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2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

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to Titirangi Community Arts Council

2011 Emerging Artist Awards Welcome to Titirangi Community Arts Council’s fourth Emerging Artist Awards exhibition. The Emerging Artist Awards are for those that are still �nding their ‘art feet’ with two fortunate artists coming away with an arts grant to help further their arts careers.

Editorial included in this publication re�ects the opinions of the contributing authors and does not necessarily represent the views of Gallery36. Copyright for submissions belong to the contributors unless otherwise speci�ed. Gallery36 | Auckland, New Zealand ISSN 1179-8319 Editor: Selene Simcox Ph: 021 169 9084 E:

A panel of two respected judges will award two grants to fresh new talent in Auckland – one for $1000, including a plaque that the artist will hold for one year, one $500 Arts West Grant and a $500 Carmela McHardy Grant. This concept was developed to bring out our hidden (emerging) talent – the ones that have had little or no exposure to the public - and assist them by guiding them through a number of processes they will need to understand as they emerge: applications for awards, competitions, funding – exhibiting – advertising – building databases of buyers, galleries etc. Gallery36 and Upstairs Gallery would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the �nalists and this years winner and runner up and merit winner.

Gallery36 is a not-for-pro�t organisation dedicated to showcasing emerging artists and photographers from around New Zealand and now also Kiwi emerging artists and photographers working internationally. The quarterly e-zine offers an opportunity for exposure for those still �nding their feet in their career who are passionate about art and photography and the role it plays in our society and culture. Gallery36 is dedicated to providing like-minded people with pro�les of emerging artists and photographers they will love to read about, packaged up in an easily accessible format that supports our planet by saving trees. Here at Gallery36 we want YOU to be pro�led. Say what your work is about, what your passion is, and/or what in�uence you want to leave behind. This is your opportunity to be showcased and put yourself out there! If you are an artist or photographer who wants to be pro�led, please submit (Approx 300 words and up to 4 photos of your works (plus a photo of yourself, if you wish to), and email all this to Please remember to label your photos with the name, year of creation, medium and size. Join our email database so you don’t miss out on each publication. Just email me at with join mailing list in the subject line. So enjoy reading, and don’t forget to share it with your friends! Regards Selene Simcox Editor Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

Winner 4

Kei Park Artist

Kei Park Untitled Watercolour

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Winner

M: 021 0234 6412 E:

Currently studying Bachelor of �ne arts at University of Auckland, majoring in painting and illustration. I normally paint with oil and acrylic; however I am always passionate about the unique quality of watercolour medium. For this particular work I focus on the subtle quality of the medium to reproduce new form. The forms are based on single object on motion, and I capture the moment of when particular form occurs. Each layer has been applied carefully to retain the previous layer, and by overlaying those forms they penetrate depth and become inseparable. The �nal form suggests time and movement through the painting process by the artist, and also through the viewers interacting with the forms. Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Runner-up

Diane Rimmer

M: 021 335 660 E: The work "Mr Wilson; 12 years" is made up of twelve diaries, found on the side of the road, documenting the life of Mr Wilson. The act of folding each page pays tribute to the labors of an unsung hero. The unwitting collaboration between artist and originator spans time and space creating a hypnotic pattern which changes depending on the viewer’s position. Diane has recently participated in Metonymy and is a �nalist in Waikato Museum’s Bold Horizons art competition.

