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deep geogr aphy ann vandervel de

i n col l abor at i on wi t h anne mcduf f i e &j ani ka vandervel de gal l ery im a j an 2013

123 s jackson street seattle, wa 98104 206.625.0055 catalog produced by gallery ima copyright 2012/13 designed by sarra scherb all images courtesy and copyright of ann vandervelde all poems courtesy and copyright of anne mcduffie

paint meets poem meets sound in this innovative collaborative multimedia exhibition at gallery i m a. poet anne mcduffie and composer janika vandervelde support a new body of abstract acrylic and paper collage by seattle-based mixed media artist ann vandervelde. deep geography investigates the intersections where the natural and the built worlds meet: the bumping-up-against, the overlap, and the layering that happens as boundaries shift. vandervelde sees memory and imagination as an overlay to all that we experience. her work maps sensation, experience, thought and emotion to places both real and imagined; places that we call home. deep geography is a culmination of three media: landscape (paintings and collage), mindscape (poems) and soundscape (music). mcduffie’s poems collect moments of perception into a kind of diary, while the janika vandervelde’s “biophony”—recorded in an urban bogbrings the outside in. poised between painting and poem, sight and sound, the personal and the global, vandervelde and her collaborators consider the question of balance in this multimedia experience. this project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

walking the rutted paths in fields painted with sunlight we straighten and shine

acres of daffodils 24�h x 36�w acrylic on paper

yellowjacket asleep in the finger of my gardening glove I arrive without warning a storm 80 miles per hour 16�h x 16�w acrylic and mixed media on board

ballard high rise 18”h x 18”w acrylic & paper

branches strung with spider webs the breeze blows through my thoughts this morning barely stirring carnival 36�h x 48�w acrylic & paper

space junk I & II 8”h x 8”w each acrylic & paper

space junk III & IV 8”h x 8”w each acrylic & paper

our talk like the fall leaves brighter in the fog we walk home the long way chi 20�h x 20�w acrylic & paper

a siren blocks away the sudden applause of rain on the window brings me back dissonance 16�h x 16�w acrylic & paper

coyote on the street at noon with a cat in its mouth four hundred houses where the field used to be encroachment 53�h x 16�w paper

connections 24”h x 24”w acrylic and paper

geese fly over in a single line some knowledge deep in my cells has brought me here

defining space in skagit county 24�h x 24�w acrylic & oil pastel

alaskan rainforest 24”h x 60”w acrylic & paper

this land, once logged seems wild to me seventy-year-old trees look bigger than they should

they whir past my ear first bee, then chickadee somewhere nearby a chainsaw the air this morning is alive with motors music at a construction site 24�h x 24�w acrylic

a change in weather or wind the number of bees no fruit and few blossoms on our plum tree this year layers 24�h x 24�w acrylic & paper

sparrows stripped our hammock to line their nests the ropes couldn’t hold us another season nesting I, II, III 8”h x 8”w each acrylic

three white butterflies tumble through the air I see my path through life not straight but straight enough

migration 24�h x 30�w acrylic & paper on canvas

shreds of paper from the fireworks we set off last summer melt into the lawn with the autumn rains recycling 24�h x 24�w acrylic & paper

sounds of seattle 48”h x 24”w acrylic & paper

glacier bay 24”h x 48”w acrylic & paper

images of ice invade my dreams passed from hand to hand like snapshots of the disappeared

satellites track across the night sky like zombie stars I wish for a pocket of wild space seattle night 20�h x 20�w acrylic, handmade papers, gesso on canvas

I had to admire that crow on the line how lazily he preened ignoring me after he shit on my head the crow 18�h x 24�w acrylic & paper

sounds in a chamber #3 24�h x 36�w acrylic & paper

wind blows through each tree at a different pitch I strain to hear it over the windchimes

like one clear note this line of trees fades as the fog lifts low hills dotted with houses

the grid 23�h x 36�w acrylic & paper

after the earthquake every chimney leaned south I noticed the house shake every time the door slammed tectonic plates 30�h x 30�w acrylic & paper

deep holes underwater where the winter storms dug in I step off into new country water dynamics 36�h x 36�w acrylic & paper

Adirondack cabin in the woods the portrait contains the frame aerial construction 24�h x 24�w handmade stitched papers, gesso, acrylic

all at once birds falling into flight become maple leaves freighted with rain the wings of my mother 24�h x 30�w acrylic

alaska glaciers 20”h x 24”w acrylic & oil pastel

orcas in the sound 20”h x 20”w acrylic

deep geography collaborators: ann vandervelde my art evolves through texture, paint, paper/canvas, and artistic interpretation. once completed an image elicits immediate dialogue between itself and the viewer and it is not essential (sometimes it is even counterintuitive) to understand what I was thinking or feeling at the time of creation. visually I am drawn to fractured elements, like the myriad fragments that make up our complex daily lives. we are layered, not unlike landscapes, rock formations, fields of wild flowers, and cityscapes. if one views our planet from above it is so beautifully carved and etched and patterned. my job is to capture that moment that mystery expressed in colour and texture. education: b.s. in art, 1968 - university of wisconsin. med in literature, 1996 - pennsylvania state university. graduate work in media studies 1998 - new york university/university of london selected exhibitions: pennsylvania state university 3 rivers festival, sponsored by carnegie-mellon museum of art roanoke, va museum of fine arts pennsylvania watercolor society national watercolor society, ca art alliance of lemont, pa artisan connection, state college, pa artist archives, cleveland st. peter’s church, cleveland

deep geography collaborators: anne mcduffie anne mcduffie writes poetry, essays and reviews. she was awarded a 2012 individual artist projects grant from 4Culture for deep geography, a series of poems written in collaboration with painter Ann Vandervelde. since 2007, anne has been working as assistant and literary executor to poet madeline defrees, helping to organize her archives and manage her publications. she maintains a website for madeline defrees at a graduate of oberlin college and the rainier writing workshop at pacific lutheran university, anne lives with her husband and two daughters in seattle, washington.

deep geography collaborators: janika vandervelde janika vandervelde’s music grows out of a vigorous dialogue between instinct and form. a native of wisconsin, ms. vandervelde has written more than 90 works for orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles, soloists, and the stage, including the operas hildegard (1989) and seven sevens (1993). she has twice been a bush artist fellow and a mcknight foundation composer fellow, has been honored with the boulanger award of the women’s philharmonic in san francisco, and has received grants and fellowships from the minnesota state arts board, ascap, and the american composers forum. she has been commissioned by such organizations as the minnesota orchestra, the guthrie theater, the saint paul chamber orchestra, the women’s philharmonic, the minnesota chorale, the dale warland singers, chanticleer, the oregon repertory singers, and zeitgeist. she has been profiled in the new grove dictionary of music (2nd ed.) and the international who's who of classical musicians. since completing her three-year new residencies grant, ms. vandervelde has worked on a steady stream of choral commissions for groups at all levels, from professionals to children.

for more information and inquiries about ann vandervelde’s artwork, please contact the gallery.

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Deep Geography: Ann Vandervelde @ Gallery I|M|A  

Gallery I M A presents the catalog of "Deep Geography," a solo exhibition by collagist and painter Ann Vandervelde. Vandervelde collaborated...

Deep Geography: Ann Vandervelde @ Gallery I|M|A  

Gallery I M A presents the catalog of "Deep Geography," a solo exhibition by collagist and painter Ann Vandervelde. Vandervelde collaborated...