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A TOUCH OF NORDIC IN THE IRISH SEA What happens when a Scandinavian family takes on a house renovation project on the Isle of Man? The results are efficiency and minimalism – in the form of a complete revamp from dark and cluttered to light and simple! 60 days was all it took – and the project was no mean feat. There is not an inch of this 5-bedroom property just outside Douglas that has not been changed in some way. Not just the big things like the kitchen, bathrooms and the location of walls have been altered; every little detail has been thought through, from door handles and toilet roll holders to window panes and wardrobes. “There were a lot of decisions to be made – and in a very short period of time. On top of our day jobs, it was slightly stressful to be project managing a comprehensive renovation like this, going to the site every day and pitching in wherever possible. But it was exciting too – and completely worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears when you see the final result today. This is definitely OUR home,” say the couple. None of them are in the building business, but they had some previous experience with house renovation on a smaller scale.

“WE WERE VERY LUCKY WITH THE EXCELLENT LOCAL TRADESMEN WE ENGAGED. THEY UNDERSTOOD THE BRIEF WE GAVE THEM AND JUST GOT ON WITH IT. WE ARE QUITE PARTICULAR PEOPLE, AND COMING FROM SCANDINAVIA WE EXPECT A CERTAIN STANDARD OF WORK AND MATERIALS.” Most of the materials were sourced through local outlets. However, opting for a style that is not the predominant one on the Island, meant they had to go online as well – for example to get just the right type of wooden flooring, LED spots or underfloor heating. They had their share of challenges too: the wrong tiles were delivered; there were large scratches and holes drilled in the wrong places on the Silestone worktops; and it took no less than three attempts for the manufacturer to get the stair runner right!

house is ‘It’s very white!’ Which is true. We like to create a blank canvas and then use art, textiles and furniture to add colour. It keeps it contemporary, yet personal – and also makes it easy for someone else to move in and add their own touches if we sell it one day.” The consistent colour theme throughout the house of white, beige and grey tones lends it a calm, yet homey atmosphere – just the right balance between sleek and cosy, as one would expect from a contemporary, Scandinavian home. “Most people really like what we’ve done to the house and enjoy spending time in our home – it sure makes us happy every day, and that’s what’s important to us.”

“Some people’s reaction when entering our





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