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Gallery I|M|A 123 S Jackson St Seattle, WA 98104 206.625.0055 /

All artwork and personal statements are copyright and courtesy of Stacie Chappell & Bill Baber Catalog design & additional text by Sarra Scherb. Catalog produced and copyright of Gallery I M A 2013

The doors are open, the breeze is fresh, and two fun and funky artists are showing at Gallery I|M|A. Bill Baber and Stacie Chappell present works that are emblematic of springtime, each bursting with color and vibrant energy. Though they work in very different media--Baber with metal and glass; Chappell on large canvases--these artists have similarly exuberant results. Experimenting with materials, shape, randomness and assemblage, these artists infuse a youthful sense of play into this June exhibition.

Bigger and bolder are better when it comes to work by Stacie Chappell. An intuitive painter who uses gesture and color to explore emotional states, Chappell draws upon moods and memories as she splashes, stains, presses and smears across her large canvases. Acrylics, inks, enamels and fabric dyes combine and react differently as they dry, allowing an element of surprise to enter her painting process. Gallery I|M|A welcomes the artist back for her second two-person exhibition.

Filter #2 Mixed Media on Canvas 36 x 36

Blue Buckeye Mixed Media on Canvas 48 x 48

High Movement Mixed Media on Canvas 48 x 48

Regatta Mixed Media on Canvas 36 x 36

Pearl Diver Mixed Media on Canvas 48 x 48

Painted Posey / Burst Mixed Media on Canvas 48 x 48

Dream Time Mixed Media on Canvas 36 x 36

Stacie Chappell was raised in Louisville, KY, but has moved across the nation multiple times throughout her career. She studied painting at State University of New York at Albany, Empire State College, and the Kansas City Art Institute. Her art was displayed in a solo exhibition at the LeedyVoulkos Art Center, in Kansas City in 2012. Her work is held in private collections, and her 2012 exhibit with Gallery I|M|A was featured in an article in the March issue of Art Ltd. Residing in Seattle for the past five years, she recently relocated to Idaho.

Angelic Combustion Mixed Media on Canvas 48 x 64

Bill Baber is a world builder, a tale teller, a myth-maker. With a curlicue of metal, a shard of glass, a gilded edge, he conjures small, evocative worlds in each of his mixed-media sculptures. These non-linear narratives are a “keyhole to discovery”, and with them Baber aims to provoke questions and “initiate wonder about personal mythology.” Baber continues his experimental career in Seattle’s art scene with the collage, paintings and sculpture in this exhibition.

Ever Ever Always Glass 15 x 11 x 11

Shimmer No Vision Glass 20 x 8 x 8

Glance Expressed Trice Glass 29 x 8 x 9

Amid Accumulations

Collage, Acrylic on Weaving 22 x 22

Suffering Envy Instant

Collage, Acrylic on Weaving 22 x 22

Habitual Thoughts Galvanized Steel 29 x 20 x 11

Momentary Terror Galvanized Steel 32x 19 x 10

Varied Phenomena Galvanized Steel 35 x 15 x 6

Bill Baber is a lifelong student and teacher of art. An omnivorous learner and practitioner, he studied ceramics, forging, architecture and fine art at the University of Washington over a period of two decades, and lamp-working, bead-making and glass casting at Pratt Fine Arts. Later in his career, he added computer graphics and design to his formidable catalog, and began experimenting with computerized weaving machines to create series of woven paintings. Baber has taught art classes to young adults at the Bush School and adults at Pratt Fine Arts, continuing the cycle of learning and teaching others. Baber has received awards in sculpture and drawing, and has exhibited across Washington and the Northwest.

More Than Accomplished Galvanized Steel 28 x 13 x 10

COMING UP in July 2013 @ GALLERY I|M|A:

Richard Wiegmann

Lisa Conway

James Wille Faust

Rickie Wolfe

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Stacie Chappell & Bill Baber 2013 @ Gallery IMA  

Stacie Chappell & Bill Baber