major festival. For us to be anywhere near the top 5 Best British Newcomers would make our year! It’s been a busy year for you guys what’s next? 2012 for us is going to be about building on what we started this year: new music, bigger and better tours and seeing more of us in UK TV/ press/radio we would love to get signed to a good label which is what we are holding out for in the long run but we also love being an unsigned and unmanaged band and having total creative control to do this band however we like. We started as 5 close friends hanging out and having fun making music together and as long as we keep that at the heart of C OURAGE HAVECO URAGEI think we will be successful. To keep up to date with our progress follow us on twitter or Tumblr, Like us on Facebook and Subscribe to us on YouTube.

You have been shortlisted as Best British Newcomer in the Rock Sound readers poll. How 135





Party season is upon us once more and here at gallery we love to party!

Jarvis Piccadilly BLACK SABBATH _Paranoid ROLLING STONES_Monkey Man HAPPY MONDAYS_Step On DAVID BOWIE_Ziggy Stardust ARCTIC MONKEYS_A Certain Romance THE JAM_Down In The Tube Station At Midnight THE KILLERS_Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL_Make Me Smile THE ONLY ONES_Another Girl, Another Planet ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA _Mr Blue Sky


Only to see one of your mates, now in full Indian headdress. (I'm damn sure he didn't arrive wearing that) inserting their rather grubby looking iPod and cranking up -



However, with the parties comes the - dreaded by all bedroom DJ's - IPOD WARS!!!!!! You know it has begun when you hear the scratchy grey noise of your meticulously picked playlist being ripped from the docking station, halfway through one of your favourite all time classics -

Don't Stop Me Now. Queen!!!!!! The living room dance floor fills and you have to admit it: "bloody good tune". Now the pressure is on. Do you bow out gracefully and let Sitting Bull have his way? No you do not… The gauntlet has been thrown down. You have 3.02 minutes to pick it up and come up with something better. You are now entering into a battle of taste, wit, musical appreciation and knowledge that even the great John Peel would have trembled at! This is war!!! Your selections are your weapons. So delve into your armoury and pray you come up with the Big Guns….. Your thumb spins the touch wheel through artists… got one. Stevie Wonder, Superstitious. Boom! You're back.



Feathers fly - The last of the Mohicans has been well and truly scalped. Some of your mates are on the coffee table podium now. Has this Judge Jules wannabe got what it takes to start laying down the big beat? I Am the Resurrection, The Stone Roses. Back to you. Oh well 8.24 minutes gives you plenty of time to come up with the goods.


What was he thinking? By now the girl you've been chatting up all night has been pounced upon by one of your more musically ignorant friends.

Vlad Le Implar

There is no going back!!!!!

BECK _Loser

Party on Dudes !!!!!


The Rules of Engagement

of iPod Wars 1

iPods can only be unceremoniously ripped from docking station if no one is dancing.


Wait your turn. You can’t play two tunes, one after another, just ‘cause you got another banging tune’.


The winner has to keep the crowd and the opponent dancing.


Kicking the pretender to the crown up the backside in the kitchen mosh pit is wrong.



Somebody to Love

THE MONKEES_I’m a Believer JET_Are You Gonna Be My Girl BLUES BROTHERS_Everybody

needs somebody


NEW ORDER_Blue Monday





A Guernsey based hip hop collective that have been on the scene for longer than a decade are now at a stage where they feel they are producing a sound which needs to be unleashed to the masses. Gallery caught up with the guys pre-album launch to have a sneaky listen of the new tracks and get the boys feedback on all things music!