Diane Rimmer Mr Wilson - 12 Years 2010 Folded books 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36





Rudi Buchanan Strewe Horse Power 2011 Steel and copper

Carmela McHardy Merit

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards

Rudi Buchanan Strewe Artist

M: 027 305 1454 E:

I used to work with engines and always thought the parts were quite beautiful and a waste to just scrap especially the moving parts. For the last 4years I have been making sculpture in my Karekare studio using several different techniques such as blacksmithing, bronze casting using the lost wax process, and I also work with copper. My Horse Power sculpture is made from a cam shaft which I thought lent itself to a row of galloping horses. If you turn the handle off they go...12 horse power! Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Kristy Griggs

M: 021 027 55308 E: Kristy Griggs is a self-taught artist from East Auckland who left behind her studies in classical music to pursue a career in �ne art. While she has always harbored a love for art, it wasn't until 2009 that she �nished her studies and was able to begin developing her artistic skills. Inconceivable, June 2011, is Kristy's �rst work drawn in the style of hyper-realism - a style that accentuates the subject's features and presents us, the audience, with a supercharged sense of reality. Taking us far beyond the realms of a photograph, Inconceivable exposes its subject (playwright Wallace Shawn) to the point where his every bump, blemish, wart and wrinkle holds us captive in a state of provocative and exquisite intimacy. Kristy Griggs Inconceivable 2011 graphite on board

2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36




Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Karyn Paul



M: 021 121 1323 E: I am a self-taught artist, always loved everything to do with art since I was a young girl. Main in�uences are Baroque, Nouveau and Deco. I love sketching and painting in my spare time and hope to re�ne my skills as I try and push my limits and knowledge. I moved here a year ago from South Africa and feel very inspired by the beautiful countryside. I was inspired by nature and the simplicity of life and the enjoyment of life. I tried to style this piece in a kind of Nouveau sense, and kept the colours simple to really make the deer and their 'frolicking' in the forest of green really stand out. The spiral effect is a small reference to the cycle of life. Karyn Paul Frolic 2011 Acrylic


Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Blake Scott

M: 021 146 1035 E: Currently in third year studying towards a four year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Elam working predominantly in painting. My work takes in�uence from graffiti and the larger street culture juxtaposed with the �ne art of �gurative and portraiture work. The Muse of Street Art is focused on the idea of the anonymous and hidden nature of graffiti artists in the way that the work may gain recognition but the artists themselves often remain faceless and unrecognized by the general public. Being that street art is observed by the everyday person and not limited to people in the art community my painted �gures represent the everyday person...the faceless muse for the unrecognized artist.

Blake Scott The Muse of Street Art 2011 Oil on board 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36




Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Liudmila Padukova Artist


M: 021 203 2461 E:


I am originally from Russia but have lived in New Zealand since 2002. I enjoy artistic activities in particular exploring, testing boundaries and experimenting. Natural media attracts me and has currently harnessed my interest. Crossroads is the result of me trying to �nd a harmonious connection between different natural materials but also making sure that the effects of contrast are preserved.

Liudmila Padukova Cross Roads 2011 Felt Gallery36 | 2010 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards


M: 021 154 7349 E:

Oliver Chun Xu was born in China and came to New Zealand in 1998. Since 3 years old Oliver found that he had a passion for art. Oliver studied Multimedia and Computer Graphics at Waikato University and worked as a full-time as a �ash developer while continuing doing drawings in his spare time. In 2010 Oliver enrolled at Elam Art School to advance his passion for art and pursue a career in art. This painting is dedicated to William Burroughs, a primary �gure of the Beat Generation, a writer and an outsider. 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36


Oliver Chun Xu

Oliver Chun Xu William S Burroughs 2011 Acrylic on board

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist


Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Kristina Berends



M: 021 232 3700 E:


I am currently a second year student at Unitec, majoring in Painting with a Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts degree. I’ve lived in West Auckland all of my 19 years and have participated in as many local art projects/exhibitions as possible along the way. I’m strongly in�uenced by Surrealism, particularly artists such as Dali and Arcimboldo, as I love the weird, obscure and quirky nature of their paintings. Circuit Me Silly is a painting I did in my �rst year at Uni. During this time I was interested in anatomy, circuits, anthropomorphism and infusing a cute/ creepiness into my work. I remember absolutely despising this painting when I �nished it. Little did I know it would gain plenty of praise and recognition, eventually fronting the cover to Auckland University’s magazine, ‘Craccum.’