Apex, Jimi Riddlz, Bigish Who? and Mini Rol are four members of the crew that we met up with, although it’s a whole team that create the finish product, all under the IceManBeats umbrella. KP, who is an integral part of the production team, is based in London so was missing from our chat. What do you find is the best way to get your music to your fans? Mini Rol: What apart from great quality local magazines ;) ? (Mini Rol, we salute you!) Bigish Who?: We use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and our own website too Apex: Locally social media is the easiest way, but word of mouth and gigs are the most effective. Vimeo and music sharing websites are useful when you are marketing further afield. How do you pick up gigs off island as that must be a flooded market and difficult to penetrate? A: We have entered competitions in the past, which secured us a gig at Hip Hop Kemp in the Czech Republic which is the biggest Hip Hop Festival in the world so that was great. J: We also have a small following in Amsterdam and have gigged there in the past too. You mentioned playing in the Czech Republic. How far do you realistically have to go to find a good Hip Hop scene? B: There is a great Hip Hop scene here! A: Yeah it’s everywhere. We haven’t until now had the right push, other than the occasional gig to try and promote what we’ve done so far. Scheduling, timings and cost are always a factor too. We’ve built up a steady fan base locally and connections along the way, so we will be working from that. What is the deal with Hip Hop for people that don’t know the route that’s best to get noticed? B: For us its been tough as we don’t have a PR machine working on our behalf and we all have full time jobs. J: It’s all about self-promotion: the more you put in, the more you get out. We can be a little controversial and some labels policies wont have that. A: You keep more control if you do it yourself. Perhaps in other genres it’s all about being signed to


a label, but for us, we want to keep creative control of our sound so we do everything - make the beats, produce, edit and master etc - and that is really full on, it’s the most effective way to keep control of what we are releasing. Asylum Seekas do have a great following in Guernsey and Gallery caught BOTH of your performances at The Guernsey Festival. Will you be returning this year? A: Of course we’d love to be asked again, local gigs are very important to us and it’s always good to get involved. What would you say are the biggest difficulties of being respected in your field of music? B: It’s a music genre predominantly of black origin, and stereotypes. We often don’t get taken seriously because of being on a small island and that’s frustrating as we work as hard if not harder than every other act out there. A: We do everything! A lot of people come to a gig and have no idea that what they are listening to has been made from absolute scratch by us as a team. A lot of famous acts out there have their music made, lyrics written and production completed by others, whereas we do it all from start from finish. We’re self taught too so it’s a craft that we are perfecting with every release. What are the biggest misconceptions about Hip Hop in general? B: I can accept that some people don’t like it as there are some forms of music I wouldn’t choose to listen to, but there is definitely a misconception that it’s an angry culture of music and that isn’t the case. Most people think it’s all about slagging off women and swearing, but if you listen to the album and the lyrics then you’ll see it’s not all about that. We aren’t “Gangsters”. M: There are plenty of poppy hip hop artists and we are not in that field. (A small disagreement breaks out about X Factor and Tinchy Stryder until Apex settles it)

A: See the beauty of Hip Hop is that there is something for everyone and it always rouses debate. What makes a good Hip Hop track? J: I believe that real Hip Hop artists use their voice as percussion instruments, its an art to use vocals and phonetics to get a message across and it can be very effective when it’s done right and we try our best to get it right. I personally listen to lyrics and words to impress me. M: I’m definitely a beats man first then lyrics but I guess that’s because I’m the DJ, and make my own beats, so it’s the first thing I listen out for. How does the writing process happen with Asylum Seekas? A: A multitude of ways. We sometimes get together and write, other times we’ll write apart and then put it all together. J: The beat normally comes first, then the hook, then the concept. So Question of all Questions...... Whats the best Asylum Seekas track? A: for me it’s - “You’ll Never Know” B: I’d go for - “Meat Market” M: I’d say for beats it’s got to be “Don’t shoot me” J: I’m all about - “Networking” Gallery would like to say thanks to the guys for taking time out to speak to us, and after getting a sneak preview of the album.....even from an indie fan like me it’s well worth the listen!! Recorded Delivery was out on Saturday 19th November and is the new sound of Asylum Seekas. Available on iTunes, Bandcamp,, and Catch the belated launch party at the Townhouse on Wednesday 14th December. Anyone that hasn’t bought the album yet will have the chance to pick up a copy at the party, so make sure you’re there!! 139



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Specsavers Children’s Charitable Foundation Ball Specsavers Children’s Charitable Foundation was formed in 2000 and since then has donated more than £150,000 to needy and disadvantaged children living in the Bailiwick. Their annual fundraising ball was a storming success and guests were treated to a Comedy act and a performance from Britain’s Got Talent finalists Peridot.

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Gallery - 02 - Billionaire  

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