Kristina Berends Circuit Me Silly 2010 Acrylic on board Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards


M: 021 157 0077 E:

I work from found photographic images covering a range of subjects including the 1960’s, rock stars and horror �lm stills. It is these subjects that I am fanatical about. These systems have included creating �gures out of messages painted backwards or moving my brush in rhythm to a song that holds signi�cance to the found image. The unlikely methods that result in the creation of my work re�ect the fanatical nature inherent in my practice. What is less than obvious is that it was painted from a �lm still of a climactic scene from the Alfred Hitchcock �lm Psycho. I like the idea of a painting that appears inoffensive, pretty or even banal can act as a symbol or clue to something with more serious or loaded undertones. In this work the best clue is possibly in the title. 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36


Toby Raine

Toby Raine Mother? 2011 Watercolour on paper

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist


Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Catherine Fookes




E: Liebesbaum is a dynamic and playful painting which is the result of an ongoing investigation into formal issues surrounding the grid and gestural mark making. Although clearly in嚙線enced by modern painters such as Brice Marden with notions of scale and all-over painting, Liebesbaum deliberately tweaks this modernist paradigm by presenting a surface which has been obsessively 'coloured in' with the humble vivid pen

Catherine Fookes Liebesbaum 2011 Acrylic & mixed media Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards


M: 021 082 57634 E:

Exploring New Zealand throughout my childhood, new experiences, places and the diversity of culture in嚙線ences me. Currently studying at Elam School of Fine Arts, I am expanding my technical knowledge in all art forms has always been important within my art making. By employing many different forms of the arts into my practice I am able to create diverse works such as Untitled Portrait. Film Noir and aspects of Melodrama are key in嚙線ences within my work seen through the elaborate staging of the actress and scene. Although staged, the emotional appearance of 'Untitled Portrait' is derived from personal experiences where private and public realms collide and many diverse views become present. 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36


Samantha Pilkington

Samantha Pilkington Untitled Portrait 2011 Large format digital photograph

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist


Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Megan Jeffries




M: 021 030 4739 E: My photographic practice focuses on the suburban lifestyles of people whom I �nd familiar and engaging. Growing up in Titirangi and experiencing a lifestyle quite different and special made me want to get to know the people that surround me and draw out photographically what it is that interests me. I like to explore the psychological state of the people around me through my image making. This work refers to portraits of Maori elders that you can sometimes �nd in a family home. What differs in this image from the traditional portrayal of Maori is the clash of culture and modernity, blending together to create what I see as a portrait of contemporary Maori. Megan Jeffries Portrait of Contemporary Maori 2011 Photographic print Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

Peter Koren aka Krkoska Artist

M: 022 679 4770 E:

Peter Koren - Aka Krkoska. Krkoska being my original birth name - origin is Czech adding a Bohemian �avour to my artwork. I have been progressing intensely in my art for the last few years in an expressionist style depicting energies and movement by colour dynamics and line interaction. The essence of the bush settings of Waitakere has provided a rich landscape backdrop for inspirations to my art. The art piece Auckland Digital Window is an extension of expressionism to an almost surreal environment, inspiration from the Matrix �lm with a contrast combination of the digital world we are living in, to quirky birds and retro phones of the past, we can’t exist with just energy in a machine, there is always a dimension that is spiritual or a dream. 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36


Peter Koren aka Krkoska Auckland Digital Window 2011 Oil & acrylic on canvas

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist


Finalist 18

Dianne Carter

Dianne Carter Storm Surge 2011 Oil on canvas

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist


Dianne Carter grew up in Titirangi enchanted by Karekare since childhood, lived here for over 25 years. "My painting is intuitive - an emotional response to the light, smells and colours of the bush and coast. I love the magic of starting with an idea but something entirely different happens – this painting is one of those." Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Christine Rose M: 021 056 3784 E: Christine Rose is a newcomer to painting after years of supporting other artists through the Kumeu Arts Centre, Kumeu Children’s Art Club and The South Kaipara Community Arts Council. She has dabbled in various arts and craft practices but now concentrates on painting and pottery. Christine is a conservationist and a community activist. She is also a politician (formerly on Rodney District and Auckland Regional Councils and now a Parliamentary candidate). School Rd is a painting of a hill near where Christine lives. It re�ects the beauty that can be found in local landscapes, of the domestication of mature native trees 'fenced in', and the impacts of technology and infrastructure on the landscape. Christine Rose School Road 2011 Acrylic on canvas 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36




Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist


Sonja Drake Seeds for the Future 2011 Acrylic & resin on canvas


Sonja Drake Artist

M: 021 0765 975 E:

A love of art led me to study at Elam where I majored in painting, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1987. To create a business from my passion I then completed a course in textile printing and design at AUT and set up Lava Design, which became a successful apparel label. With my children now at school I have been able to focus again on my �rst love of painting. Seeds for the Future is a semi abstract, not quite real interpretation of the world to express energy �ow and connectedness. In this work birds are used as an expressive symbol to represent the connection between humans and nature, a healthy ecosystem and a healthy human population. Bird populations all over the world are plummeting at an alarming rate, dying through poisons, habitat destruction and famine. This appears to be an ecological warning, but the birds also carry the seeds of hope for the future. Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

Olivia Garelja Artist

M: 021 176 7673 E:

Land Dunes is an extension from Olivia’s Honours research project Image Beyond Image. She pursues to challenge the understanding of Landscape through a focus on re-constructing landscapes through digital photographic manipulation processes that augments imagery to create persuasive alternative worlds. Land Dunes encapsulates a distant yet almost familiar place within Auckland’s West Coast, inviting us to journey pathways of multi-layered terrain that are playfully laden with textures that are shrouded with a quirky play of light. Within this work we become inhabitants of a fabricated world that is ‘somewhere’ yet ‘nowhere’ through re-juxtaposition of the micro and macrocosms from our existence. Through oversaturation and dark surrealist overtones this world is an unsettling place that forever tests the eye and ones diplomatic imagination. 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36


Olivia Garelja Land Dunes 2011 Digital photography

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist


Finalist 22

Isla Osborne Artist

Isla Osborne Plague II 2011 Lampworked glass, acrylic; constructed

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

M: 021 027 22005 E:

Glass is both subject and object in Isla’s work and its chemical and physical properties fascinate her. It is �uid whilst unyielding, delicate whilst impenetrable. Glass can transform from liquid to solid in an instant, while still retaining the illusion of movement. Isla’s process consists of making �nely crafted glass beads, melted with a torch according to traditional Italian methods. In my current body of work I aim to create a tension between the beauty of the piece and what it represents. Plague II uses a Geographical Information System to plot spatial data about the spread of the H1N1 pandemic. Results from this research are used to de�ne the spread of viruses across the artwork. In this work I use the virus as a metaphor for the spread of ideas through communities, both local and global. Gallery36 | 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards

Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards Finalist

Graham Horne Artist

I express my creative instincts through photography, drawing and sculpture. Each of my works embodies some aspect of my vision and character. My sculptural explorations are guided by the physical nature of the materials that I use, fused with a hint of mystery or intrigue. These materials are varied and include stainless steel cutlery and sheet brass. I am drawn to the form and grace of the Art Nouveau period. My latest work is inspired by the lines and curves of nature represented in a way that evokes the organic �ow of nature. The use of brass as my material of choice for this is to highlight softened earthy tones and golden hues.


M: 021 023 28182 E:

Graham Horne From the Garden 2011 Brass 2011 TCAC Emerging Artist Awards | Gallery36


The Titirangi Community Arts Council Emerging Artist Awards is open to the public until 31st July 2011

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Gallery36 Emerging Artist Awards Supplement 2011  

Featuring: Finalists, runner up and winner of Titirangi Community Arts Council's third Emerging Artist Awards exhibition.

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